Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Creationists undermine the US

The US is in free fall in terms of producing science and engineering (S&E) graduates, the engine of its economy over the last few decades. From a position of overwhelming dominance, it now finds the gap narrowing, soon to disappear completely if current trends continue.

Consider: the ratio of S&E under-graduate degrees in the US has fallen to 5.7%, well behind the UK, Ireland (although our ratios are also declining) Finland, Sweden, France and even Spain. Doctoral theses show a similar decline, as does the proportion of peer-reviewed scientific papers published. The situation becomes dramatically worse when you consider that the bulk of S&E doctorates awarded in the US are to East Asians (predominantly those of Chinese origin).

These developments are already feeding into the production figures, with high-tech exports falling from 31% in 1980 to less than 15% today. The US continues to support its sumptuous lifestyle and wars of choice by simply printing money - going into hock to the world's major creditors - mainly the Chinese. But that can't continue indefinitely.

The cause? Surely the attack of the 'creationists' on orthodox science must be a factor. Science, its teaching and the respect in which it's held, are under unrelenting attack from a lavishly-funded lunatic fringe of religious zealots and an associated army of mountebanks cashing in on the opportunity. It's frightening to think how far the US has regressed, going back even to the Founding Fathers. Consider the wise words of Jefferson:

"The priests of the different religious sects dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight".

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Carter on Blair

Former US President Jimmy Carter has criticised Tony Blair for his "blind" support of the war in Iraq. He told the BBC that Mr Blair's backing for US President George W Bush had been "apparently subservient". Doesn't miss much, does our Jim.

He added that the UK's "almost undeviating" support for "the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq had been a major tragedy for the world". Blair made a last visit to Iraq, presumably to get a first hand view of his handiwork. During the visit the rebels tried to mortar bomb him. Sadly they missed.

France tries the Steve Sailer solution

It seems the new Sarkozy government in France is about to try the Steve Sailer approach to the problem of unsuitable immigration – pay them to leave. The following from Der Speigel:

New [French] immigration minister, Brice Hortefeux, confirmed on Wednesday that the government is planning to offer incentives to more immigrants to return home voluntarily. "We must increase this measure to help voluntary return. I am very clearly committed to doing that," Hortefeux said in an interview with RFI radio.Under the scheme, Paris will provide each family with a nest egg of €6,000 ($8,000) for when they go back to their country of origin.

A similar scheme, which was introduced in 2005 and 2006, was taken up by around 3,000 families.Hortefeux, who heads up the new "super-ministery" of immigration, integration, national identity and co-development, said he wants to pursue a "firm but humane" immigration policy.The new ministry was a central pledge in Nicolas Sarkozy's election campaign, who had warned that France was exasperated by "uncontrolled immigration."

If 3,000 families could be induced to go for €6,000, think how many unsuitable immigrants would jump at an offer of say €20,000? Coupled with the strict application of the Dublin II Convention it could save Ireland from the fate of England, Holland, Sweden and so much of the rest of Europe. If my maths are correct, this would cost Ireland about €800 million. Not trivial, but set against the cost in accommodation, crime, special schooling and the intangible cost of future societal disintegration, cheap at the price.

What if they tried to return? Lock 'em in a room and make them listen to Mariah Carey for two weeks non-stop. I know our Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, but this is becoming a serious problem.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Substitue Paisley for Falwell

Who Said....?
"A modest little person, with much to be modest about."
A: Winston Churchill

Saturday, 19 May 2007

All cultures equal?

Watching CNN a few evenings ago your Savant had the stomach-churning experience of seeing a 17 year-old girl being kicked, beaten and stoned to death. CNN points out how the case portrays the tragedy and brutality of honor killings in the Muslim world. Honor killings take place when family members kill relatives, almost always female, because they feel the relatives' actions have shamed the family.

In this case it was Dua Khalil, killed for being seen with a Sunni Muslim man. She had not married him or converted, but her attackers believed she had, a top official in Nineveh province said. She is of the Yazidi faith, who observe an ancient Middle Eastern religion, and look down on mixing with people of another faith.

