Friday, 29 May 2009

Madonna and child

Wrote this about the latest Madonna adoption saga on a plane a few weeks ago and forgot to post…….

Look, Madonna is a venomous old hag who goes around the world buying other peoples kids, because it makes her feel sooo superior and keeps the cameras whirring. But I'm not too sure that James Kambewa, the alleged father of the latest Malawi adoption target, is in a position to lecture on parenthood.

You see he has never met his daughter after walking out on her mother when she was pregnant. Now I know you’ll respond that that's what African father do, but still…

Yet, showing sudden and unexplained parental concern, ‘dad’ says "I do not want my baby to be adopted because I want to take care of her". Naturally, Madonna arriving on the scene flashing millions of dollars has nothing to do with it. Neither have the various interviews he gave, for a fee, to Western news media. No, his concern is with the would be adoptive mother’s morals – or lack of same. ‘What morals can a woman of fifty have when she has no qualms displaying her delicate parts”.

Now wait! Hold it! Are you saying that Madonna has, er, delicate parts? Who’d have guessed? So it seems James’ real objective is genuine parenthood. "I'm capable to take care of my baby. ... Mercy, she is a Malawian - so need her to grow as a Malawian, as well with our culture."

More of that culture anon.

But it didn’t help his case when he publicly failed to pick out his daughter from a line-up. Told that his choice was not his daughter, James, licking his lips, asked, “I still get to keep her, right?”

Now I think the more perceptive among you will have picked up by now that I have some doubts about James’s sincerity. But it seems an awful lot of bleeding hearts in the west don't, and have used the occasion to attack the West and to champion the ‘superior morals’ of the simple native culture.

Here’s a few:

“Madonna may have millions in the bank, but Kambewa has truth, justice and commonsense on his side.”

“Wisdom, thy name is James Kambewa” (I kid you not)

Indeed, our society is corrupt and decadent, as distinct from that part of Africa, where millions die of AIDS every year, where murderous violence is the norm, where child mortality is where Europe was 200 years ago, where, yes, fathers routinely walk out on the kids, often for the understandable reason that the paternity is a very uncertain affair.

Yet when someone from that part of the world lectures us on morality we’re supposed to nod meekly and accept it, imputing to them some sort of purified uncontaminated philosophical wisdom.

Another name for this is self-flagellation. And it's a major component of the thinking that calls for massive African immigration to Europe.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

All-Ireland Hurling Champions 2016

Bring it on....

A reader sends me this link from the LA Times:

“A Chicago-area couple are taking unusual measures to repair what they term "the crisis in the black community."
Now let me jump in here straight away. There’s always a crisis in the black community, every black community, and there always will be. It’s because I’s black. Have you ever seen, or heard of, a thriving, law-abiding, clean, orderly black community? Anywhere?
I thought not.
The report goes on approvingly:
“Oak Park residents John and Maggie Anderson are working to make sure they spend their money in a way that benefits African American business owners, sometimes traveling miles out of their way to buy from black-owned businesses. "We know it's controversial, and we knew that coming in" said Maggie Anderson, who grew up in the crime-ridden (i.e. black) Liberty City neighborhood of Miami and holds a law degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago.”
"But the Andersons said they also knew that a thriving black economy was fundamental to restoring impoverished African American communities."

Guys! A ‘thriving black economy’ is an oxymoron. Has anybody ever seen one? Anywhere? Ever?

I thought not.
Some of the reaction from whites has been negative. One anonymous letter mailed to their home accused the Andersons of "unabashed, virulent racism. Because of you we will totally avoid black suppliers. Because of you, we will dodge every which way to avoid hiring black employees."
And that's the rub, isn't it? It cuts both ways. And if it’s whites versus blacks on something like this, there’ll only be one outcome. So bring it on….

Monday, 25 May 2009

Fergie bisexuality scandal

It happened a few days ago. Reaching to take a copy of my quality daily (or what passes for quality in the MSM) I saw it. Or rather, it hit me - between the eyes.

In two-inch high red letter the headline screamed " 'I'm bisexual' - Fergie".

I recoiled in horror. How could he have got away with it all those years? This notoriously hard-bitten son of Govan, a Glasgow toughie - now admitting he swings both ways? And why admit it now, of all times - with the Champions League Final only a few days away?

