Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jesse Rides Again

That’s like the title of a 1950s western movie. But while the cowboy I'm talking about mightn’t ride the range, he pretty well rides just about anything else. I’m referring here of course to the ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson, who, when not impregnating his parishioners, is a proper Reverend Buttfuck on the side.

Tommy Bennett, who worked for the Reverend’s PUSH (oh dear) Coalition for more than two years has alleged that the Minister paid him to escort women to his room and to clean up after the Reverend had had sex with them. As part of the deal he had to ensure that the Reverend had ample supplies of Cialis and Viagra.

No surprise there. After all, the ‘Reverend’ Martin Luther King is Jesse’s hero. And we know what MLK was like.

But(t) probing a bit deeper (!) it seems that Jesse also ordered Bennett to administer cream to his inner thigh, while wearing only briefs and a V-neck T-shirt. He was, according to Bennett, in a state of 'sexual arousal' at the time. Jackson then demanded oral sex from him. Bennett refused whereupon Jackson called him a ‘little motherfucker’ (Ecclesiastes, 6.14).

I derived this information from the National Enquirer. And as enquiring minds know, the NE, while not exactly a quality broadsheet, has nonetheless an almost impeccable record of winning libel cases. Nobody really takes them on.

And another gratifying piece of information from the same edition (May 23). It seems Denis Rodman, who, like just about every other black ‘father’, has walked out on his wife and owes $500,000 in back support to his wife and two children. Said wife, blonde Michelle Moyer, is now in dire straights. And, cruel as it may seem, I say you brought it on yourself lady when you married this ape. What did you expect?

Were the size of his dick and wallet worth it?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A surprisingly surprised Congressman

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) is not happy with the airport gropers in the TSA

"I walked through … right behind me there was a grandmother — little old lady, and she was patted down. Right behind her was a little kid who was patted down. And then right behind him was a guy in Arabian dress who just walked right through. Why are we patting down grandma and kids?"

An excellent question Congressman, and one I've asked myself on countless occasions and I've recounted several such incidents on this blog. To make matters worse, the gropers, at least in Heathrow are often Osama bin Laden (pre-demise) look-alikes. The insanity in seeing a moving tent walk through security unchecked (there could be three people under it, each carrying a howitzer), while white girls and old ladies are subjected to intrusive search by swarthy foreigners. Defies explanation by anyone this side of the loony bin.

But I’ll give it a try. To help the Congressman.

But first I'd have to wonder why he’s asking the question at all. After all, Congress set up the TSA, and this guy is on the House Homeland Security Committee! If he doesn’t know, who the hell does?

But anyway, here are a few explanations for the madness:

Men in Arab garb make poor gropees – no idea what your hands will land on! In contrast, women and kids may turn you on, depending on what floats your boat.

Men in Arab garb will probably cry and holler victimisation and Islamophobia, activating the hive of quangos and hucksters that thrive on such things. White women and kids won't.

And the primary cause – the politically correct insanity that now controls the lives of everyone in the West ordains that ‘victim groups’, defined as anyone not white, cannot be offended in any way.

Congressman Broun – the solution is in your own hands. You have the power to de-fund these useless groping bastards and fire Janet Napolitano.


There you go, another problem solved!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Queen's visit over. Whew!

Well, it’s over, and nothing went wrong. In fact, everything went spectacularly right. HRH was a wow, with no fewer than 95% of respondents in a Sunday Independent poll answering in the affirmative to the question ‘do you think the Queen won the hearts of the Irish people?’

But many of us worried. You see, Paddy has a dreadful habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Like…. we’d arrange a superb pageant for Her visit to Croke Park, everything planned and rehearsed to the last detail, only to discover that nobody remembered to bring the key to open the place up on the day.

But the Paddy Factor worked in out favour too. A group of worthies from Mayo had the brilliant idea of letting a few dozen duck eggs go bad over a period of about three weeks, at which stage they’d be used to pelt the Royal cavalcade. But a few of them got broken during the bus trip from the bogs of Mayo, letting off such a stench that the cunning ploy was discovered, and the miscreants apprehended.

And our courts and daft judges were always a danger. For instance the cops could have intercepted a couple of well-known IRA nutcases from the North, armed with howitzers and SAMs. Said nutcases would appeal, based on the fact that the cops had their caps on backwards, and filled out the charge sheet in blue, not black ink. At which point the nutcases would be released back into the wild, complete with armaments, by the stupid fucking useless judges.

