Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ollie North: Still crazy after all these years

I loathe and detest Ollie North and his ilk. The square-jawed, flinty-eyed, flag-waving, God-fearin’ drug-running perjuring adulterer, who parlayed a few months active service in Vietnam into a lucrative career as a full-time professional American.

Now he’s on again about the perceived loss of American sovereignty due to some vague plan for greater international legal uniformity. Wrapping the flag firmly around his bemedalled chest he intones that “I am not a citizen of the world. We're American citizens. We raised our right hands and took oaths to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Straight from the Great Book of Cliches he adds “America's sons and daughters serving in harm's way around the world as soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines deserve protection from "international tribunals". My old American Heritage Dictionary defines "sovereignty" as "complete independence and self-government."

Well I agree fully on that Ollie, my old gun-running friend, but tell me this, if you’re so all-fired enthused about "complete independence and self-government”, why did you spend most of your miserable life interfering in other countries’ attempts at achieving precisely that? To name but one, Nicaragua?

You’ll remember(and you should remember Ollie , as you took your precious Holy Bible in your muscular hand and perjured youself on it) that you helped arm, by gun-running to the ayatollas in Iran (you know, the people we’re all so het up about now?) and by supplying drugs to the US (you know, the country you pledged to defend?) a murderous ‘army’ which set out to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua? This resulted in at least 10,000 deaths, the vast majority innocent civilians. What have you got to say about that Ollie?

As for those “America's sons and daughters serving in harm's way around the world as soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines”, don't you see any contradiction, you secretary-shagging hypocrite, between that and your concern about ‘sovereignty’?

No, you smug, self-righteous shit, your argument is that laws only apply to other countries, the same argument you used to justify your drugs and arms running. If you really believed in sovereignty you’d support the total closing of the estimated 1000+ military bases that the USA has in other countries and let those countries have their sovereignty. But that wouldn’t suit your paymasters in the military and their ‘independent’ think tanks, would it?

And talking of think tanks, let’s look at who Ollie selects out for most praise in the fight against the threat to American sovereignty: None other than the Freedom Alliance, the Center for Security Policy, and The Heritage Foundation. What have these got in common? Well, first they pay Ollie generously for being a professional American and parroting their agenda.

But there’s more. These organisations are primary shills for so-called ‘free trade’, you know the thing that has America’s destiny in hock to the Chinese and the Arabs, that has destroyed the pride of American manufacturing with outsourcing, replacing it with millions of Macjobs, changed the ethnic foundation of the country with unrestricted immigration of cheap labour from the Third World, and the ‘freedom’ from un-American regulation that enabled the banksters to loot the general populace and bankrupt the country in the process.

Yet sadly, huge numbers of Americans will always fawn on a scumbag like North once he, like his mentor Ronald Reagan (see this post), wraps himself in the flag and regurgitates the standard set of religious and conservative platitudes.

Actually, maybe North isn't ‘still crazy after all these years’ – it’s the rest of us.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Cork over-run with Africans

For a variety of reasons I seldom need to go into the centre of Cork city. In previous visits I had been tentatively building up hope that the numbers of black cultural enrichers were declining.
Well, what a shock today. I covered most of the city centre and was appalled at the number of blacks all over the place. Women with squads of children (fathers nowhere to be seen, naturally), men always on mobile phones, presumably setting up their next drugs transaction. And some Somali-looking youths hassling passing girls.

I sat down for a coffee and used the time to take an informal census. Over about 30 minutes I established a fairly consistent ratio of about 1 in 8 (nearly 15%). How in God's name are they still swarming in here in such numbers, and how does the (mis)government keep a straight face when they claim that there are only 40,000 (i.e. 1%) in the whole country?

For fuck sake. As I call out to anyone who’ll listen, we’ll live to regret this.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

No, it's NOT good news

The EU’s latest report of Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) shows that Ireland is still the wealthiest country in that organisation. (I exclude Luxembourg whose figure is fundamentally distorted by the number of foreign workers there). We’re apparently 40% above the EU average, while the next wealthiest, Sweden, Holland, Denmark and Austria average about 25% higher.

This apparent refutation of our much-touted poverty has given the chattering classes much to crow about. The most pernicious outcome is their attempt to use it to make respectable the massive borrowings proposed by our (mis)government. The logic, such as it goes, is along the lines of ‘hey, if we’re still this wealthy, why don't we just keep borrowing to meet the deficit until the good times roll again?

