Thursday, 29 September 2011

To Pincer

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ireland celebrates diversity. Again.

A few days ago I posted about how about 5% of Irish 20-35 year old age cohort are emigrating every year. They have to - can't find employment. Well, I've got a solution. Go to Bosnia, change your name to Izebogovic, and return. Tell them you're a refugee. Bingo! You and your family will be placed on the equivalent of an €150,000 p.a. salary, equivalent to €95,000 after tax.

That's what an as yet unnamed Bosnian family are on at the moment. Not bad, huh? Especially when you consider that the per capita GDP in that country is €4,000 p.a. According to today's Irish Examiner, the weekly payments to this 'devout Muslim family' are made up as follows:

() Father’s disability allowance — €322.

() Guardian’s pension for child taken in — €286.

() Rent supplement — €276.

() Mother’s carer’s allowance — €380.

() Child benefit — €288.

() Daughter (17 years) special needs — €211.

Er, did I mention that Ireland is bankrupt?

So unfair to Tipperary

Our next door neighbours in Tipperary are known for their prowess in hurling, and..... eh, that’s about it, really. We in Cork, the intellectual elite of Ireland, have a fatherly protective attitude to the sheep shaggers people of Tipp, and are happy to acknowledge their rare accomplishments.

For this reason I have for a number of years taken an interest in Kevin Carroll, who has made quite a name for himself as a prosthetic limb scientist in the US. A few years back he and a colleague became famous when they accomplished a real scientific breakthrough by developing an artificial tail for a dolphin at a Florida zoo.

A few months back I learned that a film was going to be made about it. I looked forward to the Tipperary man gaining due, and very rare, recognition for this outstanding achievement. I expected to bathe in the reflected glory of our next door neighbour’s achievement. Then I find out who the Hollywood mind-wreckers have cast as the lead. Morgan Fucking Freeman! And he’s playing a composite part of the two scientists. Obviously one black scientist equals two whites ones.

In Hollywood anyway.

This is deliberate mind manipulation. Gullible whites are being programmed to see blacks as noble intelligent beings. Freeman even played God, FFS! I don’t know where he gets the time. If he’s not in a movie in a noble intelligent role he’s narrating a TV shows (scientific programmes!) or else he’s on a talk show. Meanwhile he finds plenty of time to shag his granddaughter. Maybe he is something special after all.

Meanwhile Tipperary reverts back to its customary obscurity. So sad. But lads, those sheep are still there!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The elephant in the room

Have you ever seen a queen termite in its hive? A gigantic shapeless lump, attended to by a swarm of comparatively tiny workers. All she does is eat, shit and make baby termites.

Step right up folks and see the amazing Dominique Lanoise of Miami, FL, the human queen termite. I was passing through the West Wing of Chateau Savant this evening when my eyes fell on the programme Lady Savant was watching. I stopped in mid-stride, transfixed, horrified. But what’s been seen cannot be unseen.

This creature was a mountain of quivering putrid flesh, amounting to 43 stone. The weight of five normal women. Who is she and where did she come from? Well, she says she’s ‘from the islands’. And which islands would they be? Dominique doesn’t seem to know, and appears surprised that she was even asked. (My guess is Haiti, as she has a kind of French accent).She has approximately six daughters but, surprisingly, there’s no sign of the six fathers. How in God’s name were she and her litter allowed into the US? Great decision, whoever made it. Probably another Haitian, employed in the new diverse Immigration Service.

Let’s not be too hard on Dominique, she’s just following the dictates of her Darwinian script and knows nothing else. And so now, presumably at taxpayer expense, she eats, drinks, breeds and defecates, wallowing in the putrescence of her chosen state.

Which brings me to an interesting question. Now those of you of a delicate disposition, and/or recently finished a meal, avert your gaze from what follows. Ok, for the rest of you I’ll get straight to the point. This creature’s arsehole is buried deep in the recesses of the mound she calls a body. Given the mountains of food she eats she must, like the termite queen, produce an almost constant stream of shit. Given that she can’t move an inch - she can just about raise her hands to her gob - where does all this go?

Jesus, what must its bedroom be like?

And now she’s off, courtesy of an all-white white ambulance crew and an all-white medical team to get a horrifically expensive weight-reduction operation. Who picks up the tab?

Such procedures are highly dangerous, the medics tell us. And that, my friends, is the only piece of good news in this whole sorry story.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ireland's population replacement project coming along nicely

40,000 Irish citizens emigrated last year. That’s 1% of the population. But if you assume that the vast majority were aged about 20-35, the proportion of this age cohort emigrating jumps to about 4%. Add in the last few years, and the next few, and you get a sense of what’s happening. Ireland’s future on the wing.

