Saturday, 30 March 2013

Boost for Poland

I was interested to learn from Uncle Nasty the extent to which the figures for Jewish deaths in Auschwitz have progressively declined, but was unaware of the impact on the Polish economy. You see as the numbers spiral downwards and and ethnicities added almost on a daily basis, the local plaque industry has received a massive boost.  Factories work round the clock while the cobbled streets of Krakow resound to the thunder of trucks, groaning under the weight of latest release plaques, heading off for gas chamber country.

Being a thought leader in the automation of business systems I decided to lend a hand. Called out to one of the local factories to meet Supply Chain Director Pytr Cszjwvznpzswjski, who, I noticed, was studying a document entitled 'Latest Revised Estimates For Auschwitz Casualties And The Impact On Reparation Payments'.  Put it to him that just reacting to the latest figures was poor business practise, that planning based on the downward trajectory would enable a more regularised production and distribution environment.

Inadvertently I had wounded his professional pride.  'We have' he responded indignantly, 'done exactly that. 'These' he added, handing me a bundle of papers, 'represent our designs for the next four years.' Flicking to the last one I read Auschwitz Work Camp. In this camp, according to Red Cross figures, 74,000 assorted jews, gypsies, communists, sexual deviants and others died during the course of World War II.  

I also noticed in small writing underneath If your interest is in death camp porn and/or reparations, our sister companies in Russia and Ukraine offer tours of camps where tens of million died.  Contact details at the main office.

So at least there's one bit of good news on Poland's economy.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

White homelands and reality

How can you, within existing national laws, create a White homeland within a country such as the USA?  Clearly it’s not possible to establish de facto borders, reintroduce segregation or racially based laws. So what’s a girl to do?

Well here are a few measures which,  were critical mass to be achieved, would create a virtuous self-reinforcing circle.
Welfare: Progressively reduce state unemployment benefits by more than 50% and shorten the entitlement period by a similar ratio. Same with benefits for chilluns.  Reduce the overall  amounts but focus on drastically reducing payments after the second child, eliminating them entirely from the fourth onwards.  Goodbye Laq’eesha and her fifteen mini muggers.

Taxation:  Reorientate the incidence from income to sales.  Workers benefit, leeches lose out.
Minimum wage.  Raise it by 50%. Sure, the traitorous businessmen selling out their country for short term gain will howl.  Let them howl.  Tell them that most of the wealthiest countries in Europe operate competitively despite very high minimum wages. At a stroke this measure will crush demand for subsistence level immigrants and worthless black layabouts. It will also encourage self-reliance among Whites, lack of which incidentally contributed heavily to South Africa’s demise.

Education:  Cut funding at primary and secondary levels.  Responsible White parents will fund their kids’ education anyway, especially when benefitting from reduced  state income tax levels.  There will then be an automatic drift of NAMs to their own groves of academe where they can be taught by ‘people who look like them’ and learn all about Hip Hop Culture.
For universities (ok, I know I’m biased here) confine funding to science technology and engineering (STE), medicine and finance/accounting.  All social ‘sciences’ and ethnic studies will be classified as lifestyle choices rather than education – financial support will be confined to a small contribution towards on-line courses.  Goodbye to mind-rotting Cultural Marxist professors and Black Student Unions. 

This to me seems like a plan. Productive people (overwhelmingly White, maybe some East Asians as well) will move in, parasites depart.  Demand for welfare and social protection services (police, social workers) decreases, economic growth skyrockets. This is the virtuous circle I referred to earlier.  At no stage will the proponents of these measures have mentioned race or immigration control as motivators.  Heaven forefend! 
Of course you’ll have Eric ‘My People’ Holder and various Federal agencies coming the heavy, but what can they do?  It’ll become a real battle if the courts, using say disparate impact legislation, are deployed to determine the incidence of taxation and the level of welfare payments.  This would be taking judicial activism to new depths and would surely result in severe White resistance.

Or would it?

