Thursday, 31 January 2013

Black History Month 2013

How time flies! Seems no time since we were last celebrating this event.  Well, some of us were celebrating. Too many of us were sneering and denigrating the real accomplishments of blacks. Although of course there's really only one race - the human race.

Anyway, to throw the mockery back in the faces of those small-minded people I have decided to catalogue all those achievements under the following seven classifications:

1. Maths
2. Physics
4. Chemistry
5. Quantum Mechanics
6. Engineering
7. Computer Technology



Wednesday, 30 January 2013

German workers suffer stress

According to English language The Local, nearly half of Germany's workers feel more stressed than two years ago.  They even provide us with a picture of a typical worker.

This typical German worker is shown here (top).

Also, on the same page, they have the lower picture to illustrate 'Going out in Germany'

These images, especially the 'German worker' are so perverse, so crass, so obviously tendentious, so laughingly unrealistic, that I ponder this question: Are those propagandists over-confident, (we're more or less home and dry)  ..... or are they running scared?

I feel it must be one or the other. They must believe The Matrix has been sealed. Or else that we're onto their game....

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Can somebody please help me? I seem to be going insane.

We know what happened to the Jews in Germany during WWII.  They were mercilessly hunted down, to the last man woman and child, and, after a Death March, were killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz or Belsen or wherever. In fact wherever the Germans went the same thing happened, from Paris to Moscow, from Vilnius to Belgrade.

How do we know this?  Well everybody knows it, from hundreds of films, thousands of books, dozens of Holocaust museums, millions of church sermons, from every approved history of the period.  So that seems clear enough.

But then I come across this, an excerpt from the history of the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin, written by a former Head Rabbi at that institution. (Hermann Simon (Die Synagoge Rykestra├če (1904–2004), Berlin: Hentrich & Hentrich and Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin / Centrum Judaicum, 2004, (J├╝dische Miniaturen; vol. 17)).

 “The Jewish school in the front building was forced to close in 1941. However, the Jewish community formally remained proprietor of the site. In May 1942 the borough of Prenzlauer Berg declared its will to acquire the site paying the ridiculous sum of reichsmark 191,860 and with effect of 1 September 1944 the site was conveyanced to the borough. When on 6 May 1943 the Jewish community applied at the Gestapo for a sale permission, since all its property was under custodianship as were any sales proceeds, it named the Heeresstandortverwaltung I Berlin (German Army garrison administration no. I) as the tenant of all the site, except of two little apartments in the front building still rented out to residential tenants.”

So here we have, according to the Rabbi of the synagogue in question:
in the middle of World War II,

the Jewish community,


with the Gestapo,

for the sale of their synagogue,

which happens to be down the road from Hitler’s HQ.

Now tell, am I going insane, or have I momentarily stepped outside The Matrix? And what's that green man with the TV aerial ears doing looking in my window?

Monday, 28 January 2013

"All that glisters is not gold...."

A very small humble cargo ship could do it, all in one go. As could about 100 trucks. Assuming the appropriate level of militarised security.  I'm talking here about the 1,500 tons of German gold stored, or allegedly stored, at the Fed in New York. As every schoolboy knows, the Germans now want it back.

And they'll get it.

But over a period of seven years!

What the hell's going on here?  Give any self-respecting gang of criminals the keys and they'd have the place cleaned out over a weekend. But this exercise will take seven years?  I've been reading all about it everywhere I can for the last few weeks and I can tell you this: I have found nothing that even approaches a logical explanation for the delay.

Unless of course the gold isn't there!  But what about the annual inventory audits conducted by the Budesbank?, you cry. Oh dear. There hasn't been one for a long long time. Well actually, reading between the lines it seems there never was a physical audit or stock check by the efficient Germans.

Here's the knee-slapping, eye-watering funny bit: They trusted the Fed!  Hilarious, isn't it?

So now yet another lunatic theory - that there's no gold in Fort Knox - has been lent respectability.

Interesting times indeed.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post is at a loss to understand what the Petition To Stop 'White Genocide' (note the inverted commas) is all about.  "Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views."  Well, I think I can help you there Jonathan. You cannot understand it because you're a typical low-intelligence black promoted wildly beyond your capabilities purely because you're black. 

