Sunday, 31 July 2011

Around the Irish cabinet table

A few weeks ago I posed a genuine question: Why do advertisers use black actors to sell their products/services when their customer demographic is 90% white? In some cases this seems wildly counter-productive, as in the example of the hotel chain. (Would you check into a hotel whose guests are primarily black?). Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like this?

Anyway, here's another case, this time involving that much reviled species, the Irish politician. Irish TDs (equivalent of MPs), being elected from small multi-seat constituencies, are probably the most locally focused of anywhere in the world. A TD who takes a strategic internationalist position will be consigned to political oblivion in short order. Cutbacks in social welfare, or even worse, the closure of part of a local hospital, will have them storming the barricades and very often voting against, and being expelled by, their parties.

Ireland knows all about such things at the moment. Measures that might raise say €20 million annually can cause real pain. An example being the termination of special needs assistants for autistic kids. But still they do this, and an awful lot more. Resulting in Ministers almost fleeing for their lives from local protestors and large numbers of TDs knowing that they for sure won't survive the next election.

So here's my question. As they sit around the cabinet table, looking for a few million here and there, they will eventually come to 'Foreign Aid'. How much does bankrupt Ireland dish out every year on this farce ('poor people in rich countries paying rich people in poor countries')? €700 million! That's right, €700 million, all of which is borrowed.

Yet this expenditure is sacrosanct. Nobody speaks out against it. This amount would avoid a host of small hospital closures, pay dozens of special needs teachers, and so on. But all of those narrowly-focused, not-look-beyond-the-next-election TDs are as silent as lambs.

Amazing, no?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Riddle me this........

The British are arguably the most extraordinary nation in human history. A tiny island dominated almost a quarter of the globe at one stage, and provided a contribution to science, literature, philosophy and overall civilisation out of all proportion to its size and resources. I should really be talking about the Anglo-Saxons here. We on the Celtic fringe have made our contribution and are gifted in our own ways. But can anyone seriously argue that said British achievements would have occurred as they did had all of Britain been inhabited by Celts?

Anyway, inherent pride in these achievements, allied to the bulldog spirit, lead to Britain being almost impossible to invade and conquer. Had Hitler managed to cross the Channel, does anyone seriously believe that a quisling or Vichy government would have arisen? No, any conqueror would have succumbed in short order, unable to hold down the feisty populace.

A picture sent my Essex Boy, one of our regular posters, has occasioned me to reflect on these issues. We know that large parts of Britain (Blackburn, Bradford, Dewsbury) have been colonised by Muslim invaders, and that this is part of an overall plan for Eurabia. But this latest surely represents an almost de jure UDI?

So back to my question. What has changed so much that has resulted in the doughty Englishman becoming so supine? Standing by while their country is overrun by hostile, incompatible and parasitical invaders? It’s an existential question, and I’ve no doubt that future historians will look back and marvel at how it could have happened. Much as they do about Rome now. But that decline took hundreds of years, Britain’s within a couple of generations.

By the way, did you note the relatively innocuous restrictions listed on the sign? This particular version of Dar-al-Islam has omitted to remind intruders of some of the more rigorous restrictions, such as beheadings for infidels, stoning for adultery or amputations for theft. All in good time, all in good time.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Reaping what they've sowed

Visits to Norway reveal scenery (physical and female) of unsurpassed beauty. As with all things Nordic, it is, or at least was, well ordered, law abiding and peaceful.But they had to go and fuck it up, didn't they?

Importing immigrants in vast quantities and of the worst kind. The change in Oslo in ten years has been nothing short of breathtaking. And demoralising. Like Stockholm, black and brown faces abound, burkas and bearded fanatics wherever you look.

The impact wasn't long being felt. Over half of those in Norwegian jails are foreigners, leading to the insane situation whereby it was deemed more expedient to provide all kosher meals to the perps.

And when they're not in jail they're raping the fair and beautiful daughters of the Vikings. Every single assault rape in Oslo in 2010 was committed by a foreigner. I'll repeat that: Every single assault rape in Oslo in 2010 was committed by a foreigner. Here's what Unni Wikan a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo has to say about that. "Norwegian women have to share the blame because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”

Well, they're getting even more practice at adapting to it, as today's massive car bomb and machine gun attack on the conference of Young Labour show. Whoever perpetrated it, and we can reasonably assume it was the Religion of Peace, the cause will have originated with the fragmenting of Norwegian society arising from mass immigration.