Anyway, I've given you the solution. Now implement!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Signs of the times

Illiteracy seems to be part of being modern. Maybe another concession to cultural enrichers and NAMs. I mean, we now have a picture for everything, even when a single syllable word can do the job properly.  It all started with toilets, where instead of simple signed designating MEN or WOMEN we get a pair of androgynous figures with limb akimbo, between whom it's impossible to to distinguish, often with embarrassing results. This is taken to the ultimate with  mobile phones, which drive me to total distraction. In one case I quite literally flung the the latest device against the wall.  Sadly I failed to shatter it.

Anyway, here are a few of the daft ones I picked up over the years. I offer my own interpretations, which I acknowledge may be incorrect:

If you've set yourself on fire do not run.

If you've become a radiation mutant with a deformed hand, remember to close the window.

Nobody wants to see that shit.

If you see a red arrow, pin it to the door with your shoulder

Do not drive a car if an electricity pole is protruding from the bonnet


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Normalcy bias rules

Sometimes I wonder if all of us trying to awaken Whites are facing an insurmountable Sisyphean task.  I ask because of the minimal results from a recent three-hour train journey with a few colleagues of long standing. These are all professionals, in their forties and fifties, educated to Masters of PhD and earning €100k. plus.

I used the time to try and open their eyes to the Trumanesque Matrix that we're living in. I introduced unquestionable evidence to support my case and no strenuous efforts were made to refute it. In fact had there been it might have been better. But no, the reaction was largely disinterest.  Several attempts were made to steer the conversation onto more mundane issues and after a while I gave up.

Sometimes I feel like giving up entirely.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm on twitter

I've taken up your suggestions and gone on Twitter.

Irish Savant @irishsavant1

More in due course!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Classical psychopaths

In this post I wrote discussed how typical black behaviour reflects the classical characteristics of psychopathy.  I also listed some of these characteristics as follows:

- Grandiose and grossly overstated sense of self-worth
- Pathological lying
- Lack of remorse or guilt
- Callous / lack of empathy
- Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
- Parasitic lifestyle
- Poor behavioral control

These were demonstrated spectacularly by Richard Hinds, who raped and murdered young Irish girl Nicola Furlong in Tokyo last year, and also by his 'friends and family' from Nashville, who rallied to his support, raised money for him, and proffered the usual excuses for black criminals ('a good boy, very gentle, wouldn't hurt a fly, turning his life around' etc.)  This despite the evidence being so strong that the verdict was always a foregone conclusion. But he was black, she was white, so da bruddas gotta stand together.

But on to the psychopathy.

First the court found him guilty of a most brutal murder, yet demonstrating 'not a sign of remorse'. Despite this, in his closing address, Hinds described the events as 'a painful thorn'. And get this (my emphasis)  'and it's not just me, the Furlong family have suffered too'. Can you fucking believe that?  He murders and rapes a lovely girl,  and then graciously acknowledges that he's not the only one to be suffering. Classical psychopathic behaviour.

In another gracious concession he told the family 'I am not here to denounce or disrespect your daughter'  despite in fact having already traduced her reputation in the witness box by saying she demanded kinky sex from him.  So he murders and rapes your daughter and he deems it praiseworthy not to denounce her (even though he did). Classical psychopathic behaviour.

There was a lot more along these lines. For example 'Mr. and Mrs. Furlong, when I pray for you I refer to you, not as my accusers, or my enemies, but as my friends'.  Yup, that's what he said. You know, mistakes were made, we're all suffering, me more than most but despite that I don't hold any grudge against you'.

He and the mob who came over to Tokyo to support him define what it means to be psychopaths.

Oh and by the way, as a 'juvenile' Hinds got a sentence which means if he behaves in prison he's out in five years.

These things didn't happen when the KKK were active.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Germania delenda est

A classical Jewish response to accusations of German hatred (and I’ve personally heard this) goes ‘they tried to exterminate my people, literally wipe us off the face of the earth, every last man, woman and child.’ Except that they did not. The Germans wanted all Jews out of their sphere of influence even if it took banishment to the wilds of Russia where their ultimate survival would be a matter of indifference.

Callous yes, a policy of extermination, no.  In the fog of war vast numbers of Jews were murdered, starved or worked to death. But nowhere, not even in the minutes of the famous/notorious Wannsee Conference, where the details of the alleged extermination were supposedly worked out, has such a plan been found.  And trust me, they’d find it if it were there.

