Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hallelulia - Ireland becomes ever more diverse!

I see in today’s Irish Times (print edition) that this country has one of the highest fertility rates in Europe, up slightly on previous years. At 2.07 per woman, it’s still slightly below replacement levels. This is surprising though, in that dire economic conditions usually lead to reduced fertility levels. And we know that an average of 1,000 young Irish people are leaving every week to escape unemployment here, now at a rate of 14%.

What could the explanation be? Well, a closer look at the figures tells us that 75% of the births are to Irish nationals. That, of course, is the MSM’s way of not telling us that 25% of the births are to non-Irish nationals.

Does that mean that non-Irish make up 25% of the overall population? Well, of course not.
Well, not yet.
According to Nationmaster that figure is only 3.3%. Now these are official figures, which, as anyone who lives in or walks the streets of Ireland will testify, can safely be discounted. Let’s work on a more realistic figure of say 10%. A simple calculation then shows us that such foreigners are breeding at a rate nearly three times that of the native Irish - eight times higher if you take the official statistics from Nationmaster.

Isn't that amazing? What could be behind it? Let’s return to the Irish Slimes and a recent slobbering puff piece on Muslims in Ireland. Quivering with excitement, it gushes “Muslim population has grown tenfold in 20 years and is still expanding”. Grown tenfold in 20 years. and still expanding.

Any connection, I wonder?

Then we have tens if not hundreds of thousands of Africans roosting here, enriching our culture – and themselves - in the process. Are they forming part of the thousand-strong weekly emigration procession I referred to? I don't think so. Why should they? Free housing (I recommend you check my post here), schooling, healthcare and generous financial rewards for cranking out sprogs. And have you ever seen a black woman here who isn't surrounded by a swarm of offspring? And never a ‘father’ in sight, needless to say.

You don't need a calculator to work out what’s happening. A quarter of our births are to foreigners. And they’re breeding at a rate at least three times faster than ours. Meanwhile 50,000 young Irish – the fertile cohort - are emigrating every year.

There's actually an expression for this kind of thing. What is it again?

Oh yes, I remember now. It’s called Population Replacement.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Southern Comfort

Takes someone from the Old South to show some balls in combating the Religion of Peace. A proposed Tennessee law would make following Shariah law a felony, punishable by 15 years in jail. That’s my boy! Why don't we have people with this kind of ball power over here? Even better news, a dozen other states are considering anti-Shariah bills.

Naturally – of course – the local useful idiot dhimmis leap to arms. Charles Haynes, a “senior scholar” with the First Amendment Center in Nashville, disagrees. He said the bill is based on a complete misunderstanding of Shariah law, which he described as a set of voluntary religious rules, similar to Catholic canon law or Jewish religious law.

And you know what, maybe he’s right. Everywhere you go you see offenders insisting on cutting off their own hands or stoning themselves to death. Why, only today, walking along the main street of my little town I saw this guy cutting off his own head! “I have insulted the Prophet (peace be upon the bastard), and I insist on this punishment” he gurgled, at which point his head fell off onto the ground.

So maybe the ‘senior scholar’ is right after all........

Needless to say, the Feds will kill the initiative assuming it ever makes it into state law. Still, it's a good start to taking back our countries.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

End of the road for SAS?

Had a communication with the Uhuru Guru. Looks like this could be the end of the road for South Africa Sucks. He's got a business to run and the whole thing, non-stop attacks etc. has become too much for him. Not sure if anyone else will take up the mantle???

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Sky Sports scandal

Unless you’ve been on another planet you’ve heard by now of the shocking sexist rants by Sky Sports broadcasters Andy Gray and Richard Keyes. I'd rather not offend you gentle reader, with the specifics of what they spewed out. Suffice to say, they were overheard calling into question the suitability of female officials in soccer, and, eh, well that's about it I suppose. But it’s quite enough for me. And I'm happy to tell reassure you that they have now joined Britain’s lengthening dole queues.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm totally in favour of free speech. Absolutely. But not when it encourages hate towards non-white races, the Islamic religion, or the female gender. This kind of thing has to be stopped – and stopped now.

