Saturday, 27 February 2010

The shocking tale of Pastor Kiweweesi

Pastor Kiweweesi became one of Uganda's best known preachers. His Kansanga Miracle Centre which he started in 1992 from humble beginnings, had become a roaring success. But then, out of the blue, David Arinaitwe, a member of the church since 2002, accused Kiweweesi of rocking from the rear.

Kiweweesi claimed it was, well, a bum rap and looked like getting away with it. He had even sued the intrepid reporter for libel. But then five other boys have come up and claim the pastor also assaulted them sexually along the lines of the following report............

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Epic Beard Man: The main lesson

I presume by now you’ll have seen the Epic Beard Man video as it’s become something of an Internet sensation over the last few weeks. If not, it can be summarized as black thug makes unprovoked attack on elderly white man on a bus in Oakland CA, and gets soundly thrashed for his trouble. MySAS gives extensive video coverage here.

The outcome is very gratifying in showing that not every white man has been conditioned to take racial abuse lying down. However, there’s a major lesson to be drawn from this event as well.

Consider the following: A black thug, a convicted murderer, makes an unprovoked attack on an elderly white man. This includes punching him and pulling a knife. A black female so-called student captures everything on camera. She urges on the thug with open racist venom – ‘whip his white ass’ – and then steals the man’s property after he leaves.

In such circumstances would she not be greatly concerned about prosecution for racist hate crime and robbery arising from an assault? Keep her identity secret and flee the bus?

Not a bit of it. She calls out to the thug that ‘I got it all on camera. You want to sue or press charges?’ And just in case there’s any identity confusion, she sticks her own ugly mug on camera at the end of it.

It underlines in dramatic fashion the extent to which so-called white privilege has been turned on its head in the space of a few decades. That blacks’ sense of entitlement has become so entrenched that even after committing criminal assault and robbery their first reaction is to cry victimhood and shake down whitey.

What a world we’ve created.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Make the burka mandatory

I swear, when I see things like this I feel like becoming a Muslim.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Poland celebrates diversity: The terrible case of Simon Mol

I thought I'd gone beyond anger with this whole white guilt, multi-culti PC bullshit thing. Weariness, yes. Cynicism, perhaps. But anger, no. Until I read of the tale of Simon Mol, an evil sociopathic parasite of the worst kind.

Although born in Cameroon, in June 1999 he arrived in Poland as a member of a Ghanaian journalist delegation.. He immediately applied for asylum, which was granted in September 2000. The political persecution on which the claim was made was subsequently shown by Polish TV to be a complete fabrication.

.Who could have imagined?
In Poland he, adopting pen name Simon Mol, wrote poems, founded a small theatre group and engaged in political campaigns for the rights of refugees, anti-racism, anti-fascism and environmental protection.

Good move, Simon. Clever boy. You’d immediately honed in on a rich seam of goodies that sustained you from then on in the style that you quickly became accustomed to. One source said “he had an apartment, a car and money which he spent with a light hand."

Despite being ‘small, slight, and with a voice like a frog’, Mol immediately set about shagging any Polish woman he could find. Again, par for the course. According to one source ”he was always accompanied by women. Sometimes very attractive women, and sometimes ‘white mice’, sensitive, and adoring women who believed they were doing their duty towards political correctness by helping the poor refugee."

Mol's secret

But unknown to all of these women, he had a secret. A terrible secret. While waiting for his refugee status to be decided, he was diagnosed by Polish medical authorities as having AIDS. According to medical procedures, it was impossible for Mol not to have learned of this fact.

And yet he was still given refugee status!

Most disturbing of all was that he insisted on unprotected sex during his encounters with what some estimates put at up to 100 women. He modus operandi has been explained as follows: “For many women, having unprotected sex with a black man fulfilled two politically correct obligations: it was trendy to have sex with a black man, and it was also a sign that one was not prejudiced against blacks." If a girl protested against the lack of protection, he accused her of “blatant racism, that everyone thinks Africans carry HIV. Not willing to appear racist, they usually complied.”

Monika O., a literature student infected by Mol explains as follows “I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected. I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.”

This is supported by a report from the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, which claimed that Mol persuaded women to have unprotected sex with him by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears.

"Simon Mol always accused everybody of racism. When you didn't do what he wished, he would yell that it was because he was black. He never listened to any arguments, he would always just leave, slamming the door behind him. Everyone knew that he could make his accusations public, and everyone feared it," says a person who runs a humanitarian organization that helps refugees. "It goes without saying; he terrorized us with political correctness. And he was very charming as well.”

