Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Prepare to vomit

The collapse of Swedish society into a degenerate cesspool is a dispiriting sight. It's one that I've commented on many times (see the Sweden and Nordic tags). I thought I'd seen it all during my extensive stays there over the years - until I viewed a stomach-churning video produced by the state’s terrestrial TV channel.


Aimed at impressionable youngsters, it recommends mass miscegenation so that the Swedish people (and by extension the white race) will disappear. It makes no bones, if you pardon the expression, about this. The ‘singer’ recommends Swedish girls to ‘get a black man between your legs’, and as they’re at it red, yellow and brown ones too. All of this to a background of cavorting half-naked savages.

Depravity reaches new depths however around the middle of the ‘song’. Here we see a typical Swedish girl, blonde and blue-eyed, singing the national anthem of this proud nation. Then the camera pans downwards from her face ………. to reveal her fornicating with a negro, who’s grinning like an ape. And why wouldn’t he be - emptying his sack of inferior genes into a Nordic princess.

Surely this is so disgusting and repugnant that Swedes, even young ones trying to be cool, will be repelled by it? Particularly when they see the way so much of their country – the ‘diverse’ parts – are hell-holes of rape, robbery and violence?

Or will it be taken as intended. To further denigrate and humiliate white males and encourage miscegenation with the darker races? I really don't know the answer. But isn't all of this profoundly depressing?

If you can stomach it, the video can be seen here, with English sub-titles.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blightey celebrates diversity

When Britain was Great its gendarmerie kept itself busy whacking recalcitrant fuzzie-wuzzies, throughout the empire. The one on which the sun never set. The sun has by now of course well and truly set, leading the Brits to head back home to Blightey. Unfortunately, as my tale will illustrate, they’ve allowed the fuzzie-wuzzies to follow them back. In huge numbers.

Ok, I'm probably a bore on this subject, but I'm still staggered at the extent of the damage this has wrought on British society. It was once again underlined as I read the dailies on an otherwise tedious flight to Moscow recently. Crime reporting featured almost wall to wall non-Brits (I don't class a fuzzie-wuzzie who’s wangled a British passport as a Brit). Hardly a white criminal to be seen.

I noted a few of them for you to savour.

A Norwegian girl, Martine Magnusson, goes home from a London nightclub with a wealthy Yemeni and is found raped and murdered next day. The perp, a ‘devout Muslim’ (wouldn’t you guess?) hightailed it back home to Yemen, where he now lives in luxury on his father’s private estate. Surprisingly he declined to return to the UK to ‘help police with their inquiries’.

Turn over a page and we read about Learco Chindamo, who’s been nabbed for another violent crime on the streets of London. You remember Learco, don't you? Why, he was the chap who stabbed to death schoolmaster Philip Lawrence as that academic tried to protect one of his students - a black one, as it happens - from a knife attack. For that Learco was handed down a life sentence back in 1996. ‘Well in that case how the hell is he out on the streets again?’ you might ask.

Well, because he convinced the appeal tribunal, made up of ‘learned judges’ that he’d reformed! And how did the judges know that? Because Learco assured them he’d spend ‘the rest of my life atoning for my crime’. That was good enough for the learned judges who let him loose, at the ripe old age of 30, back onto the streets. Within months he’s been picked up for a violent mugging.

And you know, they could have deported this tulip immediately on his release. Of unfathomable genetic origin, he was spawned in Italy to fuzzie-wuzzie parents, who apparently abandoned him at a young age. And why wasn’t he sent packing back there? Well, the learned judges deemed that this would violate his human right to a family life. So they unleashed him on the British public. With predictable results.

Question for the ‘learned’ judges: Don't you have to be human to merit human rights?

Look, just from one day’s papers alone I could report another half dozen examples of fuzzie-wuzzies running amok in Britain. Like the gang of ‘devout Muslim’ Pakistanis who raped an estimated 100 young girls in the Midlands. Or Laurie Cunningham’s buddy murdering his girlfriend and her two kids. But you get the drift.

Now that we’ve all had our laugh for the day I’ll close with a heart-warming story of love, babies, happy homes and the celebration of diversity. A latter day Waltons, really. The story goes…

Well, let the Daily mail reporter take it up:

“An unemployed benefits claimant whose five children were all taken into care has vowed to continue having babies until she is granted a council house. Lavine Samma, 27, is now pregnant with her sixth child and fully expects the baby to be taken from her by social services at birth, just like the last three infants.

