Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Profund question answered....

As a seeker after knowledge and wisdom it's always a heartfelt moment for me when one of life's great questions gets answered. We now know - the anser is YES

Who said....?

"Some people bring happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go"?

A: Oscar Wilde

Monday, 26 November 2007

Happy little learners

The Washington Post goes all gooey and mushy over our (almost) all black primary school in Balbriggan.

BALBRIGGAN, Ireland -- Happy little learners filed out of school at midday, smiling in their furry jackets and clutching a parent's hand. It could have been anywhere in Ireland, except that almost every child had immigrant parents -- the vast majority of them black -- from places as distant as Angola, Congo and Nigeria.

Speaking as they do about 20 different languages, being of lower IQ, their little uniforms will need to be supplemented by matching stab-proof vests within a few years, before they graduate into being full-time criminals, as these other happy learners have done recently (see here and here).

Friday, 23 November 2007

African immigrants and AIDS

There has been a sharp increase in the incidence of AIDS in the UK in recent years. The London Times did a report on this some time ago, showing that this was overwhelmingly down to AIDS-infected African immigrants obeying the biblical injunction to go forth and multiply in the new Promised Land. All the PC alarms went off together, and the journalist, Anthony Brown (!) was assailed on all sides for his ‘racism’.

Not all sides however. One Government medical advisor gave the journalist an off-the-record briefing to say that the figures were true but ‘Ministers won't listen because they think it’s racist.’

Gotta keep the people in the dark.

Now sit back, have a cup of coffee, and savor this analysis and recommendation from an AIDS task-force.

“As a migrant group, Africans make up a small proportion of the total UK population (0.4% in 1991) but constitute the second single group most affected by HIV in the UK after gay men. Africans are found in only a handful of major cities in the UK, with almost 80% of them living in Greater London. Most of the specialist and other centres of medical excellence, as well as culturally appropriate social care and support services for Africans, are concentrated in London. The `dispersal scheme' under the new Immigration and Asylum Act, however, ensures that large numbers of asylum seekers with HIV, most of them African, will be forced away from London to where appropriate treatment, care and support services do not exist.

The paper will aim at the abandonment of dispersal areas in search of appropriate care and support services and the negative impact this inevitably has on asylum applications. For those asylum seekers with HIV who remain in dispersal areas, the impact of the legislation includes isolation, poor access to quality care and support, and the likelihood of local crises resulting from social, financial and physical vulnerability.”

Now take this from the New Scientist, referring to proposed ‘secret’ testing of potential ‘AIDS immigrants’

'I am deeply suspicious that this is actually going to encourage refusal of admission for people who would otherwise qualify for free treatment.' Implicit in this instruction is the need for the port doctor to perform an HIV test on the passenger, even though there is no legal right to refuse entry on the basis of HIV infection. 'It seems as if we are getting a secret system of HIV testing.'

Think about it. The immigration industry and the PC fever swamp is outraged that the UK (and by extension Ireland) might restrict entry to Africans affected by a frightful contagious disease, and for whose treatment the taxpayer must pick up the tab. And for those who do get in, the authorities must reverse their dispersal plans as this would lead to “isolation, poor access to quality care and support”.

You couldn’t make it up.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Portlaois Mayor update

Earlier this year I brought you the joyous tidings that Portlaois had elected Ireland’s first black mayor, Nigerian Rotimi Adebari. This was accompanied by an orgy of celebration in the PC fever-swamps, and I've been reliably informed that our President had an orgasm on the spot when she heard the news.

And indeed it was a heart-warming story. You see poor old Rotimi had fled persecution from his home village of Okeodan, hotly pursued by a mob of outraged Muslims. Barely escaped with his life, he did. Then, as the immigration industry puts it he ‘found himself’ in Ireland, and hey presto, he becomes mayor.

A remarkable achievement, as has been pointed out ad nauseam since then. True to form, he quickly managed to corner significant amounts of taxpayers cash to celebrate diversity throughout Laois. They’re celebrating diversity like mad down there now, apparently.

Given the publicity it was no surprise that the folks back home heard about it. They were so impressed that in a recent visit to Okeodan the town Chief Lere Bamgboye held a ceremony in his honour on his achievements. Over 1,000 people attended the ceremony, which was held in the town’s market square.

Speaking at the event Chief Lere Bamgboye said: “For those of us who have been close watchers of your upward journey in life we are not entirely surprised. We have known you as an enterprising young man with a lot of vision.”

