Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Is there such a thing as a ‘moderate Muslim’?

Can there be such a thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim? Or is the whole concept inherently ridiculous, like that of ‘the international community’, black ‘culture’, or the idea of a Dutchman buying a round of drinks? In case you’ve been lying awake in bed at night, worrying about this vexing question, I provide below a simple Five Point toolkit, free of charge to the world, which will help you work it out the next time you’re faced with the dilemma.

Ask the Muslim:

(1) Should a Muslim who converts to another religion be put to death? Yes/No

(2) Should a married woman who commits adultery be stoned to death? Yes/No

(3)Should a man be entitled to marry a six year old child? Yes/No

(4)Should those guilty of sodomy buried alive or have a wall pushed over on them? Yes/No

(5)Should highway robbers be crucified? Yes/no?

If he, and it will be a ‘he’, answers yes to these questions, then he certainly cannot be described as moderate, I think we all can agree.

If he answers no, well then, he’s not a Muslim

If we ever do manage to find a few I think we should release a breeding pair into the wild and see what happens.

Monday, 27 February 2012

A spiffing idea!

There are so many comments these days that I can't find this one. But a few posts back Gem Junior had what I thought to be a brilliant suggestion. Namely, that large numbers of persecuted Afrikaners should enter Holland and Germany on tourist visas or whatever and then squat there, demanding asylum. Squat. Just like all the other so-called asylum seekers do. As she suggests, can you imagine the awkwardness if the authorities try to arrest/deport them while both countries remain over-run with every conceivable type of non-white immigrants?

The Afrikaners can cite the jus sanguinis principle. Basically, we're the same blood as you guys, the same religion, the same kind of names. Are you going to throw us out while you allow all these others remain? Those who have no racial, religious or ethnic relationship with you? No relationship? In fact most of these immigrants are downright hostile (Muslims) and/or welfare freeloaders (Africans).

Needless to say the MSM, the Immigration Industry and all the rest of the White Haters will freak out. And may well get their way. But I believe that there spirit of Odin and the Germanic Gods is stirring. There would be a reaction from ordinary German and Dutch people. The confrontation itself would represent a wonderful opportunity for a 'learning experience'.

A most interesting concept.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I meet again a treasured old friend

I got a really pleasant surprise today. Little or nothing to do with the issues that normally concern all of us on this blog, but it’s always great when an old long-lost friend shows up. I refer in this instance to The Phantom, who, I just found out, is still going strong. As a child I followed his daring exploits as he brought villains to justice week after week. I was his ultimate fan (Phan?) and admirer. But he was a strange guy. Born to castaways in the Congo, he nonetheless – somehow – acquired a university education in America. At which point he returned to the Congo. And I suppose if bringing villains to book is your job, there’s no better place than that dystopian hell-hole.

He certainly wasn’t afraid to make a sartorial statement, wearing a skin-tight one-piece suit, made of a lycra-like material. Given the oppressive heat and humidity of the Congo, can you just imagine the pong when he took if off at home after another busy day fighting evil in the jungle? No wonder his dog (Satan, I think) always looked so savage. I remember wondering (kids do ponder such things) how he managed to relieve himself, because getting those combinations off would have been some job. Never found out, but maybe that’s why he, like Superman, wore his underpants on the outside. And why did he wear a tiny eye mask? It wasn't as if there were that many lycra-clad white men wearing their underpants on the outside roaming the Congolese jungles.

Anyway, the point of this post is to record my astonishment to find that The Phantom is still with us, still fighting crime. I saw him – you won’t believe this - in a Swedish newspaper! The very same guy. He’s still bringing criminals to justice and looks great. And to think that he must be approaching his nineties by now.

What an inspiration.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A glittering prize beckons

Here's the headline:

"Fight at shower cited in slaying of 9-month-old boy"

Now, if there's a mastermind among you who can guess the race of those involved I'll reward you with a paid two-week vacation to Detroit. The runner-up, if there is one, gets an extra week there.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Swedish historian and Soviet Union expert Gudrun Persson described what life was like during Stalin’s Terror.

