Sunday, 30 January 2011

And the answer is...............

For a country that prides itself on having one of the best educated workforces in the world, you’d imagine that the latest PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) literacy ranking would have prompted a national outcry. You see Ireland’s decline of 12 places in literacy, from 5 to 17, was the worst decline of any nation. In maths we dropped ten places, the second worst performance.

Sure, there were the usual bleatings from the usual suspects. But overall it was treated the same way you’d treat the mad aunt in the garret. Move on quickly, nothing to see here. Perhaps we hoped that the world wouldn’t notice. Or some other explanation. The Secretary General of the Department of Education Brigid McManus referred to the “significant limitations in design and underlying methodology used by Pisa”.

Strange, when we topped the ranking nobody questioned the methodology.

Brigid, your typical unimaginative public sector drone (I know her) also emphasised that the results were ‘a complete surprise’. Not to me. Three and a half years ago, in this post, I forecast exactly what would happen. Entitled ‘Ireland’s education meltdown’, I made what to me was the blindingly obvious point that if you allow, nay, encourage, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who can barely speak English, you’ll have trouble educating their children. How can you teach in a school where 20 different languages are in use, as is the case in many schools today? I don't care how many support or remedial teachers you have, standards will plummet.

But language is only the start of it. We have vast numbers of Muslim and African cultural enrichers who bring their own set of problems. The former because they'll emphasise religious mumbo jumbo and learning by rote, the latter, low academic achievement due to low IQ and an inability for abstract thought. The same as everywhere else.

And then of course there’s the numbers. Our schools were built for probably quarter of a million fewer students than we now must cater for. Despite an intensive building programme the result has been crowded classrooms and a general reduction in other educational expenditure.

There was, about four years ago, an iconic piece on our local news from Balbriggan. The local primary school had inadequate places to accommodate the ballooning population. It was first come first served. So long zebra-like queues formed – zebra-like in that you saw black/white/black/white ad infinitum. End result, lots of locals got places as did lots of Africans. And lots of locals and some Africans did not get places. And the Africans didn’t like that one little bit. They complained bitterly that their ‘right’ to an education was being denied. I kid you not. And the drooling sycophants in the MSM oozed support. Nobody mentioned the (black) elephant in the room. No indeed. ‘Why could we not have planned things better?’ was the prevailing reaction.

Yeah, like not letting the hordes in at all.

So the net effect of this flood of cultural enrichment on our education system was as follows:

() Multiple languages in class

() Larger, more crowded classes

() Large numbers of low IQ blacks

() Large numbers of mindless, unthinking, mumbo-jumbo-crazed Muslims

() Significant reduction in conventional education funding (labs, computers etc.) to cater for the increased volumes and special needs.

And they wonder why our PISA performance plummeted?

Yes, they do wonder. Ms McManus said the findings were “a huge shock”. I kid you not.

And soon, just like in the USA, we’ll be wrestling with the ‘educational achievement gap’. A.k.a. ‘can we find some other explanation for poor black performance other than the self-evident one that they’re thick?’ Most recent figures from the USA show “a stark achievement gap, with only 10 percent of black students proficient in science in the fourth grade, compared to 46 percent of whites. At the high school level, results were even more bleak, with 71 percent of black students scoring below the basic knowledge level, and just 4 percent proficient.”

And they continue to be surprised.

And I continue to insist that the coming economic collapse holds out promise. Will this kind of thing be tolerated indefinitely when the money runs out? Surely there will have to be a reaction?

Here’s hoping.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Is Foxman worried?

Abe Foxman, that rancid tub of malevolent deceit, is complaining about the rise in ‘Jewish conspiracy theories’. In a display of chutzpah that challenges even his exalted standards, Abe, a man constantly at war with the facts, bemoans uncontrolled media, especially “the Internet, where conspiracies and rumors spread like wildfire and take on an aura of authenticity.”

Yeah, right, Abe. Unlike the MSM which provide us with the whole truth and nothing but the truth – all of the time. Ok, I got it!

On the positive side, the sight of Foxman decrying unfair media coverage does have great comic value. Because he, and his organisation, embody what Hannah Arendt called "the totalitarian contempt for facts and reality." Indeed, one might say that they provided the gold standard for divorce from reality.

