Friday, 28 March 2014

Common justice demands Affirmative Action for Jews

As every schoolboy know, Jews have been to the forefront of civil rights, diversity and Affirmative Action from Day 1.  The ACLU, $PLC and various other Jewish pressure groups have assiduously examined employment statistics and developed complex mathematical formulae to determine each ethnic grouping's appropriate representational level.   

But never for themselves. 

And this of course is entirely attributable to the legendary altruistic, selfless pursuit of the common good that we've come to associate with Jews.  The worry themselves sick about justice for blacks, Muslims, lesbians, Hispanics, but never for themselves.

Well dammit, if they won't do it for themselves then I will!  And I'm starting here and now.  Common justice demands it.  They have waited, mute but hopeful, for long enough.  So here's my plan.  As for every other minority an examination of Jewish representation will be undertaken at all our enterprises and institutions, and, applying the prevailing  formulations, the appropriate Jewish representation level will be calculated. 

As a broad guide for AA and diversity purposes we can assume that in Western countries they make up 1% of the population.  Ok, I know, it's less than that.  But let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Oy vey, they've suffered enough already.

So for example the US Senate should have at least one Jewish Senator at all times. It's only fair.  And banking too.  Every ten years or so a Jew should be appointed to head up a major bank.  And they'd be entitled to a few in the higher ranks of the HeBeBC BBC as well. In any event I think we should find out the figures.  And if there are fewer (or in  the unlikely event of there being more) the correct quota - as calculated by existing methods - should be applied.  Same with academia, in fact everywhere.

To my Jewish friends and colleagues I say I'm not looking for your thanks or plaudits.  Just like with you, my sense of fair play dictates my actions. And I'm sure we all can look forward to the day when representation fully and accurately reflect the ethnic mix of our communities.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014


As I suggested in this post, the 'neo-Nazis' gathering all the attention in Ukraine were merely shock troop cannon fodder to be disposed of  once the real rulers regained power.  And sure enough it begins. According to the Gruaniad Oleksander Muzychko – known as Sashko Bily, or Sasha the White – has been killed in a shootout in the western city of Rivne.  In classic totalitarian style he was 'shot while resisting arrest'.  

It seems the 'far right' had not intended returning to obscurity, having visions of actually gaining some political control.  Bad move.  Especially for Bily The Adult. Meanwhile as the Jewish oligarchs reinforce their grip on the country half-Jewish former Prime Minister Julia Timochenko gets caught saying she'd like to nuke the 10 million of her own citizens who happen to be of Russian origin.

This baby is set to run and run, IMHO.

Monday, 24 March 2014

WW 3......or just another strike for pay?

Yes, the question is as strange as that. What gives rise to it is a report from Reuters which says that Israeli diplomats have launched an unprecedented strike which forced the complete closure of  all embassies around the world as they escalated a dispute over pay.

Maybe, and hopefully, that's just what it is.  Or are they clearing the decks for a strike on Iran that could well precipitate global conflict?

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Ghost Of Nastiest Uncles Past

As I explained in earlier posts, the reason I banned NU was not because of his views or how he expressed them, rather that the comment facility had degenerated into the trading of insults, distracting everyone from the content of the post itself.  I don't mind off-topic comments at all, ones that bring an interesting bit of information to the table - UN being a particularly worthy representative of this genre. 

But of late NU is being brought back in, either directly or indirectly, attracting responses from what appears to be NU himself under various noms de guerre.  With the same result..... the threads are becoming a mess.  I'm not going back to pre-approving comments but what I will do is delete each reference to His Nastyship and reserve the right to ban any persistent offender.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to charm an audience

Listening to a Stalin speech was a risky affair. Every so often his address would be punctuated by 'spontaneous' applause, which seemed to go on for ever.  Quite literally more time was spent applauding than actually listening. The comrades' hands were falling off, bruised and bloody from interminable clapping, yet, with rictus grins, they continued nonetheless.  Why?  Because a group of eagle-eyed apparatchiks circled the hall, watching for whoever caved in first. Duly noted, the offender would never to be seen again.

