Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who's really to blame?

About a week ago RAMZPAUL had a video which highlighted the similarities between grizzly bears and ‘youths’ when it came to not drawing them on you.  The basic rule being - give them both a wide berth at all times. Good advice, given the violent and unpredictable nature of both species.

Which brings me to the subject of Justin Wayne, the black ‘pickup artist’, who has developed so-called ‘game’ techniques to pick up women. Now given the black on white race war that’s been ongoing in the States for some time you’d expect a sensible reaction from a white woman accosted on the streets by a black ‘youth’.  Like at a minimum running away, ideally ventilating him with a .44 Magnum. But no. Within seconds the rubber-lipped ‘youth’ is sucking face with a range of attractive white females.  Right there on the street.  Check it out here.

A more sinister case relates to 21 year-old Wexford girl Nicola Furlong, who was murdered in Japan by black  ‘dancer’ James (“King Tight”) Blackstone. You can see this ape strutting his stuff on a  train to the horror and bemusement of the Japanese passengers here. She met this guy and another black guy and went back to their hotel with them.  Just like that. And got strangled. Her father is now on suicide watch back in Ireland.

Why do white girls engage in such insanity? The easy answer is to blame the coal burners and say they brought it on themselves.  But everywhere they’ve looked, all of their lives, they’ll see the black man who is muscular, good looking, shaven headed (non threatening), cool and in charge. The White Dude will be fat, sloppy, frantic, and confused. At the end, the black will heroically show the White the answer to the problem, and the White will look relieved and thankful that he was lucky enough to meet the naturally smart black man with all the answers. They’ll be bombarded with messages, implicit and explicit, of the normality, nay, desirability, of miscegenation.  After all, black men make such gentle and caring husbands....

Is it any wonder their brains are screwed up? The people responsible for this brainwashing are directly responsible for the fate of Nicola and all the dozens of coal burners who meet a similar fate annually. Justice is not even on the horizon.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

If Obama had a 350 lb. daughter..........

 If Obama had a 350 lb. daughter she’d look like this lady, the one with the beguiling smile, who  punched, spat at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who interfered with a shop-lifting spree. Cops said she pilfered  five packages of cheese; eight cans of Coors Light; vegetable oil; chicken wings; and five packages of bacon. As one commentator remarked,  would her eating bacon represent cannibalism?

Displaying a keener sense of practical legalities than many a professional, this nymphette told a cop to add whatever charges he wanted “because she was going to plea bargain and half of the charges would be dropped anyway.”  Some hope that the judge will ‘throw the book at her’.  If he does she’ll probably eat it.  Anyway, we’re reliably informed that “Reverends”  Al and Jesse are heading down Georgia way to right the injustice this poor woman has been subjected to.

Can anyone even begin to imagine what America would have achieved had they never brought over the slaves?

Friday, 25 May 2012

Today Ireland celebrates Africa Day

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Anyway, to prepare you for the celebration have a read of this post.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bibi....no need to be be worried.

Bibi (seen below giving the finger to the American taxpayers), he be be worried. And all for no reason. According to the Gruaniad he warned Parliament that "illegal infiltrators flooding the country were threatening the security and identity of the Jewish state. If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state”

How wrong can someone be?  Does he not realise that the ‘New Israelis’ will add enrichment, vibrancy and colour, while applying their own unique skills and talents in the service of their new country? If he doesn’t believe me why doesn’t he ask Alan Shatter, ‘Israel’s close friend’ at the heart of the Irish Government?  Alan has opened the immigration spigot to such a degree that the masses of unemployed Irish youth heading the other way are getting knocked down in the stampede. And Alan’s first loyalty is to Ireland, he wants only what’s best for this country. That’s why the army of enrichers is flooding in.  I wonder could he be persuaded to give some to Bibi?  Nah, too loyal to Ireland.

And Bibi, your friend and fellow Likud MP Danny Danon suffers from the same misapprehension as you.  He wants to ship off all the refugees to Australia!  He wants to forego all that enrichment, vibrancy and colour. He says – imagine this - “the refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution. On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority”. Danon has asked Australian MP (and dual Israeli citizen) Michael Danby to propose this to the Australian Parliament. Danby “enthusiastically agreed”  Again, we can be absolutely sure that Danby’s first loyalty is to his country and constituents, so he wants all that enrichment for them.

