Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Luciferian Leer

I used to joke half-heartedly about Saudi Arabia being correct in not allowing women to drive. I dreamt of a womanless driving experience. But I sometimes actually do think that giving women (especially young women) the vote was a mistake. Because they seem to have the wrong attitude to everything.

Take the latest output from that treacherous treasonous slimeball Alan Shatter - the 'Irish' Minister for Population Replacement, who in his latest act of treachery announced another 4,000 Irish citizenship awards, to a scurvy collection of Africans, Pakistanis and assorted mad-eyed Muslims.  That's 52,000 since he took over two years ago! There he was, Luciferian leer on his disgusting swarthy features, surrounded by the mob of illiterate parasites, third world bottom feeders who know nothing but corrupt totalitarian rule and who now make up 'the New Irish', that fatuous neologism coined by delusional and quite possibly mentally unbalanced mediocrities in the churches and media establishments.

But back to my young women. Why? Because, on reading the comments on these developments in the Irish media it's perfectly clear that they - almost exclusively - see fatuous moralistic posturings, along the lines of 'there's only one race....the human race' (GRRRRRRRR...) as one of the few meaningful things in their otherwise superficial vacuous lives. May they live to become directly acquainted with someone from one of those rich cultures they admire so much, say from Africa or Pakistan, while alone some night on a dark stretch of road.

But I end this sombre post on a bright note.  You see, as with so many other MSM outlets (a point I frequently refer to) the attitude expressed in the comments to Shatter's latest initiative have undergone a major shift (despite the silly young women).  They are now heavily, at a ratio of at least 2:1, against Shatter's programme.  This is a big change from even a year ago. Some have even referred to this reprobate's diametrically opposed views on immigration when it comes to Israel and the country he ostensibly serves. Sadly these were quickly taken down by our moral guardians. But plenty remain, and the following should provide you with some badly needed cheer.

"But one thing is for certain. Since Shatter came to power he has systematically opened the floodgates to low skilled immigration to Ireland  Shatter is chief among those who I wouldn’t have any faith in in regards to his intentions for Irish society."

"52, 000 new citizens in a two year period. For such a small country, that is a huge amount. Is such a policy rational and sane when we are losing 1, 000 natives to emigration each week?"

"I rang the cso [Central Statistics Office] last year to find out what portion of the population were foreign to this nation and what percentage of new born children were they having. The answer I got was 11% of the population were foreign and the were producing 25% of all the new born’s here! You won’t see that information published anywhere."

"The dismantling of the state begins. We send our best abroad, and welcome the worst."

"Who gave Alan Shatter the right to do this?
So we have 427,00 people unemployed!
100,00 Irish people leaving a year!
Yet he in the first 3 months of 2013 alone he issues 26,000 working visa’s to foreign nationals.
And last year “naturalised” 50
,000 people?
Alan Shatter is selling us out"

And Jews wonder why they've been turfed out of every country they ever lived in............

Monday, 26 August 2013


Calling on President Obama to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria, Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee, told Fox "News" that Congress would not be consulted on the move and that lawmakers would have to “assent” to it at a later date.  Not even a token nod towards the Constitution these days once the War Party decides to play.  And yes, Rep. Engel is Jewish, I hardly needed to check it out but I did anyway.  After all, what else is the American military for if not to attack Israel's enemies?

Meanwhile, if you want to know what's behind the Syrian 'rebellion' and the requirement for a chemical weapons casus belli, check this from Wikileaks.  Needless to say the talking head on Faux never raised such awkward issues to the two psychopaths on the show.

God, I hope there's a day of reckoning for criminals such as these, who casually plot the destruction of whole countries and hundreds of thousands of lives before retiring to their country clubs for aperitifs.

Psychopaths indeed.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Is this a metaphor?

What we see here is standard fare wherever you get blacks:  Pimps, prostitution, swagger,  bravado, violence.  And White people trying to clean up the mess blacks create.  What's different here though is that the White man in question responds to the thug's aggression with lethal force. Textbook one-blow knockout. 

