Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The EU referendum: Yes or No?

Anon 19.50 asks me. 'are you going to vote Yes or No'?

Well, it might surprise you to know that I'm by no means as viscerally opposed to the EU as most of this blog's readers seem to be. The EU has made one phenomenal achievement which almost puts everything else in the shade: It created an environment and set of structures that makes war between member states inconceivable into the foreseeable future. Given Europe's history, that is no small thing. In fact it borders on magical.

In many ways it actually increases regional independence in that it provides a framework for a country to peacefully split up - e.g. like Czechoslovakia did. It could facilitate a similar development in Belgium and some other countries should the occasion arise. So paradoxically it could actually facilitate regional independence.

Even in terms of 'interfering' legislation, can anything be worse than the useless corrupt fools masquerading as legislators we have in this country, and in so many others?

And don't forget that the 'colossus' gets by on 1% of the EU's tax revenues - the rest is available to individual governments. Its power is actually far less than is commonly believed. Whether it will remain that way of course is hard to say - the bureaucrats sure have plans.

My big objection to 'Europe' is the European Convention of Human Rights. This was a noble and commendable initiative when it was introduced after WW II, but is now hopelessly out of date and being used today as a battering ram to enforce peecee multiculti social re-engineering, most notably by way of mass immigration. Most of the evil we see today actually stems from this, not the EU per se.

And on the this last topic, dear to my heart, don't forget that non-EU countries like Norway and Switzerland also suffer from mass immigration.

So, a tough call......

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Celebrating diversity in Germany

Thanks to Renata for this video. Not sure to what extent it's got publicity. Shows that Islamic cultural enrichment isn't confined to the Nordic countries.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Sweden: The madness goes on

I see Sweden is about to take in another large contingent of Somalis, the worst possible refugees. Hundreds of them, from camps in Kenya. "It feels good that Sweden can take part in such as large humanitarian operation," Dan Eliasson, the director-general of the Swedish Migration Board.

Ah yes…. ‘it feels good’. But for whom does it feel good, Dan? I presume not for the hundreds of girls who will in due course be raped by these cultural enrichers, nor for the firemen who will nightly have to risk their safety to quench fires started by these malcontents, nor for the increasingly beleaguered Swedish taxpayers who have to pick up the multi-billion Euro tag for the required welfare (almost all will become, and remain, dependent on the state).

No, of course not. It 'feels good' for you Dan, and all the other posturing, self-aggrandising paragons of virtue who won't have to live with the direct consequences of their actions. And therein lies in my view the explanation for the whole thing. ‘It feels good’ for certain people.

That’s why the madness goes on.

Note: Please check the comments from zngr to this post. They give you practical examples of the madness I refer to.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I have to laugh at this.....

This guy makes the following comment to my post last year on Hurricane Katrina:

"Has anyone here ever lived in the U.S ?if not dont talk bout things you don't know, black people contributed to America Greatness, what would America be culturally without blacks, ( funny thing is that I bet ya probably love rock&Roll)"

Well my friend, if you'd looked at the tracker stats you'd see that the USA provides the single biggest number of readers for this site. And I've been there more times than I can remember.

Now you ask "what would America be culturally without blacks?"

Well, I agree, no rock 'n' roll, but also enjoying vastly reduced levels of crime, poverty, welfare dependency, violence, single-parent families and corruption.

Friday, 25 September 2009


This was written by W. M. Thompson in The land and the Book, 1870.

"Lebanon has about 400,000 inhabitants, gathered into more than six hundred towns, villages and hamlets...The various religions and sects live together, and practice their conflicting superstitions in close proximity, but the people do not coalesce into one homogeneous community, nor do they regard each other with fraternal feelings.

The Sunnites excommunicate the Shiites - both hate the Druse, and all three detest the Nusairiyeh. The Maronites have no particular love for anybody and, in turn, are disliked by all. The Greeks cannot endure the Greek Catholics; all despise the Jews. And the same remarks apply to the minor divisions of this land.