I long for a better-mannered and more innocent time. I played soccer and rugby for many years and I can tell you honestly, hand on heart, that during this time I never heard anything so vile as what Keyes and Gray spewed forth. In fact, while we engaged in the normal manly banter, whenever the subject of the fair sex came up a respectful hush fell over the dressing-room. The only terms I can remember were along the lines of ‘a splendid young lady’, ‘a fine mind’, while ‘virtuous’ was the most prized attribute of all.

And, unlike the thuggish Keyes and Gray, reference to female physical qualities were strictly eschewed. Ok, I did on occasion hear reference to some lady having ‘delicate hands’, but the look from the rest of the team quickly terminated this line of talk, I can assure you. Even the suggestion that one chap’s fiancĂ©e would ‘make a wonderful mother’ elicited a stony glare in response to what would have been perceived back then as an unwarranted personal intrusion.

Just like the ‘Reverend’ Martin Luther King, I too have a dream. A dream where the likes of Gray and Keyes have returned to their caves, never to emerge. But I want more. I want to see the curse of genderism banished from sport entirely.

First I want to see a slender female hunker down in Ireland’s front row beside Jerry Flannery for our next rugby international. Why not? Women now have their rightful place in hitherto ‘manly’ sports, and God knows, she’d hardly be much worse than Tony Buckley or John Hayes.
Katie Taylor
And why not have our own world ladies boxing champion Katy Taylor take on current World Heavyweight Champion David Haye for the Unisex World Boxing Championship (UWBC)? Imagine the excitement at that!

David Haye
And why not take it beyond sport? And beyond gender? What about the pernicious ageism that blights everything we see, especially beauty contests? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, as we’re told repeatedly, is ageless. And it reflects what’s inside, not the superficial and transient externals.

With that in mind I nominate my beloved Aunt Gemima for the next Miss World competition. If the judges could just free their minds from stereotypical sexism and ageism, she’d wow them as she sashayed down the catwalk – which would of course have been modified to accommodate her Zimmer frame.

Aunt Jemima

These are just a few modest personal suggestions. I'm sure you could all come up with some more if only you could free your benighted minds.

And in conclusion, I’m told that Sky Sports plan to replace the two troglodytes with a female anchor. I fully endorse this appointment. Especially if she turns out to have big tits.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Worth another look

You've probably read both of the following quotations from two of the 20th century's most notable luminaries - nothing really new. Nonetheless it's worthwhile reflecting on them, as they show how and why we are where we are, and how our rulers control us.

First up Lavrenti Beria, the head of the NKVD, to a group of US communist students at Lenin University in 1953.

“Degradation and conquest are companions. To be conquered, a nation must be degraded … degradation can be accomplished insidiously … and effectively by consistent and continual defamation … continued and constant degradation of national leaders, national institutions, national practices and national heroes must be systematically carries out.

“By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. The attack on the mind of a nation involves changing loyalties, we must have a command of their values. In the animal, the first loyalty is to himself. This is destroyed by demonstrating to him … showing that he does not remember, cannot act or does not trust himself.

“The second loyalty is to his family unit … this is destroyed by lessening the value of marriage, by making and easiness of divorce. The next loyalty is to his friends and local environment … this is destroyed by lowering his trust. The next is to the state …and this is the only loyalty once the State is founded as a Communist State …

“By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…”

This of course is 100% in alignment with the Frankfurt School and their mutant spawn.

The second is from one Josef Goebbels, Propaganda Minister for the Third Reich.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."


PS: See also this post - How To Brainwash A Nation

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New location for SAS

Numerous readers have been on relating to SAS being down again. One has advised that the following hosting site, prides itself on its strict free-speech policy and never caving in to threats, like hostgator obviously just did.

Best of luck guys. Seems that freedom of the net is becoming a questionable concept.

UPDATE 16/02/11 18.00 GMT: Uhuru Guru has been on as follows: temporarily up at, its just a placeholder site until we organise permanent hosting

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Reviewing Ireland's Peecee Bible

Took in the peecee bible, the Irish Times, over coffee this morning. Important to see what the enemy is up to. And by the way, just like its New York counterpart, this particular Times is being driven into the economic ground. In this case by its all female (mis)management team.

Another cappuccino please!

First up (p.3) a major study by one of the countless quangos (publicly funded of course) that focus on immigrant issues. This one says that, in the jobs carnage over the last two years, immigrant workers are losing their jobs at three times the rate of Irish workers. They decry this as discriminatory, unfair and all the usual stuff. So are they then suggesting that proportionally more Irish workers be laid off to compensate?