Now there, I hope that clears it up for you, Jonny.

The main reason I'm posting on this though is the reassuring tone of so many of the comments to this article.  The Post is of course one of the most 'liberal' (I use that term in its loosest sense) of newspapers and presumably its readership reflects this. It's also known to heavily censor comments and to resort to the ultimate admission of defeat ('we're no longer accepting comments on this report') when too much unsanctified thought emanates from the commentariat .

So, being aware of these restrictions, the commentary on this clown's article is doubly cheering. It shows stirring signs of White awakening. The obvious but never asked question 'if every other race can look after its own interests, why can't Whites?' is raised in one form or another throughout the thread.

Such things give me cause for hope.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

This Britain

As a form of punishment I read the Mail Online every day. Even though the so-called journalists are the usual PC hacks, spouting the ordained Cultural Marxist bilge to order, they cannot make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear. And boy, are there sows' ears in abundance.

As I showed here it's the same almost every day. The brutally fast destruction of Britain is chronicled - inadvertantly - into what will be a feast for for future generations of historians. And criminologists.

Cultural enrichers are given positions of responsibility in the public sector (while millions of Britons remain unemployed) which positions are then routinely abused to  illegally extract small fortunes.  Like the Ugandan woman who created multiple identities through the simple expedient of claiming asylum each time she visited Britain.  Simple as that. For those multiple personas she created multiple imaginary children who lived in multiple imaginary houses, milking the system for every penny every step of the way.  Oh, did I mention that she also claimed to be suffering from HIV? For this she extracted over £2 million in costly drugs which were, with internal connivance, simply sold back in Uganda - and probably paid for by some western charity.

Provided they're from a protected race or religion, judicial excuses are made for the most vile criminals (brutality towards children, unprovoked violent attacks, sexual violence and child sexual abuse) with sentences frequently attracting no custodial element or a judicial slap on the wrist. Meanwhile shout a rude word at a black footballer from the terraces and you're banged up for months.  Terrorists are, as a matter of routine, refused extradition for the most spurious reasons, and then released onto the streets. Invariably to go back to living off social welfare.

Literally the scum of the earth can land in Britain and be granted sanctuary, despite continuing their lives of crime.  Meanwhile Henrie Fourie, an outstanding open side flanker who has actually qualified to play for England and done so on several occasions, faces deportation. You see he's suffered a career-ending injury so he's no longer working.  Back to South Africa for you boy. White Englishmen have been enthusiastically deported by the authorities for some trivial administrative oversight, yet murderous scum like this have become 'one of us' according to the Presiding Judge.

Sorry for the rant and in reality I'm not telling any of you what you don't know already.  But I get incandescent with rage when I see what could arguably be described as the greatest nation the world has seen being destroyed before our eyes by a traitorous NWO clique.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Anyone spot the irony?

Anybody spot the irony here?  Chuck Hagel grovels and recants his heresy before the assorted Israeli lobbies  in Washington, thereby paving the way to his being approved as Secretary of Defence.

His heresy? 

Claiming that the Israeli lobby is too powerful.  So, as I see it, the Israeli lobby uses its power to force him into denying that the Israeli lobby is too powerful.

Yeah, makes perfect sense.

I'm not an Israeli-basher,but its relationship with America is simply obscene (as this clip testifies).

A worrying development

Good to see that testosterone-fuelled amazon Serena Williams sent packing from the Australian Open. Being an essential component of The Matrix, the MSM naturally gushed about the 'grace' with which she took her loss.  Of course, true to form, nothing could have been further from the truth, as the smashed rackets, grudging cursory handshake at the end and the perennial 'I lost only because I was injured' excuse in the post match interview testified.

Hopefully in due course these two half men will go the way of all steroid-popping black athletes, losing their money and returning to drug dealing Compton (where their sister was shot trying to score).  I'm not making cheap shots at Serena here. I have never accepted that a woman could have developed muscles like hers in the absence of chemical enhancement. And of course the endless run of injuries only lends substance(!) to these suspicions.  She's on record as vigorously opposing more rigorous drug testing and has avoided a number of surprise tests. Yet the dikes who run the WTA never sanctioned her.  Dat be racis'.

