Sunday, 31 October 2010

One of the things I love about this blog is the comments. Almost all have something definite to say, and humour is never far distant (Uncle Nasty, take a special bow!). Interestingly, the ratio of comments to readership is very high, always a good sign of a blog.

One thing though is that our PC ‘enemies’ seem to have, over time, been driven off the reservation. This is a pity really because I really enjoy a good give an’ take. But a recent series of posts from a reader opened up a different possibility: That these ‘enemies’ might have been in fact converted, not driven off.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present rebelliousvanilla. She’s commented on a range of posts including this, this, and this, and also many on the Nordic countries.

On the latter she has makes the following pithy response to some of our best known commentators:(Emphasis added by me).

"Zngr, the fact that if Finland and Denmark fix their issues the immigrants move to Sweden is actually good. It puts pressure on the Swedish politicians to act, not only because the enrichers move to Sweden, but also because the Swedes see the benefits in the two other countries.And to people who think Marxism lost the Cold War, you are kidding yourselves. The present day Westerners think along Marxism lines by a far bigger margin than people in my country do and we were officially a Marxist country."

"kulak, I'm a 20 years old girl who was a liberal on social issues merely 1.5 years ago. My favourite cartoon as a child was Captain Planet - now I hate greenies with a passion. LOL. Right now, I hold views that are against even what most conservatives see as fair(I dislike democracy with universal suffrage and civic nationality, I think we shouldn't vote - we being women, I'm in favour of national service for men, I think we should strip all non-Europeans in Europe of their citizenship and 'oppress' them).

A year ago I would have hated myself for these views. But the more contact I have with all this stuff, the worse it gets. At least in my country people aren't brainwashed and they're easy to convert to my views. I convinced a girl in under 2 hours that I'm right. And I do care about things related to having children"

So here we have a 20 year old girl, from a former Communist country, who had drunk of the PC multicult KoolAid, and who has had reality suddenly restored, presumably by direct exposure to that particular environment. Additionally, she has been able to convert friends to reality in quick order - as have I, I might add. Only yesterday I was speaking to a died-in-the-wool liberal/progressive who revealed by his comments that he was rapidly swinging around to the correct viewpoint - i.e. mine!

So there's hope out there. Thank you Miss Vanilla!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Britain's death spiral

I see that Mohammed was the most popular name for new babies born in Britain last year. This news seems to have let Britons largely unfazed. The unfazing will of course be undone in the not too distant future, but by then it'll be too late.


What has become of the British?


What will become of them?


I lamented this tragedy on this post. By way of comparison, consider the special rules brought in for a golf club directly in the path of the Luftwaffe's attack on England in 1940 - sorry the writing is so small but it's an image taken from a fax. Not much of that sang froid left, is there?

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Diversity is strength: It’s also dousing your daughters in acid.

I've pointed out on countless occasions that, as an ethnic group, Somalis are by far the worst people on the face of the planet. Murderous, duplicitous and thieving, they make the Afghanis look like Hare Krishna or the Amish. They are now infesting the western world, and everywhere – everywhere – they go all sorts of violent problems follow.

While they can't be accused of messing about when sorting out a problem, the case of Iman Omar Yousef takes some beating. If I may use that expression in the circumstances. You see this ‘Birmingham Mum’ as she’s described in the MSM (in fact she’s a so-called asylum seeker) stabbed and beat her three year old daughter and then, for good measure, doused her in acid.

As one does.

The condition of the body when discovered by police was so gruesome that one of them actually collapsed at the scene.

Why did this ‘Birmingham Mum’ acted like this. Well, apparently ‘she saw people who were not there, and heard voices in her head’ A condition that accurately describes me and my drinking buddies as we stagger home from the pub after a session. I learned too that the perp’s mother instructed, inter alia, that this ‘smiling girl’ should 'get the attention she’s entitled to'.

Courtesy of the British taxpayer, I need hardly add.

Now you’ll be glad to know that Ireland has its own thriving Somali, ahem, ‘community’ of over 3,000 murderous savages souls. But we don't seem to be treating them very well. Honestly. I felt a catch in my throat as I read the harrowing tale of Safia Sharif. She fled Somalia and came to Ireland in 2005 after spending some time in Dubai. That’s right, she left a Muslim country and came to Ireland. Last time I did the Dubai trip it cost me over £4,000.

