Friday, 29 August 2008

Hurricane Katrina anniversary: The lessons

In case you don't remember, today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and we’ll get repeat doses of the same old bullshit that we’ve suffered for the last three years. Sure, the debacle was a terrible reflection on the USA, and more particularly on the corrupt cronyism of the Bush Regime, where buffoons were placed in vital positions just because of personal loyalty to the draft dodger.(remember heckuv a job, Brownie’?

You won't hear anything though about the real scandal, and its perpetrators. I have in mind here the population of New Orleans, more specifically those left behind. The ‘victims’, and their police 'protrectors'.

Longer post than usual, but bear with me as it provides us with some useful insights.

OK – some facts.....

By the time Katrina struck New Orleans, all but 80,000 of the city’s half million inhabitants had left. Those left were almost all black and poor. When the levees broke these people flooded (whoops!) to the Superdome, the total number eventually reaching 25,000. They were fleeing the rising water, but they were also fleeing the Somali-like conditions that broke out in the city which was in effect abandoned by its 70% black police force. Robbery, rape and even murder quickly became routine.

The police go feral

That's right, large numbers of police had fled the city and abandoned it to the population.

Well, that's not quite correct. The police got their hand in first with some well-organised looting. Think I'm joking? When Debbie Durso, a tourist from Washington, Michigan, asked a policeman for help he told her “Go to hell—it’s every man for himself.”

An NBC correspondent filmed black, uniformed police strolling through the aisles, filling shopping carts. At one store, a police officer broke the glass on the DVD case so civilians would not cut themselves trying to break it, but one man was ungrateful. “The police got all the best stuff,” he claimed indignantly, “They’re crookeder than us.” One woman stocking up on makeup was glad to see the officers. “It must be legal,” she said. “The police are here taking stuff, too.”

New Orleans has had only black mayors since 1978, and the intervening time has been spent making the police force as black as possible. It established a city-residency requirement for officers to keep suburban whites from applying for jobs, and lowered recruitment standards so blacks could pass them. The same is happening all over the US, by the way, as tests are dumbed down so that the requisite levels of ‘diversity’ can be achieved. As a result, quality and professionalism in the army, police and fire services are plummeting.

The ‘victims’ take up arms

As the situation warmed up, some blacks fired on any symbol of authority, blazing away at rescue helicopters and Coast Guard vessels. Several days after the hurricane, with desperate people still waving for help from rooftops, FEMA said conditions were too dangerous to attempt rescues. Perhaps the most chilling accounts were from hospitals, where staff desperately tried to move patients up stairs as the water rose, while blacks invaded and looted the floors below. Just outside New Orleans, gunmen held up a supply truck carrying food, water, and medical supplies that were on their way to a hospital.

Chris Lawrence, a reporter with CNN, filed a report from the roof of a police station: “Right now it’s the only safe place to be in the city. We were on the street earlier but the police said under no circumstances would you be safe on the street. They said anybody walking in the streets of New Orleans is basically taking their life in their hands"

“I never thought that as a National Guardsman I would be shot at by other Americans,” said Philip Baccus of the 527th Engineer Battalion. “And I never thought I’d have to carry a rifle when on a hurricane relief mission.” Cliff Ferguson of the same battalion added: “You have to think about whether it is worth risking your neck for someone who will turn around and shoot at you. We didn’t come here to fight a war. We came here to help.”

Meanwhile, back at the Superdome

The stadium in fact had quickly turned into a jungle. Young men robbed and raped with impunity. Occasional gunshots panicked the crowd. Bodies of the murdered, and of infants and the elderly who died of heat exhaustion began to accumulate. The guy in the chair on the left was simply thrown out to die.

A group of about 30 British students were among the very small number of whites in the stadium, where they spent four harrowing days. Jamie Trout, 22, an economics major, wrote that the scene “was like something out of Lord of the Flies,” with “people shouting racial abuse about us being white.”

Australian tourists organized escorts for women who had to go to the toilet or for food, and set up a roster of men to stand guard while others slept. “We sat through the night just watching each other, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning,” one said, adding that the Australians owed their lives to a National Guardsman who broke the rules and got whites out to a medical center past seething crowds of blacks.

If anything, conditions were worse at the Convention Center. Armed black gangs quickly took control, and occasional gunshots caused panic. There was no power, and at night the center was plunged into complete darkness. Degeneracy struck almost immediately, with rapes, robbery, and murder. Terrible shrieking tore through the night, but no one could see or dared to move. When Police Chief Eddie Compass heard what was happening, he sent a squad of 88 officers to investigate. They were overwhelmed by superior forces and retreated, leaving thousands to the mercy of criminals.

Compare this to similar catastrophes

It’s been said, in an attempt to mitigate the bahoviour of the ‘victims’, that people will behave this way when thrown together in catastrophic circumstances. On the contrary, natural disasters usually bring out the best in people. They help neighbors and strangers alike.

We don't have to go back to the Blitz in London. For example The Army Times reported that Sgt. 1st Class Ron Dixon of the Oklahoma National Guard, who had recently come home from Afghanistan, said he said he was struck by the fact Afghanis wanted to help themselves, but that the people of New Orleans only wanted others to help them.

“I am absolutely disgusted,” said Sajeewa Chinthaka, 36, of the looters. The Sri Lanka native added: “After the tsunami our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering. Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged. Now with all this happening in the U.S. we can easily see where the civilized part of the world’s population is.”

Yahoo News reported: "In New Orleans there was shooting and looting when the floods came last week. When a similar inundation struck India's financial capital Mumbai (Bombay) a month earlier, there was no violence, just free wada-pav bread...Mumbai police commissioner A.N. Roy confirmed there were no cases of looting, arson or violence when the floods hit. "Even stray cases of robbery were not heard or reported," he said.”

Yet over 1000 people were killed in this flooding, and huge tracts of the city were completely destroyed. City residents actually worked together to provide humanitarian assistance, businessmen handed out free food, slum dwellers and even criminals rescued people, and some provided strangers with a place to stay.By most measures (poverty, economic inequality, access to education and health care, discrimination [i.e., the caste system]) the average poor person in Mumbai is much worse off than the average poor person in New Orleans. So much for the theory that poverty and discrimination lead to lawlessness.

And the reaction to all of this…

But of course this didn’t stop the MSM, the Victim Industry or black leaders from drawing the usual conclusions. Some accused the “biased” media of suppressing footage of rampaging whites and heroic black helicopter pilots (there were virtually none of either).