No No No No! Not that at all! Well, what then? How do they propose to square that particular circle? Hey, they have a solution: “Unemployment needs to be combated in a targeted intelligent way”. By Jove - they’ve cracked it! A quango with a solution! What next? But wait – there’s more! “Innovative thought must go into shaping our business strategies for the future”. My god, why didn’t I think of that?

The report ends up with a plea to recognise “immigrants’ contribution to Ireland’s economic well being”.

Maybe they have in mind people like ‘Cabra (Dublin) Man’ John Noghayin (p.4). Black as the ace of spades, he’s just been convicted of raping a Dublin woman. This stupid wench met three drunken Africans in a diner, and proceeded to accompany them back to their flat. Where she duly got raped. Hands up everyone who’s sympathetic to her plight?

Sentencing is to follow. And that could be interesting. You see legal precedent has been set in Ireland on the issue of ‘cultural differences’ being an exculpatory factor when it comes to criminality. We had some bush doctor in Kilkenny performing illegal circumcision on a child , who subsequently died from septicemia. Here again the ‘learned’ judge instructed the jury to the effect that if the defendant had acted in accordance with his, ahem, cultural norms, then, hey, that's ok.

He was acquitted.

Then there was the case of a Nigerian woman fired for robbing from the store where she worked. The case ended up in court. Not with her being charged…. silly! No, she brought a claim of wrongful dismissal against the store on the basis that it was the Nigerian ‘culture’ to, well, rob from where you worked. Here was a rare instance of a Nigerian telling the truth. The ‘learned’ judge was impressed. He ordered her to be reinstated to her job, and paid I think it was €30,000 in compensation for ‘humiliation and distress’.

I kid you not. So if John says it’s his ‘culture’ to rape stupid women, who’s to disagree? In which case legal precedent says he should walk from court. At which point maybe he could enter a compensation claim for the ‘humiliation and distress’ he suffered during the case.

And staying with matters legal,I see on the same page that “The number of new solicitors rises”. Well, isn't that wonderful? Just what Ireland needs now. Lots more lawyers.

Still haven't gone beyond page 4. Not even touched the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson exhorting his Irish fans to ‘claim what’s rightfully yours’. We understand Reverend, we know what you mean. Not sure it’ll work here though.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Laughs from Egypt

A number of developments caused me outright amusement. First, Barak Hussein, and to a lesser extent the other Western leaders, suddenly discovered an intense interest in ‘giving the Egyptian people their voice’. Fine, but what about the last thirty years? And do they really believe that anyone in the Arab or Muslim world will be even slightly taken in by their new-found commitment to democracy and openness?

And the Swiss, you gotta hand it to them. They take their hypocrisy seriously. Just as they did when the Tunisian leader was overthrown, they have now frozen Mubarak’s ill-gotten gains housed in Switzerland. Why? It seems pointless from any perspective. If, like Barak, they hope to crawl a few inches closer to the moral high ground, well, they can't really believe that, can they? It also seems crazy from a practical and financial perspective (which is what they really worry about). Any self-respecting tyrant will in future surely not use Swiss banks to stash his ill-gotten gains? Hard to see then what the Swiss can gain at all from their actions.

Then we have the joyous celebrations everywhere. Freedom at last! A New Dawn for the Arab world! Things will never be the same! Well, actually, things will continue pretty much the same as they always have. A new dictator will emerge in due course who will rule the country with an iron fist, plunder it, and seek to have his spawn continue his dynasty. It will almost certainly be more Islamic that previously, but that won't make much difference either.

I say this because the overwhelming mass of Egyptians have no appreciation of democracy (as we understand it) or of religious freedom. I laughed out loud at the results of a fairly recent Pew Research poll in that country. I don't have the exact figures, but something like 90% supported the idea of ‘freedom to practice one’s religion’. Good. However, a similar percentage supported the idea that ‘apostates from Islam should be put to death’.

We may laugh, as I did. But there’s a deadly serious take from it. And that is, leave Muslim societies to themselves, and keep Muslims out of the West. We cannot fix the unfixable – we only make it worse by trying - and Muslims will never accept Western secular liberal norms.