Anyway, listen to what happened to this unfortunate lady. First, the Irish sent her to the village of Cong. This is an absolutely divine place, quiet, picturesque, nestling between two lakes. But according to Safia “it was very small and there were no Somalis there’ Give it time girl, give it time. She thought being sent to Cong was ‘cruel’.


But it gets even worse for the poor wretch. “The hostel was the worst possible. It was winter and the hotel was cold and the food was bad’. Presumably not halal. She also resents the length of time it’s taking our government to assess her asylum application: “It’s a big crime to leave human being in direct provision for this length of time’ She is also, apparently ‘exhausted and depressed’.

Isn't that dreadful?

The one strange thing about this tragic story tho' is that she has a string of kids, who all look five or younger. So, despite being ‘exhausted and depressed” and ‘lacking all privacy’ . she obviously has had no trouble in making the beast with two backs on a regular basis. These future little cut-throats were of course all delivered via Ireland’s overloaded and near-bankrupt health service.

I urge you all to donate generously to this unfortunate woman. She might leave Ireland if you don't. So there!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Now this IS bad news

Over at the Huffington Post they wetting themselves at the news that “Slovenia elected its first black mayor on Sunday, an immigrant from Africa known as the "Obama of Piran," the town where he lives.” Adding “Peter Bossman, a Ghana-born physician, could be the first black mayor elected anywhere in his region of Europe.”
What joy!
Now I spend a lot of time in Eastern Europe and one of the reassuring things about it is that lack of vibrant diversity. Now I had attributed this to a number of factors: People in that region not being contaminated by cultural Marxism PC bullshit (they’ve had quite enough of Marx, thank you very much), language difficulties for the cultural enrichers, and last but by no means least, not very generous welfare systems.

So what happened here? In fact I know Piran well. An absolutely gorgeous town of about 15,000 people perched on a peninsula jutting into the Adriatic, ancient, narrow, winding cobbled streets, scrupulously clean. So what are they doing electing an African to lead them?

Well, I think the explanation can be gleaned from local ‘political analyst’ Vlado Miheljak. He informs us that the vote in Piran was a test about whether Slovenia was "mature enough to elect a nonwhite political representative."
You see, the big Achilles heel of the Eastern Europeans is, well, that they are Eastern Europeans. Specifically they see the east as a relic of communism, dowdy, poorer, and much less ‘advanced’ than their western counterpart. This is very very obvious to any regular visitor. They almost squirm if referred to as “Eastern” Europeans.
So as they look enviously west they see the place overrun with cultural enrichers, enjoying all sorts of ‘advanced’ legal entitlements, and occupying a variety of prestigious posts. Therefore they will take pride in showing how progressive and civilised they are by electing this guy.

Time will tell whether it’ll be a flash in the pan or the start of the destructive trend that now plagues the west. Maybe if the mayor replicates what happens elsewhere, namely encourage a flood of blacks to into the town, the good citizens of Piran might gain an insight into what multiculturalism really means, and nip it in the bud.

Here’s hoping.

Friday, 22 October 2010

"Three Lords a-thieving"

The headlines always reveal – at least to me – the perps.

“Huge organised welfare scam uncovered”

“Doctor struck off for mis-stating his qualifications”

“Massive consignment of drugs intercepted at [any] airport”

“Father murdered daughter as mother ‘stood by’”

I could go on with dozens of the same, but they all have one thing in common: The perps will turn out to be ‘cultural enrichers’. Invariably. Inevitably. It might be only revealed somewhere in the small print, or emerge months later. But the result is always the same.

However, the headline in last Sunday’s TelegraphExpenses Scandal: Three peers to be suspended” did not elicit a similar reaction. After all, you could count the cultural enriching peers in the House of Lords on the fingers of one hand. And one of these “Lord” Ahmed is already out of the equation, being otherwise engaged slopping out at one of Her Majesty’s prisons - he killed a kuffar woman while texting and driving at the same time at high speed.

To remind you, this is the Pakistani immigrant who, in the finest traditions of parliamentary democracy, threatened to ‘surround Westminster with 10,000 Muslims’ if Geert Wilders were allowed to address the House of Lords. He, who made his money via a string of grimy fish’n’chip shops in run-down Rotherham, described the subsequent withdrawal of the invitation as ‘a great victory for Islam’.