There is no common bond of union. Society has no continuous strata underlying it, which can be opened and worked for the general benefit of all, but an endless number of dislocated fragments, faults, and dikes, by which the masses are tilted up in hopeless confusion, and lie at every conceivable angle of antagonism to each other. The omnific Spirit that brooded over primeval chaos can alone bring order out of such confusion, and reduce these conflicting elements into peace and concord. [my italics]

No other country in the world, I presume, has such a multiplicity of antagonistic races; and herein lies the greatest obstacle to any general and permanent amelioration and improvement of their condition, character, and prospects. They can never form one united people, never combine for any important religious or political purpose; and will therefore remain weak, incapable of self-government, and exposed to the invasions and oppressions of foreigners. Thus it has been, is now, and must long continue to be a people divided, meted out, and trodden down."

This was written 140 years ago, and since then the population of Lebanon his grown tenfold. And so have its problems. It remains a hotchpotch of mutually antagonistic ethnic groups, mired interminably in war and conflict.

Today, regions all over Europe are heading the same way, and the numbers grow all the time. Demographic trends, if maintained, will cause these regions to become Lebanised in due course (many already are), with all the attendant problems.

And always remember friends, we brought this on ourselves.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

What about the Poles?

Several commentators over the last few months have asked why, in deploring Ireland's immigration policies I always focus on blacks and Muslims, never on Poles or other East Europeans, whose numbers are significantly greater.

Fair question, and I have a simple answer. And it is that white immigrants will, with some exceptions, work hard and will have little difficulty with, or objection to, integrating with the local population. There a numerous examples of this already, Germans and French in West Cork, Dutch in Cobh. Never a problem, seamless integration and assimilation with the native population.

On the other hand we have seen everywhere - everywhere - that blacks and Muslims cause problems wherever they go. Always. Crime, welfare dependency, violence, and additionally, in the case of Muslims, fundamental incompatibility with democratic Western values. Again, when it comes to them, time does not heal. In fact things get worse over time.

That's it, question answered.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I've been rumbled!

Well, it was bound to happen. The following brilliant analysis, as a comment to the 'Nigerians love Ireland' post, clearly shows who and what I am.

"you racist [email protected]@@@ r just ignorants,i can see clearly youse are illiterates and just because you havent travelled outside ireland doesn mean you should keep up with the old way of life.Go to england,london,canada even usa things like racism is really low,black white blabla r all d same.u know what i think youse should stop wasting your money in pubs and get ur life straight cos we r all pencils in the hands of God almighty.hypocrites"

Yes. He/she has rumbled the fact that I'm dumb, haven't written books, been a technology entrpepreneur, or travelled all over the the world. Yes, I admit it. I'm a dumb ass who spends, and has spent, all his days stuck in a pub. It took the brilliant mind of this person to piece it all together. A sad day for me.

PS - isn't the 'youse are illiterates' fab?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sociologists need their lab rats

Barbara Ehrenreich is best known as the author of Nickel And Dimed, where she went under cover to expose the travails of the American working class. The book, in my view, did some great analysis but came to the wrong conclusions on key issues.

Now she has an article in last Tuesday’s International Herald Tribune (which I get here in Stockholm) entitled ‘The recession’s racial divide’. You can see what’s coming, of course.

Blacks are ‘taking the brunt of the recession’ apparently. Quelle surprise? as the French would say. They’re suffering job losses and pay reductions, which in turn are leading to foreclosures on their homes. Could this be due to the millions of illegal Latino immigrants taking their jobs and working at dirt-level pay?

Apparently not. These possible factors are not mentioned at all, in fact.

Could it be due to the well-documented failings of the black community, poor work ethic, low IQ, high predisposition to criminality, unstable family environment?

No, these are not mentioned either. So what’s the cause. It’s simple. Racism (on the part of whites, I need hardly add)

Ok, that's cleared that one up then.

