Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ethics for thee but not for me

The heading and sub-heading from The Jewish Forward say it all.
'Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform*: Ethics and Self-Interest Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort'

Well whatever about ethics, self-interest certainly. Because - provided they manage to get away with it - a mongrelised dumbed-down America will surely strengthen the relative position of Jews. Those pesky Whites who created the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen will have become deracinated and marginalised. No longer real competitors. This of course begs the question as to whether the resultant society, which will inevitably resemble the likes of Brazil or Mexico today, will make the effort ultimately worthwhile. For sure their dusky citizens won't be as accommodating towards Jews as Americans have been.

Meanwhile half way across the globe lies a country closer than the USA to the hearts of those same 'united Jews'. Here they have a dramatically different approach to 'immigration reform'. Israel, according to the Interior Minister 'belongs to the white man'.  The horror! The horror! In fact  it's a land reserved for an even more specific race.   They're now bringing in DNA testing to ensure the Jewish racial purity of would-be Russian immigrants. Having already herded their black Untermenchen into concentration camps before turfing them back to the Dark Continent.

Yet those 'united Jews'  seem to have no problem 'ethically' supporting immigration to the US while supporting Israel as it does the polar opposite.  The hypocrisy and chutzpah take the breath away. Which brings me back to the question above:  Will they get away with it? It seems incredible that they could - that anyone, in fact, could pull off such a blatant scam.  But they seem, as of now, to be doing just that.

*Immigration 'reform' = mass Turd World immigration to White lands and only White lands.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Oh happy day....

Following on from my previous post, this headline says it all.

CNN and MSNBC Lose Almost Half Their Viewers in One Year

Thank you God.  Yes folks, things are changing. And fast. A decline on this scale suggests something dramatic is afoot. And surely, as the transformation in reader comments underlines, it reflects the dawning on the general public that the corporate media is nothing other than a propaganda vehicle. One that's inimical to their interests.

A major transformation is indeed underway. But, as I asked in my previous post, will it be enough? And is it too late?

Monday, 25 November 2013

The MSM fights back against its readers

Back to a favourite subject of mine -   the disparity between 'journalism' and reader comments. The two worlds are here.  Now a  new book testifies to the effectiveness of on-line comments. As the title underlines, The “Nasty Effect:” Online Incivility and Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies defines 'nasty' as in effect any non-PC comment.  Good.  It bemoans the dramatic change as readers unload on previously protected people and subjects in a manner previously unimaginable. It seeks 'solutions' but offers very little, recognising that having gained the taste for free speech, readers will simply move to other forums were it to be removed.

Not that the MSM isn't trying.  More and more outlets are refusing to offer a comment facility and it remains to be seen how this pans out.  One of these by the way is Popular Science which has thrown its hands up at those pesky people questioning orthodox - this is the word they use - .'doctrine'. Presumably they don't see that science and doctrine are mutually exclusive.  But hey, there are valuable global warming shekels at stake here, so to hell with the purity of scientific enquiry.

Some outlets turn off the comment facility when the subject is likely to elicit a storm of angry non-sanctified reaction. However this has been noticed by readers everywhere, further shredding what remains of MSM credibility. Some conventional sites render themselves even more ridiculous by crudely deleting specific unhallowed views, in many cases rendering the whole thread incomprehensible. However, one of the most effective is that deployed by the once great now reprehensible BBC.  'Selected Reader Comments'.  Have you noticed that?  Nice one, in that it presents the impression of being a representative sample while, needless to say, hewing rigidly to the prescribed doctrine.

The most important comment development of all however lies within the comments themselves. These have shown a stunning rate of awakening over the last few years. Even with moderators beavering away readers are unloading on political correctness, mass immigration, race, and the Jewish role in all of these.

It's very positive.  But is it too little and/or too late?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Don't know whether to laugh or cry...........

Sheffield City Council obviously has high hopes for its new Roma enrichers.

'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'

Maybe the pictures shown here of a Roma settlement in Slovakia prompted the Council to issue these thoughtful suggestions.  If you think they're of Pakistan or India then it's because that's where these parasitic scumbags originated. And now they'll be swarming over the UK and Ireland in even greater numbers from next January as the already pathetic immigration controls are abandoned entirely.

We really have arrived at the apex of insanity where literally the lunatics run the asylum.

Want another example?

'We want to claim our streets back. Tensions are building here. We need to do something or it will be too late’. 

What's mad about that?  Well, the fact that it was uttered by one Kashmir Malik of Sheffield's Pakistani 'community'.  Yes, according to the Daily Mail 'the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England’.

'Our' streets............'how to behave in England'.

