Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Lady of the Angelus

For those heathens among you out there, the Angelus is a prayer, one minute long, that’s supposed to be recited every twelve hours or something like that. It’s interspersed by an infuriating bonging of a bell, which makes me feel like throwing my shoe at the TV set as I await for what passes for news on RTE, Ireland’s public broadcaster. (Similar in every way to the BBC in Britain and PBS in the US).

To take your mind off the infernal bonging, RTE shows a number of vignettes, typical scnes of Irish life today. Naturally this includes the ‘New Irish’. Now you might imagine that the sixty seconds would be taken up with cultural enrichers receiving an assignment of drugs from Nigeria, or a group of them in a welfare queue, or heading off on a taxpayer-funded vacation to the very village they fled for their lives from before coming to Ireland.

Instead we get a black lady. Which for RTE is Good and GOOD.

And she’s a special lady:

She’s a hardworking efficient employee: How do we know this? Because we see her, working all alone until the sun goes down, all the lazy Paddies having long since abandoned their posts.

She’s highly intelligent: How do we know this? Because she’s operating a complex looking computer terminal, and she gazes into the distance in an intelligent kind of way.

She’s sensitive and family oriented: How do we know this? Because, dewy-eyed, she lets her gaze fall on the picture of a sibling/relative on her desk.

She’s a conscientious corporate citizen: How do we know this? Because she carefully turns out all the office lights before she finally calls it a day and leaves.

So now. The New Irish aren’t what you thought they were, are they?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Is it starting to kick off at last?

I've mentioned on a number of occasions how I'm getting a sense that the mood might be turning. That white people are starting to realise that our noses are being rubbed in it relentlessly and for many the time has come to start putting up resistance. This feeling has arisen from personal experience but also from my highly unscientific analysis of on-line comments from various sources. I distinguish between what’s written by the ‘journalists’, all PC clones, and the comments, where real people live.

And I see major changes. Now whether it’s a less censorial approach from the guardians of our on-line moral micro climate, or that the numbers just can’t be held back any longer, I don’t know. But there has been a big change. Same in the attitudes of many people I know, including several liberals who are starting to ask questions about black behaviour, and a favourite, how Jews support immigration controls and ethnic solidarity for Israel, but demand open borders for us mugs.

In a comment on the previous post Niamh claims ‘it’s going to kick off’ suggesting we read the comments on the Telegraph on an article from our old friend Ed West. And yes, the comments had an edge that just would not have been there some time ago.

And then I was also directed to the story of a Sikh who robbed a car, ran a red light, knocked down a pedestrian and fled the scene. All so that he wouldn’t be too late to pick up his welfare. And what did he get? A suspended sentence. The furious commentators contrasted this outrage with the experience of the Swansea student (white, I need hardly add) being given nearly two months jail for 'racist' tweeting offences.

But these are ‘conservative’ publication. (Stop laughing at the back!). Now I move to HuffPost, the belly of the online beast. Read some comments on an article bemoaning the ‘racist tweets’ of many fans objecting to the casting of a black girl in a key role in The Hunger Games. HuffPost are notorious for their Torquemada-like comment censors but there still was a preponderance of negative comment of the casting. Trust me, this is a big change.

Here are some….

"Why does Rue have to be black," said one user whose page I might add has subsequently been removed. "Not gonna lie, kinda ruined the movie."

“movie is designed for white girl black guy couples..”

And so on.

and then of course we have the sad case of Trayvon. I think they, most notably the 'Reverends' Jess and Al, have shot themselves in their Gucci clad foot on this. The reaction on most comment boards has been totally lopsided. On the right side.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. Certainly the reaction of the PTB is becoming more vicious and intolerant every day.

Is this a sign of strength or panic on the part of the PTB?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sheer class: Mother Seeks Trayvon Trademarks

You could hardly make it up. I admittedly hold blacks and their family values in low esteem, not least the immediate and flagrant financial capitalising on the demise of a dear departed loved one. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston spring to mind.

But what about this? Having left Trayvon Martin lying as 'John Doe' in the mortuary for three days before raising the alarm, the 'heart-broken' mother of has now taken time out from a-grievin' to file trademark protection for her son's name! She's seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

Sheer class.

As one of the comments said Crowd of hundreds: "Justice for Trayvon Martin!" Mom: "Thank you, all! Now that will be $9.95 from each of you for using his name."

Stranger things have happened.

And here's another thing. You know that picture of the innocent smiling cherubic child that Zimmerman shot? Well that was when he was twelve. Here's his Facebook pics which show a 6' 3" tall, shirtless guy with his pants halfway down to his knees, "grille" on his teeth, stocking over his head, flashing wannabe gang-banger signs.