Which it was. And another cringing retreat for the dhimmi Brits.

Anyway, going back to the Lords in question, imagine my surprise when it emerged that all three of the perps were in fact cultural enrichers. And what a motley crew they make. Former Lords like Wellington, Churchill and Atlee must be spinning in their graves as they consider the low-life scumbags who now infest that august forum.

Roll of drums, ladies and gentlemen I bring you……

Exhibit 1: “Baroness” Uddin of Tower Hamlets.

This specimen fled the poverty, violence and corruption of Bangladesh in 1973 and came to Tower Hamlets – which has since been turned into a replica of the poverty, violence and corruption she left behind in Bangladesh. The difference of course being that the British taxpayers (99% white) now provide the wherewithal to keep this little Dar al Islam flush with welfare and community ‘cohesion’ funds.

Quick to spot her chance, the ‘Baroness’ became a ‘community organiser’ (now where have I heard that term before?). Smart move. Because from then on the goodies came her way by the truckload. Finally, the egregious Tony Blair, in a futile attempt to buy off ‘moderate’ Muslims, elevated her to the House of Lords. She refused to adhere to the normal swearing in protocol, preferring instead to loudly invoke ‘Almighty Allah’. Did Churchill do that I wonder?

Once her paws were on the loot she tucked in and in a short time had swindled the white taxpayers of at least £125,000. Probably feels surprised that doing what she had done to become a peer was now frowned upon.

Exhibit 2: “Lord” Bhatia.

This specimen is an Ismaili Muslim from East Africa who made his money in ‘finance’. Yeah, right. While describing himself as, inter alia, a ‘philanthropist’, a closer look at his ‘charities’ shows that they’re almost exclusively focused on extracting funds from the taxpaying kuffars and shovelling them to his own class of colonists. I have in mind here ‘outreach programmes’ to ‘disaffected youth’ (a.k.a. black criminals), ethnic minorities and ‘disadvantaged communities’ (a.k.a. black and Muslim welfare scroungers).

One of his more surprising innovations was the Charities Evaluation Service. I say surprising because this was the kind of thing likely to rumble charities misusing funds. And “Lord” Bhatia was misusing funds big-time. This included £60,000 diverted to his private account and the spending of £10,000 on a ‘research project to Dubai’. I kid you not.

He now faces suspension from the House of Lords but can console himself by retreating to his luxury £1.5 million house in south London.

Exhibit 3: “Lord” Paul

This guy is listed as Britain’s 88th wealthiest man, but this didn’t stop him reverting to his South Asian nature, i.e. scamming, thieving and fraud. I suppose he did feel a bit aggrieved in that his peerage cost him £400,000 (in the form of a donation to the Labour Party) – well above the going rate, and he felt he was entitled to recoup some of his investment. He was also stung for a £20,000 donation to Gordon Brown’s leadership election campaign.

Despite being mired in corruption and controversy throughout his career, he was nonetheless appointed to the Privy Council and made deputy speaker of the Lords. The first, and hopefully the last, Indian to do so.

So there you have it. These were all ‘people’s peers’ appointed by Labour. Now I ask you, how could Africans and Asians be considered people’s peers in Britain?

Oh wait!

Monday, 18 October 2010


You all recognise by now of course that I'm mild-mannered, tolerant, and not easily annoyed. However, this link, sent in by Bemused Stare, really drove me demented. I was - am - incandescent with fury.

Check it out.

It tells us that although 50% of children put up for adoption in the US are black (the bitch reporter doesn't mention that blacks make up only 13% of the population), only a tiny percentage are adopted by whites. No mention about how many white kids are adopted by black 'parents'. My guess, in round figures? About 0%.

And why don't whites adopt. Why it's because the way dem blacks be portrayed in the MSM. You know, you never see a black doctor, or scientist appearing in a film or TV show, never see a black appearing in an advertisement, and whenever did we see a black being the hero of a movie? And don't the main channels always go out of their way to emphasise the race of a criminal when he's black?

My bollocks!

No, when she refers to the impression created of blacks in the media she's referring to is the local news media. And there's little chance of avoiding reality here. They show the criminals being dragged off to jail, and they see that most of them are black. and of course they see the same criminality in their daily lives, assuming they're forced to interact with 'people of colour'.