“Anna Akhmatova wrote: "I have seen faces consumed, glimpsed horror under lowered eyelids, cheeks etched by pain." Even AndrĂ© Gide observed "in my opinion, no country today not even in Hitler's Germany is the spirit more suppressed, more timid, more servile than in the Soviet Union." Or, as brigade commander S. P. Kolosov expressed it in a letter in 1937: "I am afraid to open my mouth. Whatever you say, if you say the wrong thing, you're an enemy of the people. Cowardice has become the norm."

It was a world in which everybody played Safety First. Lying, hypocrisy and disloyalty to friends were seen as a small price to pay for keeping out of the hands of the NKVD. But once you did fall foul of The System the progression was inevitable: Arrest, torture and then trial. The danse macabre then moved to its next phase with the ritual ‘confession’, in which the accused admitted to all kinds of unimaginable nefarious activities, pathetically agreeing with his tormenters at every stage. But the confessions never did any good – their fates were already decided……. long before the trials even began.

Truth, in this dystopia of Political Marxism, was no defence. In fact, Berthold Brecht said something along the lines of ‘the greater the truth, the greater the punishment’. He said this approvingly, by the way.

Now let’s segue from Political Marxism to its Cultural counterpart, and from the Soviet Union of the Thirties to the West of today. Ok, you’re not going to end with a bullet in the back of the head in some bloodied prison cell at three in the morning. Well, for the foreseeable future anyway. I direct your attention to the case of two school girls in Gainesville, Florida, and ask whether you can distinguish any parallels.

In what the ever-reliable (NOT) Huffington Post describes breathlessly as a 14-minute-long racist rant on YouTube, the pair gave their views on people of colour and related issues. I’ve watched the video – twice – and I’ll try here to give you an unbiased summary. For a start they distinguish between ‘ordinary decent black people’ (whom they claim to like) and ‘niggers’. This distinction by the way has been made by Chris Rock, Bill Cosby and several other blacks.

Now what terrible things did they say about ‘niggers’? Well, they did mention about disproportionate levels of crime, welfare, teenage pregnancies and such things. And this, which really got up the noses of the worthy and morally superior folk at the HP: "You can understand what we are saying, our accents, we use actual words. Black people do not."

All the PC alarms went off on cue. Eight police officers were brought to the campus in light of death threats the girls were receiving in response to their videos, and, the HP approvingly informs us, the girls are "no longer students at the school". “Our lives have changed totally, 180 degrees" said one of the girls’ mothers. "This has made her an adult really quick.”

Bloody wonderful.

And then, right on cue, with Uncle Joe nodding approvingly from the Seventh Circle of Hell, came the tearful confessions and ritual self-abatement. "I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video"

The girl also writes that she won't make excuses, but hopes the community will eventually forgive her. "While we can never take back the words and actions that these two children have said, we have to start to heal and forgive IMMEDIATELY. Stop the violent threats to our homes and our children." And the school "will wear orange, the color of racial tolerance, this week as a sign of solidarity."

Now reflect on this reaction, and then relate it to what the girls said. Did they say anything untrue? No. But they did offend against the Original Sin of Cultural Marxism, defined as "anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or might force me to re-examine my cherished beliefs/illusions."

Am I being melodramatic here in identifying the similarities between these examples of Political and Cultural Marxism? Maybe. But I don’t really think so.

This HP comments illustrate a form of madness from delusional fugitives from reality. Much of the output from these verminous reality contortionists is indistinguishable from self-parody. Somebody once said that reasoned discussion about multiculturalism is impossible because its supporters can’t tolerate opinions that differ from theirs. Oh, sure they can. They just can’t tolerate facts that differ from their opinions. They treasure what George Orwell once called their "smelly little orthodoxies." They then demand that the heretic recant, grovel, apologize, and pledge to go forth and sin no more.

This the girls have duly done, they now lie prostrate and self-abased.