Take note. You won't be seeing this on the MSM.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


The Trayvon (where do they get those names?) Martin killing is Florida has followed the ordained script to perfection. The ‘victim’ was straight from central casting. A “beautiful, beautiful boy”, an ‘honor student’ (i.e. he hasn’t killed a teacher yet) laid low by a ‘white Hispanic’. Now what the hell is a white Hispanic? Is Obama a white blackman? But you see, such a categorisation is necessary for the designated scenario to play out.

On cue the ‘reverend’ race pimps crawled out from the lairs to explore the opportunity for yet another shake-down. ‘Blacks are under attack’ the ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson thundered. And for once the race-pimping horn dog wasn’t lying. Because blacks are indeed under attack……. but from their bruthas. About 90% of black murder victims get sent to the Great McDonalds in the sky by their own kind. And the inter-racial bit? Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. And Hispanics, who commit most of the murders in this cohort, are included among the Whites. Gotta' make the figures look as good as possible.

The ‘news’ media that virtually ignored the recent Tulsa horror attack, the Derrick King and Edward Schaefer incidents, the Knoxville Horror and the young white man beaten to death by three black thugs in Philadelphia recently, well many outlets of said media went back to 1955 to resurrect, yet again, Emmet Till. “Is Trayvon the new Emmett Till?” they asked plaintively. And, in a nice touch, they published pictures of a smiling, prepubescent 13 year-old Trayvon, not the hulking 17 year-old, 6'2'' brute who, according to the only independent witness, was beating up Zimmerman when he got shot.

And of course Mein Obama jumped in feet first. “I see the son I never had when I see Trayvon’s picture’. Really? Well presumably then the picture shown here would also remind of the son he never had. Except that this guy pulled a gun and shot a cop who was about to question him. I’m not holding my breath.

There’s noting new in any of this of course. It’s the same utterly lopsided response to everything that involves blacks. But a few questions arise. Will this set them off on a renewed orgy of violence? (This seems the only response blacks are capable of to any perceived problem). Already we’ve had a spectacular chimpout by a young scholar at a Florida 'university' upset at Trayvon's demise. In the link I provide here the report says, without a trace of irony, that “a woman who has apparently had enough with senseless violence in her home state of Florida, attacks her teacher and fellow students in class.” Yes, they actually said that! Typical of the comments was “I feel for her because the young woman is upset, at least she cares about whats happening and is’nt afraid to say what she thinks”. Well, there’s no arguing that she’s not afraid to say what she thinks. If thinks isn’t too strong a word here.

So will blacks use this as the spark – literally – to effect a little urban renewal during the Summer? That’s the first question. But I also ask if there’s a major change in whites’ attitudes. I say this because my admittedly unscientific survey of comments in a whole range of media outlets shows a sea-change has taken place. Whites are speaking out very strongly on this issue and avoiding PC Speak cliches. So is there an actual change or is it just that the MSM moderators are becoming more indulgent? And if there is such a change, will this manifest itself in more overt form in due course?

I’d like to think the answers here are in the affirmative. Interested in your views.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Shatter Watch: Treacherous nation-wrecking scumbag

I as mentioned in this post (My Transition) when I started this blog five years ago I was a convinced Judophile and supporter of Israel. I saw them as polar opposites of primitive Africans and barbaric Muslims. I still see them that way, but I've also become increasingly aware that they, or just let's say too many of them for my liking, represent an existential threat to western nations and cultures in a far more fundamental and insidious way than do Africans or Muslims. This epiphany has been lent jarring affirmation by the appointment of Alan Shatter as 'our' new Minister for Justice and Defense. Shitter is an avowed and enthusiastic supporter of Zionism - i.e. he supports ethnic purity for Israel.


No wonder the Jerusalem Post claimed that '"Shatter is considered an articulate and courageous friend of Israel." But ethnic purity stops abruptly right there. He doesn't believe in Irish ethnic purity. Not at all at all at all. He wants the world to come here (more correctly, he wants the primitive non-white world to come here), passing on their way the native Irish fleeing the country.

As I pointed out here, he has increased the numbers of 'New Irish' gaining citizenship by orders of magnitude since he took office. From a couple of hundred a year to tens of thousands. Isn't that something? Shitter would be very upset if that were happening in Israel. But he's not alone in this. His co-ethnics lead similar movements everywhere in the world. The white world, that is. Anetta Kahane in Germany, Barbara Spectre in Sweden, various in Holland, and France. Everywhere. Every white country, that is. Check it out. We even have an 'Australian' who recommends taking in Israel's unwanted black asylum seekers while extolling ethnic purity while he's in Israel (when he thought the goyim weren't listening).