Now if it’s a detailed carefully worked out plan for racial extermination that you’re looking for, well I can help. Exhibit 1 Julius Rosenberg lookalike Theodore N. Kaufman, a New York based Jewish businessman who  in 1941 wrote a book with the cheery and unambiguous title Germany Must Perish. Here the author made clear that Germans as a race must be wiped out.  He ruefully acknowledged that the direct murder of upwards of fifty million people was ‘impractical’ and instead proposed a neater but equally effective solution: Sterilisation for every German male (not sure if he had females in mind as well).  In one fell swoop the extermination of the German race would be accomplished within a generation. You might imagine that such malevolence would have resulted in his being committed to jail or a lunatic asylum, but far from it.  The press gave it respectful attention and he earned handsome money by lecturing on his plan throughout the country.
Doubtless inspired by Kaufman’s foresight Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau (Jewish) came up with the eponymous Plan which would have resulted in ten million Germans being killed by starvation within two years of war’s end and which would have totally destroyed Germany’s industrial base, coal mines, colleges and universities. 'I realize this would put 18 or 20 million people out of work,' he modestly  acknowledged, adding reassuringly ‘but able- bodied Germans could be transported to Central Africa as slave labour on some big project like the TVA’ (the Tennessee Valley hydroelectric project). 
Be aware that this was a real plan, detailed, costed, with milestones and accountabilities.  It was not just something drawn up on the back of an envelope.  The detailed work on the plan was undertaken by another Julius Rosenberg lookalike Assistant Treasury Secretary Harry Dexter White (Jewish) who was revealed after the war to have been a Soviet spy. These two worked assiduously behind the scenes to convince Roosevelt to accept it. The President, in near terminal failing health, acceded to it, monstrous and all as it was, in fact suggesting that the Germans in future should  live off just soup-kitchens.’  Secretary of War Henry Stimson was appalled:It is Semitism gone wild for vengeance and, if it is ultimately carried out (I can't believe that it will be) it as sure as fate will lay the seeds for another war in the next generation.’ He added that Morgenthau was ‘so biased (sic) by his Semitic grievances that he is really a very dangerous adviser to the President.’
Neocons, anyone?  Plus sa change, plus c'est la meme chose. (The more things change........)
(Incidentally, one of the reasons Stimson failed to  get involved in the Morgenthau Plan was, by his own admission, his work on rewriting the historical documents relating to Pearl Harbor ‘to save the President’s place in history.’)  He also marvelled at the gay abandon with which civilians (Roosevelt and his circle) blithely discussed the potential slaughter of hundreds of thousands of war prisoners and civilians.  (I’ve read many such reports and in my opinion the callous indifferent psychopathy displayed is little different to that of Stalin and his Court.)
Churchill initially, and to his credit, was bitterly opposed to the plan. He asserted that it flew in the face of civilised norms and, glaring at Morgenthau, added that it was ‘deeply unChristian’. Ouch! But Morgenthau had an ace up his sleeve in the form of Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell. Despite the fancy title he in fact was a Jew from Germany who had moved  to England. Despite being described by Sir Anthony Eden as ‘evil, and quite possibly mad’ he astounded everyone by becoming a close advisor to Churchill. Amazing, isn’t it? Here he became the inspiration for the notorious Bomber Harris with his enthusiasm for carpet-bombing the cities of his native country. Unsurprisingly he was also a keen supporter of Mogenthau’s plan to wipe his ex-countrymen off the face of the earth. In any event Churchill was eventually induced to signed up to The Plan, which largely due to the outraged reaction of the American public when it was leaked, was never fully implemented.
Meanwhile on the Eastern Front we have Ilya Ehrenberg, another Germanic Jew calling, nay, begging, for the total destruction of his ancestral stock.  A prolific writer and one of Stalin’s main propagandists, he had this helpful suggestion for the common Russian soldiers entering German lands: 'The Germans  are not human beings. From now on, the word 'German' is the most horrible curse……We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day ... If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime ... If you have already killed a German, then kill another one - there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don't count the days, don't count the kilometres. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! ... - Kill the Germans! Kill!"
Sadly, the soldiers took him at his word and did him proud. And you’ll be glad to know that this splendid chap lived to be a ripe old age and died in his bed. Like Lazar Kaganovich (Jewish), the butcher of millions of Ukrainians.

Their views were possibly influenced by those of Jew Walther Rathenau, Foreign Minister of Germany in 1922: "Today France is politically very strong: thanks to a large and victorious army and to powerful alliances. But even if the alliances with Italy, England and America hold fast for five hundred years without faltering even for a moment, no far-sighted person will be able to give France any advice but this: do not rely on it! Destroy Germany in the truest sense, kill her people, settle the land with other races..." "Letter to France", February 6, 1920. Quoted in: Nachgelassene Schriften vol. 1, pp. 113-116. 
You should of course be aware that while all of this was going on 'The' Holocaust™ had yet to be discovered. Or invented, if you prefer.  And you doubtless will have noted that the people I’ve cited in this post were, almost without exception, Jews of Germanic origin. You’ve seen what they said, did, and tried to do. As Sir Anthony Eden bitterly observed at the time ‘these ex-Germans seem to wish to wash away their ancestry in a bath of  blood’. 
So I’ll leave you with this question: Who were the real exterminationists?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Another Trayvon?

The police have done it again.  Fatally ventilated a black named Gray. A nice kid, just starting to turn his life around, an honour student, and, as you can see from this pic, looked a lot younger than his already tender sixteen years.  Poor kid.  What chance had he? By sixteen the system had saddled him with a lengthy criminal record.  No wonder local teens held a dignified looting spree to protest his untimely passing.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hungary gives the finger

Whenever you get the US, the EU, that fucking monstrosity the European Court of Human Rights and the MSM everywhere uniting in faux outrage, as they did following recent  developments in Hungary, well you know the target must be doing something right.  What do these worthies object to?  'It's an attack on democracy' they trill. Presumably the Obama administration was able to keep a straight face when making that claim. 'They're undermining the independence (sic) of the media'.  I swear, they actually said that. And it seems the government is also unilaterally changing the country's constitution and forcing foreign power companies to lower their prices.

So how was Hungarian democracy destroyed this time?  Tanks moving through the streets? Assassination of leading politicians?  A violent national strike?  None of those things, of course. The government was democratically elected with a massive majority in excess of two thirds, which incidentally provides them with a constitutional right to amend said constitution. Clearly a case which calls for the election of a new people.

Needless to say the worthies mentioned don't give two figs for democracy, human rights or judicial and media independence. The problem is that the Hungarians are rounding up a huge herd of sacred cows and leading them to the slaughterhouse.  For this reason some latter-day Oscar Wilde has dubbed that country The Goulash Gulag. Which is a bit ironic in that, as I see it, the memory of actual gulags in the not too distant past is a powerful contributor to the electorate's actions today.

Which directly leads me to another connect. I think it was the Wall Street Journal that thundered along the lines of 'any government that keeps Jews out of its upper ranks can not and will not succeed'.  Well, maybe, maybe not.  But you see Hungarians have still very clear memories of Jews 'in the upper reaches of government'.  These forces seized power in the immediate aftermath of both World Wars and not alone did they  allow Jews into their upper ranks, the upper ranks were in fact overwhelmingly Jewish.  Both governments immediately lapsed into tyranny and were overthrown amid great violence by an enraged people among conditions of great social upheaval.

So you can see why Hungarians might not enthusiastically endorse the WSJ.

My working assumption is that all of these forces, both openly and surreptitiously, will combine to crush this small, weak and terribly indebted country. So cue my amazement when I saw that they recently sold bonds worth more than $3 billion on the open market at reasonable rates.  How far this takes them remains to be seen. I for one wish them well.  More than that actually, I pray for their success.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Help from an unlikely source

I would not exactly be a fan of Howard Zinn, he being the epitome of the leftist Jewish intellectual whose life was spent undermining and ultimately destroying the society that gave his European parents succour and him a well-rewarded career.  Having said that, he was an impassioned opponent of the military industrial complex (including the Israeli one) and their various 'wars of liberation'. As I ask myself what WNs can do to stem the tide of destruction facing us I discovered to my surprise the very title of one of his articles  to be a source of inspiration and a rationale for our actions.