But then I reflected, with the benefit of hindsight, maybe some of those embraces he gave to Ronaldo and Giggs at the end of the game looked a bit dodgy alright.

But still.....

So I reached for the rag and......... joy unconfined. The Fergie in question was the singer with the Black-Eyed Peas! And who gives a shit if she swings six different way? Certainly not me. So relief all round, but only after a really nasty unpleasant shock.

Reflections of the child abuse scandal

Just a few reflections on the clerical child abuse scandal report.

The main message for me is this: No institution, religion, person or concept should be immune to constant and rigorous questioning. It was the behaviour of the drooling sycophants who unquestionably accepted everything ‘Mother Church’ told them that allowed the scandal to continue for so long. As Islam increasingly gets its hands around our European throats it’ll be interesting to see how this requirement pans out. After all, unquestioning obedience (with violent retribution for transgressions) is what Islamic society is all about.

The ‘deal’ negotiated between the Government and religious institutions was in effect the Church negotiating with itself. As I mentioned in this post, the Church always made sure its foot soldiers held the levers of power in the Education and Health Ministries. The head of the Dept. of Education at the time, as well as the Minister, are well known for their, er, strong Catholic views. Hence the sweetheart deal that was rushed through an empty Dail chamber when virtually all of our so-called legislators were out watching Ireland against Germany.

Instead of closing down the institutions involved in the abuse, seizing their property and imprisoning (or better again shooting) their leaders, our supine ‘leaders’ have allowed them to maintain control of key educational and health positions. Even when the taxpayer is picking up the full tab. And they haven’t lost their arrogance. Only recently a cancer patient was denied treatment by a Catholic-dominated ‘ethics committee’ because of some perceived infringement of the Church’s contraceptive rulings. Scarcely credible, isn't it?

The final indignity, CORI (Conference of Religious in Ireland) are the group who ‘negotiated’ the deal that will cost the taxpayers possibly billions. Despite this brazen effrontery, they never cease to berate the Government, i.e. the taxpayers, for not spending more on the Victim, Immigration and Foreign Aid Industries.

Is that shameless or what?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Welcome, race realist

In this post a few days back I took an American writer named John Ridley to task. “Could someone remind him that, had his forebears not been taken to America as guest workers he would now, instead of being well paid by whites to write anti-white bullshit, be scampering around the jungle or begging food from some Western aid agency.”

Crazy racist Nazi talk, right?

Well no, in fact, and in my support I present black American author and Washington Post journalist Keith Richburg. Now, unlike those who romanticize Africa and Africans, Keith had the, er, advantage of having spent many years reporting from the Dark Continent. The experience left him contemptuous of those romantics.

Here are some excerpts from his book Out Of America (clever title, huh?)

"I'm tired of lying and I'm tired of all the ignorance and hypocrisy and the double standards I hear and read about Africa, much of it from people who've never been there, let alone spent three years walking around amid the corpses.

"Talk to me about Africa and my black roots and my kinship with my African brothers and I'll throw it back in your face, and then I'll rub your nose in the images of the rotting flesh.'

Echoing my point exactly, he adds "had my ancestor not made it out of here I might have ended up in that crowd...maybe I would have been one of those bodies, washing over the waterfall in Tanzania or maybe my son would have been set ablaze by soldiers. Thank God my ancestor got out, because, now, I am not one of them [Africans]. In short, thank God I am an American."

Thank you Mr. Richburg. Like the rest of us (I exclude those from the aid industry whose handsome living depends on denial) who have got to know Africa at first hand, the experience has made you a race realist. Welcome to the real world.

Now could anyone get this message to Ridley?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mensa International Groups

Mensa, which is honoured to have me as a member, is an organisation for the highly intelligent. Now 'An American reader' sends me this link. He points out that in all the Mensa international membership there's not a single black country.

As the French would say, quelle surprise?

I can still be surprised

We all should of course by now be inured to the sheer effrontery of those foisting the benefits of diversity onto us. But sometimes your breath can still be taken away. Take for example this from Huffington Post contributor John Ridley.

"Here's the upside to minority population growth: America is the only western industrialized nation with a fertility rate above the 2.2 percent replacement rate. That means we have a healthy, growing pool among laborer and consumers. People to make stuff and people to buy the stuff being made, which is key for both short-term economic recovery and long term economic health.