Bibi, I can give you a lot more support for my position. What about Barbara Spectre, or Anneta Kahane, or Jack Straw?  They’re all Jewish too, and all want to flood their respective countries (Sweden, Germany and Britain) with the kind of enrichment that you’re turning your nose up at.

Carpe diem, Bibi boy, carpe diem.  Seize the day!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

RTE weather forecasters: Useless waste of space

The most useless collection of twats on the face of the planet must be the weather forecasters on RTE (Ireland’s national broadcaster). Night after night they get their forecasts spectacularly wrong.  Night after night  they re-emerge from their lair to give us the latest load of bollocks without as much as a glimmer of shame or embarrassment for the preceding string of fiascos.

And it’s not for lack of technology and razzmatazz. Their charts have more arrows than the Battle of Little Bighorn, plus a jaw-dropping array of symbols and jargon.  "A diurnal cyclonic trough of isometric isodrosotrhermal precipitation is centred off the Azores”.  And what the hell am I supposed to  make of that??? I don't CARE about the Azores, FFS. Or ‘a weather front is moving in from the Atlantic’.  Well?  What KIND of weather front?  Hot? Cold? Wet? Stormy?  We never learn.

Listen, all I want to know is whether it’s going to rain tomorrow. Surely that’s not asking too much of the experts?  But clearly it is. Take yesterday. The Met forecast bright sunny weather for today, with temperatures up to the mid-twenties.  Now that’s heat wave territory for Ireland.  Based on this I got a full body spray tan, got my nipple rings burnished at the jewellers, and took out my Speedos and tight-fitting sweatshirt, all to dazzle the townsfolk as I strode the streets of my town.

And what happened? I woke this morning at the crack of noon and threw back the curtains. Rain and wind lashed the windows, while icicles began to form on the eaves. So much for the heat wave. Even with our central heating on full belt Lady Savant and I shivered in misery throughout the day. And this happens all the time, all without even a hint of acknowledgement when the twats come on the next evening. They should make their programme short and sweet.  Just say "please, for the love of Jesus, don't ever listen to me again. You’d be better off tossing a coin"

Fuck ‘em.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The real Lincoln

In one sense it’s odd that both Mein Obama and MLK compare themselves to Lincoln, in another sense not. Not odd in that Lincoln is the ultimate American historical hero having ‘freed the blacks.’. Hence any sensible opportunist will claim the mantle. Obama also modestly points out that He won the Senate seat for Illinois that Lincoln ‘coveted’ but failed to win. And the ‘Reverend’ Martin/Michael, when he wasn’t having violent sex with white prostitutes paid with money donated for The Struggle, was never slow to draw comparisons.

The spirit of Lincoln still lives; that spirit born of the teachings of the Nazarene, who promised mercy to the merciful, who lifted the lowly, strengthened the weak, ate with publicans, and made the captives free” (Probably plagiarised this as well). Well, I got bad news for them. Given that the ‘Reverend’ plagiarised his research and we’ve never been allowed see Obama’s we can assume that their scholarship didn’t identify what Lincoln really thought of them.

"I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the White and BIack races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and BIack races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.

And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race." (In debate with Douglas at Charleston)

Oh dear…..

Thursday, 17 May 2012

New flash: Famine in Africa!

The world was in shock today on the news of famine in West Africa.

“Who could have imagined?”  asked a visibly stricken Jean Pool, Director of UNICEF. “Africans are so proud and self-reliant. I’m just  flabbergasted  Dazed-looking, she wandered off, repeatedly muttering to herself “famine in Africa, famine in Africa…..”

The shock was so great that many even questioned the veracity of the reports. ‘I won’t believe it until I see pictures of starving children’ said senior news executive Myles Long, shaking his head. But proof was indeed forthcoming.  Al-Jazeera broadcast an interview with local victim Hakim al-Sabaab. “I have four wives, three of whom are pregnant, and twenty six children. I'm ok for food, but who is going to provide food for them?”

And an ashen-faced Robin Banks, Regional Director of Oxfam, underlined the gravity of the crisis. “This is not just a remote or regional tragedy. It’s even  spread to our five-star hotel here in West Africa.  Today I had the deeply unpleasant task of informing my staff that lobster thermidor was not longer on the menu”

But help is on the way. Sheik Mohammed bin Said al Kemal bin Suleiman el-Mustafa ben-Krim, Director of the Saudi Red Crescent, has generously offered $100 to a food fund – for Muslim victims only. But challenges remain. As Dai Young, Regional Director of Concern put it ‘our biggest challenge lies in convincing the world that there can actually be a famine in Africa.  After all it’s the most naturally wealthy part of the world…’

Monday, 14 May 2012

We've all been wrong the whole time

Well look, this is a comment in the NY Slimes, in response to an article that asks plaintively 'Why Don't We Have More White Students?'

