Friday, 28 June 2013

Draghi. They have him by the balls

In this post I speculated that the Real Government allowed only corrupt incompetents to run for US President as that way they could exercise control over them.  Did something similar happen with sinister-looking Mario Draghi and the ECB?  I mean, this guy is so mired in corruption and scandal (he is Italian after all) and so compromised by being a top Goldman Sachs capo, in a normal environment he'd have been run out of town long ago, let along be appointed President of the ECB.

Now in an interesting post over at Zero Hedge I see that more scandal is coming back to haunt him, this time from his time at the Italian Central Bank. In summary here's his record:

Mario Draghi, complicit and aware of the Greek currency swap arrangement, as a member of Goldman Sachs in the mid-2000s.

Mario Draghi, complicit and aware of various Monte Paschi derivative deals, as head of the Bank of Italy.

Mario Draghi, complicit and aware in rejecting Bloomberg's FOIA requests that would have blown all of these scandals wide into the open, as current head of the ECB.

And now, Mario Draghi, complicit and aware of at least one (and likely many) Italian window dressing derivative deals with one or more US investment banks, as Director-General of the Italian Treasury.

Yet no meaningful investigation has taken place. In fact he was promoted to head the ECB while most of this was in the public domain.  Seems to me that should he ever step out of line, or harbour an independent thought, the Real Government will end the cover-up and unleash the hounds of hell.  Pity poor Draghi if that happens..... 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Am I Jewish?

Am I Jewish?  Seems a strange question, but it's been asked numerous times here and several other blogs around, most frequently on Incog Man.  Afraid to disappoint the conspiracy theorists in this instance at least, but I'm as Oirish as they come.  Most Irish people will have at least one grandparent with an English name, but I go back several generations and Macs and Os are all I come across.

In any event, with my lavish array of talents, were I Jewish I reckon I'd be in some top NWO role now, kicking goyim ass for all it's worth.

So in short, answer is NO.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Begosh anl begorrah 'tis great 'tis over

He was in the Emerald Isle for only a few days but it seemed almost like a few years as we had to endure round the clock coverage on every forum. I'm talking of course about the Nobel Peace Laureate himself, President Obama.  Most of it was hard to stomach as the Irish media went into a swoon over his 'soaring inspirational rhetoric'. Which I  take to mean just that his autocue was working.

Hypocrisy was on steroids throughout, most notably when he sternly enjoined the factions in Norn Iron to adopt a peaceful approach to conflict resolution at all times.  This was shortly after he ordered another hundred people to be taken out by drones and put the mass slaughter in Syria into overdrive by piling even more weaponry into that unfortunate country.  Some of the guff they came out with was toe-curlingly embarrassing, like when, based on some specious genealogical  'research',  the First Ho' expressed herself thrilled to 'be home at last'

Pass the sick bag please.

In an interesting insight into the current Victimhood Hierarchy standings, left-wing Irish Parliamentarian Clare Daly gave it to all and sundry with both barrels, race and gender coming in lower than peace and economics. It was genuinely brave and honest of her too, as a local politician, to say that American corporations should pay their full taxes in the US and not use Ireland to avoid them.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Controlled opposition

Read this article from 'conservative' writer Matt K. Lewis on the 'conservative' Daily Caller.  Hard to find a more evil treacherous insidious piece of work anywhere.  This in itself is bad enough, but what really depresses is the attitude in the comments. Sure, they're hostile to Lewis.  But invariably they attribute his opinions to his being 'dumb'. 

Oh, no.  This guy is not dumb.  He knows exactly what he's doing...............and why he's doing it.

This is how you win strategically. Control both sides of the debate. Infiltrate and redirect potential opposition.  (Ask the EDL).  This gets manifested most noticeably in the political realm, especially in the Anglosphere, where the putative choice between the parties is just a pathetic mirage. But enough people are fooled.  And this leads me to repeat my version of Lincoln's axiom: 'You can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. However you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to get your way'.  Sorry Abe.

By the way, purely as input to my rapidly growing sense of Jewish perfidy, is this guy Jewish?  Lewis is a very Jewish name.........

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hard times. For some

Austerity bites in Ireland.  Need a Special Needs assistant for your disabled child?  Too bad, money's all gone.  Need to see a specialist under the public health system?  Wait five money to employ more consultants.

However, if you're a pygmy witch doctor from Botswana then you're in luck.  Step right up madam, no leave that spear to one side please, step right up and the Irish taxpayer will provide you with unlimited millions of Euro to pursue endless court cases for your 'right' to remain here and to live the rest of your life on the Irish taxpayers' dime.

I suppose at least she won't take up too much room....

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chicongo carnage

Despite the best efforts of the MSM to obfuscate, it's becoming painfully obvious that Chicongo is heading to be another Detroit.  This inevitably follows the exodus of productive White taxpayers (but I repeat myself) leaving the inner city to the tender mercies of black welfare parasites (again I repeat myself).