Even by conventional MSM standards this report goes off the Richter scale. The only good thing is the comments. They overwhelmingly reflect the sort of views I'm expressing here. The white exasperation comes through big time.

Take a look look - but take a valium first.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Heathrow, T5

Now ensconced in the BA lounge at Heathrow T5 --- time for a quick comment.

As usual, the 'security' (LOL) area was a delay-infested jungle. Part of it was due to Heathrow's unique approach to staffing, which seems to disqualify native Brits, replacing them with incompetent dusky foreigners. All while millions of real Brits cannot get a job. (See also my post here).

And not just any foreigners. The following were the 'security' staff checking on us whites: A stupefied African peering sleepily into the X Ray machine, a cross-faced Somali-like, headscarf-wearing baggage guider, barking instructions at the unfortunate travellers, a black 'frisker' inside the cordon, and a heavily bearded Osama Bin Laden lookalike glowering in the background.

Yes folks, these are the people BA entrusts to guard us against Islamic terrorism.

Lunatics continue to run this particular asylum.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Vulnerable youths in Britain

There’s nothing very special about Birkenhead, a town of about 80,000 people across the Mersey from Liverpool. Apart maybe from being home to Tranmere Rovers. So why mention it?
I do so because Frank Field, Labour MP, and now an advisor to the Tory Government on ‘social cohesion’, has pointed out a remarkable fact about this town, and by extension the country at large: There were more violent crimes recorded in Birkenhead last year than in the whole of England in 1960.

That's correct. A town of 80,000 people sees more violent crime today than a country of fifty million did less than fifty years earlier.

Now moving swiftly on, let’s take an article from the Guardian, from its home deep in the heart of Britain’s PC multi-culti fever swamp. (Incidentally, the author disports the ancient Anglo Saxon name of Randeep Ramesh.) Randeep tells us about a new report (from one of the thousands of taxpayer-funded “human rights” quangos) entitled How Fair is Britain. Apparently the report aims to set out how to measure “fairness” in Britain. And you know what? It finds that Britain isn't fair at all. Why? Because it shows that that ethnic minorities are “substantially over-represented in the custodial system” and that “the proportion of people of African-Caribbean and African descent incarcerated here is almost seven times greater to their share of the population.”

Ipso facto, the country isn't fair. And we even have experts and politicians to assure us of this fact. Randeep tells us “experts and politicians said over-representation of black men was a result of decades of racial prejudice in the criminal justice system.”

So that’s the reason! Who could have guessed?

Why are so many blacks bunged up? Well, shaking his head sadly, Randeep, presumably channelling the "experts", talks of the “damaged relationship” between law enforcement agencies and the, ahem, “vulnerable youths” (a.k.a. black criminals) on Britain’s streets. “Evidence of this damaged relationship can be found in the commission’s report. On the streets, black people were subjected to what the report describes as an “excess” of 145,000 stop and searches in 2008. It notes that black people constitute less than 3% of the population, yet made up 15% of people stopped by police.”

So there you have it. That’s the explanation.

If the police stopped checking out the vulnerable youths you wouldn’t have so many blacks in jail! And you know what? He’s right. Because the vulnerable youths would then be out on the streets, doing what these vulnerable youths do.

So there is in fact a kind of crazed logic to this.

This should be seen in the context of figures on crime and ethnicity issued by the London Metropolitan Police. Momentarily escaping their PC handlers, the cops, according to the Telegraph, “show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 per cent were black; for robbery, 59 per cent; and for gun crimes, 67 per cent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property. Just over 12 per cent of London’s 7.5 million population is black, including those of mixed black and white parentage."

What this shows of course is that the ratios for stop-and-search, criminal activity and imprisonment correlate very closely. As you would expect.

What this also shows, when we take in the figures from 1960, is that Britain has been changed fundamentally and drastically for the worse in the intervening time. The people that would have fought Hitler to the last man to protect their lands and heritage have now handed them over to a different group of foreigners who neither look nor act like native British people, who represent a huge financial and social burden while show not showing a scintilla of gratitude or appreciation.

Ah, yes.