Even a jaded cynic like your Savant was touched by this. After all, here was a man who fled for his life from his home, er, village and that same village was, er, now….. Hang on, surely shome mishtake?

Enter Paddy Clark – but there'll be no ha, ha, ha from Rotimi. Paddy insists that Hizzoner worked in London as an underground driver before seeking 'asylum' in Ireland, an allegation which the mayor has strenuously denied. On hearing this Paddy says ‘I'm amazed at the gall of Rotimi Adebari. At the very least 50 drivers and six or more managers will remember him. His photograph and signature are on file with London Underground’s personnel office which were used in the issue of his free travel-pass and identity card,”

'The trade union will also have his records on file’ he added. 'In light of his continued denial and by doing so making me out to be a liar or mischief maker I will myself travel into London and get as many affidavits as I can from my former colleagues”

He concluded by hoping that Mayor Adebari ‘does the right thing and resigns and stands for election again based on the truth of his origins and agenda.’ Some chance, Paddy. He’s got his snout in the trough and it’ll take a bit more than illegal entry and lying on an official form to take it out.

But why am I telling you all of this? Surely you’ve seen it plastered all over the media, the same way his election victory was? Er, strangely, no. A laborious trawl of the MSM revealed, well nothing.

Which is why more and more people are turning to blogs to get the real story.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Sean O’Rourke for the valuable research.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

More Islamic justice

You'll need a strong constitution to read this heartbroken message from a US Air Force Captain:
(Maybe not if you've already read this post).

When I was sent to Riyadh for a month to work with the US Air Force for a joint assignment, I never realized the sights I'd see. One of them was a public stoning. All I saw was a woman standing in a hole tied to a post, she was shoulder deep in the hole. The guy I was with wanted to see it. It's rare that westerners are even allowed to see this They gathered around this poor girl for around an hour, throwing rocks at her.

Stoning a human to death

Dear readers, please put on your thinking cap and imagine a mental picture of the following story.

A deep hole is dug in the groun
d. A 30 year old lady, tied up from feet to shoulders, as a stick, is lowered alive into this hole, in a standing position. Only her neck and head are visible. Can you imagine a human head sticking above ground?

When the order is given, a man throws a fist-sized stone at her protruding head. The stone hits her head with a thud. She screems in pain as the blood oozes down her face. Another man picks up a stone and scraps the side of her head drawing a lateral line of blood. She cries and screems in excruciating pain. Since it is a free for all, a teenage spectator from this open playing field, tries his luck, but misses her head completely. Another aims at her and flings it with force. The stone hits its intended target, her forehead.
She screems and cries loudly for mercy. There is now a gash on her forehead. Blood spurting out, down her eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and down to the ground. She cries out for mercy but to not avail. The minutes become an hour, between the many misses, scraps, nicks, chips and strikes. Another spectator flings forcefully at her.

The stone hits the bridge of her nose with another thud. She screems again and again. This time the blood comes down from inside and outside her nose. Probably, her nasal bridge-bone is broken, causing the bleeding from inside her nostrils as well. Though her wounds are grave, as you can imagine, her screems by now are not as vociferous as earlier, and her tears help to wash some of the blood on her cheeks. Her vision has completely gone with the blood coating. The next stone hits her again.

A piece of flesh pops out. No, its not, oh god, it really can't be her eye-ball. It is so bloody that you can't really make out. By this time, blood has covered her entire face and the ground in front of her. She still makes groaning sounds. More time pass. Stoning her, continues. Her sounds are less and less audible. Her face has become unrecognisable.

Flesh, like mashed meat is her face, but only more bloody, as she now literally has no human face. Small strips of flesh, like locks of hair are hanging from her. Her head is now drooping forward. At this stage a hit on her make splashes of blood. She has stopped making a sound for the last two stone pelting. Two hours have passed. The Islamic authorities check her neck for pulse. It is still beating but barely, due to the loss of blood. A flesh piece drops off her head, as the stoning process continues.

Finally, death comes to this lady. She is then left there for a few more hours for the spectators to see, because this is a public lesson for all Muslim females, who commit adultery. Then her father and relatives are allowed to dig her body, and bring it above ground. Pieces of her flesh, lying on the ground, is collected and because she has no face, it is put back on the front of her head, and bundled up. Now readers, imagine that is your mother, or your daughter, or sister, or even you, yourself.