In the great tradition of religious interplay, the killing is said to have spurred the killings of about two dozen Yazidi men by Sunni Muslims in the Mosul area two weeks later. Attackers affiliated with al Qaeda pulled 24 Yazidi men out of a bus and slaughtered them, a provincial official said. Lovely. Interestingly, the video clearly identifies a number of policement looking benignly on. It’s their culture, see?

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Our wonderful judges

Our judges continue to be a source of reassurance with their solid, sensible, commonsense approach to key issues.

First take this family from Nigeria (yes, please take them). This wonderful addition to our country are all AIDS infected. But Justice Geoghegan allows them challenge a deportation order because of a risk of the family not obtaining proper AIDS treatment in Nigeria.

Now, unlike our head-in-the-cloud judges, let's think sensibly about this. Does this mean that any illegal AIDS-infected immigrant can stay here if he or she can't obtain proper treatment in their home country? Seems to me fairly clear. Would it be any surprise then if, based on this judgement, we get flooded with such people? Quite apart from the impact on our tottering health services, given Africans' attitudes to sexuality, we can be sure that their affliction would in due course be defused more widely here.

Another Nigerian, a women this time, has been served with a deportation order. She claims her son is autistic, but this was not accepted in the deportation procedings. However, mad judge to the rescue again, this time in the form of Justice Feeney. He based the case on the possibility that the child might in fact be autistic. So again, can any illegal immigrant with an autistic child come here and stay for treatment? Seems like it. This when Irish citizens with autistic children are travelling to Canada because our health services cannot provide adequate support. With judges like this, it'll be a long time before that changes.

By the way, a post-script to this. The lady in question has 'fled' from Italy, where she had already been granted asylum. Why? Well, because, like, it's better in Ireland. With the number of mad judges we have, she's dead right. Precedents arising from these rulings will come back to haunt us in double-quick time.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Social problems in Japan

Your Savant is indepted to the inestimable Steve Sailer for the following story. Calling it 'A Troubled Week in Japan' he tells the story:

Yesterday, all the major national news networks carried a major story concerning this "social problem". A train arrived at a station in Hokkaido where about 60 people were waiting to get on. A group of high school students got on, but even after being asked a couple times to moves deeper into the interior of the car, they did not. The driver closed the doors and drove off, leaving 26 people on the platform.

He informed the railroad of what he had done and the railroad arranged for six or seven taxis to take the stranded passengers to their destination.This story was carried along with actual video of the station, interviews with local people, and elaborate animated illustrations of the train car showing where the students were standing in the car and where the stranded passengers were standing.As if this were not enough, this morning's "wide" shows (news & entertainment), repeated the story in even more excruciating detail.

Steve points out, correctly, that this story illustrates:

1. how orderly Japan is
2. how sensitive Japanese are to even the slightest social disorder
3. how enormous social pressure is brought upon offenders
4. Japanese attention to detail.

Just compare it to my recent post on Nigeria. The contrast is virtually total. The comparative impact of their immigrants on host countries would be equally drastic.

Blair takes his leave - the WANKER

Some media tributes to the smirking prick (courtesy of VDare)

Boris Johnson at the Daily Telegraph wrote that "Blair cannot escape the blame for a disaster in which at least 60,000 (and possibly 10 times as many) Iraqis have died, and which is causing 40,000 Iraqis to flee the country every month."

The Daily Mail’s Piers Morgan wrote that Blair’s complicity in the invasion of Iraq transformed England "into a more dangerous, paranoid, despised and ridiculed country. Blair’s reign will be remembered for one disaster of epic proportions, one appalling legacy."
Claire Short, a former Blair minister, said, "I think Tony’s place in history is Iraq and the deceit and the desperate mess and it’s sad. It’s going to be a very bad place in history."

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nigeria: A vision of hell

Your Savant has just returned - shaken - from a visit to Nigeria. Numerous visits to that benighted Continent could have prepared me for the experience. Filth, violence, omnipresent corruption (every transaction is a fight to guard against a swindle) while a cloud of noxious pollution blocks out the sky in Lagos and Abidjan. Cities and towns are disorganised collection of shanties (milk crates being particularly popular building material), seemingly without sewerage or water, and unbelievably dirty.

Nigeria is one of the world's leading oil producers, and its oil is of the sweetest kind, requiring minimal refining. Yet almost all its refineries have closed down due to neglect, incompetence and corruption. So now it imports almost all of its petrol! As a result petrol stations are besieged when the fuel is available, and, I was told, queue-jumping disputes are frequently settled with guns or knives. After oil the leading foreign currency earner is the '419 scam' whereby Nigerians dupe greedy Westerners with more money than sense.

The chaotic road conditions lead to non-stop accidents, but nobody stops. At one stage we saw a body lying at the side of the road - nobody seemed to notice or care. Wild animals are paraded on the leash, a favourite being hyenas (see picture). Nobody seemed to care about the outcome of the recent elections, other than the participants, who fought bloodily to purchase access to the spoils. All politicians are fabulously wealthy, almost all civilians fabulously poor.

Despite all of this a recent World Happiness Survey found Nigerians to be the world's happiest people. Well, good for them. Just one question - if they're so happy there, why the fuck are they swarming all over Europe, where they dominate the drugs trade and other criminal activities? Make that two questions. Is there any reason to believe that the people who turned gold into a sow's ear in their own country are going to perform any differently in ours?

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Nordics down the tube

According to Norway’s Aftenposten, Oslo police swept into action on Wednesday with a coordinated series of raids to smash a family believed to be central to a Pakistani criminal gang, one of several that terrorise the city. Picture shows armed police (imagine – armed police in Norway) conducting the raids, which are part of a major police offensive against criminal Pakistani gangs, a project that began in the autumn of 2006. This was driven in part by the practice of the gangs’ opening up on each other with firearms in public areas.

We also learn from the same paper that Oslo's growth is almost exclusively due to its immigrant population. Immigrants account for 92.5 percent of the capital's total population growth over the past ten years. Immigrants from western nations make up seven percent, while non-western immigrants are nearly 86 percent of the growth. Pakistanis and, wait for it, Somalis (Jesus H. Christ!) were among the groups that increased the most.

Arising from these shocking (by Nordic standards) developments, the Norwegian Government ordered an immediate ban on further immigration from Pakistan.

Well no, actually. In fact, Minister of labour and integration, Bjarne Håkon Hansen is working closely with Pakistani authorities to increase Pakistani immigration to Norway. In a meeting with Pakistani foreign minister Zafar Ibqal Warriach in Islamabad yesterday, Hansen discussed how Pakistan and Norway can cooperate in increasing Pakistani immigration to Norway. I kid you not.

In closing, the Mayor of Oslo prattles "It is only dangerous if the new groups do not become a normal part of the city's population, a combination of ghetto and unemployment”.


Monday, 7 May 2007

Blank verse bollocksology

When I was a boy, myself and my girl used to bicycle up to the Phoenix Park. Outside the gates we used to lie in the grass making love outside Aras an Uachtarain.”

What do you think of that? Well if like me you probably see it as a piece of rather uninspiring prose watch the magic the carriage return key can conjure up.

“When I was a boy, myself
and my girl used to bicycle up to the
Phoenix Park
Outside the gates we
used to lie in the grass
making love outside
Aras an Uachtarain

Yes, this is the "poetry" of
Paul Durcan – probably Ireland’s
Leading poet. Amazing how a
Few hard carriage returns transform
Some uninteresting prose into a
Poetic masterpiece

See how I did that? I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

Even the BBC gets it now

Few organisations or establishment organs have promoted the multicultural myth more assiduously than the BBC. Problems were glossed over, and if mentioned at all were invariably attributed to racist attitudes on the part of whites (and only whites). All we needed was more reaching out, affirmative action and anti-racist sanctions (whites only) and we’d be in multicultural paradise.

Well, good news organization that it is (and it remains one of the most reliable news sources available) it has bowed to the torrent of contrary evidence and brought some reality to its programming. This has been evident in recent months, but tonight’s Panorama, which focused on the Muslim Asian invasion of Blackburn, faced the issue with a new openness.

The Beeb acknowledges Blackburn to be a stark example of a difficult, national problem. For all the hopeful talk about "integration", "multiculturalism" and now "cohesion", the reality on the ground appears to be that Britain's Muslim Asian community and its white community have few points of contact, and that the white majority often feel they share little in common with the growing Muslim Asian minority. At present trends Blackburn, currently 24% Muslim, will have a Muslim majority in 22 years, faster if white flight is taken into account.

The program demonstrates conclusively that both communities live in parallel, largely hostile, universes, mingling but not mixing. One resident states "there is not just simply residential segregation, but there is separation in education, in social, cultural, faith, in virtually every aspect of their daily lives, employment too." Local pubs close, different food is sold in the shops, and at school many of the pupils now come from homes where the language spoken may not be English.

The real problem is that mutual antagonism is growing, leading to regular outburst of violence which is inevitably going to get worse as attitudes harden and as Muslim numbers grow. Already it’s a risk to walk though ‘enemy’ territory in the town. A white man, living in the same area, sums up the concerns many whites feel: "We're slowly getting swallowed up, and we're losing our identity. We wnat to keep the place as it is - English."

What an unreasonable request!

And it’s not just the Beeb that’s worried. Amazingly, the Commission for Racial Equality has warned of schools being a "ticking time bomb" of growing racial segregation - waiting to explode. CRE Policy Director Nick Johnson claims that Britain risks becoming a "mini America" dominated by racially determined schools. Naturally enough he blames whites for this, but getting the CRE to recognize there’s a severe problem is progress.

As your Savant has pointed out in earlier posts, it’s too late for England. Part of this post stated: That once green and pleasant land has now been deemed the worst place in the developed world for a child to grow up. Towns all over the country that were a joy to visit 30 years ago are now crime-ridden, racially segmented dumps. England has become a multicultural society, though it’s fair to say that few English people ever wanted it to be.
Certainly they were never asked. Through the folly, arrogance and sentimentality of their well-insulated ruling class, and by their own inattention, disorganization and reluctance to appear unkind, the English have given up large tracts of their country to foreign peoples, whom they dislike and who dislike them right back. The English have created their very own race problem from scratch — possibly the greatest act of self-destructive folly perpetrated by any civilized nation in the twentieth century.

But what about Ireland? At an individual level people recognize the problem, but the PC thought police have stifled all debate and we’re still ‘embracing diversity’ in great style – at least at official level.

The only answer is for everyone concerned for their children’s’ future to relentlessly hammer home the ubiquitous failure of multiculturalism and keep our fingers in the dykes.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Swedish Madness: update

With the same grisly fascinination that you'd look at a car accident or a public execution, your Savant watches glassy-eyed as the model country spirals towards self-destruction. Some recent events:

A Mulim woman has won her battle with a supermarket in western Sweden which informed her that she could not work there if she chose to wear a headdress. The Ica Kvantum supermarket has now made adjustments to its dress code following criticism from the all-powerful Ombudsman Against Ethnic Discrimination The supermarket has agreed to apologize to the woman and pay her compensation to the value of about €8,000.

A Malmo bus driver has been fired following revelations that he stopped a woman from boarding his bus because she was wearing a niqab, a form of Islamic headdress that covers the whole body, including the face. The incident occurred when the driver of the bus stopped ‘Leonora’ her from boarding, saying that her niqab made her hard to identify. Leonora stayed on the bus anyway, but claims that the driver mocked her and looked at her angrily. Leonora welcomed the decision, telling The Local (English language newspaper in Stockholm) that it "it feels weird to say that when someone has lost their job, but quite honestly it feels good."

Despite strong circumstantial evidence, a 35-year-old ‘immigrant’ was acquitted of killing of a pregnant Kenyan woman. According to the prosecutor, the man had shot the woman and then dumped her body in Lake Mälaren. The Kenyan woman was seven months pregnant at the time of the murder and had been living illegally in Sweden for four years. The motive for the crime, according to the prosecutor, was that the man was the father of the baby and the woman refused to have an abortion.

Do Swedes deserve sympathy for committing national suicide? Answers on a postcard.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Zimbabwe 2007 = South Africa 2027?

When the white junta that ruled Zimbabwe was overthrown in 1980, the country, despite going through a vicious guerrilla war, was Africa’s breadbasket, a thriving economy, food exporter, clean streets, excellent public services. Within months of taking over as President, Robert Mugabe launched a war against the main opposition tribe, slaughtering thousands and laying waste to vast tracts of land. He then, despite everyone turning a blind eye, proceeded to do what all African leaders do – plunder the country’s resources for the benefit of himself and his power base. And this in turn lead to the standard decline experienced by post-independence Africa. Mugabe effortlessly turned his country from breadbasket to basket case.

