Thursday, 31 October 2013

Just a thought...........

The flooding of Ireland with African cultural enrichers has, if nothing else, provided me with an opportunity to study them in the raw, so to speak.  Yes, I've worked in Africa but that was usually by way of shortish (a couple of weeks) assignments, most of which were taken up with a hotel-to-meeting-back-to-hotel work day.

In Ireland I have noticed, or at least I think I've noticed, two things. First, black males invariably have a mobile phone stuck to their ear while walking.  Whether they're actually talking or just doing it for effect I don't know.  The other thing is that they continually check around and behind them in a way Whites never do. Maybe I'm imagining this but I don't think so.

Imagine my surprise then a few nights ago when my impressions received startling confirmation.  Well, kind of. You see I was half tuned in to a nature programme that Lady Savant was watching when, lo and behold, it showed apes doing the same thing.  According to the narrator, this was a defence mechanism to check for potential predators sneaking up on them.

Is there a connection?  I do not know.  But I think we should be told.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tragedy at American Renaissance narrowly averted

It all began with a wailing of ambulance sirens, followed by a squealing of brakes as the vehicle shuddered to a halt in a cloud of dust outside the hospital. The crew whipped open the rear doors and wheeled out a ghostly apparition, more dead than alive. Ghastly pale, wheezing through his oxygen mask, an intravenous drip attached to his arm, it appeared to onlookers that the poor guy was not long for this world.

Happily, thanks to the frantic work of the emergency medical staff his life was saved and he's now out of danger.  Enquiries revealed that his near demise arose from labour exhaustion. 'He worked as a comment moderator at the Amren web site' a hospital spokesman spokesperson tersely announced. Further enquiries revealed that the unfortunate victim, who had been moderating this article on the site, was overcome by an avalanche of unsanctified reader comments, too great for him to handle.

Working feverishly he deleted comment after comment, but, like the hydra monster, the more he deleted the more seemed to come in. Whack-a-mole ad infinitum. Eventually fellow workers heard a strangled cry and saw him collapse to the office floor, sweating profusely, his breath coming in short strangled gasps. Quickly recognising the criticality of his condition they called emergency services. And the rest you know about.

As Obummer would say, he is in our prayers. 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My daughter

My daughter just walked into the living room and said "Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, stereo, iPhone, iPod, and laptop. Please take all of my jewellery to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brothers."

Well, she didn't put it quite like that... she actually said...

"Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Mohamed"

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hungary..............what's the story?

What’s the story with Hungary?  It’s a really big one yet one that’s receiving amazingly little media coverage.  For a start they’ve taken a lot of pain and paid off the usurious IMF loan, but have gone further and told that organisation to get the hell out of their country. They’re now talking of issuing a new debt-free currency and possibly even leaving the EU. The Government there has made it plain that they want to get permanently out of the clutches of the Rothschild central banksters.

Given the dearth of MSM information I reactivated contact with some former colleagues from Hungary. So I’m admitting straight off that I might be getting a biased take. However, all three made very similar assessments, apart from their opinion of PM Victor Orban. So here’s a summary.
The previous Socialist Government was utterly disastrous, sold out the country to ‘international bankers’.  That government was ‘full of Jews and Israelis’ who plundered local companies. The ‘Socialist’ Government was all set for a massive privatisation programme of state assets with the usual suspects set to get massively rich a la the oligarchs under Yeltsin. The schools were packed with ‘liberals’ who trashed traditional learning in favour of the PC multicultural claptrap which is destroying the West today.  A little like what Bela Kun and Georg Lukacs inflicted on that country in earlier times.  Little surprise then that uber-reptile Tony Blair was one of the Government’s strongest foreign supporters.

The current Public Prosecutor is now putting the three previous Prime Ministers on trial, a la Iceland, for the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the country. The Government has in addition restructured the Board of the Central Bank (Hungarians for Hungary in charge), defining marriage as only between a man and a woman and the family unit as being comprised of husband wife and their children. Even though endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the electorate the EU, for some reason, deemed these moves ‘undemocratic’.  Whatever else they are they’re not undemocratic.
Unbelievably, a member of the Jobbik Party stoof up in Parliament and said "I think it's high time the government made a survey of how many persons of Jewish origin are residing in Hungary, especially of those who are members of Parliament and serve in public office in the government because they pose national security risk to Hungary.”