The worrying development is that her conqueror is also black. (I suppressed a chuckle when I read that she's from Plantation, Florida.)  And she actually seems to be a woman who could bear kids. And given that Gael Monfils is still around we now have a breeding pair loose on the circuit. Worrying for those who want to keep the ghetto out of the sport.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Where's the Apocalypse when you need it?

Literally for years now I've been hearing how the whole financial system will soon collapse into total meltdown, apocalyptically, in a way never seen before. A kind of apocalypse porn is the order of the day in the blogosphere. Max Keiser, Alex Jones and half his guests, Gerald Celente, Mac name it, they've warned us. The latest Mayan Prophesy, from Keiser, tells us that next April is the time.Based on evidence to date I'm not heading for the hills or stocking up on ammo.
If I sound a wee bit peeved, well I am. I was kinda looking forward to it in a certain way. Newly impoverished Whites will finally start asking why they're picking up the cost for the dangerous and degenerate rabble of useless parasites from the Turd World, lazing about here like sated ticks, while the traitors who brought them in may, God willing, get strung up. The EBT cards will stop working, the banksters will be driven out with pitchforks, Obama's teleprompter will go blank, The phony black middle class will revert to poverty, as nature ordained. The trough in which the equality, diversity and immigration industries noses were sunk will be defunded.

In short the Matrix, that fantasy universe, that giant cocoon of lies, that Potemkin Village of Diversity Wonderfulness, will collapse because of, well, The Collapse.

So will we finally witness it next April.? I don't think so, nor will we see it the April after that, for that matter. You see, I do believe that the current financial 'system' is unsustainable. Of course it is. But the eye-watering debts that have been incurred, and the entitlements that have been accrued, can be very easily met by any country that can print its own currency. So for example the Chinese tell America they want their thousand trillion, or whatever it is, to be repaid now. All the US has to do is fire up the printing presses and print out a crisp one thousand trillion dollar note. Problem solved!

Sure, the value of the currency will instantly collapse and it is a de facto if not de jure sovereign default. But so what? Same with Social Security or other pensions. You're entitled to half your finishing salary? Fine, here it is. In freshly devalued dollars. Or Euros, or Yen or whatever.
I'm not being facetious here. Of course massive inflation will result and that in turn has major ramifications. But done slowly over time you'll apply the boiling the frog solution. Just as they do now, people will simply be aware that they're getting gradually poorer despite the bromide of rapidly increasing pay. But there's been no rebellion yet. And the pets, the minorities, immigrants and sexual deviants of all sorts will continue to be looked after.

So no, I don't see a single cataclysmic event. Just a slow destruction of wealth through the debasing of currencies. I see the big losers being the middle classes. The super-wealthy will as always have their exit well prepared while the 'victim class' must also be appeased less they burn down our cities if their gibsmedats are taken away.

Not good. Not good at all.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Comment policy change

In response to a suggestion by Paris Claims (where does that handle come from?) and several more of you over time, I'm changing to unmoderated comments.  sometimes I find that this lowers the standard of the interactions and of course it also exposes the blog to spamming.  Anyway, let's give it a try and see how it works out.

Strongly recommended

Meant to recommend this site to you some time ago.  Essentially it's about White community building in Britain.

Here's a summary of their objectives.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


The 100m final at the 2012 Olympics was just like any other Friday night in Brixton.

You heard a gunshot followed by 8 black guys legging it!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dar-al-Islam in Central London

This is the way it always happens with the Religion Of Peace.  Gain a foothold. Bring every relation you can think of to live in your zone.  Breed like flies. Use 'lawfare' to get your 'rights' established (more accurately, get the rights of the natives to be disestablished). Intimidate remaining kuffers from your zone.  Then enforce its boundaries.

As you can see in the videos here, this is the position today in the heart of the Empire on which, at one time, the sun never set.  The 'Muslim Patrol' is heard to say, "Alcohol banned. This is a Muslim area. Muslims patrol the area."  One young woman, when confronted by the patrol, states, "I am appalled, this is Great Britain", to which the thugs are heard to reply, "We don't care. It's not so Great Britain".

They're right.

