Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The origins of the meltdown

There’s no question that the main blame for the current financial meltdown should be laid at the Gucci-shod feet of the Wall St. Masters of the Universe . However, the genesis goes back a bit further. To the Clinton years, in fact. And as is so often the case, was driven by minority rights and anti-discrimination objectives.

On July 15, 1993, Clinton signed a law that encouraged lending institutions to serve their communities, followed by regulations “in support of the law” to rate lenders in how well they served the minorities in their communities.

Immediately, they found that Blacks and Hispanics were turned down for loans at a much higher rate than Whites. In fact, if factors such as credit worthiness and being able to fill out an application were considered, the rates for acceptance were statistically similar.

No surprise there

That evidence was ignored.

No surprise there either

Lending institutions were rated against other institutions and those that rated low were punished when it came to dealings with the Federal Reserve. It was taken to the point the banks were told where they had to open new branches, so they were serving areas with high percentages of minorities. Then, the government went to work pressuring the lending institutions to make loans to the less credit worthy.

In 1999, Clinton signed a new law, repealing one that had separated lending institutions, security traders, and insurance companies. With the new law, lenders, now acting as security traders, were allowed to bundle mortgages as securities and sell them to other institutions. In this way, lenders didn’t have to worry about the poor credit ratings of those they had given loans to because they could just sell the loans to others without any further liability.

That made it very easy to comply with the pressure they were getting to lend more money to minorities, regardless of credit rating. All they had to do was come up with an innovative loan that would appeal to those with little reliable income. Hence, the sub-prime loan was born. Soon domestic and foreign financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies were buying the newly formed securities like crazy. After all, since they were promoted by the US government, wouldn’t they be protected?

And, as they say, the rest is history.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

9/11 Conspiracy poll results

Teacher Paris sends the following very interesting comment concerning 9/11 conspiracy theories. What's surprising to me is the extent to which Americans think they're not getting the full story. This surprises me because I always thought they took everything they heard from the MSM as gospel. As these polls show, that's very far from the truth. Which can only be good news, given the abysmal record of the MSM.

As regards the 9/11 conspiracy theory itself, I can't accept it was an inside job, as in the whole thing was planned by non-Islamic conspirators. Given the ineptitude of the Iraq imbroglio, it beggars belief that the same wankers could organise and keep secret such a mammoth and risky undertaking.

However, I do believe the Israelis, and almost certainly their neocon friends in the US, knew that something was afoot. The celebrations on the bridge as the first plane hit just cannot be explained away on any rational basis. I recommend you check out an earlier post I made on this.

Anyway, here are the, to me, very surprising poll results. Thanks TP.

Scientific Polls:

CBS/Angus Reid, Oct 2006

58% say that gov't officials are "lying" in the 9/11 Commission Report - only 16% say they are telling the truth when asked the question "When it comes to what they knew prior to September 11th, 2001, about possible terrorist attacks against the United States, do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?" (LIHOP theory)Link: http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/view/...

ZOGBY, Feb 2006

49.3% of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act". (LIHOP theory)Link: http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews.db...


36% of respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."(Covers both LIHOP and MIHOP theories)Link: http://www.scrippsnews.com/911poll911


63% of Canadians agreed that "Individuals within the U.S. Government including the White House had prior knowledge of the plans for the events of September 11th, and failed to take appropriate action to stop them". Additionally, 16% of Canadians believe that individuals within the U.S. Government were involved in the planning and execution of the events of September 11th. (47% LIHOP, 16% MIHOP, 63% combined)Link: http://www.911inquiry.org/911PollResu...

Non-Scientific Polls:

MSNBC, Sept 2006 up to present

"Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories suggesting the U.S. government was somehow involved in 9/11?" (Covers both LIHOP and MIHOP theories)

YES: 67%

link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14727720

CNN, Nov 2004

"Do you believe there is a US government cover up surrouning 911?" (Question is too vague to specify LIHOP or MIHOP - could be interpreted as a coverup of incompetence only)

YES: 89%

Link: http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Anti-jihadi bill in the US

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has attracted a lot of publicity in his time, probably most notably for his method of deterring an Islamic nuclear attack. This is a not overly far-fetched possibility. Nuclear devices are all over the place since Pakistan stole plans and members of the the government there did a roaring trade selling them on to international luminaries such as Libya, Iran and North Korea.

Anyway, Tom's plan is to pre-set a number of devices in the US to automatically obliterate Mecca and Medina in the event of such an attack. Needless to say, all the PC alarms went off instantly, and he was hit by a fusillade of abuse and had numerous speaking engagements cancelled due to threats. Standard response, in other words, of the 'liberals' - you know, the defenders of free speech.

But was it such an outrageous idea? What if the jihadis knew for sure that this was the inevitable response? Do you think they'd ever launch the attack?

Anyway, Tom has come up with another idea now, a piece of legislation, in fact. The press release states:

“Amid disturbing revelations that the verdicts of Islamic Sharia courts are now legally binding in civil cases in the United Kingdom, U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) moved quickly today to introduce legislation designed to protect the United States from a similar fate.

“According to recent news reports, a new network of Sharia courts in a half-dozen major cities in the U.K. have been empowered under British law to adjudicate a wide variety of legal cases ranging from divorces and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.

“ ‘This is a case where truth is truly stranger than fiction,’” said Tancredo. ‘Today the British people are learning a hard lesson about the consequences of massive, unrestricted immigration.’ “Sharia law, favored by Muslim extremists around the world, often calls for brutal punsihment – such as the stoning of women who are accused of adultery or have children out of wedlock, cutting off the hands of petty thieves and lashings for the casual consumption of alcohol. Under Sharia law, a woman is often required to provide numerous witnesses to prove rape allegations against an assailant—a near impossible task.”

Tancredo, in his announcement, concludes with this important point:

’When you have an immigration policy that allows for the importation of millions of radical Muslims, you are also importing their radical ideology—an ideology that is fundamentally hostile to the foundations of western democracy—such as gender equality, pluralism, and individual liberty” said Tancredo. “’The best way to safeguard America against the importation of the destructive effects of this poisonous ideology is to prevent its purveyors from coming here in the first place.’”

The bill simply says that advocates of sharia would be ineligible for U.S. visas. And it would expel Sharia exponents already residing here.

Who can object?

Well, everyone that matters, in fact. It has no chance of succeeding. And can you imagine what would happen in dhimmi Europe if something similar were even mentioned?

New Dollar bill

Friday, 26 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider breakthrough

There are many sceptics when it comes to this magnificent testimony to science, and indeed to Western Civilisation in general. However, this experiment, even in its early days, has achieved the most spectacular breakthrough. The search for the Higgs Bosun, the so-called 'god particle', has resulted in the capture of a photo of God Himself!

As usual, your Savant is first with the news, and a sneak look at the picture, which will be all over the media for the next few years.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Carter wanted to punch Mbeki!

This from the South Africa Sucks blog

Former US president, Jimmy Carter, said the closest he has ever been to a fist fight was when former president Thabo Mbeki told him that anti-retrovirals for mothers infected with HIV/Aids was a plot of white people against black people.