Jesse Jackson Jr. said we must not judge harshly: “Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?” His dad’s contribution? “many black people feel that their race, their property conditions and their voting patterns have been a factor in the response,” adding that the rubbish outside the Convention Center made the place look “like the hull of a slave ship.” Good one Jesse, don't ever miss a chance to play the race/slave card.

Black activist and reparations-booster Randall Robinson said the relief effort was the “defining watershed moment in America’s racial history.” He said he had “finally come to see my country for what it really is. A monstrous fraud.”

One black man however, observing the chaos from abroad, took a different view. Leighton Levy wrote in the Sept. 2 Jamaica Star: “I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.”

What lessons can we draw?

In fact it was the same scenario we see repeated everywhere: blacks in trouble, usually due to their own carelessness or incompetence, doing nothing to help themselves, whites trying to help them - and whites getting the blame for causing the problems in the first place, and not doing enough to resolve them. Why can't people see that in failing to recognize the source of a problem you are doomed to never resolving it? That's why the problems of Africa and black ghettos have proven to be impervious to all attempted solutions.

As Steve Sailer wrote: “nor is it surprising that the black refugees at the Superdome and the convention center failed to get themselves organized to make conditions more livable. Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other because they don't trust other blacks much, for the perfectly rational reason that they commit large numbers of crimes against each other.”

Jared Taylor wrote many whites will realize—some for the first time—that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty, and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on our shores. To be sure, the story of Hurricane Katrina does have a moral for anyone not deliberately blind. The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization—any kind of civilization—disappears. And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.”

Now my friends, my conclusion is this: If we continue importing huge numbers of blacks into Ireland, we’re going to face similar problems in due course. Yet we continue to do it.

I conclude with a question: Why?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Valuable guidance

Nigerians: An update (3)

Our 'Kenyan' friend is back. First he puts Nel to rights by insisting that he's Irish born and bred. And proud of it. To which I'd ask, if you're so proud of being Irish, why do you want to change us via mass immigration?

Second point, a key one being lost in all such discussions. Namely, not all immigrants are the same or have the same impact. I have said before, many times, that Northern Europeans or anyone from the Anglosphere will integrate comfortably into Ireland, and that most of them will become productive citizens, eventually becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves, as the saying goes.

However, three groups of immigrants in particular are - with some exceptions - very bad for Ireland. These are blacks, Muslims and gypsies. And for different reasons. Blacks drag everything and every place down. This has happened everywhere, is happening everywhere. How our 'Kenyan' friend cannot, or will not see this, is beyond me.

Gypsies have a debased culture in which the men don't work while the women and children are sent out to rob and swindle.That's the truth.

I have many dear Muslim friends, but in general, Muslims don't make good immigrants, mainly because they try to force Islam onto the unwilling 'host' country. This, not terrorism, is the main problem. I ask our friend to check my posts on the disastrous situation with Muslim immigrants in the Nordic countries, France and Holland.

Anyway, here's his response

Skot German's comments above (20 August 2008 03:45 ) are so myopic and ridiculous they have to be taken apart-We should be ashamed to act ungenerously to immigrants because we have a history whereby we had large numbers of our people who HAD to emigrate to survive in the past(a German would not appreciate this)....just like Africans have to do now.They benefited from no immigration regime when this happened and were absorbed by host

Immigrants to Ireland can be absorbed in just the same manner.Immigrants help drive the economy, work harder, are more entrepreneurial, help bring down the average pop. age and enrich a society culturally and socially.MOST IRISH PEOPLE ARE FINE WITH THE LEVELS OF MIGRANTS NOW IN THE COUNTRY. It is just bigots like the people on this site and right-wing media people who like to portray themselves as anti-establishment, who make noise about immigration.

The killer and laughable point with people like this is, just like how Savant portrays himself, they often were quote "liberals" in a past life, prob. the 60's and 70's(again to be different) and now that is too mainstream they revert to anti-establishment conservatism so they're not agreeing too often with everyone's the common denominator in this behaviour? attention seeking self-portrayl as different and un-PC....pathetic and childish in most sane people's books...

Skot German says: Some of my standards are: racial survival is good, peace and harmony are good, low population is good and prosperity is good. Bringing in Africans is a sin by my standards.NO. Your simplistic concept of "racial survival" is ridiculous. All races have evolved and changed down through the centuries.

Irish people are a mongrel are Germans and most others unless you're from Iceland lol.All Irish people reading this will know we are made up of Celts, Vikings, Normans, English and peoples from many other ethnic backgrounds.The same is absolutely true of most African nationalities who have a complex ethnological makeup.You will only have the peace and harmony you want in a globalised world by being fair to people globally.

You will not have prosperity in the future by insular narrow minded jingoistic protectionism. That is a recipe for degeneration. So for all those people arguing...let's close the borders, seal ourselves up in a vaccum and let the rest of the world go to hell in a handcart....GET A GRIP!!You would end up with a geriatric, undynamic and increasingly sidelined, poor economy and scoiety....your answers are a recipe for FAILURE. You need to understand and engage with reality and the world that currently actually exists ...not some mad racist utopia of your imagination..

Monday, 25 August 2008

America's speech impediment

A division of Random House pulled the plug on a work of fiction because of threats over its description of the lives of Muhammad's wives, and an expert on terrorism says the decision marks a significant advance in the Islamification of America, because "some Muslims now feel free to make threats of violence even in the U.S." Yes. Even in the US.

The controversy over the book, "The Jewel of Medina," by Sherry Jones, was highlighted in a column by former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani in that news publication. "You still can't write about Muhammad," she wrote. Nomani said Random House bought Jones' novel for $100,000 in a two-book deal and plans were begun for an eight-city tour after the Aug. 12 publication date of the "tale of lust, love and intrigue in the prophet's harem."

But, Nomani wrote, "It's not going to happen. … The series of events that torpedoed this novel are a window into how quickly fear stunts intelligent discourse about the Muslim world."

She concluded Random House feared the book would become a new "Satanic Verses," the 1988 novel by Salman Rushdie that "led to death threats, riots and the murder of the book's Japanese translator, among other horrors."

Thomas Perry, a deputy publisher, said after sending out advance copies, the company got "from credible and unrelated sources cautionary advice not only that the publication of this book might be offensive to some in the Muslim community but also that it could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment," Nomani wrote.

She added "This time, the instigator of the trouble wasn't a radical Muslim cleric, but an American traitor academic. In April, looking for endorsements, Random House sent galleys to writers and scholars, including Denise Spellberg, an associate professor of Islamic history at the University of Texas in Austin.