And what specifially is he objecting to? Well, he cites the usual insane conspiracies, like Mossad involvement with 9/11 and Jewish involvement in provoking the Iraq war, before raising, like Lord Voldemort: That Which Must Not Be Named.None, in my view, is more threatening than the charge that Jews control American policy, particularly regarding the Middle East.”

Abe! How could anyone believe that kind of rubbish? And, anyway, where would they find out about it? Not in the MSM, that's for sure. Because when anything likely to be even mildly offensive to the ADL and their ilk turns up, the MSM turn a blind eye so fast they almost break their own necks. Our current reigning orthodoxies demand that we be oblivious to the obvious.

He’s talking here of course about what Helen Thomas referred to as the third rail. You don’t dare touch it. But if you want to know where the real power lies, then ask whom you cannot criticize.

And this is where Abe comes in. Is he actually worried, or is he just reverting to his standard hucksterism, which is always good for more donations and airtime?

I don't know the answer to that.

What I do know is that the refusal of our elites to talk about the third rail does not make it go away. In fact my spare time these days is taken up with trying to understand how the mass of evidence out there, evidence which suggests that our most basic assumptions are 180 degree wrong, that our ‘friends’ are in fact enemies, how this can be ignored or dismissed by the mass of people out there. It’s not as if the underlying data had all been assembled by twitching clubfooted racists with collections of SS memorabilia and slave manacles in their closets.

We can get a sense of why if you look at the accompanying comments on Foxman’s article. In my innocence I assumed that they would almost all focus on the facts I refer to, especially regarding 9/11, Iraq and the takeover of America’s Middle East policy. Instead (at least up to the time I penned this) not a single one did. They all addressed irrelevant and/or unimportant issues (e.g. was Arafat poisoned?) To me this shows the power of That Which Must Not Be Named

Who are the agents? The Huff Post moderators, the editors? I don't know. But I do know their power is awesome.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Collapse update

Many American readers have written in to share their experiences of how bad things are there. Here are some experiences:

I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries.

CEO's are now playing miniature golf.

A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

I saw a Mormon with only one wife.

If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

My cousin had an exorcism but couldn't afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her! (Now that's sad)

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

When Bill and Hillary travel together, they now have to share a room.

Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear!

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

Things are sure bad out there.........

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thoughts on collapse

There’s been a lot of comment on this blog, and some great links to other blogs, on the likelihood and impact of a collapse of western, particularly American, society. In March 2007 – 18 months before anyone else even began to get worried, I forecast that Ireland was headed for economic Armageddon. Boy, was I right on that one. I have now dusted down my magic ball again and, through the vapours, I foresee catastrophic collapse in the USA. The timing of which I'm as yet uncertain. I believe that this collapse will rival the Great Depression and will have major but unpredictable consequences for the issue that keeps most of us awake at night, that of the destiny of western civilization and the white race.

In fact it doesn’t take much ingenuity to envisage a collapse in the dollar, even though it’s denied in official quarters and most of the MSM. The greatest impact will derive from the loss, or serious diminution of, its role as a reserve currency. For more than fifty years this has enabled American citizens to buy what they wanted, especially oil, at knockdown prices, and to borrow at knockdown interest rates.

But it can't and won't continue. The various deficits, at internal, external, municipality, state and national levels have been largely met up to now simply by running the printing presses at levels inconceivable in earlier times. No reserve currency can survive as such under these conditions. And far from improving, the deficits are widening. Former Treasury Department economist Bruce Bartlett calculated in 2009 that “federal income taxes for every taxpayer would have to rise by roughly 81% to pay all of the benefits promised by these programs under current law over and above the payroll tax.”

Of course it’s not in the interests of the main holders of US bonds to suddenly collapse the dollar. But already many holders are getting out of the currency, and there’s no telling when this could turn into a stampede. A meeting that attracted surprisingly (?) little comment in the MSM took place last year between China, Japan, Russia, France and the Gulf Arabs with the stated intention of moving from sole dependencies on the dollar to a ‘basket of currencies’. The IMF has plans underway for a World Currency, and there are places now where dollars aren’t being accepted - parts of Europe, China and Japan.