Conversations at the Carter Centre, the former Democratic Party president expressed his satisfaction that Mbeki had been ousted. “Frankly I am glad to see him gone,” Carter said.The former president said that he had almost come to blows with Mbeki in the presence of former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, then the world’s wealthiest man, when Mbeki rejected funds for anti-retrovirals and accused white people of using anti-retrovirals to harm black people.

Yesterday the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) said they agreed with Carter’s statements. TAC leader Zackie Achmat said it was sad that it took so long for the ANC to recall Mbeki. He said Mbeki’s failure to act promptly resulted in millions of premature Aids-related deaths.“We think the (former) president (Mbeki) has done enormous damage to our society.… Since he came into power, at least two million people have died prematurely ,”

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Why whitey's always to blame

Great comment by ZNGR on the last Bush post (that sounds good!) wherein he takes our 'cracker' friend to task, hitting a range of worthwhile targets as he's at it.

I just thought of something, which is also the reason why the white man should stop trying to help the black man at once and forever. It is impossible.Thanks for the anon "cracker" joker for making me think again what would result if the dreams of the blacks who seek success by dispossessing others would come to fruition.

See it's like this, the situation in Africa is caused by the whiteys and colonialism right. The tribulations of the black man in the USA are caused by their past in slavery and their marginalization by the white man (oddly enough in other parts of the world, it is NOT caused by their enslavement by other blacks and the Arabs who still enslave them).

The endemic criminality, particularly in residence permit and economic tourism scams, and simultaneous reliance on welfare handouts in Europe are caused by "structural racism" which somehow forces them to not attend to school and not learn the language and not get a job and continue industriously to commit crime.

In South-Africa they were GIVEN a fucking first world country to run and it's already a disaster. Why? Because of the white man, duh! Now that they have a country and run it to the ground it's because the White Man repressed them in the PAST so they are forced to dismantle a society TODAY instead of applying some modicum of sensible management.

If the black man can't govern himself even THAT is the fault of the white man but if the whitey governs them, then it's oppression. Hence nothing can be done. What is worse the MSM and the Leftists of the civilized world do their utmost to hold up this illusion thus blocking the blacks further. So imagine if the whitey would give the blacks, say, a couple of juicy states in the USA or maybe UK and France in Europe, supposedly without the emotional baggage that forces them to fail in SA.

Just leave 'em there and fuck off to Antarctica. They'd just run those to the ground in one third of a generation and STILL blame the whites for any number of reasons. Having a history of marginalization on their backs due to colonization, or whatever. We can just be sure they'd blame whites.

When the world doesn't bear a single white upon it the blacks, cordoned and living in the wastelands the Chinese leave for them, will sit by their trashcan fires and reminiscent how the Man used to oppress them a century or two ago and still reaches at them with ghostly tendrils of white influence from beyond the grave, thus forcing them to sit around trashcans not having the good life.

The idea that the whites are the root cause of everything the blacks have done or do permeates every aspect of thinking so deeply it paralyzes any effort to bring about a successful future for everyone by stopping us from taking the only right steps.

Wish I was just joking.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

John McCain: Scumbag

I posted some time ago about the myth of McCain, the ‘war hero’. As the post shows, he was the exact opposite, having caved in after only four days in prison and revealed various aspects of military intelligence.

Here are some additional sources validating these assertions.

‘John McCain: Privileged ‘War Hero’. Liar, Collaborator, Traitor’

Amy Silverman: ‘Is John McCain a War Hero?’ March 25, 1999, Phoenix New Times
The ‘character’ card
McCain has always made great use of his supposed ‘character’ credentials. In fact this is like GW Bush claiming war hero, or Bill Clinton marital fidelity, credentials.

Here are a few fine examples of his character:

The Daily Mail quotes Ted Sempley, a former military colleague of McCain, talking of how McCain dumped his wife and kids after she had lost her looks in an accident. “When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost straight away. Eventually he met Cindy. She was young, beautiful, and very wealthy. At this point he dumped Carol for someone he just thought was better. This is the guy who makes such a big thing about character’

Ross Perot and Nancy and Ronal Reagan, former close friends, broke off contact with him after this and froze him out of their circle. He was deemed a very bad egg indeed.

Soon after McCain and Cindy were involved with Charles Keating, a major criminal (also a strong Catholic and anti-porn crusader, quelle surprise) and they narrowly avoided serious prosecution with Keating, who died in jail. Again demonstrating his character, McCain blamed Cindy for ‘drawing this down on me’. So gallant. According to Counterpunch, two physicians from Phoenix claimed that on a number of occasions around this time Cindy had to be treated for injuries ‘consistent with physical violence’.

Also around this time, perhaps not coincidentally, Cindy began stealing drugs from a charitable organization of which she was president.

A few more ‘character’ pointers for this rancid little shit.

When a woman in a wheelchair challenged him for not doing more for missing in action (MIAs) veterans, McCain roughly pushed her away, almost toppling the wheelchair over.

In Cliff Schecter’s book ‘The Real McCain’ he cites an incident where Cindy playfully tugged at McCain’s hair and teased ‘you’re getting a bit thin up there’. McCain exploded ‘at least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt’. Charming man

He worked assiduously in the Senate to restrict access to the records of prisoners of war in Vietnam. He claims this was ‘to protect their privacy’. Like keeping private when an Army Colonel views his treachery in betraying military secrets to the Vietnamese as ‘treason’. That would be unhelpful to a Presidential bid. While the law allows an individual prisoner access to his own records and the entitlement to publish them, McCain has never burdened us with them. I wonder why?

I therefore propose:

John McCain = scumbag. QED.

Now the real question is this: How come none of this has come up in the MSM? How come McCain hasn’t been ‘swift boated’ on this record, vastly more damaging than anything John Kerry had to face?

I don't for one minute think that the media are pro-McCain and anti-Obama. Obama if anything is being given kid glove treatment and swooning adulation from the MSM. But why hasn’t this election-changing information come out in the mainstream? Why the fuck hasn’t Obama used it? I just don't have an idea.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Bush is no conservative

Many liberals, and almost everyone on this side of the Atlantic, class GW Bush as a conservative, arch-conservative or even a neoconservative. I've argued a number of times in this blog that he's none of those things.

He's a right-wing radical with Fascist overtones. Now I know that Fascism, along with racist and Nazi, has lost most of its meaning, being used as a term of abuse and an argument stopper for the peecee set. But in his flag-waving aggression in foreign policy, his crony capitalism, his contempt for the rule of law, diplomacy and a free media, Bush exhibits many of its characteristics.

He's presided over an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the super-rich and taken on Constitution-busting powers for the Executive Branch. While he's outdone himself in the latest rescue of his cronies and supporters on Wall Street, even I found the following hair-raising. Here's a clause from the rescue package (put together by ex-Wall Streeters Paulsen and Bernanke, aided by a raft of current criminals executives from the Street Of Shame).