Oh dear.  Apparently Jobbik’s popularity leapt after this announcement. One correspondent told me that Jews are more unpopular in Hungary than in any other European country.
While some say the country is thriving after these moves others disagree. They say  the VAT rate at 27% is too high, that skilled people are fleeing the country, that the dependency ratio is too high. Also that Orban is a complete chameleon who changes his colour on a purely opportunistic basis. Seems he used to first a young Communist, then a liberal, then a conservative before landing the current patriotic nationalist gig. It's also claimed that he corruptly diverts Government business to his favourite large conglomerates.

Be that as it may the Hungarians, in casting the money changers out of the temple, introducing their own debt-free currency and aggressively reacting against Jewish machinations are doing what nobody has done since a certain Mr. A Hitler during the thirties.  And that’s the surprising thing. I would have assumed that the proverbial ton of bricks would have descended on them and they’d have been whipped into line pronto. For sure, the EU cancelled a whole range of development projects and the interest on existing loans has been jacked up. But if anything the EU’s position seems to have softened in the intervening time and there has been no call for boycotts.  Compare that to Germany in the thirties, or currently the war on Golden Dawn in Greece (which remains just an opposition party).
Interesting, is it not?  I just can’t believe that the international powers that be will let this go.  Maybe they’ll work in a less direct and slower way. Either way developments in Hungary are most interesting. Watch this space.

Monday, 21 October 2013

The stresses of a football manager

A football manager must be one of the most precarious of professions.  Endless stress, dog's abuse from fans and media and, as with politicians, most careers ultimately ending in failure. England's Manager, the affable Roy Hodgson, has suffered the inevitable slings and arrows that accompany the position with remarkable sangfroid and dignity.  But even he was reported to have blown his top as he was engulfed by the latest example of PC gone wild.

At half time in the match against Poland he told what he presumably felt would be an inspirational joke about monkeys in space. Cue an outbreak of PC hysteria, this being seen as a gross insult to the team's black players. (As with so many formerly European countries, about half of the 'England' team is black).  Anguished calls for his resignation filled the air.  For example a four-page complaint from Race for Sport, an off-shoot of the execrable Society for Black Lawyers, called for "cultural intelligence" training (i.e. a spell in a re-education camp) for Hodgson and all football managers.

What makes me smile about this and similar cases is that, contrary to their professed beliefs that we're all equal, 'liberals' deep down know that we're not and that blacks are indeed closer to monkeys. Hence the howls of anguish.

And now to another football manager, fired by his club.  He took this blow to his career so badly that he attacked five cars belonging to club bigwigs.  Door panels were scratched, crosses and symbols were etched across bonnets, tyres were punctured and an offensive word was gouged into paintwork.  Personally I think the relentless pressure for results must have tipped him over the edge.

Even, as in this case, while being Manager of the Nuneaton Under 9 team!

Friday, 18 October 2013

A message to 'R'

There was an interesting comment from 'R' to the previous post.

I've been here a million times and have never said a single word. I enjoy coming here; thank you for the information and the entertainment as well.

Everything you write makes sense and seems to fit well with reality, if a person is paying any attention whatsoever. Also I've done quite a bit of reading on the Jewish question over the past five years or so and the facts appear to be the facts - and they are everywhere on the Internet, as well as right in front of one's face. (not that I claim to be an expert, I'm not - but I've spent some time on this, especially the holocaust.)

What is exceedingly disturbing to me is that most conservatives in the US simply refuse to consider this point of view, AT ALL. This goes for both virtual conservatives, as well as live ones. Or worse, conservatives start screaming "anti-semitism" like a liberal screaming "racism".

Many other readers have provided similar stories, all asking in effect one question: Are we beaten?

Well 'R' we might be but I don't think so. Don't forget that the people you refer to have been brainwashed for their whole lives. When this happens it's very difficult to acknowledge contrary evidence, no matter how strong.  But there is a change in the air.  People are waking up. If as you say you're a regular reader you'll be familiar with my analysis of the disparity between MSM 'reporting' and reader comments. The latter are massively non-PC, by many, many orders of magnitude. And here I'm talking about mainstream outlets, not the likes of Amren.

Bear in mind that in my won case, up until about ten years ago (nearly 60 years old!), I was a textbook guilt-tripped liberal doing voluntary work in Africa for these gentle unfortunate people who had been so exploited by evil Whitey.  My time on the ground there rapidly opened my eyes and lead to my questioning all the crap I'd been fed. And bear in mind that all my life, since I was a child I'd been a voracious reader. Yet I'd bought into the propaganda.