If you're in a masochistic mood, I've already written some more stuff on Britain’s self-destruction here.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Tyranny of White Guilt

I've just finished reading The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism, by French philosopher Pascal Bruckner in which he claims that "all of modern thought can be reduced to mechanical denunciations of the West, emphasizing the latter's hypocrisy, violence, and abomination." He shows how Europeans see themselves as "the sick man of the planet" whose pestilence causes every problem in the non-Western world. When the white man set foot in Asia, Africa, or America, death, chaos, and destruction followed. Europeans feel themselves born with stigmata: "the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone."

Well, maybe he’s over-stating his case. But there’s no doubt that one of the staples of our delusional post-colonial romantic self-flagellation is the myth of the Noble Savage. Coined originally I think by Rousseau in the eighteenth century, it’s characterised by misty-eyed fantasies about early men and women, living in Bambi-like harmony with nature while selflessly looking out for each other. But then the (white) colonialists came along to spoil everything, with their pesky hospitals, colleges, literature and so on.

Of all the delusions supporting the anti-white agenda, this is surely the most egregious. So hopefully I won't bore you by taking a look at the reality of some of those idealised lives.

The American Indians.
We have had it drilled into us now for more than forty years. I remember as a small boy when the Indians in movies were depicted as cruel, whooping, primitive savages, while the heroic cowboys or cavalry (calvary!) always kept one bullet – for themselves – in case of capture. You know, these savages would torture him horribly before his ritual slaughter.

We can look back now at this simplistic, ‘offensive’, ignorant and narrow-minded characterisation. We know this from an endless series of moves, and from the full range of ‘White Studies’ (ugh!) programmes, which show the Indian as being brave, peace-loving and chivalrous.
In fact, our unsophisticated 1960s view was far more accurate than that portrayed in Soldier Blue, Dances With Wolves or any of the other myriads of panegyrics to the poor Indian. For the Indian was indeed violent, cruel, savage, merciless and at constant war with his own kind, ever before the white man came to spoil everything.

Warfare was ubiquitous; every major culture area of native North America has produced archaeological, ethnohistorical, osteological, or ethnographic evidence of endless armed conflict and ritual violence.

A few examples:
In the Eastern Woodland cultures, warfare often served as a means of coping with grief and depopulation – itself driven by interminable warfare. Such conflict, commonly known as a “mourning war,” usually began at the behest of women who had lost a son or husband and desired the group's male warriors to capture individuals from other groups who could replace those they had lost.

The captive could be lucky. He could be spared and become the mourner’s new husband.

Or he could be unlucky.

“If the women of the tribe so demanded, captives would be ritually tortured, sometimes to death if the captive was deemed unfit for adoption into the tribe.”

Thomas E. Emerson’s study of Mississippian warfare for the period AD 900--1400 concerns the archaeological recovery of disturbing evidence from mass interments of war captives and/or sacrificial victims. According to the author, recent findings reveal that precontact-era hostilities resulted in the massacre and mutilation of hundreds of men, women, and children. He refers to “intensive and bellicose patterns of internecine warfare involving massive casualties.”
The Indians also demonstrated considerable vision and improvisation in developing methods of torture. Apart from the normal slow death by turning on the spit, specialities included smearing the victim with honey and then tying him (or her) to an ant’s nest. The agonising death throes could last for days before the partially eaten victim expired.

Various studies suggest that such practices were also widespread all over pre-Columbine America, including the Caribbean. Here the Carib Indians exterminated – and consumed – their Arawak enemies, before in turn succumbing to white man’s diseases, the poor dears.

New research coming to light (published in Discovery, September 20, 2010) shows that much of the violence was genocidal. “The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site—Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo. The unearthed bones and artefacts indicate that when the violence took place, men, women and children were tortured, disembowelled, killed and often hacked to bits. In some cases, heads, hands and feet appear to have been removed as trophies for the killers. The attackers then removed belongings out of the structures and set the roofs on fire.”
Must have been whites who did this, surely? Er, no. This took place about 800 AD.

Native New Zealanders

“There is not a bay, not a cove, in New Zealand which has not witnessed horrible dramas, and woe to the white man who falls into the New Zealanders' hands.”