But, as Rochdale suggests, maybe the worm is starting to turn.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another DWL bites the dust

As they sow, so shall they reap.

Michael Schein has an intelligent, highly motivated, talented daughter who loves to teach. So much so that she gave months even years of her time on a pro bono basis. She eventually got a temporary position which eventually became permanent. That's where the problems started.

Over to Michael.......

'The one thing my daughter had no control over – the color of her skin – determined that no matter what she had done or what she could do in the future, she would not be re-hired.Did I mention that she is Caucasian? The school calls it diversity. I would call it racism. I do not make that charge lightly. I am a liberal; I understand that affirmative action was a reasonable remedy for past wrongs.'

Well Mike (may I call you Mike?) I'd like to put a little nuance on where you say 'I understand that affirmative action was a reasonable remedy for past wrongs. What you really mean Mike is that AA was fine as long as it didn't affect you. Deep down, Mike, that's what you felt.

Mike, I know a lot of people like you. I have friends in academia, dyed-in-the-wool liberals, who became, well, no longer dyed-in-the-wool liberals when they were blatantly passed over because they were White. And you see Mike, as the productive White population gets smaller and smaller (an event much celebrated by people like yourself) more and more people like you will get Affirmative Actioned. And if you believe that 'people of colour' will reciprocate when you're in need of a bit of AA, well, ok Mike. And by the way, don’t forget to clean up after your unicorn as you're at it.

A hard lesson, Mike, for both you and your daughter. Both you and she have been trained in the delicate art of not seeing what's in front of your nose. I hope you'll see this as 'a learning experience' (see, I'm speaking your language now!) and join us in the reality-based universe.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What's behind the Xi Jinping visit to Ireland?

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is the Coming Man in China. He'll shortly be the next Supremo. The world is at his feet. With a massive delegation of nearly 200 he visits Europe. And the only country he calls on, and incredibly, stays the best part of four days, is tiny insignificant Ireland, anchored in the howling Atlantic off the north-west coast of the Continent.

What's going on here?

Now we can safely put aside all the usual shite about long-standing links and mutual respect and extraordinary strong trade links between the two peoples, and other such cliches and bromides. He didn't come here to see the Cliffs of Moher or see a hurling match in Croke Park or even to sign trade deals. Strong and all as the trade is between the two countries, our tiny 3.5 million people get dwarfed by numerous other European giants such as Germany, France or the UK.
Yet he didn't go near them?

I don't know what's behind it.

Anyone any ideas?

Deceit and manipulation

Back here I wrote about how the Chicago Tribune mislead its readers in a way that would have made an old Pravda editor proud. I was referring to the way they portrayed mug shots of the city's leading criminals. Here's what I said then.

Well, this electronic rag, working on the assumption that most readers will look up only the first dozen or so, lumps all the whites into that very space. The dirty manipulative conniving bastards. And it gets better. As a teaser they show a couple of mug shots on the main page. And guess what? Yes - they're invariably white. I tell you, the degree of manipulation and mind control the MSM are subjecting us to is just beyond belief.

Now we can expect this from so-called liberal slimesheets like the Tribune. But you'd expect something different from Fox News. Or would you?

Well, no actually. They're at the same trick, just not quite as blatantly misleading. In this instance I checked out the first 25 mug shots. Eight of them were white (32%). Yet four of the first five (and five of the first six) were white. 80%!

Again, the thinking here will be that the vast bulk of readers won't go beyond the first one (inevitably white) or else the first half dozen or so. Hence the front-loading of whites by the presstitutes in Fox.

The MSM is beyond redemption.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Allstate update

My question post in the post a few days ago elicited quite a spirited response. No fewer than 120 comments at the latest count. My question was a genuine one. Why would an insurance company in the USA predominantly use blacks in their ads when that population ratio is only 13%, most of which probably don't buy insurance anyway?

Some very interesting and informative responses which definitely gave me greater insight, although not fully explaining the conundrum. Here's an abstracted selection of the most interesting explanations.