Here it is:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

This means in effect that billions, possibly trillions of dollars are being taken from American taxpayers and being transferred to failed financial institutions. This is being arranged by former and current executives from these institutions, and there can be no review or examination of the way this was done.

Would Robert Mugabe have the neck to propose this?

So where was the explosion of outrage from the MSM?

There was none - predictably. Paulsen was given kid glove treatment by the New York Times and the networks, presented with soft questions which he easily batted away. No mention of this dictatorship clause.

Anybody still disagree with me that the US is going to hell in a handcart?

Sunday, 21 September 2008


A perfect example from Denmark on how Muslims in Europe have succeeded in foreclosing all criticism of their death cult religion.

A new, full-length Danish animation movie "The Trip to Saturn" will premier next Friday and it's not for the sensitive. In the movie, which is an update and rewrite of the deceased cartoonist and author Claus Deleuran's album classics about a Danish space expedition, there's belching, farting and throwing up.

A series of scenes make fun of religious attitudes and beliefs. In a scene which takes place in the Christian heaven, the Holy Spirit is peed on, while St. Peter kicks the unfaithful out through the Pearl Gates with curses and brimstones.

The only major character whose belief and convictions aren't derided is the Muslim character, Jamil, who's the cook in the space expedition.Thirty year old Thorbjørn Christoffersen, one of the three directors of the film, says that it was completely intentional that the Muslim character is exempted from the sharp satire. Attempts at it were given up by the film team already in the manuscript stage.

The reason was concern for the directors' own safety. "It's unfortunately been impossible to make fun of the Muslims' religion. I think we make many jabs at the person Jamil in the film, but it's correct that we're not touching his belief. It's simply too sensitive an area, that I can't take the responsibility to get involved. I certainly need to think of both my family and my workplace. I'm not a fighter, and I don't like to have raging Muslims knocking on my door," says Thorbjørn Christoffersen.

He nods affirmatively to the tragedy this involves. "I 100% support that people should be able to make fun of everything. but this is not about special consideration for Muslims, it's about consideration for myself and my family,".

This is becoming the norm folks, and we're all just standing by and letting it happen. And it'll only get worse as the Islamic share of the European population soars.

Who runs the US?

Great comment from Teacher-Paris, quoting George Carlin:

"The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't.

You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They've got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear.

They've got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.

They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. That doesn't help them. That's against their interests. They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they're getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 years ago.

"You know what they want? Obedient workers people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.

"Now, they're coming for your Social Security. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They'll get it. They'll get it all, sooner or later, because they own this fucking place. It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club."

This country is finished."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Now I could add that their main control mechanism is flag waving and the 'security threat'. The American public can be relied on to fall for this every time, to the detriment of their own interests. This despite the fact that the US spends more on 'defence' than virtually all of the rest of the world combined.

That's why I welcome the economic meltdown both in the USA and in Ireland. It might finally get Joe Public to question the crock of shit they;ve been sold for so long, and in the process address fundamental issues.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Deep insight from the US

Thanks to Dave Shea for this:

Three Things to Ponder:

1. Cows

2. The Constitution

3. The Ten Commandments


Is it just me or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow Epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost Three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington and they tracked her calves to their stalls but, they are Unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country?
Maybe we Should give each of them a cow.


They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we Just Give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has Worked For over 200 years,
and we're not using it anymore.

T H E 1 0 C O M M A N D M E N T S

The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a Courthouse is this: You cannot post 'Thou Shall Not Steal,' 'Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery,' and 'Thou Shall Not Lie' in a building full of Lawyers, Judges and Politicians...

... It creates a hostile work environment

I'm voting Obama!

To say I have little enthusiasm for an Obama Presidency is an understatement. He’s clearly thin skinned, narcissistic, controlling, and carries a lot of baggage. His wife is her gender’s equivalent of the ‘angry black man’. She’s got a chip on her shoulder and is bitter towards her country and its system, even though they gave her what she has by way of affirmative action (at the expense of whites).

Most of all, his Presidency would likely presage a major ratcheting up of the whole equality eco-system, featuring an avalanche of claims from blacks for slavery and whatever you’re having yourself.

But where do you leave the opposition?

McCain is a cancer-ridden septuagenarian, on whom actuaries would give short odds against his finishing out his first term. This would then give us President Palin. Whatever her other virtues may be (not too apparent to me, must confess) her ignorance of the world at large is truly frightening. She thinks she has foreign policy experience because she can see parts of Russia from where she lives, and has visited Canada. She thinks the Iraq fiasco has been mandated by God.

But, you may ask, what about McCain, the ‘foreign policy expert’? This expertise seems to have derived from looking at the walls of his cell in Vietnam (when he wasn’t pimping on TV for his captors) and a trip to Iraq where he could see out only through the serried ranks of his bodyguards.

And this foreign policy expert thinks Iraq has a border with Afghanistan!

GW Bush looks like a Talleyrand or Metternich by comparison.

Does this matter?

Yes, at the best of times - and these are not the best of times.

But the real problem lies with the neocons. Despite being at the root of every disaster of the last decade, this government-within-a-government still rides high, especially with McCain and Palin. They’re a perfect match. McCain is bustin’ for a fight. With whom is not a big issue, but enemies of choice are Russia and/or Iran. And this suits the neocons perfectly, given that their solution to every problem is to bomb the shit out of something.

Here’s a montage of the Neocon Dirty Dozen

Top: Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Scooter Libby

Bottom: John Bolton, Eliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, Michael Ledeen, William Kristol, Frank Gaffney Jr.

Neocons are conservative mainly Jewish journalists and politicians linked to the Right-wing Israeli Likud who support United States corporate, political, cultural and military imperialism with the use of preemptive World War if necessary. To a large extent they manipulate the US to further the aims of the Israeli War Party. A classic case of the tail wagging the dog.

For example, in Chain of Command, Seymour Hersh asked the question back in 2004 that will become the major question all historians will have to answer: "How did they do it? How did eight or nine neoconservatives who believed that a war in Iraq was the answer to international terrorism get their way?

How did they redirect the government and rearrange long-standing American priorities and policies with so much ease? How did they overcome the bureaucracy, intimidate the press, mislead the Congress, and dominate the military? Is our democracy that fragile?"

Looks like it, Seymour.

No matter what you may think of their ideology or ethics, one cannot help being shocked and awed at the ability of this relatively small group to control the papers and politics of a country against all odds and against all reality.

Far from being chastened by the Iraq debacle, the neocons are now poised for their moment of greatest influence, and Palin has made it abundantly clear where they and she are headed.

Sources in the McCain camp, the Republican Party and Washington think tanks say Palin was identified as a potential future leader of the neoconservative cause in June 2007. That was when the annual summer cruise organised by the neocon Weekly Standard magazine docked in Juneau, the Alaskan state capital, and the pundits on board took tea with Governor Palin.

Comments by the governor of Alaska in her first television interview, in which she said Nato may have to go to war with Russia and took a tough line on Iran's nuclear programme, were the result of two weeks of briefings by neoconservatives.