All of this worked a treat. He had no shortage of money to spend and women to screw. But in due course the truth emerged. Polish doctors treating multiple women for HIV noticed a pattern – they were all screwing this particular African. By late 2006 rumours of his infection started to spread. Just prior to Christmas, the desperate women began warning of Mol over the internet. "This man is consciously infecting women with HIV, each of them has informed him about the infection, but he doesn't care. He doesn't care about the life and health of others. He is a lying, deceiving and sophisticated person."

Mol's reaction was always the same: he would accuse them of racism, of stereotyping, that all blacks have HIV. He would also say that even if he were sick, it is his private business. After the Internet publicity the following letter was posted: "My name is Simon Mol. I am healthy. Whoever says they were infected by me should be brave enough to speak in their own name and speak of the facts, and not of what they imagine to be facts. Anything short of this is just nothing but racism, a political and racist campaign against my person because of who I am, what I do and where I come from."

Still, the evidence by this stage had become overwhelming and on January 2007 he was taken into custody by the Polish police. After the arrest Mol denied any knowledge of being an HIV carrier and accused the police of racism. "He was calm," noted Officer Marek Siewert, "he didn't admit anything, he said he wasn't sick and that he did not infect anyone." He also threatened to report the matter to international human rights organizations.

Again, you can see how well he had mastered the Art of Racism.

Soon after his arrest he disappeared. Revealingly, a friend suggested “my guess is he going to leave for some part of the EU that is more socially liberal and that has better social services and medical care.” Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about the lunatic asylum that Europe has become?

But the penny might be, if not dropping, at least feathering slowly to the ground.

“Please understand: we see a man who is educated, who wears good ties, who speaks good English. We naively believe that he is just like us, as if he were a European - just a black European," says Prof. Ryszard Vorbrich from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Vorbrich is the most respected scholar of Cameron in Poland. "When in fact, while this man might be capable of discussing Shakespeare with us in the same terms as we use, his opinions and beliefs about the most fundamental things are fundamentally different. We should never underestimate the importance of magic when discussing the behaviour of Cameroonians. The belief in magic is even widespread amongst their elites," admits Prof. Vorbrich.

Was it deliberate?

You’ll be gratified to know that this bastard has died, hopefully in great distress, at the end of 2008, and the whole issue disappeared from the Polish media. A nine-day wonder.
But one question remains. Did he deliberately infect those women?

The answer seems clear to me, and to many others. Even a former colleague – an African - at his theatre group says "Simon wanted to exploit white people. That is how I would describe his mentality. He felt like every white person owed him a living. I don't know if someone once robbed him, or maybe exploited his forefathers, but now it seems Simon is evening the score. I felt this notion was fundamental to his personality."

Now look at his best known poem (if this is the best I'd hate to see the worst) "Polish Goddess," which can now be read in a new, demonic light:

Polish Goddess

Then - as the Moon lit the path
of the beautiful Goddess

illuminating the darkness of the night
two tears ran down her left eye

ending their journey
burying all the nightmares

healing wounds foisted upon me
and upon my Brothers
by those like her

Where the real guilt lies

Seems clear enough to me. What about you? On this point you might like to check my post on race and psychopathy. As I said at the beginning, this story aroused me to great anger. But that anger is rightly directed more against the ideas and philosophies that allowed him to get away with what he did for so long.

That women were actually convinced by Mol to engage in sex without a condom in order to avoid being accused of racism indicates that they were not only the victims of Simon Mol, but also of ideas which corrupted any semblance of common sense amongst them. If some women had not been corrupted by academia and the culture of political correctness to believe that they owed sexual gratification to Simon Mol on account of his skin colour and status as a member of an "oppressed" group, this tragedy - to date at least forty victims have been identified - would have been avoided.