And what about the ‘tens of thousands of Nigeria’s Igbo tribe’ and Ireland's ‘thriving Congolese community’ that I wrote about here?

Well, you can take it that 100% of them are still roosting here. And why not? Substantial unemployment and child benefit (one Romanian gypsy admitted to getting €420 per week), free education, free health, and whatever you’re having yourself. Anyone who sees these cultural enrichers with swarms of kids roaming our towns and cities can tell that the population replacement project is coming along nicely, thank you.

As I brood on our Celtic twilight I share with you a piece of music that strikes to the depth of my Celtic soul. Eimear Quinn of Celtic Women with ‘The Voice’

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Celebrating diversity at UBS

I was casually glancing through the Irish Slimes yesterday when my eyes fell on this photo. I had no idea who the man was but was instantly taken by the searing intelligence, firm gaze, honesty and integrity that shone through. I mused that, had I a few billion to spare I’d unhesitatingly hand it over to him for safe keeping, no questions asked.

Imagine my amazement then when, on reading further, I found that UBS had taken exactly the same view! Smart boys, UBS.

Oh wait! Reading still further it seems that this splendid chap has just lost them billions on the ‘trading’ (i.e. gambling) floor. Surely not. But yes. I confess I got it totally wrong. Just like UBS.

Maybe this celebrating diversity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Questions for you

A couple of questions for you.

1: Are you a complete fuckwit at your job?

2: Have you left a trail of devastation in your wake, driving corporations and whole countries to bankruptcy?

If so then you’re indeed a lucky man. Because untold riches and a luxurious trouble-free retirement beckon when your time comes. One of the first of a long line of such luminaries was Richard Burroughs. Having carefully guided Bank of Ireland over the cliff, Dickie, brandishing a massive severance package, and encomiums to his years of ‘service’, immediately landed a plum job as Chairman of BAT (British American Tobacco). If you’ve shares in BAT, sell ‘em now.

The latest is Dermot McCarthy, erstwhile top civil servant, Ireland’s own Sir Humphrey. As one ex-colleague bitterly recounted, McCarthy ‘was the grand architect of everything that went wrong in this country’. Indeed he was. Mind you he wasn’t short of company, and some things he did very well. Like in 2005 when, after a series of tense negotiations with himself, he awarded himself and his fellow mandarins an eye-watering 25% pay increase for that one year alone.

And a very special retirement deal as well, which means that he walks out, at the ripe old age of 57, with a severance package of €700,000 and a lifetime index-linked pension of €150,000. Not bad, huh? And the rest of the nation-wreckers have received, and will continue to receive, similar ‘compensation’ packages’. A deeply religious and charitable man, nicknamed The Cardinal, he undoubtedly subscribes to the old aphorism that charity begins at home. And maybe ends there as well, who knows?

As the Lone Ranger would say to Tonto, before riding off into the sunset having cleaned up another town ‘our work here is done’. In the case of our other heroes, we can only hope that their work is, in fact, done, and that they'll disappear, as rapidly as possible, into the fading sun, clutching their ill-gotten gains.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered, as I have frequently, about the Lone Ranger’s mask? About as effective as a pair of sunglasses. Whatever about his other qualities, he was no master of disguise.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The curious case of Mad Maxdolf’s sudden prosperity

A short while ago I asked regular correspondent Franz to explain something about the German economic miracle during the thirties. For very obvious reasons we don't hear too much about that these days!

Anyway, here's his report (I don't think he gives his countrymen of the time due credit, but I'll let you be the judge of that).

A couple of days ago the Savant suggested that I write a piece about the interwar period in Germany. Specifically the astonishing growth that took place between 1933 and 1939. "Dang", I thought. Couldn't my writing debut be about a more inherently crowd-pleasing subject? Puppies? Chicks? Or more in tune with the Savant's site: Chimps? Anyhow, I'll try do deal with it as gracefully as I can.

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the Interceptor!

Now what has Mel's car from Road Warrior to do with anything? Bear with me. That beat up looking thing is actually the best analogy for the German economy of 1933. Because under the shabby looking exterior the Interceptor had a 300 hp turbocharged engine complete with nitrous oxide injection. (For mr a: I believe Mel was driving a souped up Ford Falcon XB)
Similarly, the German economy looked terrible when Hitler took power. But under its hood was an almost debt free society. Why? Because the hyperinflation of '23 and the depression a couple of years later had purged most debts from the system. Even the reparation payments stipulated in the Versailles treaty had been abandoned in 1932. A clean slate for everybody.