Pat Buchanan, the former Republican presidential candidate and a foreign policy isolationist, said: "Palin has become, overnight, the most priceless political asset the movement has. Look for the neocons to move with all deliberate speed to take her into their camp by pressing upon her advisers and staff, and steering her into the AEI-Weekly Standard-War Party orbit."

Since she was named as McCain's running mate that is just what has happened. While McCain was publicly distancing himself from the policies and personalities of the Bush administration, Palin was sequestered with a series of his former aides.

Eyebrows were also raised when, on the Tuesday after her selection, Palin was ushered into the company of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby group in Washington. In her first television interview, she was on message, agreeing with McCain that Israel has the right to take military action against Iran if necessary.

Jacob Heilbrunn, author of They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons, said the interview was "further evidence that she has soaked up the neocon view of the world." He was particularly alarmed by her suggestion that war with Russia is "perhaps".

Well, so am I, as it happens. History has shown that wars break out for the most trivial of reasons, and/or grotesque ignorance of the protagonists. The ignorance of McCain/Palin, with the necon cabal beavering away in the background, makes an Obama Presidency the least awful of options.

Why don't they offer a 'None of the above' option?

Monday, 15 September 2008

Jamaica love song

Jamaicans have been flooding into Britain for the last 50 years, and this gives an example of how they live back home. (By the way, the stabbing epidemic in the UK is almost exclusively an Afro-Carribiean issue). Jamaica is of course, like virtually all black-run countries (or neighbourhoods in Western countries, for that matter) overrun with crime. You can't walk around Kingston without an armed guard - and it's not much better in that tourist paradise, Barbados.

Anyway, the SAS blog showing a link to the Jamaica Sunday Post gives us an insight into the kind of cultural enrichment we can expect to embed itself here over the next few decades - for example the Notting Hill battle field 'carnival'.

Check this link to see how they behave in civilised society.

Crime Triggering Incest!

Walled in by crime and violence in some of Jamaica's violent inner cities, men and women answering nature's call for sex and companionship have turned to blood relatives - in some cases fathers to daughters, brothers to sisters and even mothers to their sons.

"It is heart-breaking," chairman of the Trench Town-based Caribbean Applied Technology Centre, Dr Henley Morgan, told the Sunday Observer. "There were areas in the inner cities where violence has forced individuals within a 30 square feet radius to remain there for years". "They cannot go up the lane, down the lane or anywhere else because of violence. The end result is this heart-breaking situation. The males have never left it (their communities) to find a girl. So they prey on each other"

Renowned social anthropologist specialising in social violence, Dr Herbert Gayle said “there are cases where mothers have turned to their sons, because their husbands or spouses are in prison and they go to her sons to fulfil her sexual needs..." One cop said "I have come across situations where during the investigation of a crime, you find everybody with the same surname. In one instance I interviewed 30 persons and they all have the same surnames. They were brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. It got to a point where you say 'wait a minute, what is happening here?' Only to retrace your steps to find that they are all family in the sickest kind of ways... It is just sickening..." he said, clearly uncomfortable discussing the issue.

Then we have crime dons, who, in the absence of police legitimacy, have taken over whole neighbourhoods. These dons initiate young girls, sometimes very young girls, into sex.Gale pointed out that the status and stock of the dons are closely linked to the number of children they sire, irrespective of their contribution to the lives of the children once they are born. [Now where have we seen that before?]

In modern societies, victims are able to access public psychiatric assistance in a bid to heal. According to the veteran cop, "Here (in Jamaica) people suffer in silence, and even more worrying is that the tragedy is repeated over and over again." Now I fully realise that whitey is to blame for all of this. But I can't seem to work out why. Any suggestions?

Now do you think they'll be any different here in ireland as their numbers swell?

The full article can be accessed here.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Is Christianity the answer?

Kilbarry makes an interesting comment to a post a few days ago. It's worth reading the comment in full. It was in response to the societal collapse we face, driven by Islamic and African immigration on the back of PC mind control.

“What” he asks, “are we to do about all of this? The chief problem is that Ireland today stands for nothing - neither Faith nor Fatherland. The Old Conservatives who at least stood for something, like McQuaid and Lucey, have gone - and Cornelius Lucey would have had a lot to say about the States failure to enforce its own laws."

He would, but then Lucey probably drew up most of those laws in the first place!

He goes on “they have been replaced by the type of Bishop who will fail to stand up for his own priests when they are falsely accused of child abuse.”

Aw come on! The Church and the bishops fought like tigers for decades. They lied, dissimulated, delayed, threatened, used every legal device, shifted abusers to other parishes and put every possible obstruction in the way of their being brought to justice: before they were finally forced to come out with their hands up. It’s for that we now see the crocodile tears from Pope Ben and his acolytes – the very people who presided over the whole scandal in the first place.

Is Kilbarry’s point that if you don't have ‘Faith and Fatherland’ (hi there Adolph!) you don't have anything to believe in? Or that without them society can't be happy and successful? The facts don't bear this up.

For example Denmark has consistently topped the International Happiness polls. But let’s take Scandinavia in general, where this ‘debased’ culture has reached its zenith. Here they have a peaceable, law-abiding, educated tolerant society, topping the Human Development Index in virtually every metric. And, they are highly charitable and giving - they top the world in per capita support for poor nations. Much more so than religious countries. Ok, they drink and shag a lot, but so what?

They do have strong beliefs, like in wealth distribution, the rule of law, not attacking foreign countries, investing strongly in social capital etc. These all coalesce into a coherent belief system. Just because it doesn’t claim a direct line to God, or seek out foreign enemies doesn’t make them any less valid. Much more valid in my view.

So let’s nail this canard that you have to believe in some ‘revealed’ ‘Truth’, and to wave the flag to have solid, life-affirming principles.

However, the comment does hone in on a crucial issue. Namely that those qualities that the Scandinavians (and the West in general, to a lesser degree) live by are spectacularly incapable of protecting the societies that developed them. I referred to this in a series of posts last March.

I mentioned that “among Christianity’s more pernicious attributes is the capacity to embody a sense of ‘Us’ and ‘The Other’, and stoke resentment between them . Some of the more illustrious results can be seen in Lebanon, Northern Ireland and the Balkans."

But this is exactly what could save us from the Islamic/PC menace. And it's what I believe Kilbarry’s driving at. We all saw how the Catholic Church in Ireland (before it collapsed under the weight of its own corruption) gave short shrift to competing products. If Muslims tried in ‘the good old days’ to impose their will on us and pull the kind of stunts they do now, they’d have been run out of town in a flash.

Certainly, the loss of Christianity, or what passed for it, seems to have undermined our will to defend ourselves. Bad and all as it was – and it was bad – maybe the devil you know would be better than the way the West is now headed???

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Massacres of the Twentieth Centry

While in a black and bitter mood today, I took to reflecting on the massacres that characterized the 20th Century. The Turks of the Armenians, Hitler’s Holocaust, Stalin’s of the kulaks, the Sharpeville massacre of blacks in South Africa, through to Pol Pot and Rwanda.