Patriots, watch it and weep. Traitors (Bliar, Cameron, Browne, et al) watch it and rejoice. 

Meanwhile just a few streets away a gang of Muslim paedophile sadistic rapists are on trial. Ironic, or what?

I learned that several of the videos uploaded to the account have already been removed as they violated YouTube's terms and conditions. One specifically states that YouTube deemed it intentionally "designed to bully, harrass and threaten". Can you fucken credit that? Orwellian NewSpeak at its finest.

Excellent comment by one reader of that site:

"What is it going to take for white Europeans, and English people in particular, to wake the hell up and see what is happening to their country and the place their ancestors built, fought and died for? Go walk around London, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Rochdale, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Manchester or most of the other large towns and cities in the country, can you still seriously not see what is happening here?  Dont English people understand? If you dont wake up and do something right now, the country is literally gone, forever. It is the people who make a nation, it is the people who make a culture, not the other way around. When the English are replaced and erased in their own nation, England does not exist."

Which would appear to be what it's all about, dear reader.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Career path for White male journalists

In this post I suggested that University education, especially in the non-technical faculties, is headed for a rude awakening. The sooner the Cultural Marxist brainwashing comes to grief the better.  'Journalism' and media graduates must surely rank as among the most brainwashed of all.  How must they now see the lie of the land?

I ask because their precious agenda to destroy the West requires that minorities of all sorts, race, gender, religion, disability - you name it - must be given employment priority over White males.  Unlike with 'hard' subjects, where, if you employ on that basis, bridges will fall down and aeroplanes plummet from the sky.  Net result, White males are drastically under-represented among journalists, TV reporters and news readers. 

Surely it must dawn on even the most dim-witted White male that he's getting the short end of the stick? Surely the gross unfairness of it all must strike him, as everywhere he looks he sees blacks and women whose output, spoken or written, is frequently of a very poor quality (check out regional representatives for the main American TV networks, or any MSM printed outlet.)  What does he feel when he applies for such jobs and gets rejected because of his race and/or his gender?

If and when such realisation dawns I wonder will it lead to a reappraisment of their views and the blatant propaganda they've been trained, like performing seals, to regurgitate? I don't know. But maybe there is cause for hope.

And remember the mantra 'worse is better'.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The shape of things to come?

This is like something straight from a Covington novel. It seems to me that constellations are falling into alignment. Unfathomable forces are gathering for a contest of cosmic import. Who knows how this will play out? But as we contemplate the ghastly destruction of our civilisation I bring you the words of the Bard: "so foul a sky clears not without a storm. Dear Lord it hath a fiendish look!

A group of like-minded patriots, bound together by pride in American exceptionalism, plan on building an armed community to protect their liberty. The group, named Citadel, intends to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 acres for the project in western Idaho. The community will comprise of 3,500 to 7,000 families of patriotic Americans who "voluntarily choose to live together in accordance with Thomas Jefferson's ideal of Rightful Liberty."

Residents should also agree that being "prepared for the emergencies of life and being proficient with the American icon of Liberty -- the Rifle -- are prudent measures." Some of the benefits of the Citadel community include a safe, well-prepared, patriotic community where children will be educated in school, not indoctrinated.

The community will be protected by a perimeter wall that will be inaccessible to "tourists." Each neighborhood within the community will have lower walls, dividing the town into defensible sections. The community has posted a warning on their home page: "Marxists, Socialists, Liberals and Establishment Republicans will likely find that life in our community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles."

Somehow I don't see a flood of applications from the Jamals and LaQuishas of this world. Boy, it will be so interesting to see how the dynamics of this initiative play out.

From the bottom of my heart I wish them well

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ann Coulter funks out

Though Ann Coulter has variously been described as 'fearless', 'provocative',  having 'the courage of her convictions' etc. I've never been totally convinced. She always struck me as similar to Good King What's-his-name who lead his army three times up the hill........and back down again. I got confirmation of this on reading a recent piece of hers on The Daily Caller. Promisingly she turned the spotlight on America's demographic tipping point whereby Whites will in due course fall into minority status.

But she blames it on Teddy Kennedy!