When Felix Maynard and Alexandre Dumas wrote this (in The Whalers) they didn’t have the All Blacks Rugby team in mind. Although the similarities are striking, this, being written about 200 years ago, was referring to the native New Zealanders, the Maoris. And he was right to be apprehensive. Here’s a sample of what he could have expected:
“In the meantime, a fellow that had proved a traitor wished to come and see his wife and children. They seized him and served him in like manner. Oh, what a scene for a man of Christian feeling, to behold dead bodies strewed about the settlement in every direction, and hung up at every native's door, their entrails taken out and thrown aside and the women preparing ovens to cook them!”

“On our side, there were eight men killed, three children, and two women, during the siege. They got sixteen bodies, besides a great number that were half roasted, and dug several up out of the graves, half decayed, which they also ate. Another instance of their depravity was to make a musket ramrod red hot, enter it in the lower part of the victim's belly and let it run upwards, and then make a slight incision in a vein to let his blood run gradually, for them to drink.”

“I must here conclude, being very scanty of paper; for which reason, columns of the disgraceful conduct of these cannibals remain unpenned.”

Another Sheriden, Daniel Henry this time, wrote “Calm light airs from the north all day on the 23rd November hindered us from putting out to sea as intended. In the afternoon, some of the officers went on shore to amuse themselves among the natives, where they saw the head and bowels of a youth, who had been lately killed, lying on the beach, and the heart stuck on a forked stick which was fixed on the head of one of the largest canoes. One of the gentlemen bought the head and brought it on board, where a piece of the flesh was broiled and eaten by one of the natives, before all the officers and most of the men.”
“One of the cannibals thereupon bit and gnawed the human arm which Banks had picked up, drawing it through his mouth and showing by signs that the flesh to him was a dainty bit. Tupia carried on the conversation: ‘Where are the heads?’ he asked. ‘Do you eat them too?’ ‘Of the heads,’ answered an old man, ‘we eat only the brains.’ Later he brought on board Endeavour four of the heads of the seven victims."
Edward Tregear, in The Maori Race (1904) tells us “an English missionary has reported that Pomare, a chief of the Bay of Islands, ate six entire heads. Chiefs' heads are usually dried and perfectly preserved by an ingenious process. Before the feast of victory, each warrior drinks the blood of the enemy he has killed with his own hand. After battle comes the terrible and revolting episode of the cannibal feast. Prisoners taken in the fight were slain in cold blood, except those reserved for slavery – a mark of still greater contempt than being killed for food. Sometimes after the battle a few of the defeated were thrust alive into large food-baskets and thus degraded for ever. As a general rule, however, they were slain for the oven. ”

Damn white man – coming and ruining this delightful culinary experience and shoving his so-called civilization down their throats (if you’ll pardon that particular analogy).

And a final delight from Garry Hogg, Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice, pp. 197-199

“The warriors, entirely naked, their long black hair, although matted with human gore, yet flowing partially in the wind; in the left hand a human head and in the right hand a bayoneted musket held by the middle of the barrel. Thus, with a song, the terrible expression of which can only be imagined by being heard, did they dance round their wretched victims, every now and then approaching them with gestures, threatening death under its most horrible forms of lingering torture.
The captives, with the exception of one old man and a boy who were sentenced to death, were apportioned amongst the conquering warriors as slaves. The tables were laid. About a hundred baskets of potatoes, a large supply of green vegetables, and equal quantities of whale-blubber and human flesh, constituted the awful menu. The old man, from whose neck suspended the head of his son, while the body formed part of the cannibal feast, was brought forth and subjected to torture from the women before the last scene of all.”

In short, the native New Zealanders (and Pacific Islanders generally) were violent bloodthirsty cannibals. Interaction between tribes almost invariably resulted in internecine warfare leading to death on the battlefield, or, if it was your unlucky day, captivity. In the latter case your destiny was to be on the lunch menu for the following day, having first been subjected to the most appalling torture. Another characteristic of these people was the extent to which women and children partook of the torture and general prisoner abuse. This of course was also characteristic of their fellow noble savages on the American continent.


In a nutshell, the pre-European Australian aborigines made their contemporary natives in America and New Zealand look like Swedish Social Democrats. I've posted here about what Kevin Rudd called their ‘ancient and proud culture’. Ah yes. If you have the, ahem, stomach, read it. I truly believe that these people were (are?) not fully human.