All have taken their place in the pantheon of misery and scandals of that terrible century. Which was the worst, which the most indefensible? Well, we have the word of former Liberian President Charles Tubman. In his considered judgment, Sharpeville was, quote "the vilest, most reckless and unconscionable action in history." Countless others had similar assessments

Now normally, the opinion of an African President is sufficient for me. And I do remember how my anti-Apartheid activities of the seventies were fuelled by this possibly most terrible outrage. But still, I felt I'd need to verify this one.

Before I do that though, can I ask if you’ve ever heard of the Cato Manor Massacre?


I didn’t think so.

Well, in 1960 at Cato Manor near Durban a large crowd of hostile blacks, outraged over the Pass Laws and other grievances, surrounded the local police station. Despite warnings from the police, they over-ran the station and massacred, in the most brutal and gruesome fashion, the nine officers manning it.

Move on a few weeks to Sharpeville, near Johannesburg. In this instance.... now let me avail of the cut/paste facility here “a large crowd of hostile blacks, outraged over the Pass Laws and other grievances, surrounded the local police station.” Now I'm just speculating here, but just possibly, the fate of their colleagues in Cato Manor might have crossed their minds as the mob swelled.

As in all such cases, what started the subsequent shooting is in dispute. One side says that shots rang out from the crowd, the other that the police fire was totally unprovoked. What is certain is that many if not most of the victims were shot in the back.

What is equally certain is that the head of the police there, Colonel Pienaar (was every Apartheid-era police colonel call Pienaar?), who was totally unapologetic about the whole thing, was adamant he gave no order to fire. No policeman acknowledged hearing such an order. The Rwandan Machete Season was textbook planning by comparison.

So if it wasn’t planned, as any massacre worthy of the name should be, how did it measure up in terms of numbers killed?

70,000? Lower

7,000? Lower

700? Lower

70? Lower

In fact 69 people were killed at Sharpeville. Deeply regrettable, for sure, but, Jesus, how does this stack up against the others, or as "the vilest, most reckless and unconscionable action in history?" Former Texas Governor GW Bush would have signed as many death warrants on a good day at the office. An estimated 2 million have been killed in the Congo’s recent civil wars, while tens of thousands have been killed in massacres by Sudanese militiamen in Darfur.

Why then did it achieve, and still hold, iconic status?

Beats me.

But wait – I know!

It was carried by whites.

Of course. Silly me.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Jeremy Paxman frustrated!

The penny has dropped with a loud thud for Jeremy. He's just realised that being a middle-class white male is the ultimate career stopper at the BBC.

"The worst thing you can be in this industry is a middle-class white male. If any middle-class white male I come across says he wants to enter television I say: 'Give up all hope.' They've no chance."

To which I respond: ho, ho fucking ho! Jeremy, you've been devoured by the beast that you helped incubate, nurse and foist on an unsuspecting public. Welcome to the real world.

Should we laugh or cry?

Based on media reports and personal experience, Irish employers are reeling from the effects of ‘equality’ legislation in the workplace. With over one in ten of the population born abroad, and showing no sign of leaving – all in the context of a collapsing economy, we’re in for interesting times.

A recent award of €327,000 (almost $500,000) against Goode Concrete has brought the message home with a bang. The award, which may force this small company into liquidation, was awarded by the spawn of the devil Equality Tribunal. They made their award because of the company’s ‘failure to produce its employment terms and conditions in a language that was understandable to the claimants’.

Now what this means, in a language understandable to anyone, is that every company must publish its employment terms in every language. According to Dr. Gerard McMahon, a lecturer in DIT ‘this ruling sets a precedent whereby employers are required to translate all contracts and workplace statements into up to 7,000 languages’. Even then, the company could still be exposed to litigation by workers with ‘low literacy skills’.

Wait – it gets better!

‘Where such skills are impaired by disabilities such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, even the ‘model’ employer can be charged with discrimination under the same law’.

So isn't the obvious answerto give every job applicant an English literacy test? Nope, not according to the Equality Authority (not to be confused with the Equality Agency, or dozens more such parasites in the Equality Industry). According to these wankers ‘it would be best practice not to ask this of applicants as this, under the law, could be classed as discriminatory’.

I'm not making this up, I swear.

So consider the following. You advertise for a telesales agent. Jomo Batsweli comes in saying – ‘me want job’. You begin to wonder if his English might not be up to scratch. But you can't give him a test, as this would be discriminatory. If you don't give him the job, that would be discrimination as well. If you do give him the job and he predictably fails, and gets fired, or doesn’t get promoted, that's discrimination too.

Think I'm joking? Check this case out. A ‘black African woman’ was fired from her sales job. Her employers said she was ‘lazy, rude and had a hopeless sales record’. An open and shut case then? In a sense, yes. She was awarded €50,000. Apparently the company did not take (here’s what the report said) ‘special measures in the case of non-nationals’ and hence were to blame for the problem.

Then there was this Nigerian cultural enricher who was fired for robbing the supermarket in which she ‘worked’. She was awarded €15,000 for ‘distress and humiliation suffered’ (i.e she was caught robbing) and because her employers had not ‘fully explained what was required of [her]’.

In other words, they should have said ‘you must not steal from the store’ - in whatever Nigerian dialect the ‘worker’ was familiar with.

Isn't this like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Ireland is struggling desperately to compete internationally, and businesses have to content with this kind of lunacy on top of everything else. How our competitors in Asia must appreciate us for such legislation, which sends thousands of jobs their way every week.

There's one ray of hope. If it gets bad enough – which I sincerely hope it does – it might rouse the Irish sheeple from their slumber.

Hippocratic Oath my ass

Check out the Constitution of the Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association (MDDA) of the UK.
Especially Section 2, Objects and powers

2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom

2.1.2. To advance medical education in relation to the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Islamic religion.

2.1.3. To promote research in various aspects of medical science and to disseminate and publish the useful results of such research.

2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Can you believe that?

Of course you can! This is the UK after all.

Nowhere in the document does it mention the health of the British people in general. So what happens when a kuffir goes to a Muslim doctor? Does he get equal treatment? Not if the doctor adheres to his association’s constitution. And what if an object of special hatred, say a Jew, goes to one of those people? What’s the doctor's ‘sacred’ duty?

This declaration makes it obvious that any member of the MDDA is in clear conflict with the oath every doctor takes to obtain a license. Therefore it should be a relatively simple task to identify MDDA members and strip them of their medical/dental licenses.

Is that a pig I see flying on the left? Indeed.

And can you just imagine if an equivalent Christian body were set up? The streets of our countries - would be overrun with wild-eyed protestors and we’d be falling over ourselves apologizing for our Islamophobia.

A reminder: Islam brings honour killings , women wearing hajibs , a rise in anti-Semitism, intolerance of any criticism , demands that alien and obscene customs be adopted by the locals, and institutions established and funded to cater to their every need. They will push and push, withdraw a little, then come back from another angle until they get us where they want us – as dhimmis. Check out Lebanon.

