Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nut-case destroys a Monet

Learned today that some lunatic has destroyed a Monet masterpiece in Dublin.  The Irish Slimes tells us that "a man has been arrested after a Monet painting hanging in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin was seriously damaged today. The 1874 work, entitled Argenteuil Basin With a Single Sailboat, was damaged between about 11am and 12 pm, a spokeswoman for the gallery confirmed."
And boy, did he damage it............beyond repair or recognition...the bastard. Looking at the painting it was clear that it now bore no resemblance to a sailboat of any kind, the Argenteuil Basin or indeed any other basin. Something like a not particularly gifted child might do with his first painting set. What must it have been like before the vandal cut loose on it,  I wondered? Googled the picture and, oh dear, the painting on the Slimes was the one before it was damaged.
Holy God!  Am I a philistine or what?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Irish" birth-rate grows

Our national broadcaster RTE was all chirpy during the week, informing us that the ‘Irish’ birth-rate was one of the highest in Europe.  Whooppeeee!  Could it be something to do with this development, I wonder?

I’d say so, because the report then cuts to the Master of the country’s largest maternity hospital. He pointed out that while the increase in births is to be welcomed (Ed. why?) the whole system is seriously overloaded. Report then cuts to one of the maternity units, where, I count, two out of three babies are black. I’d say Minister for Population Replacement Alan Shatter must be thrilled.

Incidentally, the same broadcast reported the seizure of a massive cocaine haul, the third biggest in history, adding that ‘an African man’ was ‘helping police with their inquiries’.  Haven’t  Africans a wonderful sense of social responsibility? Every time I pick up a newspaper or listen to the news one of them seems to be ‘helping police with their inquiries’.  Very civic-spirited of them indeed.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sutherland's Faustian Pact

I've often wondered about the meteoric rise of Peter Sutherland. Now don't get me wrong. He is an impressive guy. But really, his rise doesn't make sense to me.  Well, unless of course you factor in some very powerful assistance from the kind of people we talk about here.  The shadowy figures behind the curtain.

Suds, as he's known, began as a barrister in Dublin, where he stood for, and failed to achieve, elective office.  Nonetheless he was appointed Attorney General in Garret FitzGerald's first government. From there he was rapidly appointed (a political appointment) to the  EU Commission. It was when he left that post that things really started to go stratospheric. In short order he became Chairman of BP, of one of the world's largest companies and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. Now, for a guy who never worked a day in his life in a normal job, that's some going, isn't it? And he's gone from strength to strength from even those lofty posts. He's on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and  Chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

All I can say is, he must have sold his soul in a way that would make Mephistotopheles (seen on the left, in an actual photo as he flew over Wittenberg) whoop with glee.  He made some Faustian Pact along the way.

We're told that he's done wonderful things for Ireland, including paying for the Sutherland School of Law building at UCD (with his name plastered all over it). He wasn't much help at all though when he was needed most, on that terrible night in September 2008. Future historians will mark it as the day an incompetent government, flailing around for a solution to the banking crisis, dumped all the banks' debt on the Irish taxpayer, rather than allowing the unsecured bond-holders take the hit. Suds got quickly involved. He sternly warned the credulous oafs in the Government that applying a haircut to the bondholders would forever consign Ireland to the status of financial pariah. It simply is not an option to choose”  he intoned.

And Ireland, doing very nicely up till then, agreed to underwrite all the banksters' debts, thereby consigning us to austerity into the foreseeable future.  And of course as every schoolboy knows, defaults or haircuts can and do get forgiven all the time, with the defaulters coming back to the markets after a short period in purdah.  As I pointed out here, this isn't the first time Suds has been spectacularly wrong.  But hey!, when did that ever make a difference. Meanwhile, with his multiple passports and tax exile status, the multi-millionaire (billionaire?) continues to soak the Irish taxpayer in the form of his generous index-linked AG pension.

Now as many of you have noted, he's at it again. In his latest gig as the UN's special representative for migration he insists that the EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states. . Er, Suds, it's already doing that my boy.  To the best of its ability.  Been doing it for decades in fact.  Mass immigration, we learn from Suds,  represents a "crucial dynamic for economic growth, however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states."  Amazing.  So engulfing Europe with untold millions of illiterate Africans and mad-eyed Muslims is essential to our prosperity.  Who could have imagined? 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A eureka moment

Oft’ do the spirits
Of great events,
Stride on before those very events,
And in to-day already walks tomorrow.