Nomani said Spellberg was upset that the novel "made fun of Muslims and their history" and asked the editor of a Muslim website to warn Muslims. Apparently her concerns were raised by a written description of Muhammad's consummation of his marriage to Aisha, who had not yet reached 10 years old.

Spellberg said, "You can't play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography," according to Nomani. Er, excuse me, since when can't you do that? In the US? Oh yes, since Muslims got in there in big numbers. That's when.

The complaints went viral immediately, and within hours a seven-point plan had been proposed to force the author to apologize to Muslims.

"If I searched around right now, I could probably find eight or 10 books that outrage me," Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch wrote. "But the idea of bringing pressure upon a publisher not to publish them would be inconceivable to me. Those of a totalitarian mindset, however, do not hesitate."

On Spencer's forum page, a contributor wrote, "I thought we had freedom of speech and freedom of the press in this country. I forgot – we're living under sharia law!"

This is how Muslims in the West will achieve their goals. In essence they’re saying, ‘we’re not violent, oh, no. But trouble is, if you publish this stuff we won't be able to control the violent minority among us. So best if you just cave in’

And that what we’re doing, big time.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ireland's homeless

It's difficult to get an accurate assessment of the numbers of homeless people or of those sleeping rough. It's difficult to clearly define what qualifies as homeless and equally difficult to get at the total number of people sleeping rough, for obvious reasons. However, a generally accepted figure hovers around the 5,000 mark at any one time.

I've always felt this to be national disgrace, and, having often spoken to those sleeping rough, have been surprised at the number who were well-spoken and sensitive. Many are just down on their luck, but due to the points system in awarding state-funded accommodation, have been unable to get housed.

The Nigerians referred to in this article by Kevin Myers don't have this problem at all. Even though in this country illegally, they are, due to the lunacy of IBC/05 Scheme, comfortably housed at our expense. How many of them? More than 3,000!

So here we have 5,000 Irish sleeping rough as we have neither the money nor the accommodation to cater for them. But we do seem to be able to cater for 3,000 Nigerians, here illegally, and if the Circuit Criminal Court is anything to go by, acting illegally as well.
Why isn't the whole country up in arms over such blatant injustice?

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Nigerians: Another response

A commentator takes Rohan Swee to task on his thoughts. You can read the full comment here.

I'd like to respond to a few points he makes.

"Ireland pre the 1980s was underdeveloped, backward (seems like we're still workin on this one) and insular. If you're Irish you'll know pretty damned well there were parts down the country where ud seriously suspect inbreeding of the worst kind. We became rich and wealthy because we used the EU to our full advantage. We got so much money in grants, loans and payments for infrastructure and set aside fields that we were dragged up to somewhere near the European average after a couple of decades."

True we were backward, but Ireland was not always so. We lead the world in the Middle Ages and developed advanced astronomy thousands of years ago. My own view is that we were backward because the Church had a stranglehold on the country, stifling debate, inquiry and innovation.

The EU aid was important, but if you add it up it came to less than half of 1% of our GDP over the relevant period. Now compare that to what Africa received, and they’re still in the shit.

" And on a wider point European and Western wealth as it exists now was not built over what "Rohan" calls "centuries of sacrifice" was built on centuries of using greater power and military strength to take advantage of every corner of the globe and rape mineral wealth to our hearts content."

Surely you don't believe that, my friend? That the only or main source of Europe’s wealth was the colonies? Ask yourself why Europe was able to dominate almost the world, with only a tiny percentage of its population. Because we were more advanced than the colonies. Colonisation has taken place since the beginning of time.

"Rohan needs to learn some history- political & economic..."

Maybe, but it seems you do too.

In any event, none of this takes away from the central thesis and the purpose of this blog: that large-scale, culturally-incompatible immigration, especially from Africa, is a disaster for any Western country.

Gary Glitter arrives back home

Nurse - the screens! "S" word mentioned!

I always derive considerable wry amusement when the politically correct in our midst get themselves tangled up in their own contradictions. Few are more peecee than our teachers. Well, let’s be correct here – the teachers’ trade unions, who don't necessarily represent what the rank and file think.

As I pointed out a long time ago (see this post and this), large swathes of our primary education system are in meltdown, deriving from floods of low IQ Africans and other immigrants with little command of English. This hasn’t yet percolated through to where it’ll really hurt, namely at secondary level. But give it a few more years.

Secondary teachers are very worried about this and, together with some politicians, have called for ‘separate development' (whoops!) or 'segregation' (whoops again!). Needless to say, there’s been an explosive reaction from the Victim Industry, with the usual suspects, Hitler, apartheid, the Deep South all given another run-out.

It was great to see the union reps twisting in the wind on this one. I won't repeat all they said, but in essence it was along the lines of ‘we know what we must do as things are spiraling out of control – but, er, please call it something else.’

I love it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Black strategic planning

I've always said, based on a tsunami of evidence, that blacks display very poor ability when it comes to long-term (or even medium-term) planning. But this picture of a young cultural enricher taken outside a local supermarket suggests I've been wrong.

Seems to me his parents have realised that you can't start too early getting used to looking through bars!

Nigerians: A response (2)

Good comment here from Rohan Swee.

"The poster who mentioned how priviliged irish people are to be born in a white western country is spot on. Because after God created all the peoples of the earth, he scattered them about randomly over the face of the planet, and some of them got lucky and were plopped into the cushy white western countries, that came ready-made with maintained roads, functioning social and political institutions, rule of law, that sort of thing.

Others, not so lucky, landed in crapholes. Your commenter makes it sound as if some white western Martians just gifted the lucky dog Irish with their country. And it's all so unfair, since those good things were just there for the taking in Western Europe and some other completely random places, and don't in the least bit represent the cultural work and sacrifice of centuries, that the workers and sacrificers might have wanted to pass on to their own posterity.

Nope, the fickle finger of fate just happened to plop coincidentally-named white western people into mysteriously unconnected white western countries. If we moved all of Nigeria to Hibernia, and transferred the Irish to Nigeria, I'm sure the Irish would be clamoring to live amongst the transplanted Nigerians now, wouldn't they? (Or would we just see some acceleration in the rate of development of advanced sunblock technology?)"

Spot on, would you not agree?

Blow job for Obama

The spectacularly named Charles Blow (pictured) has been appointed an Opinions Editor at the New York Times. (The Times, you may remember, is the paper that promoted Jason Blair way above his station just because he was black, and this lead to one of the greatest journalistic scandals of modern times).