It’s pernicious because the country desperately needs to cut our out-of-control public expenditure, which is generating deficits of Zimbabwean dimensions. Continuing to spend like drunken sailors and landing the bill on the next generation (or more accurately, the next government) will ensure that the country sinks ever deeper into the morass that now surrounds us.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Looks like another cave-in

Thanks to the reader who sent me this:

The following is an extract from an advice sheet to various scammers such as Nigerians regarding the ibc/05 scheme which was devised to allow tens of thousands of foreign criminals remain here and on social welfare.

''The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform has indicated that they are aware of the unique obstacles lone parents face in trying to get a job or take further education or training. The Coalition, in discussion with the Department, has highlighted some of the concerns and barriers that you may be experiencing while parenting on your own. The response from the Department has been positive and we are currently not expecting lone parents to be refused the renewal of their residence permits on the sole ground that they have failed to become economically independent.''

By way of explanation, in one of the few chances the Irish people had to vote on immigration issues, they overwhelmingly voted to rescind the right of nationality to the family of a child born in Ireland of parents with no attachment here (other than to our welfare payments). This was to counter the flagrant abuse of the provision (mainly by Nigerians) who were arriving in Ireland 7 months pregant, claiming asylum, and while the claim was being processed, giving birth to a sprog whose birth location guaranteed the whole family a life here at the taxpayers' expense.

At one stage up 30% of all births in Dublin were to Africans deploying this scam. The IBC/05 scheme was then brought in to counteract the will of the people and allow the scammers to stay and continue drawing benefits. I've written already on the IBC/05 racket here. An excerpt from that post said:

"A massive number of Nigerians have immigrated illegally to Ireland. (I.e. by remaining in Ireland under the revised law they were illegal). The previous Minister for Justice stated that no amnesty was to be granted to these people, yet a scheme was designed to allow them remain in Ireland called the IBC/05 scheme. This scheme also granted the right of full welfare benefits to these illegal immigrants. "

That is, rather than throwing them out we allowed them to stay and to live off the rest of us by claiming welfare. Great idea, hey?

One of the few restrictions on the unlimited residency entitlements was that the scammer become 'economically independent' after a given time. (Not sure how long this was). However, based on what we see at the beginning of this post, it now seems that, despite government finances being in a state of collapse, we're giving way on this as well. So the scammers can keep drawing welfare indefinitely.

Fucking wonderful.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Jacko death update

(This post has also become a forum on Israel - not sure why)

Early reports suggest that Michael Jackson han't been this stiff since McCauley Culkin stayed over

Out of repect McDonalds have released the McJackson Burger - 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns

He's not going to be buried or cremated but recycled into shopping bags so he can remain white, plastic and dangerous for little kids to play with

I'm deeply offended by the jokes surrounding Micahel Jackson's death. He touched me is ways only a catholic priest would understand

And the cause of death? It seems that Farah Fawcett went to Heaven and asked God to make the world safe for children. So he killedd Jacko

Obama soup kitchen

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Madness? Maybe, but maybe not

On the face of it it's hilarious. Britain's main Equality Industry quango the Equality and Human Rights Commission has taken the BNP to task for not being sufficiently diverse. They wag a finger and say "The Commission thinks that the BNP's constitution and membership criteria may discriminate on the grounds of race and colour."

Now even for a fantasy-based publicly financed arm of the Equality Industry, that's going a bit over the top. The raison d'etre of the BNP is to stop all black and Muslim immigration immediately, deport all illegal immigrants and 'encourage' those legally in Britain to return 'home'.

Now maybe I'm wrong here, but it seems to me rather unlikely that the membership of such a party would reflect the diversity ratios which has been decided for us by our betters. I've thought deeply on it, but I can't see that large numbers of illegal black immigrants would be irresistibly drawn to it.

Just another deluded fantasy from the Equality Industry then?

Well, maybe, but maybe not.

You see, there's a potential, and quite significant, sting in the tail. The Equality Industry has a battery of legal powers at its disposal to enforce the sort of diversity it sees lacking in the BNP. What if they decided to take legal action against it until it conforms? It'd be the end of the BNP, that's what. It would either be financially ruined or else would have a membership structure totally at odds with its stated objectives.

It would be destroyed either way.

And maybe that's what this is all about. Whether or not it is, it shows the extent to which real democratic representation and freedoms are being steadily undermined by way of equality and related legislation.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Iran 'crisis' - WTF????