I've gone all poetic this morning, tipped my hat at a jaunty angle and there’s a spring in my step. Because karmic justice is about to be wrought.

Let me explain. As I wandered around the wonderful old city of Wells yesterday I reflected glumly on the previous day’s experiences in Gloucester. I thought back to the specimens implementing our racial destruction. Invariably the sperm  donors were blacks with swagga’, dressed like Easter eggs. The sperm buckets were nose-picking, nail-biting, farting, leering, grunting, grossly obese degenerates. Pure Walmartians.
But that’s the point you see. The cause of my joy!  Hiding in plain sight all this time.

Think about it. The mutant spawn of their unlovely couplings will not be white.  Nor will their subsequent descendants. They’ll be classed as ‘people of colour’. So at a stroke (well, multiple strokes actually) we’ll be culling the white race of its lowest representatives.  Simultaneously enhancing the coloured gene pool.
Eugenics in its purest form! 

The gods of karmic retribution will be pleased with this.  

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cotswold demographics

I'm on my almost annual pilgrimage to the Cotswolds at the moment.  I’ve so much time for this region, one of the disappearing redoubts of actual English people, but, as I pointed out here, it’s under increasing threat. 

Thankfully the smaller towns and villages remain relatively unenriched, although must say was disappointed to see garish Chinese takeaway signs all over the place, even in Burton-on-the-Water, for God's sake. So on to my demographic survey of the larger towns.  Cirencester was pretty good must say, almost all Brits to be seen. Then on the Cheltenham where we enjoyed coffee and scones al fresco  at, I think, Crescent place.  More reassurance. Almost entirely white, apart from two enormous negresses who eventually appeared, eliciting a response similar to one encountering a turd in the punchbowl.

So my final laboratory review – Gloucester.  I did a short assignment for Gloucester CC about twelve years ago and found it an absolutely charming place.  All that’s good about England. I did visit subsequently for a Muster rugby game but was, sadly, in no condition to evaluate ‘progress’, if any. So today I took up a variety of positions around  Easgate St.  Oh Jesus!  Third World. Every fourth person, or so it seems, was a visible enricher. Often white sperm buckets passed by with half-caste children in tow.

The whole place seemed down-at-heel. Even Lady Savant acknowledged the validity of my observation that there’s a direct co-relation between the presence of blacks and/or Muslims, and a slide into dereliction.  Just like North Main St. in Cork.

So my overall impression? Negative. If the city of Gloucester can be degraded in such a short time, well, there’s little or no hope.  Now maybe some of our readers from Gloucester might offer some solace in advising that the area selected was unrepresentative of the city at large. Hopefully.  Buy all I know is that at the turn of the Century such scenes could not be seen anywhere in that city.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Why not close down Congress?

It seems to me that the USA is now being ruled by Presidential Decree.  Just like any other Third World country with a black President. The Constitution?  Senate?  House?  Just like in Zimbabwe, the President (for life?) ignores them.  So the law says something El Presidente and his junta don't like? Just ignore it.  Tell the Federales not to enforce it.

Just off the top of my head I can think of Internet gambling, drug enforcement, gay rights - there must be lots more - where he has simply ignored Congress and/or the Constitution to push through measures that strengthen his voter base.  The latest is an amnesty for up to one million 'undocumented' youth, almost all Hispanic, who can in turn be counted on the vote for  him in November. (Question: Is a drug-dealer an undocumented pharmacist?)

The Daily Caller reports  that President Barack Obama is using his control over government agencies to establish a semi-amnesty for younger illegal immigrants, even though the nation’s youth unemployment rate is already at a record level.

These are indeed interesting times.  While I admit that this practice took off in earnest under  George (Smirking Chimp) Bush, it seems to me that Obama actually feels he's entitled to do it.  After all, anyone who opposes him is a racist.