In the liberal West we look down our noses at the lack of freedoms of the Russians and Chinese. But one thing I admire them for: they take no shit from Muslims. If Muslims try their tricks there they get their assess firmly kicked. When Muslims try their tricks here our assess get firmly kicked.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Deep philosophy

This blog sometimes strays outside its main focus to bring more generalised advice and counsel to readers. Often I find that valuable insight can be gleaned from the Animal Kingdom. This is one such instance.

We know that in life it’s important to reach out, to strivefor greater achievements, to go for the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

But sometimes this can cause problems, and sometimes you can go too far. Balance and care are essential.

And we can draw an additional lesson. When such a misfortune occurs, and you find yourself in a situation from which you can't extricate yourself, always bear this in mind:

Not everyone who shows up is there to help you.

Religious oppression in Ireland

This from Al Jazeera, the one and only 'independent' Arab TV station. It's no longer very independent - see this post. anyway, it seems they're not too happy with us, at our lack of religious freedoms (I kid you not).

An Irish family at the centre of a nationwide dispute over the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in schools has accused Ireland's government of repressing minority rights while "flaunting itself as the bastion of democracy". Liam Egan, whose daughter's desire to wear the headscarf to school last year sparked the debate, said: "It is time the world witnessed the true face of Ireland. The issue of the hijab is a reflection of how Ireland treats its minorities".

Yes folks, that's the thanks we get for bustin’ our asses to accommodate them, part-funding their mosques, fully funding their own indoctrination centres ‘schools’ and walking on eggshells to avoid giving ‘offence’.

"It has silently repressed Muslim rights while flaunting itself as the bastion of democracy for far too long." How they must wish they could be in a really free society that respects all religions. Like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan (check this). And what exactly is the nature of this repression?

“Shekinah's school board of management granted permission for her to wear the clothing, but the principal referred the question to the department of education, requesting an official policy for all schools in Ireland. The department did not provide any further guidance and Shekinah was allowed to continue wearing it.”

Boy, that's bad, isn't it? Like the Spanish Inquisition, so it is.

A true Irish family

While most of the people in Muslim communities affected by the issue in other parts of Europe have been immigrants or the children of immigrants, the Egans are a native Irish family who have converted to Islam.

Isn't it obvious that they’re a typical Irish family? Just look at them. All they’re short is a shamrock and a harp.

But Egan's British-born wife, says "the government now treats the family as if they are foreigners". Again, mystifying how they could treat them as foreigners

The report goes on Ruairi Quinn, a spokesman for the Irish Labour party, told the Irish Independent newspaper that immigrants who come to Ireland "need to conform". If people want to come into a Western society that is Christian and secular, they need to conform to the rules and regulations of that country," he said.
Needless to say, Ruairi got roundly fucked for his trouble by the multi-culti Thought Police and the MSM.

Meanwhile, in a column headlined 'Shape up or ship out should be our multicultural message', Kevin Myers, a columnist for the Independent newspaper, supported the opposition's position, saying Quinn had "got it spot on" with his stance.

"The problem lies in how extremists often set themselves up as the sole voice of their 'community'," he said, adding that the British government had learned this best. "Indeed, the quickest way to get an invitation to 10 Downing Street is to call oneself the leader of the Muslim community; and in between praising 'martyrdom operations', you'd soon collect a knighthood or even a peerage," Myers wrote in June.

Shape up or ship out’. Exactly what we’d be told in a Muslim country – provided we were given the opportunity to ship out and not spend a spell in jail first.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Educational apartheid in the UK?

Lee Jasper is one of the army of ‘race equality advisors’ that infest the whole Western world. (You won't find them anywhere else, by the way, despite which, the West is the only bad boy on race). He was born to a white fucking idiot woman and a Jamaican ‘father’ (in Jamaican terms a father’s role ends once he’s impregnated the woman), who left the mother shortly after Lee was born. Lee takes after the old man. He has literally a dozen children by half a dozen different women, and was fired from his ‘job’ as ‘race advisor’ to London’s ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone.

This followed a number of scandals, including a charge of sexual harassment and the ‘inappropriate disposal’ of £500,000 of taxpayers’ money. He was acquitted of the latter after an ‘internal investigation’ – i.e. an investigation set up by himself, and Ken declaimed "I trust Lee with my life”. Obviously guilty, then.

Now Lee wants to reintroduce educational apartheid. This follows a research report from Warwick University which unearthed the stunning news that black Caribbean students are “less likely to be entered for higher-tier science and maths exams because of low teacher expectations”. It also noted “that black Caribbean pupils are among those more likely to be excluded from school, or have special educational needs, including behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.”

Well now, isn't that amazing? And there was me, thinking that Caribbean blacks were model students, all going on to take the science and engineering arenas by storm. Just shows the value of Social Studies departments in universities, doesn’t it? Where would we be without ground-breaking reports like that?

Lee says it's “time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors”. Now did I ever think the day would come when I'd be on my knees with gratitude to an Equality Industry parasite such as Lee? Just imagine, all the blacks having their own schools (behind barbed wire fences). Too good to be true.

And as we all know, the cause of this failure is not low IQ and/or lousy work ethic, rather it’s due to, as Lee calls it, "institutional racism" within education. We know that, Lee. Of course. He then went on to say that black schools and colleges could prove to be a "beacon of excellence" for the black community, before collapsing with laughter .

"The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching” Well, and there was me thinking it was only whites who won't assimilate and that race was a social construct, with us all being the same under the skin.

Where could I have picked up those ideas? Anyway, he reassures us that “the US has many historically black colleges and universities. They cater for the needs of the African American and they excel”

Yes indeed. As a former academic I can think of…..er….well, none, actually.

Still, let’s not get pedantic.

One comment in particular interests me from the last quotation “employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching”. Hello Lee! There are already thousands of such schools. In Africa. Any chance, Lee, that you’ll decamp over there, together with your, er students?

No, you say?

I didn’t think so.

Now as I said, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative – really – and to help it along I hereby offer, completely free, my input to the curriculum that, as Lee puts “suits the needs of our children of which I have at least a dozen

Ebonic Curriculum

Module 1: Elementary Mugging

Module 2: Stab-proof vest design principles

Module 3: Practical housebreaking – tools and techniques

Module 4: Narcotics logistics and evasion techniques

Module 5: Managing a brothel: Practice and principles

Module 6 (optional): How to be understood in English

I'm actually beginning to feel quite excited about this venture!

You're an Islamophobe if....

(1) You refer to the midwinter holiday as ‘C*****mas’

(2) You save loose change in a p***y-bank.

(3) You allow your children to read uncensored versions of Winnie the Pooh.

(4) You aren't prepared to cast the first stone at a rape victim.

(5) You believe that the earth is round.

(6) You think there’s something weird about a 53 year old man marrying a six year old girl.

(7) You think that repeatedly banging your head on the floor five times a day might be a symptom if Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

(8) You object to being a third class citizen in your own country.

(9) You fail to celebrate cultural diversity and enrichment when your daughter is gang-raped for not wearing a headscarf.

(10) You think government policy should be determined by your elected representatives rather than a raging mob of savages.

(11) You object to your taxes being used to support people who are plotting to kill you.