More importantly, there were millions of superbly educated young men willing to work for pennies. People like the young Wernherr von Braun or Albert Speer came by the dozen and quite cheaply so.

How about that for stimulus?

Yes, there were nuisances. Particularly Jewish organizations calling for boycotts of German goods. But on the other hand Germany was THE place to be, much like China in our time. And no anglo-saxon businessman worth his salt wanted to sit still while everybody else was dancing. So the same businessmen who publicly disapproved of Hitler's anti-semitism were glad to do business him in a not so public fashion. IBM, General Motors, Standard Oil. They all had their Zweigstellen in Germany, and all were making buckets full of cash (

Back to Hitler at the Interceptor's wheel: It didn't take him long to realize what a superb vehicle it was. Ever the gambler he launched huge rearmament and public work programs, incurred huge debts and wagered that Germany would win the next war and make the rest of Europe pay for the privilege of being conquered. When Hjalmar Schacht - chief of the central Reichsbank and slayer of the '23 hyperinflation - finally realized what was going on, he quit his job in disgust.

That was in 1937.

For two more years accounting shams like the famous Mefo-bills ( afforded Hitler the chance to stoke arms manufacturing to his heart's content. Two years later, the cylinders of the Interceptor's engine were close to galling. For Germany in 1939, it was literally: "To Warsaw, Paris and Moscow or bust!" Afterwards, a centrally planned war economy helped to camouflage the catastrophic economic situation of the Reich until the red army auditors moved into Berlin with T-34s.

Any lessons in all that?

During his last days in the bunker Mad Maxdolf probably realized that you may own an Interceptor, but that in itself doesn't guarantee you to leave the thunderdome in one piece.
What else? Maybe the realization how little impact the outside world and its various boycotts had on Germany's economy. Our country was following its own triumpahnt-tragic-trajectory and the shrieks of the World Jewish Congress didn't dent that trajectory one bit.

Despite the rethoric there were legions of money cockroaches that competed for Adolf's business. Iceland learned a similar lesson since 2008. Granted, they didn't commit the ultimate sin of overt anti-semitism. They only stiffed some bankstas, which only amounts to second degree anti-semitism. Anyhow: When they kicked the bankers in the shin, all establishment economists predicted that Iceland would become a pariah state, perenially on the brink of starvation, the North Korea of - well - the north.

It appears however that rumors of their demise were somewhat exaggerated. Quite to the contrary: Their little island seems to contain a healthy, strong-willed and productive people. While no heavy Interceptor, this tiny nation can definitly boast of Porsche-Boxter status. Short of invading Norway, there seems to be little chance of derailing their success story at this point. (

Within the European Union a similar thing will probably occur fairly quickly. A country like Austria ( or Finnland will elect a right wing government and our overlords will proclaim that the world is coming to an end and demand the heftiest sanctions. But then the sun will rise and shine over Austria and Finnland as it had before. On a populace both more prosperous and free for escaping the commissariat of Brussels. I for one will consume several bottles of champagne that day and marvel at our overlords exposed for the paper tigers they are and have been for a long time.

One more thing: The following clip is from “Road Warrior”. When it was made, the film was intended to portray an dystopian end-of-days scenario. But doesn’t it look rather idyllic compared to the footage coming out of London not so long ago? Just a thought.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A very lumpy carpet

Observe that large and lumpy carpet. Beneath it rest all explanations for the 9/11 attacks other than the Official Cover-up version. I’ve made it my business over the last week or so to scour the MSM for references to such alternatives. In vain. The cover-up has been total. It's a non-issue.

Now I’m not just talking about the typical lamestream media that we’ve all come to know and hate, the BBCs, CNNs, New York Times of this world. I’m also referring to supposedly independent sources, or at least those hostile to the Neocons and Israelis such as Russia Today and even Al Jazeera. Nothing. Nada.

What about the ultimate expose of the 9/11 Commission’s inadequacies, The Eleventh Day? I’ve repeatedly heard about this ‘exhaustive study’ always mentioning the ‘600 pages of detailed research’ which ‘leaves no stone unturned'. I’ve heard one of the authors interviewed, and she went out of her way to belittle the official version.


But what were the alternative explanations? Ah well, like, the FBI and CIA and so on didn’t co-ordinate properly, plus a few more anodyne platitudes. All the unanswerable questions, some of which I raised here, remain unanswered. That's not correct. They weren’t even asked in the first place. Take, for example Larry Silverstein, the guy who admitted to talking down Building 7, before hastily withdrawing the admission. He has one entry in the Index. By way of contrast, many of the minor ‘hijackers’ get scores of entries. Nothing to see here, everybody move along now. This is incredibly effective. A supposed tour de force classed as the ultimate expose, throwing a few scraps to the mob but keeping the real plot hidden.