To add to the brew, the vital ingredient of public confidence in US markets has steadily eroded as one scandal follows the other and the people involved are never held accountable. So far, not one CEO or CFO of a major investment bank or financial institution has been charged, arrested, prosecuted, or convicted in what amounts to the largest incidence of securities fraud in history. In the much-smaller Savings and Loan investigation, more than 1,000 people were charged and convicted.

What will happen in the event of such a severe decline? Well, mainly a rapid increase in the things that are happening at present.

() Inflation will soar, destroying savings

() Prices of imported goods (America doesn’t manufacture much any more) will soar even more dramatically

() Cities and states will cut back drastically on entitlements and services and/or sell off their assets to gain short-term liquidity.

() Private citizens’ savings, assuming anything survives the Wall Street plunder, will also be continually raided to fund to more short-term liquidity

() For the vast majority of Americans, wages and their standard of living will plummet to unimagined levels.

These trends are already there. Stripping out the tricks used to deflate unemployment figures indicate the real rate to be over 20% John Williams (

() Food stamp use has shown an almost uninterrupted growth for the last two years

() Shanty towns are growing up around many cities

() While all but four states run significant budget deficits, the real problem is going to come at the municipality level. Warren Buffet says that this will set off the next depression.

() Drastic, and in some cases illegal, cutbacks have been made in Detroit, Camden, Newark and several other cities, while Hamtramck (near Detroit) has actually run out of services to cut, and expects to spend its last dollar early this year. Needless to say, these are all black “controlled” cities.

Which brings me to the big question: How are whites going to react? Will the sheeple, lobotomised by Hollywood and the rest of the MSM, finally awake and realise that they’ve been sold down the river? That not alone have they been traduced, ridiculed and dispossessed, but the very taxes they pay out have been used to fund various forms of ‘reparations’ to blacks and other ‘vulnerable minorities’. Will they realise that they – and only they - have been systematically disadvantage at every hands turn?

Let’s hope so.

And now look at the other side. Blacks are going to be affected even more drastically. Apart from a small minority, their (legal) income is comprised of welfare and gub’mint employment. But these sources will collapse as the public sector, at all levels, runs out of money. Waiting in the wings we have the Aztlan Movement, and MeChA calling for ‘their lands’ to be returned to them. They have important support; Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo has warned Washington that his country "is ready to fight" if the United States enforces immigration laws and deports illegal Mexicans. "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans."

Looking at possible non-apocalyptic outcomes, there has to be a massive reaction against illegal immigration. There’s only so much Americans, black and white, will take once the situation gets desperate along the lines I predict. A second casualty surely must be Affirmative Action. I cannot imagine whites in these circumstances continuing to accept being passed over for work in favour of less suitable candidates. But it will take a white uprising of some sort before the elites will concede on these issues. But concede they will, I believe.

What about a more apocalyptic scenario? Is it fanciful to suggest that there could be race riots, food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches? As every schoolboy knows, in fact even a sociology professor knows, blacks riot and burn down their neighbourhoods when their free shit becomes unavailable. Once nothing’s left to burn will they turn their attention to white and other neighbourhoods? It’s happened before. But this time would be worse with a whole generation of blacks reared with a sense of entitlement to all sorts of reparations, and on a non-stop diet of anti-white propaganda.

Remember this is also a generation whose family and social structures (never very strong, admittedly) have been devastated by over-dependence on misdirected and counter-productive welfare. So you may have newly impoverished whites, livid at facing an unprecedented decline in standards, face off against mobs of ‘disadvantaged minorities’ outraged at the termination of their free shit or claiming back their ‘ancestral lands’.

This would be a powder keg that could be set off even by rumour of an opposing tribe’s malfeasance. There’s only so much that the MSM can cover up and I believe that their credibility, already in sharp decline, will plummet after the collapse. Remember that multi-ethnic societies are not the natural order and almost everywhere they have eventually broken down, usually with horrific consequences.

Certainly the crisis will destroy what’s left of Americans’ faith in their government. So what will the elite do? Assuming there’s not a New World Order (NOW) conspiracy to foment the scenario I describe (I can't see there is) there’s always the venerable tradition of conjuring up and going to war with a new external enemy to distract the masses and redirect their anger. I imagine Joe Lieberman and the Neocons are rubbing their hands at the thought and are already drawing up a suitable list after consulting with Netenyahu . Another 9/11? Don't rule it out.

We are staring into the abyss. But it could be for the long-term good.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Celebrating the 'Reverend' Martin

Today the USA will grind to a halt and the MSM will descend into frenzied adulation of the country’s secular saint the ‘Reverend’ Martin Luther King.. The only American in history to be given his own National Day. No, not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower - nobody but MLK.

A few facts to consider before you don your ‘Go Martin, Go’ tee-shirt.

Martin Luther King’s name is actually the far more prosaic Michael. It says so on his birth certificate. But you gotta admit, Martin Luther’s got a much better ring than plain old Michael King.

He plagiarised all his good stuff, including his ‘doctoral’ thesis and much of his "I Have a Dream" speech. The Journal of American History said that "plagiarism was a general pattern evident in nearly all of his academic writings". It’s standard practice to withdraw an award when plagiarism is discovered. I've done it myself in one case and the system would collapse without it. Yet when Boston University was forced to recognise King’s blatant plagiarism in his doctoral thesis they declined to take the appropriate action (an action that would have been taken against anyone else) and let the award stand.

On his celebrated commitment to non-violence, many intercepts by the FBI, and recollections by former associates, show that his was ‘tactical’ (his words) rather than principled, given that direct violence was likely to be counterproductive.

One of King’s best regarded – and of course highly plagiarised – essays is “The Place of Reason and Experience in Finding God.” I'm not too sure where he eventually found him, but it was unlikely to have been during his frequent sexual orgies with white prostitutes. His long-time collaborator and friend the ‘Reverend’ Ralph Abernethy, wrote that King would often use church donations to have drunken sex parties, where he would hire two to three white prostitutes, occasionally beating them brutally. These were not aberrations but were the norm for King’s speaking and organising tours. J Edgar Hoover had the FBI tape such trysts but the files have been sealed by a Federal judge until 2017.

I wonder why?

The FBI’s William Sullivan, a liberal, was initially very favourably disposed towards King. But long after his retirement described him as ‘a moral degenerate’.

In conclusion, a little levity to cheer you up.

Now put away that tee-shirt.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dramatic pedagogical breakthrough

Few areas of human endeavour attract more attention – and funding – than those geared towards improving educational performance. Being a sometime academic myself I can straight off the top of my head think of numerous examples. ‘Daylighting’ and other environmental factors, Deep Immersion techniques, multimedia, case based reasoning, team based learning, use of school counselors, use of non-standardised instruments, special diets and sleep regimes etc. Sadly, these have lead to marginal improvement at best. And the result is that western nations now continue to slide down international performance rankings.

It is therefore with great joy, and indeed excitement, that I present news of stunning performance improvements from South Africa. Now, I will concede that I have not been an unqualified admirer of the new Rainbow Nation. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that since ‘independence’ it has collapsed into a violent, crime-ridden, AIDS-infested, Turd World hell hole where the gub’mint feeds at the trough while whites are murdered in their beds by the thousand.

But I'm a fair and equitable man. I give credit where credit is due. And who can not give credit to the towering advances in academic performance achieved there over the last year? I'm not talking about incremental improvements of 5% or even 10%. No, my friends. Hold on to something steady as I bring you the thrilling news of an instance where the improvement was, wait for it, no less than 1470% That’s right – over one thousand percent improvement. Now I have to admit that this dramatic improvement is founded on a rather modest base. In fact it couldn’t be any lower, in that 0% passed the Matric the previous year. Ok, but a 1470% improvement is a 1470% improvement*

Now I know you’re breathless to learn this technique. You perhaps see the opportunity to apply it for yourself or your kids. Well, let me first point out that it has one drawback in that it’s quite expensive, although this encumbrance need not apply to you personally, as you will see.

So here it is. Based on a recent post in SAS, it seems that the technique can be distilled into the following key components:

1: Sit Matriculation

2: Fail Matriculation

3: Beat up teachers

4: Burn down school

5: Proudly collect, following a hasty review by the educationalists, your brand new Matriculation Certificate

And who says Africans can't innovate?

* For those pedants among you, I know one can't derive a percentage increase on zero. But allow me my rhetorical flourish, will you? It’s all in a good cause.

Monday, 10 January 2011

‘A civilised national debate’

We’re endlessly browbeaten by the so-called liberals in politics and the MSM into having a ‘civilised debate’, or a ‘decorous discourse’ on the issues that divide us. A good example lies with US Attorney General Eric Holder, a black interloper from the Caribbean, who referred to his benefactors as ‘a nation of cowards’ for not having the courage for such an interaction.

They also warn us against jumping to conclusions and targeting any ethnic or religious group. Thus even after the Ford Hood assassin was shown to have been a regular correspondent at jihadi web sites, and triumphantly shouted ‘Allah akbar’ after the killings, we were sternly enjoined from drawing premature conclusions or ‘stereotyping any religious or racial group’.

Ah yes. It could easily have been the Quakers I suppose.

Yet the victims in the recent Arizona massacre had hardly hit ground before the establishment were clambering over their bodies to link the perp with American Renaissance. Which they described, of course, as a white nationalist ‘hate site’. No problem here, notwithstanding the complete lack of any evidence, with drawing premature conclusions or ‘stereotyping any religious or racial group’.

Any unfortunate soul brave enough to venture onto the peecee reservation and point this out is howled down by these civilised discussion seekers. The Huffington Post or Daily Kos features dozens along the lines of ‘how dare you come onto this site to spew your hate’, followed by calls for the moderator to delete the unwelcome comments.

Such is their commitment to ‘a civilised national debate’.

I'm in Slovenia as the moment doing some work for a very large corporation. During a break I tried to log on to this (Irish Savant) site. Red flashing lights. I asked a colleague to translate.

Here’s what it said.

“It is contrary to [company X] Internet policy to access this site which features hate and discrimination. Additional access attempts will result in disciplinary action’.

Yeah – some debate, isn’t it?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A smile of serenity

These are hard times. Unemployment and poverty stalk our lands. A smile is hard to come by. Unless you happen to meet Mumtaz Qadri. Look at that smile of serenity that graces his countenance. Satisfaction at a job well done.

Yes, Mumtaz has every reason to be happy. As a diligent follower of the ‘Prophet’ he’s gone and done as that psychopathic pedophile has instructed. In this case planting 26 bullets into the body of the guy he was supposed to be guarding, Punjabi Governor Salman Taseer. Why? ‘I am a servant of the Prophet and the punishment for insulting him is death’.

Which it is. This makes Mumtaz a ‘good Muslim’ (is that an oxymoron?) and not a misunderstander of Islam, the term Western dhimmis use to explain away such atrocities. And how did the unfortunate Taseer insult the ‘Prophet’? By referring to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which is regularly used as justification for killing Christains, as ‘an anachronism’. That’s enough to get you killed in Dar-al-Islam, folks.

I'd love to show you a picture I saw in the Irish Times, which showed Mumdaz just after his ‘capture’ - beaming, and in what seems to be the relaxed and smiling company of his fellow 'bodyguards'. No, he hadn’t been wrestled to the ground, far less gunned down as he was half way through his 26 bullets. So what were the other bodyguards doing? Good question. What can be said is that they were not bodyguarding.

Why in God’s name doesnt the West get out of those Islamic hell-holes? Trying to impose anything approaching normalcy on these deluded savages is not only a demonstrable failure, it’s actually counter-prdoctive.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I agree

Occasionally some comments are so informative and worthwhile I publish them as a separate post. Such is the case with the latest from Reg the Heg made on the previous post. He makes a number of predictions which I fully endorse. In particular the controversial view that awful things such as those described in that post have an upside in that they hasten the day of a white fightback. Also the demise of the dreadful European Court of Human Rights. This is the source of most of our problems and its demise would be cause for major celebration.

Let's hope his prognostications prove accurate!

Here's Reg......

"It is disgusting to say this and quite easy for what I say to be misinterpreted but...The more of these things that happen the better. The more outrageously unfair and vicious the better. It is only until each of us can personally recount a story like this that the stupid marxist bastards can see what they have done and the brain dead tv watching gutter press reader can be awaken from their selfish insular world. All here know that the corporate media have a political agenda well beyond their remit.