Where to begin, where to end? Does anybody seriously believe in African ‘civilisation’? Well, the answer to that of course is, yes they do. None more so than guilt-crippled white masochists. To them I dedicate the following tiny snippets.
In west African there were slave wars, where the coastal African tribes were armed and encouraged to raid in­land and bring their captives to trading ports for sale and shipment. These cannot I suppose, if one is being pedantic, be strictly representative of er, ‘African civilisation’, being as they were, instigated by the white man. But the natives didn’t need much encouragement.
The result was a never-ending series of tribal wars and the devastation of immense areas. While some 8,000,000 Africans were sold into the Americas (only about 400,000 into what's now the USA) during the period of slave trade, it has been estimated that at least 40,000,000 more were killed in the wars and raids or died on the voyage. No mercy was shown in any of these encounters, and even the hardened white slavers were shaken by the brutality and savagery displayed by the Africans against one another. (Nothing’s changed in the meantime, then!).
Most of African history of course is unknown, as their ‘civilisation’ never got around to inventing reading or writing. Until of course whitey came with his evil ways. We can though get a good sense of the southern and eastern parts of the continent. Due mainly, of course, to the early arrival of whites to this part of the Dark Continent.
What they saw did not bring Switzerland to mind.
Now, are all you liberals and race-traitors in the back paying attention?

Let’s go!

As every schoolboy knows, Shaka Zulu created a highly centralized, well organized nation-state, with a large and powerful standing army. Then he did what we thought only the evil whites did. He used this army to expand his control! Can you imagine a noble savage doing such a thing?

And he didn’t mess about, creating a waterfall effect of violent tribal displacement and extermination. Refugee groups escaping Chaka invaded the lands of present-day Botswana creating chaos as they tramped westward. The Basotho were pushed into the mountains where they were harassed by cannibals. Setting villages on fire, the Ndebele swept ahead of the Zulu Impi to settle in present day Zimbabwe. Along the way they encountered King Thulare's Pedi empire, which was destroyed and its people wiped out. They then attacked the Mokololo to the northwest. Meanwhile the Xhosa expanded into Khoi-khoi lands, forcing many into the arid Kalahari Desert. The Tlokoa marched from Natal leaving a path of destruction all the way to Botswana. They attacked the Fokeng forcing them west. The Fokeng in turn marched north to the Zambezi River and beyond, where they raided destitute refugees.
Fokeng confusing, isn’t it?

All of this was in fact part of a broader series of ghastly massacres in which powerful armies annihilated their weaker neighbours, confiscated their possessions and moved on, knowing full well that if they loitered they too would be attacked by wave upon wave of people advancing from the east. The whole sub-continent was hurled into a maelstrom of destruction, until eventually an estimated twenty-eight distinct clans disappeared, leaving not a trace of their former existence.
Oh dear! Who could have imagined?

Anyway, this invariable lead to food supply problems which the victors solved by the simple expedient of consuming their captives. When they ran out of captives to kill and eat, the bodies of the already dead were disinterred and began to appear on the menu. But there are only so many bodies you can dig up, and it wasn’t long before starvation drove them to devouring their wives and children. Having once acquired the taste for human flesh, the cannibals formed themselves into hunting bands and set out daily to replenish their menus.
But the end was nigh, as the voertrekkers were heading their way, all set to spoil this pastoral idyll. They have a lot to answer for, them boers.


Ok, all of this is innocent fun, but there’s a serious side too, one that brings us back to The Tyranny Of Guilt. You might justifiable conclude from what I've written that the noble savages were in fact for the most part grunting dehumanised beasts. Their societies were not comprised of happy hippies harvesting free-range animals who dropped dead naturally, and encounters between tribes were not pipe-smoking love-ins. They killed as many animals as they could, and they killed (and usually ate) as many enemies as they could. Unfortunately —for them— whitey had superior firepower. That’s all.
Can you have any doubt, based on what you’ve just read, as to what any of those native leaders would have done, had they only had the white man’s power? As General Phil Sheridan (from Cavan, of all places) said to Red Cloud: “If you had our power and we yours, you’d slaughter every one of us, to the last man, woman and child”.