Thankfully, everything went wonderfully. A pity though that she wasn’t allowed to mingle with the people. Her only chance was in my own Rebel Cork, and she did one thing that amazed me. A stall holder in the market made some humourous comment to her about the pig in the picture. I expected her response to be along the lines of a chilly ‘one is amused’. Instead there was a hearty belly laugh like you’d hear in a pub.

How could we not warm to her?

Friday, 20 May 2011

A genuine question

It’s been established in many different ways that white audiences generally prefer white actors in films. We also know that, despite this, Hollywood uses every opportunity to foist ‘people of colour’ on the viewing public. I think we can take it that they do this because most of them are signed up to the anti-white agenda, and are prepared to forego some profits to pursue this objective.

I can understand this, up to a point. (Do Hollywood execs really believe in anything but money?)

But the following I can not understand. Have any of you seen the TV advertisements for some hotel chain featuring a black family cavortimg around their room? Now I can readily understand using blacks to promote something like sports gear. But your hotel? Who in their right minds would do that? Could anything be a greater turn-off for a prospective customer?

My question is this: Who approved such an ad campaign, and why? Now I know (from my time as an executive in the auto industry where I had to sit through agency presentations) that agencies quake when presenting new creative concepts. I've seen them torn to shreds because of perceived misalignment with the demographics, age group, disposable income or whatever. These things were worked through in exhaustive and acrimonious detail before eventual sign-off.

Put yourself in the position of the sales and marketing people of that hotel chain. Their careers depend on achieving high occupancy rates. And they come out with a campaign like this? What in God's name can they have been thinking when they signed off?

I really and truly don't know.

Do you? Maybe Uncle Nasty does – was he not in the advertising, ahem, 'profession' at one stage.

Anyway, explanations welcome. Because it beats me.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Speaking of America's decline........

The previous post suggested The USA was exhibiting some disturbing Third World symptoms.

I present the following scenes from WalMart as further and conclusive proof of irremediable decline, and rest my case.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Now THIS is Third World

To me the stealing of copper wire from utility poles typifies the Third World environment, especially that of Africa. In my time there I knew it to be the bane of all infrastructure management. And it's especially prevalent in South Africa since 'freedom and democracy' were introduced.

Now, in the latest in a long progression towards Third World status, this phenomenon is taking off in the USA. If you read the comments to the post you'll see it's not just in Quincy but all over. In the South it seems whole air-conditioning units are being stolen for their copper.

I see this as another canary in the coal mine, but you can be assured that the western MSM, well trained in the delicate art of not seeing what's in front of their nose, will not arrive at the same conclusion.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Schengen and the Classicists

You’d imagine that the architects of the New Europe would have read some of the great Classicists. Like the Roman satirist Juvenal, (“drive out nature with a pitchfork and it will nevertheless return”) or Plato “this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are” Or, moving from the sacred to the profane, they could have examined the results of a detailed study on Eurovision voting patterns. It seems that regional blocks massively vote in one another’s favour. There’s a block comprising the Nordic countries plus Britain and Ireland, another one featuring the Benelux countries plus France and Germany and a third comprised of the three Baltic states. There are others. Basically, people support people like themselves.

Taking such basic realities into account could have avoided the potential collapse of one of their greatest accomplishments, the Schengen Accord. Now full disclosure here, I must confess to experiencing a thrill, marveled in fact, while driving almost unknowingly across Germany’s formerly blood-soaked borders with the likes of Poland, France and Belgium. What a transformation. And anybody who says the EU achieved nothing should reflect on this accomplishment.

But they blew it. First they expanded too far too fast. Most notably by including the poverty-stricken gangster states of Rumania and Bulgaria, with their millions of gypsy parasites. They saddled us with the execrable European Court of Justice and worst of all with their policy of mass immigration from the worst countries in the world. What did/do they expect from Somalis? Jeffersonian democrats? “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

How could they not have anticipated the disastrous impact of including such people in the mix with welfare states and open borders? But they did not. And now they’re casting about desperately to stem the tide. Even the Danes, once one of Schengen’s most enthusiastic supporters, are now backing off, disillusioned by the army of violent ignorant parasites flooding across their Schenger non-borders.

Sure, the EU Commission will fight back desperately, but I feel the tide has turned. The whole European project in fact has never been in greater danger. Which gratifies one part of me, saddens another. We live in interesting times.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mr. O'Bama's Irish visit

There’s a prevailing narrative in the Irish MSM in relation to President Obama’s forthcoming visit to harvest votes from US-Irish voters this country. It goes something like this:

“Ireland is in a truly dreadful state and we desperately need some form of inspiration. Where better than from Barak Obama via his forthcoming visit? Here is someone who, because of his race, has faced – and through his genius overcome - insuperable odds to record incredible accomplishments: Entry to Harvard Law School and appointment as first black President of the Harvard Law Review, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and election to the most powerful position in the world, President of the USA. “Yes we can” indeed.”