Anyway, Charles is unhappy. Barak Obama isn't getting enough votes from whites due to blatant racism, no less. Here’s what he says:

“Barak Obama’s candidacy has shed some light on the extremes of racism in America — how much has dissipated (especially among younger people) and how much remains.

According to a July New York Times/CBS News poll, when whites were asked whether they would be willing to vote for a black candidate, 5 percent confessed that they would not. That’s not so bad, right? But wait. The pollsters then rephrased the question to get a more accurate portrait of the sentiment.

They asked the same whites if most of the people they knew would vote for a black candidate. [Excuse me Charles - but how exactly is this more accurate - asking people how they think other people might vote?] Nineteen percent said that those they knew would not. Depending on how many people they know and how well they know them, this universe of voters could be substantial. That’s bad.

Welcome to the murky world of modern racism, where most of the open animus has been replaced by a shadowy bias that is difficult to measure. As Obama gently put it, today’s racial “resentments aren’t always expressed in polite company.” However, they can be — and possibly will be — expressed in the privacy of the voting booth.”

So. Maybe up to 19% of whites are thought to be unwilling to vote for a black candidate. Mmmmm.... In fairness though, this race-based preferment doesn’t apply among blacks.

Still, just to be absolutely sure I went to check out the latest polls and they all showed… my goodness! They showed that, not 19% but between 90% and 92% of blacks were voting for Obama! Well now, isn't that amazing? It can't be racism, as we all know that only whites are racist. So what else can it be, I wonder?


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Nigerians: A response

The following is a comment on the post 'Nigerians love Ireland - and why not?'

"I can't believe how narrow minded and foolish some of the comments from irish people are on here.To start, do not tar all africans with the sins of a minority of nigerians. Nigerians do not represent africa- it's the same as saying the germans represent europe- how german are all you irish folk?...please..Also get you facts straight about Africans in general- most Africans who come to Europe come to WORK, save money and send some home to their families so they do not starve...these are real issues for many people in africa.

Most African kids who go to school in Europe (whichever country) work very hard and often get much higher educational achievements than other ethnic minority groups -e.g. in the UK for example, kids with an african backgound often do exceptionally well (just like indians)...but caribbean-backgound kids or pakistanis statistically do very poorly...

as to the nonsence about white people not being welcolmed in africa- again that is sheer BS. if you are white and willing to contribute and move to africa to start a business or for whatever reason, people are overwhelmingly warm & friendly, in my experience. I've lived in e. africa for long periods and have many friends there & without a doubt, people will treat you better (in most cases) than a local..the poster who mentioned how priviliged irish people are to be born in a white western country is spot on.

we have so many advantages as irish people and given our past and the suffering we experienced as a people before the 1980's, we should be ashamed to act ungenerously and in a hostile way to immigrants.please remember that there are many irish people who cheat the social security systems, are in prison, & do negative things...

nigerians are no different to white people...a small minority will steal, cheat etc. but the point is IT IS NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRICAN OR is because they are human...i suggest some of these zenophobic posters actually speak to the immigrants they do down so much or just people of a different skin colour and when they do and are a bit more culturally open and educated they will realise just how foolish these narrow minded attitudes are.

as to the irish-nigerian an irish guy I'm proud of u.."

Just shows, some people shouldn't be left out on their own!

USA: White children now almost a minority

Cheerful news from the Washington Post. Citing most recent US Census Bureau statistics which show that officially non-white children now make up 44% of the population. In fact the reality is that it's probably closer to 50%, given the millions of illegal Hispanics who would not have been counted.

"Minorities, about one-third of the U.S. population, are expected to become a majority by 2042 and be 54 percent of U.S. residents by 2050. The shift will happen sooner among children, 44 percent of whom are minority. By 2023, more than half are expected to be minority, and by 2050, the proportion will be 62 percent.

The largest share of children, 39 percent, is projected to be Hispanic, followed by non-Hispanic whites (38 percent), African Americans (11 percent) and Asians (6 percent).

The number of people who identify themselves as being from two or more races is also expected to grow, more than tripling to 16.2 million, or 4 percent of the population.

By contrast, the non-Hispanic, single-race white population is expected to grow by less than 2 percent, reducing its share of the overall population from 66 to 46 percent. That group is projected to decline in the 2030s and 2040s, as more members die than are born in or move to the United States."

Well, we're in for a similar treat in Europe.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Flooding: Ireland bears up!

Ireland demonstrates the blitz spirit as we face the worst monsoon ever.

Well done lads.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sinn Fein calls for funding transparency

I don't often have a kind word for Sinn Fein, but in fairness, their call yesterday for more transparency in political party funding was very welcome.

The Irish Times today tells us “SINN F√ČIN yesterday called on the Government to introduce new transparency and disclosure rules for political party funding. The party published its annual financial statements for North and South yesterday, showing it had a combined income of over €2.5 million in 2007."

MEP Mary Lou McDonald hit the nail on the head with “The general public understand that fundraising and donations are part and parcel of generating that income. Where cynicism starts to creep in is when it is perceived that political parties are not open and transparent about their financial affairs.”

That is so true. But surprisingly, she didn’t go on to detail where the €2.5 million came from. Just an oversight, I'm sure. In any event, my contacts in the SF HQ have provided me with the following summary breakdown.

Financial Year ended Dec. 31, 2007

Auditors’ note: All figures in Euro, conversion rate £1 = €0.78. In line with our ‘one island, one country’ policy, revenues are not split between the Republic and the Occupied Six Counties.

Summary Breakdown and Sourcing of Revenues (2006 revenues in brackets)

Bank robberies €442, 611 (765, 321)

Extortion €683, 964 (477,989)

Security van hijacking €976,456 (2,333,658)

Oil and cigarette smuggling €314,223 (193,428)

Whereas Bank Robberies and Hijacking show a worrying decline we believe that the promising trends in the Smuggling and Extortion categories indicate the Party’s finances will remain in good order.

Ta go maith agus bord na mona.

Let's all hope so.Keep up the good work lads.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Kevin Myers

Brilliant article by Kevin Myers in today's Indo.

Jesus Christ! Just check the figures for the Nigerian welfare spongers. It'll do your head in!

Islamic "lawfare" in Canada

Last week the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission rejected a complaint against publisher Ezra Levant that he had promoted anti-Muslim hatred by reprinting the Danish Mohammed cartoons in his now-defunct magazine, the Western Standard.