Since 2002, the feckless mother has given birth to three boys and two girls by three different men and doesn’t even know who the father is of one. She does not work and rakes in around £600 a month in benefits. But Miss Samma claimed yesterday that it was her ‘human right as a woman to have children’ and vowed to continue falling pregnant until the local authority moved her from her 16th floor inner-city council flat to a ‘proper council house’.


When the Daily Mail called just before 11am yesterday Miss Samma was just about awake but still in bed. Nevertheless, she quickly warmed to her theme. ‘I’m not a priority for a house because I don’t have children with me, but if I had children in my care I would be. If they keep taking them away from me I will just keep having them. Again and again and again!’

Miss Samma, who lives in a tower block in Newtown, Birmingham, with Jamaican asylum-seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell, lost her first two children—a girl and a boy—in March 2006, when social services were tipped off that she had been neglecting the elder child, then aged three and a half.”

You know, this story says all that needs to be said about Britain today. A useless, feckless parasite, and her sperm donor de jour, feel absolutely entitled to live off the productive (read white) sector of the community. For example Sewell claimed piteously 'The whole system is corrupt. The courts and the council, they are all against us. I know they will try and take this latest baby from us, but that won't stop us having more.'

This from an illegal immigrant who never contributed in any form to society.

Listen, there was a time when I used to take pride in the welfare state. How our society had, for the first time in history, solved the problem of extreme poverty and destitution. I also felt proud that our society had progressed from a crude, primitive form of retributive justice to one which recognised the complexities of criminal and anti-social behaviour.

I now realise these ‘accomplishments’ were in fact the instruments of destruction for society - in the true meaning of that word. They have accommodated, nay, encouraged, the development of a monstrous parasitic and rapidly growing underclass, whose sole objective in life is to live off the work of others. Not just shamelessly, but with a profound sense of entitlement.

And what of England? Poor old Blightey is truly fucked. Sure, Brits can flee to safe and well-organised (read white) areas, but just like everywhere else in the west, these are diminishing daily.

My original lament for the people of this small island nation, that once dominated half the world, can be read here.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

Beck and Soros: What's going on?

My attitude to Glen Beck is one of deep distrust. Not sure whether he's a charlatan or a nutcase. Or a bit of both. But his ongoing attacks on George Soros have me puzzled. Now Beck is a consistent supporter of Israel, and by extension, one would imagine, things Jewish. But his attacks on Soros consistently emphasise the latter's Jewishness. Beck's main message seems to be that Soros is trying to foment revolution in the US, and probably by extension to the rest of the West, by speculating against the dollar and generally undermining it. As well as his well-documented undermining of traditional family and religious values

Beck believes, or claims to believe, and has been stressing this for some time, that a kind of economic Armageddon is on the way. Precipitated by a collapse of the dollar. And he blames Soros and his cohorts for this. Always emphasising his Jewishness, as I've said.

What's going on here? At this point I might introduce a thought that has been very much on my mind of late: The similarity of the US today to the Weimar Republic in the early thirties. In early Weimar you had 'decadence', a collapsing currency, contempt for society - with Jewish intellectuals and bankers to the forefront of everything.

With Jewish intellectuals and bankers to the forefront - and brown-shirts limbering up in the background!

Now there's a whole load of pieces to fall into place before there can be a recurrence of a similar situation. Still, it's not as far-fetched as it might seem. I've warned about this in earlier posts, viz. that Jews could transform from being the movers and shakers today to being the scapegoats for everything that's gone wrong. Assuming everything does go wrong.

But back to my original question: What's going on with this Beck/Soros thing?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Puzzles - and some solutions

Thanks to bubba for sending me this link. It’s to an academic paper, or to be more precise, its abstract, which comes up with a remarkable research finding. The project studied American youths of African, Arab, European, and Latino descent. It found that white parents teach their children to not discriminate against members of other groups but Black and Hispanic parents do not.

Now I was deeply puzzled by this – at least for a while. You see, as every schoolboy knows, all racists are whites. There are no other racists. How then was it that only whites (and a small Arab sample) were good enough to discourage discrimination?

