Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Silence Of The Shams

Everywhere I look these days I see 'moderate' Muslim leaders in hysterics over one thing or another. The slightest suggestion of 'Islamophobia', be it some canton in Switzerland deciding they don't want their 'citizens' walking around like post boxes, Christian schools displaying 'offensive' (i.e. Christian) symbols, non-halal food inadvertently being served to Muslims or whatever.  Loud wailing betrays the degree of persecution the unfortunate Religion Of Peace labours under.

In fact it's blindingly obvious that those 'moderate' Muslim leaders, just like the race hucksters in America, actually seem to be on the lookout for any conceivable offence for which retribution - and restitution, don't ever forget that - can be gained. They are busy busy boys (they're always boys, of course).  And as for their counterparts in Dar-al-Islam, well, they have of course a altogether more robust ways of making their hurt feelings known.

I can only assume that the 'moderate' community leaders are so busy hunting down such trivia in the Dar-al-Harb (Region of War, in case you didn't know) that they never get around to protesting, or even condemning, the endless saga of murderous outrages carried out by their coreligionists around the world with monotonous regularity.  You know, setting a giant bomb off in a Christian
n church in Pakistan, killing hundreds, hacking and machine-gunnung scores of churchgoers in Nigeria, or that little matter in Nairobi recently.

I've undertaken a detailed  and pretty meticulous search and have come up blank.  Those 'moderate' leaders, so beloved of our political and media elites, and so sensitive to the slightest hint of anything offensive to their precious feelings, are struck dumb when the kuffar is the victim.

But then, what would you expect from them?  What I would hope - but not expect - from dhimmi Western political and media leaders is a demand for these hypocrites unequivocally to condemn the outrages committed in the name of Islam.

I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A reminder

Reading on-line comments (you know I have a thing about this!) I frequently notice a dismissive attitude to Political Correctness. Following yet another PC outrage it's dismissed as 'silly', 'stupid', 'nonsensical' or some such.

It is no such thing.

PC is an utterly intolerant system of control that restricts not just actions, but also speech and even thoughts. It has been carefully developed and applied over the last half century by evil and ruthless people.  Its nearest non-western equivalent was in the Soviet Union, and it's by no means stretching the case to say that. At least in the USSR a sorrowful retraction could result in forgiveness and an eventual return to normal life. For the PC enforcers in the West such a retraction serves only to whet their appetite for more blood.

Don't dismiss it as nutty.  It's anything but.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

'Real' journalists

I notice that Dianne Feinstein has strong views on what constitutes a proper journalist.  Discussing changes to the Media Shield Law she let us know that "the current version of the bill would grant a special privilege to people who aren’t really reporters at all, who have no professional qualifications.” Co-ethnic Charles ('allow in 13 million more illegals') Schumer voiced strong support. “The world has changed. We’re very careful in this bill to distinguish journalists from those who shouldn’t be protected, WikiLeaks and all those, and we’ve ensured that.”

So are we to take it that the MSM journalists, those working for and taking their orders from giant corporations, who  blatantly misrepresent the racial aspect of crime, who've been unable to find anything untoward in Obama's bizarre life story, who immortalised the thug 'Trayvon', who routinely act as cheerleaders for the War Part's every adventure, who never ask an awkward question of those in power, who in fact never noticed the massive and blatant corruption of Dianne Feinstein and her husband in California...........are we to assume that these are the 'real' journalists, the people needing protection, rather than the 'amateurs'  in the blogosphere? 

Looks like it.

TPTB of course want the same kind of journalists in the USSA as they had in the USSR.  And in fact it was going nicely for a while.  Why, with the right people owning 95% of the MSM, in charge of the FCC and various Press Authorities around the globe, and bolstered by a panoply of 'hate' legislation, what could go wrong?  Well, the Internet, that's what went wrong. Very wrong. The lies on which the Matrix is based are being exposed daily. The edifice of falsehood that sustains the current sea of corruption is creaking at the edges.

Just as an aside, it's perfectly obvious that - even at the most basic level - the standard of journalism from the 'professionals' is abysmally low and declining all the time.  For example you'll see grotesque grammatical errors ('it could have went'), conflating prepositions ('as big or bigger than') and sheer misuse of words (too numerous to exemplify). At a more fundamental level many reports just do not make sense. They lack basic clarity.  They introduce a new character or other entity midway through a story without any explanation as to who or what they are or their relevance.  I could go on and on, but it's clear that so much  time in journalism school is spent on indoctrination that there's little left over for actual journalism. By way of contrast, some of the best writing today can be found on blogs and other on-line forums.