The next time some Islamic apologist like that malevolent mutant Cat Stevens spews out some unctuous claptrap about the 'religion of peace', as him if he believes Sharia should be implemented in the civilized world. A straight answer - which of course you won't get.

Keep them out of Europe

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Brits and Paddies

I have just authorised publication of a comment from Anonymous (he keeps writing in) but am unable to find the post against which it was made. That's an annoying feature of Blogger, by the way.

Anyway, this commentator has not been impressed with your Savant. From memory he makes the point that Paddies fled from Ireland to England just like my unfavoured immigrants from the Third World today and caused all sorts of mayhem and were the butt of countless Paddy jokes.

My response: Absolutely correct. We fled in huge numbers from the broken-down theocracy that was Ireland up to recently, and those fleeing were comprised of:

* Lowest level labourers from the most backward parts of the country (and that's saying something!)

* Criminals, who, through the unique Irish judicial system, were given the option of jail or emigrating to England.

* Welfare spongers, typically itinerants, so Mr. McDonagh and his 22 children would suddenly present themselves at Camden Town Hall and look for accommodation. (Meanwhile claiming simultaneous benefits from a dozen social welfare offices in Ireland)

* And the coup de grace, the IRA immigrants started blowing the place up between 1970 and the late nineties.

Naturally enough, these immigrants were as welcome as garlic to a vampire, and the Brits would have been well advised to mount a machine gun at Fishguard and mow them down as they came off the boats.

So let's agree on that. However, and it's a big however, the Irish eventually seamlessly integrated into the British way of life and are now largely indistinguishable from the native Brits. They also, and this is important, became successful in every sphere of activity, to the extent that those of Irish extraction, plus a new generation of well educated professionals. are now apparently on average wealthier than the native Brits.

This has not happened, is not happening and it will not happen with black immigrants. We have seen all over the world that blacks fall to the bottom of the social and economic pile. As I've shown on many occasions (see here and here) IQ levels are the main determinant of this, and blacks, on average, have lower IQ levels.

Anonymous refers to the many African doctors in the UK who keep the health service operating. True, and there are vast numbers of blacks who are more intelligent than vast numbers of whites. But on average they're lower. It's important for individual intelligent blacks not to be offended by this. They should see themselves as intelligent individuals. I'm totally at ease for example in acknowledging that Jews are on average more intelligent than other whites, (your Savant excepted, needless to say).

So in summary, superficially a good point by Anonymous, but demolished as usual by my unimpeachable logic.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

India/Sri Lanka

Ok, OK!! As numerous commentators have gleefully pointed out, you cannot build a canal through water. Not much slips by my eagle-eyed readers. Just shows that your Savant isn't perfect in every way. I should have said channel. all right?

Friday, 16 November 2007

South Africa continues its downward spiral

Just back from my latest visit to South Africa, and, no surprise, the country continues its downward spiral. Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu has warned that ‘South Africa is in danger of losing its moral direction’. To which I bemusedly ask ‘you mean it actually had a moral direction to lose?
Referring to South Africa's high murder rate and the rape of children as young as nine months, he said the ‘African reverence for life’ (splutter) had been lost. "The fact of the matter is we still depressingly do not respect one another. I have often said black consciousness did not finish the work it set out to do," he said. Poor old Des. He’s a good man, but did he really believe that?
He’s also upset that presidential candidate Jacom Zuma has again been acquitted, this time on corruption charges (the initial acquittal related to rape). He’s guilty on both counts, needless to say, but his acquittals were political, just as the charges were.

Finally let’s look – if we can bring ourselves to – at legal luminary Jackie Selebi. Jackie is the country’s top cop. He’s also good friends with some of the country’s biggest gangsters. A most interesting involvement goes back two years to when billionaire mining magnate and political benefactor, Brett Kebble, was assassinated while driving in a Johannesburg suburb.

Investigators quickly charged leading drug dealer Glenn Agliotti, in connection with the murder, only to find that he was a close friend of Selebi. In fact, cellphone records indicated that Agliotti called Selebi from near the scene of Kebble’s murder shortly after the shooting.

Selebi later rejected demands that he resign, saying he was not tainted by mere friendship with an accused criminal, and President Mbeki staunchly defended him.