"What does it take to bring a turnaround in social consciousness--from being a racist to being in favor of racial equality, from being in favor of Bush's tax program to being against it, from being in favor of the war in Iraq to being against it? We desperately want an answer, because we know that the future of the human race depends on a radical change in social consciousness."

"We were not born critical of existing society. There was a moment in our lives (or a month, or a year) when certain facts appeared before us, startled us, and then caused us to question beliefs that were strongly fixed in our consciousness – embedded there by years of family prejudices, orthodox schooling, imbibing of newspapers, radio, and television. This would seem to lead to a simple conclusion: that we all have an enormous responsibility to bring to the attention of others information they do not have, which has the potential of causing them to rethink long-held ideas."

"It is a challenge not just for the teachers of the young to give them information they will not get in the standard textbooks, but for everyone else who has an opportunity to speak to friends and neighbors and work associates, to write letters to newspapers, to call in on talk shows."

Clearly Zinn's objectives here were almost completely different to ours. But as part of a plan of action it looks good to me.  Changing one mind at a time indeed.

But wait!  What's that rumbling sound I hear?  Could it be Howard turning in his grave?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

During and after the Korean War the American military establishment was mightily concerned at all the US prisoners of war who recanted their beliefs, professing instead support for their captors and enmity for the US. The term 'brainwashing' was coined to describe the phenomenon and was attributed to some fiendishly clever Commie methodology. In fact as was subsequently discovered, the technique was no more sophisticated than endlessly drilling the approved messages into the heads of the captives, who were then forced to repeat them loudly in unison time after time.

With this in mind I suggest that you observe this training video. (If you can, that is.  Because after Judicial Watch published the clip it was whipped down wherever it appeared. Search for USDA Sensitivity Training Video.)  It's what USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack described as “new era of Civil Rights” and “a broader effort towards cultural transformation at USDA.”  You'll notice the classic brainwashing techniques employed by the repulsive looking half-breed indoctrinator (pictured here).

A few excerpts in which the victims were forced to bang on tables and chant the proscribed answers in unison.:

“Every federal agency… I want you to say: ‘If we work for a federal agency.’ Say that. [Audience repeats] ‘We have discriminated in the past.’ [Audience repeats] Say: ‘Every federal agency,’ [Audience repeats] ‘has discriminated against African Americans,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Hispanics,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Native American Indians,’ [Audience repeats] ‘and other groups.’ [Audience repeats].

This is classic stuff and note that it incorporates another component of brainwashing: Humiliation. Which is also, not surprisingly, strongly associated with Stockholm Syndrome. 'The slave who hugs his chains'.  That's what they plan for us folks. Degradation and humiliation for Whites until all our fight is gone. If you lose your pride you lose the will to fight back.

Think about it. You're a White male in this session with numerous co-workers. How, assuming you publicly repeat all this garbage like a performing seal, how could you subsequently look a White colleague in the eye, especially a female one? I know I literally could not. One good thing at least is that the speed with which the company took down YouTube postings of the event shows that they do fear exposure.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mummy's boy gets upset

'I wouldn't give her a hand and she lost her head'. Such might be the line adopted by the defense attorny for Bahsid McLean, accused of murdering and dismembering his dear mother. Police say that after McLean stabbed the woman to death he cut up her body with a power saw and scattered the body parts around his Bronx neighborhood. He then, as you can see with the pic,  'posed in front of the bathroom mirror holding the bloody head of his slain mother, Tanya Byrd, like a trophy'.

As one does.

Cultural enrichment at its finest.

By the way, isn't that one helluva big black head the mother had?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What can we infer from this?

Here's a direct quote from a newspaper today.

'Police arrested a suspect 50 minutes after a man threatened bank staff in [redacted] City with a handgun and robbed more than [redacted]. The man, described as being white, burst into the [redacted] Street branch of [redacted] Bank shortly before 4.05 yesterday while a small number of customers were still on the premises.'.