One's head spins. We descend deeper into the raging cauldron of insanity, of mass delusion as a nation self-destructs before our very eyes. We are the rats in the maze of this deranged experiment.  Sheffield in this instance is the petri dish. But listen. There's method to the madness.  It's an old totalitarian technique. Blatant and relentless cognitive dissonance, the absorption of one insane phenomenon after another, all serve to undermine the victim's (that's us) self-confidence, pride, dignity and by extension our capacity to resist. This tactic has been well established.

And what about this....... David Blunkett, a key member of the government that did more than any other to flood the country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from........this guy warns that the area 'could explode into the ugly street warfare that broke out more than two decades ago'.  Words fail me.  Personally I'd take childcare advice from Casey Anthony before I'd take social advice from this decrepit horny old hypocrite.

Remember this, just in case the opportunity ever arises to roll out the tumbrels and bring these traitorous scum to justice.  They have waged an unrelenting war against the family, against the community, against tradition, against history, against wisdom and experience, against individuality, against ethics, against common sense, against classical aesthetics, against reason and statesmanship.

Against reality and human nature itself.

In Sheffield we can see at first hand the results of their evil machinations.  How cannot the great mass of people not see how they've had their country taken from them?  Is there any hope?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Denmark again 'happiest nation'. But for how long?

Denmark has repeatedly featured among the happiest, if not the happiest, nations in the world. They come out on top again in the latest survey. Take a look to what the ultra-PC France24 ascribes this achievement - this ascription being fully consistent with academic research in the field..

First is financial and physical security.  Comprehensive welfare state including subsidised childcare and unemployment insurance that guarantees 80-percent wages for two years if they lose their jobs together with a low crime rate, especially that of violent crime.

The second pillar of happiness is a 'high level of trust between people. This could be a spill-over effect from people's high level of trust in the government, which is underpinned by a low level of corruption'

Social cohesion is the third factor and in reality underpins  all of the others.

Denmark's unique history is the final factor.

Now you'd imagine that with such a stunning rate of societal success the Danes would be loathe to tamper in any way with the formula.  But not only are they tampering with it they are undermining it at its most fundamental level.  This by way accepting massive numbers of immigrants from countries and cultures that are the total opposite of the Danes', that is, the saddest countries in the world.  Shoot to the bottom of the list and you'll see, quelle surprise, that it's comprised almost totally of African and/or Muslim countries.

Reflect on the factors that account for Denmark's success and then look at the sad countries. They are, unsurprisingly, the polar opposite. Does this not underline the evil and madness of the  multi-cultural experiment?  Healthy societies deliberately infected with a fatal bacillus.  The punishment for the perpetrators cannot be too severe as this, being virtually irremediable,  is literally the worst form of treason.

Thankfully, alone of the Nordic countries, Denmark has - belatedly - taken steps to ameliorate their society's destruction so there's some hope. Sweden?   Irrecoverable, in my view.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Shatter and Lentin's handiwork

Taking up from the previous post we learn from the first Interim Report of the Child Care Law Reporting Project that African families in Ireland are '20 times more likely' to end up in child care courts. Apparently 'Neglect is the number one reason for children to be taken into care, commonly because a parent is suffering from a mental illness'.

Isn't that wonderful?  Say a nice big thank you to Mr. Shatter and Ms. (or is it also Mr.?) Lentin.

Displaying the customary stunning naivety of the people who draw up such documents the authors paint a picture of a "cohort of children who need protection and nurture if they are to grow and develop and who are not getting this from their parents for various reasons"  So are we to assume then that if they get the requisite protection and nurture the little black ones, when they grow up, will become model and productive citizens?

Like they do everywhere else.  So that's all right then.

The one silver lining was the reader reaction as embodied in the comments. Even on the 'liberal' they were heavily negative. For example this was approved by a 22:1 ratio: 'I have been to Africa and I seen who  [sic] in African culture it is normal for a man to beat his wife and children when he gets pissed off. There was one time a man had his wife on the ground kicking her on a busy street and nobody even looked.  It’s a culture thing.'  Several readers also pointedly mentioned that the Irish taxpayer would be picking up the tab for this societal disaster inflicted on us by YKW.

PS: Lo and behold, when I went to check just now on the Indo comments I found they had disappeared - or rather been disappeared - since the report was published.   Same thing happening everywhere folks, but I think and believe that this is actually a good thing and that the moderators are ultimately fighting a losing battle.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Another treacherous interloper

A reader sent me this link which nearly made me throw up my rasher sandwich in rage. It features one Ronit Lentin who heads up the Race, Ethnicity and Conflict Studies department at Trinity College Dublin.  What's she doing here in Ireland?  After all she was born in Israel to Jewish immigrants from Roumania. Well what she's doing here is the same thing her co-ethnic Alan Shatter is doing. Race replacing the Irish people.  Yes, an Israeli Jew of Romanian parentage is directing our destruction......and berating us for our racism while doing it!