I hope I live to see the day when ordinary people have had enough and head for the castle with their pitchforks and torches, and take a terrible revenge on those who have foisted this disaster on to people of European heritage.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Regenerating Limerick

Limerick is a tough place. Well, some parts of it at least. These areas of ‘disadvantage’ like Moyross bear an uncanny resemblance to the ‘projects’ in the US or the banlieues in Paris. By this I mean they’re infested with criminal gangs, violent anti-social behaviour is rife, disputes between ‘neighbours’ are often resolved by way of arson or murder. The police run scared. In effect, society there has broken down, despite the presence of many decent families.
But fear not. This being Ireland, we have a cunning plan. The master plan (this is what it’s called, I swear) aims to regenerate four estates by demolishing up to 2,500 houses and breaking the “cycle of disadvantage”. “The regeneration is seen as crucial in dealing with criminal and anti-social issues in the area.”
Well, I'm a bit puzzled by this. You see…………. well, look at the two lowest pictures of some of the Moyross housing stock and the general environs. What do you think it looks like? Hellish dystopia where no civilized person could live? Or just an ordinary, not very glamorous, but serviceable housing environment? I suspect you’ll say the latter, and I'd agree with you.
And that’s my puzzle. How does spending €1.3 billion on demolishing and rebuilding the existing houses, and putting the same people into the new ones………how is this going to change people’s behaviour? Will the desperados, gang members, arsonists and gunmen suddenly transform into alter boys once they’re given the keys to the door?
You don't think so? Neither do I. In any case, the issue is moot now as the country’s new-found financial embarrassment has resulted in the project being deferred.
Permanently, I hope.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The anniversary of Haiti's horror

Haiti's earthquake occurred a month ago today (I think). To gain a full appreciation of the devastation, compare the scene after the quake, and then before.

Haiti after the quake

Haiti before the quake


Friday, 12 February 2010

Grim but ambivalent satisfaction

The whole thing provided me with a sense of grim, if ambivalent, satisfaction. You know, the kind you’d experience on seeing your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new car. The satisfaction came from seeing three of the most avid proponents of diversity (the Greens and Labour political parties, and school principals) wriggle in exquisite embarrassment as the full implications of ‘diversity’ begin to dawn on them.

It must have had Green Party parliamentarians chocking on their muesli as their education spokesman (sorry, spokesperson) referred to pupils from non-Irish backgrounds as the "dregs" when discussing their difficulties in enrolling in schools.

Oh dear!

The incident occurred as principals of multi-ethnic primary schools warned the Joint Committee on Education and Science of the dangers of failing to address the educational needs of children with non-Irish parents. (Note that they didn't refer to the children as non-Irish). One principal from Galway noted the experience of rioting in France because immigrants had not been properly integrated into society.
He said if new policies were not developed for asylum seekers and immigrants “ghettoisation” was going to occur and “it was already happening on the east side of Galway.”
In fact it’s already happening all over the country, as scores of primary schools degenerate into chaos in a context where multiple languages, low IQ black children and Muslim pupils whose ‘culture’ won't allow them accept female teachers all coalesce to form an educational disaster zone.
Ruairí Quinn, my old pal from my Labour Party days, noted how "in Denmark the children of guest workers who grew up never learning to speak Danish were now perceived as welfare cheats because they could not get work. Many of these people will end up in jail and welfare. We will start harvesting that legacy soon,” he warned.
Indeed we will Ruairí, indeed we will. It’s all coming along nicely and I'd say within about six years the first crop of little knife fighters will be diversifying our multicultural streets. Whether we’ll be celebrating such diversity………….. well, what do you think?
Look in the mirror folks, because it’s you who brought this disaster to pass. You’re the ones who championed diversity and mass immigration from Third World hell-holes, said hell-holes created by the very people we allowed in here in such vast numbers, and who are now reproducing at rates way in excess of the native population.
The evidence of the disaster that diversity and multiculturalism had brought to Britain, France, and so many other places was there for you to see. And to learn from.
If you had wanted to.
But you did not.
And you have now visited on this country a plague that cannot be ameliorated, far less reversed.
Clearly, this is beginning to dawn on you now, based on what went on at the Committee. But in all probability you, in your leafy law-abiding suburbs, won't experience much of it. As for your children and grand children – and mine – well, that’s going to be a very different story.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Planning application

I just applied for a building permit for a new house. It was going to be 100ft tall and 400ft wide with 9 turrets at various heights and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system. It would have parking for 200 cars and I was going to paint it snot green.
The Town council told me to bugger off.
So I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a Mosque.
Work starts on Monday...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hallelujah - the recession's over!

Whew – well that's all right then. What a relief. There was I thinking that the Irish economy was just at the beginning of a catastrophic economic crisis when, like magic, it’s all over!

