Friday, 31 August 2012

What must be done?

Most people on this blog would suggest that blacks and Muslims and the whole mass immigrations/ miscegenation agenda are symptoms of the problem, with Uberjuden/NWO types the cause. I don’t really agree with this. The real cause is White collective weakness, laziness and inattention. The good news is that we can change that. Remember we’re telling and trying to expose the truth. Our opponents’ arguments are based on a mass of grotesque lies that will shrivel if exposed to the light.  Once exposed their power will crumble.

Ok, so here are my thoughts, most of them based on the great input from you guys over the last few weeks.

(1) Know who you’re interacting with, be it one-to-one or one to many. Tailor the messages accordingly. For example with women discuss the brutal way Muslims and blacks treat women.  For a ‘liberal’ audience refer to the negative environmental impact of  mass immigration on western countries.  Blue collar workers should be shown how Third World immigration results in fewer jobs for them…and at lower wages. And so on.  Don't look for enemies, look for friends. Don't needlessly antagonise groups likes feminists (much and all as they may annoy us) but try to show them how, for example, Muslims would treat them had they the power to do so.

(2) Have pre-defined answers to obvious questions. Don’t let yourself struggle to explain. Make them short and to the point and ideally with some humour thrown in. Nick Griffin, on his BBC appearance, catastrophically neglected this requirement.  He seemed to be thrown by questions that were totally predictable. Most of them are, in fact so there’s no excuse.

(3) Be unapologetic about Whiteness. “Why are you so anti-white?” should be the de facto response when any ‘liberal’ platitude is thrown out.  ‘Why do you HATE your own people so much?’  ‘Would you ever hear a black or a Muslim saying something like that about his own?’  This immediately puts them on the back foot and their reaction is a treat to see. Note, just like our opponents this doesn’t have to reflect a real ‘hate’ symptom on their part. No, it’s just a case of using their own weapons against them.

(4) Do NOT apologise or recant for 'racism'.  This gets you nowhere. We all know this, or should know it. It's been demonstrated time and again. The taste of blood only whets their appetite.

(5) Don’t try to ‘boil the ocean’. If the whole truth were told in one comprehensive utterance, no one would believe it.  It’s so gross that it’d be too much to take in in one go. After decades of brainwashing people will be brought around only gradually.  Let them see the obvious truth in something you say, e.g. black murder rate six times higher than that of Whites.  Or, my favourite, ask them to check for themselves how often blacks are shoehorned into ads and films, and how they’re always portrayed in glowing -  and totally unrealistic – terms. I’ve got A LOT of converts or semi-converts that way.

(6) Avoid all Nazi paraphernalia, especially the swastika. Even if you feel the need to defend some elements of NS it’s a total and possibly permanent turnoff for 95% of people, hence utterly counter-productive. Demonstrating the lies associated with so much of the Holocaust (especially the gas chambers) can be highly productive in opening people’s eyes to the monstrous lies they’ve been sold, but can easily rebound. Needs to be very carefully  handled. Similarly avoid involvement with right-wing or nationalistic paramilitary-style outfits. If for no other reason than the fact that one in four members will be informers!

(7) Focus on what you’re good at.  Some make very good radio interviewees, other better at TV.  Other don’t make good interviewees at all but excel in written propaganda. Still others will be most effective at the street level, organising demonstrations etc. We all have a role to play, it’s a matter of finding where our particular strengths lie.

(8) Never pass up an opportunity to identify anti-White double standards. God knows, there’s no shortage of material.  And the comment can be simple: E.g. ‘Can you imagine if a White guy said that? Why the hell should Whites always be the ones afraid to speak?’  Repeated frequently it’ll get dormant minds thinking.

(9) Publicly boycott and protest: Where companies use blacks in their advertising write or call to tell them you’ll never buy their products as long as this continues  and that you’ll be canvassing all your friends as well. Insist that whoever you communicate with passes it along to the relevant higher authority. Several subscribers to this blog did this with Allstate Insurance after I had drawn attention to it.