The low life CEOs are playing with peoples lives to their own benefit.I say it will take each to have personal experience because we are being deliberatly deprived of vital information we need to make the tough decisions.At some point in time there will be a reversal of the insidious marxist agenda. These things usually come as a surprise to the casual observer. To the watcher they are rarely a surprise. I just hope the purveyers of this toxic filth will be alive to witness the reversal.

Historically when these types of things reverse there is always a period of retribution where the former supressors have to pay for their treason.A catalist is usually needed to kick off the end. I have believed for quite a while now that the calamitous economic conditions that are soon to start will be the catalyst. As usual the media are taking their stories from vested interests (Governments and banks) and they have not bothered their barney actually investigating what economic conditions are coming down the line. You think the last two years were bad? You really haven´t seen anything yet.

A few things that will happen in the next few years I´m very confident most will happen.

1) Many former media mogals will go the way of the builder. The corporate media are loosing readers by the second, more and more people are using the alternative media. This will increase until the ability of Murdock and his ilk to sell a story has disappeared completely.

2) European countries will withdraw from the perverse European Convention on Human Rights. This is the law that ensures a failed Iraqi asylum seeker can kill several English people (including children) and then claim his human rights are being denied when the judiciary try to deport him.)

The asian bubble economies will burst.

The Federal Reserve Bank will loose the right to issue US Dollars.

For international trade in comodities such as oil the US dollar will be dropped in favor of a basket of currencies. The US dollar will go into hyperinflation. There will be widespread civil unrest in the US where something big could occur.

Germany will withdraw from the Euro along with other fiscally prudent countries. A club med Euro may remain where they devalue their way out of their massive debt. Ireland is a tough one, they may return to the punt, I can´t see them staying in the club med Euro as the economies have no commonalities and the lack of commonalities was the reason for the problems in the first place.)

I think national socialist parties such as Front national of France and the BNP of the UK will make massive inroads.)

The Spanish will go bankrupt or be rescued right at the edge.

Unemployment will shoot up accross the West causing resentment of foreigners. Despite what the controlled media say we have gone Japanese. There is NO WAY OUT, the next decade or two are going to be marked by serious persistant high unemployment and stagflation then crushing deflation."

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Celebrating diversity in Texas

Being just 12 years old, Jonathan Foster was undoubtedly looking forward to Christmas. But on Christmas Eve he was kidnapped from where he lived, and his badly mutilated body was found on waste ground a few days later. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds. In fact he had been burned to death with a welding torch. Welding torches get very hot. ‘Crematorium hot’ as one police office on the case said, adding “I’ve never seen burns like this.”

Investigators believe sexual abuse was behind the crime.

Well, what else could it be? It wasn’t robbery, nor assault, nor was there a ransom demand. And it can't be a hate crime either. Why not? Because the suspect is black, and a woman, and the victim was white. Any of which eliminate hate as a motive. That’s why the head of the investigation team informed the media “that’s the only other motive (that makes any sense).”

Of course.

Despite the fact that the perp, grandmother Mona Yvette Nelson , immediately got on to local ‘community organiser’ (where have I heard that term before), a Black Power advocate who rejoices in the name of Quannel X. Even before she got an attorney! Surprisingly Mr. X thinks Mona’s innocent, libelously throwing the blame onto Jonathan’s step-father.

This was despite the fact that the fiend admitted dumping the body (she hadn’t much choice, she’d been identified) and that detectives had found burned carpet, the same twine found around Jonathan’s hands, and welding torches in her apartment. And the fact that she’s a rap sheet as long as your arm, going back to her mid-teens. Despite this including many serious felonies, she was free to work at the apartment building where Jonathan was kidnapped. Don't blame the employers. They’re prohibited, under disparate impact legislation, from checking on an applicants criminal record. Dat be racis’.
I bring you this disheartening news because you won't see it anywhere else on the MSM, apart from Fox and some local agencies.

In conclusion, I suggest that this is what the good people of Texas would have done in the good old days. And I never thought the day would come when I'd say something like that.