The investigation concluded that while the cartoons are "stereotypical, negative, and offensive," they were "related to relevant and timely news" and were "not simply gratuitously included." Therefore, Levant will avoid a panel hearing similar to that endured by columnist Mark Steyn in June.

One Islamic leader had dropped his complaint against Levant earlier this year, but a second from the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities had remained. "We thought the cartoons did [expose Muslims to hatred], regardless of the context," the ECMC director said after the ruling. "Obviously we didn't want this to continue, so [another goal was] perhaps to discourage people from further maligning our prophet and our religion. … We wanted this to have a deterrent effect."

Ah, yes - the deterrent persists, despite the dismissal. Here's the rub.

Levant says that the yearlong investigation cost him $100,000 and he estimates a $500,000 tab for taxpayers. Moreover, defendants before the commission cannot sue to recoup legal fees, while complainants have them covered by the state. The Levant case is thus a classic example of lawfare — the filing of frivolous and malicious lawsuits with the aim of silencing or bankrupting opponents of Islamism. Levant summarizes the process as 'punishment first, acquittal later'.

As for the Canadian human rights bodies that Islamists exploit to intimidate critics, Levant says:

"The 11-page government report into my activities is a breathtakingly arrogant document. In it, Pardeep Gundara [good old Canadian name, that], a low-level bureaucrat, assumes the role of editor-in-chief for the entire province of Alberta. He went through our magazine article and gave his own thoughts on the cartoons, and pronounced on our magazine's decision to publish them. The government's wannabe journalist makes a spelling error, he gets facts wrong, and he's obviously not good with deadlines. We'd never have hired him at our magazine. But the laugh is on us — he's apparently our boss, and the boss of all journalists in Alberta.

That is not acceptable to me. I am not interested in Gundara's views about the cartoons. I'm not interested in learning his personal rules of thumb for when I can or can't express myself. This is Canada, not Saudi Arabia.

At least not yet.

Russia and Georgia: A reality check

The arrogance and tendentiousness of the American MSM continues to take the breath away. The Washington Post, once a great newspaper, and supposedly ‘liberal’, exemplifies this with an insane editorial entitled “The U.S. and its allies must unite against Moscow's war on Georgia”. It contains the usual Bush blather about defending democracy, freedom, blah, blah, blah.

Just consider a few facts:

The Georgians started this conflict. In South Ossetia they attacked Russian peacekeepers (I use that term in its loosest sense) who were there as part of a peace deal signed by Georgia and Russia. Several Russians were killed.

For almost two hundred years Georgia has been part of Greater Russia. Maybe they were entitled to independence, maybe not, but if so, why can't South Ossetia and Abkhazia then be independent of Georgia? Their people are not Georgian and don't want to be part of it.

Back in the late eighties Ronald Reagan promised Gorbachev that if the Soviet Union peacefully granted non-Russian ‘countries’ independence, the US and NATO would reciprocate by not expanding into those countries. These promises were broken with a callousness and cynicism that would have done Hitler proud. Now they want Georgia to become a member of NATO. In case you forget, NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Georgia is closer to the South Pacific than the North Atlantic. For fuck sake!

Then Bush wags his finger and with a straight face warns against using ‘armed force’ to ‘bully’ a small nation. All he was short of saying was that ‘we could have bullied Iraq and Afghanistan too, but we took the peaceful route’.
And of course if you ever see America doing something stupid in this general region, you can be sure the Israelis are in there somewhere, pouring petrol on the flames. And sure enough, the Israelis are up to their necks in Georgia. They have been selling them massive amounts of armaments and ‘private’ military training and intelligence services. A number of the Georgian cabinet hold Israeli citizenship. A nice little war would boost Israeli coffers (replacement armaments), test the weapons and intelligence in actual war circumstances and hopefully drag America into another conflict in the region. All of this is still on the cards.

The only bright side is that the US is bogged down in the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascos, the economy is going down the tubes, and China and the ‘sovereign funds’ (i.e. Arabs) can pull the financial plug at any time. Thankfully Europe, conscious of its dependence on Russian energy, looks like staying out. Surely, in such circumstance even a buffoon like Bush and the neocon nutcases that surround him wouldn’t do anything so stupid as get directly involved? Let’s just hope so.

But going back to the Washington Post and the American MSM generally. How in God’s name do they continue to purvey such garbage? Have they learned nothing from all the disasters of the last forty years – Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? How do the American sheeple continue to believe it? Have they been totally lobotomised?

I truly fear for that once great country. How the Chinese and the Arabs must be laughing.

But I'm laughing too, because the Internet and blogs are rapidly putting these useless bastards out of business.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

African town planning: The way forward

Kevin Myers, in a notorious article, asked, ‘what has Africa given us apart from AIDS and poverty?’. The Victim Industry sought to have him jailed for this, and rightly so. Not least because Africa has brought us more than he claims. I have in mind here their architecture and town planning principles and standards. Having designed Chateau Savant as a callow youth in the early seventies, I have an interest in this subject.

Now it’s been almost universally agreed that the typical western decentralised, auto-oriented suburban model has been a failure, especially with the soaring cost of oil. This model has lead to the sundering of traditional neighbour and family relationships, as well as bearing a terrible environmental cost.

The alternative calls for pedestrian-centred neighbourhoods with primary social and economic facilities within a five-minute walk, with a commitment to re-establishing the relationship between the art of building and the remaking of community. This should be accompanied by the elimination of large-scale commuter travelling, which in turn calls for locating work within the community. However, the solution cannot be by way of the massive neo-Stalinist tower blocks that disfigure so much of the ‘advanced’ world’s landscape.

Exhibit I, Kibera Garden City

 One glance at Exhibit 1, Kibera Garden City in Kenya shows how the Africans have mastered and resolved the full range of competing interests.


Reintroduction of the traditional neighbourhood: Here there are no gated communities, high walls separating neighbours, long private driveways to hide behind, no motorways tearing the communities apart. No. Here everyone is together, a neighbour at hand, a friend available, a wife (yours or somebody else’s) on immediate call.

Affordable housing and sustainable development: Note the imaginative and innovative use of everyday materials such as corrugated iron, bedsteads, chicken-wire and milk crates, acquired at minimal cost to provide housing for even the most economically-disadvantaged citizens in the neo-traditional style. And of course, these provide a tremendously effective method of recycling such material.
Environmentally friendly. Note the complete absence of unsightly and oil-guzzling water treatment plants. Here, everything is done according to the strictest environmental standards. You simply relieve yourself outside your front door, and the shit will be gratefully lapped up by the pigs, birds, rats, insects, and yes, even microbes that all swarm in abundance throughout the neighbourhood. This is an almost perfectly natural and eco-friendly way of recycling the material back into the food chain. Where else would you get that?