Yes, TPTB, as exemplified by the like of Feinstein and Schumer, are worried. Let us pray that their fears are well grounded.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


The term Orwellian has been debased by over-use and misunderstanding. It's come to represent anything that's futuristic and unpleasant. In actual fact Orwell's understanding of where our world was heading was infinitely more profound than that. Here's what I understand by the term.

All power devolves to the State: Competing intuitions like religion, family, free trade unions etc. are suppressed. Control of citizens' access to information is micro-managed down to the lowest level of detail and reinforced by endless brainwashing.

Freedoms are systematically reduced until only those approved by the State are allowed.  State control is literally everywhere as exemplified by the 'Big Brother is watching you' motif. Whereas non-Orwellian tyrannies concentrated on controlling physical opposition, Orwell envisaged a time when actual thought would be controlled, hence the Thought Police.  Offenders, the lucky ones, would be sent to 're-education' centres for reprogramming.

The application of Doublethink and Newspeak: This is represented be the legendary Ministry of War being designated Ministry of Peace, control called support,  lies and propaganda disseminated by the Ministry for Truth and so on. Many people today think (to the extent that they think of it at all) that this device serves merely to sugarcoat the unpleasant.  It does, but it also operates at the deepest psychological level, serving to atomise society, undermine self-confidence making individuals easy prey for a powerful State.  I read somewhere of experiments with rats where the murine equivalent of Doublethink literally lead to some rats starving themselves to death.

Rewriting of history: "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."  The more you reflect on Orwell's words the more you appreciate their wisdom. Germany presents a perfect example, having been assigned total responsibility for the horrors in both World Wars. This travesty has been applied to extract massive 'compensation' from the unfortunate German workers and continues, by invoking the Nazi  and Hitler slurs to denigrate anything the new masters disapprove of.

These principles were of course actively implemented in the former USSR and its satellites. But now the EUSSR sees the Orwellian apotheosis embodied in as vile a piece of proposed new legislation as I have ever set eyes on.  You can get the main details here on the BNP website (hat tip Rob) and it's well worth checking out.  The draft is an Orwellian handbook, even from the very beginning with its title "Model Statute for Tolerance".  One point I'll note is its attempt to institutionalise 'lawfare', the racket whereby a member of a protected minority will have legal cost fully reimbursed, no matter how frivolous the case, should he sue a White person for some imagined 'offence'.  The whole point here of course is to threaten White opponents with severe financial loss (or worse) should they offend and drive White opposition underground. It already operates with great success in Canada and is applied with special enthusiasm by Muslims, the ultimate practitioners of tolerance.

Whence did this monstrosity emerge? From the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, an international NGO established by Aleksander Kwasniewsky, a Minister in the former Communist Polish government, and Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress. The specific draft legislation was drawn up by a working group chaired by Professor Yoram Dinstein of Tel Aviv University.

So there you have it. 

For those of us 'awakened' and still willing to give 'ordinary Jews' the benefit of the doubt, these people make life hard if not impossible. 

Monday, 16 September 2013


I have a childhood friend whom I meet once a month for lunch. Although a lawyer (hiss, boo) he's cut out to be a dreamy academic - he once admitted that the happiest days of his life were those spent browsing in the Library Of Congress in Washington. At lunch last month he mentioned that he'd started reading Anti-Judaism: The History Of A Way Of Thinking by David Nirenberg.

'Great' says I, 'the very book and the very man to evaluate it'. Specifically I asked him to check out a pet gripe of mine, viz. that Jews, when discussing anti-Semitism, never ever allow for the possibility that this might have arisen, even in small part, from the behaviour of Jews themselves. (I've written about this earlier, including here.)   So I asked him, as a very dispassionate observer, to keep this in mind as he read through it

I was suitably gratified by his assessment when I met him today.  He claimed it was 'astonishing' that Nirenberg, although writing a massive academic-style work, never felt the need to justify his designation as 'caricatures', 'stereotypes' and 'tropes' the accusations Gentiles made against Jews throughout history.  Just like with Freud, he seems to see any anti-Jewish sentiment as being a mental illness or at least utterly irrational.  As an academic type himself, my friend felt this was an extraordinary omission.


By the way, I ended the post I referred to earlier this way:  'Now I discern a larger - much larger - problem with this.  You see, if you believe that your behaviour is perfectly reasonable and acceptable, if you're impervious to the real impact on and the perceptions of others, well, it seems to me you're heading for a fall at some point. I believe that in fact there are many signs of this at present.