Now that is dangerous thinking.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ritual abasement of Germany: Never pass up an opportunity

For as long as I can remember Germany has become a convenient Aunt Sally for the Holocaust© Industry and the attack on ‘racism’ generally. Never pass up an opportunity to rub their noses in it. As Elie Wiesel says ‘never forget’. Well, he certainly didn’t forget.  In fact he’s so good at not forgetting that he remembers things that never happened at all. Like geysers of blood spurting up into the air from the ground as he walked on it.  Funny, he doesn’t talk so much about that any more.

Never pass up an opportunity, and Euro 2012 seems like a good one, being held in Poland, and somewhat less helpfully (as we’ll see anon) in Ukraine. First representatives from the German team (seen here) had to do the perp walk through Auschwitz. But this wasn’t enough.  In fact it provoked squawks of outrage from Holocaust© Inc. representatives.  You see, only three players visited. The whole team, coaching staff and maybe all the supporters themselves should have done it.
In an attempt to offset the ‘offence’, Team Director Oliver  Bierhoff planned to have a fireside chat with the younger players who may not  yet have been fully indoctrinated.  Cue howls of outrage from Dieter Graumann, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. “Bierhoff  used the word Kamingespr├Ąch in German, he wailed. “This contains a word that can mean 'chimney', and, according to Graumann, the word choice displayed “colossal insensitivity and tastelessness” because it evoked the Nazi gas chambers “People in Auschwitz, my grandparents for example, were gassed, incinerated and sent up the chimney.”

And if you think that’s over the top, listen to this.  Asked how his team planned to defend against the thunderbolt free kicks of Portugal's Ronaldo, assistant coach Hansi Flick responded innocously ‘we’ll have to wear steel helmets.’  Cue another cataract of outrage from the usual offendees for this ‘militaristic’ reference. Cue ritual Germanic groveling apology. “I am sorry if my unfortunate comment created irritation. I would like to apologise and I am angry with myself because I know how sensitive we are with these issues’.

Can you freakin’ well believe all this shit?

Holodomor victims
Now as I said earlier, Ukraine offered fewer opportunities. You see, in a clear breech of copyright, Ukraine has its own holocaust©, the Holodomor (the Great Starvation). Even accepting the fabled six million, the Holodomor was worse, with some estimates putting the total deaths at close to ten million.  This, an attack on Ukrainian nationalism, occurred in the early thirties and was planned and  directed by Politburo Member Lazar Kaganovich, who was Jewish (and Ukrainian!), actively implemented by NKVD Chief  Genrick Yagoda, who was Jewish, and enforced by NKVD apparatchiks -  who were mainly Jewish.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for an Israeli team to be hauled before a Holodomor monument to do the perp walk. Not while there are Germanic scapegoats to take the hit. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

East Europeans as WN saviours? Caution urged

In the Balkans the Macedonians are the butt of a joke which goes ‘Albania is to the West of Macedonia’.  Doesn’t appear exactly side-splitting at first glance, does it?  But you see in Eastern Europe they see the West, especially the North West, as embodying all that is progressive, civilised, advanced, truly democratic, desirable.  No shame if for example Germany is immediately to the West of you. But when that corrupt and  backward relic of Muslim occupation is to your left, so to speak, well, then you’re the pits.

Why do I mention this?  Because many of our readers in recent posts have expressed hope in the East Europeans as the last bastion of White National consciousness. This is based, I imagine, on those countries’ reputation for not messing about and from the almost complete visual absence of black and Muslim cultural enrichers among them. Now I don’t want, a la Kipling, to bring all your hopes to nought. But I urge caution. One simple explanation for the lack of diversity lies in the fact that none of the Eastern countries are rich enough to provide the welfare demanded by your typical enricher.  Then of course there is the language issue.

But back to the beginning of this piece. You see Eastern Europeans desperately want to be like their wealthy, sophisticated and progressive counterparts in the West.  And therein lies the problem.  Because they’re subjected to exactly the same relentless barrage of PC propaganda that we are. Blacks are soooooooo cool. They’re all clever, have top jobs, stay calm and in control while whites scamper around in a panic. They see blacks put on a pedestal, never seeming to attract unfavourable comment in the media…  Why, they must be wonderful people.  And if we get some of them and treat them like they do in the West……..Well, we’d be progressive and sophisticated too.

