Friday, 28 September 2012

Norway: News from the asylum

My friend Arne keeps me up to date with developments from the lunatic asylum that Norway has become.

He tells me that the Government has appointed Hadia Tajik, a Pakistani woman, as Minister for Culture. Get that, a Pakistani as a Norwegian Minister of Culture.  Meanwhile another Pakistani Minister, this one based in Pakistan (where, in a non-insane world Miss Tajik would now be walking ten paces behind her husband) offer $100,000 to anyone who kills a US film maker who offended him.  Any prizes for guessing the kind of 'culture' Minister Tajik will propagate?

Meanwhile the Army has allowed its members to wear religious headgear. Including the hijab.  You heard that right. First they allow Muslims into their military (have they any bases called Fort Hood?), then they allow them to dress in any manner they choose. Arne has managed to smuggle out a top secret picture of one of their crack commando units, the Kommandoenhet. Note: This image is highly confidential - please handle with discretion!

Then there's Liberal Party politician Abid Raja, who 'has worked with many immigrants in Norway and has seen that there is a great demand for halal food among Muslims who sit in Norwegian prisons.' Indeed. Raja's idea, and let's be honest, there's a kind of crazed logic here, is that Norway's prisons should go 100% halal food (apparently it's not feasible to mix halal with kuffar food in the kitchens).  You see, though comprising (for now anyway) just 5% of the country's population, Muslims make up nearly half of Norway's prisoners. I'll bet you're amazed to learn that. 

It seems that when he's not busy looking after Muslim criminals (at public expense) Abid trousers additional kroner through his post as Leader of the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board, and also acts as Police Prosecutor at the National Police Immigration Service.  Where I'm absolutely certain he investigates and prosecutes everyone, Muslim and kuffar alike, with total even-handedness. In the finest traditions of  Pakistani justice.  Yes. 

Got to admit it, the Norwegians are doing a superb job with their inheritance. 

 Ragnarok, anyone???

Monday, 24 September 2012

A cri de coeur

This might sound like I’m taking the piss, but I’m not.  I’m serious when I tell you that many a night I lie awake, asking myself how I could have missed the elephant in the room virtually all my life. Look, I’m a technology PhD, have post-Doctoral awards, been a Professor in several universities, started my own technology research company and sold it on to the world’s leader in the field. I’ve worked in every corner of the globe, have written best-selling (technology) books and papers, and have read voraciously all my life. The shelves of Chateau Savant groan under the weight of the collective tomes and journals, all of which I’ve read because I can speed read at five times the pace of ‘normal’ people.  If you want to know the number of tanks in the Battle of Kursk, or some finer points of Balkan history, I’m your man.  I’ve a very enquiring mind and regard the prevailing orthodoxies the way a bull (allegedly) regards a red rag.

Why am telling you all this? I’m telling you because, despite all of the foregoing, I totally failed to get a grasp of the real picture, at least up until a few years ago.  Said picture being the extent of International Jewish influence on all that’s going on, and has been going on for God knows how long.  And that changes everything. Just about every interpretation and explanation that I had always accepted has to be reappraised and re-evaluated. My understanding of how the world works has been undone. Now for a guy who went through what I went through that’s a very hard blow to my self-esteem.

Lady Savant, who’s  not at all pleased with the direction my efforts are leading me, has pointed out that, given I was totally wrong all my life maybe I should evince a bit less certainty now.  A cruel jibe to be sure, but one that’s valid.  Unfortunately.  Again, how could I have missed it?  And I’d say, were it not for Uncle Nasty, kulak, Rhein and a few more, who put me onto some interesting material, I’d still be residing comfortably in the innards of the Matrix. Outside the Matrix isn’t a comfortable place to be in many ways, but by God it’s challenging. Not a day goes by that I don’t see another explanation fall into place, now that I know the drivers.

And by the way, and this will bring down shrieks of outrage from some quarters, but most of my Jewish acquaintances don’t  know the real story either. Some do, I sense, but most don’t. And here’s what I wrote just a little over four years ago. (The comments are interesting as well).

Friday, 21 September 2012

A Day Of Love. Islam style.

I seldom laugh these days, nary a smile plays on my rugged features as I contemplate civilisational doom. But watching the TV news today made me  dissolve into gales of laughter.  I refer to the Religion Of Peace and,  in Pakistan, their 'Day Of Love For The Prophet Mohammed'  (I'm not joking). This was a form of tough love in that nearly twenty of their own Prophet-loving people, including three policemen, were killed.   So far.

But what cracked me up was the way they showed their love.  Bearded fanatic whirling like a dervish, wielding a 4x2" plank and laying into every and any Prophet-lover within reach. A well-dressed lunatic jumping, two feet at a time at the side of a car, trying to smash in the windows. And landing on his arse before picking himself up and repeating the procedure. Then there's the guy who acquired a long pole and, at great personal risk, sought to smash in the headlights of a car. A car which was already ablaze from stem to stern. He carefully poked and prodded, shielding himself from the flames as well as he could, while he earnestly went about his allotted task.

In every gesture, dignity and love, sayeth Milton.  I'd love to know what he'd have thought of these people. These people, who now swarm all over western lands, and who are so different to us that there will eventually have to be a day of reckoning. Because co-existence is not possible once comparative numbers of these fucking nut cases reach a tipping point. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Surprise! PC Bent is bent

Here's a photo of the thuggish Aston Villa striker Darren Bent.  Would you feel reassured if you saw him, dressed in a policeman's uniform, as you responded to a knock on your door? Not exactly your traditional British bobby, is he? We can reasonably assume that he physically resembles his cousin PC Richard Bent.

Hard to imagine anyone but a sociology professor being surprised, but Richard unerringly carried the traditions and practises of his ethnic group into his new job as a policeman.  Not to put too fine a point on it, if he came across money while working he just robbed it.  Why not? was probably his rationale. In one case, having pocketed the cash found on a dead man he dismissed colleagues' objections with 'No offence, but the geezer's dead, ain't he?'

Now that's the kind of law enforcement officer the country wants.

Now a black helping himself to what's not his hardly merits a post here. My point in fact is that the force-fed enriching of the police force, and all other such institutions with diversiteeee, results in those same institutions  being fundamentally degraded and undermined. Perhaps irredeemably.

The police in Britain are but a shadow of the friendly efficient force they were but two generations ago. Like just about everything else, mass immigration of Third World people has brought with it the very characteristics that made those countries, well, Turd World. Can anyone, apart from my sociology professor, be surprised if an immigrant from Nigeria or Jamaica behaves like a Nigerian or a Jamaican?

As I have said on many an occasion, future historians will look back on us and our self-imposed destruction with the kind of wonder now reserved for the Roman Empire or the doomed kingdoms of Easter Island.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Historical (hysterical?) film making

I'm all for dramatised versions of history. After all, your standard documentary can get so boring. Some historical films have achieved a high degree of authenticity and verisimilitude, others not so much.  So where does that leave Marshal of Finland? This depicts  the life story of legendary Finnish hero Carl Gustav Mannerheim, he who defeated the Reds in the Civil War and then lead the country to victory over the USSR in the Winter War of 1939.

It hasn't been released yet so I cannot comment on the plot. I did wonder through  why the producers have cast a Kenyan actor, the magnificently named Telley Savalas Otieno, to play the Marshal. But look at the two photos here.  Isn't he a dead ringer for him?

Meanwhile over in Stormfront a contributor, obviously inspired by this innovative piece of casting, offers the compelling thought of 50 Cent playing Abe Lincoln in riveting Civil War drama. The movie opens with 50 leaning against a Pontiac Firebird with his jacket open and no shirt, showing off his muscles (always important). He has a vacant eyed blonde women draped around his waist as he brandishes a pistol, all chrome plated of course as he turns to the Union army and gives his immortal speech

"sup muh niggaz? A crib divided against itself cant stand but let me aks you dis...does I not be destroying muh enemies when I shoots dem mufuggas?"

I can't wait.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

9/11: A further thought

Also interesting is that the real story of 9/11 was pretty much accurately reported the actual day of 9/11. Dan Rather patiently explained to everyone, live on CBS News, that we were watching a controlled demolition. Another reporter standing in front of the Pentagon said he didn’t see any evidence of an airliner having crashed, live on TV. 

Witnesses at the scene in Pennsylvania immediately contradicted the official story, again, live on TV.The story of the Israelis caught with a truck containing traces of explosives was broadcast the day of 9/11, complete with quotes from the police officials that caught them. World Trade Center 7 was announced destroyed hours before it actually was. San Francisco mayor Willie Brown said he was warned to not fly the day before, and announced as much on 9/11. Dozens of people who had escaped the WTC were on live TV telling people about secondary explosions, bombs going off in the basement, and even how they overheard the countdown to the demolition of WTC7.

But within two days, all these stories – which had just been broadcast on live TV – just went down the memory hole, and even though there are hours and hours of this footage publicly available online, with millions and millions of people commenting on it, we still have the usual suspects ignoring this massive amount of evidence, and pretending that anyone mentioning this evidence is engaged in “conspiracy theories” or “in denial.”

The facts are no longer in dispute, as if they ever really were. The real question now is the motivations of those people still denying the evidence. I think we have a fair idea.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another 9/11 anniversary: Breakthrough this time?

I've often wondered whether 9/11 would go the way of so many other monstrous lies (e.g. causes of the two World Wars, six million killed in gas chambers) and just fade away into general if somewhat tenuous acceptance. The MSM has of course been central to the cover-up, faithfully echoing the official concoction masquerading as an explanation. Watched Hannity one night saying he had analysed every last detail of the attack and came away fully accepting the official version.  Good career move Hannity, but by God, how many pieces of silver did it take for you to sell your soul like that?

But hark, there has been an honourable exception. PBS (Colorado only) has broadcast an excellent debunking documentary.  Admittedly this focuses only on the scientific and engineering aspects but that's ok. Get people to believe that it really was an inside job and it should generate an unstoppable force for overall truth.

But will it?  As Ayn Rand once said, “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see.”  Actually, towards the end of the documentary they interview a number of psychologists who explain why it is often so difficult to face up to a lie so monstrous that it literally results in being a life-changing event.

So I live in hope.  Maybe one day after all I'll see Dick Cheney, Larry "Pull It"  Silverstein, Don Rumsfeld and the rest of the traitors swing by the neck.

Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm not infallible after all....

You know, hardly a day passes that someone doesn't ask me 'Savant, how is it that you are always right, about  everything?'  I admit, it's an interesting question. But bear with me, because I think maybe this particular god has feet of clay.

You see, I was a great believer in the Afghan War. I believed that Afghans were thirsting for western-style democracy, and would put up with a lot to acquire it. Now some might have felt that your average jarhead from Bumfuck North Dakota was an unlikely ambassador for the democratic process.  But not me.  Even when a few blips occurred, like NATO soldiers indiscriminately blazing away at civilians during Taliban attacks, breaking down doors in night-time raids and witnessing the womenfolk in various states of undress , blowing up whole villages during humanitarian bombing missions, burning the Koran and pissing on dead Afghanis, the Wedding Party Massacre and others, well, I still felt that this represented the unfortunate breaking of eggshells on the way to making the democratic omelette.

I believed that Afghans' thirst to have their own Republican/Democrat, Labour/Conservative choices would result in these events being quickly forgotten.  Indeed, do they not seem trivial compared to having their very own Tony Blair, GW Bush and Mitt Romney equivalents?  I thought so.  But it seems I was wrong. Yes, I just said that. I was wrong.

Because a new US Army report, A CRISIS OF TRUST AND CULTURAL INCOMPATIBILITY reveals  the shocking news that the Afghans and Americans mutually loath one another. According to the report ""One group sees the other as a bunch of violent, reckless, intrusive, arrogant, self-serving, profane, infidel bullies hiding behind high technology; and the other group [the US soldiers] generally view the former as a bunch of cowardly, incompetent, obtuse, thieving, complacent, lazy, pot-smoking, treacherous, and murderous radicals.” 

Oh deary me.  And now the Americans' Afghan Army, ahem, comrades, are taking to blowing them away - with NATO weapons -  at every chance they  get.

So there you have it.  I am not infallible after all.  I hope your faith in me has not been shattered.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

I'm actually feeling sorry for Shatter

I know this might sound strange, but I'm beginning to feel sorry for "our" Minister For Population Replacement Alan Shatter. The poor guy must be exhausted. Look at it this way.  His predecessor, whom we can assume to have been equally diligent, managed to process about 100 new citizenship applications each year. But Alan has, according to my calculations, managed close to 18,000 in a little over a year.

Isn't that something?

Speaking to the latest batch of 4,000 population replacers Shatter claimed it to be, according to the Irish Slimes, 'a time of celebration'. And indeed it is. That is, if your objective is to destroy the ethnic fabric of the country you're purporting to serve. Well done Alan, and Happy Hanukka to you baby.  You deserve a good rest. This nation-wrecking is exhausting work.

One of those mentioned in the Slimes article is Paul Ewetuga, formerly of Lagos but living in Cork for the last ten years (welcome Paul). Paul is quoted in the article thus 'It is good for me today because it will change many things in my life such as access to free education and health care'. Well Paul, top marks for honesty, if not for much else. He added 'when I was not a citizen here my life was much harder'.  I'm sure it was, Paul. But now with you freeloading on our collapsing social services life will become much harder for the rest of us who have to pay for it.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Too true Tutu, too true

My late lamented mother used to dissolve into a gibbering, raving, frothing fury at the very sight and sound of Bishop Desmond Tutu. I'm not sure what annoyed her so much but at its core was the very idea of a black being a Bishop, and sermonising to whites to boot. To her his true role was that of a jungle witch doctor, bone through the nose, wearing nothing but a loin-cloth, as he threw up his primitive incantations to the juju gods of the jungle.  How we laughed at her primitive peasant outlook. After all, everyone modern and progressive knew that race was just a social construct, all of us being the same apart from our pigmentation.

That was then, this is now.

In fairness, the Bish isn't a bad guy, especially when compared to the rest of the ANC mob. For one thing he brought the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to heel when they began to think about it's being a one-way street: Whites being the only guilty ones.  Now he's come out and told another unpalatable (for some) Truth.  That Bush and Blair should be tried for war crimes for their roles in the Iraq War and other outrages that followed the September 11 attacks.

Too true, Tutu. These bastards should have been strung up on a gallows and their rotting carcases left swinging on a gibbet pour encourager les autres who might be thinking of similar deeds.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A picture to gladden Shatter's heart

"For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC