Thursday, 28 February 2013

"The traitor is the plague"

As regular readers will be aware, I have a special interest in Sweden, mainly because of its phenomenal achievements, relative to its tiny population, in industry, science, and sport. And its woman epitomise Nordic beauty at its best.  As we all know that country is being destroyed, rapidly, at a rate as fast as that of any other White country. I am also aware that the press there is literally worse than in any other White country when it comes to being uniformly anti-White, relentlessly pushing mass Third World immigration, and excluding non-sanctified opinion.

Even though Jews in Sweden make up a minuscule 0.2% of the Swedish population (just 20,000 of them) they virtually own the Swedish media.  It was only after researching Swedish sources using Google Translate that the full mind-blowing extent of this became apparent.  Check this link (use GT if needed) if you want the full gory details..

And draw your own conclusions.

"For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” -
Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Shine, shine the light

In a comment to the previous post Nastiest Uncle poses an obvious question: If White Nationalists see Jews as such a problem, what should we do with them?  Funny that I never thought of things this way, obvious and all as the question now seems. 

Anyway, here's my take. First, as you can imagine, I don't propose any solution which would find favour with the more febrile readers of this blog. But I do propose something simple, and it's pretty much in line with what Keiser (and Frank Galton who supplied the attached image) suggests in his comments.

In a word, awareness. Shine the light on what Jewish interests have done and are doing to all western societies. Point to how they created what I call the architecture of destruction via the Frankfurt School and their undermining of western and Christian institutions, Boasian anthropology, feminism, Freudianism, mass Third World immigration to White lands (and only White lands) and the overall degradation of western culture (MTV, Hollywood, modern 'art').

Shout loudly every time we see disproportionate numbers of Jews being promoted (via tribal solidarity) into unmerited positions. Ask why, if Jews are only x% of the population they comprise x multiplied by 10,000 the number of media 'personalities', top politicians, bankers, university presidents etc.

Shine that light baby!

The solution to the Jewish problem is to have such fundamental issues aired and debated and fingers pointed at the appropriate targets. There can be no pussy-footing around the issues. My exposure of Alan Shatter (label 'Shatter Watch') can serve as an example, but of course needs to be publicised on a cosmically larger scale. Here I expose exactly what Shatter is doing and why he is doing it. I don't shy away in any sense from his Jewishness being fundamental to his actions.  In this way also the good Jews who are not working for our destruction can, if they wish, make an invaluable contribution.

If the machinations of the destroyers are constantly exposed and debated they'll melt away like snow in the sun. The 'Jewish problem' would be largely solved.  Paradoxically this, in the long term, would probably be 'good for the Jews' also in that the exposure would enforce responsible and less unpopular behaviour.

Next step is, ahem, making this happen!

(I've copied over some of the comments from the previous post.)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The LAPD: A diversity success story

Doubtless you've all read extensively about Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who reverted to nature, ventilating a few nonentities before perishing in a fiery shootout with his erstwhile colleagues. I initially dismissed the story on the basis of his being of a typical AA appointee promoted way beyond his capabilities before in due course chimping out at some real or imagined disrespec'.

Incidentally, UN makes the telling point that the heavily armed and well trained Dorner was able to tie down the whole LAPD for nearly a week before meeting his demise. Begging the question, what could a heavily armed and united White force achieve should the occasion arise?

But the main issue I want to raise here is what Dorner revealed about the multi-culti LAPD, celebrated for its diversity, touted as a success symbol for racial unity. Seems that White cops routinely abuse blacks, blacks promoted to supervisory roles use their superior positions to 'take revenge' on white cops that they passed out on their (AA-based) rise, the white cops in turn do all in their power to screw up these blacks, Latinos see the badge primarily as a means of terrorising and shaking down the whole community while virtual open warfare exists between black and Latino officers.  Overall he paints a picture of the LAPD as a loose organisation of rival racially based and mutually hostile gangs.

Which is probably what gave rise to the heading that followed Dorner's death:'Security Warning Issued To Public As LAPD Resume Duties'.

