Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This is, for once, a truly shocking poll

We've become jaded to the headlines 'shock poll shows that....bla bla bla'. But this time I really do agree with the shock and despair expressed by all respectable MSM outlets at a recent AP poll.  'Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since the nation elected its first black president, an Associated Press poll finds, as a slight majority of Americans now express prejudice toward black people whether they recognize those feelings or not' from the Boston Globe is typical.  Various other responses I've seen include 'despair', 'depressing', 'dispiriting' and similar.

And I share these sentiments. Now just to be clear, I'm shocked and despairing at the fact that close to half of Americans do not harbour negative attitudes to blacks.  How the hell can that be? Wilding, mob attacks, muggings, Section 8, soaking up taxes paid by Whites to buy iPods and the latest sports gear. Dragging every civilised city or institution they get hold of into a state of primal degradation.  I'm surprised the figure wouldn't be about, well, say 99%.

Here's one explanation. There's a direct correlation between experience of living with or near blacks and attitudes to them.  So-called liberals, engaged in competitive piety with their peers, residing in gated communities in wealthy suburbs, with a token Uncle Tom as a friend, can afford to be positive towards da bruddas. Now consider the feelings of an unfortunate White forced to reside in Birmingham Ala or Savannah.

And probably the main reason. All those wonderful, truly wonderful negroes they see, non-stop, in films and advertisements.  Always cool, intelligent, masculine, showing up the nerdy dumb white guys. Wise, tolerant, suffering eyes, inventors of just about everything good and useful, as Black History Month shows us every year.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


David sent me in this video.  Wow. Warning: Unless you're close to comatose or restrained by  a straight jacket, please turn the sound off as you'll end up by flinging your computer through the window.  We have this Nigerian sow shrieking the same thing again and again and again and again, ad nauseam, as the police are 'killing' her sperm donor husband. In fact this useless parasite is lying on the ground resisting arrest (an offence), the police are hardly touching him, while a swarm of other cultural enrichers seeks to impede the police....another offence.  For which they will not get prosecuted.

I've checked the story with a friend from Blanchardstown (he calls it Castlenock!) and it seems this family had not paid their rent for several months and the landlord had finally evicted them. The enrichers then made a scene, claiming, quelle surprise, that they were being victimised because day be black. Undoubtedly a hefty claim is on its way to compensate for the police brutality we don't see on the video.  There probably will be a substantial award.

My main reason for posting this though is to highlight the reaction from the readers.  Now given that the enricher or a sympathiser posted this, it must be a favourable site for parasites.  And the initial comments are indeed sympathetic.  But then the word gets out and the ordinary Irish weigh in.  And boy, do they weigh in!  A joy to read.  And this is a broader trend that I've noticed everywhere. Recently I've seen MSM sites (CBS, CNN) where white readers really open up on BRA, where even the 'N word' is thrown around with joyful abandon. This my friends is a major change. That would not have happened even a year ago, I'd wager. Why it's happening I'm not sure. Either they're surrendering to free speech or they're just overwhelmed with sheer volume.

And here's another piece of joy to close.  My friend tells me that the landlord, an eastern European, kicked the shit out of the sperm bucket wife when she tried to strong-arm her way into the repossesed flat.  Nice one!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

On nastiness and uncles

Well, it seems that Nastiest Uncle has accomplished, inadvertently or not, what his opponents accuse him of: He's in a sense (and I know I'm contradicting an earlier comment) taken over the blog.  I've been implored to ban him from commenting.   It's now reached the stage where many readers are saying they'll abandon the blog due to him.

I really don't understand what's going on here.  We've had lots of 'Jewish' commentators in the past. Jocomo, Herod, Joel, Julian and many, many others. They were taken as part of the normal give and take. But NU seems to have set off a firestorm.  I'm not sure why. I don't know what sort of a nerve he's struck.  Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about but I have two suggestions for those who are truly pissed off: First, why not just ignore his posts if they annoy you that much? Second, if what he's saying is so wrong and inaccurate why not call him out on it?