Specifically for his authorship of the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates and, as she says, lead to the current demographic crisis. She also makes a few half-hearted swipes at other sources....including Mitt Romney!  All the time studiously avoiding the elephant in the room. Because the real author of the 1965 Act was a Jewish Senator, one Jacob Javits. Kennedy, a mere freshman Senator, was brought in to provide a figleaf of broader support.

It's an easily discernible fact that Jewish interests were the drivers for mass Third World immigration to the US from well before 1965, even back to the previous century. Senator Herbert Lehman(!) was active in the Senate prior to Javits, and several leading members of the House (Celler, Dickstein) did their bit in that institution.  But it went far beyond the immediate political forums. Jewish immigration interests - as they diligently pursued the long term objective - made tactical temporary alliances with various ethnic and religious groups, industrialists who wanted cheap labour, and even trade unions who supported the cause for ideological reasons.

In this post I quoted S. M. Neuringer (himself Jewish) who said what Ann Coulter should have. “In order to sway immigration in a liberal direction, Jewish spokespersons and organizations demonstrated a degree of energy unsurpassed by any other interested pressure group. Immigration had constituted a prime object of concern for practically every major Jewish defence and community relations organization. Over the years, their spokespersons had assiduously attended congressional hearings, and the Jewish effort was of the utmost importance in establishing and financing such non-sectarian groups as the National Liberal Immigration League and the Citizens Committee for Displaced Persons.”

It's bad enough, but perhaps understandable up to a point, that Coulter ignores this monstrous elephant in the room. After all, were she to point it out, even timidly and with the inevitable torrent of abject apologies and recantations, she'd have been quickly Buchanened or Derbyshired, cast into exterior darkness for all time. But what I do find unforgiveable is her foisting the blame for the 1965 Act onto Kennedy.  Don't get me wrong. Kennedy was a despicable man in all too many ways. But he would have seen his partnership with the very senior Javits on this Act as ego-boosting (a vital consideration for Ted) and probably an opportunity to ingratiate himself with his strongly Irish support base. Deep strategic thinker he was not.  Unlike Javits and his ilk.  Coulter ignores all of this, and uses him as a handy 'liberal' White patsy instead.

So Ann, you put career before principle. Which, I suppose, is what journalists are employed to do.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Flying the flag

I like Ulster people generally but the extreme Loyalists are another kettle of fish.  They really make themselves hard to like .....and they're Rangers supporters to boot. The world has again been treated over the last few weeks to them doing what they do best.  Riot.

But in this case their cause is surely 100% justified. Because Belfast City Council has voted to prohibit the flying of the national flag except on certain days.  And yes, I did say National Flag. To wit, the flag of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  Now is there anywhere else in the world (ok, apart from Aztlan and Miami) where flying a country's flag would be banned? I don't think so.

But in Norn Iron what's good for The Other Side must, by definition, be bad for Our Side, and vice versa. Sinn Fein and the SDLP provoked an entirely unnecessary crisis, and surely can't be surprised at the resultant violence. This is squalid political opportunism of the lowest kind. Sadly, all too typical of what we've seen down the years.

And by the way, isn't Norn Iron a great advertisement for diversity?  The two Tribes are almost the same. The inhabitants of Ulster and Scotland have been invading and migrating back and forth for millenia, inter-marrying and giving us, and America in particular, the feisty Scots-Irish.  Yet, despite all they share in common communal hostilities are always simmering beneath the surface.  How then, in God's name, do we expect Europeans to live in peace and harmony with such exotica as Africans and Muslims?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Reading the Mail

I skip through the Mail Online most days, it being a quick and easy way to get a sense of the latest prolefeed that passes for news. One thing jumps out at me, day after day, week after week. If there's something lousy being reported you'll see Whites will represent but a small minority, despite forming the vast majority (for now) of the population.

If you read reports of riots, stabbings, shootings, welfare cheats, muggings, armed robbery, assault and battery, child abuse, failing schools, gangs, . you'll see black or brown faces. If there's not a picture you'll read names like Mohammed, Lemaricus, Abdullah, Ndebe or whatever Turd World moniker the offender goes by.