Hobbes in Leviathan, held that the natural state of mankind is a "war of all against all" in which men's lives are "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". Well, that certainly sums up the Noble Savages we discussed. But what about whitey? Is he alone immune to these natural impulses? Surely not. But what whitey has done is to create and develop, over many centuries, an uncanny assemblage of science, philosophy and ethics, supported by complex legislation and an array of supporting governance institutions. These have not been perfect of course, but they have dramatically mitigated the risk of "war of all against all." In whitey’s world, peoples’ lives are assuredly not poor, nasty, brutish, or short. Some non-Western countries are of course successful, and more will be. But they'll make it by adopting Western inventions, medicine, industry, agriculture, communications.

.They understand this perfectly, unlike our lofty academic assholes, lauding the illiteracy and misery of others as they savour their latest Reisling. These academics will tell you that third-worlders want to come here because the capitalist system has corrupted them, and eroded their "Authenticity". Yeah, right. See, if only we had left them in their pure state, they would revel in hookworm and illiteracy.

Gimme a break. For three centuries just about everything that makes life tolerable has come from the West. I know it, you know it, the whole world knows it. And so do the academic assholes. They just don't like it.

We have everything to be proud of - our race indeed represents the March Of The Titans. Don’t let them take that from us.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The positives of the Wilders trial

Randall Parker over at Parapundit has organised a multi-blog posting day on behalf of Geert Wilders. That was yesterday - I missed out I'm afraid, but better late than never.

I have a slightly different take compared to most others in that I think the trial is a good thing. I say this because first it throws up a number of glaring paradoxes:

1: A a man constantly surrounded by security guards to protect him from Muslim assassins is the one on trial for his supposed crimes against Muslims

2: The Dutch government is actually trying to imprison the leader of the main opposition party

Is that un-Dutch or what?

Then the trial will give Wilders a superb platform to highlight, in front of the international media, the full horrors of the Koran and what passes for life under the Religion of Peace. Unless the courts move strongly to interdict him, which will exacerbate the paradoxes I referred to above, he has the stage to himself.

And in a worse case scenario which sees him convicted and jailed.... well what sort of a reaction do you think there'll be to that in tolerant, open, liberal Holland?

All in all, far more positives than negatives methinks!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The MSM outdoes itself

I've written a lot lately about the grotesque lies and distortions peddled by the MSM. But I see in the South Africa Sucks blog that they have outdone themselves over there.

They published the picture below as the lead in to a horrific story on infant abuse by a psychopathic mother. As you can see from the image, both mother and infant are lilly white. But, assuming you follow up on the story (many won't, for a variety of reasons) it becomes clear that both victim and perpetrator are in fact coal black.

Seriously, how can these editors and journalists look themselves in the mirror? They're betraying, in the most egregious way, the most fundamental principles of journalistic integrity. And can you just imagine the reaction had they reversed the 'colour scheme'?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shocking news!

I'm sorry to be the bearer of dreadful tidings, but there's no getting away from it. Germany and the US are at war again! In effect, how can I say this, but WW II has resumed.

I learned of this shocking development from the AP news syndicate. Their banner headline says it all.

US Drone strike kills 8 German militants in northwest Pakistan

Now on first reading this I thought there had been a repetition of the famous case where Japanese soldiers, lost in Borneo, continued the war for forty years after its supposed ending.

.But that was clearly not the case here. I say this because Konrad Freiberg, head of the German police union, told the Passauer Neue Presse in its Tuesday edition that "ever more Germans are traveling to Afghanistan and Pakistan for militant training, and a large number of them have returned and are living here."

So the obviously know that WW II is officially over - yet they continue to fight on!

The only upside is that the neocons and the Israeli Lobby will be thrilled at the prospect of another war, and the chance to get even with the old enemy at last.

A heartfelt thanks

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who've written in by way of comments and emails to console me during my recent 'bereavement'. Trust me, it's much appreciated.

I'm getting there bit by bit, but I still half expect him to be there when I wake up in the morning and when I arrive home. Even now I find myself talking to him as I'm at my keyboard, as he invariably parked himself at my feet.

Anyway, as I say I'm getting there and will resume posting today or tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Friday, 1 October 2010

In mourning

Had to put my beloved Buddy to sleep today - in fact we'd kept him longer than we should have. Feel myself sinking into a major depression now so don't expect any posts for at least a few days.

Sorry about this - don't forget to come back!