Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day ruined

A towering performance in the gym had me in buoyant mood on Sunday. I strode along my town's main street with a spring in my step. Until I was stopped dead by the sight of this most spectacularly beautiful woman. Tall, blonde, with a model's walk, she epitomised Nordic beauty. (The image here gives you an idea of what she looked like.....and I'm not exaggerating). Did a double take, then cast a few furtive additional glances backwards as she walked on.

Got to my car and drove back across the town.  To my horror I saw that this vision was now in the company  of a coal black enricher. And worse, far worse, they had two half-breed kids with them. She was carrying the younger one. Then they got into their car - an eight year old Fiat!  So she's not bearing his offspring for the money.

Day ruined. Another blow struck against the White gene pool.

As I brooded on this another thought struck me.  This guy was - I have no other term for it -  ape-like and about up to her shoulder (just like this specimen here). I asked myself the question, where did he get to god-damned nerve to first ask her out and then somehow get her to use her precious womb to spawn his progeny? I'd argue that most well-off good-looking White guys would have to be fortified by drink before plucking up the nerve.

But then, the MSM has so deified blacks that they've come to believe the brainwashing themselves. That they really are cool, good-looking, law-abiding, intelligent.........and great family men. Add in the radiator hose and they're ready to rock.

Boy, those seeking to destroy the White race have done a superb job, haven't they?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

That Opening Ceremony: An alternative

Well, that Opening Ceremony has certainly drawn some stick, hasn't it?

“Jaw droppingly, heart breakingly, eye wateringly humiliating for the poor Brits.” 

And then there was this backward-looking, narrow-minded piece of  HATE spewed by Forbes: "There was no dignified memorializing of the greatness, uniqueness, and courage of Britain’s past. Just writhing self-abasement before the shibboleth of socialized medicine and political correctness".

My goodness.  Well, here's my take. The ceremony failed because it was too backward-looking. It simply did not have enough of the vibrancy deriving from a greater emphasis on the New Britons.  Ok, we did see representations of African coal miners in 19th century Yorkshire, and some dusky maidens frolicking around the medieval May-pole. But that my friends was tokenism, blacks playing the part of Britons, not their own rich and vibrant cultures.

With that in mind I propose the following alternative ceremony.

Opening scene: Medieval music by way of the harp, lute and dulcimer echoes softly through the stadium as pale-skilled blue-eyed girls, comely maidens one and all, circle the Maypole to the sound of innocent laughter. The audience gasp as this idyll is suddenly replaced by loud hip hop, er, music, courtesy of Mr. Dizzee Rascal while a double-decker bus careers into the stadium.

It grinds to a halt in a cloud of dust, whereupon a group of magnificently muscled  African New Britons emerges. Without a hitch they make a bee line for the comely maidens who flee in terror. However they're easily caught by the New Britons who immediately proceed to rape and rob them. The commentator notes approvingly how the scene faithfully represents the authentic culture of modern Britain.

Again the stadium is shaken, this time by a giant explosion of dry ice. As it clears the dim outline of a Social Welfare Office emerges.  At which point the New Britons, pausing only to pick up the maiden's remaining valuables, make a bee line for the building. To thunderous applause they re-emerge within seconds, brandishing their brand new welfare cheques.

But now the mood darkens. Sombre music replaces the hip hop. The audience falls silent. Then a sympathetic murmur begins as a small African boy, bearing a placard behind his back, emerges out of the shadows.  He walks diffidently towards the gathered New Britons.  And then, in a moment of almost unbearable poignancy, he reveals the sign.  It says, simply, 'DAD'.

The poor little mite is looking for his father. Sobbing can be heard from many in the audience. Then the lad gets near enough to enable the New Britons to read the placard. This immediately occasions a frantic stampede as they flee in all directions  

Now I ask you, would this not be better than what we've seen?  Is it not forward-looking and so much more authentic than all this Industrial Revolution stuff?  And that's not all. I have ideas for an honour killing re-enaction, a bomb going off in the Tube (think how exciting that would be) and a fond look back by the last White Man living in Pekham.

And I offer it to the world for free.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Will this madness ever end?