Am I the only one staggered by the scale of the coverage, especially by the US MSM, afforded to the 'crisis' in Iran, where an election seems to have been stolen? You know, like what GW Bush did in 2000, and possibly, with the help of the Diebold Corporation, did in 2004 as well?

I've been in Holland for the last week and from the major US networks it's almost wall-to-wall, 24 hour coverage. Same with the NYT and a few more. Now as my American friends will testify, as will anyone at all who visits the US, foreign news isn't exactly a major seller for the average Joe in the street. A change of government in a major European country will get a line or two, sandwiched between Britney's latest boob job and the breed of the President's new dog.

And it's not as if they have an unending stream of dramatic updates from Iran. Wolf Blitzer admitted that 'we have no film footage and very little factual reporting'. They're even appealing to Iranian Facebook and Twitter users to get them something to report. Yet the saturation coverage continues. Yesterday the textline at the bottom of the screen came up with 'up to 100 killed in Iraqi horror blast'. And that was about it.

Meanwhile we can expect breathless coverage of "News flash: Iranian policeman gets black eye".

What the hell is going on here?

Well, I'm left with only one conclusion that makes sense. The Israeli Lobby is orchestrating it. Iran is Israel's big enemy de jour, and I've noticed a lot of the neocons crawling out from under their stones and demanding that Obama take 'firm action' with Iran. As is Benjamin Netenyahu.

As all of you will know, I'm very far from being a "Jewish conspiracy" freak. Basically I've never believed in it. But I tell you this my friends. If the Lobby can manipulate the US media to this extent - virtually turn it on its head - well, I find that truly, truly scary.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sweden slides, Stalinism thrives

Just finished another visit to Sweden, first in over a year. Sadly, all the negative trends are being maintained. Even though I was in a real-world situation this time (i.e. commercial as against university) the blindness and Stalinist thought control are still rampant.

The country gets notably shabbier as time goes on. Twenty years ago Sweden was the most advanced and the best in everything. Now it's just another country, and one that's sliding back if anything. Not surprising when you consider that a country of 8 million people allocates an estimated $27 billion annually to keep its immigration population afloat in welfare and security.

Speaking of which, it's also clear that trust is breaking down. Now you'll see security cameras, wire netting over shop windows and security staff in many shops.

Most un-Swedish.

And again, despite my best efforts, nobody will talk about it. It's just like East Germany under the Stasi. Can't be overheard, your job is at risk, or you could be imprisoned if you contravene the ever-expanding range of 'hate' crimes.

Interestingly, the most open to discussion are immigrants themselves. My highly intelligent Eritrean driver explained about all the problems for a black and/or Muslim immigrant. 'We're so different that we almost have to retreat to our own communities'. True, and unfortunate. 'We know they don't want to associate with us'. Again, true, and again, unfortunate.

But you see, this is the inevitable outcome of mass immigration of people from incompatible cultures. And it still goes on. As one Swede said to me, any politician who even raises this subject will see his career finished. And it'll destroy Sweden.

Last word to my driver. Does he think that Swedes are wise to allow and finance such immigration? "They're nuts" he answered succinctly.

Enough said.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Can't send a mother to jail..

This from the always excellent Lambeth Walk blog:


A Nigerian mum-of-nine behind a £25,000 benefit scam involving a mystery identical twin sister was spared jail today (fri) because she is a mother. [Just a minute. So mothers can't be sent to jail now? Since when did that become legal practice?]

Mary Adama-Agbo, 43, was arrested on suspicion of using the fake identity of sibling Sarah Nnadiekwe to secure mortgages of more than £400,000 on two properties - while claiming handouts to cover the repayments for six years. "

So, we have to pay to raise her nine kids, pay for her benefits scam, and presumably pay any fine she may have received, not to mention the cost of a court case which was completely pointless.

Another one for my bulging 'You Couldn't Make This Up' file.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

True, but a bit late, Irwin

Irwin Steltzer is a self-confessed neoconservative, you know, those people who cornered the invade-the-world, invite-the-world market. Basically the neocons want us over there and them over here. Steltzer is also a key figure in organisations such as the Hudson Institute and the American Enterprise Institute.

Such organisations are very keen on neocon-style internationalism and mass immigration. This is because they suit the plutocrats whom they represent and who control the rest of us. This internationalism weakens national controls over finance, drives down the cost of wages in Western countries through mass immigration, and export jobs to where they can be done most cheaply.

