Saturday, 28 July 2007

UK pays both sides in 'war on terror'

The Times reports that the UK government faces new embarrassment over Britain’s porous borders with the revelation that one in four terrorist suspects arrested in Britain is an asylum seeker. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, there have been more than 1,100 arrests under antiterrorism legislation. While some of the most serious threats come from Al-Qaeda supporters born in the UK, there is new evidence of many suspects exploiting loopholes in the country’s immigration laws.

It was confirmed last week that Muktar Said Ibrahim, one of the bombers involved in the failed suicide attacks of July 21, 2005, was given a passport even though he had convictions for indecent assault and robbery. Gordon Brown has said an applicant in similar circumstances would not now be granted citizenship. Wow, that'sprogress.

A Home Office analysis of those arrested under antiterrorism laws from 2001 to 2005 found that almost a quarter – 24%, or 232 out of 963 – had previously applied for asylum. This figure includes failed asylum seekers who should have been removed from the country.

Omar Altimimi, 37, who was jailed for nine years this month at Manchester Crown Court for hoarding computer files on jihadi terrors, illustrates the ease with which Al-Qaeda supporters have been able to remain in the country and fund their activities using Britain’s often chaotic asylum system.
Altimimi, a father of three who settled in Bolton, Greater Manchester, used the name Abou Hawas when he first arrived in the country, claiming he was an Iraqi fleeing persecution. In reality, he had come from the Netherlands where he had shared a flat with other extremists.
When Altimimi’s asylum application was rejected, he should have been removed from the country. Instead he simply adopted another name. Over a six-year period he was given pay-outs from the National Asylum Support Service and other agencies of more than £100,000. This income helped support him as he spent hours at his computer, collating material on bomb making and identifying possible targets.

Susan Williams, the leader of Trafford council in Manchester and prospective Conservative candidate for Bolton West, said: “How many more terror sleepers are the British taxpayer funding? It is time we had a full, independent investigation into this appalling situation.”

The lax regime was highlighted when Hussain Osman, one of the July 21 bombers, left the country undetected after the failed attacks. He wore a burka - but due to multicultural sensitivities 'she' could not have her appearance checked.

Do we laugh or cry?

Friday, 13 July 2007

Did Prince Philip fart, or what?

Who said....?
"Reason is the greatest enemy of faith"
A: Martin Luther - and wasn't he dead right

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More Swedish madness

Swedish radical feminist Joanna Rytel wrote an article called “I Will Never Give Birth to a White Man,” for a major Swedish daily, Aftonbladet, stating things such as “no white men, please… I just puke on them.”

Well Joanna, based on your photo ('is that a pair of balls I see before me?') I'd say you're not going to get too many chances to demonstrate your point.

Anyway, after receiving a complaint because of this, Swedish state prosecutor Göran Lambertz explained why this didn’t qualify as racism: “The purpose behind the law against incitement of ethnic hatred was to ensure legal protection for minority groups of different compositions and followers of different religions. Cases where people express themselves in a critical or derogatory way about men of ethnic Swedish background were not intended to be included in this law.”

Thanks Goran - couldn't have put it better myself. Racism is all one-way. Swedish self-destruction takes another leap forward.

Celebrating diversity

The new Mayor of Portloaise is here having 'fled' Nigeria with his large family. He says celebrating diversity will be the main objective of his term.

Today's newspapers provide us with a few examples of what we can celebrate. One Emmanuel Ashibougwu - splendid chap - has his 9 year jail sentence for rape upheld. Manny, who like most Nigerians here makes his living by dealing drugs, had been out on bail (on a rape charge!) when he was caught doing his job - heroin in this case.

Diversity celebration 2: An Irish passport-holding former 'asylum seeker' of Congolese origin was arrested at Dublin airport (how can they catch anyone there?) for - you've guessed it, drug smuggling. Our free legal aid system will now swing into action, ensuring that she can appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Why not? The taxpayer is picking up the tab.

Your Savant's sources in the local gendarmerie inform him that non-nationals make up about 30% of prison inmates and that the proportion of Nigerians in honest jobs is about 10%. This is fully consistent with what I've shown here and here for other countries. And finally, research from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre shows that one third of new HIV cases uncovered last year came from Africa.

Well, that's it for today. I'm off out to celebrate diversity.

Muslim health problems

The gloom of our monsoon season was lifted today on reading the heartening news that the Muslim population here has increased by 70% over the last four years. And the flood continues unabated. But hark! All is not yet well. It seems that considerable changes are required to our ramshackle health system – but not for us, who suffer in silence. No, no. ‘We’ must accommodate a whole plethora of religious and ‘cultural’ mumbo jumbo carried over from the hell holes these people fled.

‘We’, apparently, must provide same sex doctors to treat Muslims. Their preference is for Muslim doctors to treat Muslims, but unfortunately these are in short supply at moment, being otherwise occupied blowing up their patients. Also demanded are specially prepared food, special prayer rooms, and a compass so that the nutcases know that they are really facing Mecca when they pray. And female Muslim medical staff must be allowed wear special clothes, Muslims shouldn’t be given post-mortems, non-Muslim nurses must dress more modestly, crucifixes should be covered up, and non-Muslim clergy banned from hospitals.

All right, I made up the last bit. This hasn’t been demanded. Yet.

Still, progress is being made – it seems genital mutilation is now being provided by the HSE following discussions (threats?) with the gauleiteirs in the Clonskeagh ‘Cultural’ Centre.

I have just one question. If things are so out of line, why don’t they just fuck off back to where they came from, and leave us alone? Then again, why should they? They’ll get what they want here as they’ve got it everywhere else in dhimmy Europe. And given the numbers pouring in, they’ll be able to get it democratically soon enough.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Great news!

As the unfortunate Yorkshiremen see the water rise up to their balls they may well ask ‘why me, Lord, why me?’ Well, now they know. No less a personage than the Rt Rev Graham Dow, Bishop of Carlisle, has explained it all for them. (By the way, what’s a ‘Right’ Reverend? Is there such a thing as a ‘Wrong’ Reverend? – perish the thought) for us all.

Apparently God, taking a break from His conversation with George Bush, has had a chat with the Right Reverend and explained that the flooding was due to the victims’ immoral lifestyles. So it seems he – sorry, He – no longer communicates with us via Prophets and Mysterious Ways. He now uses the Meteorological Office - and of course the Right Reverend.

But Mr. Angry makes an excellent point, of deep philosophical and theological significance. He says “my younger brother is in Ayia Napa at the moment, and I hear it is non-stop drug taking, clubbing and shagging out there. Yet the sun shines for almost twenty hours of every day. This tells me, quite conclusively, that God really loves his pills, drum and bass, and loose women. I am grateful for this guidance, because I would not have known how to live my life from this point forwards if it were not for the Reverend Graham Dow and his weather-referenced preaching."

He goes on "I am delighted this man of the cloth has shown me the error of my ways. I feel like I have been given a second chance, and I plan to make the most of it. Trust me, this weekend I am going to go clubbing every night and take copious amounts of pills until they rattle around inside me like I am a big old drug-addled set of dancing maracas. Then I will pull whatever drunken strumpet I can get my hands on. "

Isn't this truly wonderful news? What we always thought of as an immoral lifestyle is OK with the Man Upstairs and a guarantee of good weather. Thanks Rev.