Then she moves on to the sub-prime bust. She explains how, for generations, and ‘thanks to a legacy of discrimination’, ‘solid black citizens’ were denied house loans by mortgage lenders. Studies have shown (and she's correct here) that lenders were reluctant to lend to blacks

Why? Could it have been their well-documented lousy credit ratings? No. This factor was not mentioned.

The real explanation then? More racism.

Ok, we can see a consistent pattern emerging here. And I for one am convinced.

But as I read on, I must confess, I get hopelessly confused. Because, just before the sub-prime bust, it seems that those same mortgage lenders, by some mysterious and unexplained mechanism, have turned around 180 degrees. Not only has their racism totally disappeared, they’re now actually seeking out those very same ‘solid black citizens’ to offer them all the money they want to buy houses!

Isn't that remarkable? And isn't it wonderful? Barbara must have been thrilled.

But no – apparently not. It seems that these lenders were greedy unscrupulous capitalist pigs, ‘forcing’ loans on confused and vulnerable people, after which they ran cackling all the way to the bank. But here’s the confusing bit. If the greedy capitalists are only interested in grabbing all the money they can (and I agree with her on that one) why did they pass up all those wonderful opportunities with the ‘solid black citizens’ over all these years?

Alas, she doesn’t explain.

Ok, the foregoing has been facetious, so let’s get serious for a minute. In the name of Jesus, how can we expect to solve what is a serious problem if we resolutely avert our gaze from the real causes? You would think that a sociology professor (which Ehrenreich is) would have had enough exposure to empirical research-based methodologies to at least get somewhere close to reality.

Maybe you would, but I wouldn’t. I've spend many years in the university academic field, in several countries, and I can tell you that professors, especially those in the soft ‘sciences’, are the most useless collection of wasters you’ll find on the planet. They represent the polar opposite of what a university should be. I mean that, instead of honestly seeking out true explanations, they have their preconceived views and they use their (usually pitiful) abilities to retrofit the facts to support those views.

It’s little wonder that William F. Buckley said of his colleagues at Harvard ‘I’d rather select the first 600 names in the phone book to run the country than the faculty at Harvard’.

The ultimate irony of course is that, by failing to identify the real causes of the problems they purport to address, they’re actually perpetuating them. But just as in Sweden where the ‘leaders’ promote mass immigration to bolster their own self-esteem, a similar pathology is at play here.

And where would sociology professors be without their lab rats?

Friday, 18 September 2009

A survey in Stockholm

I've been here nearly two weeks. After a day or two I began to take count of the couples that I saw. I divided them into Swede with Swede, Swede with cultural enricher, and where both were cultural enrichers. To get as good a sample as possible I took every opportunity to take my meals out of doors (the weather is improbably glorious) and I also traveled a lot on the subway (underground trains).

I'm not claiming that the figures meet normal statistical sampling standards, but equally when a consistent pattern emerges, day after day, it must mean something.

In all I counted 214 couples. Here's the breakdown:

132 Swede/Swede

24 Both cultural enrichers or else not possible to say

58 Swede/cultural enricher

So there you have it. More than one in four of such liaisons feature a Swede and a cultural enricher. This, looking at it coldly and mathematically, means the death of the Swedish people as we know it. But we realised this anyway.

But it begs one question: In literally 95% of the latter relationships the girl is Swedish. Swedish men clearly aren't going for foreign women, so are 25% going without? And if they are, in the name of Jesus what are they doing about it?

Isn't it amazing, or am I missing something??? Seriously.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Talking to Muslims in Stockholm

I've been in Stockholm ten days now, and in that time I've made it my business to talk with as many Muslims as I can. I've struck up conversations with Iranians, Eritreans, Iraqis, Egyptians and Azerbaijanis – no Somalis! The result has been broadly similar.

They are emphatic that they have no wish to impose their beliefs on Swedish society at large. They seem sincere, and I believe they are up to a point. However, the trouble comes when I pose the difficult questions.

Such as:

What should happen to a Muslim in Sweden if he should become a Christian? Does his family have the right to kill him, or to punish him at all?

Should there be legalised punishment for women who commit adultery?

The previous unequivocal commitments to democracy and the rule of law quickly become enveloped in a fog of ambivalence and discomfort. They try to shift the ground by saying ‘these things should be handled by the Muslim community itself’, or that such punishments should be applied only if there were a Muslim majority (which there will be within a generation or two).

Their attitudes to native Swedes are heavily negative. After talking for a while they admit to detesting their ‘arrogance’ most of all. I find it hard to see where this arrogance comes in. I don't see it in Swedes. But then I'm not an immigrant from an incompatible culture. They tell me that they ‘just know’ that Swedes look down on them, and most of them seem eaten up with anger.

They also tell me that, like Paris, Stockholm is ‘surrounded ’ by vast housing estates where the inhabitants have been ‘abandoned ’. Once the numbers become big enough they’ll ‘invade the city’ with horrendous results.

The same scenario was painted to me in different ways by several interlocutors. Most of these are not in themselves bad people. They are products of generations of benighted indoctrination, from dysfunctional societies where you have to fight and cheat to survive, and they find themselves in one of the world’s most ‘progressive’ societies trying to make their way.

The ones I really blame are the country’s smug, preening, sanctimonious leaders who, to bolster their own sense of self-worth, have created this situation. It truly is a nightmare scenario my friends, especially when you consider the demographics (30% of children under the age of ten are third world immigrant stock).

A nightmare scenario indeed.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Casteration - the only solution for Caster

I'm sorry for Caster Semenya. I really am. To drag in the ancient clichĂ©, s/he can't help the way s/he was born, and her condition was undoubtedly exacerbated by her (East) German coach. The humiliation and disappointment after being given a hero’s welcome must be dreadful. I hesitate to say it must have been like a kick in the balls.

It’s the reaction of ANC politicians that I find fascinating. Take Minister for Sport Makhenkesi Stofile as an example. Building on the pioneering medical research of his erstwhile colleague Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (who you’ll recollect, rocked the scientific world by discovering beetroot to be the cure for AIDS) he presumably enlisted her to scour every peer-reviewed medical journal to check the basis for the findings.

His verdict: “Where is the science that says hermaphrodites have an advantage? The issue here is that this girl has undesirable levels of testosterone - what does it matter? That is neither here nor there. She does not have a womb - so what?," he asked. He may as well have added ‘OK, she has a dick and a pair of balls. So what?’

What a fucking idiot.

But we expect ANC Ministers to be idiots. However, it also demonstrates that they have enough intelligence to milk the peecee/racism tit for all it’s worth. The IAAF has been accused by all and sundry in SA as ‘racist and sexist’. Well done lads, you’re learning.

No mention of course of genuine women athletes who have trained all their lives, and their dreams and rights. The black sense of entitlement, and the corresponding absence of personal responsibility, are running out of control. Doubtless ‘the legacy of apartheid’ will be dragged into it at some stage.

By the way, did you know that the name Caster Semenya is an anagram of 'YES A SECRET MAN' ?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

God grant me serenity....

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”

Wonderful words from Reinhold Niebuhr. I really mean that. They’re the secret to a happy life.

So why am I so totally unable to live by them?
Scene: Me sitting in improbably glorious sunshine in Stockholm’s lovely Old Town, overlooking a maze of sparkling water. I'm in a pavement cafĂ©, downing a cool beer. A lively street scene is a touch away.


Yes. What more could anyone want?
Yet my friends, I'm allowing “the things I cannot change” to drive me fucking demented. Specifically what demolishes my ‘serenity’ is the sight of magnificent Nordic goddesses, pregnant, pushing prams of half-breed mini jihadists, while some greasy Somali, only up to her shoulder, struts along beside her. Or more accurately, a few steps in front of her.