I’m just open-mouthed in my admiration for the span and depth of Their control. They have defined the narrative, and even more amazingly have defined that which cannot be mentioned. Everyone across the world duly steps into line. Far from the plot unravelling, it seems it’s going to become a moot issue. Amazing and frightening. And it shows what we’re up against.

Boy, oh boy!

Finally, a question. Who knows what? Surely GW Bush wouldn't condone such a thing, bad and all as the fucker is? Cheney might. But what about all the others at the top of the US power structure, the 'think tanks' and the 'investigative journalists? They must be - have to be - aware of all the evidence that screams of Israeli involvement. Surely they cannot be so cynical as to knowingly go along with this charade?

Or can they?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Ireland's tribes

A recent article in the weekend section of the Irish Times gushed ‘there are tens of thousands of Nigeria’s Igbo tribe in Ireland’. As well as ‘a thriving Congolese community’.


Reflect on that for a few moments, and then join me as I head to Limerick in search of some other savage tribes, this time of the Irish variety. Now about 18 months ago I wrote about a €1.5 billion ‘regeneration project’ for the ‘deprived areas’ of that city. As I said in that post, deprived means that “they’re infested with criminal gangs, violent anti-social behaviour is rife, disputes between ‘neighbours’ are often resolved by way of arson or murder. The police run scared. In effect, society there has broken down, despite the presence of many decent families.”

Now the solution was a brave one. Essentially to knock down the existing housing stock and put the criminal gangs, arsonists and murderers into new houses. At which point they’d overnight become model citizens, staying in every evening to enjoy a warm cocoa before heading to bed at ten - prepared for another day of hard but honest work.

What could go wrong? After all, a sociology professor came up with the idea.

Well sadly, and amazingly, the new houses didn’t have the expected impact. According to the Sunday Independent, “the attacks, fire-bombings and threats continue, resulting in terrified families fleeing their neighbourhoods.”

Who could have imagined?

Our tax Euros at work.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a cultural quiz on Limerick:

Q: What does a Limerick girl use as protection during sex?
A: A bus shelter

Q:What do you call a 30 year old Limerick girl?
A: Granny

Q: What do you call a Limerick girl in a white tracksuit?
A: The bride

Q: What's the first question on a Limerick quiz night?
A: What the fuck you lookin' at?

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Watched an old recording of the 2002 US Open final between Agassi and Sampras (the current event was washed out for two days). Crowd, players and officials 95% white.

Fast forward nine years. Today the crowd and players are still pretty much 95% white, but, just as I reported on Wimbledon, the ball boys/girls, linesmen and security staff were 95% black or Hispanic. Why, in an all white event should this occur? Quite simply it's another manifestation of Black Run America (BRA).

As I said about Wimbledon, these people have no claim to being there. It's a 'white occasion'. Hundreds of thousands of white tennis fans would have given their eye teeth for any of those roles. But we must have diversity. By which I mean the displacement of whites by blacks and other minorities. Where blacks are in the overwhelming majority diversity is not required, for some reason.

Will whites rebel at some stage, or will they continue to be passively jerked around?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Go, Basildon!

Some of you may have seen that Basildon Council are planning to evict about 100 Irish travellers from land on which they’ve illegally built. The issue is simple. They did what travellers regularly do: Buy green belt land for a song, then begin gradually building on it. When the local authority protests they (the travellers) use the law and their carefully cultivated state of victimhood to procrastinate, all the time extending their domain.

Well, it seems for once the authorities aren’t going to be intimidated by threats of violence or cries of racism. And yes, these red-haired, freckly skinned, blue-eyed travellers are apparently a different race to the British. Mind you, the way Britain is going, such people will eventually be a minority race in a sea of brown and black.

On this latter point I laughed out loud at that batty old hag Vanessa Redgrave. She described the knackers as ‘this strong, wise and gentle community’. Now I could pick out every single adjective in the full Oxford Dictionary and the very last one I’d apply to travellers is ‘gentle’. Oh boy! Gentle they are NOT. Jesus, how divorced from reality can you get?

So anyway, I wish Basildon Council well. Ignore cries of racism, discrimination, the conveniently ill granny who’ll be shunted out in front of the cameras at eviction time, and apply the law. Just as you would to a law-abiding Englishman.

On reflection, Irish travellers and blacks share several key defining characteristics:

() The belief that the law does not apply to them, and any enforcement represents discrimination

() High levels of dishonesty

() Astonishing levels of violence

() See living off welfare as the natural and fair order of things

() Whenever they arrive in a locality there’s an immediate increase in robberies and violence, while filth and litter proliferate

() If they stay, normal law-abiding citizens move out

So good luck to Basildon Council.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Will September see the volcano blow?