Even by the start of this blog I was an almost unstinting admirer and supporter of all things Jewish. Thanks to the promptings of Uncle Nasty and Kulak, and some others I undertook a research project utilising all the unsanctified material I could get, and now I'm cured of that as well. (I wrote about it here).

Sooooo........less than ten years ago I was typical of the type of person who so vexes you now.  And look at me now!  (Note: I'm I still retain a considerable residue of programming as I'm still unable to utter the 'n' word).  So there is hope.  Will the White race and Western Civilisation be saved?  I really don't know, but what I do know, with absolute certainty, is that a significant change is underway.

So take heart, and keep spreading the word.  Nil desperandum.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to succeed in business without really trying

I used to do some work for venture capital companies, albeit in a small way, many year ago. Mainly by way of assessing for them the technical viability of promising Irish IT companies. It was this experience that left me with an abiding hatred of Microsoft. Horrible predatory crooks who'd stitch up a small local innovator for the equivalent of five minute's Microsoft profits. I wish Gates, Ballmer and the rest of the vile reptilians the worst that fate can bring them in terms of health, wealth and happiness.

On this point I met a guy I knew during this time who focused solely on the VC scene and subsequently went to Silicon Valley, where he's done extremely well.  Given my fascination with Jewish control of just about everything, whetted by GTRman's jaw-dropping revelations, I asked him the score.

First, and I'm not being melodramatic here, he was clearly nervous.  He spoke only on the condition that I would reveal nothing at all that might reveal his identity.  That in itself spoke volumes for me. He told me, and this was no surprise, that Jews control the money. But it went much further than that. Take the case of a start-up with some brilliant new technology. They want to take it to the market but need big investor cash. They find that the first VC they go to offers support, but on condition that you take X and Y on to your board and provide them with a substantial shareholding.  X and Y, as you can guess, will be Jewish.

Not liking this they go to another VC but are made a similar offer. And on it goes. And they get the eerie feeling that their supposedly private negotiations are in fact being fed to other potential investors in advance.  They realise very rapidly that they're trapped and most at this stage cave in.  There are more stubborn innovators who'll fight this racket, and they might get lucky with, for example, some Asian investor.  But then stories begin emerging in the technical press. 'Industry sources' tell us that Company X's product has hit serious technical problems. This is then picked up by the financial press and the independent IT king-makers like Gartner and Forrester (both heavily Jewish owned and run, by the way).  Such treatment brings even the toughest to their knees.

But it gets even better. Let's take a Facebook-like situation, whereby the ownership and origins of the intellectual capital come into dispute.  There are lots of Larry Summers' around who will use their positions to find in favour of the Jewish protagonist, as Summers did at Harvard. And in the unlikely event that you're still standing after all of this you'll find the courts will be organised against you.  The case and/or the appeal will - inevitably - be heard by a Federal Judge with a name like Ruth Silverstein who will - equally inevitably - find in your adversaries' favour.

So that goes a long way towards explaining the incredibly high Jewish involvement at the top levels of tech companies. It seems that once you control the sources of funding and the arbitration process you control the whole game.  I believe it's commonly known as the Farnsworth Syndrome. This stems from the fact that television was invented by a farm boy from Idaho named Farnsworth, but he ended up with nothing once the Jewish Mafia at RCA had finished with him.

That's not to say goyim can't survive. But to do so they must recognise that this ecosystem is  a Jewish one, and you play by their rules. If you do that you'll be allowed some of the pie. At the cost of your integrity, if nothing else.

My take on all of this?  Well, they're ruling by fear and coercion at present.  Will it last? Maybe. Because Whites are totally atomised, no solidarity whatsoever. (In fact my friend told me that any suggestion of contributing to a White or traditional cause would instantly result in the Mel Gibson treatment). And the problem is exacerbated by the fact that Chinese and Indians now have their own ethnic Mafias as well, Mafias which, by the way, don't have the slightest hesitation in stealing IP and rebranding it for themselves.

In such an environment it's hard to be optimistic, is it not?

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Nobel 'Peace' Prize.

I see the Nobel Committee in Norway has again awarded the Peace Prize to an inanimate object, in this case The Netherlands-based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.  This follows on last year's award to the EU. What's behind this trend towards the inanimate?  Could be the committee is running out of suitable individuals. And by suitable individuals I mean the sociopathic mass murderers who normally win the Peace Prize.  I have in mind such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Yasser Arafat...not sure about Idi Amin and The Boston Strangler.