Boycott Hollywood movies. I’ve done it and I now don’t even think of them. Same with newspapers – amazing how I get by without my previously de rigueur copy of the Irish Times.  And same with the likes of BBC ‘News’, CNN, Fox etc. If you must take them as part of a package get your news from alternative outlets such as RT. They’ll be biased too but the main point is to hit the viewer figures of the traitorous MSM outlets.

(10) Co-ordination. We should all try to link in a proactive way with others of a like mind, be this by way of blogs, creating a ‘newspaper’ as suggested by Lemmyhead, trying to allay the suicidal in-fighting between WN groups or whatever. This is one of our biggest weaknesses and is thus potentially  one of the most rewarding areas of focus.

(11) Graffiti.  This has got a lot of exposure on the blog and it’s a great idea. Message needs to be short and focused. Done in lots of locations on a single night. Then weeks later another batch, maybe different locations.  Many can be continuous, such as in public toilets. Simple messages, such as ‘anti-racism is code for anti-White’.  Or pointing out that government’s own statistics show a black man is 110 times more likely to rape a White woman that a White to rape a black.

(12) Unconventional action.  Needless to say nobody here countenances any illegal activity. Still, as Uncle Nasty has shown, there are some things that can frustrate the bureaucrats and grind down the system. And as another comment told us on this blog, a hot Calor gas bottle can close the surrounding area for up to three days because of health and safety regulations.

(13) Educate yourself. There are plenty of books and websites out there on political action and agitprop. You can find works by various radical and government organizations on agitprop, PSYOP, civil disobedience and information warfare in bookstores, online and the library. Read up and use the proven tactics. A friend recently signed up for a course in media and communications at a local junior college in order to obtain skills on those fronts. The training is there--use it!

(14) Give people something practical to do. This can be writing a letter, joining an advocacy group, switching your political party, showing up at a demonstration, boycotting the opposition, dumping their television, going to the rifle range, whatever. You can get people riled up about the atrocities being committed by the other side, but unless you translate that into practical action, people will only become demoralized. 

(15)  Support an obvious fallacy (courtesy of Keiser).  The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments. Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191, It's fun and as follows:

So what you do is you pick a fallacy that is so blatantly a lie that it actually leads to self destruction and you endorse it vigorously while simultaneously acknowledging the ill effects. For example: You say "Yes of course we should give school places to immigrants even if that means Irish children are denied their places"

This leads to utter confusion on the part of the PeeCee pundit as you are not disagreeing with them (they thrive on that) but at the same time their argument is debased right before their eyes... and they do notice. I've had fun with it. Play around with it, see if it works on a feminist or two then move on to big game like immigration enthusiasts.

So  that’s my summary.  Feel free to comment and we might come up with a whole new WN Manifesto!  The situation might look hopeless at times but remember we have truth and right on our side and success will follow if we can just wake up the sleeping White race. Remember too that if this battle is to be won it will be won in the trenches, not in the clouds.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

An ebonic Katrina

The Katrina anniversary again.  My, how time flies.  Did you know that some time back Representative Sheila Jackson Lee complained that the names of  hurricanes were 'too white sounding'?  As every black complaint is immediately addressed in Black Run America I can now envisage the following forecast next time out.

"Wazzup, mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be head' in' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo'! So, turn off dem chitlins, grab yo' chirrens, leave yo crib, and head fo' de nearest FEMA office fo yo FREE sheet!  Noam sane?"

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Are we beaten? Update

At last I've collated the various suggestions as to What Needs To Be Done. I suggest here that at root the issue is a Jewish one. In support I quote Dr. Oscar Levy, a renowned Jewish intellectual in correspondence with George Pitt-Rivers, an Oxford historian. "For the question of the Jews and their influence on the world past and present, cuts to the root of all things, and should be discussed by every honest thinker, however bristling with difficulties it is, however complex the subject as well as the individuals of this Race may be."  

