Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Of tennis, canaries and coal mines

How can a tennis match act as a proxy canary in the coalmine of America’s destruction? Bear with me……

As America’s top tennis player, Andy Roddick would have held the highest hopes for the nation achieviung a badly needed boost by doing well in this year’s tournaments. As such you’d expect rapturous support from him all over the US of A whenever he plays. But that didn’t happen this week in his match against Pablo Cuevas at the Miami Open. But then again, South Florida (and Miami in particular) is not longer really America, rather it’s the HOG, Hispanic Occupied America. In the match in question the crowd were rooting for Cuevas. Now had he been Mexican or Cuban I could understand it, as this is where most of the occupiers originate. And indeed it would not have told us much about societal breakdown. But Cuevas comes from Uruguay, a small South American country thousands of miles from Miami. From what I could saee there was only one Uruguayan flag among the seething mass of Cuevas’ supportrers.

Now here’s where the canary analogy comes in. The crowd were supporting Cuevas because he’s Hispanic. Against the white American. A powerful sense of Hispanic identity, one that's hostile to white American identity, has now taken a powerful grip in the country. And as we know from this research, and from real life experience, social capital goes out the window when a country is composed of different closely knit racial or religious groupings.

As Putnam (a liberal who was horrified by his research findings) said "People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to 'hunker down,' that is, to pull in like a turtle". They tend to "withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more but have less faith they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television."

Yes, as Andy Roddick probably now subliminally realises, that's what's in store for America and the West in general.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Headline says it all....

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.......... This from the Huffington Post: "Plurality of US public support [Libyan] air strikes but majority unsure of goal”. What more needs be said? "We agree with you whacking the Arabs. But, eh, why exactly are you doing it?" That, my friends, underlines, in graphic detail, the scale of the problem posed by the mindless herd, who respond, like salivating Pavlovian dogs, to the scraps thrown to divert their attention from their real issues and their real enemies. PS - as per my previous post, you can see how the text is getting all crunched up

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ireland's Ghetto Lottery: The gift that just keeps giving

We might have been driven to the edge of ruination by our crooked bankers and incompetent politicians, but some things go on as if nothing at all has changed. In particular our Ghetto Lottery and the various 'human rights' quangos that disperse the shrinking reservoir of taxpayers' funds to offended cultural enrichers.

This week we learn of a Zimbabwean man who claimed he had not been promoted and had been made work unpleasant shifts. So what? You may well ask. We don't all get promoted and don't all get to work our preferred shifts. But the Equality Tribunal (yugh!) deemed that dat be racis' and awarded the 'victim' €25,000. Nice one. How did the tribunal, comprised of lawyers, trade unionists, human rights 'activists' and other useless parasites, none of whom ever had even come close to running a business, how did they judge that the company's decision was based on race?

Well, they just did, that's all.
An interesting point: The company did not even bother to attend. Why? Because they knew that with the stacked deck, and the bizarre cost assignment rules (the complainant gets his fees even if he loses, but the company does not get their fees even if they win) meant they just saved time by not attending.

Then a black South African was awarded €15,000 for 'discrimination regarding access to promotion.' How did the tribunal know if the lack of promotion was not justified? See above. Although the fact that a white (shudder) South African was in a management position could have had something to do with it.

And the final bunch of winners in this week's exciting event were a group of taxi drivers in Galway. They picked up nearly €50,000 between them because they were 'discriminated on the grounds of race'. How? They wanted to become shareholders in a company but were refused.

Now isn't that interesting? In fact it's a ground-breaking ruling. It says that a private company must accept every black who wants to become a shareholder. Now isn't that something? What about a company that strikes oil? Must they open their shareholders' register to any black who comes along? Now that should prove to be interesting.

My only hope is that, if things get bad enough here, that this insanity will be brought to a halt, simply because there won't be any more fools' money to pay for it.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A depressing spectacle

Thanks NOT to the poster who sent me this link. Honestly, it depressed me all day. The beautiful Miss Ireland, who is first violin with the Hibernian Symphony Orchestra, has this creature as her mate. Equally depressing is to see the extent to which she’s drunk the peecee multicult Kool-Aid. . 'What colour my skin is doesn't matter to him and what colour his skin is doesn't matter to me. now that Ireland is a multi-cultural society, people should be educated.' 'I think that Ireland is so rich in many cultures and often times preconceived notions influence how people treat others who are of different colour, creed or sexuality. 'We need to help break down the barriers that sometimes build up in our homes, schools and society.' Yeah, right.

“He is the most amazing person I have ever met

Well, if he’s an African and a ‘computer whizz’, as the article says, then yes, he is an amazing person. In a tweet she trills ‘we’re so close that we even finish one another’s’ sentences’. Yeah, he starts ‘I must leave and go…’ and she finishes ‘to the the Social Welfare office’. Emma sternly tells us that ‘people need to be educated on race and different cultures.’ I agree Emma, God, how I agree. And I’m happy to do that by giving you a free subscription to my blog. Now that will educate you, my dear.