Nonetheless, the State Prosecutor eventually brought an indictment, only to be suspended from his job by Mbeki. You may well ask ‘so what?’ – this is par for the course for Africa. And that's true. However, the clincher is, Selebi is, wait for it – President of Interpol. Please, some sanity in a world gone mad.

Obscurantism wins again

India's (kind of) secular government wants to dig a canal between its southern tip and Sri Lanka. This would save about 24 hours shipping time (and the associated costs) and reduce the risks from pirates who infest the seas there.

The canal would need to be dug through some sandy shoals. Not much of a technical problem, but a big religious one. The Ramayana, a Hindu mumbo jumbo text, says the shoals are the remains of a bridge that was built by a working group of monkeys at the behest of a Hindu god, Ram. (Doesn't the extra pair of arms really suit him?) He duly crossed over and wrested his wife Sita from a Sri Lankan demon.

Seems reasonable to me, just like Mohammed riding up to heaven on his horse and negotiating with God, or the virgin birth, or rising from the dead. Quare things happen.

And just as those in the West cave into Muslims, the Indian government has caved in to violent threats from Hindu fundamentalists. The project has now been dropped.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Iraq protest

Who said...?

"Everyone wants to save the planet. Nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes"?

A: PJ O'Rourke

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Good/bad Manchester

The Tories' social justice guru, Iain Duncan Smith, the former party leader, released a report showing the economic boom in the city centre masked a disturbing picture of failure, including a teenage pregnancy rate double the English average, the second-highest level of men admitted to hospital due to alcohol, and fewer than one in three teenagers receiving five or more good GCSE passes.

The report also found that Manchester is the second-worst council for truancy, only one school leaver in four goes to university, and two in five families with children are headed by a lone parent, compared with an average of one in five. Greater Manchester also has the highest number of antisocial behaviour orders in the UK, and there are seven gun-related incidents every day.

Duncan Smith said: "We almost have two Manchesters - one that is forging ahead, creating jobs, wealth and regeneration of rundown areas, and another mired in a deepening spiral of social breakdown."

And.....? We're waiting Iain...... And we'll stay waiting. Because even the Tories won't acknowledge the elephant in the room. The 'good' Manchester is made up of native Brits and their ilk, while bad Manchester is largely inhabited by sundry Third World immigrants, often in ther second or third generation.

We'll have our good/bad version in Ireland in due course. We're well on the way.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

UK security

An estimated 5,000 illegal immigrants have been given 'sensitive security jobs' according to the Security Industry Authority in the UK. One of these illegals, Marouane Bourannane, an Algerian, held a number of 'sensitive jobs'. These included - I'm not making this up, 'security' work work at both the Labour and Conservative party conferences (imagine the potential there), enabling him to have a picture of himself with Gordon Browne on his mobile phone.

The Home Office, responsible for immigration, er, controls, might be lousy at everything it does, but it can claim one accomplishment. It's very diverse. In fact nearly 40% of the employees are non-white. I had occasion to visit a regional office restaurant recently and it reminded me of the pub scene in Star Wars, such was the 'diversity' of the clientele. But this is what happens when you em ply people based on colour rather than ability.

Hang on, wasn't that what civil rights set out to end? Something wrong here.....

A splendid chap

"Dublin man" Moses O'Connor got a life sentence yesterday for the murder of his mother, originally from Ruanda. The murder was one of the most horrific ever seen in the country. Detective Inspector Martin Cummins told the court that O'Connor, who has 26 previous convictions, was "one of the most disturbed people" he had ever seen in garda custody.

What a splendid addition to the country, especially as his mother had to get thrice-weekly dialysis treatment under our creaking health system. Although all the media too pains to point out that she was great at gardening.

This underlines Savant's First Law: "Blacks appear in the news only for sport or crime".

Check it out for yourself.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Sub-prime crash

Who said....?

"God loves you and I love you - and you can count on both of us.."

A: GW Bush - teaming up with The Man again.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Some good news - sort of...

Recent polls taken in the UK provide some reassurance. Some findings:

(1) 75% of respondents agreed that "Mass migration into the UK is a big problem"

(2) Over 50% believe that control of the huge numbers flowing in and out of the country is 'the most worrying issue'." Now this is progress!

(3) Only 4% of respondents felt that immigration was 'not a problem'. They were probably all illegals!

Isn't it amazing, with figures like that, especially item 2, that the government doesn't show more urgency? What can it be?