I agree with this and it follows that this should be the focus of our efforts. I strongly made the point in that post that Jews represent extraordinarily formidable adversaries. This in turn leads me back to a point I made in the earlier post, specifically in relations to Henry Ford and his series of articles in the Dearborn Independent which were subsequently published in book form as The International Jew.  Even back  then Ford felt that their cover had been blown, as it were, and that the general public was about to put them back in their place.

Here are just a few examples:

"Not only is there a growing protest against the Judaization of our few great orchestras, but there is a strong reaction from the racial collusion which fills the popular [entertainment] platforms with Jewish artists to the exclusion of all others." 

"The Jewish Question continues to mount the scale of public opinion, attracting ever a higher type of mind to the discussion of its significance."

"The surprising fact is that, although these matters [various Jewish scams and machinations] are written in official documents, and although the same matters have been written into the record of every similar investigation which has been made [nothing ever gets done]"

Now as I say, this was ninety years ago, written by one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world, at a time when Jewish numbers and influence in the USA were far lower than they are now. Yet even when their role in leading America into WWI and the massive profits they made from that war had been revealed, within little more than a decade they were up to exactly the same tricks with Roosevelt  -  and with spectacular success. Now remember also that a cataclysmic event, the Great Recession, had also occurred in the interim.

So I ask, why should we expect success now?  I'm not advocating surrender or defeatism, rather a sensible and practical recognition of what we're up against. As proof I offer this final observation by Ford: "But a strange fatality seems to follow all forms of Jewish supremacy. Just as the capstone is ready to be placed upon the edifice of Jewish triumphs, something occurs and the structure shrinks. It occurs so often in Jewish history that the Jews themselves have been exercised to find an explanation".

Could we be approaching such a time again?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Industrial relations practice in the Rainbow Nation

Most of us have been critical of the Rainbow Nation on just about every count. It's well on its way to becoming, well, African.    When a mob of blood-crazed savages, armed to the teeth, descends on the, ahem, forces of law and order, Africa has only one solution. And it's an area, in fact the only area, where the West can learn from the Dark Continent.

Yes, when things looked dodgy the cops applied an African Solution To An African Problem.  They opened up on the mob with lethal weapons. And then they opened up some more. Scores killed, but the measures  dramatically calmed things down and now it seems work will shortly be resumed.

Mind you, it didn't have to be like this. Chicken wings and a sack of shiney washers thrown into the crowd could have defused this ugly situation.  

Sunday, 19 August 2012

General knowledge test

(1) What would be the reaction from the MSM were a British punk band to invade a mosque, defile it with obscene lyrics and insult the 'prophet' in the most scatological terms imaginable?

a) Stoutly leap to their defence in the interest of free speech and expression
b) Call for their arrest and imprisonment for such 'offensive' behaviour

(2)What would be the reaction from the MSM were an American neo-Nazi heavy metal band to invade a synagogue, ridicule the Jewish religion and make jokes about the Holocaust?

a) Stoutly leap to their defence in the interest of free speech and expression
b) Call for their arrest and imprisonment for such vile offensive behaviour

(3)What would be the reaction from the MSM were an obscure Russian 'pop group' to invade an Orthodox Cathedral where they defile and mock the alter, the Orthodox faith, Jesus, and the Russian President.

a) Totally ignore it as who gives a damn about an obscure Russian group in a far-away church
b) Stoutly leap to their defence in the interest of free speech and expression
b) Explode into frothing indignation and provide 24x7 coverage of calls for their arrest and imprisonment for such a vile offence

You can obviously see where I'm headed here. Have you ever come across anything like the reaction of the MSM to the Pussy Riot incident?  You know the MSM that warmly applauded the jailing of the 'tram lady' and the young student for the 'offence' they caused with their 'racist' comments. The MSM that walks in dread of saying anything that might offend the Religion of Peace. The same MSM now wallowing in paroxysms of rage and indignation at the jailing of these degenerate sluts from Pussy Riot.

Yes, they are degenerate sluts, not brave 'anti-establishment rockers' as Madonna, that pox-ridden clapped out old hag, refers to them. For a start they have never made any recordings as far as I can see. What they have done is to have a full penetrative sex orgy in public, and in front of onlooking children, and stuffing a frozen chicken  up one of their vaginas' (don't ask me how) again in full public view, as well as a whole host of similar such artistic accomplishments. One more disgusting than the next.

Such is the focus of the West's indignation.  Needless to say it's not what it seems. It's quite obviously part of the Anti-Russian and anti-Putin agenda being pursued for some time in powerful quarters. (Romney: 'Russia is our greatest strategic threat'. Yeah, right). But who specifically is pulling the strings?  Well, as you know, I've gone from seeing Jews as 'the light unto the nations' to being the men behind the curtain, manipulating White ethnic destruction at every opportunity. Maybe I am becoming paranoid  But a little probing indeed reveals some interesting facts.

Oleg, a Russian friend of long standing tells me that the group's manager is Jewish. Mmmm......And Oksana Chelysheva - board member of the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum and a steering committee member of the NED, convicted criminal George Soros Open Society-funded FIDH, Open Society, Ford Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust-funded Front Line Defenders, and US State Department-run Amnesty International-affiliated EU-Russia Civil Society Forum - all the usual suspects, in fact - is heading Pussy Riot's support campaign. Which is more interested in damning Russia and Putin than in anyting that really helps the group.  In fact there's no doubt that their so-called supporters would welcome a really harsh'd play nicely into the narrative of the monstrous Putin and the dictatorial undemocratic nature of Russia.

It's pretty clear that America is working to destabilise and delegitimise Russia and its leadership by way of NGOs such as those referred to above, and many others, such as the so-called 'independent' election monitors. Who, needless to say, came up with the required verdict that the recent elections were not genuine.  And of course there's a long and deep antipathy between Jews and Russian Orthodoxy.

Why has Russia incurred such animus?  If anything the Russians themselves should be the resentful ones. That unfortunate people had tens of millions killed under Communism and, post-Communism, their industrial and mineral wealth looted, the country bled dry by western 'experts' like Larry Summers and the Jewish oligarchs who fled to the West (mostly Israel) with their ill-gotten gains once the coast was clear. The sacred agreement that NATO would not advance beyond existing 1991 borders was broken almost as soon as the ink was dry, yet another example of western bad faith.

Why has Russia incurred such animus? Is it because, as many readers here suggest, that country and its people will in fact represent the last stand of White ethnicity? I don't know the answer to that.  What I do know is that they must be doing something right if they're attracting such attention from those reprobates now attacking them.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Are we beaten? Seriously

There's been some great input and ideas in recent threads as to how White Nationalists can fight back and hopefully avoid our destruction. A load of practical, well thought-out measures, and I intend to collate it all and present in a separate post shortly.  But here I raise again the question I did a week or two ago:  Is it too late?

“Just a few decades ago whites were a confident race, proud of their achievements, convinced of their fitness to dominate the globe. Today they are a declining, apologetic people, ashamed of their history and not sure even of their claim to lands they have occupied for centuries. It is very rare for fundamental concepts to be stood on their heads in the course of just a generation or two, as has happened with thinking about race. Such speed suggests there has been something more than natural change.”

Whites have been browbeaten into seeing  'Whiteness’ as inherently wicked. To give you one example, my daughter-in-law mentioned to her friends that she was looking forward to having a lovely blonde baby (both she and my son are blonde/fair).  She was severely castigated by them for her ‘racism’.  Isn't it some achievement when hoping to have kids like yourselves can seem to be unnatural. Any ethnic group who can get another ethnic group to think like that must be almost unstoppable.

A professor friend at a leading American University tells me that Jewish faculty and admin staff now openly admit that they want to minimise the White presence at  the institution. The point is, they’re openly saying this. That’s the level of confidence. It’s some achievement to get the majority ethnic group, the one that created the very institutions from which you’re now driving them, to accept their expulsion and disempowerment almost without demur. Any people who can get another people to think like that must be almost unstoppable.

Quite simply, Jews have succeeded – spectacularly -  in getting Whites to accept their Narrative. That, to my mind, was never the case in the past, when Jews were routinely judged by facts on the ground, aided by the Christ-killer meme. Today they’re almost impervious to criticism (‘don’t hit me with the Holocaust in my arms’).

It’s a truly awesome accomplishment.  They’ve fully capitalised on all their own strengths – and all of White weaknesses. They’ve bamboozled us into being literally our own worst enemies. Again, it’s an awesome accomplishment.  And this brings me to the painful question that’s the basis of this post (and it’s not a rhetorical question): Should we just acknowledge that a superior race has bested us, and will continue to best us, in the same way that Whites will always best Blacks? Jews have significantly higher IQ levels than do we, and they ally that to a level of cohesion, tenacity and ethnic ruthlessness that Whites don’t even come close to matching. Should we just accept it and make the best of it?

You see, 95% of the public exist in the Matrix.  And here’s the big problem. There’s no simple, easy or cheap way to even make them aware that they are in the Matrix. The political system, courts, conventional media are all totally inaccessible to us. And to fully understand the magnitude of the damage done takes many hours of study and research. How many of the stupefied brain-dead zombies will give up their MSM-based prolefeed for that?

Each nation, Rosenzweig argued, knows, even if unconsciously, that some day other peoples will occupy their lands, and their language and culture will be interred in dusty books. Who now remembers the Lusitani, the Illyrians, the Sicani, the Quadians, Sarmatians, Alans, Gepidians, Herulians? Yet the Jews have existed for well over 3,000 years, and Hebrew is the only language West of the Indus that is spoken today more or less as it was spoken 3,000 years ago. A nation of slaves. And yes, they have come back to Israel.  It’s almost enough to make you believe in the Bible! And is it the Bible that says the Devil’s greatest achievement is to convince people that he doesn’t exist?  I go along with that - whoever said it - because it reflects the essence of our problem.

I acknowledge I'm in gloomy form tonight.  Help me feel a bit more optimistic. As Gerry Rafferty sang, "when you wake up it's a new morning, sun is shining, it's a new dawning".

Help me, Bono.......

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Black Protestants

Being, as am I, a rapt admirer of the British (make that English, I suppose) people, Lady Savant has been keenly following and recording the BBC historical series The Great British Story.  Last evening she was taking in the episode on the Reformation, a weighty and profound subject, you will agree.

As I passed through her bower I threw out, with my legendary wit, 'this being the Beeb, I suppose you'll now learn about the vital role of Africans in Reformation England'.  How we laughed. But on returning some time later said she 'many a true word spoken in jest'. And she rewound the recording and replayed a sizeable segment of, yes, Africans in Reformation England.  I kid you not.

We learned that Africans have been present in large numbers in England from the time of Henry VIII and even before. And no, not just as welfare spongers or the hewers of wood and drawers of water. No, it seems these highly regarded Africans were tradesmen (did they have heroin back then?) and undertook a variety of 'specialist' tasks. (No, I won't go there). Special mention was made of the fact that they intermarried with the native English.   Cut to the present day (remember, this is a programme about the Reformation) and we get an interview with a black guy who tells the beaming interviewer that, given these facts, he's just as English as anyone else.

So there we have it. Folks, we've been wrong all the time. England has always been multi-cultural, miscegenation has been taking place for hundreds of years and it's only recently that the negative attitudes to blacks have evolved.

The BBC adds another unit to the carefully constructed Potemkin Village of black woderfulness. As Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A master criminal stalks Limerick

Limerick proudly holds the title of Ireland’s Crime Capital, and wears the appellation Stab City as a badge of pride.  (I've written affectionately about that fair city a number of times, for example here.) Why even back in the days when I played rugby the Young Munster grounds were know as The Killing Fields. With good reason.  Naturally enough, Limerick folk have over time become acclimatised to the criminals in their midst and take it all in their  stride.

Until now.

You see, a new and terrible master criminal stalks the city streets. Police leave has been cancelled, sirens wail day and night, while ordinary citizens cower in their homes as the fearsome felon remains on the loose. Experts flown in from Dublin pore over CCTV footage in a desperate attempt the identify the villain in time while grim faced officers explore ever possible nook and cranny. ‘We’re taking this very  seriously’ claimed Chief Inspector Matt Black, ‘and no resources are being spared in our attempts to apprehend the suspect’.
And what villainy has the ‘suspect’ been up to?  Well, those of you with a delicate temperament should read no further.  But if you’re made of sterner stuff……well, here it is. He threw a banana onto the pitch while Limerick were playing Manchester City in friendly.  Now I know, you can slip on a banana, but all the same…..

Nobody claimed it was aimed at any particular target, and in fact nobody seemed to notice it at all at the time. It came to light only because Gael Clichy tweeted “How sad to see ‘bananas thrown on the pitch’ tonight... Knowing people around the world need food. #nowordsforthis.”   Fair enough Gael. But just like this instance and this, the very fact of it’s happening was enough to activate the hive of ‘liberal’ fanatics who tend our moral micro-climate.  And now the chase is on.

Stay clear of Limerick until the perp is apprehended and gets his just desserts.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Should Whites just pack up?

A consistent theme going through the comments section of recent posts is the possibility that Whites have in effect been 'beaten'  - in effect by Jewish power - and that the situation is irrecoverable.  This made me think quite a bit and I'll write a post on it within a couple of days.  Meanwhile a commentator named Porter has made an excellent contribution and I reprint it here in full.

"I don’t know that my prognosis is necessarily an optimistic one; only that the current racial contract is being discarded by both parties. For a couple of generations we’ve been in the midst of a “collegial genocide” as I conceptualize it. In this jews, and other non-whites, tacitly agree to eradicate us with minimal discomfort and anxiety while we agree to not contest the program.

In exchange for being allowed to perish peacefully, whites have been provided with the extraordinary sensory delights of all the bread and circuses modernity can provide. While treasonous white elites enjoy women, prestige, and sinecures in exchange for their roles as program lubricants, their counterparts in the hoi polloi are rendered pleasantly insensate by sports, entertainment, porn, and political theater. Whether they lead, follow, or get out of the way, the requirement for all whites is to reject their natural group solidarity —refusal would shatter the bargain and lead to hostilities. As from the movie: we aren’t asked to fight, but only to kneel.

But the grand bargain is beginning to unravel. Our enemies are being driven to frenzy by the smell of our blood. And the whites, who were assured a pampered retirement and serene demise, are becoming startled. Some white frogs are starting to jump from the pot.

Our enemies will respond to this contractual breach by pushing firmer forms of enforcement. The smile is going to fade; the mask is going to drop. If the frogs won’t simmer docilely, then they’ll be held down and boiled. The offer of a painless death is being withdrawn.

This will, of course, lead to ever more frantic efforts by whites to escape. Perhaps even some cohort will decide that they reject the bargain wholesale and want instead a future for their children. They can have it. It is there for the taking. But they’ll have to fight instead of kneel."

Friday, 3 August 2012

Freakin' priceless!

I seem to be in a whimsical mood today. Check this out. This is totally f*cking priceless.  NBC ignored one of the great lessons of broadcasting: Always check the ad that follows the last news item. This one on Olympic aspirations totally cracked me up.


I'm saying nothing.......