Max tells us: "I raised two boys in Manhattan who went through the public school system — from K through 12 — and it was a conscious decision to expose them to the diversity that brought me to New York City in the first place. Not only were their schools 33-33-33, their after-school programs were balanced in the same way. The younger son was the only "drop of cream" (what a ghastly term to use in this day and age!) in the Harlem Junior Football League, and he loved it. Short and thin and not terribly athletic, the other children treated him with warmth and camaraderie. They were also part of the Boys Harbor after-school theater program for seven years, again not for self-conscious reasons, but to enrich their exposure to other cultures."

Now put that in your pipes and smoke it.  Racists!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Amerika's police state

Two truly mind-blowing developments:

First, the transformation of America, in less than a decade, into a police state-in-waiting. Second, the almost total lack of response from the public in general and their so-called representatives.

A police state-in-waiting might seem like going over the top, but it’s not.  Here are just some, it’s by no means a comprehensive listing, just the ones that I consider most egregious.

() Purchases by the Department of Homeland Security
  •  650 million rounds of .40 calibre hollow point ammunition. Now if you get hit by a .4 hollow-nose you won’t get up.
  • an unknown amount of bullet resistant booths to be stationed at unannounced checkpoints throughout the country
  • 140 million emergency rations
() A citizen can be detained and strip-searched for totally trivial ‘offences’

()The US military are training to take on crowds of American citizens in a time of crisis.

()The establishment of an internet ‘kill switch’ contingency plan and jamming of all non-government communications,

() Domestic spy drones in operation  (Black Hawks hovering over Chicago recently)

()The  new $2 billion one million sq. ft. high tech domestic data gathering centre in Utah

()And what about the National Defence Executive Reserve, which means your entire work history is now stored, aggregated and flagged in a national database and you can be called on at any time and forced into service for national security reasons at a government-run institution or labour camp:

() Meanwhile the TSA gropers expand into bus and train stations  and even run checkpoints on highways

() A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defence contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

() Then there’s the presidential power to target American citizens for assassination found in the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA). This act also gives powers that can result in indefinitely detaining American citizens without charge or trial.

() Obama’s ‘Doomsday’ executive order (National Defense Resources Preparedness)  allows the seizure of food, land, energy resources and skilled labourers. All the preppers’ goods and chattels can be seized by Executive Order. That’s all resources, not just those owned by large farms and businesses

()DHS have deployed a host of tools to not only monitor what is being posted online, but who is posting it, who their friends are, which sites they visit and what information they ‘like’ in particular.

() Paying by cash, buying gold, stocking up on food, promoting “anti-U.S.” and “radical theologies,” and demanding personal privacy are all now considered to be suspicious

“In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defence”, whatever they decide that is.”  (Infowars)

In other words, a classical Police State.

Yet there’s been comparatively little reaction from the MSM or from citizenry at large.  There seems to be a complete lack of awareness of just how draconian these measures are.  I suppose it’s the old story: It doesn’t affect me now so there’s not a problem. And now if you excuse me, America’s Got Talent is coming on.

Friday, 11 May 2012

My account has been hacked

My account [email protected] has been hacked.  It's been used to send out a lot of spam or other malware to addressees.  I've now cleaned it up and blocked it off but if you get any messages from me for the next week or so do not open any links that might be included.

The NWO are out to get me!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gleanings (7)

Apparently Eric  “my people” Holder believes there’s been no Affirmative  Action yet.

This merits further study

He’s the toast of the town.

Surely they don’t distrust the banks?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shatter Watch: Forgiving ain't easy

Now far be it from me to rise up in defence of religious superstition, least of all that nonsensical Roman Catholic sacrament of Confession.  That’s the one where you confess your sins to a priest and, hey presto, and for a modest donation, all your sins are forgiven!  And if you believe that, as they say…
And that’s why I’m finding myself in the unusual situation of opposing a law I’d hitherto have enthusiastically supported .