And also in that regard minorities, who traditionally lag in home ownership, will also fill the "home ownership gap" left between sellers and buyers as boomers continue to age and downsize. Also, as minorities are typically steered into higher priced loans, they will inadvertently and disproportionately help prop up the banking system."

Can you really credit that this could appear in one of the world’s leading blogs? This cretin doesn’t seem to realise the most basic fact about the financial meltdown – that it originated from giving house loans to those very minorities he refers to.

And get this. He bemoans the fact that blacks aren't procreating enough! They’re showing too much sexual restraint! I kid you not. “And blacks aren't really pulling our weight. Despite the stereotypes, we're apparently procreating at a modest 1.3 percent rate.”
Well, could be true – and let us pray to God that it is. But whenever I see a black cultural enricher here in Ireland she’s invariably surrounded by a squad of children, all presumably sired by different fathers who of course are nowhere to be seen. Well ok, they'll be at the welfare office, alright?

So according to Ridley, what America needs is lots more violent, welfare dependent, low IQ criminals. An America that resembles Detroit, Chicago or East LA. I've already shown here a listing of the 30 most wanted criminals in Holland. Gentle readers have provided me with links for similar statistics for the US and the UK. Even I, a race realist, was stunned at the tiny (less than 10% overall) of white criminals, even though all three countries on aggregate are overwhelmingly white. For a while more anyway.

Which leads me to my next point.

Just like the cultural enricher in the UK who felt as a half-breed Nigerian she’d ‘improve the image’ of the beautiful law abiding city of York (it’s that way because it’s 95% white) Ridley bemoans the fact that due to immigration restrictions and the low black birth rate, the date when whites become a minority will be pushed back by about ten years.

“Well, now you can add at least ten years to that date. Which means the champagne will have to stay on ice a little longer,” Can you just imagine if whites were to celebrate a corresponding racial turnaround?
Could someone remind him that, had his forebears not been taken to America as guest workers he would now, instead of being well paid by whites to write anti-white bullshit, be scampering around the jungle or begging food from some Western aid agency.

How in God’s name do we allow these people get away with this kind of thing?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I'm voting Sinn Fein

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd vote for a collection of bank robbing murderers (I'm too young to have voted for 'old' Fianna Fail). But in the current round of European elections my ballot will probably see the SF candidate at No. 1.

Now the candidate in question comes with some heavy baggage. First, membership of SF. Then her father is a convicted felon, having been caught trying to smuggle guns in to Ireland on the Marita Ann, a transgression for which he spent a considerable time in the slammer.

Then she refused to condemn the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe, ducking and weaving and flashing her snatch to divert attention. Last but not least, she's a lawyer. With a Master's degree no less. Mind you, a knowledge of the law is always handy if you're in the Shinners.

So why does she get my vote? I adduce pictorial evidence as my sole justification. Picture 1 is that of Jackie Healy Rea, picture 2 that of the delectable Toireasa Ferris, for it is she, daughter of Martin.

Now I ask you, how could any red-blooded male possibly be ungallant enough to even consider putting the likes of Jackie ahead of that goddess? All they have in common is that they're both from Kerry.

I rest my case and will stand vindicated by history.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our day will come

For the benefit of those of you who don't speak Our First Language (and that includes most Irish people) an madra dubh means ‘the black dog’. I've had a number of posts from a Nigerian cultural enricher here, who has appropriated this name, and I reproduce an extract below.

Inter alia, he congratulates me on the fact that I publish contrary views. For his benefit, and for anyone else’s, let me be clear that I print all comments with the exception of the highly repetitious (e.g. if I get 100 comments saying ‘absolutely brilliant post, superb, fantastic’ I’ll publish just one or two) or the totally incomprehensible And as you know, I've also published quite a number which have been offensive and deeply hurtful to me, and my beloved Lady S, especially those focusing on our somewhat full figures. So I'm not afraid of opposition.

Now to what an madra dubh says. Here’s an extract

“I laugh at you all...Such petty bickering when people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world, while the western world is in the midst of economic crisis (Nigerians to blame??).

I pity you all, for while you haggle for scraps of who has higher IQ's, or supremely cultured beings, my Nigerian/Irish children will grow up to sort out your petty problems, just like Obama....Please wake up!!