My bones tell me that this is not going to end well

Right now my bones are  in overdrive with the volume up full.   I'll amplify on this shortly.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday, 13 September 2013

Thank you, Poles

Walking through the Blackpool (!) area of Cork city is a depressing experience. A former tightly-knit community with its own distinct accent, humour and sports teams, it's now soulless and atomised, with literally every fourth person a 'visible minority'.  The sense of community has been totally destroyed. Incredibly, this transformation took place in little more than a decade.  Alan Shatter must be well pleased as he contemplates the wreckage. In any other context those responsible for such a dramatic societal degradation would suffer some consequences.

But as every schoolboy knows, we are in a unique context here, where questions-are-not-asked and consequences are not suffered.

But there is a bright spot in this otherwise bleak firmament. You see, almost every retail establishment in this  area, and others too, is staffed with large numbers of pretty, helpful and hard-working White Eastern European girls, mainly from Poland. Their presence contributes significantly towards offsetting the genetic degradation engineering by the likes of Shatter. 

So thank you, Poles.  May you stay long, have plenty of kids and help us avoid genetic destruction.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The smile of a contented man

What's this....a smile on the face of Alan Shatter, the 'Irish'  Minister for Nation Wrecking?  Most unusual from this normally surly little runt.  What can have cheered him so?  Well, I've established that it's this headline from The Financial Times:

"One Irish person emigrates every six minutes".   

No wonder he's beaming. Especially when he read on and found that almost 400,000 (10% of the population) had emigrated since 2008.  And when he remembered his own personal role in flooding the country with 52,000 Turd World bottom feeders since he took office just two years ago, well his cup surely brimmeth over.

Happy days for nation-wrecking traitors as a new and darker Ireland reveals itself day by day.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Quantavius goes to Harvard

Harvard is one of the greatest institutions in America, arguably in the whole Western world. It was conceived, built and developed to its apogee by people who were (a)White (b)Christian and (c) male.  As such it represented a perfect target in The Long March Through The Institutions for subversion from within. And boy, has it been subverted. The descendants of those who built it are now a marginalised minority

Here's what I wrote in this post.  "Ron Unz, in an article in the Wall Street Journal provided us with the following chart which shows the full extent of Jewish over-representation and gentile white under-representation. Due to a highly active AA policy at the university, blacks and Hispanics are over-represented based on IQ, although under-represented given their ratio of the overall population. Gentile whites on the other hand are vastly under-represented – by orders of magnitude, as the chart shows. However, the real gem is the Jewish figure. They’re over-represented by a factor of nearly ten!"  In fact it's virtually a Jewish fiefdom by now, with Jews, together with some Asians, making up nearly half of the total student population. Not bad for 2% of the country's population.

And, surprise surprise, Harvard is starting to show signs of what we've come to expect of 'diverse' institutions.  For a start, under the execrable Larry Summers, the prudent financial management that had served the institution so effectively since 1636 was jettisoned and nearly four centuries of achievement put at severe risk.  Undeterred by his prior role in wrecking the country's financial system by way of his corrupt deregulation shenanigans, Summers took it on himself to over-rule in-house experts, and proceeded to lose over $2 billion in endowment funds through risky investments. He also dragged Harvard's name through the mud internationally by using the institution in the looting of Russia  with his cronies.

Meanwhile academic cheating has become rampant as has the instance of rape, which has nearly doubled in the last year.  Who could have imagined?  And indeed, the finest minds in sociology (not saying a lot, admittedly) are utterly baffled at this inexplicable turn of events. I feel sure that they have briefly considered - but then dismissed - the significance of the explosive growth of the black student population. On reflection I wouldn't say they in fact even considered this as a causal factor.

Without a shadow of doubt we'll also witness in due course a spiral of academic decline as Harvard does a Detroit.

Mark down another spectacular success for the nation-wreckers.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


About ten years ago I was invited to join the Freemasons. I was assured that whereas everyone had to enter at the basic rank I was destined for stardom, so to speak.  I never had any intention of joining but did use the opportunity to explore - or try to explore - what this secret organisation is really about. I asked what was it that fast-tracked people to the top degree, like the 32nd.  'Good works' I was assured, a response which confirmed to me that I was being fed bullshit.