Don't ya just love it?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Such moral people

"Quite frankly I don't believe in sharing the same island with them. Decent people will need to get away before they choke. The kind of policy the pair believe in will ensure that if the rest of us will have to breathe the same air as they do we will be in increasing danger of contamination."

Crikey!  Either we're in the company of somebody with an exquisitely honed moral code, and/or the subjects of the odium are truly terrible people. Would you agree? Child molesters, perhaps, or maybe brutal murderers?

Well in fact no, on all counts.  The people Emer O'Kelly chastises in the Sunday Independent are two Donegal councillors who objected to 'travellers', the Irish gypsy equivalent, being allowed to live among the settled community. Let me clarify here that travellers display those self-same characteristics which make blacks so loved and valued everywhere: Their presence is synonymous with extreme violence, theft, welfare abuse and environmental degradation. A vastly disproportionate number will fill the local jails. Bars and hotels that they frequent will be wrecked.

You know the story.

When she pauses for breath in her sanctimonious denunciation Ms. O'Kelly trots out the standard excuse......'of course they get drunk and violent, and may abuse welfare etc. but so do settled [or White] people'. So there. They're no different to the rest of us, see! Except that proportionally they do it in vastly greater numbers.  And yes, there are, as she claims, honest hard-working and law-abiding travellers and blacks. But these are the exception not the rule.

And like academics and wealthy 'liberals' everywhere she won't have to run the gauntlet of such behaviour in the wealthy Dublin 4 suburb where she lives. She, and her ilk, can vent and flaunt their superior moral standards, and gain a leg-up in the Competitive Altrusm race, secure in the knowledge that it will have no negative effects on them at all.

Hypocrisy off the Richter scale.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Chutzpah on steroids

In a visit to Turkey some time ago Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres announced that "We reject attempts to create a similarity between the Holocaust and the Armenian allegations. Nothing similar to the Holocaust occurred. What the Armenians went through is a tragedy, but not genocide." Armenians were understandably outraged.  "We protest this assertive stance by the top diplomat of a nation whose sons and daughters themselves lived through the Holocaust."
Peres' sentiments were then reiterated by Israel's ambassador to Armenia Georgia Rivka Cohen, who said the Genocide could not be compared with the Holocaust™. This resulted in further public outrage and a diplomatic row between Armenia and Israel. The Israeli Government not only validated Cohen's remarks, but went on to suggest that 'this issue requires extensive research and an academic dialogue based on testimonials and proof'.

At which point I collapsed. Awakened by the thud, Lady Savant found me on the floor, quivering uncontrollably, my finely chiseled lips flecked with foam, my eyes staring wildly into space. Only after the administration of copious quantities of Ritalin could I could finally be induced to approach my computer again. And there it was. It had not been a bad dream.

Yes, the Israelis are saying that claims of a genocide, before being accepted, must be supported by 'extensive research and an academic dialogue based on testimonials and proof'. OK, one more time: The Israelis are saying that claims of a genocide, before being accepted, must be supported by 'extensive research and an academic dialogue based on testimonials and proof'.

Meanwhile, as every schoolboy knows, for most European countries and in the Anglosphere generally, not only does the Holocaust™ claim not require 'extensive research and an academic dialogue based on testimonials and proof', but anyone looking for such a thing will find himself up before the courts in double quick time, probably jailed, and certainly have his career ruined.

I leave you with this from the judge at a recent Denial Trial in Germany.  Judge Meinerzhagen summing up, said it was "completely irrelevant whether the holocaust really did happen or did not happen. It is illegal to deny it in Germany, and that is all that counts in court."

Remind me again, what language gives us the word chutzpah?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The truly despicable MSM

In this  post I wrote about the unspeakable depths to which the MSM will sink to sell their lies and distortions. Swedish media are among the worst anywhere. Take this headline from The Local:

"Swedish women warned off dating US men online"

Followed by a report beginning  "A US engineer whose online claims didn't turn out to be true have (sic) left a Gothenburg woman out of pocket and brokenhearted, and one of dozens of Swedish women who have fallen victim to an increasingly common online dating scam."