I salute you Irish Savant! Ive probably had a pint with you at some stage, and "yes" I'm black, smart, succesfull, and famous. Guest of the Áras an Uachtaráin on two seperate occasions, with both Robinson, and McAleese....Integration is the only way. Tiocfaidh ár lá”

Note: Tiocfaidh ár lá means ‘our day will come’ and it is, or was, the catch cry of the Provisional IRA. But I'm sure he doesn’t mean it in that sense, rather that the native Irish will be overrun by the, er, New Irish, in due course. And of course he’s right in this.

And no, Dubh (may I call you Dubh?) I'm afraid we haven’t broken bread together. I've been to the Arus but not with the present incumbent, who shamelessly plagiarises the multi-purpose speech I specially wrote for her. And I wouldn’t get carried away with such an invite. I think every cultural enricher who’s made it to our shores has been invited by that pain in the arse.

Clearly Dubh doesn’t have much regard for you guys, the readers who provide such witty and informative comment to this blog. “Such petty bickering when people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world, while the western world is in the midst of economic crisis (Nigerians to blame??).”

No, I don't think you’re to blame for the west’s economic crisis. But I sure as hell think – make that know - you’re to blame for the fact that “people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world”. Africans have made Africa what it is, and when they – you – come to the West you remake the West in Africa’s image. And that, Dubh, my friend, is the reason I'm not enthusiastic about vast numbers of your fellow countrymen making Ireland their home.

But, maybe I'm wrong in your case. You tell me you’re “smart, successful and famous”. I believe you, really. But in what field? Surprise, nay, stun me, by telling me you’re a neurosurgeon, a physics professor, or have incubated a technology company and brought it to international success. Maybe you have, and if you have, God bless you.

But I think it’s far more likely, make that totally certain, that you sup from the Diversity Industry trough, which is, as you doubtless know (being smart and successful), funded by Irish taxpayers such as me. And I certainly hope your success hasn’t come by way of the nefarious activities carried out by almost all your fellow Nigerians.

Tiocfaidh ár lá? Yes, your day will come. But unfortunately it will be by way of a leveling down for everyone. Something like what we see in South Africa today. Or in cities like Cleveland or Detroit.

Anyway, you’re welcome to the blog – in fact the difference between what I say and what ‘smart successful Africans’ think isn't that great. Because I know plenty!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bono's poem to Elvis

Have you read Bono’s tribute to Elvis? Brilliant piece of work. Sadly, it got seriously panned by almost everyone.

A few samples:

“That’s one of the most pretentious, silly, gut-churningly atrocious poems I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I can just picture him reading it too, reeking of self-importance. It’s almost as bad as that Beckett pastiche he performed a few years ago, which was also so bad it was unintentional comedy gold.”


“Leather trousered bollocks in daft shades just spouting words that don't actually mean a fucking thing.”

That’s nasty too. But the worst came from Christopher Hart of The Mail Online, who responded to the news with his own poem about Bono:

'Bono in your sunglasses, even when it rains,
Bono in your private jet while the rest of us take trains,
Bono with your tax affairs safely overseas,

Bono, will you fucking shut up, please.'

Actually, for me, except for the first and last lines (and the bits in between) it's great. Here I bring you some of the most impressive excerpts (the whole thing goes on for about 20 minutes). The fact that it’s all written in lower case has lead some commentators to theorise that he wrote it on his mobile phones. But they’re just philistines

elvis son of tupelo.

elvis mama's boy.

elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box.

elvis drove a truck.

elvis was recorded at sun studios by the musical diviner sam phillips.

elvis was managed by colonel tom parker, an ex-carnie barker whose last act was a singing

elvis lived on his own street.

elvis wore a cape at the white house when he was presenting nixon with two silver pistols.

elvis was a member of the drug squad.

elvis wore eye make up, just hangin' out.

elvis wore a gold nudie suit and trained his lip to curl.

elvis was macho, but could sing like a girl.

Sheer genius, what we’ve all come to expect by now from that posturing phony little bollocks Bono

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Things not so bad after all...

As an air of gloom threatens to swamp the country, as dole queues stretch over the horizon, as our (mis)government's finances begin to resemble those of Zimbabwe...we're given a small item of good news.

Yesterday's Irish Examiner, quoting the latest statistics, joyfully (I kid you not) confirms that "Ireland remains a popular country for people seeking asylum, especially Nigerians". This continues a long trend - see my post here.