Now it’s always been the case that such confessions are secret, God being the only other one who gets to hear about it.  So when a murderer or child rapist confesses, the priest cannot, using this information, assist the law in bringing the offender to justice. I think this is outrageous. Whatever mumbo jumbo goes on internally within a religion is ok once the laws of the land are not contravened. Much as I’d say that the Religion Of Peace cannot be allowed to stone adulterers or kill those they see as blasphemers.

Now we learn that ‘our’ Justice Minister Alan Shatter calls for legislation to make it mandatory to report crimes, regardless of any internal rules of a religion, i.e. end the seal of Confession. Fine, as far as it goes.  But why does it always seem to be Jewish interests who are so keen to make Christians toe the line?  Like in the US, where they have lead the campaigns, for decades, to ban school prayer and the display of the Ten Commandments in public spaces. Or in Britain, where we see one Lynne Choona Featherstone, born and brought up in British Jewish family, arranging to ban the wearing of the crucifix.

This again raises the question:  Does their enthusiasm for secularism and the non-favouring of any religion before the law apply to Israel as well?  I think we all know the answer to that. The usual approach, it’s good for thee but not for me.  Because it’s all part of the overall plan to undermine and marginalise western culture and institutions.

And that’s why I’m finding myself in the unusual situation of opposing a law I’d hitherto have enthusiastically supported .

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shatter Watch: A brilliant suggestion

Shaunantijihad, a regular commentator on this blog, has come up with a suggestion so good that I'm publishing it in full here.

"A Solution - at last!

We should help Israel in the best way known to modern politics - we should flood them with Pakistanis and Somalians to "do the work Jews won't do" and to "pay their pensions". Every effort should be made to encourage "vigorous and widespread miscegenation" to overcome irrational and bigoted Jewish racism.

In a gesture of humanity and love we should offer to pay for all our beloved Pakis, Banglas and Africans to be flown out to Israel at the earliest opportunity. (Oh, my, how shall we cope without them?)

Wow! Our generosity could even go even further!

We could send some Britons to become "British Israelis" to take over the government there to ensure the new Israeli enrichers are provided with housing and benefits paid for by hard working Jewish taxpayers and to ensure that Israeli racists who fail to celebrate the enrichment are stomped on hard. We should of course take over the central bank printing of the shekel through a private company owned entirely by British Israelis.

Some of the Jewish cattle might resent this, so we should also print enough shekels for the owners of the bank to buy all the essential media in Israel in order to combat evil Israeli racism, and promote the benefits of diversity. Every advertisement and film should show happy Jewish women with successful black men. More shekels should be printed and given to Affirmative Action black males to make them rich and successful and attractive to Jewish women. The resultant inflation must be carefully implanted in the Jewish mind as a benefit, the “forgiveness of debt” or some such idea.

Jewish men should often be portrayed as bad and stupid people, especially Jewish racists who don’t celebrate African and Pakistani culture and people as being “as Jewish as I am”. Jewish racists who oppose Tel Aviv being flooded with Pakis and Negroes should always be portrayed as right wing Nazis. And at every opportunity they must be compared to Hitler and well known Jewish mass murderers. Every day the television should remind Jews that they murdered 6 million Ukrainians and 60 million Russians.

We must also set up two or three “mainstream parties” and only ever take these seriously in our media, all of which must have the essential consensus of mass immigration. Several “right wing” opposition parties should also be formed that we ourselves control, also paid for by extra shekel printing (it’s so easy when you can just print as much as you need rather than having to work for it!) – I suggest the Israeli National Party, the Israeli Independence Party, the Israeli Freedom Party to start with. MI6 should infiltrate immediately any opposition parties set up by Israeli Nationalists, who are the real threat.

The film “Cohen’s List” should be taught in every school and celebrate the fictional good Jew "Cohen" who helped a few thousand innocent Russian women and children escape from the Jewish gulags and from the evil camp commander "Colonel Menachem Begin" and his torture chambers for the innocent Russian children. Make sure that the hero Cohen marries a Negress from the Congo at the end, and make sure she is a brain surgeon or a President or some other brilliant person.

Naturally, our secret plan to exterminate the Jew by making them all partially sub-Saharan Negroes to decimate their identity and IQ must be kept secret at all times."

Serious? I am deadly serious. And yes, it would be absolutely deadly for any people to allow that to happen to them. Except in this instance, it would actually be justified.