Make a guess as to what city the report's referring to.  Johannesburg?  Detroit?

No, the city in question is the one by the banks of the lovely Lee, Cork. The bank was AIB and the amount stolen was €3,000, in case you're wondering. I believe we can infer a few things from this brief report.

1: Cork has changed beyond recognition in that it's deemed necessary to identity a person's race in what had been a 99% White city less than a generation ago.

2. That the public has become so accustomed to associating coloured people with crime that identifying the culprit as white was deemed helpful.

3. That the MSM are up to their usual tricks in taking any opportunity possible to smear Whites and exculpate 'persons of colour'.

Or it could be a bit of all three, I suppose.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grab those Daimler shares

If you hold shares in Daimler, the company that produces Mercedes and other engineering miracles, then you're a lucky investor. Because, almost alone among car manufacturers they continue to pile up the profits, year after year. And they're about to get a lot better. They're going to be enriched!

'Daimler, the German auto-giant behind luxury car brand Mercedes, has decided that its management personnel is just too German. The firm has vowed to fill half of its top jobs with international applicants.' Yes, too efficient German for its own good. I wholeheartedly agree. And with that in mind I've perused my copious personnel files and come up with a number of top-range candidates. The usual fee of 50% of the first year's salary will apply.

 For Power Train Operations I propose Mohammed bin Suleiman al Thani bin Mubarak Mustafa el Krim. Mr. Krim exploded onto the scene in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region where he developed innovative vehicular security testing techniques. The usage of live testers rather than crash test dummies has greatly enriched the value of his experiments.

But my piece de resistance is a candidate who meets every requirement for a top business executive these days: A woman, black, disabled and a lesbian. Dr. Manfred Bischoff, I present you with the delectable Chlamydia LeToya Ali, who has spent a lifetime living on welfare. Who better to advise and guide Daimler's entry into this previously untouched market?

Yes, things are set to get only better for Daimler.  Grab those shares before news of these appointments leaks out.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Weep for the Rainbow Nation

Up to about the mid eighties I always regarded things South African as being on a higher plane, something like Scandinavia.  They did things well, very well.  Christian Bernard pioneered heart transplants, breakthrough scientific discoveries like making oil from coal, a fabulous national airline, and even in sport, especially rugby, golf and tennis they punched way above their weight.  Excellence. Their universities were also top class as I know from time spent at Wits and UCT.  I found South Africans, along with Israelis, to be man for man the most capable professionals I had ever worked with.

Alas, alas........

Didn't really take too long to collapse, did it?  Less than twenty years, actually. In medicine, instead of Bernaard and heart transplants we have Manto bush medicine (and raping babies) adduced as cures for AIDS, which, according to the ex-President, had no connection to HIV. SAA is complete crap, and even if you arrive in one piece your luggage will probably be stolen at the airport. BEE (the South African equivalent of gibsmedat) is decimating industry, while business generally is being bled dry by corrupt, stupid useless parasites.

The universitiess have suffered terribly, and for the same reasons. There's even a school boasting a 100% Matric failure rate!  Well done lads. One university President begins the day by smearing himself in foul-smelling lion fat to thwart his enemies.  In the best Oxbridge traditions.  And the country's President (pictured below chairing a Cabinet meeting) is borderline illiterate with an unknown number of offspring via an army of 'wives'.

This is by no means meant to represent anything like the full story of that wonderful country's decline and ultimate destruction. Nothing about the genocide, yes genocide, of white farmers, for example.....just some of the aspects most familiar to me. And vignettes tell a lot.  Like the detective investiaging the Pistorius case.  In best Turd World traditions he drove a coach and four through even the most elementary investigative rule book, missing vital evidence while contaminating more as he blundered about like a rhino in a china shop.  Then to crown it all it emerged that he's facing multiple attempted murder charges himself.....while leading the investigation!

Jesus wept.

And of course the nigger in the woodpile here is, well, the eponymous individual in said woodpile. Everything associated with the decline derives from blacks getting their paws on the loot.  All else follows from that, as inevitably as night following day.

Zimbabwe here we come.