As with everything else these days your winning odds increase stratospherically if you're black. There's been a string of worthless black winners over the last couple of decades, winners just because day be black. In fact the 'Congolese surgeon' pictured was apparently a hot favourite early on this year.  Now reflect on those words, 'Congolese surgeon'.  An oxymoron par excellence. Like a Pakistani philanthropist or a German comedian.  And now reflect on this. You're strapped to a gurney, helpless, when you see this monster advancing on you with a scalpel. Does not your blood runs cold?

Another black Laureate is of course President Obomber himself.  This was awarded at a time when nobody, least of all the people who elected him President, knew anything about him. Where and when he was born, his religion, father and academic qualifications...... all shrouded in mystery.  His only 'achievements' were those of a community organiser in Chicongo. What an achievement.  But in fairness he rapidly repaid the Committee's faith on him by immediately, in the finest tradition of Nobel Peace Laureates, starting several wars leading to tens of thousands of fatalities, unleashing unmanned drones on anyone he considered suitable for killing and even lead us to the brink of World War III recently.  

Being Jewish needless to say helps greatly as well.  Not always clear why, as the names Kissinger, Begin, Rabin and Shimon Peres don't exactly spring to mind when one thinks of  the word 'peace'. And then there's Elie Wiesel.  Now initially I thought that he'd won the Literary Fiction Prize, but no, he gets it for his work for peace............... in making everyone hate the Germans. His motto is 'never forget' but it would be more appropriate were it 'never remember', given the avalanche of falsehoods exposed in his work over the years. But look, give this guy a break.  He personally saw Hitler shove screaming babies into the gas chambers, and that kind of thing can wreck your head.

So yes, a rum lot. I'd say that they must revert to awarding to individual psychopaths from next year onwards.  I'm sure Hitlery Clinton's polishing her mantelpiece in anticipation.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Thoughts from an American reader

Just as Obama is destroying the USA, the Jews destroyed Christianity. Both are actually positive developments. Now we are free to forge a White religion and a White country out of the wreckage. In attempting to enslave and punish us for being White, all they did was remove all strictures that were on us, that we maintained on ourselves.

By making us foreigners in our own country, they are creating tribes of White Barbarians. We no longer identify with the multiracialist melange “country,” so we find new national structures to identify with, structures that are borderless, cosmopolitan, and biologically

At its root, the liberals and neocons did not understand that their power was rooted in the very things they despised — White racial unity, patriotism, national identity, borders, language, culture. They killed these things, and killed their power base.  And they awakened an enraged beast who is rising against them with a terrible vengeance in its heart.

So it’s going to be like “Whites in Indian country” again, except the “Indians” will be lots of different tribes — Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims. And Whites will also become savage tribes as well. Savage Aryan tribes . . . with a historical memory.

Savage tribes who will remember who it was who brought all these alien tribes to our soil, and turned a functioning, strong country into a multiracial empire and then a series of contested territories and “no-go zones,” Savage White tribes who are going to blame Liberalz for destroying the country and making life hell for normal White people. The Liberalz claim they were building a multiracial utopia that only conservative white racists won’t like, but they are actually building the most anti-liberal social construct ever — a territory of warring tribes.

Having a territory of warring tribes is successful at weakening the host (White American) people for about a generation or two, and then the host people themselves become a warring tribe. And we shall identify, and name and shame, the people who turned the USA from a functioning country into a clusterfuck of warring tribes and no-go zones and ethnic and liberalz patronage scams.

So this is our transition from citizens of a country to blood brothers of the White Warring Tribe, or one of the many White Warring Tribes. This will be the worst nightmare imaginable for todays liberalz cheering on white displacement.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

You must have seen this

You must have seen's all over the place.  I can't seem to click on any of my favourite sites but this gorgon's picture appears under the headline

One Little Thing All White People Could Do That Could Make A Difference in the World

Now, in typical self-obsessed black entitlement mode this creature actually means for blacks in the world. Yes, Whites must provide even more gibsmedats for the poor creatures.  Listen lady: I think I speak for most Whites when I say I have not the remotest interest in doing anything more for you worthless, unproductive, self absorbed, arrogant, thieving, cheating, shiftless, phallocentric, shameless parasites,  unfit for anything but the simplest most rudimentary labour, and who would have long since disappeared down the Darwinian plughole were it not for the misguided benevolence of Whites.

Look, I'll make a deal.  I'll try to ensure that Whites will indeed do that 'One Little Thing' you require.  But only when you blacks stop robbing, raping and physically assaulting us, taking our jobs by way of Affirmative Action, bleeding us dry with your welfare dependency, clogging our jails and court systems, debasing and destroying our neighbourhoods, schools.....indeed any place where you congregate in sufficient numbers.