Jews are also leading the attack on every last vestige of Christian symbols in Christian countries. And just as Israel becomes more of an ethno-theocracy every day. The sheer arrogance and gall literally takes the breath away. In the UK we learn that 'Christians have no right to wear the
crucifix according to Government.
' And who's leading the Government charge? One Lynne Choona Featherstone, who, we learn, 'was born and brought up in London to a British Jewish family.' Bet you're amazed at that, aren't you?

But back to Shitter. First, he's hated by everyone. Even fellow lawyers regard him as treacherous, spectacularly avaricious and deeply untrustworthy. Now for lawyers to describe you in those terms, well, you must be a special kind of asshole. He barely gets through each election, yet others get passed over while he bags two Ministries! It's also perfectly clear that Jews in the west gravitate to Ministries which enable them to control the immigration spigot. Stand up nation-wrecking traitorous scumbag Jack Straw as an example par excellence.

What I can't get my head around in the sheer gall of all of thus. They must realise that the goyim are just that: Cattle. And they've done their bit there too, taking over the media and forcing an avalanche of brain-numbing drivel on the stupefied public. They must be really, really confident. And maybe they're right to be. They're getting away with everything with hardly a whimper of protest. After all, if I'd pulled off the 9/11 attack and ended up with my enemies getting the blame, well I suppose I'd be super confident too.

But are they over-confident? Could their arrogance lead to the kind of reaction they've brought on themselves countless times throughout history? Doesn't look likely at this juncture, controlling as they do the western MSM, Hollywood and the money spigot everywhere. The legal and educational systems have been programmed to advance their agenda. Never before have they wielded such power. But I remember reading somewhere that “they will be undone by the only thing they can’t protect themselves from: their own greed”.

I'm reaching the stage, I never thought this would happen, but I'm reaching a stage whereby I believe that any Jewish person designated for a pivotal position at national level should be made undergo a loyalty test. Just to show that they're not just focused on destroying that which they claim to protect.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Parade of the New Irish

It's by now become standard operating procedure for the MSM to go out and interview the 'New Irish' after every St. Patrick's Day Parade as we celebrate the now fully diversified occasion.

The main question asked is: 'How does it feel to be Irish?' and it brings some fascinating responses. As you can imagine.

As I'm keen on celebrating diversity myself, as indeed are you all, I decided to do my own personal set of interviews especially for this blog. First I took in my local parade and it was the most diversified event you could imagine. That is, there were no white people to be seen. A diversocrat's wet dream! The participants got fully into the spirit of the event by dying green all the heroin on sale - a thoughtful and culturally sensitive gesture in my view.

Then as planned I undertook a couple of interviews. First up was Magalopi 'Aoife' Babawanda. A well built woman with determined gaze, I immediately sensed that she represented the ideal of the New Irish.

'How does it feel to be Irish? 'It feel great. Pasport me can go anywhere. Me and all the chirruns and all their fathers (not sure how many) all gets free school, free house, free health. Much better than Congo.'

I then asked Mohammed el-Khabar bin Sulieman al Osama Kemal if he'd do a short interview. He eventually agreed, having first playfully waved what I assume to be a toy pistol in my face.

'How does it feel to be Irish? 'Not bad but too many infidels here. Back in Afghanistan we'd have killed them all by now but too many of them here and not enough of us. But, by the Beard of the Prophet, at the rate the infidels are leaving and the rate the soldiers of Allah are arriving it shouldn't be too long before the streets run red with their blood.'

At that he again playfully pointed the gun at me and headed off to the town's spanking new mosque, twice the size of the local church.
Can't wait for next year's parade.

Long live the new diversified Ireland.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oslo: Nirvana to den of crime in one generation

This from an Oslo reader. Some context. Oslo now is nearly 25% ‘visible minority’, mostly Somalis, Pakistanis and Nigerians. What a selection!. Twenty years ago this percentage was virtually zero. No breakdown by age cohort is available, but given that those latter ‘cultural’ groups seem to have about 10 children per female, while Norwegians have about two, you don’t have to be Einstein to see what’s going to happen.

Anyway, this is his/her comment.

As a denizen of Oslo, there are parts of the city I just don't go anymore.Norwegians tend to be extremely naive, and Norway is taking about four times as many asylum seekers and refugees as Britain, and ten times as many as the United States. We are in fact, by far, #1 per capita.