As usual with the MSM, they’ve got things 180 degree wrong. Far from his race providing ‘insuperable obstacles’, it in fact opened the door for him at every stage of his career. Consider:

Getting into Harvard

Were he white he’s not have got into Harvard at all. His biographer, make that hagiographer, David Remnick, conceded that Obama’s grades were ‘unspectacular’ all through college, quoting a Northwestern University professor who says of Obama, "I don't think he did too well in college." With that kind of encomium we can expect grades in the range of 60% to 70%. Yet he got into a law school where applicants' LSAT scores are typically in the 98 to 99 percentile.

President of the Harvard Law Review

Making President of the HLR is a serious accomplishment, achieved only by the most outstanding brains and those who contribut a wide range of signed legal scholarship. Yet Obama’s grades at Harvard are literally a state secret – they’re in permanent lockdown by both himself and the university, and he never contributed a single signed word of legal scholarship ever, anywhere, even after leaving Harvard. Laura Ingram a while back said she was on the HLR at the same time he was the editor and she doesn't remember him at all. That says something. Although not directly cited, this lead to such an uproar that Harvard changed their appointment and grading procedures.

His genius:


“There's a lot of -- I don't know what the term is in Austrian, wheeling and dealing.''

"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go"

''The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.''

"In case you missed it this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died - an entire town destroyed"
- not understanding the difference between 1o and 10,000

Add in exam grades probably lower than those of GW Bush (who was forced to reveal his) and you get a sense of this man’s genius.

The Nobel Prize

Possibly the biggest farce of all. What did he get it for, other than being black and not being GW Bush? He did absolutely nothing to merit it. There were about four billion people on the planet who had as much claim to the prize as had he.

Had Obama been white and pursued a law career, with his grades and lack of publications he’d now be, and remain, a small town lawyer. Had he pursued his career in politics he wouldn’t have got beyond the Iowa caucuses as his record would have been subjected to merciless scrutiny.

No, his achievements are not despite his being black, rather because he’s black. Which, in terms of solving Ireland’s problems makes him a rather poor inspiration, despite the MSM’s wittering. After all, Ireland isn't a black country. Well, not yet.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where's a feminazi when you need one?

Where have all the feminazis gone? There was a time when you couldn’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper without being assailed by a swarm of fat shrieking harridans, with hairy malodorous armpits (Andrea Dworkin, I'm looking at you) assailing the beleagured white male. Maybe because the white male has now been neutered, emasculated and lobotomised that they have returned to their university lairs, in Women’s Studies or Man-Hating Studies, which now masquerades as English Literature?

Sure, they did reemerge some time ago to oust Larry Summers from the Presidency of Harvard. Now Larry had made it easy on them, having already allowed his cronies use the Harvard name to loot billions from Russia, and of course Larry had already lost more billions for Harvard by way of injudicious investments. On the back of these achievements he then was immediately appointed as a top economic advisor to the US President.

All Larry said was that women aren’t as good at maths and hard science subjects as men. This should have been as controversial as saying the sun rises in the east. I've been involved in computer science almost all my life and I can bear out what Larry claimed. Very few women – and no blacks – can make the cut. And the women that do have a strong masculine dimension. Yet, this simple statement activated a hive of fanatics, clad in mysteriously-soiled flannels and Wellington boots, who put the run on Larry pronto.

A recent incident in Texas prompts my renewed interest. As we know, rape, or anything that approaches it (e.g. passing a woman a compliment) sets the sisters off like a rocket. Here, for example, is Marge Piercy, and an excerpt from her Rape Poem. “Rape fattens on the fantasies of the normal male like a maggot on garbage." Well, that's very nice Marje, thank you.

You’d expect then a strong reaction for a case in which a girl was raped by a thug, thug confesses but gets community service sentence, victim refuses to cheer for thug on college football team, victim gets fired as a cheerleader. Seems enough to have busloads of them swarming down to Texas to protest at this most vile of outrages. Except for one problem: The thug is black, the victim is white. That changes everything. Feminazis are silent. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to change.

Read the full charming story here:

Closing thought, can you imagine the reaction of the Texas townsfolk had this happened 70 or 80 years ago, like this?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden dead?

So he gets shot in a luxury Pakistan apartment and his body immediately gets dumped at sea.


Seems a bit strange, no? But then again, if the US President and the MSM say it's so, who are we to doubt it? A President wouldn't lie, and the MSM are known for the most rigorous fact-checking before they print anything, so I guess it is true.