I can't change it if a culture commits collective suicide. So why can't I, like old Reinhold wisely suggests, take it with serenity and enjoy my beer?

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Muslim knees-up

One of the commonest sights I see in Sweden is that of beautiful local girls consorting with Muslim men. Very often they're pushing a pram carrying the couples' offspring. Needless to say, the women are doing the pushing.

What makes them do it? Maybe, being liberated Swedes, the active social life within the Religion of Peace is the attraction. Here's an example.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

A week in Holland

In Holland for the last week, ostensibly on work but also to suss out how things were in the heartland of Eurabia. My host was my long time friend Hubert, both of us ex-Communists. The ‘ex’ deriving from our time spend several decades ago in some of the Workers’ Paradises of Eastern Europe. Even now I'm looking at a tape ‘Best Of Communist Marching Songs’

Oh dear! Anyway, that was a long, long time ago.

Hubert had lined up a wide range of people to meet, including those from the multiculti wing right over to Dutch nationalists.

My first physical impression was horrendous. Even in small picturesque towns, well outside the main cities one could see whole areas given over to the Forces of Darkness. Mosques sprouted everywhere, every second TV channel seemed to feature some fanatic in a beard. There was a program which discussed how second-generation Moroccans had rates of schizophrenia twenty times higher than the norm. The fact that this didn’t affect the first immigration generation was, when I was there, the subject of much discussion.

Some people I met told me about Afshin Ellian who lives near Utrecht, surrounded by bodyguards, in fear of his life. His crime? This Iranian immigrant writes a column that's critical of the Religion of Peace. Unlike the overwhelming majority of Muslims, this one deeply appreciates the Enlightenment values he found in Europe. He believes that they should be vigorously defended, by force if needs be.

Some chance.

I learned from a member of the Social Democrats (leftwing party) that Holland had an exact replica of the Swedish ‘voluntary censorship’ model (see my post here), whereby identifying the religion/ethnicity of criminals was prohibited. In Holland the vast majority of crimes – especially violent ones – are committed by immigrants. And we can't have people finding out the truth in a liberal democracy, can we?

The most successful wheeze though, and also the most outrageous, was Muslims’ success in capitalising on the experience of Jews at the hands of the Nazis. This is a sore point for the Dutch, who feel they could and should have done more at that time. Now Muslims and their multiculti quislings have skillfully captured this emotion whereby any defense of enlightened values gets channelled into an attack on a victimised minority.

We’re the new Jews’ became the cry (‘you can't hit me with the Jews in my arms’). The irony here of course is that anti-Semitism in Europe is dominated by Muslims, not surprising when their ‘schools’ expose their students to a non-stop stream of anti-Jewish venom. But hey! Why let facts get in the way of a good story?

However, it’s not all bad news. The murder of Theo van Gogh seems to have finally resurrected something of a fight back. Strong words ‘offensive’ even, have appeared about Muslim immigrants in the MSM. I'm told that people will openly talk now about the negative sides of mass immigration in a way that would never have happened before. Anti-immigrant parties are getting a much larger share of the vote.

But I'm afraid I'm with Afshin Ellian. He fears that Europeans, in their ‘self-hating nihilism and utopian anti-Americanism’ have lost the will to fight back and are losing the war. I think it’s too late, the demographics are against the native Dutch. The two main cities are close to having Muslim majorities already, and the birthrates for blacks and Muslims are orders of magnitude higher than those of Dutch natives, who in any event, as I pointed out in this post, are fleeing the country in droves.

The Dutch need for consensus, guilt over the Jews in WW II, guilt over colonialism, the non-stop stream of multiculti propaganda from the MSM have combined to make them easy meat for a devious and ruthless reverse-colonial enemy. The land of Spinoza may be headed for a new Dark Age.