Add generous welfare systems, the lowest police coverage in the world (not to mention inept, and impotent) and luxury prisons, with the world's lowest sentences, and you have a potent mix for disaster and a "nirvana" as someone described it, turned into a lawless den of crime in less than a generation. Personally I never go into the center of the city unarmed anymore.

And yes, carrying weapons is against the law. But so what? If only criminals carry arms, and even the police don't, who's going to protect me? Plus if I get caught, I'll get a slap on the wrist. Which is far preferable to getting stabbed by some psychotic ex-somali child soldier or balkan mobster.

Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Shatter Watch: A tale of two queues

I pass the Silver Springs Hotel in Cork most days, and I have never seen anything like this. A monstrous queue, stretching to infinity, in, out, back, down (top picture). Like Disney on Labor Weekend, in fact. But there wasn’t as much jollity. In fact there was no jollity at all. Because everyone in this queue was there to check out the possibilities of working abroad. Upping sticks, getting out. Their own country has let them down, you see. We fucked up royally. Well, some did anyway. And those aren't the people you’ll meet in that queue. No sirree. The ones who landed us in this mess are luxuriating in the outrageous ‘severance packages’ they trousered after bankrupting their companies, or, in the case of our public ‘servants’ who presided over the destruction - well they’re either still in office or else living on their six figure index-linked pensions and million Euro ‘severance packages’.

But hey! It’s not all bad news over here. Because there’s another queue. And this one’s headed in the opposite direction! Isn’t that wonderful? In fact there are lots and lots of queues headed in the opposite direction. The kind of people you see in the lower picture.

Now here’s an interesting thing. As you can well imagine, I take a keen interest in the number of people issued with Irish citizenship. I’m suspicious, you see. I think I know what’s going on so I look for patterns. It’s not easy, as you can imagine. I used to check it out regularly on the Department of Whatever’s web site, and the figure used to be a hundred or so annually, from what I can remember. But now they don’t show the figures at all.

Isn’t that strange?

And the funny thing is, this happened just after Alan Shatter, ‘our’ new Minister for Justice, took over last Spring. And Alan got off to a flying start. You’ll recall just a few weeks ago where we all celebrated Cork’s recent citizenship ceremony which involved a quota of the more than 2,250 ‘New Irish’ processed that day. That’s some increase, isn’t it? But here’s the kicker. According to The Journal there have been no fewer than thirty two other such ceremonies since June last year! The idea of a citizenship ceremony was introduced by Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence Alan Shatter on taking office last year and yesterday’s was the 33rd ceremony held since June 2011.”

Holy fuck!!! What the hell is going on here?

Well actually, we do know what the hell is going on, don’t we children?

Because Mr. Shatter is acting out a primordial evolutionary ethnic survival strategy. One that’s being applied with relentless ferocity in all white countries – and only in white countries. Unleashing a lethal cocktail of fast-breeding in-assimilable, low IQ aliens which will result this country and its indigenous people being incrementally but inevitably destroyed.

But wait! We have our Dear Leader, Enda Kenny, arrived to do a Brian Boru and save the country. What did he do? Fearlessly striding to the fore he told the “soon-to-be fellow citizens” that they are now “coming home”. That’s what he said. To the loincloth-clad aborigine with a bone in his nose. He’s coming home. Imbecilic prattle from a conniving idiot who just leaps onto any bandwagon that gives him a few moments good press.

Now I'm frequently taken to task for being too hard on and critical of Ireland and the Irish. Very often by the very same people who witter on about how the ‘new Irish’ will enrich us. Enrich us? You’d often wonder how, before the Pyramids were even started, we built Newgrange, with its advanced astronomical calculations. Or how in the Seventh Century we created the Book Of Kells, whose "ilustrations and ornamentation surpass that of all other Insular Gospel books in extravagance and complexity.” Or how today, despite the crash, we remain possibly the world’s per capita leader in high-tech exports.

Could someone explain to me exactly how we’re going to be so enriched by Khaled from Somalia, or Sipho from Nigeria, or an army of gypsy beggars and prostitutes from Romania? No, of course we won’t be enriched. That was never the intention. Instead we’ll be dumbed down and miscegenated out of existence, become ‘World Citizens’ without a past. Or a future. Our nation-wrecking traitors will be well acquainted with the words of Karl Marx: “A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.”

In terms of social tranquillity our kids will live in what will be a combination of Bosnia and Lebanon.