Seems straightforward enough, doesn't it? (apart from the atrocious grammer, typical of today's 'journalists').  And that's how it was meant to seem.  Nasty white Americans and all that.  But the reality is different.  Totally different.  Reading through the full report it emerges that the scammers are in fact Nigerians (quelle surprise?) pretending to be well-off Americans. The classical Nigerian 419 scam.

What vile bastards these 'journalists' are. Not alone do they deliberately mislead but they do it in such a way that ordinary Swedish girls are more likely to fall victim to such crooks in the future. But that doesn't matter to those psychos masquerading as journalists once they get the propaganda out. They of course will be well aware that a very high proportion of readers read just the headline and/or skim through the actual report itself. So the lie does its job.

How I dream of seeing every one of them out of a job, poverty-stricken and ostracised.  But I'm not holding my breath, unfortunately.

The strategy is explained here.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Celebrating diversity at Minneapolis South High

Stan Alleyne, the Minneapolis Public Schools chief of communications says that Minneapolis South High is a school that continually makes the district proud. “South is a very diverse high school. It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

Well the last bit is true, whatever about the rest. Part of this 'living diversity every day' seems to involve regular police storming the dining areas, blazing away with rubber bullets and mace while flailing with truncheons as they try to break up vicious inter-ethnic inter-religious fighting.

One student, Abdi Sheikh, (yes) said he saw hundreds of students fighting in what appeared to be a racial incident. “A big riot,” he said. “It was all types of races.”  Well it wasn't actually.  A close perusal of the comments and reports in other media outlets makes clear that the fighting was primarily between African Muslims (most likely Somalis, with which Minnesota is infested) and local African-Americans.

Isn't that amazing?  I thought they'd all be model students. You see, I read that somewhere......

Here's another student, Symone Glasker, demonstrating an uncanny insight into the ethnic nuances involved: “I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people. They want their pride back or something. I don’t know.” She also said “boys were hitting girls” (what, Muslims doing that????)  and that some people were lying on the floor, with their hands over their heads, in surrender.

Sounds like good multicultural fun to me. Maybe that's the 'vibrancy' they always speak about? I never understood what they meant by that.  Until now.

I wonder will there be calls to ban food that fits the definition of an assault food?

In conclusion I give you the thoughts of one commentator.

You wanted diversity.
Now you got it.

You were tricked into wanting multiculturalism to show you aren't some supremacist racist.
Now you got it.

You wanted to feed the poor and help the sick.
Now you got millions of them.

Home school, if you're not doing it already.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

An African Pope?

Well, that's what the bookies say....they're offering short odds on it.  If it happens I believe the successful competitor will have a profile reflecting most if not all of the following:

() Has multiple children
() Has multiple mistresses
() Has embezzled vast sums of Church money
() Luxuriates in an oil sheik lifestyle
() Engages in witchcraft
() Has performed at least one ritual sacrifice of an albino
() Has appointed multiple unqualified members of his own tribe to key ecclesiastical positions (bishop, nun)
() Killed at least one competitor to get his current job
() Suffers from an STD
() Is a Freemason
Just you wait........

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pas de Regrets

Several comments to my most recent post to the effect that the Church, being hated by Jews, especially those most focused on destroying Whites, should not be subjected to criticism or ridicule. My awakening has made me well aware of those who seek the destruction of Whites and I do agree that the Catholic Church represents a prime target for them. That does not make me a RC supporter.

Look, I've grown up in Ireland in the fifties and sixties, at a time when the Church held unchallenged control. And I did not like it, not one little bit. You need not just take the more obvious outrages such as child abuse, forced labour scandals, bringing undue influence to bear on bequests and so on. The whole monolithic environment dampened the spirit, inhibited free thought, was deeply suspicious of science and accordingly made Ireland a backward poverty-stricken nation of young people just waiting to emigrate. The whole environment was marinated in a sea of hypocrisy. It suffused everything and could only sicken any fair-minded person.