Therefore, it’s truly beyond my comprehension as to why our ‘leaders’ continue to adopt what Steve Sailer calls the ‘invade the world, invite the world’ approach.

Truly, we are governed by our enemies.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cameron's Big Society initiative

On Sundays, like every other day, I awake with a smile playing on my lips, ready to love another day. However, it won't last. You see, Lady Savant is given to watching this programme on BBC called, I think The Big Question or more accurately The Freak Show, and I have little choice but to go along with it. And after about ten minutes I feel like hurtling my plate of watery gruel at the screen in rage and frustration.

The show’s an exemplar of the Beeb’s ‘Modern Britain’. The audience? Do you remember the pub scene from Star Wars? Well, it’s a bit like that and I bring you the screen captures below as evidence. A phalanx of mad-eyed bearded Muslims, spear-carrying blacks in loin-cloths, disabled gays, Polynesian cannibals, dagger-wielding Sikhs, one-legged hermaphrodites, comatose Rastafarians. And out on the periphery lurk a few real English people, timidly waiting their turn to speak.

And if they do get to speak they need to be careful what they say. At the first sight of anything that even vaguely challenges the Beeb’s idea of happy clappy multi-culti La-La Land the production assistants leap out before the audience brandishing their ‘BOO’ and ‘HISS’ cue cards.

But they don't really need to because they can rely on this ‘Baroness’, a fat shrieking harridan of indeterminate origin, to cut off any attempt at sensible discussion. This useless hag, whose lineage, I'm reliably informed, goes all the way back to the 21st century, must by now have caused serious damage to Peter Hitchens’ left eardrum.

This malevolent witch featured in one interesting vignette last Sunday. A mature Englishman, the kind who put the Great in Great Britain, gently chided her to the effect that ‘even though you never seem to have held a proper job, you’re now legislating for me’. Now it must be realised that the ‘Baroness’, had she been white and of Christian origin, i.e. English, would be working on the check-out at Tesco. In the light of this you’d imagine she’d have had some vestigial shred of decency left, and retreated into an embarrassed silence.

Not a bit of it! Cackling like a hyena, she dismissed him with a wave of her grubby paw.

Now what’s all of this got to do with Dave’s Big Society initiative? Well, everything actually. Because Dave (I feel I can call you Dave, given that you and Sam have abandoned the beautifully modulated tones of your upbringing and now speak Estuary) that particular horse has long since bolted. I can see him now, disappearing over the horizon in a cloud of dust.

Dave, do you really think that the denizens of Dewsbury, who’ll kick to death any Englishman who trespasses on their piece of Dar-al-Harb, or the black thugs responsible for 90% of the knife murders in London, do you really believe that they’ll volunteer to pick up litter and help old ladies cross the street?

No Dave, they will not. Your Big Society initiative is still-born. You cannot have multi-culturalism and social cohesion. It’s all here in this body of meticulously conducted research. Too late, Dave, too late.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rotimi Rides Again!

In this post a few years back I brought you the heart-warming story of Nigerian Rotimi Adebari, who had just been elected as Ireland’s first (and hopefully last) black mayor. It was a heart-warming because the unfortunate Rotimi had fled persecution from his home village of Okeodan, hotly pursued by a mob of outraged Muslims. Barely escaped with his life, apparently. Then, as the immigration industry puts it he ‘found himself in Ireland', and hey presto, he becomes mayor. A remarkable achievement, as has been pointed out ad nauseam since then. True to form, he quickly fastened himself onto the public teat and cornered significant amounts of taxpayers cash to celebrate diversity throughout Laois.

All good stuff so far. But then I pointed out a strange development. The village from which he had fled, barely escaping with his life, now wanted him back to celebrate his achievements. And, presumably overcoming his visceral fears, he did go back where he was feted by one and all. Wasn’t that amazing?

And it’s also amazing that an Irish guy working on London Transport says Rotimi was employed there for years. Worked together, they did, and Rotimi’s personnel file is available for inspection by anyone who wants to inspect. You’d imagine he’d be on the first flight over to London, to disprove this highly embarrassing accusation. But no, Rotimi just says that Paddy The Accuser is mistaking him with somebody else.

Isn't that amazing too?

This is more than of academic interest. If Rotimi’s been shown to have lied he could – and should – lose his Irish citizenship, which we give out here like snuff at a wake. And he could also have to, oh dear, repay the various wads of money he extracted from the Irish taxpayer under what would have been false pretences.

In fairness to him, he’s been a very active Mayor and Councillor. In fact he’s undertaken more than 200 junkets at taxpayers’ expense fact-finding missions since his election. And his company is also very busy, teaching the farmers of Laois how to celebrate diversity and to address the problems opportunities of multiculturalism. He’s been so busy in fact that he hasn’t filed a company tax return, not once, since the company was founded! This is of course strictly illegal, and if he were not a black immigrant I'd wager he’d have been out of business long ago, if not enjoying a different kind of taxpayer-funded accommodation.

Another amazing thing: Despite an unending stream of questions and apparent irreconcilable and conflicting assertions, he’s never been taken to task by the MSM. Isn't that amazing as well?

But now things might be changing. Undoubtedly emboldened by how much he’s been able to get away with so far, he’s now expanding onto the national stage. He's standing for the National Parliament (Dail) in the next general election. Such a move always brings with it the risk of much closer scrutiny, and the airing of hitherto concealed dirty linen. And sure enough, it’s now emerged that one of his key assistants at his last election has been convicted of a number of rapes. To add grist to the mill, this happened during the peak of the election period. So he kept himself busy, asking for votes from some electors, raping others.

Rotimi denies all knowledge. And as Rob said, "Rotimi is a Nigerian AND an elected politician. What on earth makes you think he might be lying?"

And now another titbit. A ‘usually reliable source’ informs me that Rotimi’s company may have been engaged in more than teaching the bog-trotters how to celebrate diversity. It seems that the company may have been of, well, some discrete assistance to a number of prominent Nigerian politicians. Nothing wrong with that. I'd trust a Nigerian politician with my life savings any time. Honestly.

But still, just to keep the record straight, maybe Rotimi would assure us that there’s no truth in this story. And then file his company returns while he’s at it.

Monday, 7 February 2011

SAS pulled again

As my regular readers know, the Google thought police have done everything in their power to kill traffic to this site, including taking the site down on a number of occasions. Many of you have suggested transferring to Wordpress to avail of its alleged greater tolerance. Well, we can see now how far that tolerance goes.

South Africa Sucks, which has been really getting up the noses of the murderous kleptocrats who currently wield power in that tragic country, has been taken down. Again.

Cheer up guys. This means you're really getting the truth out and that your readership is large and influential. And, just like before, on several occasions, you'll come back bigger and bolder than ever.

When you do, let me know and I'll be the first to publicise the happy event.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

On irony and black holes

It’s been said that irony died the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, let you be the judge of that after I relate the following story.

Hallmark Cards have published a new vocalised graduation card for physics graduates. The card's theme is the solar system and emphasises the power of the graduate to take over the universe, even the notorious energy-absorbing black holes. "The intent here is to say that this graduate is not afraid of anything," explained Hallmark spokesman Steve Doyal. At one stage the card vocalises "and you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back."

So what? You ask. So what?

Well, it seems the Los Angeles NAACP, not being too well up on astrophysics (now isn't that a surprise?), understood ‘black holes’ to be something altogether less cosmic. "That was very demeaning to African American women. When it made reference to African American women as whores and at the end, it says 'watch your back,'" said NAACP’s Leon Jenkins.

I kid you not. Check it out here.

You know, each time I doubt that the NAACP and their ilk could surpass themselves, I discover fresh evidence of their invincible ignorance. The level of which the gods themselves contend in vain.

Oh, just in case you were wondering. Once the local NAACP apparatchiks bared their rotting teeth at Hallmark, the cards were pulled from the shelves nationally. “In any situation where there is a circumstance that we need to be sensitive to, we try to learn from that experience," said Doyal, from his supine arse-up position on the floor.

Roll on the revolution.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Staggering statistic

Last Sunday's Independent showed the results of a recent poll assessing satisfaction level with our 'government'. Here are the results:

Satisfied: 4%

Dissatisfied: 95%

Don't know: 1%

Absolutely amazing. But just to make sure we're on the same page here, my amazement relates to the fact that 4% of the electorate are actually satisfied with the government.