Exhibit II: Kumi Model Village

 Social cohesion: The close proximity of the houses and the absence of barriers means that everyone’s a friend with everyone else! Note in Exhibit II how they all fraternise in such a jolly way, overseen by their friendly neighbourhood policeman! The complete absence of doors and windows underlines how safe and trusting the environment is.

Work is localized: In line with the latest environmental and social thinking, work is located right in the neighbourhood! Here you can dismantle stolen cars, find a retail outlet for the proceeds of robberies in white suburbs, or dismember kidnapped children for muti (traditional medicine) - all at a spear's stone's throw from your home!

And they’ll share all of this with us!

Exhibit III: Cork, Ireland

The really exciting news is that these fabulous standards can be, and are being, applied throughout the so-called advanced world! Consider Exhibit III, from Blackpool in Cork, where our valued cultural enrichers have created a magnificent synthesis of traditional design with elements of Irish architectural styles (e.g. the pitched roof).
All I can say is, I withdraw what I said in this post. Sorry, guys.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Celebrating diversity in the US

From The New York Post we learn the exciting news that diversity has reached new levels in the US.
ON July 6, police say, a Pakistani named Chaudhry Rashid strangled his 25-year-old daughter San- deela Kanwal with a Bungee cord in her bedroom because she wanted to end her arranged marriage. This "honor killing" came not in Pakistan, but in Jonesboro, Ga. - a suburb 16 miles outside Atlanta.

At his arraignment, Rashid said through an Urdu interpreter [WTF? He can't speak English and he's in the US? But then, English speakers will be a minority there soon, so what harm] "I have done nothing wrong."

And of course, this is the crux of the issue. As Parapundit says “This is nature's way of telling you to keep Muslims out of your country”

His female attorney (always a good idea when the crime is against a woman) explained, "My client is going through a difficult time. As you can imagine, he is distraught." The poor man – it must be very tough.

Commenting on the lack of public outrage, the paper suggests maybe it's muted because we've grown reluctant to pass judgment on other culture's customs”. Maybe you’re dead right, NYP.

The United Nations estimates that the world sees 5,000 honor killings a year - overwhelmingly in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, but increasingly among Muslim immigrant communities in Europe. Yes, we have noticed.

Few doubt that other honor killings have occurred behind closed doors. In upstate Monroe County just a few days ago, a girl was stabbed by her brother for wearing immodest western clothing and wanting to move to New York City. According to court documents, Waheed Allah Mohammad explained the stabbing by saying his sister was a "bad Muslim girl."

And bear this in mind, she was a bad Muslim girl. And again, this is the same crux.

Fact is, you have two incompatible world-views. Islam and Western democracy do not, cannot and never will integrate.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Sudan exports food as we send them ours!

If we needed more evidence for the insanity of our African aid policies - we don't - this takes the biscuit (no pun intended).

The New York Times tells us that “even as it receives a billion pounds of free food from international donors, Sudan is growing and selling vast quantities of its own crops to other countries, capitalizing on high global food prices.

But how much of this bonanza is getting back to the hungry Sudanese, like the 2.5 million driven into camps in Darfur? And why is a country that exports so many of its own crops receiving more free food than anywhere else in the world, especially when the Sudanese government is blamed for creating the crisis in the first place?"

[I can help you there, NYT. Because we’re fucking fools, that's why]

"But here in Sudan, there seem to be plenty of calories to go around. The country is already growing wheat for Saudi Arabia, sorghum for camels in the United Arab Emirates and vine-ripened tomatoes for the Jordanian Army. Now the government is plowing $5 billion into new agribusiness projects, many of them to produce food for export.

Take sorghum, a staple of the Sudanese diet, typically eaten in flat, spongy bread. Last year, the United States government, as part of its response to the emergency in Darfur, shipped in 283,000 tons of sorghum, at high cost, from as far away as Houston. Oddly enough, that is about the same amount that Sudan exported!

This year, Sudanese companies, including many that are linked to the government in Khartoum, are on track to ship out twice that amount, even as the United Nations is being forced to cut rations to Darfur. United Nations officials in Sudan say that the fact that they have to import some of the same commodities that Sudan not only produces but exports is a source of constant frustration."

Ok, you can shoot me now.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

First cathedral in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah visited Pope "Ben" (seen below on the lookout for heretics) during a visit to Rome some time ago. Their discussion wasn’t made public but my sources tell me Ben wanted some tips on imposing religious orthodoxy by force, while Abdullah was looking for advise on investment opportunities.

During the visit he prayed at the city's central mosque, Europe's largest Muslim terrorist recruitment centre house of worship. He was entitled to, I guess, as the Saudis gave $50 million to build it. As with Muslim policy everywhere, this is built on one of the highest points of the city, from which it looks down, both physically and spiritually, on the kuffirs below.

This mosque was inaugurated in 1995 in a ceremony attended by representatives of the Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, who almost creamed their underwear in an orgy of tolerance, ecumenism and mutual respect.

This is just another example of the enlightened reign of Abdullah, who's a 'visionary', apparently. He’s introduced progressive new legislation, for instance making it an offence for Saudis to murder foreign workers, and has raised the minimum age of marriage for girls to ten years.

And that's not all. Three weeks ago, he hosted a three-day interfaith conference in Madrid, during which Abdullah “called for reconciliation among various religions”. According to an International Herald Tribune report, the meeting drew about 200 representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism and other religions.

So no surprise then that when I saw the news that a new cathedral is to be built in Riyadh for the country’s 1.5 million Christians, most of them poverty-stricken immigrants from the Philippines.

But wait! Sorry, I’m confused. In fact I'm all of a dither today since I found out that there was a Nigerian in my home town with an honest job and not claiming welfare. My brain has been frazzled since.

No, I'm confused with another event in Hades Saudi. There's no cathedral, and apparently more than a dozen Christians there have been accused by government officials of, well, being Christians. Sixteen were arrested on April 25 in Taif when a dozen Saudi Arabian police officers raided a home during a prayer meeting.