So no, I don't regret its passing. I don't regret that its clergy is at last being held to account for its sins and omissions. I don't regret that a girl who gets pregnant is no longer driven from polite society and her child forcibly taken from her. I don't regret that a couple whose marriage breaks down have a chance to start anew. I don't regret that Catholics are no longer banned from attending a friend's funeral in a Protestant Church. I don't regret the end of brutal physical punishment in schools by sadists who delighted in their abuse, which seemed to have as its ultimate aim the destruction of the child's self-respect and capacity for independent thought.

Good riddance to those times and the institution that brought them on to us.

Does that mean I like what we have now? Well, every reader of this blog knows my views. Systematic and planned population replacement, denigration and mixing out of Whites, cringing in terror before the Gods of Political Correctness, the undermining of the family, the tolerance, nay, the celebration of degeneracy, systematic and deliberate dumbing down of culture.

I detest these developments and yes, they would not have occurred had the Church remained ascendant.  The Church Militant, as it were. Well, I don't want either of them. And I don't see why we should have to choose one over the other. Maybe we do.  But I don't think we have to submit to one tyranny or the other.  I believe that, in say the thirties, forties and fifties most Northern European countries, The United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand had achieved a good balance.

That's what we should try to regain.

I also did a series of posts on the subject Do We Need Christianity? a few years back (final one here).

Pope Ben resigns

I've never been a fan of him, the Vatican, or the Catholic Church in general, but with my awakening comes a realisation that his being a white Christian calls for a little solidarity on my part. But this post is an opportunity to explore, with your kind help, something that has intrigued me for years. Not exactly of profound or strategic importance I know, but I must ask: What happens when he urgently needs to take a dump?

Think about it.  Look at those layers of clothing, from the top hat on down. Surely no self-respecting Pope would perform his ablutions with that on?  Then there are layers of cloaks and vesty things of every kind, none of which look to be easily discarded.  All underpinned by the papish underwear which we can reasonably assume to be not of the Speedo variety.

The problem is compounded by the urgent and unpredictable nature of bowel movements in the elderly.  Remember also that his sphincter, the controller of last resort, will have come in for a lot of attention during all those years in the monastery, so must be in rag order.

Maybe sometime we'll see future Popes decked out in a fetching  shade of Papal Brown?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kerry road sign

After all the Sturm Und Drang of the last few posts, here's something on a lighter note.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mud sharks and coal burners beware.

The July 2003 issue of the American Journal of Public Health published a massive study of spousal homicide. It was conducted by 18 experts in the medical field. The study states “Femicide, the homicide of women, is the leading cause of death in the United States among young African American women aged 15 to 45 years.” Most women are murdered by a male partner.

According to the study, white females married to black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white females married to white males. Now that's a pretty scary statistic. Would you not expect that to be emblazoned over the door of every church, social club, and media outlet?

Of course you wouldn't.

The same study shows that white men married to black women are 21.4 times more likely to be murdered by their wife than white men married to white women. The study shows that white women married to black men have the single highest risk of death by femicide of any married women in the US.

Source: J A Mercy and L E Saltzman. Fatal violence among spouses in the United States, 1976-85.. American Journal of Public Health: May 1989, Vol. 79, No. 5, pp. 595-599.

Monday, 4 February 2013

On Nastiest Uncles

I have a number of Jewish friends and colleagues who, during my deluded white liberal (DWL) days  were among the few to warn about non-White immigration. An Israeli work colleague continually got onto me, warning that we'd regret 'leaving all those savages' (he had Muslims in mind, admittedly) enter our countries. One Irish Jewish friend in particular used to rant about 'the fucking monkeys swarming all over the place'.  And, irony of ironies, I used to admonish them for their racism ('you as Jews, of all people.......').

As you know I subsequently, and over time, became aware of the central role Jews played in setting this destructive process in train and how indeed they continue to do so (stand up Alan Shatter). Those friends and colleagues - and this will come as no surprise - absolutely refuse to even contemplate the possibility of this being true. Response is kind of hands over the ears and 'na-na-na-na-na I can't hear you'.  In common with all Jews they refuse to accept any Jewish blame. Which comes with the territory, I guess.

Now: Are those people friends or enemies of our cause? They actively oppose mass immigration. They don't demonstrate any support for the other main planks of White destruction such as feminism, political correctness, moral/cultural relativism, or degenerate art. Surely it's a bad strategy to alienate and antagonise them and drive them out of 'our' camp? Surely every movement encompasses a wide range of views and priorities?  Listen, we're not exactly swamped with supporters, are we?

The argument will be made that they only appear to be with us so as to sow dissension in our ranks. I have no doubt that this applies in many if not most cases. But it certainly does not apply with the people I know. And don't argue with me on this because I've known most of them all my life. They are not dissimulating. So if I call them fucking Jew bastards and tell them to get out of my sight, well, as far as I'm concerned all I've done is lose them as allies, albeit attenuated ones.

Which brings me to Nastiest Uncle. I'll stick my neck out and propose that he's like my friends, with similar objectives. Sure, he'll defend and mislead and so on when the central role of  Jews is pointed out. Just as my friends and colleagues do. Now I've been inundated with complaints to the effect that he brings the Jewish issue into every response and that, as per Occidental Dissent, this immediately lowers the standard of the discussion.

Well I've taken a long look back at the threads and one point has become clear.  UN never brings the JI into his comments unless it's flung in his face or it forms the basis of my main post.  Au contraire, what happens almost all the time is that he makes a general point, and is then immediately inundated with a torrent of abuse predicated on his Jewishness.

So the issue we have to face, ladies and gentlemen, is whether we see Jews who support our main objectives while denying Jewish responsibility as allies or enemies. My view, and it can change, as my pathetic confession in the first paragraph shows, is that they are allies. Allies with whom we disagree on a vital strategic issue, but on which we hope to change their minds by way of reasoned dialogue.

This latter statement will, I know, drive many of you to despair.  To curse my naivety. And you may be right. But I hope you're not.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Education by rape

At first glance a feral, violent and parasitical proto-human from Zimbabwe might appear an unlikely source of pedagogical enlightenment.  But it depends on how you look at it.  You see there's this lady in Cork (thanks to those of you who sent me this link) who, let's just say, had a certain view on cultural enrichers from Africa. The kind of view that prompted her to invite him into her house and provide him with sustenance and hospitality. She assumed that, being a wonderful numinous African he would be both grateful and reciprocative. That after all is how she has been programmed to believe by everything she reads and sees on TV.

And that's where the splendidly named Lovemore Dube administered an effective lesson in reality to this particular DWL, who now presumably harbours more realistic views. 'When alone with his victim, he effected a long, gratuitously violent and insulting rape which left the victim severely injured and severely traumatised' the judge said. Dube, who was born in Zimbabwe, and has a South African passport, as the Irish Slimes coyly put it, 'came to Ireland' in 2005.

The woman told how she feared that Dube was going to kill her when, after biting her on her breasts, he put his hands on her neck and began to choke her as he raped her in the bedroom of her house.

“I couldn’t breathe as I was being strangled and I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want to die like this and I thought his face would be the last thing I would ever see in this life. His eyes looked evil and they bored into me and he seemed to enjoy my suffering as he kept laughing. I felt humiliated, powerless, and his smell repulsed me.” She added that Dube slapped her and called her “a bitch” and “a slut” during the rape.

Talk about gratitude!

In a concluding thoughtful gesture he told her that he was HIV positive and that she would now get AIDS. She had to endure 'an agonising wait' until the tests proved negative.

Seems a nice chap. He's got nine years (two suspended) which means he'll be out free to rape again in about 36 months.  Will he be deported?  Well our traitorous scumbag of a 'Justice' Minister made a small fortune in his private practise defending such specimins' right to remain in Ireland. My bet is that in ten years time he'll still be here, having exhausted a million Euro in court fees as he, at public expense, pursues every legal loophole lawyers such as Shatter can dream up.

Meanwhile in Sweden we learn that one in four Swedish women will be raped in the coming years, almost all by Muslim and/or African enrichers. Twenty years ago rape barely registered as a crime statistic in Sweden, or indeed in Norway, where 100% of  rapes in Oslo in the last five years were committed by immigrants.  Yet there's still almost no public reaction.

It seems education by rape is taking a bit longer up there.