To that degree they are now reaping what they've sowed. They've walked into it and persisted despite all the warning signs. Let them repent at leasure.

I've also written earlier posts on Norway here.

A little levity

My posts recently have been angry and frustrated. Here's something to lighten the mood.....

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tuskegee and the 'stimulus' funds

Alternative Right has exposed the reality of the scam which Obama’s ‘stimulus funding’ represents. It’s essentially a racket to transfer funds from whites to blacks. The post points out that the town of Tuskegee in Alabama (population of about 10,000, 95% black) received no less than $14 million in such funding. I tried to calculate the number of trillions were this level of largesse to be applied in an even-handed way to the whole country. My calculator burst into flames!

Let me tell you a story about Tuskegee. Nearly forty years ago, when I was still a deluded white liberal (DWL) I met this really tall black guy on a flight to Cork. He told me he was joining a basketball team there. But what really interested, nay, fascinated me, was that he came from Tuskegee. Born and bred.

Oh joy!

Now I could learn, over w whole hour, what it was like to be a black in ‘the black soul of the swift-growing South’. What a phenomenal experience it must have been - immersed in the epicentre of the black experience. The home of Rosa Parks, and of the legendary Tuskegee Institute, founded by Booker T Washington himself, and where George Washington Carver held court before rapt student audiences. Maybe my companion had even attended “The Institute” himself?

He could regale me with exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen – maybe his father was one of their heroes? – and reveal the full gory details of the eponymous Syphilis Experiment, carried out on unknowing ignorant sharecroppers.

This would be a learning experience of unparalleled richness for me.

And what did I actually learn?


That’s right, nothing at all. This guy, grew up in this small town, whose history was shoved down the throats of even us over here in Ireland, and he knew sweet fuck all about any of it. Never heard of Rosa Parks (I swear!) thought Booker T Washington was an organist (Green Onions) hadn’t heard the first thing about the airmen or syphilis experiment. In fact he had no idea that the town was special in any way.

I staggered off the plane, convinced, I’m sure, that whites were somehow to blame. Now of course, as a race realist, it all makes perfect sense. Blacks are, if not a different species, substantially and fundamentally different to other races. There must have been some unique cognitive and/or social impairments at work in order to achieve such a degree of obliviousness. And of course such obliviousness must have applied to almost all his acquaintances as well, else at least some crumbs of awareness would have permeated.

And it’s to such people that the Administration is channelling tens of millions of dollars. For ‘development’. Yeah, right. I expect to see some dramatic technological breakthrough to emerge there any day now.

As the post says “ the “stimulus package” in Alabama seems to be nothing more than a thinly disguised bailout for African-Americans designed to forestall the total financial collapse of black households. (See some suggested artwork from Franz here)

Meanwhile, billions are added to the country’s debt every week. When is it all going to blow?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yet more MSM manipulation

When I first checked out the Chicago Tribune and its utterly misleading reporting on the mahogany mobs, I've been taking an interest in that slime sheet. One of their features is Mugs In The News.This lists 150 mug-shots of the city's criminals. Now, if you follow through - as I've been doing for the last three weeks or so - all 150 you'll see that, on an average day, about eighty are black, sixty Hispanics, and ten white.

No surprise there then.

So what's my point?

Well, this electronic rag, working on the assumption that most readers will look up only the first dozen or so, lumps all the whites into that very space. The dirty manipulative conniving bastards.

And it gets better. As a teaser they show a couple of mug shots on the main page. And guess what? Yes - they're invariably white.

I tell you, the degree of manipulation and mind control the MSM are subjecting us to is just beyond belief.

Monday, 11 July 2011

More MSM treachery

Some of you may have seen this article by Peter Hitchens on the Daily Mail - it's about the third time it's appeared. It purports to explain the dramatic decline of Detroit, in essence, why the place has been detroited. Needless to say, every possible explanation other than the obvious one is adduced.

The interesting this here of course is that the Daily Mail is supposed to be right-wing and conservative. Yes.

To amuse myself I did a little test. I commented on the piece using five different identities (cookies were disabled so they had no way of identifying the repeats). In these comments I pointed out, in a variety of ways, in moderate and polite language, that race might just have played a role, and that white flight just might not be the preserve of bigoted racists.

Not one of my comments was published. Not a single one. Of those that were published, all - every single one - congratulated Hitchens or else took a similar line to his - i.e. the fault lay with heartless capitalists and bigoted whites leaving the poor blacks to their own devices. How many more negative comments were blocked by the Commisars?

The MSM is a hopeless case. Let's just hope that it continues its trajectory towards financial ruin.

Friday, 8 July 2011

NOW I find out!

As you can imagine, I keep a pretty close eye on what's happening in Ireland, especially in relation to how our cultural enrichers are interacting with the locals. You’d certainly imagine that that I'd find out were a wild black mob to go on a rampage, attacking whites, in the centre of our capital. In the best American style.

Well, here’s what happened last October, and I knew nary a thing. (Thanks to Reg, Derek and others for the heads up).

“A MOB went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar, which left five Dubliners with horrific injuries. One man -- a Dublin DJ -- was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang. In the space of less than three minutes, five people were left with terrible injuries as bottles, punches and kicks were used to hurt the victims.The level of violence has shocked Gardai [police] and the many witnesses to the race hate orgy -- believed to be the first of its kind in the city.

One member of the African gang was arrested today in pre-dawn raids by detectives across the capital. The gang, who are heavily involved in other street robberies and beatings, are all expected to appear in court.

A senior [police] source explained: "We believe that what happened on the night was motivated by racism -- that is racism against white people. "When the suspects were first questioned they tried to use racism as a defence -- they tried to say that they had been racially abused by the victims for being black. But absolutely no evidence of that was ever uncovered and Gardai are satisfied that the culprits were not racially abused."

The gang are now expected to face a huge number of charges, including multiple serious assault charges, violent disorder, theft and production of an offensive weapon. The mother of one of the suspects has a conviction and served jail time for trafficking children into France from Nigeria. The gang is suspected of being involved in other street assaults and have links to a criminal who was involved in robbing head shops and has been convicted of hijacking a Dublin taxi.”

Isn't diversity wonderful?

But let’s go back to my original point – how come I didn’t get to know of this last October. I trawled the MSM archives for the days following the attack, and guess what? A ‘violent brawl’ had taken place in Temple Bar.


And who was doing the violent brawling? Sadly, the MSM couldn’t tell us.

But wait! Here’s what a British visitor posted to another blog I can remember reading about this story on another forum when it first happened back in 2010, the initial articles reported that an African gang went on the rampage through Dublin, attacking people at 'random'. Then the news outlet pulled the story and replaced it with another article saying no Africans were involved and it was just drunk clubbers fighting. The leftist pro-immigration crowd were raging that the original story was published claiming it would increase racial tensions and the media has a duty to be responsible - cover up immigrant crime.”

So there you go.

And I thought the MSM were bad in Sweden, the US and Britain. They could learn from the our lot. Perched high in their glass cages they shrugged their scrawny white shoulders and deliberately mislead their readers.

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” wrote Ayn Rand.


Referring to Ireland’s impending educational meltdown nearly four years ago I wrote here “speaking as they do about 20 different languages, being of lower IQ, their little uniforms will need to be supplemented by matching stab-proof vests within a few years, before they graduate into being full-time criminals.”

Was I right, or what?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

More child horrors

So Casey Anthony is acquitted. Another murderer walks. But wasn’t there unbelievable coverage of the whole thing? From start to finish? And rightly so, I’d say. After all, what can be worse than strangling your own child?

Well, I suppose burning the child to death in a microwave would qualify. Can you just imagine the ensuing furore had that happened?

But wait! It has!

Ms. China Arnold has recently been convicted of that very offense! Apparently she did it because she was annoyed at something her lover de jour had said or done. So why didn’t it get blanket coverage like the Anthony case? Why was it largely hidden away in local outlets like the Dayton Daily News?

Well, as the man said, a picture tells a thousand words.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wimbledon woes

Wimbledon represents everything that's good about England. Lush greenery, well-ordered, spotless, polite, dignified – you know what I mean. All officials, from the President down to the lowliest ball boys, should be white and speak with plummy BBC accents. Nobody from the Celtic fringe allowed. Nor from Yorkshire either. “Bugger off! The bloody ball was in, you pillock!” is not the kind of officiating I have in mind. It’s really rather a private English event, with the rest of us kind of looking over the fence to gratefully get a glimpse of the action.

But Wimbledon has degenerated over the years just like every other western institution. You see, it’s been celebrating diversity like, well, Oldham, Blackburn, or, closer to home, Tower Hamlets. The officials this year reminded me once again of the bar scene in Star Wars. Ball boys/girls and lines people (how I hate that expression, but they are of both genders) came in every hue and size. Swarms of blacks, needless to say, supplemented by turban-wearing Sikhs, inscrutable Orientals and a variety of others of indefinable origins. Meanwhile, ‘celebrities’ and politicians of all kinds, who never see a tennis game from one end of the year to the next began to infest the stands as the tournament reached its climax.

You see very few minorities playing, or officiating in, UK tennis. It’s an overwhelmingly white sport. Understand that the majority of British people cannot get tickets to even watch the event. They’d kill to become part of it, even to the extent of carrying out the players’ bags. Yet the officials and crowds looked like a diversocrat’s wet dream.

Now the ultimate gift that Wimbledon Tennis can bestow on anyone is to appoint them as Chair Umpire for the Men’s Final. To my horror I saw that this year’s All England Club umpire was a black man (pictured) – one with the most ridiculous accent. He looked as out of place as a Pope on roller blades.

For those of you who don't follow tennis, the umpire’s job at Wimbledon is almost ridiculously easy. There are judges for every line, and if there’s a line dispute Hawkeye will resolve it. If an issue with the rules arises you call the Tournament Referee. It’s so easy a monkey could do it. (Stop sniggering at the back please!). There must – quite literally - be a hundred thousand devoted capable tennis players and administrators living in the region, plus any member of the All England Club, who’d die happy were they given this job.

Where the hell did they dig up this guy?

And why?

Well, I don't know where they got him, but I do know why. Wimbledon is bowing to the PC multicult hurricane. And, the sad part is that they, almost uniquely, don't have to. They are unique and untouchable. All the have to do is appoint their own people, and tell the race and diversity hucksters to take a flying fuck if they don't like it.

But no. They meekly give way and dig their own graves. Like just about everyone else in the West.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Child abuse most foul

You know, each time I doubt that Swedish social engineers could surpass themselves, I discover fresh evidence of their invincible capacity to do just that. But first let me introduce Lavrenti Beria, the former head of the NKVD, addressing a group of US communist students at Lenin University in 1953.

“Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…”

I thought of this when reading a comment from Franz about the English ‘family’ rearing a genderless child. Beria would have loved that.

He’d have loved even more what they’re doing at the Egalia pre-school in Stockholm.

At Egalia are all buddies. Or "persons". No one is a girl or boy. They’re all just ‘friends’. Referring to ‘him’ or ‘her’ is frowned upon. It’s all about ‘equality’, you see.

“We have started from an idea of equality” says Lotta Rajalin, who is head of the six pre-schools in Stockholm. And is also, I imagine, a hairy-assed, foul-smelling dyke.

In this frothing cauldron of madness the bookshop’s titles are carefully selected. “We like to choose books with single parents or same-sex parents. The goal is to offer diversity.”

So you get diversity by excluding 95% of parents? And all the dolls are dark-skinned – of course. Diversity anyone? But then again, libtards are well trained in the delicate art of not seeing what's in front of their dripping suppurating noses.

And Egalia places a special emphasis on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. I’ll bet they do!

“Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,” a teacher said. “Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be,” she added. And, you fucking feeble-minded drooling moron,for your information, girls want to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys want to be manly, rough and outgoing.

But our current reigning orthodoxies demand that we be oblivious to the obvious.

The whole thing is like something created in a mad scientist's lab. But in fact it was tried before – with predictable results. György Lukács tried it in the first Hungarian Communist regime and the same ideas were implemented in the early Israeli kibbutzim. All were abandoned as catastrophic failures, leaving a trail of damaged youth in their wake.

Jesus Christ! All you have to do is look at the way kids, from the very youngest age, behave. They behave in accordance with nature, not societal influence, you fucking cretins! “Drive out nature with a pitchfork,” wrote the Roman satirist Juvenal, “and it will nevertheless return.” Soon the unfortunate, confused, neurotic, unsexed victims will find themselves prey to ancient, primal mating forces pushing them in opposite directions. And then they’ll be prescribed counselling. By the very type of devil’s spawn that caused them to go nuts originally.

In a non-mad world, people like this would be burned alive in public or steam rollered and fed to the pigs. And if you’re not outraged by this, please check for a pulse.

Bring on the cleansing hellfire!

Concluding thought: I sometimes think that in Sweden the motto is ‘if we’re going to have cultural decay, we might as well slam on the gas and enjoy ourselves before it all burns to the ground.’