Well, it eventually dawned on me that the answer was in the question. You see, as only whites are racists, only white parents need to teach their children not to be racists! Isn't that really simple after all?

But then another aspect of the study had me puzzled as well: Here was an academic research project which showed whites up in a good light. How could this be? Well, reading further through the abstract revealed the answer. It tells us that "European-Americans were less committed than were African Americans to improving race relations".

So whites are the bad guys after all…. kind of.

Hang on though, I'm still baffled.

You see, as I pointed out, the main finding says that whites teach their children to not discriminate, while blacks and Hispanic do not. Yet, out of this finding they deduce that "European-Americans were less committed than were African Americans to improving race relations".

Can you figure that out?

It's got me beat....

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lebanon 1870 - USA 2020?

This is from "The Land and the Book" by W.M. Thomson,Protestant minister, published in London in 1870. This country is a splendid example to us of multi-culturalism in action. Just wonder how much relevance it has for the futures of the USA and other western countries currently under siege?

"Lebanon has about 400,000 inhabitants, gathered into more than six hundred towns, villages and hamlets.The various religions and sects live together, and practice their conflicting superstitions in close proximity, but the people do not coalesce into one homogeneous community, nor do they regard each other with fraternal feelings.The Sunnites excommunicate the Shiites; both hate the Druse, and all three detest the Nusairiyeh.

The Maronites have no particular love for anybody and, in turn, are disliked by all. The Greeks cannot endure the Greek Catholics - all despise the Jews. And the same remarks apply to the minor divisions of this land. There is no common bond of union. Society has no continuous strata underlying it, which can be opened and worked for the general benefit of all, but an endless number of dislocated fragments, faults, and dikes, by which the masses are tilted up in hopeless confusion, and lie at every conceivable angle of antagonism to each other.

The omnific Spirit that brooded over primeval chaos can alone bring order out of such confusion, and reduce these conflicting elements into peace and concord. No other country in the world, I presume, has such a multiplicity of antagonistic races ; and herein lies the greatest obstacle to any general and permanent amelioration and improvement of their condition, character, and prospects.

They can never form one united people , never combine for any important religious or political purpose ; and will therefore remain weak, incapable of self-government, and exposed to the invasions and oppressions of foreigners. Thus it has been, is now, and must long continue to be a people divided, meted out, and trodden down."

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another dream shattered - but maybe there's hope...

What a splendid idea! And from an African President, no less. I lay back dreamily in my chair and savoured the headline. All my problems answered. Western civilization saved, apart from the Islamic onslaught. Yes, banner text carried the heady message from President Museveni of Uganda. “Africans Must Go To The Moon”

Think of it: Them up there, us down here. Too good to be true, surely?

Alas it was. That’s not what he had in mind at all. Over to the Pres. "The Americans have gone to the moon. And the Russians. The Chinese and Indians will go there soon. Africans are the only ones who are stuck here," Museveni said, addressing a meeting of the Uganda Law Society in Entebbe.
"We must also go there and say: 'What are you people doing up here?'."
Museveni urged the assembly of Uganda's top lawyers to support East African integration, arguing that one of the region's goals should be to develop a space programme.

"Uganda alone cannot go to the moon. We are too small. But East Africa united can. That is what East African integration is all about. Then we can say to the Americans: 'What are you doing here all alone?'"

A hopeless case? Initially I thought so, but then my spies brought me news of yet another African technical genius, who has…

Well, here’s what the report says: “An innovative Kenyan is just about to test the results of his brainchild. Gabriel Nderitu, an I.T specialist is putting final touches to an aeroplane he has been assembling for the last one year ahead of a test run in Kitengela next week. If indeed Nderitu's two seater plane takes off, and more importantly, lands successfully, then it will be a first for Kenya.”

Indeed. And maybe, just maybe, it might be the beginning of the East African Space Administration (EASA) and a one way ticket to the moon for our dusky friends. The potential for success? Well, check out the inaugural test flight here.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Here's to our loss of sovereignty!