I have yet to see a one-on-one situation whereby the black defeats the White.  Maybe that's because blacks never attack us one-to-one.

Could this be metaphorical by exemplifying a new attitude from Whites faced with black aggression?  Instead of turning the other cheek are we starting to grow a pair?  I'd love to think so.

Anyway, pour yourself a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy.  Then roll it again.

Friday, 23 August 2013

See, not all Indians are liars

I have long believed feminism to be the most destructive of all the depradations the Frankfurt Schools and its larvae have inflicted on Western society. If you think about it you'll recognise that it strikes a deadly blow at the very fundamentals of our culture in a way that cultural relativity, racial equality, AA or any of its other sick excrescences could have done. It undermines marriage, emasculates the White male, deprecates having children, corrupts and misdirects the thrust of fact there's hardly a Western or Christian institution it doesn't undermine.

Anyway, here are the observations of a second generation American woman of Indian (dot) heritage.

So wise.

I'm a woman of Asian descent, and I tend to be critical of my own kind. But for many years, I couldn't help notice some stark negative realities about white women, specifically, American white women. I won't elaborate much, I'll just state some observations by point, and let you ponder them in your mind.

* White women tend to pass up nice guys for scumbags who treat them like garbage.

* White women don't appreciate all of the nice things going on in their lives (good job, good health, God, good parents, a nice boyfriend, a nice neighborhood, a nice gift,etc.....

* White guys are very sweet and attractive, yet so many naive white women are pursuing dumb black scumbags who are diseased, ugly, abusive, and will either dump them or trap them in a life of misery.

* White women can't enjoy the nice, simple things of life. Even an Asian or Hispanic woman can sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a little friendly conversation. White women are too bitchy and naive to do this, they must always complain about some stupid little thing..... as if they come from a perfect world.

* White women are so duped by the media and culture: If the media says that some particular thing is fashionable (low riders, interracial dating, pole-dancing--- which is a whore's activity, dissing less "fashionable" individuals), they will follow it like senseless lemmings!

* White women vote for politicians and laws that give leeway to violent criminals (Who happen to love to prey on..... you guessed it, white women).

* White women are soooo consumed about attaining a career, that they neglect finding a nice guy to settle down with, and of course.... having nice children with.

* I've noticed that all around the country, there are countless attractive young and middle-aged white women living all alone, or maybe with a pet.... just miserable and lonely..... I guess they buy the old feminist lie that they need to "find themselves," or "never settle" for just a nice guy..... and the old canard that they just don't need a man. Just for your information, almost all of those feminist leaders who spout that crap all have nice husbands.

* White women put way too many "demands" and or criteria for finding the "perfect man." There are no perfect men or women (You've been watching too many TV shows, movies, and magazines!). ALL people are imperfect, and the ones who seem perfect actually hide some hideous secrets. So, if you find a guy who's pretty cute, and nice, and seems decent and likable.... take him! Don't wait for the "alpha male", which is a big load of crap.... remember, we're not living in a hunter-gatherer world anymore.... and most nice guys are strong and mature.... and wil

l stand up for you, and make your life wonderful.

And by the way, I'm very happily married to a very cute white guy who programs computers, and fixes his own car! Asian guys are as nice too! Just avoid blacks, and those so called "bad boys", they don't have balls when you need them to stand up for you. And to all my white sisters out there, wake up! Don't follow the stupid media! Don't ruin your life by hooking up with a black, a scumbag, or by shriveling up as an old maid.... you'll get older a lot faster than you think you will! If you listen to your professors and feminists.... you'll just be miserable! USE GOOD SENSE!!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A telling omission

Over at American Renaissance they have a post entitled Those Who Must Not Be Named. It's about black on white crime and the fact that the offenders are never identified as black by the MSM and law enforcement. No argument with that.  But about a week ago I posted a comment to the effect that there's another 'tribe' that cannot be named, one which has had a far more profound impact on the whole problem.

I never identified the tribe.  Nonetheless the comment never saw the light of day.  I can understand how Amren does not want to 'name the Jew' for obvious reasons.  I wonder though will it make any difference to Jewish attitudes towards that site?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Confidence? Or fear?