Irwin is also what the Nazis used to call a ‘rootless cosmopolitan’. So the following from his piece in yesterday’s Irish Independent comes as comething of a shock.

“There are places in the UK, France, America and other countries where the existing inhabitants feel they have become strangers in a strange land. The dress is foreign and often scary, the native tongue is unheard of on the streets, the odours from the cooking of strange foods are off-putting, children are held back in school by immigrants who do not speak the nation’s language, and the religions practiced vary from the merely exotic to the positively threatening”

“Perhaps worst of all, this is of little concern to the ruling elites, who rarely live in the affected neighbourhoods, or venture into them. They are free to favour multiculturalism without enduring its consequences, and to ignore the fact that new immigrants, unlike previous waves, have no desire to integrate into a culture they often find abhorrent.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Irwin me old mate. Just a pity that you didn’t start saying it years ago when you had such massive influence among our rulers.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Psychosis update

I frequently log on to Bock the Robber blog. Well written, humorous, takes no prisoners and invariably hits the right targets with punchy biting skill. One such target is our indigenous travellers, knackers, gypsies, tinkers, call them what you will.

Sample this excerpt:

"I wanted to share with you my views on knackers, by which I mean dirty, lazy, useless fucking skobes. Lazy, ignorant miserable fuckers who want to do fuck-all except sponge off the rest of us.
I saw two kids about four years old today, both dressed in navy track-suits with white hoodies and white baseball caps, screaming foul-mouthed abuse at their mother, and I was thinking, Christ, I can see the future!

How did that happen? They’re four and already they’re knackers. Their father is probably eighteen, and a knacker. Their grandfather might be thirty-two, a knacker and a thug. (Of course, that’s presuming their father and grandfather are actually two different people). For fucksake, their great-grandfather is only forty-six, a total skobe, a thug and a dyed-in-the-wool knacker, and their great-great-grandfather is a strong and fit sixty years of age. A complete bastard who’d bite your lips off if you looked at him crooked. At a pinch, even great-great-great grandad (74) would have a good go at you.

And you know what? Not one of these motherfuckers has ever worked a day in his life. Why would they, when they have wall-to-wall social workers who have concerns around them, and their at-risk children? It doesn’t matter how many baby Waynes and Deans, Harrisons, Tylers, Whitneys, Courtneys, Kileys, BeyoncĂ©s and Jodies these fuckers pop out. We’ll keep paying for them. Why? Is there some scheme to populate Ireland with violent Foetal Alcohol Syndrome halfwits?"

Now before writing this Bock obviously had failed to consult his PC Bible, Book Of Victims, verse 4.2.8. “Lo, though knackers may be the scum of ye earth, yea verily they shall not be held accountable for any of the endless list of depredations they doth inflict on the population at large, for they, forsooth, be Victims, and Victims are never to blame for anything. So sayeth the Lord of Political Correctness”

But wasn’t his piece superbly written? I'd have been happy to have penned that myself. And he’s spot on target. Because, as he makes clear in this and some other posts, knackers are for the most part (there are exceptions) violent, spouse-abusing, cruel, thieving, promiscuous, incestuous, welfare-dependent, degenerate scumbags.

Now Bock knows this because, being from Limerick, which is a kind of a knacker capital, he’s been on the receiving end of it all his life. (In fairness to Limerick, it’s actually now an attractive pleasant city but is blighted by a disproportionately high rate of scumbags, who attracted the ‘Stab City’ legend and drive the rest of its citizens crazy).

There’s nothing like direct first-hand experience of this to blow away the cobwebs, but it’s sad to note then that, following a single bleeding heart repost, Bock capitulated like an Italian infantry division and introduced a meaningless distinction between knacker and traveller, whom he then described as, I kid you not, “a refined and noble race.”

Bock, how could you? And there was you promising to be ‘20% more offensive'.

Now bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

Let’s revisit the highly accurate description of (most, not all) knackers as violent, spouse-abusing, thieving, promiscuous, incestuous, welfare-dependent, degenerate scumbags.

Ring any bells?

It will if you’ve spent time in Brixton, or Johannesburg, or Baltimore, or Chicago, or the peripherique suburbs of Paris, or in fact anywhere – everywhere - where you find a large black population. If you have you’ll know that knackers are blacks with white skins. Ok, usual disclaimer here: of course not all or even most blacks are like that, but as I've shown in dozens of posts (e.g. this) they are, by orders of magnitude, more prone to these characteristics.