I'm not saying that this syndrome dominates there, but it is quite strong, especially among wealthier and ‘sophisticated’ people. Several cities in the overall region have appointed black mayors. See how advanced we are!  If you want to get a flavour of what happens there, read this post, which tells the terrible story of Simon Mol.

There is hope in the East, mainly because they’re not sitting on the demographic time bomb that we are.  But caution is urged.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

What the hell is going on with Euro 2012?

The European Football Championship is the second biggest tournament in the world.  Maybe even more so than the full World Cup in that the latter, dominated by European teams anyway, has been ‘enriched’ by a swarm of useless Third World squads qualifying only via diversity quotas. Yet there’s been an absolutely staggering emphasis this time, not on football, rather on the terrible threat of racism at Euro 2012. It’s everywhere, all over the MSM, and black footballers are trotted out daily to express their fears of entering the lion’s den.

Even Irish fans were worried by a recent BBC Panorama programme which presented the Poles and Ukrainians as violent xenophobic thugs. Many Irish fans even contacted UEFA to check whether they’d be safe. And what did Panorama base their dire warnings on?  Well, some racist graffiti, fans burning the flag of an opposing Polish club side, some symbols that, if you tried hard enough, could be seen as similar to a swastika, and a section of fans making monkey noises at a black player.

The ‘conservative’ Daily Mail breathlessly reported on their experience in this Heart of Darkness. Travelling  around with a number of locally-based blacks they reported ‘hard looks’ from patrons when the blacks, local girlfriends in tow, entered a bar.  Wow!  Truly frightening.  And apparently some bars took a long time to serve them. And……….?  Well, that’s about it, really.

So…… we’ve had graffiti, club level flag burning (nothing to do with race), ‘hard looks’ in a bar and - imagine this -  fans making rude noises.  Nonetheless this prompted  Sol Campbell, that renowned anthropologist and authority on Slavic culture, (pictured here with the obligatory blonde sperm bucket) to warn that black players and spectators were likely to ‘come back in coffins’.  I kid you not.  In today’s Independent Dion Fanning, as always impeccably tuned in to the zeitgeist, feared that the tournament would be overshadowed by racism’.  Again, I kid you not.

Now this is insanity of the highest order.

Or is it?

It seems to me that such a monstrous campaign of disinformation cannot have arisen by accident.  The nearest equivalents are the prelude to the Iraq war, the Libyan adventure, and what’s going on now with Iran.  I sincerely hope (I really do) that I’m not slipping into “ the Joos are to blame for everything” paranoia.  But, with their control of the MSM, and the extent of the ‘unfinished business’ between them and the natives of Eastern Europe…..well, I just don’t know.

Suffice to say, what’s going on with this whole racism meme is beyond ridiculous. There’s something behind it. Because sure as hell it's not based on the facts.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A spiffing idea

I’ve just had a spiffing idea. One that will help unite us Europeans around a common ideal. And it’s this: A contest in which every European country enters a song and all other European countries vote to elect a winner.  This concept is loosely based on the Eurovision Song Contest, recently held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Not sure if you saw it, but it was a gripping affair.  Tanzania swept into the lead in the early voting but fell away to be replaced by dark horses Saudi Arabia, featuring a female vocal group clad entirely in black burkas. The remainder of the contest was then a nip and tuck affair as the lead swung wildly between Indonesia and Burkino Fasso. But, in a breathtaking finish, the Democratic Republic of the Congo came from nowhere to finish as Champions of Europe with just one point to spare.

This prompted wild celebrations in Kinshasa which unfortunately spilled out of hand, resulting in at least 3,000 deaths.  This surely gives the organisers some headaches as they plan for next year’s event in that location. And what, you may ask, of North Korea, the runaway pre-contest favourites? They inexplicably finished close to bottom of the poll. Chung Hee Moon, their clearly distraught Culture Minister, admitted that he was grievously disappointed.  But, brightening up, he added ‘everyone associated with the entry has been executed so we believe this will ensure a top-class entry for next year.’