How do I know this? Because all the great and the good say it’s so. By this I mean our political leaders, the economists (and not just the media whores who shill for their bank employers), the IMF, the Central Bank, the ECB….I could go on. For example Marc Coleman, by no means the worst of the economic commentators and a genuine independent, assures us that ‘signs of recovery are everywhere’. In fact while everyone admits things are bad just now, it’s almost impossible to find anyone who thinks it’s going to get worse.

Apart from your beloved Savant.

Now why would I doubt these eminent sources? Well, their being spectacularly wrong on just about everything to date could be a factor. For instance Peter Sutherland, The Greatest Living Irishman, and former Chair of both BP and Goldman Sachs, was not so long ago sternly wagging a finger at those who were ‘talking down the economy’. It was ‘not a bubble’ he assured us. I can see how he made the Chair at GS. All the rest of those worthies have similar track records.

Now here I must put aside my customary modesty and self-effacement. I'm forced to do it in order to show that the truth about our economy was there for anyone to see. Well anyone who wasn’t a fool or a rogue. Yes, almost three years ago I called it out – see here. In the same post I showed how the economy was being fundamentally undermined by sidelining science and technology. Just like the US has been doing.

It’s astonishingly simple to show that we haven't even come close to turning the corner. The ‘Government’ is running a massive deficit of over €20 billion equal to about 40% of its entire budget. It’s been hysterically praised for its ‘bravery’ in shaving off €4 billion off that. But that’s only a fraction of what needs to be cut.

Surely that's self-evident?

Meanwhile, despite these cuts we’re adding about €20 billion to the national debt each year. Which means that the principle and the interest on the borrowings continue to rise. If you do the math you’ll see that this will almost demolish the €4 billion savings within a few years.

What then? Well, the US is getting around the same problem by printing money. This works, up to a point, but self-evidently has colossal negative implications down the line. And being in the Euro zone, Ireland can't do this. For a variety of reasons which I can't go into here, pulling out of the Euro just isn't an option. And we can't continue borrowing as this would mean unsustainable repayment levels and/or unsustainable increases in what the lenders charge us.

This leaves a sovereign default, or massive draconian measures to correct the budget. That's what I hope happens, as our bloated inefficient public sector and indulgent social welfare (on the dole in Ireland you earn triple what you do in the UK) need to be cut drastically. That will set us back on the road to recovery. But it'll be slow and painful

Take a micro example: Say a Diversity Manager in the Health Service Executive has to get laid off, together with her staff. She - it will of course be a she - will suddenly go from earning about €200,000 a year to a tenth of that. Now even if she gets the usual obscene public sector pay-off, she still won't be rushing to spend it. There will be tens of thousands of people like her if the essential deep cuts take place.

Add to this the certainty of continued pay reductions for everyone – apart from the golden circle – and major taxation increases and you get a sense of the amount of money that will - has to be - be taken out of the economy.

To compound the problem we haven't seen the last of the property bubble collapse. This will soon enter its second phase when the huge numbers of borrowers who survived up to now by living off savings will dump their problems at the doors of the lending institutions. This is going to be a severe problem, but nobody’s talking about it.

Not yet.

Does the ‘Government’ have a plan? Well, kind of. The plan/hope is that a miracle occurs in the form of a major boost in our exports once the international economy takes off. But as I showed in the earlier post I referred to, the madness of the last seven years or so has meant that Ireland has become a very expensive place to do business, while technology and entrepreneurial skills and capabilities have been drastically undermined.

Is it all doom and gloom then? For the next few years, an emphatic yes. But out of evil cometh good. Because the forthcoming cleansing hellfire will hopefully result in a lean, efficient public sector, the elimination of welfare dependency as a lifestyle choice, honest competition in the 'professions', and an environment that actually, as distinct from verbally, encourages technology entrepreneurs.

Consider it as a kind of enema.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

They dare to speak the truth

You’ve undoubtedly read about the case of the 16-year-old girl who was buried alive by relatives in an "honour" killing in Turkey- carried out as punishment for talking to boys. If not, the ever-reliable Guardian provides a report here

Now to the untutored observer it might appear that all such outrages occur in Muslim countries. But in fact this is totally incorrect, and I'm heartened that so many commentators have highlighted this fact.

Typical, and welcome, is that of Peter Daou, political consultant and former adviser to Hillary Clinton. “First, let me say this: the brutalization of women and girls cuts across all religious and cultural boundaries, so this isn't just about dis-'honor' killings”

And of course he’s absolutely right. Consider the following, which represent but a small sample of what’s going on in the supposedly civilised western world.