Now before you protest, this actually is good news. I say this because Nigerians have shown themselves to be adept at spotting easy pickings, must be plenty of money sloshing around etc. Now if we're so attractive to them, maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel. It's just that we can't see it and they can.

So take heart! Just be sure to keep a tight grip on your wallet and check your bank account every day.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Civilisation versus Savagery

In response to the Waco horror lynching post, Keith from South Africa makes the following comment. I think it's brilliant and actually sums up my inate feelings better than I did myself.

Here's what he says:

"It is clear that all of us, if we're honest, feel anger and hatred towards those who have wronged us, or ours. The difference between savagery and civilised behaviour is control. Savages react immediately and give in to their evil impulses at every opportunity – often quite gratuitously.

The evil impulse that rules the savage is present in all races, and examples of savagery in all races can be given. But as a matter of historical fact, white civilisation has resulted because the self-control impulse among whites has been much stronger, just as the lack of any black civilisation results from the lack of this self-control impulse.

But to maintain civilised status requires that you maintain the self-control impulse, whatever the provocation – otherwise you become the same as your enemy: a savage. I too, am a white South African, and I know the terrible scale of the atrocities perpetrated by blacks – not only today, throughout our history. But their behaviour is never an excuse for us to degenerate to their level.

Despite some of the angry comments here, in fact the history of white-controlled SA proves that we kept to the standard of civilisation – adhering to a process of civilised law. This is the only thing that keeps us civilised – if we indulge in savagery, then we are savages – whether white or black. One important factor in the process of civilisation, is an intelligent and respected older generation which leads.

Youth, mostly unreflecting with lots of energy, struggles with self-control and needs direction. Remember the bullying you experienced or observed while at school – the mindless cruelty. I'll always remember – at the end of my first six months in the army – a new intake was about to enter, and some chaps from my intake couldn't wait to bully the new lot – and yet they had just suffered themselves! What goes on in some minds?

The thing is to keep a sense of proportion, something that liberals, (the eternal adolescents), especially struggle with. When you find an example of white savagery – that does not negate the fact that generally whites do not behave like that, and that savage behaviour is MORE common among blacks. (NO not all blacks are savages, either). The NUMBERS in normal every-day life still put whites ahead in the civilisation stakes even if they are not perfect – get that liberals."


Thanks to Teacher Paris for this link. Check it out. It shows the 33 most wanted criminals in Holland. So what, you might ask? Well, check the names and/or pictures. Of the 33, there’s one, that's right, one who has a Dutch name (Klaus Peter Wittman). Most of the rest are adherents of the Religion of Peace, while Latin Americans make up the bulk of the remainder.

Looking at it another way, that means that about 95% of the most wanted criminals in Holland aren’t Dutch at all. No wonder a survey there a few years back identified mass immigration as the single greatest mistake made since the end of WW II. And yet they prosecute Gert Wilders when he highlights the scandal.

Like the English did, and the Nordics are doing, the Dutch took a masterly, ordered, law-abiding, wealthy society and turned into a Third World slum in the making. Interesting to think what future generations will say.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Just what we need

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse we’ve learned that it can. Having driven the country into penury and sat doing nothing for the last year, the (mis)Government suddenly springs into action and introduces ........... a law on blasphemy! Just what we fucking need. How did we get by without it up to now?

The bill defines (I use the word ‘define’ in the loosest meaning of the term) the offence as “grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion; and he or she intends, by the publication of the matter concerned, to cause such outrage.”

Now, apart from having a whole load of indefinables in there, what jumps out to me is that the offence takes place if enough lunatic adherents of a particular religion deem it to be offensive. Can't you just see the Muzzies rubbing their hands at the prospect? Endless litigation – needless to say all funded by the taxpayer.

So you face a penalty of up to €100k. if you say that Jehovah’s Witnesses shouldn’t let their children die for lack of a blood transfusion, or that Mohammed should not have been humping a nine year old child, or that the Scientologist are off the wall for believing that they converse with aliens. Or what about the Jedi religion, which world-wide has by now almost 1 million adherents? What if they were outraged if you suggested their swords weren’t magic?

I could go on. But the point is, it’s not what you say, it’s the fact that the nutcases taking offence is what makes it an offence. So when you say something you don’t know whether it will turn out to be an offence, simply because the reaction of the lunatics will be the determining factor.