Have we a deal?

Good. Now take it to the local branch of the NAACP.  Why, I've even formulated a new motto for that organisation, and have gone to the trouble of translating it into Latin for you to give you a badly needed touch of class (I knows you aint so good at dem forrin langwiches).

NAACP (Motto: Dona nobis Solvo excrementum aut Puteus Combustio urbibus vestris  (Give Us Free Shit or We’ll Burn Your Cities Down)

Now lady, tell me, who the hell is paying for all this advertising? It's not at all clear.  Whoever the hell is doing it must have very deep pockets. Please let us know.

In the meantime, like a good gargoyle, please get the fuck off the Web and stop spoiling my day.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A black day

You probably know of the tragedies that took place last Thursday.  First a planeload of Nigerians did what planes piloted by Nigerians frequently do........plummeted to earth with a mighty bang.  Then a boatload of Somalis seeking the good life courtesy of the European taxpayer went belly up near the Italian coast.  A bad day.  A black day, you could say.

The output from the commentariat was predictable.  Aristotelian ethics (I like to add a touch of class to  this blog occasionally)  proclaims that impractical morality is no morality at all. No wonder it's not taught in schools any more as it would clearly reveal the profound hypocrisy of 'liberals', today's moral guardians. Regarding the boating tragedy for example that bald queer you see on France24 demanded 'a dramatic increase in resources' to avoid such tragedies. Similar claims were made in just about every other MSM outlet as well. The Pope said something similar before turning on his Gucci-clad heels and departing on his private jet to his Somali-free Autumn holiday residence.

It's so easy to win the Competitive Altruism sweep stake when you have nothing at stake. Because of course the one certain inescapable practical way to end 'boat people' tragedies is for would-be travellers to realise that on being caught they will immediately - immediately -  be returned to the nearest point on the North African coast and dumped there.  Result?  Instant and complete cessation of such boating accidents.

But that will never do for the posturing gallery of ivory-towered  geeks diligently trained in not seeing what's in front of their noses, together with the bought-and-paid-for whores in the MSM and the Immigration Industry. You see, those people do not want this problem solved.  They want it to go on so as to justify their positions and funding (just like the military and intelligence agencies always require an enemy).  And then they blame the rest of us for our failure to recognise the wonderful, unspecified benefits of filling our countries with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from.

Will Shakespeare assured us that 'the whirligig of time brings in his revenges'. Well I hope so Will, but I'm getting impatient.  In any event, let us all continue shining the light on all of these treacherous cockroaches in the meantime.  

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A message to my friend Josh

Hi Josh.  I'm writing this to you of course but I must tell you that I'm also publishing it on my blog.  Why?  Well, I note that your responses to me have got slower, less frequent and have shown a marked acerbic tone of late.  Which is a pity because we've been friends and sometime work colleagues now for - how long, fourteen years? About that.  And here let me put on record that I have found you to be generous, fair-minded, humorous and honourable throughout that time.

Maybe you're getting annoyed that I continue to peel the onion of the Jewish impact on Western society and am presenting increasingly troubling conclusions to you.  I know it must be hard to take when I say, as I did in my most recent email to you, that Western society is being systematically destroyed - in major part - by Jewish agency.  I wrote about it in this post but you'll know them by now.... the weapons of mass destruction.  Demonising of Whites and the elevation of blacks, mass immigration to White lands, miscegenation, ethnic displacement, Affirmative Action, destruction of the family and other traditional institutions, debasement of our education and legal systems, defilement of art and entertainment and an overall degradation of society in general.

That's a serious rap sheet Josh and I can understand your being annoyed.  But it's deserved. Because the vehicles, cultural relativism, feminism, bogus (and known to be bogus) theories of  'equality', psychoanalysis and all the rest  of the arsenal wheeled out so ably by the Frankfurt School are of Jewish origin. Now you have frequently pointed out that there are more goyim active in these area than there are Jews. Which is true and which is all the worse for being so. You see  by taking over the commanding heights of societal influence (media, academia, politics) Jews were able to programme an army of lobotomised goyim automatons to unthinkingly carry out the wishes of their programmers.  This was a master stroke, sheer brilliance, I have to admit.

In fact the achievement, if I can call it that, of inducing the most successful race in the world, the creator of the most advanced civilisation ever seen, to turn on itself and willingly self-destruct by way of societal destruction and internecine warfare is simply awesome. So incredible that, even as an agnostic, I sometimes wonder whether some supernatural agency is not after all involved.