PS - if you've a mind for more grief read here and hear.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Gleanings (5)

Samuel L. Jackson voted for Obama because he’s black
Naturally that’s not racism

Estonian song festival
Enjoy it: Sights like this will soon be gone for all time

Blacks doin’ da business in Russia
Some people think Russia is the last line of defence for whites

Chanting “USA, USA” in the USA is now racist
Grovelling apologies all around for this shocking offence

“White people are scum”
White panel giggles approval

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Barry's birth certificate

If you were to believe the MSM (ok, ok, ok......) you'd imagine the issue of Barak Obama's birth certificate to be a matter of peripheral interest, of concern only to anoraks. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Because if what the truthers say is correct America does not have a legal President and has not had one for the last three years. The Constitutional implications of this are staggering, not least by the fact that every law he signed while in office has no legal validity. We're not talking about vague abstractions here.

I had this in mind when I visited a friend of long standing a few nights ago. His father was, apparently, an excellent typewriter mechanic, and he happened to be there the same night. Although now nearly eighty, he's still sprightly and reads without glasses. So I took the opportunity to download the long form birth certificate and asked him whether it had been drawn up on the same typewriter. He examined for no more than a few seconds before confidently stating 'no, no, at least three machines in use here'. Now you must understand that he had virtually no knowledge of the significance of what I was driving at. He saw it just as a document which clearly had been drawn up on a number of machines.

'Why would they want to do that?' he asked me.

Why indeed.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Impeccable logic

I just had to reproduce this comment from Seanantijihad in the previous post. It brilliantly but simply illustrates the utter fatuousness and illogicality of judicial systems in the West.

Read and enjoy!

Judge: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Shaun: Are there any circumstances under Hate Crime laws whereby I would be convicted for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Judge: Such as?

Shaun: Such as saying Islam is not a religion of peace, or, that Negro brains are smaller than Caucasian brains, which accounts for their lower mean IQ. So that a Caucasian woman who has a child with a Negro has in effect genetically lobotomised her offspring.

Judge: Yes, clearly, that is a Hate crime.

Shaun: But it is the truth.

Judge: The truth is no defence.

Shaun: It was not a defence, merely a statement of fact. I repeat, can I be convicted and imprisoned for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Judge: Yes.

Shaun: Then I cannot receive a fair trial, and you are not impartial, for you have insisted upon threat of imprisonment that I convict myself as a condition of my own defence.

Judge: I am sentencing you to six months imprisonment for contempt of court.

Shaun: Is the court in contempt of the truth, or the truth in contempt of the court?

[Shaunantijihad is dragged away to be locked in a cage with Negroes and Muslim maniacs]

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The new Pravda

Almost everyone on this blog will know the time when we in the West took everything that Pravda said with the proverbial grain of salt. Same with all the other Soviet MSM outlets. And justifiably so. They were on message or they were in deep shite. We patronisingly contrasted this with our own lively totally independent media. We relied on the latter for truth in the news, Pravda and their ilk for amusement and some intellectual stimulation. Here I'm referring to the skill of interpreting the company line. So does an announcement to the effect that 'Comrade Brezhnev has a slight cold' mean that he's just died, or in fact been dead for weeks?

My, my, my. How things have changed. Now our media have become totally Sovietised while their Russian counterparts shine a light on the West that reveals it in all its festering corruption and incompetence. If you want a source other than the Internet for what's really going on in the West today, go to Pravda or Russia Today (RT). Mind you, these media are a lot more coy when reporting on internal matters. But that's another story.

So read this excerpt from a Pravda article from 2009. Could you just imagine this kind of truth finding its way into our lamestream bought and paid for outfits?

Throughout the totalitarian West, the Marxist internationalist elites, while busily flooding their countries with tens of millions of third worlders, have introduced specific measures to keep the native populations down and in check.

These measures have come in the form of Hate Crimes Laws. The laws state that a crime is not just a crime if we can find a deeper motive, such as hate of a specific race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Thus the Lords of Humanity have given themselves the power of God to know what is inside the hearts of men.
In practical terms, what this means is 1. A murder is not just a murder if hate is involved. Say again? This means certain lives are worth more than others, a protected class, another insult to Christ and justice. 2. If the local jury trial is considered to lenient, then those globalist elites of the West can try the person again for "hate" or rather in actuality for the same crime, twice. Again, an insult to justice that Western serfs bow, grin and bare.

But this gets worse, since in practice, the elites decide who is a racist and who is not, they use these laws sparingly to keep the native population down, shackled and paranoid of the knock on the door.

Couldn't have said it better myself, mate. If only I had a platform........