Freemasonry is used almost interchangeably with the Illuminati, New World Order, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove in secret organisation demonology.  But personally I have no idea as to what their objectives are.  And I'd love to know.  Sure, at a lower level it's all about looking after fellow brothers in their careers.... for instance the police and judiciary in Britain have had notorious instances of  judicial process abuse.

But what I don't understand is how the various Lodges interact at the highest level.  Masons that I spoke to insist that each  Lodge is pretty much independent. But that then begs the question as to how goals and operations can be aligned which in turn could obviously lead to Lodges pulling in totally opposite directions. Jesse Jackson for example is supposed to be a 33rd degree Mason, but there surely are, or were,  many Lodges in the South made up of KKK people. What happens were their respective members effect that famous handshake? I find it unbelievable that there would not be top level co-ordination, but anything I've read suggests there's not (misinformation?) and the dizzying spectrum of Lodges with seemingly nothing in common and in fact much to fundamentally divide them would seem to support that.

So if that were true, why would the real power brokers, the Rockefellers, Bushes, Draghis of this world need to join?  Surely they have all the contacts they could possibly need and why be bogged down by Masonic rituals and constraints? But it seems they are all Masons.  Which leaves one possible explanation: Some Luciferian connection.  Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern USA Jurisdiction in the 19th century wrote about Lucifer as 'the seeker of light' (hence the name).  Lucifer's sin apparently was that he believed man to be perfectable, i.e. becoming God. As can be imagined, this went down like a lead balloon with Church authorities who subsequently built him up to be the incarnation of evil.

Could it be possible that in fact, at the highest levels, some enhanced occult powers are made available?  Pike inferred that 'the Light' could be acquired by the anointed. Don't laugh off the possibility.  I say this as an agnostic of no religious adherence. But because science has not discovered or explained something does not mean it does not exist. My own dogs for example have what can only be described as paranormal senses, even down to the prosaic level of knowing when I'm thinking of going for a walk.

This subject is of more than academic interest to all of us here given the role of Masonry, embedded as it is in every facet of Western life, and given the machinations of shadowy NWO-style groupings associated with it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Lauence Auster

Laurence (Larry) Auster of  View From The Right died last March, as most of you probably know.  Not so many of you will be aware that his death and the fatal cancer preceding it, were celebrated with great enthusiasm...... on the 'Right'!  It was as if some true villain such as Dick Cheney or Richard ('Richard the Turd') Perle has shuffled off his mortal coils.

Why was this?  Largely because Larry, himself born Jewish but a late convert to Catholicism, didn't subscribe to the trope that all of our troubles are due to the Jews, all of the Jews, and only Jews.  He had a more nuanced understanding, as do I.  Sure, he was opinionated, difficult,  intolerant, quick to fact he'd fight with himself were nobody else around. My frequent email correspondence with him testified to that.

But consider this: He passionately believed in what he wrote and followed his beliefs no matter where they lead him. How many of us can say that? Larry, with his gift for writing - and his being Jewish - could have had a stellar and lucrative career in the MSM had he sold out. Think of the wealth and influence enjoyed by the likes of Tom Friedman, based on noting more than regurgitating vacuous and shallow versions of establishment  positions. But Larry had no interest in that.  Instead he lived his life in relative obscurity and with modest means. Towards the end I complimented him on his principles but, as ever, he was quick to deflect any credit, responding that he was driven to tell the truth as he saw it and that he just could not even conceive of becoming a paid shill. Such a life would be hell for him.

And apart from the Jewish matter, how far out of line was he on the issues that bother us here? Well, on mass immigration, civil rights, AA, Islam, liberalism, feminism, cultural relativism, you name it, he was on the button. Look, here he quotes with approval the following words of Richard Brookhiser “The WASP character is the American character. It is the mold, the template, the archetype, the set of axes along which the crystal has grown. Without the WASP it would be another country altogether. Without the continuing influence of his values, it is sure to lose its way.”

And yet he's castigated as 'controlled opposition' or some such. No, Larry's tireless work has lead to the awakening of thousands. He followed through on his beliefs right to the very end, despite having to endure an agonising illness.  And I mean the very end, almost until the moment he died.

Finally, allow me my own cri de coeur.  'We' have enough enemies. Virtually all of the media, business, politics, academia and organised religion are lined up against us.  Yet we are most vitriolic towards those who basically share our core beliefs but differ with us on some elements of those beliefs, or on what must be done.  Any mass movement must be able to develop a 'big house' where common objectives can be pursued. Can we not devote our energies to forming common ground?  Please?