The propaganda for destroying the White race becomes increasingly grotesque and surreal by the day. My question, does this represent 'their' belief that they've won and it's just a matter of putting the last nails in the coffin? Or are they getting desperate as more and more people appear to awaken? The latest advert from the Halifax Building Society is so divorced from reality that it makes Lord Of The Rings seem prosaic. It borders on self-parody.

Here we have a (to me) villainous-looking black man who 'works hard all day as a teacher' (sic) who then devotes his spare time to voluntarily coaching and minding school kids, who ruefully laughs off being deliberately hit on the head by the ball, and who finally, after a long long day teaching and looking after mainly white kids, arrives home to be greeted by his smiling and pregnant White wife/sperm bucket.

Now as anyone who has experience them knows, blacks don't like working very much, especially 'working hard', are most unlikely to work as teachers, and certainly would never volunteer for unpaid additional duties.  He'd have been more likely to be rifling through the kids' pockets in the changing room while a White teacher did the unpaid coaching. And had he deliberately been dissed by having the ball kicked at him, well the offending kid would probably have been lacerated by knife on the spot.  As for the pregnant White woman...........enough said.

So which is it? Confidence or fear?

Friday, 16 August 2013

The transition of Paul Theroux

I've always been a fan of Paul Theroux's travel writings. Not that I always agreed with him or his take on things, rather that, the greatest gift of a writer, he was interesting.  Just finished his latest work (and possibly his last) entitled The Last Train To Zona Verde. which encompasses a journey from Cape Town to Angola.

If you're a reader of his works you'll know that initially, based mainly on his seven years as a teacher in Malawi, he pretty much subscribed to the obligatory trope of The Noble Savage. Interesting to watch how he's changed over the years, as reality continued to sink in. After the latest journey he drops all pretence and opens up big-time on what Africa really represents.

He blazes away at 'the futureless, dystopian, world-gone-wrong Mad Max Africa of child soldiers, street gangs, reeking slums, ubiquitous refuse heaps, utter despair, misplaced belief, new-age cargo cults and bungled rescue attempts from Westerners.'

And that's mild in comparison with some of the other stuff he comes out with!

And he's not afraid to lay the blame squarely where it lies. With Africans themselves. Having said that he can't totally shake off his White Guilt Syndrome and nods in the direction of the problem being due to 'corrupt, grasping and undemocratic Leaders for Life'. But of course, and I'm sure deep down he knows this, any African will be like this should he gain power. The 'poor victim' in the slums will become a 'corrupt, grasping and undemocratic Leaders for Life' were he to be magically given the appropriate powers.

Sadly, this piece of simple wisdom has yet to penetrate the Western mind, with the result that untold billions will continue to be wasted in filling the coffers of African kleptomaniacs.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Good Lord.........bad lord

Those who seek and succeed in obtaining top administrative positions in sport are very like their counterparts in politics: The worst kinds of people, attracted by the power, perks and prestige but with little real interest in bettering the sport itself. Selfish egotists almost without exception. Which raises an interesting point about the surreal state sport has got itself into over 'race'.  Vast sums of money are allocated to 'anti-racist' advertising while draconian penalties are imposed for even the most minor of transgressions..... transgressions which twenty years ago would have been perceived as the normal give and take of the sports arena.

These developments have been counter-productive, at least from my perspective in that they confirmed to me the existence of The Plan, that there really is a centralised power directing initiatives such as these. Because the kind of people who run sporting organisations would require threats and/or inducements to divert their own resources to such a nebulous concept.

Which brings me to Lord Ouseley, the vociferous Chairman of Kick It Out, the quango that seeks out unsanctified race-related thought in football.  Well, Herman George Ouseley, Baron Ouseley of the British House of Lords, to give him his full title. With a monicker like that I assumed he was the scion of an ancient and noble lineage, dating back to the Magna Carta or such. Boy was I wrong there. In fact he's of West-Indian descent (e.g. descendant of slaves) who managed, wait for it, to get a Diploma in Administration from Catford College.  Wow!  Not exactly a PhD in Physics from Cambridge, is it?