This trend was exemplified by the shooting dead of 35 Obama voters over the weekend. (Explanatory note: Seven individuals were actually killed but this extrapolates into 35 votes for Obama).  Even by Chicongo standards this was extraordinarily, if thankfully, high.  I wondered why.  And then the realisation dawned. It was Father's Day!

Can you just picture it?  Hordes of heavily armed inner city yoofs, never having known a father other than their momma's team of sperm donors,  marauding through the streets, seeking paternal validation as only they know how.  Then again, fingers crossed, it might be just a general upward trend.  Happy days!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Republicans circle the drain

Two of the US Senate's most senior Republicans got some first hand immigration experience recently with the marriages of their children to members of a genetically inferior race.  Yes, just like the Bush crime family, the Boehners and the McCains will soon have 'littler brown ones', as GHWB memorably described them, running around their houses -  and probably stealing the silverware while they're at it.

Even by MSM standards the Mailonline excelled by gushingly describing the 'moment proud father John Boehner watched his daughter say 'I Do' to her dreadlocked Jamaican-born love.'  This guy (isn't he lovely?) apparently is a   drug dealer 'construction worker' but lives in a $500k. pad in Florida. I'm absolutely sure that their marriage will be life-long, he'll be a doting father and grandfather, will work hard as a provider............nothing but marital bliss as they live happily ever after.

Meanwhile Jack McCain, son of Luciferian sociopath John, married one Renee Swift, who, obviously homesick, chose Africa for their honeymoon.  I  hope she doesn't revert to nature while there, with Jack featuring not as the guest of honour but instead the main course at the wedding feast.

Friday, 14 June 2013

What makes Geert Wilders tick?

I see that Geerd Wilders delivered a speech at Malibu recently in a conference entitled 'Europe's Last Stand'.  Wilders does good and necessary work but I note he always studiously avoids the Elephant In The Room in identifying the root cause of mass immigration to Europe. At this conference he doesn't so much avoid the Elephant, rather pats it approvingly on the trunk instead.

Here's an excerpt.

"The Jewish people did exactly the opposite of what the Europeans did after the Second World War. They drew the right conclusion. They realized that without a nation-state of their own there could be no safety for their people.  And that, my dear friends, is why every patriot, apart from being a democrat, by definition also has to be a true friend of Israel.  Not only because it is the frontline against the totalitarian threat of Islam, but also because it shows how important it is for a people to have its own homeland.  A patriot cannot be anti-Semitic."

I'd love to know what Wilders really believes. I truly would.  Can he seriously be unaware of the central and pivotal Jewish role in the very thing he deplores?  Surely his Jewish wife could have explained it to him, or he might have got an inkling when he worked on a kibbutz in Israel. Personally I admire Israelis too in that they take no shit from anyone, ignore 'world opinion' and have unceremoniously turfed Muslims and Africans out of the country.

So could it be possible that just maybe his references to Israel were a kind of dog whistle, in effect seeking the support of the wider Jewish community by signalling  'let Whites be like Israelis in our approach to immigration'?  Maybe he thinks he can fight only one battle at a time and 'naming the Jew' will destroy him and his movement? Or, at the other extreme is a he just a ventriloquist's dummy with a Mossad hand up his ass?  Sadly I think the latter to be the likeliest explanation.

I note too that where the speech is reported on Amren the comments almost totally ignore our Elephant.  Does this, I wonder, reflect the readers' views or the hand of an industrious moderator?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Unclean! Unclean!

Lady Savant and I were out walking today, as deliriously in love as the day we met.  Suddenly: 'Goodness me!'  she cried. 'What is it, beloved?' I asked.  She pointed at a human nose on the ground, minus the rest of the original body. We both acknowledged this to be an amazing occurrence.  Then further along we discovered a human leg!  Now I'm no forensic scientist, but this limb clearly had not been severed, rather just seemed to have fallen off its host.

Shared this info with  friends, who coolly informed us that body parts were turning up everywhere around the country.  And as so often happens, the explanation lay in this blog.  A commentator having sent me this link which explained it all.

Reaping the many benefits of multiculturalism, and following the diagnosis here of incurable TB, it seems we now are faced with a throwback to Medieval Europe (or the current Turd World). 


Brings to mind Jesus and the laying of hands and all that, doesn't it?

But not to worry, the Health Service Executive (HSE) tells us there's no danger at all to the rest of us.  Nothing to see here, move along now.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Have you a better explanation?

This particular 'straight talker' can't speak for five minutes without paying obeisance to concepts like honour, integrity, patriotism and duty, while this self-proclaimed 'maverick' is, as he reminds us at every opportunity, not afraid of asking "the tough questions". Yes, I can of course be referring only to the vile, debased, degenerate John McCian.  You know, the 'War Hero'?

In this post I pointed out that in fact he was a coward, by legal definition a traitor who betrayed military secrets and aided the enemy, who was mired in corruption throughout his political life (Boeing, Jack Abrahamson, the Keating Five), who divorced the faithful wife who waited all the years he was in captivity and within a month married a billionaire's daughter. As a returned POW he made a mini career out of championing the rights of the missing in action (MIA) military.  Until Big Business decided they wanted friendly relations with Vietnam, at which pointed he rounded on his erstwhile colleagues, using his influence to bring the initiative to a sudden close. I might add that he finished sixth from bottom of his class of 500 at Annapolis.