South Africa was/is different. Majority rule in 1994 was accompanied by much happy talk of the ‘technicolour nation’. Your Savant, though initially skeptical, was won over on seeing Mandela wearing Francois Pienaar’s No. 7 shirt at the WC Final in 1995. This really would be different. Alas, despite a very large non-black minority compared to Zimbabwe, and a number of good years initially, the familiar rot set in in due course.

Mandela could have swung it, but he’s just one man, and even at that stage was very old ("Majority rule will apply-we just hope we will never have to use it"). He still tries his best, and recently upbraided his followers for behaving towards whites "as if they had been defeated on the battlefield, which they weren't".
But the instincts of the rest of the ANC- leaders and activists- are frankly, even brutally, majoritarian. The officials who surround him include not a single white face – they’ve all been weeded out of the "rainbow". On a broader canvas, the overwhelming pressure for affirmative action appointments within the state machine and the broader labour market is felt by many non-Africans to be a reneging on the ANC's pledge of non-racism, as well as having catastrophic economic impact. The spirit of "we are the masters now" is too strong and too visible to be missed.

African whites know only too well what that means and are fleeing the country in droves. A recent study from the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) revealed the stunning fact that one million white South Africans - almost a fifth - have left the country in the past ten years. Currently the effect is disguised by the fact that many skilled whites and Asians over the age of 50, with retirement in their sights, are staying on, providing a sorely needed cadre of skills. But as this group moves out of the labour market the full effects of the departure of so many of their younger colleagues will be revealed. Since almost all the country's professional and managerial skills are in white and Asian hands, the result is a huge and desperately damaging de-skilling of the economy and society. Many others would flee but are impeded by exchange controls and the collapse of the Rand.

The report says that "The white population is getting older, which means the white taxpayers are only going to contribute to the economy for the next twenty years. There would have to be a huge influx of skilled workers to fill this gap. This, unfortunately, is not the case." Indeed, in a recent visit to that country your Savant found clear-cut evidence of Africa Syndrome as covered in this post and others.

Spiraling decline seems inevitable. This could ultimately lead to all-out race war, which would of course be disastrous. But not as bad as the World Cup of 2010 being screwed up. Which seems increasingly likely. I’ll bet Sepp (King Rat) Blatter is shitting himself now. Promising to stage the event in Africa was one of the reasons he held on to his job last time. Poetic justice if it came back to bite him in his fat, corrupt ass.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Man marries himself shock!

Who Said...?
"He loves nature in spite of what it did to him."
A: Forrest Tucker

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Freedom - Neocon style

Muslim school update

Your Savant pointed out in a recent post how our President Kumbiyah had eulogised a new Muslim 'educational' establishment in Dublin. Its rulers have now gone on record to allay fears of possible religious taking over the curriculum (hard to imagine, I know). Apparently mumbo jumbo will be confined to religious classes, while all others will stick closely to the subject at hand. Strict demarcation. This would be good, because the experience to date with Muslim schools here (and everywhere else) is that mumbo jumbo takes precedence over real education, leaving the 'graduates' fit for little else other than future jihadists.

Seems clear enough. You can't infuse a subject like maths, or geography, or zoology with religious mumbo jumbo, can you? Can you? Well, here's what I see happening:

Maths: If 3 jihadists are killed while slaughtering the infidel, how many virgins in total will they be given by Allah?

Geography: Name the Muslim countries currently occupied by Zionists and Crusaders

Zoology: What animal does the Jew most closely resemble - monkey or pig?

Chemistry: Name the ingredients of a fertiliser bomb

Meanwhile, Dutch journalist Geert Wilders took his life in his hands by calling for the closure of all Muslim schools in the Netherlands. Some chance. This is needed to "protect the kids against the spreading of Islamic teachings. Islam is speedily bringing our Western culture to the edge of the abyss. We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is more a violent political ideology than a religion." You can say that again Geert. He admits to speaking strongly in the Islam debate - necessary because it is almost too late. True again, Geert.

Your Savant thinks Geert isn't long for this world.