"The first officer to enter the house after breaking down the main gate pointed a pistol at the Christians and ordered them to hand over their resident permits and mobile phones," the report said. "The other 11 police followed quickly and started searching the entire house. The confiscated an electronic drum set, an offering box with 500 Saudi Riyal in it ($130), 20 Bibles, and a few Christian books."

The worshippers initially faced accusations of preaching and singing. Well now, that I can understand. "During the raid, the police mocked, questioned and harassed the Christians for four hours. Then they took them to a police station where the head of the station interrogated them." The Christians will all be deported for, as I said, being Christian.

Must check if this came up in the meeting between Abdullah and Ben.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thursday, 7 August 2008

A scandalous story

This post from Declan Lynch in reponse to my post 'Nigerians love Ireland - and why not?'

Over to you Declan:

My parents were both born and got married in Ireland. I was born in Ireland and have an Irish passport. I lived Canada for 5 years as a result of my dads job and came back to Ireland about 1.5 years ago. I applied to several universities in Ireland and got accepted.Now to pay EU fees you have to meet three requirements.

Basically they are:1. Irish/EU Citizen OR REFUGEE STATUS2. Lived in Ireland 3 out of last 5 years.Unfortunately I fail the 3 out of 5 year residence rule. So instead of €4000pa I have to pay €20 000 (UPFRONT!!!)pa. I can see the logic behind it - my parents weren't paying tax over to the Irish government so I shouldn't have a subsidized education. What makes me mad is that half [Half??? 2% more likley]these refugees don't pay tax and infact have a negative effect on the country's income because they collect welfare.

Plenty of them have lived in Ireland for the last 3 years but my residence in Ireland before that time is way more extensive. I don't believe the ones that work pay that much tax over anyway. However, they can gladly take a place at the university and pay EU rates. I'm not going to university this year.

Well done Mrs President they wouldn't have half these opportunities in their country of origin but you seem intend on handing over the whole of Ireland on a plate to make their lives comfortable!I'm a great student and would contribute to Ireland's economy probably on a much larger scale than they would. Where are the priorities with government expenditure?

Why do the Irish pay tax yet a large number of resources go to non-Irish? Who gave government consent to be so generous to other nationalities with Irish tax payers' money?Thats why Nigerians love Ireland so much, they get given everything their country couldn't give them BUT in the process some of the resources are taken away from people who have more of a claim to it.I'm not going to wait the three year rule out. Unfortunately, I didn't consider this problem and didn't apply to any non-Irish universities.

I will apply to start at a uni in Canada next year."

Truly scandalous. A few comments: He's dead right when he asks 'who gave the Government permission to squander our resources on non-Irish? Exactly. It happens because a self-appointed cabal of peecee thought police have rendered a whole range of topics as outside the bounds of discussion. Even a politician/party brave enough to raise it would be destroyed, not least by being denied the oxygen of publicity.

Net effect here, Ireland's loss is Canada's gain. Future generations will scratch their heads in wonder at how we made this happen.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Antigua murders

Interesting email from Sean O'Rourke (cheers, Sean) relating to the murders of the two British honeymooners in Antigua. He quotes from the Times Online. Referring to the island they say

"Ramshackle houses and green hills overlooking a turquoise sea reinforce the tourist fantasy of sun, sand and safety. Behind this allure, however, Antigua is suffering a plague of violence. Every April it hosts Race Week, a sailing regatta that draws yachts from around the world. This year, for the first time, armed soldiers mingled with the dockside crowds.

One of the main reasons for the escalation in violence, according to residents and police sources, is the enforced return of emigrant criminals. Each year the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada deport thousands of people convicted of various crimes to their countries of citizenship in the Caribbean.

There is a widely held belief in the Caribbean that recent crime troubles can be tied directly to the activities of deportees who have learnt criminal behaviour in the developed countries,” said a report issued last year by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Latin America and Caribbean region of the World Bank".
[Jesus H. Christ! So these charmers would have been choirboys in Antigua had they not left for the 'developed world'].

Sean goes on:

"Actually one would be much more inclined to believe that it is a little more straightforward than the PC interpretation provided by the Times newspaper. Anybody who has ever travelled in Africa for example will clearly understand that it is only the foolhardy or the very brave who would ever venture out alone or unarmed anywhere after dark!. The same equally holds true for much of the Caribbean. Likewise in certain parts of US cities.

They have been very successful in exporting their criminality to other countries, where the pickings are usually better,and where no doubt they can also expect an nthusiastic welcome with plenty of encouragement from our own Multi-Culti fascists, all handed freely to them under the guise of the Geneva Convention.

Eventually of course when some insignificant number of these criminals and fraudsters are interrupted and returned to their homelands, they quite naturally revert to their usual activities. The level of Nigerian criminality in this country for example is already far disproportionate to their official numbers residing here. Yet one thing that we may all be quite certain about, is that we ain't seen nothing yet!.

Inevitably their dysfunctional and criminal tendencies will lead them to the same patterns of behaviour they have already exhibited in N. America, UK, or more recently in Portugal and France. But it will be their off-spring, born here, and having acquire EU Passports by birthright that will elevate violent crime in this country to a level never before even imagined, and may the good Lord help us then, because our own Govt nowadays seems totally incapable of very much apart from getting their snouts and their trotters into the trough at the same time.

Unless we are sleep walking we should also anticipate the further cultural enrichments which in time will be bestowed upon us via Ethnic Gang Culture appearing on our streets and byways, another cultural development now well established in other Multi Culti entities. Great multi-culti enrichments we can all look forward to, but remember we must all embrace them! whether we may agree with them or not! as our PC dictators and their spin-doctors have so decreed."

So true. Now let's look at murder statistics for a minute. As we all know, Ireland is going through a veritable plague of murders at the moment. The media scream 'something must be done!! Bring in the army!' The rate has shot up to about 60 a year. That's 1.5 per 100,000. The rate in the West Indies, which includes Antigua, is 30 per 100,100. Yes, that's 20 times Ireland's 'shocking' rate. Well, we'll look back with nostalgia at that shocking rate when our African cultural enrichers do, as Sean says, what they've done everywhere else for murder statistics.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Race and psychopathy

As Hannibal Lecter showed, the psychopathic character has become a favourite source of fascination. But it’s also been the subject of serious study in a range of disciplines. Psychiatric textbooks define the following as traits typical of a psychopath

- Grandiose and grossly overstated sense of self-worth
- Pathological lying
- Lack of remorse or guilt
- Callous / lack of empathy
- Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
- Parasitic lifestyle
- Poor behavioral control
- Lack of realistic, long-term goals
- Impulsivity
- Juvenile delinquency/Early behavior problems
- Criminal versatility and disproportionate revocation of conditional release
- Many short-term marital relationships/Promiscuous sexual behavior

In essence, psychopathic personality is a personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense Now I'm sure you see where I'm headed with this, and will those at the back of the class please stop shouting ‘Nigerians’. But the evidence is there. Blacks possess those characteristics at a rate substantially in excess of whites. And in case you think I'm a white supremacist, I’ll also point out that East Asians (Japanese, Chinese and Koreans) possess them at lower levels than whites. (Check this as an example of true psychopathy - no sense of morality or empathy whatsoever)

Ok, the evidence.