Now here’s the interesting bit. Bock gets very angry with people who point this out. He and some of his pubescent readers had a right go at your humble Savant some time ago on his blog, and it appears, according to my correspondent Ben, that he’s had another go at me in a different blog.

To wit: Comment by Bock the Robber — January 29, 2009 @ 9:47 pm

“He’s one of those unfortunate idiots though. You know the ones. They come up with a whole doctrine to excuse their idiocy but just come up looking like more of an idiot that they originally did. What a fucking idiot”.

Now do you notice anything here? First, the vivid, punchy, effervescent writing has been replaced by conventional PC-speak. And notice another thing. In three lines he’s used ‘idiot’ no fewer than four times.

Almost as disappointing as your earlier crawling climb-down, Bock.

But the interesting bit is this. Bock attributes a whole series of characteristics, with 100% accuracy, to a particular ethnic group. A group of which he has had close direct experience. But he’s outraged, scandalised, when I and other race realists attribute similar characteristics to another ethnic group, blacks in this instance.

He does so because, self-evidently, he’s had no direct experience of blacks. But also, despite claiming to be non-PC, he and the others have drunk deeply from the ‘diversity is good’ cup.

Demonstrating the psychosis that I wrote about here, he and his cohorts are also totally unable to take on board the mountain of factual peer-reviewed research and practical experience that supports the position of race realists. He therefore responds to the rude intrusion of reality with standard PC Speak – ‘idiot, dumb, offensive, hate, spew’ etc.

And therein lies the problem for Ireland and the West. The vast majority of people have had, so far (and boy, that’s gonna change) little direct experience of living with blacks. The only information they get from the Thought Police in the MSM suggests that all blacks are uncanonised saints, or at worst misunderstood Victims. Like knackers.

But by the time they get this experience it’ll be too late. As it’s been for Brixton, or Johannesburg, or Baltimore, or Chicago, or the peripherique suburbs of Paris, or in fact anywhere – everywhere - where you find a large black population.

So enjoy civilisation while it lasts.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hope from Holland

My joy was untrammeled at the success of Geerd Wilders and his ‘extreme right-wing party’ (what absolute bollocks that description is) at the recent elections in Holland.

Describing the results as an awakening from a long nightmare, Wilders added “a nightmare of crazy high taxes, crime, lousy care, headscarves and burkas, of pauperizing, of mass immigration and Islamisation.”

Despite the Stalinist effectiveness of the PC Thought Police it seems that the mountain of evidence faced by ordinary Dutch people every day could no longer be swept under the carpet. Not just massive welfare scrounging and no-go areas for non-Muslims, but as I showed in this post, the evidence that violent criminals in Holland are almost all of foreign origin.

And there seem to be similar signs in the British elections as well, although a bit early to say yet.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance that it heralds an awakening in Europe. Maybe, just maybe, the sheeple will see through the barrier of lies and propaganda and realise what a catastrophic failure the multi-cultural social engineering experiment has been.

Maybe. It won't matter to me personally given my age, but it most certainly will matter to my Savantettes, and to their contemporaries.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Too true

This from a friend and regular reader of this blog. He's doing a highly dangerous job in an exotic location. Here's what he has to say....

"Went into yahoo news and clicked on Ireland and guess what the first headline is........yup

Foreign national children need more support..............this in-depth study cough cough research has uncovered the fact that quote"most immigrant students do not have English as their first language and may need extra help from teachers" (how the fuck can this come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain seeing as the majority of these foreign national children come from Third World countries half way around the world where their time in class amounts to a third of the time as they have spent in WHO food distribution queues)

This was the conclusion reached by the ESRI (who are these muppet's again) as the result of a survey carried out in 1200 primary and second level schools across the country entitled......wait for it 'Adapting to Diversity:Irish Schools and Newcomer Students'

I'm sure if these fuck nuts at ESRI were to read Irish Savant they could have saved the Irish tax payer (which I'm glad to say I am not of their number) a pretty penny on the costings of yet another bullshit survey.

A decline in the Irish education system due to the influx of immigrant students has long been predicted by the all knowing Savant.

Bravo Savant on your gift of foresight."

Monday, 1 June 2009

Quick nationality test

Ok, guess the nationality here.







No, all wrong.

Polish is the answer.

Don't believe me?

Check below.