I suppose I retain some residual hope that Whites can form some kind of an alliance with certain Jewish elements. My optimism declines almost daily, I admit,  but I'm still keen to explore what possibilities might yet remain.  

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Questions, questions....

In this blog we’re not afraid to ask – and answer – the tough questions.  And today’s question is - 'should a clinically certified lunatic whom the Council of Lawyers deem legally 'unqualified' be appointed a Circuit Court judge?'

A tricky one, you'll agree.  Let me help with some background.

Judge Cynthia Brim of the Chicago Circuit Court  (mugshot on the left) has 'form', which culminated in a spectacular courtroom chimpout earlier this year in which she descended from the bench and waded into the crown, scattering all before her and finally assaulting a sheriff. Prior to this she had gone on a 45 minute rant in which she berated police for prosecuting so many blacks, shrieking to the blacks in the courtroom that the white law enforcement officers had 'raped our ancestors'. She then ran around with her hands to her head reciting various phone numbers and addresses, again and again.

By this time, having whipped up the black criminals into a frenzy, the men in white coats stepped in whereupon she was subdued and lead from the court. Following an examination by a court-appointed psychiatrist she was diagnosed as 'legally insane' (although many of you might think that this was perfectly normal behaviour for a black 'judge') and temporarily removed from duty. But she continues to draw her $180,000 salary....and worth every penny too.

The good news is that it looks like this latter-day Oliver Wendell Holmes is going to be re-elected to the Chicago Circuit Court on November 7. Her District is 80% black and   they don't worry too much about incidentals like being unqualified and insane. Hey, nobody's perfect, right? And you know what, they could be right.  Just check out these lunatics here, here and here on this side of the pond.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Prestigious journals

There was a time, God help me, when I was an avid reader of both Newsweek (NewSpeak?) and Time magazines. It seems like insanity now, but I actually thought I was getting a good insight into what was happening in the world. Innocent days.

Even as a fan though I did notice one thing. There was a standard procedure every time either of them set out to prove a point. First you personalise the message, selecting an individual, city or organisation to embody the point you're making.  Then you spend 90% of the article citing evidence to support your case.  Then, just at the end, you throw in a contra sentence or two for 'balance'. The practise was one of the factors leading to my abandoning those journals.

I see they're still at it.  God help us all, but our Dear Leader Enda Kenny has recently graced the cover of Time.  Not just that but, again God help us all, he's portrayed as a dynamic, innovative and thrusting leader, driving Ireland out of the frightful mess we landed ourselves in. In fact he's a guide and an example to the rest of the world! The Celtic Comeback, no less.

I checked the calendar to see was it April 1.  But no.  For those of you not acquainted with Our Leader, Enda is a happy man. His wife says he never worries about anything, is always in good cheer and his golden tresses are unblemished by the presence of a single  strand of grey. No silver threads among the gold with Enda.  He may have no idea what he's doing, or what anyone else is doing either, but he's enjoying himself hugely. Ah sure that ole' economy thing will sort itself out eventually, sure we never died of Winter yet lads.

The article points out, in a surprised tone, the 'gulf between the way he's perceived at home and abroad'.  I have an alternative explanation as being a perception gulf between those who know him very well and those who do not.  One positive outcome is that the article united the country - in laughing at it.  It equates to the Newsweek piece about two years ago which proclaimed Brian Cowen as being in 'The Top 10 World Leaders'.  In case you don't know, Cowen was the guy who almost single-handedly masterminded the Irish economic collapse.

So with a record like that it's little surprise that Newsweek has packed it in.  At least the print edition has.  Good riddance, you PC, White-bashing, nation-wrecking slimeballs.  Hopefully you all lose your jobs and that Time follows in due course. if the Enda piece is an example of your journalistic standards, we won't have long to wait.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Another Trayvon Martin?

Based on this report from the Dallas Observer we could soon have another Trayvon Martin case on our hands:

"It's the kind incident that makes you want to take everyone you love to the gun range for lessons: A woman -- we don't know her age -- is watching television upstairs a little before noon on Wednesday at her home, which isn't far from Camp Wisdom Road and Interstate 35. She heard the doorbell ring and looked outside, but she didn't recognize the two men. 

Suddenly, they're kicking in her door, moving swiftly up the stairs and approaching her bedroom, according to the police affidavit. Luckily, her father taught her to shoot, he told The Dallas Morning News. She opened fire, striking one of them. They fled down the stairs and out into the yard. Isaiah Williams, 19, collapsed and died shortly afterwards. Eric Ford, 47, the other burglar, kept running."

Why the Trayvon connection?  Well, all we know now is that young Isaiah, an unarmed black boy (see photo above), probably confused about the house address, and on the point of turning his life around, was brutally gunned down and killed by a white person.

I expect CNN to be on the case shortly. It's reported that his parents have already filed patents on his name.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A vignette paints a thousand pictures

They say a picture paints a thousand words but a simple vignette can equal a thousand pictures in terms of representing reality.  Case in point.  Walking to my local bookshop today I was almost knocked off my feet by a car that swung violently onto the wrong side of the road, right on a corner, and then parked on the clearway.

From said vehicle emerged this gigantic woman-like creature, black as the ace of spades, at least forty stone. The lady pictured here is sylph-like in comparison. Waves of fat rippled as she extracted herself from the vehicle, glaring brazenly at me and one or two others looking on. Her hair measured about ten feet in diameter. The sun was occluded and the breeze died down when faced by such a colossus.

She was followed by a mini-tribe of youngsters as she waddled across the road,  ignoring the pedestrian crossing a few feet away. The earth trembled as she moved. Meanwhile the traffic was steadily backing up as the 'clearway' became, well, unclear.  And where was she headed?  The Social Welfare office straight across the road.  You're surprised, aren't you?

Then I did what I often do in such circumstances. I checked the windscreen of the vehicle for tax and insurance certification. Nothing. The car was neither taxed nor insured. So if she hit and seriously injured someone, under Irish law, the compensation bill will be picked up by ordinary compliant policy holders. On an earlier occasion a few years ago I pointed this out to two policemen who were passing.  They just did not want to know, and in a sense I don't blame them. All the perps need to do is scream 'racism' and 'profiling' and the cops will be off the beat being asked to explain themselves. With the whole Immigration Industry screaming for an investigation.

And Minister For Population Replacement Alan Shatter has unloaded another 2,200 of such people only this week.  The programme continues, maybe even at an accelerated pace. Strangely enough I afterwards found myself thinking less about Ireland and more about America. They have 40 million of these people to look after. How in God's name does the country survive?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean......

Item: British Olympic winners.  Top photo shows British Paralympic medal winners, second one shows British Olympic medal winners, the final one shows BBC reporting on British winners.

Item: In an unprecedented move before Ireland's World Cup qualifier last Friday, the two captains were dragooned into giving speeches asking for 'Respect' (for non-White players only, of course) and a general panegyric to the joys of diversity.

Item: Fabrice Muamba, an unremarkable footballer playing for Bolton Wanderers, an unremarkable team, collapses during a match. Muamba, born and 'reared' in the Congo but now as British as Prince Harry, gets taken to hospital in a critical condition. But he pulled out of it and is now walking around again, albeit his future playing possibilities are problematical. Career-ending injuries or illnesses happen all the time with just cursory sympathy.

But not for Fabrice. The football world well, kinda came to a stop.  The match was abandoned and an orgy of Fabrice-worship quickly followed. A blazing headline on the front page of the Sun was typical,  screaming “God is in Control” below the subheading “Praying for Fabrice”.  The world was appraised every few minutes on his progress.  No match for the next few weeks was complete without some sort of ceremony for 'Fabrice' (the surname quickly became redundant). Even Barcelona, the world's top team, held vigils in his honour.  Now that he's out and about he's appearing all over the media as a breathless MSM seeks his wisdom on the great issues of the day.

Item: John Terry and Luis Suarez, to name just two White players, suffered huge career and financial damage for innocuous 'racist' comments made in the heat of the moment in Premiership competition.  Suarez merely referred to a small black man as, well, a small black man ('negrito'). Being from Uruguay he was baffled as to why an issue should be made of this. But he soon learned why, to his very great cost.

Item: Advertising space at the recent European Championship 2012, Champions League and English Premiership games are much sought after and hence hugely expensive.  Yet the 'Respect' (for non-White players only) and 'Drive Racism Out Of Sport' messages swamp the advertising space at these matches. These games are ultimately under the control of FIFA. And a more corrupt, debased collection of degenerate crooks would be harder to find anywhere. Mired in corruption for decades, their only interests are personal power and lining their own pockets.

Which brings me to the point of this post: What's going on here?  You don't have to be paranoid to suspect that this is being carefully manipulated. Not in the general sense of  an 'architecture' such as that created by the Frankfurt School, rather a specific carefully planned and well-financed programme using European sport to deify black athletes and by extension the black race itself.  Degenerate crooks like FIFA would not forgo a brass penny on a point of principle.

So who's pulling the strings?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hark! The cheery clank of tumbrils sounds

The guy you see here has just penned an article on the Huffington Post which purports to identify The Fifteen Most Overrated White People. The piece is so unstructured, unscientific and borderline illiterate (as well as being marinated in hate, resentment and bitterness) that you’d have to wonder if the author had reached as far as 10th grade.

In fact Marc Lamont Hill is a full tenured Professor at Colombia University!  Professor of what? Well, being black, dull of eye and slack of jaw, I ruled out astrophysics or molecular biology.  So what about plain old mathematics?  Well I quickly ruled that out as well because this genius can’t even count to fifteen.  His list of 'fifteen' has actually, yes, sixteen entries.  Einstein he ain’t. So what then is this academic luminary’s discipline?  

The oxymoronic Hip Hop Culture.

Thankfully, due to a happy convergence of disparate forces, the likes of this clown, and the ‘academic’ courses he gives, will soon be swept away in the tide of history.  You see, America’s universities, the fountainhead of White-hate brainwashing and indoctrination, are facing a triple whammy of awesome potential. With the grace of Providence, and not before too long, ‘humanities’ faculties should be transformed into impoverished emasculated husks, desperately fighting for their very existence.  Ever fibre of my body quivers with joy just writing that and reading over it.

The forces arraigned against them are mainly economic, but also technical. For a start university education in America  has become way too expensive, costs exceeding the inflation rate for many years. (All those Diversity VPs and scholarships for ‘disadvantaged minorities’ don’t come cheap). This has lead to an explosion of  student debt, now estimated to be half a trillion dollars, that has all the characteristics of the sub-prime bubble. 

Although much of this will and can never be paid back, the burden on would-be students has reached levels where university has become untenable for a rapidly increasing cohort. Now whatever about putting yourself in massive debt for a career-enhancing technical, scientific or medical qualification, Reparation Studies, Women’s Studies, and yes, Hip Hop Culture are quite a different matter.

Which leads me to job opportunities. An analysis of government data conducted for The Associated Press shows that fully 50% of graduates are now unemployed or partially employed doing low level work such as waiting on tables. While (God, if You are listening, I thank you for this) the job opportunities for graduates in White-Hate Humanities are almost non-existent.  And folks, even the dimmest sociology professor now realises that economically, we ain’t seen nothing yet. The economic Gorge of Doom can now be perceived, dimly, in the distance.

A lifetime of indebtedness for a degree in Hip Hop Culture and a job as a waiter?  Doesn’t seem like the deal of the century to me.

Then there’s the technology.  The traditional university has emerged from a time when books were at a premium, the only way of passing on knowledge was to be where the books and teachers actually were. Now most courses can be provided via the medium of eLearning, where the cost drops to a tiny fraction of its residential equivalent. Much too small to pay for Diversity Czars and the usual army of useless disobliging 'minority' administrators. (God, how I despised them).  Humanities will be hardest hit, naturally enough, as they’re tailor-made for eLearning.

Yes, the future is joyfully dim. 

Did you ever see those water-holes in Africa which, as the dry weather stretches on and on, become smaller with every passing day?  All the animals turn on one another in an increasingly desperate and ultimately futile fight for survival.  That's the future for academic staff in the humanities, as life becomes nasty, brutish and short.  And of course there’s special reward for the diminishing band of white academics. Hi guys!  Remember all those ‘diverse’ appointments you so enthusiastically supported?  Well baby, those appointees are now coming back to bite your ass as the pool dries out. What? You don’t think they’re properly qualified? Why, you racist!

Be of good cheer, my children. Joyful times are at hand. These white academics will soon experience what the much derided white working class has been experiencing for the last four decades.

Welcome to the club guys!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Doctor in da house

An average hospital consultant (surgeon) in Ireland pulls in an income of about €400,000 (over half a million dollars) a year, making them probably the best paid in the world. This is about four times when they'd  get in Britain, France or Germany. Not surprisingly  there's an unholy scramble when such positions become available. You'd then expect that only the very best would be recruited and that most would be Irish and the rest from the top western medical schools. I know one top-class gynaecologist who eventually gave up trying after repeated rebuffs and moved to Canada.  Their gain, our loss.

But enter any Irish hospital today and it's like a mini United Nations or the pub scene is Star Wars. They've even employed a whole bunch of psychiatrists from Pakistan, for Chrissake! Many of whom began wailing about discrimination as soon as they had their first 30k. paycheck lodged. Hardly a week goes by that you don't see  a disciplinary case come before the Irish Medical Council (IMC). The cases mainly cover alleged incompetence but cases of sexual misbehaviour and fraud are also common. Another thing that's common is the profile of those charged.......they're of a dusky hue and with 'qualifications' from some obscure Third World medical school.  It's now a refrain at Chateau Savant when I see a case come on the news.  'Muslim or African' I cry, and invariably I'm right.

Here are a couple of recent cases, the first relating to Dr. Mohammed Rashid Ibrahim bin Suleiman al Fettah bin Faisal. A Senior Psychiatrist with the Health Service Executive (HSE), his ruling from the IMCwas as follows. "In God's name don't think we're having a go at the Prophet, peace be upon Him and His Holy Name, far less to cast aspersions on the Koran, that holiest of books . But the Council nonetheless finds that Dr. bin Faisal's recommendation to a husband experiencing marital difficulties ('beat that kuffar bitch of a wife with a big stick') was not in accordance with current best practise in the field. Furthermore it was pointed out that recommending the taking of a nine year old wife as a cure for impotence, while perhaps based on solid medical evidence, nonetheless contravened current Irish legislation."

Then there was the case of  Dr. Ameobi Romolomombo, an anaesthetist at Cork University Hospital.  Here's the verdict. "The Council recognises that Dr. Romolomombo is a graduate of the renowned Central Congolese Medical College and has no desire to impute inferior status to the methods and practises of that establishment. Nonetheless the Council finds that inducing a state of anaesthesia by means of a blow to the head with a sledge-hammer contravened prevailing medical guidelines and practise at Irish hospitals. We therefore somewhat reluctantly find him guilty of professional misconduct and require him to undergo a period of additional training before resuming his duties."

Wouldn't you love to be getting treated by these guys. Why in the name of Jesus don't they employ some of the graduates of real western medical schools?  I suppose dat be racis'.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The frog and the scorpion?

Everyone on this blog will be fully familiar with what Kevin MacDonald refers to as the "group evolutionary strategy" of the Jews.  The manifestations of this strategy, mass immigration to White lands, undermining of Christian cultural institutions, the fostering of White guilt, the undermining of our mores, to name but a few, have been spectacularly successful. The strategy has, in my opinion, been easily the most telling factor in reducing Whites to our now increasingly marginalised and degraded status.

What I don't understand though, looking at it from a group evolutionary perspective, is why they keep rubbing our noses in it with trivial slights that add nothing to their overall objective.  Here I'm talking about the equivalent of petty apartheid as applied in South Africa. Christmas has now become almost a swear word, and Christmas trees increasingly rare. Yet a giant Hanukka lamp stands outside the White House at Christmas. Sandra Fluke enlists in a Catholic University, and then  sues them to pay for her contraceptive pills. That's poking your finger in the eye. Closer to home our friend Alan Shatter created a little bit of history by banning, for the first time ever, the use of the Irish Army at a Catholic ceremony.........while refurbishing the Department of Justice to look like a Holocaust memorial.  In England the politicians pushing the banishment of the crucifix are Jewish.

I could go on and on, and you all have your own examples to add.  But in fact this is what I'm driving at. The evolutionary strategy might be working fine but it seems poor evolutionary tactics to keep shoving your victims' faces in it.  Especially when you're in a small minority and relying on the majority's inability to recognise what's being done to them. Trivial but blatant attacks on what most of us hold dear are exactly the kind of things that prod a sleeping and stupefied peasantry into dim awareness, and from that into explosive action. Look at history.  Some of the greatest and most vicious of conflicts have been sparked  by relatively trivial provocations. Albeit with simmering resentments underneath, waiting to be sparked off.

Now conditions at present, and more so in the immediate future, are particularly fraught. Or opportune, depending on your outlook. Without doubt there's an inchoate slow-burning rage building up among the White working and middle classes all over Europe and the USA.  This could be set off by some relatively trivial but nonetheless provocative action. And we know what happens "When The Saxon Began To Hate".  Everyone else gets crushed.

So why then do Jews continue to prod the sleeping tiger?  Maybe they feel, and they could well be correct, that Whites have become so stupefied, misguided, degraded and guilt-ridden that we're beyond reacting in any co-ordinated way. But what if they're wrong? That would bring the whole edifice crumbling down, including raising hitherto forbidden questions about, for example, the Holocaust or 9/11. And god knows where that in turn would lead.

So again, why do they do it?  I'm minded of Aesop's fable of the frog and the scorpion .  

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Romney's "gaffes"

Reflect for a moment on Romney's 'gaffes' during his recent series of international visits. Serious damage has been done to his campaign it seems due his demonstrable foreign policy ineptitude.  You've undoubtedly heard them all, ad nauseam, by now. But here's a reminder of a few.

He referred to "looking out of the backside of 10 Downing Street",  not realising that this side of the pond backside means ass, or butt.  Oh my God, this man cannot be President!

Then he referred to Labour Party Leader Ed Millipede Milliband as, well, Leader.  As in "like you, Mr. Leader".  Cue all hell breaking loose.  'You're not in North Korea now, you dimwit' was one of the least damning rebukes.

But the piece de resistance was when it was claimed that he'd be better placed than Barack Obama to sustain the transatlantic relationship with the UK because of a 'shared Anglo-American heritage'.  Now let's wind back for a second.  What would be the reaction, do you think, were Obama to claim he's in  a better position than Romney to sustain African-American relations because of his 'shared African-American heritage'?  Loud clucking approval from all quarters, I confidently predict. I'm sure you'd agree

But that's not the purpose of this post. You know about all of this and it's only to be expected from the expected sources.  No, the real gaffe, one of potentially earth-shattering consequences, was to make a commitment, that were he to honour it, would probably kick off WW III. I'm referring here to the mandatory grovelling pilgrimage to Israel, where he promised the US would back an Israeli military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities under his administration. The US will support “any and all” measures to allay Iranian nuclear ambitions, the presidential candidate stated.

Now you'd imagine that the little matter of committing to start a World War would get prominence greater than or at least equal to the 'backside of Downing Street' slip. But no. Virtually nothings.  And where it was mentioned it was with strong approval.

We're talking about the bought-and-paid-for presstitutes of the MSM here.   Are there any depths to which they won't sink?