Check it out for yourself. It's mind-boggling. Jesus, how could the West have let itself be debased and corrupted by such a flood of shiftless, unproductive, violent, backward, dysfunctional, unassimilable degenerate parasitical morons?


Sam Francis said, "You cannot separate a culture and its attendant civilization from the genetic endowments of its founding people, nor can you expect to transfer it to another people." The West is now nothing more than a convenient pile of shit for the world's blow-flies..... a civilisation sliding into the abyss.

I tell you this: Historians will write about this era for centuries to come, just as they write of the collapse of Rome today.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Par for the course.

Had a coffee over Kwanzaa with a girl I know for many years. She's the ultimate liberal/left/progressive luvvie and is forever doing degrees in subjects like Empowering Woman, Reparation Studies and such like. But she's also a sweet, gentle and lovely person. She has done voluntary work in Africa and suffered horrific personal outrage for her troubles, but she persists.

I tried to point out to her the essential uselessness of Africans and that her attempts were therefore doomed to failure.  Knowing me since she's a child she took it all in a semi-serious 'oh you're awful' type of way. Interestingly when I offered to provide her with links which quickly backed up my assertions she recoiled like I had struck her. 'No thanks!!!'.  Then I asked her would any of her colleagues in the poverty industry be interested in them. 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'

So there you have it. An open-minded academic (an oxymoron, I know) who recoils at the thought of evidence refuting her preconceptions. And is simply horrified at the possibility of my sending it on to her colleagues.

Typical, isn't it?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A useful principle

Read an interesting piece in the National Review recently which underlined a most important principle when dealing with Muslims.  Here's Andrew McCarthy:

An Egyptian court recently upheld the blasphemy conviction of Makarem Diab a Coptic Christian. Diab had gotten into a discussion with a Muslim acquaintance, Abd al-Hameed, who, in the course of mocking Diab’s faith, insisted that Jesus was a serial fornicator. Diab countered Hameed’s baseless taunt with an assertion most Islamic scholars regard as accurate: namely, that Mohammed had more than four wives. Yet, because the context of Diab’s assertion evinced an intention to cast Islam’s prophet in an unfavorable light, Diab was prosecuted for “insulting the prophet” and “provoking students.” He was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

The principle is this: Muslims can not discuss their religion rationally. Even those highly educated and seemingly open-minded and modern, even when they're friends. Even when the discussion is laced with joshing and laughter I've found this out personally, and ironically, it was a Coptic Christian who warned me. (I ignored his warning). I didn't end up in jail but was frozen out of a particular country for all time.

Be warned. .

Friday, 4 January 2013

Action in 2013

Many of you have taken the opportunity of the New Year to suggest taking more practical steps to defend White/Western interests. I agree and maybe a review of this post would be worthwhile.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A truly horrifying statistic

Read Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood over Kwanzaa and it rekindled my interest in the notorious Miami suburb of Hialeah.  This is the place where unwary visitors get lost as the head to or from the nearby airport. Invariably with tragic results. Numerous European toursts have been robbed and murdered there. I was taken for a tour there one time by a friend from Miami who knew it well. Horrible place, not tree to be seen and with surly-looking Latino 'youths' everywhere.

The book piqued my interest and I started reading up on the place. At which point I discovered that it's 96.8% White. WHHHAAAATTTTTT???????   I didn't remember seeing a single White person there.

Then a closer look revealed that the total included the category 'White Hispanic'. The US Census Bureau says 'a White Hispanic is a citizen or resident who is racially white and of Hispanic descent.' That sounds reasonable. It'd incude people like tennis player Feliciano Lopez, shown in the top picture.  But the people of Hialeah did not look like him.  They looked like those on the lower pic.

Now here's the horrifying thought: What if this grotesque misrepresentation is replicated throughout the United States? It makes a mockery of existing demographic data and the conclusions drawn from them.  More to the point it would mean that real Whites are probably in an actual minority there. If such is the case you'd have to ask is it really too late?

Special thanks to all commentators

As we enter the New Year I'd like to thank all of you who comment here.  To my mind a blog is a combination of the author(s) plus the commentators. That's what makes blogs different.  And, ok, I'm biased, but I think the ones we have on this blog are second to none.  I eagerly await the comments so keep 'em coming!