Why such madness, and why now? Who knows? There has been pressure from the, ahem, Human Rights Council at the UN (this contains such paragons of Human Rights as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Cuba)which is driven by the wealthy Islamic members. It is they who have used this Council as a platform to attack Israel and to propagate legislation to prevent the denigration of religion. Whether our pathetic (mis)Government is just trying to curry favour with these misanthropes can only be a matter for speculation

Last out run off the lights.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

What can we make of this?

In May 1916 Jesse Washington, a 17 year-old black youth said to be ‘of low intelligence and violent disposition’ (what – a black of low intelligence and violent disposition????) was convicted of the brutal murder and rape of a 53 year-old white woman, Lucy Fryer. There seems to be little doubt as to his guilt, with a raft of circumstantial evidence and the fact that he had lead police to where he had hidden the hammer with which he’d bludgeoned the widow to death.

The jury certainly thought so anyway, and things didn’t look too good for Jesse even during the trial, when one juror, impatient with the process, leapt out of the box to attack him. Their subsequent deliberations took all of four minutes before bringing in a guilty verdict for which the death penalty was to be applied.

Before law officers could remove Washington from the court, a group of white spectators surged forward and seized the convicted murderer. They hurried him down the stairs at the rear of the courthouse, where a crowd of about 400 waited in the alley. A chain was thrown around his neck before he was dragged toward the City Hall, where another group of concerned citizens had gathered to build a human bonfire.

On reaching the City Hall grounds, the leaders of the mob threw Washington onto a pile of dry goods boxes under a tree (a special tree, more anon) and poured coal oil over his body. The chain around Washington's neck was thrown over a limb of the tree, and several men lowered his body onto the pile of combustibles. They then ignited a fire and watched him burn alive .

An observer wrote: "The boy was beaten and dragged to the suspension bridge spanning the Brazos River. Thousands roared, "Burn him"
"Bonfire preparations were already under way in the public square, where Washington was beaten with shovels and bricks. Fifteen thousand men, women, and children packed the square. Some women begged the participants to delay the proceedings so as they could dress properly for the occasion. They climbed up poles and onto the tops of cars, hung from windows, and sat on each other's shoulders.

"Children were lifted by their parents into the air. Washington was castrated, and his ears were cut off. A tree supported the iron chain that lifted him above the fire of boxes and sticks. Immersed in the flames, he attempted to climb the blisteringly hot chain multiple times. For this the men cut off his fingers. The executioners repeatedly and slowly lowered the boy into the flames and hoisted him out again. With each repetition, a mighty shout was raised."

It’s unclear how long Washington was alive, but the entertainment lasted more than an hour, after which his fingers and teeth were claimed as souvenirs, his body parts were separated from the torso, and what was left was dumped in a bag so they might be dragged once more through the Waco streets.
But not everyone stood idly by. The Mayor, who had drawn up a chair to his window to watch the festivities, suddenly freaked out. His concern was that the flames might kill the tree, which, I kid you not, was known as the Tree Of Knowledge. When they weren’t burning prisoners, town elders sat under it and debated profound issues, informed by a copy of the Holy Bible which was contained in a water-proof (and presumably fire-proof) box at the foot of the tree. Hence the Tree Of Knowledge.

And this should have been no surprise, as Waco, which then had a population of only 30,000 – had no fewer than 63 churches! Clearly a very pious community, and for this it was known as ‘Three Cs – colleges, churches and cotton’.

The MSM of the time took it in their stride: From the Waco Morning News "Resembling the forefathers who dared anything for their country's sake, the determined band of farmers and neighbours last night declared to the sheriff that they didn't want trouble’ – unless you call burning a prisoner to death trouble

"Yesterday's exciting occurrence is a closed incident," stated the Waco Times-Herald.

And that's just what it became - a closed incident. Even today many natives of Waco have never heard of it.

The moral of the story? I suppose it underlines the capacity for the basest evil that lies within all of us. Also the duality of good/evil. I'm sure that many if not most of those townspeople who partook in that grisly spectacle would, in other circumstances, help you if you were in trouble, and were decent family men. Could it also explain why the ‘Marxist/PC/cultural equivalence’ people are now killing the West? Does it go some way towards explaining some of the Western, especially American, self-hate we see in such people?

All I know is, as much as I curse what these people have wrought on our civilisation, I’d hate to have been part of the culture that prevailed in Waco, and in so many other places, at that time.