But you see, as I continually point out, if you're black, can read and write and haven't killed anyone (ok, this drastically reduces the pick), well, the world's your oyster.  This must have quickly dawned on Herman George because following a stint working in some local government clerical position, brandishing his worthless 'qualifications' from an unknown 'college' he headed for the lush pastures of the Equality Industry.  And the rest is history, with his ending up ennobled in the House Of Lords.

He's got his snout deep in the Equality Trough, trousers generous fees and expenses from the numerous (White-funded) bodies in which he 'serves', and has of late branched out as 'a self-employed management consultant undertaking reviews of organisations' performance and assignments in pursuit of equality and diversity outcomes.'  In other words a down-market  version of the 'Rev'unds' Jesse and Al with a lucrative gig shaking down the productive (i.e. White) sectors of society.

Some Jewish texts describe us as goyim (cattle).  Be honest, are they not correct?  How could any non-bovine people allow themselves to be tricked into what we're doing today?  Handing over prestigious positions, power, wealth - and our children - to useless parasites, destroying our societies in the process.  Goyim indeed.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Change be a'comin'

Despite my disappointment at readers' comments on the Detroit bankruptcy, everywhere else I see, in ever clearer focus, the disparity between MSM editorial/reporting bilge and readers' reactions. Here's a great one from the NYT.  Was rated easily the most popular comment.

'I am disgusted. The Russians, THE RUSSIANS, are on the right side of all four issues, and we look like evil.
In Syria, we are backing al Qaeda, and the whole machine of the same Sunni fanatics we were fighting in Iraq.
With Snowden, we are exposed in crimes against a vast number of friends and allies and our own people, exposed in lies we told and still tell (some under oath), and we are begging people to believe we won't torture or kill him while many for good reason don't believe us.
We broke the ABM Treaty, and we are messing with nuclear arms deterrence and safety from nuclear war. We made a deal with the Russians not to expand into Eastern Europe if they dissolved the Warsaw Pact, and we broke the promises and did exactly that, and with ABM's too.
We are the ones who won't talk to the reformist new guy to settle what we say it a huge crisis, even as we say the basis of the crisis is not true, that the Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program, and the one guy we demonized is going.
We look like what we used to think of our enemies. This is sick.'

Folks, this is GOOD. People ARE waking up, even if they're only dimly aware what they are waking up to.    But is it too late?  The demographic picture is disastrous, for example.  And how will the Real Governments in western 'democracies' strike back?

Friday, 9 August 2013

Britain's (sic) most wanted tax dodgers

I see that HM Revenue and Customs have issued a list, complete with photos, of the 20 most wanted tax offenders. Now we all know the untold benefits that Britain gets from diversity and mass immigration.  Why PM Cameron never misses an opportunity to remind us.

I was astounded therefore to see that of the twenty specimens not one, not a single one, was British. They were from the usual Turd World hell holes and two were from Ireland. Well done lads, you make us all sooooooo proud. It seems most were given bail, allowed keep their passports, and, lo and behold, they skipped the country.  Another resounding triumph for the British legal system.

One disappointing aspect of the report related to the comments, almost none of which referred to the astounding fact that all of 'Britain's' most wanted tax cheats are non British.  Hopefully this reflects the activities of zealous moderators rather than the actual views of the readers.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Surprising and disappointing

I've remarked on several occasions on the gratifying dichotomy between editorial content and comments on MSM outlets - the former represented by standard PC orthodoxies, the latter with the unvarnished truths.  Whether this arose from an awakening of the readers or a loosening of Thought Police controls I don't know, but the result has been heartening.