"Television sets trends.It matters not what or who is shown in these advertising ventures.The masses are so dumbed down they will follow what ever is shown on the TV in lock step.It is hip to act like a nigger in the US now. All the music ect. is focused around blacks. Therefore useing them in advertisments works."

"Affirmative action is promoting a rising black middle class and a racially blind white female working class, while downgrading the white male middle class."

"Maybe these ads are targeted at the growing "wigger" generation of degenerate American youth."

"With most Americans it could be an ape and they'd still be saying "I SIMPLY MUST HAVE ONE!" so IMO nothing will change in the US till the supermarket shelves are showing a problem"

"Anybody who speaks up and points out the obvious fact that these ads aren't good for business will be fired."

"Most of the actors octoroon mulattos and/or with extremely European features"

"It's not about the money or the sales or success! We, who struggle for money, think it's important. It's not. What is important is power and influence ... with those two things, money comes.This the jews know in their very bones."

The truth lies within those comments, I believe. Don't know the respective weights to be assigned to the various factors though. In any event it's a bloody tragedy.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sweden celebrates more diversteeee

Sweden prizes diversity. We know this because we've been told it time and again by the MSM. And boy, are they getting it. Over the last few months alone we've had a 10 year old girl stabbed in the neck, a 'mother' drowning her 2 sons in a lake, an old man attacked with an axe in the streets, a burglar eating the householder's pet birds, while a cannibal-man and vampire-woman want to marry in their psychiatric facility. Meanwhile Malmo makes Kabul look like an Amish community.

Now we have further developments from that embodiment of core Swedish value, Rinkeby in Stockholm. Two "experienced" police officers had put a 13-year old criminal in a squad car when without warning his 12-year-old brother attacks one of the officers with a knife, prompting several other bystanders to join the melee. As one does. In Rinkeby anyway. "The 12-year-old younger brother who attacked police was interviewed by police before being handed over to social services." Wow, just like what would have happened to him had he been back in Mogadishu or Kabul.

I had the pleasure of visiting Rinkeby once. You can read all about it and see some fascinating photos here.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Allstate Insurance: A great company - to boycott

Thankfully, blacks make up only 13% of the US population. But you'd never think so looking at the MSM where they're shoved in your face at every opportunity. Apart from of course when day be misbehavin'. Then they get transformed into faceless, deracinated 'youth' or 'suspects'.

So what gives with Allstate Insurance? Presumably blacks, being blacks, aren't big into this insurance thing, forward or contingency planning not exactly being one of their notable characteristics. So why have them dominate in their advertising? This Dennis Haysbert guy seems to be on everything (like this and this) but there are lots more. For example when they need to demonstrate a caring family-oriented married couple they fabricate this.

Seriously, what gives? I know I've mentioned this point before, but why would a presumably ruthless sales-oriented enterprise focus a huge proportion of their advertising budget on a demographic that just won't buy their stuff? Who makes the decisions to employ black actors and models and thereby pass over their white alternatives. The agency or Allstate marketing folk? Or both?

Either way I suggest to our American friends that the next time Allstate come calling, or when you get a renewal notice from them, hit them where it hurts. And let them know why.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Michelle Obama is a man!!!

Come to this site for truly dramatic insights. But you're not really surprised to learn that she's a man, are you? Nor would you be surprised were the Chosen One to swing both ways.

Anyway, how do I know about Michelle? Well, from her own words, actually. You see, in the latest hagiography of the Chosen Couple (The Obamas: A Mission, A Marriage) Michelle instructs the author, Jodi Kantor, to inform his readers that 'I am not the angry black woman I'm painted'.

I believe her. But then we know that she's angry (perpetually), we know that she's black.

Ergo, she's not a woman.


Friday, 10 February 2012

The British Resistance

As it says at the top of this site's Home Page Worth a visit.

Indeed it is. I've linked to it on my own home page and you can access it here.

Damn Vikings at it again!