Hot on the heels of the John Terry fiasco comes the banning from the Olympics squad of a Greek athlete.
"Greece's triple jump champion was expelled from the Olympics after posting a tasteless tweet about Africans and the West Nile virus. On Monday, the track athlete posted a tweet reading, “with so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitos will be eating food from their own home.”
The report goes on: "The comments created an uproar on Greek social media."  Well, not according to my friend Alex in Athens. He said that anyone he knows had a good laugh or else shrugged their shoulders. Amazement followed when the ban was announced. She grovelled in the approved manner but needless to say it was in vain.  Just as in the USSR the confession was used as a weapon against her.  Will 'offenders' ever learn the futility of this?
She was banned for, get this, "for statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.”
"Olympic ideals"  What are they? The Olympics is no longer a competition of the best amateur athletes. It's now a competition for testosterone-fuelled drugged out professionals, marinated in a rancid stew of commercialism, cheating, big money, and corruption. A debased exercise virtually without merit, corrupted to its core, from the initial awarding of the location right through to the Closing Ceremony.
Just like with FIFA, the  degenerate poltroons hold onto their jobs and live high on the hog no matter what they do. You won't find them being brought to account for what they rob or defile. But a single white athlete from Greece, telling a joke, well, that's another matter.
Make you want to vomit.
Question is, are normal people going to rise up against this, or will it become part of what we are?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just a thought.....

The Aurora cinema shooting has been jumped on to make yet another case for law-abiding Americans to be deprived of the right to bear arms. 'Guns' have caused this outrage, you see.

But here's another perspective.  Had Colorado not had very restrictive conceal and carry laws it's quite likely that many of the audience would have been packing.  How many shots would the perp have got off before he was gunned down by a law-abiding citizen?

As I say, just a thought. And one you won't see mentioned too much elsewhere.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What gives with Alex Jones?

There’s a non-ending campaign focused on ‘exposing’ Alex Jones as a false friend, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Almost all of it’s based around his being a patsy for Jewish interests, leading Whites off onto false trails, away from the real sources of our problems.  Why, there’s even a website set up for this very purpose, Alex Jones Exposed.

What’s the evidence?
It seems that for a start his wife is Jewish. Well if that makes him an enemy I’m taking my ball and going home. A more serious point is that his advertisers - and his lawyer - are all Jewish. I’ll have to take people’s word for that, but if true it certainly seems a bit odd.

 Then it seems he never mentions Jews in a derogatory sense at all. This is extended, in some critics’ minds, to pointing the finger at everyone except Jews. He seemingly (I haven't seen this) cuts off any listener who brings up the J word and uses ‘Nazi’ as a pejorative of choice.

Here’s a more specific allegation “Alex Jones is part of the well-funded Jewish sponsored 9/11 disinformation industry, the objective of which is to discredit all those who don’t believe in the “official” conspiracy theory, not saleable to a large part of the public. Better to fill up the credibility void with a thousand disparate and conflicting voices, than try to defend the indefensible. This tactic has been extremely successful.”

Any or all of this may be true. But I don’t buy it.  Look, time and again he talks about is “the elite”, “the global elites”, “globalists”, “international bankers”, “global conspiracy”, “the NWO” and the like.  He says that every path leads to the House of Rothschild.  Now I ask you, how more explicit do you expect him to be? It doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to establish a connection here.  And if the listener is too dumb to do so he's probably not worth a damn anyway.

The fact that he doesn’t explicitly mention Jews is, in my opinion, a very practical measure.  If he did he’d immediately be cast into exterior darkness and be labeled a cook and a Nazi.  He’d lose his advertising and become a fringe outlet. Even his radio slot might be closed down. Remember many of the leading White Interest forces take the same approach. American Renaissance and Stuff Black People Don't Like are two that immediately spring to mind. Pat Buchanan treads a very careful line here as well. In fact Jones goes very much closer to identifying the man behind the curtain that do any of them. 

Look, I've heard him go on for two hours berating the “banksters”, the Federal Reserve, the people who move between Wall St. and Government, framing the laws to suit themselves. He even said this Every key person in the Bush administration and now in this next administration just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people, and they’re openly not even US citizens, and they openly are at the head of the table in anti-gun operations in the US, and I’m sick of it.”

Again I ask, how much more explicit does he have to get?  He brings on the likes of Ron Paul and Gerald Celente as guests, and many others who rail away at the same things that we do. He predicted early in the summer of 2001 that the feds were going to pull off a major false flag, and then fasten it on their asset Osama. I heard him myself once refer to the “synagogue of devilry.

So on balance is he doing us harm? No, I don’t believe that he is harming us at all. In fact, I think that he gets people thinking about things that the mainstream media simply refuses to deal with.  He’s reached and awakened an audience that dwarfs anything the rest of us can reach. He’s brought many previously hidden issues to the attention of millions of people who otherwise would have been slumped before their TVs, comatose before the mind-rot beamed out at them.