Well, what do you think?  Am I on to something?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Why we struggle with truth

The following wise words show the challenge all of us face in our battle to awaken Whites  to the dangers that face us. 

'Sooner or later, most everyone stumbles over the truth. Unfortunately, most pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing happened.' ~W. J. Hyde

'I find most people do not want TRUTH, they would prefer to feel comfortable. Most people do not want to learn any truth they fear may breach their comfort zone. Truth also tends to compromise their plans and preconceptions but if they ignore it, it may go away. And for the sake of pride, people don't like to admit to themselves that they have been deceived.'

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Queen 'celebrates' her Diamond Jubilee

What were life and society like when the Queen ascended to the throne? Certainly poorer…many staple foods were still rationed.  It was duller, travel and career opportunities were more limited, and institutions like parents, police and the clergy were afforded much deference. To the extent that it was often abused. In those days Britons took great pride in who and what they were and what they had achieved. British manufacturing was world-class, with countless blue chip companies dominating their fields internationally. If you lived on welfare you were deemed a social parasite.
There were levels of trust and social cohesion unimaginable by today's standards. (With the concomitant downsides of hypocrisy and enforced conformity)'We played in the street with our friends and were safe; doors  were left unlocked we climbed trees, skinned our knees and ripped our clothes, got into fights and nobody sued anybody. We got a clip round the ear when we had been naughty, and Mum gave us a teaspoon of malt and cod liver oil before school. People really did look out for each other.’

Football teams were drawn from their support base, and their styles reflected it. Teams from Yorkshire or Lancashire had a dour, hard and unglamorous style, leaving the fancy stuff to the spivs of Chelsea and West Ham. As late as 1967 the Celtic team that won the European Cup all came from within a thirty mile radius of central Glasgow. Even inner city areas like Pekham had the ambience of a village, close knit communities where people knew and looked out for one another.

But the country suffered from a terrible drawback.  As one writer in the New Statesman recently wrote "to put it bluntly, the country was 98% white."  That had to change. And boy, did it change. No need for me to adumbrate the details here, but, apart from a few remote redoubts, little of that Britain remains.  The country has been enriched beyond Enoch Powell’s worst nightmare.

All of which begs the question, could Ma’am, in her capacity as Sovereign, have done anything to stop the rot?  I really don’t know. As a Constitutional Monarch she operated under major constraints. But I do know she could hardly have done less. 

There really isn’t too much to celebrate. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Culturally enriched dining experiences

 If you ever challenge a DWL to adumbrate the benefits of multi-culturalism you’ll usually leave them floundering for something to say…..before it finally dawns on them.  ‘Ah yes, food, that’s it.  Think of the rich variety of lip-smacking goodness the enrichers bring to our tables. Food that has evolved through a complex interaction of environmental, political, and cultural trends.” 

“Yes, that’s it.”

Well here are a few examples of what they have in mind. (Thanks to the commentators to this blog for the valuable links).  In Sweden an associate professor, originally from Iran, and now back there, found out his wife was having an affair.  His solution?  To cut off her lips and eat them. As one does. My informants tell me she’s speechless. For interest, google this story. You’ll find that almost all the MSM outlets neglect to mention the origins of the perp.

Then  there’s  Alexander Kinyua, 21, who told police he had stabbed and dismembered 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie before eating his heart and parts of brain.  As one does. Interestingly,  Kinyua's brother told police he found hands and human head in bins above brother's washing machine. Which raises the question as to whether there was a second victim.  If you get my drift. 

And what about Rudy Eugene, seen here on the left, victim, complete with face, beside him. Rudy's idea of a tasty main course was the face of a homeless drifter on a Miami cycle way. Rudy dined well.  Cops described the face-eating attack ‘one of the goriest  dining experiences crimes we've ever seen.’  However, his mom defended him as “a good kid”  and said he doesn’t deserve to be remembered as a “zombie.” “He gave me a nice card on Mother’s Day”  she told CBS Miami.  No, she didn't add that hardy perennial  'and he was beginning to turn his life around'.

So yes, I’m forced to admit that these were indeed culinary experiences that had evolved through a complex interaction of environmental, political, and cultural trends.” 

And that reminds me.  It’s almost lunchtime.  Must be off!