She talks about Irelands’ 'long and shameful history in its treatment of migrants since the state's inception'.  Yeah, right.  What she does not talk much about is how her actual homeland - Israel - handles its own racial problems. As in rounding up its Africans and stuffing them into concentration camps before booting them back to Africa. (Which I strongly approve of, by the way). When challenged in another forum she did grudgingly concede that 'Israel was a racial regime but was not based upon colour nor ethnicity.'

Thanks, so that's cleared that up then.

And can I now put to rest a particular canard that's a staple of the anti-racist fever swamps which this lizard frequently brings up to silence Irish race realists: Namely that for many years in America the Irish were deemed to be non-White.  True as far as it goes, but that's not  very far at all. Because the whole issue of classifying people as White at that time had to do with power, voting rights, religion etc. and not with colour or ethnicity. Which explains why Germans, Finns and some  other northern Europeans were also classified as non-White for some time.  Anyone making even a cursory analysis of the subject would readily realise this.  But of course the anti-racist industry has other objectives in mind, namely to keep programming Whites with the meme that race is a social construct.

Like Shatter and other Jewish luminaries in Ireland, Ronit Lentin never misses an opportunity to berate the Irish on the tiny number of Jewish refugees we accepted in the early twentieth century. 

Lady, what ever the number was it was too big.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Learning from Obituaries....

It seems that every couple of days New Orleans loses one of its treasured
Let’s get the players straight before we go on with this..


His Companion : Kawanner Armstrong

His Sons : Christian Allen
Kwan Allen
Larmondo Allen, Jr.

His Daughters : Deidra Allen
Larmenshell Allen
Lamonshea Allen
Larmomdriel Allen
Larmerja Allen
Korevell Allen

AT AGE 25 - He had 9 Children.

His Father: Burnell Thompson
His Mother: Esther Allen
His Stepfather: Bruce Gordy

His Brothers: Burnell Thompson
Edgar Thompson
Wil Willis
Danta Edwards
Reshe Edwards
Mattnell Allen
Burnell Allen
Lester Allen

His Sisters: Shannail Craig
Lekiksha Thompson
Gwendolyn Carter
Jessica Willis
Katina Gordy

Grandparents: Delors Allen
J.C. Allen
Anna Laura Thompson
Will Thompson




He was 25 and had 3 sons and 6 daughters.
welfare recipients collecting $950 each ....
That equals $8,550a month !!! Now add

Food Stamps ,
Free medical, Free school lunches,

And on and on
Do the math... $102,000+ /year .
Anyone out there, sittin' on their butt while reading this, making A HUNDRED GRAND doing nothing?

Now that, to me, is a real Entrepreneur.

Internalise or rebel?

Which of two outcomes follows from repeated exposure to insane  '1984' style cognitive dissonance? Do the general public internalise the new normal, i.e. the insanity, or at some point does recognition dawn, to be followed by outraged rebellion?  The answer will determine whether the West and the White race can be saved.

Here's a trivial yet exemplary case in point. First, a bit of context. The European Champions League is really big business. Massive amounts of money involved.  The results also mean an awful lot to an awful lot of people. (Full disclosure: I'm biting my nails for the duration of each Celtic match). Should a referee or player be found to have corruptly influenced a result the punishment would be severe.  And as any fan knows, playing before your home crowd offers a huge advantage.......typically a defeat away is reversed by a victory at home.

Now to my example. In a game between Manchester City and CSKA in Moscow Yahya Toure claimed some of the home fans made monkey noises towards him. Net result a whole section of the ground has been closed off for future CL matches, and if the offence is 'repeated' future games would be played in an empty stadium.  As happened recently in Hungary.  This would probably mean the difference between CSKA progressing and going out of the competition.

Now get this. Nobody - nobody - apart from Toure 'heard' the monkey chants. Not the referee, the linesmen, the fourth official, the team manager, Toure's team-mates (including the other black players). Everyone denied that there were chants. In fact CSKA themselves have black players who said that they heard nothing and had never had any racial problems at all.  So all of the severe problems for CSKA derived from an accusation by a single player, an accusation totally uncorroborated by anyone else.

By any objective yardstick this is total and utter insanity, inmates running the asylum stuff.

Those of us on this blog know of course the agenda behind things like this.  But what about the proverbial man in the street? Will he just internalise this as the new normal.......or will he stop and ask what the hell is going on here?  It's a vital question.  Because an awakening could open up the whole Pandora's box in my view.   I personally see evidence of a reaction, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part.