(12) You aren’t convinced that ‘Jihad’ means ‘Inner Spiritual Struggle’.

(13) You don’t understand why the Jews must be exterminated.

(14) You aren’t married to at least one of your cousins.

(15) You aren't erotically attracted to toddlers.

(16) You sometimes have doubts about BBC reporting.

(17) You occasionally wonder what’s inside those walking tents.

(18) You realise that taqiyya is not a Mexican drink.

(19) You believe moderate Muslims ride unicorns.

(20) You don’t appreciate the multicultural need for Methodist grandmothers to be body-cavity searched before boarding aircraft.

(21) You claim to understand the meaning of “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them", even though you don’t speak Arabic.

(22) You don't get sexually aroused by kissing meteorites.

(23) You have reservations about ‘faith schools’ where the kids will be taught that you and your family are najis (excrement), at public expense.

(24) You don’t understand why flying your country’s flag has become a hate-crime.

(25) You don’t believe that God is a brothel-keeper.

With due acknolwledgement to the Spartan Spectator

Monday, 8 September 2008

Ebonic hurricanes

Thanks to Doodler for this valuable piece of information. This is not a joke - honestly. Check it out yourself!

Well, it appears our African-American friends have found even more to be pissed off about. A black congresswoman reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. The congressional newspaper The Hill reported this week that Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston, feels that the current names are too "lily white," and is seeking to have better representation for names reflecting African-Americans and other ethnic groups.

"All racial groups should be represented," Lee said, according to The Hill. She hoped federal weather officials "would try to be inclusive of African-American names." She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal.

One reader wrote:

"You can be sure if there were too many 'black' names assigned to hurricanes, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee would instead be complaining that this practice unfairly stereotypes blacks as violent."

She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in 'language' that street people can understand because one of the problems that happened in New Orleans was, that black people couldn't understand the seriousness of the situation, due to the 'racially biased language' (i.e plain English) of the weather report.

I guess if the weather person says that the winds are going to blow at 140+ MPH, that's too hard to understand I can hear it now: A weatherman in New Orleans says...

"Wazzup, mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be head' in' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo'! So, turn off dem chitlins, grab yo' chirren, leave yo crib, and head fo' de nearest FEMA office fo yo FREE shit!"

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Killing animals as entertainment

A throwaway remark on the Sarah Palin post has drawn a lot of comment, most of it negative. First get full disclosure out of the way. I'm a carnivore, wish I wasn’t, but I'd take meat before muesli any day. And I have another one.

As a teenager I had a very large and cross German Shepherd called Rocky. One day I came across Rocky tearing the shit out of another dog. As I went to separate them I realized that the victim’s piteous wailing and blood-stained coat momentarily aroused a kind of blood lust within me, and something told me i'd enjoy letting nature take its course. It was as if some malevolent monster had incubated in the reptilian part of my brain, and briefly taken me over. It lasted only a few seconds and I duly saved the other dog.

But the incident had a major impact on me, leading me to agonise over what I really was and how bad I could be in the ‘right’ circumstances. I even fantasised that I had it within me to have been a concentration camp guard or part of an SS execution squad. I eventually reconciled myself to it and it never arose again.

But it did make me realise that causing pain and terror to other creatures, or even observing it, is capable of giving rise to a kind of high like a shot of cocaine. And yes, it’s been with us since the dawn of man. The citizens of Rome thrilled to the sight of fanatical Christians being devoured by lions (I think I'd enjoy that myself!) and our good friend Mohammed regales us in Mein Kampf the Koran with the high he got from slaughtering his neighbours.

The Mogul emperors, when they got too old and fat to hunt, had a Noah’s Ark of wildlife corralled into a small space where they could slaughter away to their hearts’ content almost while sitting down. Tired but happy, they’d then work off their high in the harem, before, covered in blood and semen, finishing off an enjoyable morning in the mosque.

And this raises the sexual dimension associated with enjoyment of cruelty. Reports from police informers at ‘professional’ dog fights refer the practice of male spectators rushing to the toilets, presumably to masturbate, after a particularly gruesome bout. Apparently the sex is always good too after the hunters are treated to the spectacle of the fox being torn to shreds.

Don't know if you’ve ever watched something called ‘Ultimate Fighting’, much favoured by my son when he was a teenager. This entertainment features giant brutes pulverising each other with virtually no rules. The interesting this here is to observe the spectators. In one bout one of the monsters managed to contrive a position whereby he was free to repeatedly smash his elbow into his opponent’s face, showering blood and teeth everywhere. One particular, er, lady, closed her eyes in seeming ecstasy as each blow slammed home, as if she were having mini orgasms each time. She probably was, and the other ghouls watching were similar.

Former Russian Prime Minister (Prime Monster?) Victor Chernomyrdin was a keen hunter. He got to hear that a bear and her cub had been seen a few hundred miles north of Moscow. So he got into a helicopter, flew to the spot, where he shot the mother and cub, then back into the plane for lunch. Bet he was proud. What do you hunters think of that?

Finally may I point out that a history in youth of torturing and abusing animals is recognised as a good predictor of a future serial killer!

Having got that out of the way, I want to address the ‘it’s part of nature’ riposte. Sure, it’s part of nature, but surely, isn't that what we’re trying to rise above? Isn't rising above our base instincts what civilization is all about?

It’s ironic that so many comments come from South Africans, taking me to task for not understanding nature, or Africa, being a cosseted European etc. Isn’t this an odd response? These are the people who endlessly refer to blacks as primitive savages, driven by their uncontrolled natural impulses, whose only exposure to advanced civilization has come via the Europeans.

So whose side are you on guys? The native savages or the cosseted Europeans?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Corrupting young minds

The fascinating extract below can be interpreted as showing the malignant impact of unquestioning religious and nationalistic indoctrination on impressionable young children. And it certainly does that. However, it has another possible interpretation as well. It underlines the enduring strength of “The Other”. By that I mean people will apply entirely different value to those outside their own tribe, religion or whatever, and treat them accordingly.

A depressing thought, but leads one to the inevitable conclusion that attempts to forcefully integrate ‘The Other’ into Western society are going to cause rapidly escalating problems over the coming years.

The study I refer to was carried out by Israeli psychologist George Tamarin (1966, 1973). He asked a group of children to evaluate the morality of what Joshua did to the inhabitants of Jericho. Now Joshua was an ideal role model for Mohammed, and later on Hitler, Stalin and, up to the present day, Mugabe.

For those heathens among you who don't know, here’s what he did to Jericho:

“Then they utterly destroyed all in the city, both men and women, young and old, oxen, sheep, and asses, with the edge of the sword ... And they burned the city with fire, and all within it; only the silver and gold, and the vessels of bronze and of iron, they put into the treasury of the house of the LORD”

Mohammed would have been proud of that.

Anyway, Tamarin presented Joshua 6:20-21 to 1,066 school children, ages 8-14, in order to test "the effect of uncritical teaching of the Bible on the propensity for forming prejudices (particularly the notion of the 'chosen people,' the superiority of the monotheistic religion, and the study of acts of genocide by biblical heroes)."