There was a time, not so long ago, when being naughty in Scandinavia involved having an extra cup of Ovaltine before retiring to bed at 10 p.m. If you really wanted to push the envelope you nipped over at a pedestrian crossing when the light was red. But, as the man said, that was then, this is now. Nowadays those damn Nordics are burning, looting, murdering, genital mutilating like, well, Africans or Muslims. Despite that country’s impressive social study resources, nobody seems to know what the problem is. Police are perennially ‘perplexed’, politicians ‘concerned’, editorialists ‘baffled’ on the rising tide of moral turpitude.

Speaking of moral turpitude, the following story would chill the blood of even a Christian Brother. In an act of depravity that almost defies belief, a Norwegian woman slowly drowned her one year old child in a bucket of water while her British boyfriend looked on approvingly over Skype. As the Daily Telegraph put it “Norwegian Mother drowns baby while British boyfriend watches online”. Isn’t that something? Guess she wanted to prove she loved him, or maybe he just didn’t like the idea of her having a child by another man.

According to the DT “Police officers flew from Oslo to Britain to question the British man – who has not been named – with the help of Scotland Yard shortly before Christmas. Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdel told the newspaper, ‘They have the same story, but with some differences.’ Read that sentence again and you start to gain a better understanding as to why the police are always ‘perplexed’ up there.

Apart from its ghastly nature, there was something odd about this crime. You see the name of the Norwegian ‘mother’ was Yasmin Chaudhry, a Pakistani name, certainly not Norwegian. And what all the media referred to as her British boyfriend fled to Pakistan once the crime was uncovered. Why would Wayne, Gary, or whatever his name is, do that? Maybe I'm suspicious, cynical or whatever, but an idea crossed my mind. Maybe the ‘Norwegian’ mother and the ‘British’ lover were in fact Pakistani! After all, killing members of one’s own family is something of a national sport there.

But then I thought, no way. For that to happen multiple media outlets would have had to deliberately fabricated a grotesque misrepresentation of the actual facts of the story. This would have represented such a fundamental betrayal and unconscionable degradation of journalistic principles as to be beyond comprehension.

Nah, professional journalists in conservative British media wouldn’t do that.

Would they?

Meanwhile those damned Vikings slide further along the road to hell. Maybe some immigrants from a different culture might help?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gleanings (4)

The new enriched Bristol
Pre-diversity is was one of Britain’s safest cities

Celebrating diversity in Dallas
This time it’s between blacks and Koreans

Ten year-old girl to friend: “I have a knife in my throat
Celebrating diversity in Gothenburg

Bad Economy Forces Welfare Agency Hiring
You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Libya’s Western-backed "liberators" reveal their strategy for diplomacy
Torture former diplomat to death. Repertoire featured pulling out his toenails with a pliers

Monday, 6 February 2012

Support white defence

In the absence of any meangful support from the media or the laughable 'forces of law and order', patriots in England are beginning to fight back against the endless succession of attacks on white men, women and yes, children by 'Asian' (i.e. Muslim) and black gangs. The following are just two instances.

I urge you to please support these and any other such events as may take place in your wider vicinity

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Censor sleeps as Malmo burns

As well as my Swedish colleagues and writers to this blog I also use The Local, Sweden's English language slimesheet, for developments in that doomed paradise. Obviously when perusing The Local I have to keep my PC to English dictionary handy for deciphering the code. Although semi-literate (in English anyway) that slimsheet's comment censors are vigilant and efficient. Non-conforming views are deleted while repeat offenders get permanently blocked.

You can imagine my surprise then when the latest episode of Malmo's death spiral opened up to a whole range of real people comments. Amazing. Worth reading them. One in particular revealed some interesting insights and new information, at least for me.