In the meantime I’ll provide you with this invaluable educational gem. Stick with this guy and you’ll be cranking out little Nigerians in no time. At which point ‘Manners’ will hightail it, as just about every black sperm donor does, and leave you to pick up the pieces of your life and look after his offspring, while he moves onto his next mark.

I conclude with a thought: We’re always told how blacks suffer from low self-esteem, arising from the dreadful treatment meted out by whites. But put yourself in your twenties again. How many of you would have had the gumption to proposition a sophisticated beauty queen such as this lady? Especially if you looked like him?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

WE wouldn't make this mistake, would we?

I've taken an interest in Ivory Coast since I did a project there for the African Development Bank (ADB) about ten years ago. This wasn’t a bad country at all, brilliant by African standards, prosperous, and, I was told, home to the continent’s largest cathedral. Mind you, one evening when a colleague and I started to go for a stroll outside our pleasant hotel in Abidjan, a local lady crossed the road, advising to immediately return to the hotel for our own safety. That was genuinely nice of her, and much appreciated. Coming from a long line of cowards, I took her advice.

At that time the country was going through a bit of an economic miracle with a nascent financial services industry based around the ADB and rapid growth in their export-oriented plantations (I forget what they were growing). The latter was supported by cheap Muslim labourers from neighbouring Islamic states such as Mali and Burkino Fasso.

For a while the Christians, animists and Muslims got along famously. But then something very strange happened. The Muslims seemed to be bringing in, over time, all their extended families and friends. In very large numbers. Within about twenty years Muslims numbered about 40% of the population. Isn't that amazing?

And then something else amazing happened. Totally unprovoked – totally – Islamophobia (shudder) started to break out. Just like that. It seems the non-Muslims felt that the Muslims, with whom they’d been enthusiastically celebrating diversity not that long ago, were now taking over the place, demanding all sorts of ‘rights’, taking offence at what was previously perfectly acceptable, and most alarming of all, demanding that the immigrants, about four million of them, be granted citizenship. Which would give them a virtual overnight ‘democratic’ majority in the country.

Oh dear! This wasn’t at all what they had in mind when inviting in the original ‘guest workers’. But the Muzzies now had their tails up and were not for turning. Predictably, by 2004, a vicious civil erupted, which has continued unabated, in one form or another, ever since. The country is now in ruins. Inter-ethnic strife and massacres are the order of the day and the economy has collapsed. And incidentally the ADB has fled. In this case from the frying pan to the fire, relocating for safety to – wait for it - Tunis!

So, a prosperous relatively peaceable African country brings in large numbers of Muslim guest workers, whose numbers increase dramatically and rapidly, resulting in civil war and national ruin.


Just as well we wouldn’t do such a stupid thing in the West, isn’t it?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Astounding interview

How many of you are aware of the claimed interview that Christian Nationalist Walter White had with Harold Rosenthal, an aide to then-Senator Jacob Javits? Javits was one of the master-minds behind the catastrophic 1965 Immigration “Reform” Act, and, like Rosenthal, was Jewish. The content of the interview, if true, is absolutely astounding. You’d need to read the whole thing (here) in order to make a judgement.
"We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands” claimed Rosenthal, and attributed this victory to absolute control of the media. The interview continues along these lines with one stunning admission after another. Interestingly, Rosenthal was killed in suspiciois circumstances in 1976, shortly after the interview took place. (Javits died in 1986.)
My main interest in posting on this is your views as to whether the claimed interview actually took place, and that Rosenthal spoke as quoted. That the Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) has claimed no meeting took place does not necessarily mean that it did. But still…..

The link I provided gives a lot of additional background and context, as well as the interview itself. Using Occam's Razor I fall down on the side of not believing, simply because giving such an interview would have meant career death for Rosenthal.

Check it out, and give me your unbiased views!

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Smiling Assassin: Update

A few moths ago I wrote here about Mumtaz Qadri, he of the beatific smile, happy at a job well done. The rewarding task in this instance being the killing of the guy he was supposed to be guarding, Punjabi Governor Salman Taseer. The reason? Salman had supported the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy law. In that post I wrote 'I'd love to show you a picture I saw in the Irish Times (print edition), which showed Mumdaz just after his ‘capture’ - beaming, and in what seems to be the relaxed and smiling company of his fellow 'bodyguards'.

Well now, I have an update on that comment, courtesy of the ‘anti-Imperialist’ writer Tariq Ali. Writing in January’s London Review of Books he reveals that he had been a close childhood friend of Taseer and had traveled back to Pakistan to attend his funeral. Using his many high level connections he brought us the following insights.