The children's answers to the question "Do you think Joshua and the Israelites acted rightly or not?" were categorized as follows: " 'A' means total approval, 'B' means partial approval or disapproval, and 'C' means total disapproval." Across a broad spectrum of Israeli social and economic classes,

66% of responses were "A,"
8% "B,"
26% "C."

Some of the "C" misgivings included “I think Joshua did not act well as they could have spared the animals for themselves” and “I think Joshua did not act well as he should have left the property of Jericho; if he had not destroyed the property it would have belonged to the Israelites.”

Now here’s the interesting bit:

As a control group, Tamarin tested 168 children who were read Joshua 6:20-21 with "General Lin" substituted for Joshua and a "Chinese Kingdom 3000 years ago" substituted for Israel. General Lin got a 7% approval rating, with 18% giving partial approval or disapproval, and 75% disapproving totally.

Does that prove my point, or what?

You can read a more detailed report here

Palin nomination

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Oxford’s Christians apologise for praying during Ramadan

Thanks to the commenter at the previous post for this link.

Here are some extracts:

A Christian group in Oxford has apologised to the city’s Muslims for having the audacity to organise a day of prayer during Ramadan. Oxfords Muslims found it ‘ill-conceived and insensitive’, not to mention ‘grossly insulting and inflammatory’.The Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO) has accused the Evangelical group ‘Open Doors UK’ of preaching ‘evangelical propaganda’. Do not Muslims preach Islamic propaganda?

Do the Christians in Oxford complain about this? Would the Muslims of Oxford apologise or even care if the Christians did complain about it?But the greatest offence was taken because the Christians had dared to refer to their event as a ‘Call to Prayer’. Apparently, only Muslims may now use this term, despite the manifest and lengthy heritage Jews and Christians have of calling believers to worship, celebration or prayer with the blast of the shofar or the peel of church bells.

This Christian event was not some triumphalist public parade or obtrusive prayer march down the narrow lanes and crowded streets of the city (as some Evangelicals are wont to indulge in) - but that it consisted of prayer and teaching in a church - St Aldate's, to be precise.These lily-livered Christians have apologised, saying they ‘regret’ any offence that had been caused. In fact, they ‘very much regret’ causing offence, and are bending over backwards to stress that they ‘were not denigrating Islam or criticising Muslim beliefs’.

Why IN THE NAME OF CHRIST are Christians apologising for praying in a church? And why are they so ashamed of the gospel that they prostrate themselves before those who have complained and express regret for seeking their salvation?

The chairman of MECO is one Dr Taj Hargey, and it is he who is ‘flabbergasted’ that these dhimmi Christians organised a day-long initiative termed ‘Call to Prayer’. He checked the Open Doors website, and was appalled that ‘innocent sounding publicity was headlined “A Call to Prayer”’.

This is what probably the most prestigious seat of learning in history has come to. Welcome to dhimmi Britain.

And check what happens to Christians who try to practice their religion in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, in this post.

The Religion of Peace

In a comment on this post “fed up with islamaphobia” says "I understand that you're fed up with mass immigration to white countries, but please base your criticism of Islam on ACTUAL teachings of the Quran not some backwards cultural practice."

I suspect our friend is a merry prankster, as he tells us that ‘murder is forbidden in Islam’, but if not could he explain the following direct quotations from Mein Kampf the Koran?

"When you clash with the infidels in battle, fighting Jihad in Allah's cause, smite their necks, killing many of them"
Koran 47:4

"I shall fill the hearts of the infidel with terror: wipe the infidels out till the last. Fight them until Islam is the only religion" Koran 47:5

"O believers - do not hold Jews and Christians as your allies" Koran 5:51

Then we have the 'Prophet' himself, as quoted in Ishaq 576 "I liked the punishment the infidel received. Killing them was sweeter than drink. We galloped among them panting for spoil"

And just in case you have any doubt who the infidels are, the 8th Sura explains: "They are surely infidels who say Christ the Messiah is God"

Does “fed up with islamaphobia" stand over this garbage? Bet we dont hear any more from him.

Death of a cultural enricher

The Scissors Sisters were responsible for one of the most gruesome murders in Irish history, when they dismembered asylum tourist and devout Muslim Farah Noor. The Sindo gave us an updated insight into this particular cultural enricher, and inadvertently, the shambolic state of our asylum ‘system’

A few extracts:

“Noor was a serious abuser of drink and drugs and couldn’t hold down a job”

“Noor arrived in Ireland in 1996 and immediately sought refugee status. His initial application was turned down. He appealed [an expensive process, all paid for by the Irish taxpayer], claiming he was from Somalia and that all his family had been killed. This was all lies. He was actually from Kenya where he left an abandoned wife and three children”

“He cane to Ireland where, he later claimed, he had been told there was plenty of money for asylum seekers and plenty of women. Noor appeared to believe he was on a sex, drugs and drink holiday in Ireland’. He clearly was. The photo in the Sindo shows him disporting himself beside a luxury swimming pool.

Then the piece de resistance“He was granted asylum in 1999”. Well done lads. Great decision. Good to know the ‘system’ is in such good hands.

Prior to being granted asylum in 1997 he raped and impregnated a mentally disabled Chinese girl who was only sixteen. Soon after he impregnated another sixteen year-old.
This girl said that he ‘always carried knives and regularly beat and raped her’. He was convicted on three occasions but did not serve time in jail"
Again, well done lads. Rather than jail him you gave him asylum. Must have diversity, you see.

The whole think makes you feel great, doesn't it?

Monday, 1 September 2008

An explanation

I receieved the following comment on an earlier post from DAJ and felt it worthwhile to reprint it as well as my reply.


This particular post gives support to the people who assert that you are racist and/or hateful towards blacks. You are indeed knowledgeable and reasonable in many of your posts regarding the cultural, intellectual, and socioeconomic shortcomings of the black race. In light of your evidence, it is not unwise for you to be concerned with rising black immigration to Ireland.

However, the poor humor in this post reveals a twisted reveling in the misfortunes of the black race. You appear to be taking pleasure in the notion that black babies are far less endowed with the genetic traits that will enable them to grow into productive, law-abiding, intelligent, and responsible adults. Why would you joke about such an irreparably dismal fact of nature?

It is no laughing matter that one of the largest groups of humanity is genetically consigned to poverty, failure, and blight. After all, blacks chose neither their genes nor their evolution. With respect to civilization, nature dealt them a very paltry hand with which to play. Reporting about an awful situation is one thing. Regaling in it is another thing.

01 September 2008 19:23

SAVANT said...

DAJ - thanks for the thoughtful comment.In fact I dont take any pleasure in the problems of blacks and their endowed characteristics. I worked on a pro bono basis in Africa for a while so my reaction would be despair rather than malicious enjoyment.

Fact is, based on my personal knowledge of those who read this site (they dont know I'm Savant!), a high proportion come on for the humour. As I want desparately for ireland to avoid the fate of America and the UK (for example), I'm using every means possible to get the message across.