At this point Josh, a question: Do Jews ever have enough? Is not the destruction of our cherished institutions and your garnering control of finance, media and education not enough for you? Really, do you have to shoehorn your own people into every possible opening?  Once I started looking (aided by the readers of this blog such as GTRman) I saw that, even though a minuscule proportion of the West's population Jews seem to be running everything.  Hollywood, the media, the banks, politics, academia, Jesus even sport.  You even managed to get Sarah Jessica Parker designated a beauty!  Josh, Henry Ford claimed that once you let Jews into an organisation they'll work assiduously to take it over for themselves.  Can you gainsay that? And can I remind you, this is a zero sum game.  For every position taken by a Jew (and increasingly other 'disadvantaged' minority as well) a White person loses out.  In their own country. And the evidence of such is all around us today.

Josh, can you answer this? Why, despite having achieved pre-eminence over us and undreamed of wealth and power, do Jews feel the need to continually rub our faces in our humiliation?  It seems a very bad strategy if nothing else.  I wrote about it in The frog and the scorpion post and provided multiple examples. (A more recent one being the ritual humiliation of Joe Biden, 'Israel's Best Friend Forever' in that very country).  In that post I offered a warning from history: 'Some of the greatest and most vicious of conflicts have been sparked  by relatively trivial provocations. Albeit with simmering resentments underneath, waiting to be sparked off.'

And Josh, those resentments are not just simmering, they're coming to the boil right now.  I never gave much credence to those who claimed that Whites were awakening and that 'the Jews will cop it like they've always done'.  But there really is a change in the air.  My main source for this assertion - on-line reader comments in blogs and MSM outlets - may seem trivial.  But I've been carefully tracking and evaluating them for a few years now and the trend is beyond dispute.  People are beginning to awake at an 'alarming' rate and I've been staggered at the number who can identify the men behind the curtain pulling the strings. 

As an example, look at the comments for this post over at Chateau Hartiste.  This site is for horny,  sophisticated males who want to learn 'game'.** This demographic is about as far from the stereotypical White Supremacist redneck as you could find.  Yet, just sample the comments.  These people know what's going on, and what's more, there is little or no support for the 'Cathedral' view. Even in fully mainstream outlets various dog whistles for Jewish stereotypes appear with ever greater frequency, while 'Israel fatigue' is rampant in the US.

In fact one of those CH comments explains my message to you very succinctly.

I wish ..... that the Jewish-American elite didn’t in fact represent the broader Jewish tribe.   If so, then it is the responsibility of the broader Jewish tribe to rein in their destructive, anti-white Jewish cousins. Will it do this, or would it rather blame those who understand the nature of the game, and have the temerity to point out the prominent Jewish role in it? It should also be said that the Jewish poison being fed to whites (and other races, for that matter) doesn’t become any sweeter just because some Jews are idiotic enough to swallow some themselves.  

In any event, you might as well give up trying to bamboozle those whites who already understand the nature of the Jewish attack on our people. That game is up, the evidence is overwhelming, and awareness is only going to grow from here. The horse is already out of the barn. The Jews had a good thing going, but as usual allowed their hatred and arrogance to get the better of them.
However, what you can do, if you are Jewish and if you are actually sincere, is work within the Jewish community to call off the dogs. You can work with them in a way that we can’t. Next time you are tempted to chastise the goyim, chastise your own instead. Persuade THEM, those who are doing harm, as opposed to US, who are simply pointing out the reality of the situation in a bid to salvage what we can out of the increasing wreckage of our own tribe. I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere with them, but I’d love to be proven wrong, and the long term results would be far better for everyone concerned. Doubt they’ll see it that way, though. They are more than happy for us to disappear, and will attempt to block any efforts that we make to reverse our decline. Key word is “attempt.” They will fail, but they will try.

Couldn't say it better myself. And what makes me gloomy about the future is the spectacular inability of Jews to see anything wrong with their behaviour or to see why Whites should object to it. Josh, this blindness is bordering on pathological/neurotic. And it's hard to see how any self-administered solution can be achieved as long as it applies.  The Jewish position may seem impregnable as of now, but consider that till well into the 1930s they enjoyed a similar position in Germany. We all know how that turned out.

So please, take this suggestion as sincere and from a friend who wishes you only the best.

** Am I of this demographic?  Sadly, no.  Too old and timeworn, long long past the age when 'game' would do me any good. I read the site for the sheer brilliance of the writing.  Check it out.