With enemies like Jones, who needs friends?  I think he’s great, the National Enquirer for White Nationalists!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This is great news

According to a recent poll Americans' confidence in television news is at a new low by one percentage point, with 21% of adults expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in it. This marks a decline from 27% last year and from 46% when Gallup started tracking confidence in television news in 1993. Liberals and moderates lost so much confidence in television news this year -- 11 and 10 points, respectively -- that their views are now more akin to conservatives' views.

Many of the groups that lost confidence in television news also tended to lose confidence in newspapers, though to a lesser degree.

Excellent!  Let them move over to the alternative sources of the blogosphere. There they can make up their own minds on what's true and what's corporate lies.  As Uncle Nasty and many more of you have pointed out, rescuing people from MSM and Hollywood mind-rot is the first vital step. We should therefore see it as a personal objective to undermine people's trust in those liars at every opportunity.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Is Mitt Romney stupid?

No, this is not a rhetorical or leading question. I always assumed he was in fact highly intelligent.  You may not like what he did at Bain but I’m pretty familiar with it, looking at it from a narrow company perspective, he did a superb job in difficult circumstances. But a number of recent actions on his part make me seriously reconsider. 
First, he goes out of his way to goad Russia and declare that country to be America’s greatest threat.  Is this guy for real?  Russia is but a rump USSR (remember Mitt – it collapsed in ruins?) and is busy trying to keep its own very messy house in order. Its armed forces are but a shadow of what they were and with the demise of Communism Russia has no ideological fight with the West anymore.  Why do some American politicians always need a threat?  Silly question of course. So maybe Mitt was just picking a convenient bogey to meet that particular requirement.

But the stupidest thing imaginable has been his pandering and grovelling to the black ‘community’.  He’s repeated all the old bromides, blamed ‘society’ for all the ills of the black ‘communities’, things like low test scores, crime, unemployment, single parenthood.  He talked how black America has ‘suffered’.  And he wants to do something about it!  Why it looks as if Condi Rice might be his VP selection, even though she’s an avowed Obama fan.

Does he not realise that no matter what he does he won’t get more than a miniscule fraction of the black vote? Surely he must know this? And by his pandering he’s turning off large numbers of white Americans who are shit sick of being on the receiving – and paying – end of the whole racist shakedown for decades. They see, one after another, their neighbourhoods revert to jungle status as blacks are flooded into them via Section 8, AA and EBT purchasing power.

They’re tired of fleeing, time after time, further and further out, to escape the black tide. They're sick of seeing their taxes going to pay for the very things making their lives a misery.  There’s a huge constituency out there.  Even in MSM outlets that allow (heavily edited) comments you’ll see that ordinary Whites are seeing through the crap they’ve been sold and are ready to revolt. Romney would have this constituency sown up were he to make some sensible statements about race.  Sure, he’d be branded a cook and a Nazi by most of the MSM, but as I said earlier, readers are increasingly seeing through the lies. These people would flock to his cause.  I have no doubt about it.

Now look at the numbers. Whites outnumber blacks by about four to one, and of those who vote, probably more. We know that only a miniscule proportion of blacks will ever vote against Obama, probably in the region of 250,000.  Even a very conservative estimate of what we might call race realist Whites must put their numbers at five to ten million. Yet Romney goes after the 250k and pisses off the millions of White realists.  Why would he do that?  Maybe he thinks that such Whites will not vote for Obama, no matter what Romney does or says.  And he’s undoubtedly correct.  But the question is, how many of them will not bother to vote for Romney either, giving his pandering, and just say a plague on both of their houses?
I believe it’s a great risk. I'm putting myself mentally in that position, and personally I believe that I'd not bother voting were the choice to lie between Obama and a Romney who would sustain the anti-White environment that now prevails. Not to mention his grovelling to the Neocons and the Israelis (but, as Mark Twain said, I repeat myself).

Is he stupid?  Or has he a deeper and more cunning plan that I can’t figure out?

Friday, 13 July 2012

There 'must' be a new Swedish identity

By any yardstick Sweden has been the most advanced nation in the world over the last 100 years. Virtual elimination of poverty, cradle to grave welfare for all its citizens, one of the highest per capita incomes, among the world's lowest levels of crime and corruption, the development of a whole range of world-beating enterprises and iconic brands, major scientific, sports and arts accomplishments....all in a nation of eight million people. No wonder it  has consistently been near the top of the Human Development Index since its inception.

You'd imagine then that its citizens wouldn't exactly be clamouring for radical change.  But apparently it's urgently needed, according to Liberal Party MP Jasenko Selimovic.  It seems Sweden must 'forge a new national identity' to reflect the vibrant and diverse society it has now become. Now let's think of a really diverse and vibrant country as an example. What about Bosnia?  That's got a heady mix of ethnicities and religions. And they've been slaughtering one another for centuries, right up to the nineties which witnessed the Srebrenica massacre.  Only the presence of a large multi-national force prevents them from flying at one anothers' throats to this very day. Go through the list of Swedish accomplishments at the beginning. Bosnia is at the opposite end of each and every one of them.

Now, by happy coincidence, Mr. Selimovic is also from Bosnia, so it's fair to say he can speak with some authority on national identities. And not just Bosnia. Selimovic also refers to Somalis, Nigerians and Afghans who 'don't consider themselves Swedish' (imagine that!) and that they won't be 'successfully integrated' unless this new national identity is formed.  We are given to assume then that Sweden could do with becoming a bit more like Bosnia, leavened with further enrichment from Somalia, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Fucking wonderful idea, Jasenko.  How did you ever come up with that?

The crazy thing though is that this is exactly what's going to happen. Doubtless Alan Shatter, Anetta Kahane and Barbara Lerner Specter will strongly approve.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An observation on the history of anti-Semitism

Over the last few weeks I've been doing major research into the history of anti-Semitism.  What a fascinating journey.  If some of you wondered how comments were being moderated at 5 this morning.....well, I just couldn't stop going from one lead to the next. I've learned what everyone from Bismark to Woodrow Wilson to Voltaire to Churchill, to JFK, to Tacitus (and a host of other Roman historians) had to say.  Even the views of Mohammed himself!  And of course the massive resources of Jewish-produced material.

Totally fascinating.  Not very impressively on my part, I found myself oscillating from philo-Semitism to anti-Semitism depending on the material.

I'll just make one observation at this point and it's on something that absolutely jumped out at me. It's this. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did I encounter any acceptance on the part of Jewish sources that Jewish behaviour might have contributed in any meaningful sense to the problems they encountered. (And folks, they did encounter endless problems, no arguing with that). But in every case it appears that the Christians, Muslims, Nazis.......Stalin when he turned on them, in every case the opposition was irrational, based on falsehoods and caricatures and hence totally unjustified.  Essentially anti-Semitism has been, and continues to be, driven by Christian antipathy towards those guilty of deicide, and/or envy at Jewish accomplishments.

Let there be no doubt that those two factors were powerful motivators throughout history.  But come on...there has never been a dispute in the history of man where one side was totally right, the other totally wrong.

Now I discern a larger - much larger - problem with this.  You see, if you believe that your behaviour is perfectly reasonable and acceptable, if you're impervious to the real impact on and the perceptions of others, well, it seems to me you're heading for a fall at some point. I believe that in fact there are many signs of this at present.

My bones tell me that this is not going to end well. (More anon).

Monday, 9 July 2012

A sign of the times

This tells us so much about today's America - and indeed the West in general.  In case you have difficulty in reading it, the sign on a Houston ‘ethnic restaurant’  says "We will be closed on Friday, September 11, 2009 to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali"

Not exactly sensitive to American feelings, is it?  Doesn't reflect how American Muslims are 'so proud to be Americans', does it?  And for good measure the message is repeated underneath in Spanish.

Well, look on the bright side: At least the Spanish version didn't come first.

Friday, 6 July 2012

More black mollycoddling?

I watch with mounting dismay the seemingly inexorable progress of Serena Williams at Wimbledon, as this amazon blows away one winsome European blonde after another. I'm conscious of nothing  other than her gigantic arse (visible from outer space, surely?) swathed in garishly-hued under-garments as she flails about the court with all the grace of a hippo on roller skates.

But there's another thing I've noticed: She's getting away with murder when it comes to foot faults. No question about it, and this at least partially explains her thunderbolt serves of 120 mph - a speed no other 'lady' can touch - and which in reality is carrying her through the whole tournament.

Now why should this be?  Well, some of you might remember her spectacular chimpout at the US Open a few years back, which lead to court officials fleeing in terror.  The occasion that time was also the call of a foot fault. So is this the Religion Of Peace scenario again?  Namely, piss us off and we won't be responsible for the ensuing violence. Net result, appeasement at any cost.

Or is it yet another example of avoiding the racis' tag?  After all, Croat Ivo Karlovic was foot-faulted no fewer than eleven times in his match against Murray.

Let's just say I have my suspicions.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Guns are lethal

I could never understand the view that ‘guns cause crime’.  My simplistic take was  - until a shocking event today - that criminals use guns to further their evil objectives. The reason for my volte face was quite simple. Strolling through the armoury of Chateau Savant today I noticed that a number of guns were missing. These included a Mauser M98 hunting rifle,  a Smith & Wesson Model 86 (with 6 inch barrel) and an ancient WWI Lee Enfield 303.

I rushed to the window and what I saw made me freeze in my tracks.  The three guns were sprinting  (well, the old .303 was just wheezing along, to be honest) down the driveway towards the public road. I immediately set off in pursuit but by the time I got to the gate all three were blazing away at unwary the cars and pedestrians passing by.  It was only with great difficulty that I managed to subdue them.

I subsequently learned that in some areas of town the guns have all but taken over.  They’re robbing banks, liquor stores and randomly letting rip at totally innocent humans. In fact the police warned that a particularly viscious .38 caliber handgun is chief suspect in a random murder just down the road. They describe the weapon as possibly a Remington or a Colt firearm. There’s clearly a number of disturbed and dangerous guns in circulation. I’ll be on the lookout in future, that’s for sure.
Some smart-asses used to say that blaming guns for murder is like blaming your pencil when you misspell a word. Or blaming cameras, not pedophiles, for child porn.
.Well, let my experience be a warning.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Racist dog bites manhood

It will come as no surprise to you that I don’t buy into the many virtues attributed to cultural enrichers by the guardians of our moral ecosystem.  With the exception of one: Vibrant. This is defined as  “pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity, vigorous, lively”.  Now anyone of you who’s seen a Nigerian sprinting to the Welfare Office, Muslims attacking a Christian procession, or gypsies fleeing the scene of a robbery will acknowledge that such enrichers are indeed ‘vibrant’, as defined above.

And so it was with Kristoff Alauya. This splendid chap, a ‘refugee’ from Nigeria, has hardly let up since he first came to Ireland in 2003.  No sooner had he landed in Ireland then he set off on a non-stop spree of rape, sexual assault, robbery, murder and necrophilia.  I don’t know where he got the time to pick up his welfare cheques, he was such a busy boy.
Here’s a report from the Sunday Worst which richly describes Kristoff,  presumably pulsing and throbbing with energy and activity, in a vigorous, lively way, on his form with a mud shark who invited him back to her house: “The young mum was stabbed, strangled and raped in her home by Alauya in the Belfast suburb of Suffolk in November 2006 after she invited him back after meeting him in a Belfast night spot.”  
What girls will do for a length of radiator hose.
The then 23-year-old sicko went on to have sex with her lifeless body as she lay, blood-soaked, on the kitchen floor. He then stole items of property before coolly hailing a cab and making his way to a nearby all-night garage where he purchased a burger to eat. The killer, who stands at over 6'5", is wanted in connection with a series of rapes in the Republic. Despite getting a 22-year prison sentence, Alauya made jail boasts that he would be free soon.”

Yeah, just say dat be racis’ and all will be forgiven.

But there’s a happy ending. While in jail he displayed more vibrancy by kicking a German Shepherd patrol dog in the head.  The dog, with his own commendable brand of vibrancy, proceeded to bite off part of the enricher’s dick. Oh happy days.  The enricher, howling like a banshee, has been whipped off to hospital in agony. The dog is undergoing tests for blood poisoning.

Thanks to the commentators who brought this incident to my attention. I missed it because  apparently the only MSM exposure of this happy event has been on the Worst.  Good gate keeping, Thought Police.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Obamacare SCOTUS 'victory'

Many of you have asked for my views on the Obamacare Supreme Court ruling.  Well, I have a simplistic approach. Essentially I'm pleased.  Why? Because it means a massive transfer of taxpayer (read White) funds to blacks and Hispanics. It will also, given that illegals are now to get free treatment, lead to a massive increase in their numbers.

Now why should that please me? Because it will speed up the awakening of Whites. It will put the economic catastrophe on steroids and thereby hit the comatose, stupefied, NFA-obsessed White Joe Sixpack with such a financial bang that he'll just have to respond. It will speed up their Awakening.  Ok, it's bad - in the short term - for ordinary Whites.  But in the medium term it's all for the good.