My posts on economic matters seldom attract much attention on this blog, but right now I need to get some things off my manly chest. This one concerns the EU – not exactly a popular institution with our readers. In fact the many awful things attributed to ‘The EU’ should more correctly be directed at the egregious European Convention on Human Rights. All the attempts to apply the law to riotous immigrant welfare scroungers fall foul of this ghastly legislation, not the EU per se.

In Ireland right now there’s a major campaign underway protesting at our impending ‘loss of economic sovereignty’ to the EU. Frederick Forsythe has penned a series of impassioned manifestos begging us to leave the EU and become ‘independent once again’. I’ve no doubt Fred and all the others are totally sincere. I also think they’re wrong.

Loss of a country’s economic sovereignty is not a bad thing if that country is incapable of running an economy. And boy, are we incapable – at least in the conditions in which we found ourselves over the last ten years or so. It’s been claimed that the political culture in Ireland is totally undisciplined, avoiding the hard decisions at every opportunity, until the wheels come off. True, but it only goes part of the way. The wheels in fact came off quite a while ago, and we continued taking the soft options as the ramshackle chassis careered to a grinding halt in a shower of sparks and screaming metal.

Giving money to the Irish political class is like handing a wad of notes to an alcoholic staggering towards the pub, and insisting that he not spend it on drink. Their behaviour as our deficits hit astronomical levels was to keep spending as long as we could borrow. Irrespective of where, or at what price. Result: We’ve gone from having a very low debt/GDP ratio to one of the worst in the industrialized world in just a few years. The only way they’ll ever stop is when they – quite literally – can't get their paws on any more moolah.

And here’s where the EU comes in, in the stern form of Angela Merkel. We need a dominatrix like she: Stony Teutonic gaze, clad in thigh-length leather boots and brandishing a matching leather whip. We need her to tell the leprechauns that there’ll be no more moolah until they get their house in order. Best of all, she’ll spell out exactly what we’ll have to do: cut astronomical public sector pay rates and numbers and rationalise welfare. No longer will we have semi-state non-commercial executives trousering as much money as Steve Ballmer. It’d be too much of course to expect her to eliminate foreign aid, or even cut it significantly. Still……

The other thing that ‘the Germans’ (that's what the EU is now being referred to here) will do is tackle our culture of impunity. You must understand that nobody in Ireland is ever to blame for anything. You’re a financial regulator who falls asleep on the job, and wakes up to find that the whole banking system has collapsed? Not a bother. You go out on early retirement, on full pension plus a near seven-figure tax-free sum to help you along, with effusive homage to your years of ‘public service’ ringing in your ears. Every public functionary who has lead us into our current mess has enjoyed similar taxpayer-funded largesse. In North Korea they’d have been summarily executed.

So yes, a bit of Germanic discipline is just what we need. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the carnage, not least because we should see a cull of the parasites and a general cleaning of the Augean stables. Staying with the German theme, well, a bit of schadenfreude will do nicely.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You not gettin' ma bone

Ok, our civilisation is collapsing around us. But you still gotta laugh at this nutcase of a dog.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Shoot this guy. Now!

David Broder is possibly the most prestigious journalist in the US. ‘Dean of the Washington Press Corps’, he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner and the recipient of countless awards and honourary degrees. He’s also a hypocrite and a sociopath.

A hypocrite because he’s been taking fellow journalists to task for accepting fees over and above their salaries, suggesting, correctly, needless to say, that this impairs theire objectivity. ‘Shape up guys’. However, shortly afterwards he was outed as doing exactly the same thing himself, incognito, and following up by writing puff pieces for his benefactors.

I say he’s also a sociopath because he…. Well, let the man himself explain. “The economic situation in America is presenting a daunting situation that could prevent President Barack Obama from storming back to win a second term in 2012."

And his solution?

Start a war with Iran!

“With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran's ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve.”

What a swell idea! After all, look how well the US is doing with its current wars. A third one would be the icing on the cake.

But forget about the economy. This creature thinks it’s fine to start a conflagration with the strongest power in the Middle East, in the full knowledge of the human and material cost incurred by the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures. There’s also the little matter of its being criminal and immoral.

You know, the more I see the harder I find it to take a benign view of what top Jews in the US are doing. It seems clearer than ever that for many if not most their first loyalty is to Israel, and that to them the cost to America in blood and treasure is immaterial.