Rural Anglican churches: Every evening, after Vespers, the adulterous women of the shires are dragged before the assembled worshippers and stoned to death. Don’t believe me? Well, just look at the photo on the left, secretly filmed by a participant.
And isn't she taking it all rather well? Typical British stiff upper lip.

Zurich Switzerland: Once a week, on Sunday morning, the air is rent by the terrified shrieks of doomed women, heading for their deaths by beheading, often for the most trivial offences. By lunchtime the streets are literally running red with blood. All the evidence you need is provided by the dreadful image on the left.

Bruges Belgium: Probably the worst example of all when it comes to Western ill-treatment of women. Once a month literally hundreds of misbehaving women are taken out and shot by firing squad. The numbers are so great that a giant excavator (seen left, going about its gory business) must be deployed to dig the required mass graves.

So yes, thank you to all those brave, culturally sensitive commentators who have fearlessly stepped forward to quell the endless vilification of the Religion of Peace.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Obama's 'auntie'

Yes, this is a picture of Polly Onyango. Auntie has been living illegally in the US for the last six years and her destiny will be decided behind closed doors (secret court session) very soon.
I feel absolutely confident that the immigration laws will be applied without fear or favour during the secret session.
Apparently auntie has been feeding the authorities with a pack of lies since being discovered. Quelle surprise?One of them seems to be............. well, is auntie not really an uncle?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Haiti relief: A true international effort

The following three pictures illustrate how the whole world has pulled together to contribute to the relief effort.

1: Flotilla of Chinese supply ships enters Port-au-Prince harbour

2: Saudi King Abdullah signs over cheque for $3 billion in Riyad

3: One of the apartment blocks to be used to house 10,000 Haitian immigrants in Venezuela

Monday, 1 February 2010

Magnificent writing

I strongly recommend you read this post on the Sarah Maid of Albion blog.

I've covered the same issue - though not in so lyrical a manner - in this post.

Should we help Haiti?

Should we run to Haiti’s assistance? Common humanity suggests we should. Well, I consider the situation in Haiti perfectly analogous to that of a drunk who spends every penny on drink, and then collapses starving into the gutter from where we’re meant to rescue him. If we give him money he’ll spend it on drink, if we give him food he’d try to barter it for drink. What would you do with such a person? You need to be able to answer that question before you can say what we should do for Haiti.

Take this from Representative Porter Goss of Florida, "We’ve been ripped off in Haiti and I don’t see why we should put more money into it. There’s so much corruption that the only way to make sure aid gets to the people is to fly down there yourself with some food, hand it to a Haitian, and watch him eat it in your presence."

Here are some further considerations:

At the time of its, ahem, ‘independence’ over 200 years ago, Haiti was a wealthy country - the richest colony in the New World. It has had billions of dollars' worth of aid from America, from Canada and from Europe over the years. America rebuilt Haiti's entire economy and national infrastructure three times during the 20th century, but each time the country reverted to its natural dystopic state. Everything the Americans built was scavenged to pieces, destroyed by arson or by vandalism, or allowed to rot through neglect:

Foreign aid provides almost half of the country’s budget and has done so for years and there are no fewer than 10,000 aid agencies of one form or another working on the ground for years (that’s almost one agency for every 1,000 Haitians!). Yet it remains a poverty and disease-stricken dump and was so before the earthquake hit.

Much is made of the repayments made to the French going back to the time of ‘independence’ but since then the IMF and other western nations have ‘forgiven’ billions in debts. Any new loans will suffer the same fate

Violence and corruption are off the Richter scale. It’s almost impossible to run a normal business there, which in turn undermines any form of economic independence. Aid is robbed by the strongest for the strongest unless policed by foreign ‘muscle’.

Haitians have destroyed their physical resources by a lack of husbandry. Once comprehensively wooded, they cut down almost all their trees resulting in, inter alia, much fertile land being swept into the sea. Foreign volunteers plant almost a million trees a year, but these are immediately cut down by the Haitians. If present trends continue there will be no trees on the Haitian part of the island within ten years.

On a number of occasions since 'independence' the black population has exterminated virtually all the whites - the only ones capable of being productive - on the island

I go back to the analogy of the drunk. An alcoholic doesn’t plan, thinks of nobody but himself, lives for the next drink and hopes others will keep him alive and drinking. What would you do with such a person?

My position, as covered in this post, is tough love. Also check out this post to see the remarkable similarities to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina