Monday, 31 December 2012

'Celebrating' the New Year

What is it about the arrival of a new year that makes people feel the need to celebrate? Not just celebrate but enter into paroxysms of sheer joy, delirious with excitement and happiness. In temporal terms the onset of a new year has no more significance than transitioning from 10.35 on March 11 to 10.36 on the same date.

Sure, the event can have administrative implications for financial accounting and taxation. But that's no reason to celebrate as if all one's dreams had come true at the moment of the changeover.  For me, I'll be my usual curmudgeonly self, glowering at the fireworks as they sound in the distance, as the hordes of drunken simpletons raise stupidity to the level of performing art.

Am I right or wrong?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Ramping up for a race war?

The Individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it”  It was J Edgar Hoover who said it, back in 1956. I’m not sure what he had in mind but whatever it was could not have been more apposite that what we see today. I’ve been observing, with an ever-increasing sense of disbelief, the descent of the US into what looks increasingly like a South American police state. But now I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s actually much worse than that. I find it increasingly difficult to avoid the Hoover Conclusion…that there’s a conspiracy so monstrous I can hardly believe it exists. 

In this post I outlined some of the shocking measures being taken in this direction. But what tips me over into Hoover territory are the following:

Fact 1: There’s been a vigorous campaign for the de facto repeal of the 2nd Amendment. This has gone into frenzied overdrive following the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Fact 2: The Department of Homeland  ‘Security’ has requisitioned  650 million rounds of .40 calibrehollow point ammunition. Er, ‘homeland’ security?  Also that the US military are training to take on crowds of American citizens in a time of crisis.

Fact 3: While making strenuous efforts to disarm legal (read White) gun owners the Administration has now made it easier for immigrants to acquire them!  Can you credit that?

How, in the light of these three Facts, can we avoid concluding that TPTB anticipate the equivalent of a race war and furthermore that they are actively arming one set of potential combatants while attempting to disarm the other?   It’s not an unreasonable conclusion, is it?

Which in turn begs the question ‘why’?

We can take it as given that they want to destroy White Christian America. But they’re well on their way to doing that anyway as it stands. And Whites make hardly a whimper as they’re lead to their destruction. Indeed vast numbers enthusiastically support the process.

So do TPTB anticipate the worm turning?  Do they know that an economic catastrophe is on the way, one so severe that it will awaken the spirit of Odin in the Sleeping White Giant before he’s been demographically rendered impotent?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Balotelli Rides Again

The headline says it all: "Mario Balotelli snubs daughter’s birth to get his hands on Fanny" The headline reveals more than intended as the new sperm bucket's name is, in fact, Fanny. Meanwhile back in Italy beautiful model Raffaella Fico gives birth to his spawn.

But Mario has other things on what passes for his mind. Namely rutting with the maximum number of mudsharks he can get his paws on. Mario, “is absolutely irresponsible, unconcerned about the fate of his little daughter. He has not given a penny, not even a phone call to see if she needs anything” Raffaella wailed.

Who could have guessed?

Another mud shark biting the dust?

Probably. But maybe not. Mario earns about £8 million a year playing for Manchester City and she stands to get hold of quite a lot of that. Provided she can prove paternity, as Mario himself gallantly noted. Because despite all the brainwashing, surely someone like her could not find him physically attractive? Oh wait!  It was his 'intelligence' that captivated her! Yes, 'his intelligence, his brilliance' she gushed at the beginning of the rut.

You can see the brilliance of this genius here.

So it'll be interesting to see how this romantic tale plays out.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Incog Man taken down

Incog might not have been everyone's cup of tea but he was certainly hard-hitting and humorous. I disagreed with him to the extent that he saw Jews and only Jews as the cause of our problems, and that all Jews were 100% guilty. We've argued this issue up hill and down dale on this site. But either way it's a significant indicator of the challenges Whites face.

Hope to see you again soon Incog.  If you want to publicise a resurrection I'm here to help.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas to all on this blog!

Not Happy Xmas

Not Happy Holiday

Not Happy Kwazooo or whatever the hell they call it


Sunday, 23 December 2012

I see that Egyptians have voted in favour of a new Constitution based on Islamic law and principles. President Morsi says it will 'guarantee freedom of religion to all'.  And I have no doubt he means it.  But his ideas here may not be quite what your average deluded western liberal might have in mind. For example about three years ago Pew Research conducted a major poll there. It found that 92% of Egyptians supported 'freedom of religion'.  And that 84% supported applying the death penalty to anyone leaving Islam.

Friday, 21 December 2012

My mantra vindicated

Remember my mantra 'worse is better'?  Well it's being vindicated in spectacular fashion. Ireland's hitherto unquestionable foreign aid frolic, the one whereby we borrow nearly €700 million annually to lodge in the bank accounts of African despots, is coming under vigorous scrutiny. Ah, nothing like a bit of negative equity to upend our sanctimonious preening. The charity Czars in Poverty Palace are getting worried. They see their six figure salaries and bloated expense accounts coming under unprecedented scrutiny.

It all began really when flambouyant lawyer Gerry Kean, an old buddy of mine, innocently raised a question on TV that has baffled me for years. In this post for example I outlined our politicians' missed opportunity and posed the question. "They scour every item of expenditure to save a million here, a million there. Always with an eye to the political impact (i.e. their careers). Awful, painful, career-ending cuts must be made. But must they? Lying on the table, in all its glory, lies an annualised pot of about €700 million which the pols could redeploy overnight with zero impact on the voting public."

But they do not.  In God's name why not?

Now an awful lot of newly impverished Irish are asking the same question.  Actually make that just about everyone who calls into a radio or TV show or posts on an Internet forum. It's become respectable to talk about it. And that in itself tells us something. That there's probably a lot of pent up feeling in the country that the Thought Police in media, academia and politics had up to now kept stifled.

I tell you this. If after this outcry the pols continue with this madness it will represent for me yet another step in my acceptance of the existence of the NWO. I'm just running out of alternative explanations.

And remember, Worse Is Better

"Oooh.....fat boy!"

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Monkey see, monkey do (doo)

A woman riding the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line in Oak Park told police she was last week attacked by another passenger wielding a sock filled with human faeces!  It seems she 'wasn't paying him attention'.  Big mistake with these hominids.  But then, if she had in fact paid him attention she'd probably have ended up like Nicola Furlong.
Explaining the inability of the transport police   to help her she said "they really aren’t prepared for a situation like that.” Well I agree that humans tend not to crap into their sock and keep it for further use.  Like when they might get dissed.

But, as a mere glance at the pic will tell you, we're not talking about a proper human here. And every schoolboy knows that chimps when angry, throw their poo at their antagonist.  There are lots of chimps on the CTA and a lot of them get angry a lot of the time.  So the transport police should, in fact, not have been surprised.

I wonder if there'll now be calls to ban socks?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

'If Obama had a son.....'

This delectable creature here lost a major personal injury compensation payout because.........well, here's what the report said: 'She then performed oral sex at the park on a boyfriend. Doctors concluded she couldn’t have done so with an injured ankle.'  Am I missing something here?  Or have I lead a sheltered life?

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting this is to provide some of the readers' comments which are superb.


"If Obama had a son..."

"She could service three with those nostrils"

"Hey, she's beautiful from the waist waist.
Her boyfriend"

"Don't understand. She looks so honest and trustworthy"

"Yikes! If I had a dog with a face like that, I'd shave his ass and teach it to walk backwards"

"She had her chance but she blew it."

"She looks like God stepped on her face while he was pulling her tail off."

"Good God, just showing that photo should have a warning attached to it."

Then there's this one which strikes to the core of the issue.  And the core of America's problems.  Which makes me ask again: With 40 million of these useless parasites, how does America still manage to function?

"Modupe Adunni"?!! I'll bet $10,00.00 that this is another corrupt, unskilled, worthless immigrant (illegal? even?) that's been scamming the American taxpayer for four years. Just another reason our country is going down the tubes! All we need now is for the U.N disability treaty to get an OK from the illegal in the white house and they will be able to inundate us from all over the earth and sue the American government for discrimination if not allowed to immigrate for any reason!"

Monday, 17 December 2012

Living in the Matrix

Take a small island in the Adriatic where 4,000 people - equivalent to nearly half the regular population of the island - were brutally and sadistically massacred over about five days.  Many people alive today remember it.  You'd imagine, would you not, that this would kinda get a mention somewhere when you check out that island? Like Wikipedia. Well you'd be wrong. Because the 'wrong' people were slaughtered, in this case German soldiers who had surrendered to Tito's guerrillas in 1945 on the island of Rab.

Check it out yourself. I guarantee you'll find it very hard to dig up anything.  Oh sure, you'll find all you want about the concentration camp on Rab - an Italian one, I might add - mainly for recalcitrant Slovenes and Croatians, but also gypsies and Jews.  You'll learn plenty about how over 200 Jews, 'the elderly or sick who were sent to Auschwitz by the Germans for extermination' [Wiki].  Now as an aside, a concept about Death Marches that always fascinated me. Why would the super-efficient and super-evil Germans go to all the time trouble, expense and risk of sending them through four countries in order to kill them in Poland?  Why not just shoot them where they were?  I'm not holding my breath for an answer. Nor for anything about the massacred Germans appearing in Approved Outlets.

I mention this case merely to illustrate the parallel universes we live in.  On the one hand there's reality, what is actually happening and what has actually happened. And then, like in The Truman Show or The Matrix we have an imaginary world.  This world, in our case, is one in which Whites, and particularly White males, are inherently evil and the cause of all the world's problems, non-Whites, especially blacks, are wondrous human beings, whose occasional faults and failings can be fully explained by generations of White abuse. It's one where races, religions and genders are equal, (in fact there's a kind of inverse pigmentocracy) where the race-mixing of Whites into oblivion is an unalloyed good, where accepted history, the kind you get in orthodox academies and on Wikipedia, has become a parody of itself. But a parody that brooks no questioning.

Maintaining parallel universes does not come easily or cheaply. It requires the systematic immersion of the public in a particular way of thinking, which in turn calls for overwhelming control of the media, education, politics and finance. And, as Orwell showed, of history also. It also requires the elimination, as far as possible, of any contrarian narrative as even at a low level this can cause disproportionate damage. Internalised conformity to the level of Thought Control is the objective. And it's been achieved.

Now here's my other question. Which is stronger, the almost total control enjoyed by The Empire....or the Trusty Sword Of Truth? This makes me sound like some pretentious philosophy student (if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it fall, has it really fallen? To which I'd respond 'of course it has, you stupid twat'). But it's a serious question. Maintaining such a parallel universe doesn't come cheaply or easily. Despite the range and depth of control enjoyed by the Thought Police, cognitive dissonance is all around the proles. This is where enstupidation comes in. Dumb them down (race mix with inferiors, debase their culture) and distract them with bread and circuses into semi-conscious servitude.

It's worked phenomenally well so far.  Almost every White person is unwittingly enmeshed in The Matrix, oblivious to The Truth about what governs their lives. Are they open to it?  An oft-cited source of hope is the collapse of the USSR, where another Matrix, although of a different kind, also operated. But I'm not so sure. Because you see, the vast majority of Soviet citizens knew they were living a lie, They saw through the totalitarian contempt for facts and reality and just had to tune into the western media to find all the proof they needed. But in the West, especially in the USA, people genuinely believe that they're getting the real story from the MSM, academia, the churches and the other sources of pollution.

Then again, do they want to know the Truth? It's been pointed out that sooner or later, most everyone stumbles over the truth, but that most then pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing happened. Most people do not want to learn any truth they fear may breach their comfort zone or compromises their plans and preconceptions. That if they ignore it, it may go away. I don't know the answer, but that's our challenge. We must keep shining the light on the cockroaches and our Masters might one day resemble the frozen leaders of the USSR waving from atop Lenin’s Tomb as their world crumbled around them.

So I close on a positive note from Victor Hugo “Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come.”

Friday, 14 December 2012

Missing In Action?

This development has disturbed me for some time.  You see this blog had for a considerable time three very active commentators, Franz (Germany), Zngr (Finland) and Viking (Sweden).  I used to have regular contact with them be email as well as via the blog. This contact kept me updated on events in their countries and gave me a perspective I obviously would not get via the MSM.

Then over a relatively short period of time all of them disappeared from the blog.  That's bad enough but they disappeared from their email addresses as well.  Messages just pinged back. Their accounts were taken down.  I am amazed and worried by this.  I just know, from my contacts with them, that they would not pack up and leave without a word of explanation.  And it wasn't as if we, or the blog readers in general had any major falling out with them.

It's deeply suspicious, is it not?  Had they been arrested by the Thought Police in their own countries surely they'd still have been able to communicate with me and/or the blog.  Or is there something more sinister in place?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

LBJ and the destruction of Black America

LBJ will go down in history tainted by the legacy of Vietnam. But he also enjoys the reputation as, if not ‘the man that freed the blacks’ at least as the President that brought them in from the cold. The Civil Rights Act of 1964changed the face of America. It opened all public accommodations — hotels, restaurants, swimming pools — to all Americans regardless of race, color, religion or national origin. The bill also ended legal discrimination in employment on the basis of race or sex, and established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to enforce the law.’

Indeed it did. And LBJ gained further kudos in that he did this knowing, as he admitted to an aide when signing the bill, that "we [the Democratic Party] have lost the South for a generation".  In fact they lost it for much more than that.  But maybe his heroic self-sacrifice was worth it for all it has done for the down-trodden blacks? Well no, actually. In fact LBJ and the CRA have been an unmitigated disaster for blacks, despite many superficial advances. And for the country at large they have caused insidious, deadly and probably irrecoverable damage.

Nearly fifty years after the negro project was signed into law we have the following:    “The median wealth of white households is twenty times that of their black counterparts. Moreover, from 2005 to 2009, black wealth declined by 53 percent—in 2009, the typical black household had just $5,677 in wealth. African-American wealth was wiped out by the Great Recession, making it a tremendously destructive event for economic mobility among black families …”

But it’s much, much worse than that. Essentially, and I don’t think I’m overstating the case, black society has been destroyed.  In the fifties, although blacks were still struggling for equal opportunities and were on the low end of the economic ladder, the black family was for the most part strong and stable. Two parent families were the rule, not the exception. The vast majority of black fathers worked. Families attended church together and did not comprise a majority of the prison population.

But the GS created the ‘Welfarist’ and of all those who fell victim to the welfare mentality, none suffered more than the black communities. Why would that be? Because, in my view, it fed into all the dormant black male pathologies which probably derived from ancestral social organizational modes in Africa. The new dispensation meant that if an unwed woman became pregnant, moved out of the home of her parents, did not name or know who the father was, then Big Daddy in Washington would provide for all her essential needs. Ergo she no longer needed a husband or the support of her family. In fact, the more children she had out of wedlock, the more money she would receive from the government.

For black males this was Nirvana. They could father as many children as they wanted, from multiple women, without ever having to accept the responsibility of fatherhood. In fact many women rejected marriage in favour of a boyfriend who could slip in the back door and not jeopardize her government check. In this dysfunctional culture why would education be important? Why seek an education only to have to compete for a good job in the market place when they could just hang around the neighbourhood and have all of life's amenities? Did not the NAACP and race hustlers like Jesse Jackson tell them that it was not their fault? That they were just the innocent victims of white racism?

Listen now to the Rev. Jesse Lee Patterson who admittedly is reviled in the black ‘community’ as an Uncle Tom. (I got this over at Occidental Dissent).
‘Having never known Jim Crow America, I am often amazed at just how much more civilized that world was from what I can see of it that has survived. Some of the nicest, kindest people that I know in this world are blacks who were born and raised back then. They are much older and more seriously Christian than their grandchildren. Some own businesses out in the middle of nowhere.

Clearly, black people aren’t living up to their full potential. All you have to do to see this is drive out into the countryside and talk to the elderly blacks who live there. You will find that the blacks who live in these areas share few of the negative characteristics of their relatives in the projects. They will wave at you when you drive pass them on the road, assist you when you have a roadside emergency, treat you with kindness and respect instead of hostility and contempt.

It is almost like they act like White people. Most seem to own their own land. They use less vulgarity. They dress nicer. They are different in many other ways too. You will find that they have much better relations with their White neighbors. Some have vegetable gardens and livestock like we do and sell White people steak and seafood.’

Now consider the modern black ‘community’ half a century after the CRA. Here’s Rev. Peterson again: ‘There was a time in this country when blacks weren’t raping 100 White women a year in Alabama, when most of them were married, when black children had fathers, when they weren’t on drugs or welfare, when they weren’t packing the prisons, and when they didn’t name their children stupid names or celebrate fake holidays like Kwanzaa.’

He then goes on to pose, and answer, the following questions:

(1)Was it really so bad to have black neighborhoods?
(2) Were the anti-miscegenation laws really so bad?
(3) Were the black schools and colleges really so bad?
(4) Were things like segregated water fountains and restrooms really such a big deal?
(5) Was segregation itself really so bad?

You can read his detailed responses over at OD, but in effect his answer to each question is ‘no’.  And, even allowing for my bias, I find he makes a compelling case.

But the problems of blacks go much deeper.  Despite, or maybe because of, all the Affirmative Action, the ridiculous Black Studies and Black History Months, and the endless misrepresentation of blacks in the media, blacks are arguably more embittered and destructively anti-White today than they ever have been.  As Fred Reed put it: ‘These ‘hoods are utterly black, with whipcord young males leaning against lamp posts and eyeing cops with hostility. The people in them have no identity other than black. They aren’t African and aren’t American. They don’t read and many can’t. The schools are just holding cages. They’ve got nothing and they’re going nowhere and they know it. The great white beyond out there, with its computers and universities and those rich white people with their jobs and books and understanding of mysterious things like international politics—they have no access to these.’

Even ostensible black ‘success’ is tainted. The much-touted black middle class is a fragile and false creation of government jobs and/or Affirmative Action. Not having achieved their positions on merit they will be the first to fall when the really tough economic times hit in due course. In fact it’s happening already. The moral of the story: political victories and economic progress are not necessarily correlated. As blacks have become Governors, Attorneys General and even President, black society has been destroyed. And it’s getting worse as dysgenic forces come into play, genetically altering them  by encouraging the black underclass to reproduce at a higher rate. A kind of rapid reverse evolution. And it will continue as long as the social services industry ‘professionals’ and race hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson need this heaving impoverished underclass to maintain their own privileged lifestyles.

Truly the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Assuming of course that LBJ did in fact have good intentions. You know, it’s been said that he saw Detroit as the model for his Great Society. 

Well, if nothing else he got that right.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

All the proof we need

I've always associated Jewish earthly success with their higher levels of intelligence but also their ethnic networking.  In line with my 'enlightenment' over the last few years I decided to put this to the test as well. I'm in a good position to do so as all my adult life I've been in the advanced technology sphere, both academic and industrial.  Here you meet some seriously bright individuals. Typical IQ range would be about 130 to 160.

So I asked myself how they'd got on since I know them at a much younger age. While several had become professors and one came to be CEO of a giant pharma company, most of the rest were definitely 'successful' but by no means set the world alight?  Why not?  It seems just about every Jew that I know of has exceeded them by a long stretch. I worked for many years in a leading technology research company that was Jewish owned.  Loads of highly clever Jews of course but they were by no means the cleverest.  Yet the higher up the organisation you went the more Jewish it became.  Even at a lower level the plum assignments (e.g. being pushed into the lucrative international speaker circuit) went to Jews even when everyone knew they weren't always the most deserving (they were sometimes, to be sure).

But the real revelation comes in the entertainment/media arena. I was totally stunned when I researched this. I ended up asking myself were there actually enough Jews in the world to fill all the spots they occupied. Totally fucking unbelievable. And it's not as if they were usually that much better than their non-Jewish counterparts. For example, how many non-Jewish talking heads are on US TV, or writing for the Telegraph in Britain? Where do the get them all?

But I reserve my piece de resistance for last. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury (Jewry?) I give you Sarah Jessica Parker. Jesus, they managed to flog SJP as a sex goddess!  Jesus again, she makes John Kerry look like an Eskimo. Check it out!  That in turn makes her look like a horse, see Exhibits 1 and 2 on the left.  And she has extraordinarily bandy legs. Although I can understand this, as her other limitation presumably required excessive time on the casting couch. Still.  It is arguably Jews' greatest accomplishment.  Think about the millions of beautiful goy women who never get a look-in, and then think about SJP.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case. Jews have like totally stacked the deck against us.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

One bright light in a tale of horror

No need to remind Irish readers that yesterday's budget was a horror story. From the neediest to the greediest the hardship came thick and fast. €10 million from this, €5 million from that, extra tax on this bringing in €40 million, from that €15 million.  It seems everyone and everything was hit.

Apart from Money For Lodging to Third World Crooks' Swiss Bank Accounts Foreign Aid.  Yes, we'll shell out over €600 million again this year.  All of it borrowed.  The cuts to childrens' allowances, home help carers, medical entitlements could have been avoided had we cut out Foreign Aid.

But it's the Great Untouchable.  As it seems to be in the UK as well.

Listen as our two Finance Ministers get shredded by the public on radio this morning. Watch our government politicians skulk home for the weekend, terrified of meeting their constituents, sure in  the knowledge that at least half will lose their precious seats at the next election due to this and similar budgets. They know that most of the really unpalatable cuts could have been avoided had FA been abandoned. They know that the Ugandan 'Government' has only recently been exposed as having stolen €4 million of Irish aid money.

Yet they'll troop into the lobbies and vote the budget through.


These people's only real concern, like that of most politicians it must be said, is the ongoing retention of their own seats. They know that up to half of them will lose that seat at the next election.

So why do they do it?  Would it not be a simple thing for them to say 'Ireland has been more than generous over many years - we're the fifth highest per capita donors world-wide - and we'd love to continue. But we cannot continue to borrow money to send to other countries while our own people suffer'.  Then vote against the budget. If enough of them did this, or even threatened to do it, the FA budget would be slashed to pieces.

But they don't and they won't.  Why?  It's so illogical that you'd have to wonder whether there really is some NWO type up there wielding some major threat over them.

I really have come to the belief that this is a possibility.

Monday, 3 December 2012

International AIDS Day

So another International AIDS Day has come and gone. With all the usual tropes and bromides.  'Why doesn't the nasty West do more to help the unfortunate sufferers in Africa?' That's the underlying theme. Always was. As usual I'm here to help.  I have an answer to the problem that's 100% certain to succeed if my prescription is followed. Just like I provided the solution to the problem of mass black incarceration rates.

The reasons Sub-Saharan Africans suffer so disproportionately from AIDS derives from their unique sexual practises, primarily the one whereby men and women, married or single, maintain multiple simultaneous long-term sexual relationships. This is disastrous in terms of spreading the virus in that the infection rate is front-loaded to the initial three weeks. If you do that maths you'll see that this guarantees and almost perfect geometric progression between the various partners and from them onto other relationships. The Western relationship model, based more on serial monogamy and/or one-night stands vastly reduces the risk as the victim would need to be very unlucky to have sex during the danger window.

This fact is well known by now, as is the fact that using condoms drastically reduces the risk of infection. But here we come up against typical "liberal" self-righteous humbug, the kind beloved by Bono et al which flourishes like a fungus in the darkness of the forest. We cannot expect Africans to change their 'culture', so the West must, somehow, do something to save them.  No matter how much it costs.......other people. These high rollers in competitive altruism, smearing and stigmatising anyone who contradict what George Orwell once called their "smelly little orthodoxies."  And if their African pets have to suffer and die because the real causes weren't addressed? Well, regrettable collateral damage for the greater cause of White denigration.

AIDS will be with us for a long time.