Will September be the month when the wheels finally come off the European economy? I'm not an expert or a ‘professional’ – which means my take is likely to be highly accurate. As it has been in the past.

So here’s my scenario:

(1) Greece defaults, having resolutely refused to mend its spendthrift tax-dodging ways

(2) The only people with money, the productive Northern European Protestants, refuse, due to voter revolt, to bail them out again

(3) The banks exposed to Greek sovereign debt will now in turn become insolvent – obviously not all at the same time.

(4) As soon as one does they all stop lending to one another, precipitating a freezing up of liquidity in the real economy

(5) Enter the Northern Prods again. They’re now faced with a decision similar to, but not the same as, that faced earlier. This time the question is: Will they allow the ECB to send the printing presses into overdrive, and/or will they agree to pick up the tab for Eurobonds?

(6a) If they do, and assuming their citizens don’t reach for the pitchforks and torches, the death spiral will be countered, but at huge and grossly unfair cost to these countries. An unwelcome byproduct will be a huge surge in Eurozone inflation and eventually massively tighter political and fiscal centralisation.

(6b) If they don’t agree to pony up, then the whole banking system freezes up, literally leading to the ATMs not producing. At which stage we’re all fucked, at least for a while.

A few possible peripheral outcomes:

1: The ensuing disaster might lead to the end of fractional reserve banking, and, assuming there's a just God, with central bankers all over the world swinging from lamp-posts

2: The Chinese, with their oceans of foreign reserves, might decide to get involved to save their biggest market. Or they might take the opportunity to kick us while we’re down and get up to some of those nefarious things so beloved of Johnny Foreigner

Is my take correct?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Surprising. Or is it?

Had a long chat with a Croatian friend this week. This guy is at the head of a large Croatian company of about 500 employees. Super-intelligent and well read, he’s done extremely well in the post-Yugoslavia environment. Yet he hankers back to Communist days. Why would this successful capitalist do that?

“The pace of life was much gentler, less pressure, everyone had a safe job, nobody was paid that much more than anyone else. Sure, our standards were lower than in the west, and really talented people could become frustrated. But we produced all our own food and most other consumable stuff, including even cars and ships, and we took pride in that, even if they were of comparatively lower quality. We had none of the Chinese-style junk we see today. We didn’t bloody well need it then and we don’t today. Small mom and pop businesses were allowed and they all made comfortable unpressurised livings. Everyone was Croatian, most people stayed around the same place all their lives - some in the same house all their lives.”

“Compared to now it was dull and lacking in challenges. But I think people lived better. Now people worry about their jobs all the time, competitive challenges are always over your shoulder, foreigners are flooding in and buying up properties and we’re increasingly pressurised to take in refugees. Our local produce, and the shops that sold them, are disappearing, replaced by international brands. Now we make nothing ourselves – we’re just bit suppliers in a global supply chain. The sense of place, unity, security and predictability is gone.”

I suggested to him that globalisation, not capitalism, was the real culprit for this malaise. Still, it’s surprising, isn’t it, that a successful capitalist would evince nostalgia for such an environment? I believe his feelings represent also those of many of us in the west who never experienced life under Communism. Before globalisation took hold we too had a sense of unity, place, security, and a belief in who we were. That’s been largely swept away by the tide of diversity.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

A big change is happening

Over the last year or so I've been keeping a regular eye on the comments on MSM blogs wherever there's a race angle. Mainly American MSM I might add, as I feel certain that white racial awakening, if it is to come, will be manifested there first. I have little interest in the 'journalism', as we all know that this is just lies, evasions and sheer propaganda. We also know of course, and I've posted on this elsewhere, that the MSM heavily edit or delete comments that stray too far off the PC Reservation, and in desperation, will peremptorily close down the comment facility when the readership becomes sufficiently riled up.

Anyway, I have discerned a clear and distinct trend, month after month, whereby the ordinary reader is becoming more and more vocal in calling out the prevailing orthodoxies. Be it mahogany mob violence, AA, impact of blacks on schools, or whatever, they seem to have shed their reticence. Quite honestly, 'liberals' are hard to find on any thread. The increasingly irrelevent Huffington Post is a bit of an exception, but most MSM outlets seem to totally out of synch with their readers' views. And the readers are less and less intimidated by the requirements of PC-speak.

A small and unscientific piece of research, I'll admit, but it convinces me that the spirit of Oden is already stirring and growing stronger in the breasts of all our people.