In both the United States and Britain, black children are disciplined fro misbehaviour three or four times as frequently as white children, while East Asians have much lower discipline problems than whites.

Basic lack of honesty can be gauged by substantially higher rates of incarceration for blacks compared to other races, by the higher default rates on student loans (they tend not to pay them back) and the high proportion of bad credit ratings for blacks. A report by the now beleaguered Freddie Mac of 12,000 households in 1999 found the highest percentage of poor credit ratings was among blacks (48 percent). The next highest was among Hispanics (34 percent), while whites had the lowest at 27 percent. Agreed, there are other factors contributing to these ratios, but lack of honesty self-evidently features among them.

Violence and criminality distribution by race has been traced by a number of studies, the most notable being probably The Color of Crime by Glade Whitney. For homicide, rates for black males are about six times the white rate, and for black females they are about four times higher. Note again that the homicide rate for East Asians is about half that of whites. The high homicide rate of blacks is also found in South Africa, and homicide is generally higher in black countries than in white and East Asian countries.

As regards other crimes, the robbery rate for blacks is about twelve times the white rate, while the assault rate is about five times higher. The rate for rape is about five-and-a-half times greater for blacks than whites, while East Asians commit rape at about half the white rate.

Several studies have shown that blacks attach less value to marriage than whites. Questionnaire surveys have found that blacks are less likely than whites to agree that “marriage is for life.” In a study of an American sample of 2,059 married people, C. L. Broman found that “blacks are significantly less likely to feel that their marriages are harmonious and are significantly less likely to be satisfied with their marriages.”

In the United States, black illegitimacy rates in 2000 were 68.7, with the corresponding figures for whites being 22.1 percent. In the United States in the 1990s blacks had about twice the proportion of unplanned babies as whites and Asians. In Britain, a survey of teenage births carried out in 1994 found that these were three-and-a-half times more common among blacks than among whites and Asians. In the United States, the percentage of teenage blacks who have fathered an illegitimate child is approximately three times greater than that of whites, with Hispanics intermediate.

Another consequence of reckless avoidance of contraceptives is that blacks are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases — including HIV and AIDS — all of which are more prevalent among blacks than among whites and Asians. At the present time, about 80 percent of the word’s HIV carriers are blacks in sub-Saharan Africa. Surveys in the United States in the 1990s have found that about a third of black 13-year-olds have had sexual intercourse compared with 14 percent of whites.

It’s hardly necessary to refer to parasitism, with blacks being unemployed and/or welfare dependent at rates drastically greater than whites in every country.

Richard Lynn states that “there is almost complete consistency in the racial differences in outcomes that can be considered measures of psychopathic personality. In everything from child behavior to sexual precocity to adult crime rates we find Asians [it would be more accurate to say "East Asians: Savant] at one extreme, blacks at the other, and whites, Hispanics and American Indians in between. These differences are not only consistent through time but are found in countries such as France, Britain, Canada, and the United States, which have very different histories of what could be called “racism.” Indices of high psychopathic personality in blacks are likewise found in the virtually all-black societies of Africa and the Caribbean".

Now move from the micro to the macro. Look at blacks-majority countries anywhere in the world. All the characteristics of individual psychopathy can be applied to the overall country. High crime levels, low levels of care for fellow citizens, almost all rulers with power displaying typical psychopathic personalities, massive corruption and parasitism (depending in handouts from the West).

It will, I hope, be obvious, that I'm not suggesting that all blacks are psychopaths. There will be a dispersion of these personality traits amongst blacks on a histogram similar to any other race. However, the shape of this histogram will be different, reflecting the higher number of blacks with these traits.

As usual, this will be classed as a ‘hate’ posting. But it’s not. My messages are these. Black immigration is bad for Ireland, and for any other Western country. Foreign aid to black run countries is largely wasted because of their predominating characteristics. Don't point and splutter – consider the evidence, and then agree or disagree with my conclusions.

UK slips even further into dhimmitude

If you needed any more proof that Great Britain has sunk to new depths of dhimmitude you need to look no further than to Crown Court Judge Frank Chapman.

Judge Chapman recently presided over the two week trial of Hassan Tabbakh, a Syrian muslim asylum seeker, a physics graduate who also studied chemistry, and a fan of Al Qaeda, who was recently found guilty of a single count of preparing for acts of terrorism contrary to the 2006 Terrorism Act.

Specifically Hassan "attempted to make bombs using nitrocellulose, fertiliser, white spirit and acetone, and had made handwritten notes stipulating the design of the devices". The bombs that he was convicted of building were well on their way to being capable of causing major injuries, death and destruction.

Now would you believe that while passing sentence on this convicted terrorist -the judge felt the need to offer up an apology/ explanation??? A terrorist who clearly wanted to murder British people? The same people who gave him a safe home and new life?

Well that is exactly what happened:

The judge wanted to be sure that Tabbakh didn't misunderstand the reasons behind his conviction and jail sentence thus "Judge Chapman stressed that Tabbakh was not being punished for his fundamentalist Muslim beliefs or his support for al Qaida or similar organisations". The judge told Tabbakh: "Provided you do not actively engage in terrorist activity, it's not a crime to hold those views."

Well I don't know about you but I feel relieved that the Judge Chapman told a fundamentalist muslim convicted terrorist that supporting Al Qaeda met with the judge's approval and support- we wouldn't want Tabbakh to think that the UK judicial system frowned upon a terrorist organisation now --would we?

The British people will also be happy to learn that Hassan Tabbakh was granted asylum in the UK and will be able to return to live amongst these same generous and hospitable people - whom he thanked by wanting to blast them to smithereens - when he is released from jail.

Maybe then the police will also return the £3,000 that they found under Tabbakh's bed that he received as compensation from a local council that had provided him with "poor" accommodation.

You truly couldn't make this stuff up.