NATO's supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN news stated in 1999 (during the bombing of Serbia):"Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

And Bill Clinton confirmed General Wesley Clark's statement when he recently revealed America's major aim in the war against Serbia:"I believe it is necessary for us in the future that we engage ourselves permanently in the Balkans in order to foster multi-ethnical democracies there." (Die Welt, April 17, 1999, p. 7)

The number one aim of World War II was formulated in Wendell L. Willkie's book "One World" (Simon and Schuster, New York 1943, page 85) as follows:"Abolition of racial exclusiveness of the German people!"Wendell Willkie was a Republican candidate for the US-presidency in 1940. He then travelled as Roosevelt's special envoy to Russia in order to get Stalin's agreement on the American aim to "abolish Germany's racial exclusiveness". He was successful, Stalin accepted in 1942 when Willkie visited him in Moscow.

The program for Germany after allied victory was also stipulated in the "PM's Daily" (New York, January 4, 1943) under the title "Shall We Kill The Germans" The plan "to kill the Germans" stated: "During allied occupation we must enforce immigration into Germany of non-Germans. Especially non-German men must be attracted to immigrate to the German states".

As evidenced in Sweden and Norway, multi-cultural states are generating nothing but division, hate, contempt and resentment for each other. The U.S. knew, specifically, that the immigration of large numbers of Muslims would cause the very nerve centers and soul of these countries to be attacked from within. Subdued through internecine warfare, they are very easy to manipulate since their populations are tied up with racial tensions and confusion. They don't realize and recognize alien influences from outside whilst ethnically homogenous nations see and feel the manipulations of the world rulers immediately from outside. That is the reason why psychopaths running the U.S. need a multi-cultural-racial world in order to rule the planet.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Teeing up the next false flag

Undeterred by the failure of the attack on the USS Liberty and emboldened by the success of 9/11, the Israelis and their American (and 'dual-citizen') fellow travellers are lining up the next false flag operation. This time to stoke the fires of US involvement in an attack on Iran.

Apparently, according to information kindly shared by the Israeli intelligence services, the Iranians are now about to undertake attacks on US soil. No, the reaction was not guffaws of cynical laughter. Nor dismissal by yawns and 'FFS, not this shit again'. No. It went strictly according to the well defined script.

Check out this 'interview' on ABC. I tell you, Pravda under the Soviet regime represented muck-raking investigative journalism compared to the main American networks today. The crock of shit is bought hook line and sinker by the top network analysts. How fucking unbelievably pathetic.

And it goes further. An unnamed 'federal official' is quoted as saying "the thwarted assassination plot of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., a couple of months ago was an important data point."

If the official really believes that, well, I'd love to meet him. I have this lovely bridge in London I'd like to sell him.


To my mind autism poses arguably the most demanding challenge possible within a family. Autistic children at a minimum show an inability to make emotional connections, often cannot speak at all, in really severe cases can become violent and destructive.

All or any of which would be enough to drive the unfortunate parents and siblings to despair. But autistic kids can also become fixated on patterns and forms. Letting such a kid loose with a palette of paints would result in something like the image shown here, produced by young Colm Isherwood from Cork. Can you imagine, on top of everything else, the unfortunate parents being surrounded by such monstrosities?

Well, we know-nothings are way off the mark because apparently this is a work of genius. The er, painting has been awarded no less than a United Nations prize and will feature on a new range of stamps to be issued by that organisation. I kid you not. The rest of us must all be philistines.

In the interests of full disclosure I must reveal my own personal modern art story. Some time ago I decided to drop into an exhibition on my way home from shopping. I left the groceries just inside the door of the gallery and checked out the works. Wasn’t too impressed, I must admit. But can you imagine my surprise and delight when I returned to my groceries and found that I’d been awarded First Prize for my ‘sculpture’.

Another of my unrecognised talents………

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Applied Anthropology seminar at Dekaney High

Down Texas way they say that Dekaney High School is an educational disaster zone. After all it's 62% black, 31% Hispanic and only 3% white. But I don't know. Recent events there indicate to me that they have, perhaps unwittingly, pioneered a new approach to the subject of Applied Anthropology - which is the practical hands-on study of the development of human societies, cultures and the behaviour of man.

Check out this link and see if you agree with me.