Of course the apple didn't fall far from the tree, as McCain's father was assigned the task of covering up for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.  For which sterling patriotic work he had an aircraft carrier named after him.

Now can you just imagine what a political opponent and a free press would do to someone with a record like that. He'd be shredded, right?  And disappear overnight, never to show his face again.

Now look at Obama. He seems like a picked to fail candidate.  Almost certainly legally inelegible for President due to his citizenship status, phony birth certificate, highly doubtful parentage, possibly a Muslim, academic records hidden away, frequenter of gay bath clubs in Chicago. Again, what would a political opponent and a free press do to someone with a record like that?

But the point is, neither for McCain nor Obama did their respective opponents or the press allude to these fundamental issues at all. They hardly featured in the campaigns, incredible as it seems.

Now in the post I linked to earlier I also raised the same fascinating question, but did not hazard an explanation.  Well, with the years came wisdom of a sort. It's now quite clear to me that the Real Government organised candidates over whom they held the power of swift and total destruction. The deal being, you do as we say, vote as we say, or we'll unleash the hounds of war. The wholly owned MSM will be given the go ahead and our bought and paid for politicians will also, unfettered, open up for all they're worth.

Can I be 100% certain of this?  No.  But is there a likelier explanation? Not to my mind.

Truly frightening

Friday, 7 June 2013

The MSM - two universes on the one page

Have any of you noticed the massive dichotomy you get in the MSM?  I specifically refer here to the reporting/editorial on one hand and the reader comments on the other.  The first is the usual politically correct drivel that ticks all the boxes for the so-called journalists' corporate masters. The latter what I can only assume to be what the average person out there thinks.

There's been a significant change from even a couple of years ago.  Then it was  nigh on impossible to see a contrary comments, especially one that contained what's become known as ethnic slurs.  Now these are commonplace. Often, admittedly, reconfigured to baffle automatic editors. Here I'm talking about the likes of 'n1ggers', 'joos' etc.

What's caused this?  Have the immoderate moderators gone on strike, have they belatedly sprouted a commitment to free speech, or have the attitudes of the public changed that drastically?  Or is it a combination of all three?  I don't know, but what I do know is that there's been a drastic - and welcome - change. It has the added value of illustrating, on one page so to speak, the dichotomy between the MSM and real people.

Maybe if this continues we might eventually get truthful reporting.

Naw, a step too far.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Serena's learning French!

I see Serena Willams is learning French and would like to address the spectators at the French Opern in their native tongue after winning the event.  "The owner of an apartment just off the Champ de Mars, in Paris, Serena Williams has been learning the language of Yannick Noah, one of her favourite players, for several years now. Her dream is to speak French in the prize giving ceremony if she ever lifts the trophy again. “Oh yes, I’d really like that,” she admits. “Winning Roland Garros again and talking to the spectators on Centre Court in French...” But is it a dream or a premonition?"

Well, it can't have been easy learning French growing up in Compton, where the lingua franca was ebonics, and constantly ducking  bullets would have played hell with the concentration as well. So in recognition of this, and to do my bit in compensating for the Legacy Of Slavery I've put together a few phrase which I'm sure she'll find invaluable as the tournament progresses.

Je vais pousser cette racquette votre dos!:  (I'm going to shove this racket up your ass!)

Quelcu'un a vu mon steroides srynge?: (Anyone see my steroids syringe?)

Ou me cacher, le testeur de drogue est a la porte?: (where can I hide, the drug tester is at the door?)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Is there more going on than meets the eye?

He was a senior member of Kenya's notorious Mungiki gang/sect who 'engage in fraud, robbery, murder and kidnap and drink the blood of their victims.' So what, you may ask. After all, we're talking about Africa, where such practises are everyday fare.  But this guy has also cheerfully  admitted to hacking to death between  100 and 400 victims, and bludgeoning in the head of a policeman 'with a large stone'.

And he's now in England, been living there for the last ten years in fact, in free accommodation, and getting £160 a month from the taxpayer with which buys copious quantities of vodka. After which he apparently 'gets very angry.'  As children regularly queue outside his door for the ice cream van we can only hope that they don't do so after he's had a feed of vodka.

Surprisingly, given their partiality to African criminals and leeches, the Home Office has actually tried to deport him.  But the courts nixed the plan, saying this would infringe on his, you guessed it, human rights.

All of this is par for the course. Which begs a question:  Could there be a deeper plan here? Could the courts really make such egregious decisions in good faith, or are they secretly goading the populace into rebellion?  You see, if I were a professional nation-wrecker such as Alan Shatter I'd try to act with a bit of stealth, destroy the country while its people lie prostrate on their sofas, absorbing the prolefeed designed to enstupify them.  But such decisions must run a significant risk of alarming even the most brain-dead knuckle-dragger. Just read the comments on the Mirror to get a sense of their feelings.

Is it really possible?