But this seems to have failed with regard to Detroit's bankruptcy. Here I expected the commentariat to focus in, laser like, on the core problem - the population is 90% black.  But no. Everything else has blamed, Democrats, liberals, progressives, unions, name it, but the race factor is conspicuous by its absence. This even in the most 'honest' of forums

Surprising and disappointing.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new Game Of Thrones (and bones)

What a sight to see, and what a symbol for the new Rainbow Nation as Madiba's 'family' squabble like rancid vultures over the soon to be carcass.  Digging up and transplanting bodies in the dead of night, invoking witch doctors' curses on other family members, court cases, fist fights. Who'd have thunk that Winnie ('Necklace') Mandela's whelps would turn out so greedy? 

My own favourite was when one of the vultures called for the family's dirty linen not to be aired in public. And then  'Mandla went on to say his brother Mbuso had "impregnated my wife". He also said his two other brothers were born out of wedlock.'

Pure Gerry Springer

If they wanted a few moments respite they could have emptied a large bag of shiny washers in front of the squabbling hominids and let them go at one another.  Is this a black thing?  I remember the family of the 'Reverend'  MLK charging $500,000 for the MLK memorial committee to use his words.

Sheer class.

But meantime the once First World South Africa descends closer and closer to being the Zimbabwe of the South.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

On 'naming the Jew'

I know Nastiest Uncle infuriates a lot of people on this blog.  But he frequently does come up with an interesting perspective. The one I have in mind now hits on a very important 'operational' concept, and it's this.  Essentially, even if  we accept that Jews are the masterminds behind our immigration woes it's counterproductive to emphasise it.....for the reason that it results in instantaneous banishment from 'respectable' society. And as a consequence the more immediate objective of stopping mass black and Muslim immigration gets lost in the storm. This objective being more immediate in that demographics are destiny and these people are breeding like rabbits.

To illustrate the ramifications let's look at Tommy Robinson and the EDL.  They attract much opprobrium and derision from WN blogs due to their being under strong Zionist influence and for having black and Sikh members.  All valid criticisms.  But look at it this way. They are getting a lot of publicity which has the immediate effect of putting pressure on Muslims and immigration policy in general.  That's good. And their treatment by the police and mass media has resulted in a widespread backlash from a  public wider than their core supporters.  Their narrow focus (Muslims) and the presence of blacks, Jews and Sikhs enables the mass media to report on in a much less negative way than they'd do for the BNP, for example.

All of this is good and opens up another dimension.  It causes the public to question the broad 'respectable consensus' on a whole range of related issues.  It builds distrust of government, the media, academia, think tanks and other arbiters of prevailing orthodoxies. This is vital because our biggest impediment is lethargic acceptance of the status quo among Western populations even as the demographic time bomb ticks towards detonation. Once you start questioning the prescribed narrative the whole Potemkin village comes tumbling down. 

I know, because that's what happened to me and to many of this blog's readers.

Some months back I said this about Alex Jones who is loathed in most WN forums as a Jewish disinformation agent. 

"So on balance is he doing us harm? No, I don’t believe that he is harming us at all. In fact, I think that he gets people thinking about things that the mainstream media simply refuses to deal with.  He’s reached and awakened an audience that dwarfs anything the rest of us can reach. He’s brought many previously hidden issues to the attention of millions of people who otherwise would have been slumped before their TVs, comatose before the mind-rot beamed out at them.

Look, time and again he talks about “the elite”, “the global elites”, “globalists”, “international bankers”, “global conspiracy”, “the NWO” and the like.  He says that every path leads to the House of Rothschild.  Now I ask you, how much more explicit do you expect him to be? It doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to establish a connection here.

With enemies like Jones, who needs friends?  I think he’s great, the National Enquirer for White Nationalists!"

The same can be said for many other WN sites and commentators who carefully avoid 'naming the Jew'.  For instance, can anyone seriously claim that our cause would have been better off without American Renaissance?   Yet such sources come under frenetic attack from the purists. Once a whiff of pro-Jewish sentiment is encountered they, like Father Ted, they get added to the Enemies List.

So my conclusion is this:  Ask whether the parties concerned are helping or hindering our cause, not whether we agree 100% with them.  We can occasionally and politely point out that such parties are missing the eminence grise behind the curtain, and suggest their readers look a bit beyond the existing focus. But do not wage all out war. God knows we're small enough in number as it is.