It seems Qadri had previously been kicked out of another army unit, being deemed a ‘security risk’ but had then, mysteriously, been recruited as a personal bodyguard for Taseer. Geo TV revealed that ‘he had requested that he not be fired on after killing Taseer but arrested alive’. Not exactly a glowing testimonial to his bodyguarding skills, or those of his fellow 'bodyguards'. But he held onto his job, duly killed Taseer, and duly was not fired on, but arrested by his smiling comrades.

Ali tells us that ‘Qadri is on his way to becoming a national here. On his first appearance in court he was showered with flowers by admiring lawyers (sic) who offered to defend him free of charge.’ After the first hearing the police allowed him to interact on national TV with his host of admiring supporters. For good measure, the Interior (i.e. police) Minister warned subsequently that he himself would personally shoot dead any blasphemer.

Hardly surprising then that the victim’s funeral was sparsely attended, with not a single Ministerial colleague showing up. Nor that earlier this month Shahbaz Bhatti, the only other Minister opposed to the blasphemy law, was assassinated on his way to work. To loud national acclaim.

All of which leads me wearily to ask, once again, what the hell is the West doing in those Islamic hell-holes, and why do we lavish billions of aid on them? And of course, why do we encourage millions of them into the West? The Muslim population in the UK is about 80% Pakistani in origin. Think about that.

However, I’ll end on a bright note. Here’s one of the comments from the Guardian blog, from someone called Mohammed (!)

"If anybody insults the Prophet he looses (sic) the right to live.

Peace. "

Priceless, isn't it?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sweden consumes itself

Each time I doubt that the Swedish Government could surpass themselves, I discover fresh evidence of their invincible incompetence on matters of immigration. Indeed, one might say that they provide the gold standard for divorce from reality -- for organised insanity that rests not on mere inattention to truth or failure to fact-check but on the systematic replacement of reality with a more satisfying world of fantasy.

I refer to their latest plan which will enable illegal immigrants have the right to government-funded healthcare and education, and be able to start their own companies. That's right, I did say ‘illegal’. Which then begs the question, if you can get all the benefits without going through the tiresome immigration process, why not just arrive and settle in? Illegally?

I can just imagine what millions of Turks, Somalis, Afghans and Libyans must now be thinking as they savour this fascinating news. Mind you, according to The Local, even the Government (sic) acknowledges the possibility of some difficulties: “There are still a number of questions to resolve, including the issue of who will pay for illegal immigrants' healthcare or the kind of care and education to which they will be entitled.”

Well now guys, why does that have to be ‘resolved’? I can tell you the answer right now. The (rapidly declining) white proportion of the population will pick up the tab by way of increased taxes. Simple.

And if you need an up-to-the-minute example of how those immigrants behave, check out this video.

And the Government has other ideas too! PM Fredrik Reinfeldt claims that the European Union must attract labour from other parts of the world if it is to function in future. It seems to have escaped his notice that the EU already has over 20 million unemployed. For good measure he added "I am convinced that it will be barely possible to conceive of the EU as a strong global player without Turkey as a member"

At which point a group of men in white coats grabbed him and hustled him away.

The problem is, derived from centuries of honest competent democratic governance, Swedes believe in their government. In fact it could piss down their backs and they’d would blithely accept their airy assurance that it was merely a gentle spring shower.
As I've said before, against such stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chimpout at Alabama State

Dublin’s private Institute of Education is deeply unpopular with the Irish educational establishment - teachers unions, government mandarins, educational quangos etc. Yet, in a country where secondary education is free, ‘The Institute’ will not accept a penny from the government, preferring to charge its student a hefty €7,000 (nearly $10,000) per annum fees. Its discipline is rigid, with simple breaches resulting in expulsion against which there’s no appeal. Underperforming teachers are fired, underperforming students told to leave, and there are no recreational facilities – you’re there to get academic results.

And boy, do they get results! And the graduate students speak of it in glowing terms despite, or is it because of, the strict environment? Diversity? Forget it. The teachers and administrators are selected on ability alone. Students on the basis of a) having the money and b) being prepared to work within the rigid learning environment.

So why their unpopularity with their pedagogical colleagues? Well, for exactly the reasons I listed above! These are the very reasons they’re hated. You see, they’re completely outside the establishment. And refusing the government’s shilling enables them to apply the discipline they believe essential, to avoid getting tied up in bureaucracy, to refuse to have teachers’ unions, to have merely a skeleton crew of administrators, and to focus on results.

Poison to the Establishment.

And the results show up the public system for what it is: Designed and run for the teachers and bureaucrats, not the students.

Which brings me back to the heading on this post. If you want to see what the polar opposite of what the Institute of Education stands for, check out this link which provides us with an understanding of pedagogy at Alabama State.

By the way, I'm reliably informed by my academic friends in the US that the graduation rate at Alabama State is in single figures. Maybe they’re taking the piss out of me, but I wouldn’t be surprised looking at the young scholars in action.