Same with North Korea. I often wondered how the peons would quite literally shed buckets of tears when some tyrant or other ascended to the Great Gulag In The Sky. I mean, few people express their emotions with such intensity even when a loved one dies, let alone for some tyrant who's made your whole life a misery.  We know now of course that that country's judicial code ordains that anyone identified as showing insufficient grief will be flung to a pack of starving dogs, or will undergo some other innovative form of execution.  The beatings will continue until morale improves.

All of this reminded me of Netenyahu's address to the American Congress a few years back in which he was interrupted no fewer than 29 times by 'spontaneous' applause from his worshipful subjects. And while there was no danger of the less enthusiastic ones being shipped off to the gulag or used as mortar target practise, the motivation was similar.  To demonstrate obeisance and fealty to their powerful rulers.  A truly shocking demonstration of servitude by the 'representatives' of a once proud nation.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nigerian jobs stampede tragedy

Just read in the Gruaniad that at least 16 people died when more than half a million people were invited to apply for fewer than 5,000 Nigerian government jobs.  Horrific scenes ensued as nearly 60,000 people stampeded in the Abuja National Stadium which had only one gate open.  As Obummer might say, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their famblies.

But what puzzles me is this: If there were 60,000 there and only 5,000 jobs, the danger of getting one of them was why the stampede? 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A new species?

I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't go in for crude name-calling.  I've no problem at all with others doing it, as the comments section on this blog underlines. But  it's not my personal cup of tea.  I suppose it's down to there being a residue of liberal guilt still residing somewhere in my makeup.

But take a look at the pictures below of the three main suspects in what Madison police are calling 'one of the most brutal crimes in recent memory.'   (I'm sure you'll all join with me in sympathising with the people of Madison, a city which I heard described as the most liberal in America.  How's that new-found diversity workin' out for  you, folks?)   And I ask: Can the creatures pictured here honestly be classed as human, or do they represent some ghastly mutation, a half-way house between man and ape?  I'm not playing this for laughs or for some cheap and easy point scoring. My question is serious. Can these monsters be fully human?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Urgent police notice.

Lemaricus Jamal Robinson, 33, wanted for armed robbery and murder has escaped from police custody and is now at large within the community. 
Description.  6" 2', of medium weight. Hair worn in Afro style.  Has a  scar beneath the left ear and a tattoo with the word BITCHZ emblazoned on his right buttock.  Last seen wearing a hoodie and Air Jordan sneakers.
If you see this man DO NOT APPROACH HIM. He is armed and dangerous.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My 'Good Jews' listing

Both off-line and on I've been requested repeatedly to provide my listing of 'Good Jews'. One group, by far the bigger, suggesting the list would be tiny, the other it to be surprisingly long. The following does not purport to be a definitive or comprehensive listing. It's just my impressions gained over the years. Inclusion is based on such factors as defending White interests, openly identifying Jewish malfeasance against Whites, questioning the Holocau$t and 9/11 narratives, the undermining of Western/Christian values, black and Muslim pathologies etc.

Obviously some are more worthy than others. Some time ago [email protected] suggesting a scoring mechanism, but I've left that for the moment. I realise too that there will be squeals of rage from some quarters at the inclusion of people like Laurence Auster. And indeed many of them try to downplay the Jewish anti-White role. But as I've always said, we can't expect everyone to be 100% in agreement with ourselves. That in fact is the curse of the (loosely defined) White movement in that we drive out those with whom we have no fundamental disagreement, rendering us an impotent fragmented collection of warring tribes.

So approach this list with an open mind.

Dr. Alfred Lilienthal

Tony Judt

John Meerscheimer

Robert Weissberg

Theodore Dalrymple/ Anthony Daniels

Gerald Kaufman

Miko Peled

William D. Rubinstein (University of Wales-Aberystwyth)

Seymour Hersch

David Cole

Brother Nathanal Kappner

Dennis Prager

Alan Sabrosky

Philip Weiss/Adam Horowitz

Norman Finkelstein

Henry Makow

Paul Godfried

Max Blumenthal

Matt Drudge

Murray Rothbard

Aaron Russo

Daniel Elsberg

Paul Eisen

Israel Shamir

Edwin Rubenstein

Jeff Blankfort

Professor Oren Ben-Dor.

Michael Lerner (Tikkun)

Philip Weiss

Lloyd Cohen (law professor who filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging racial discrimination in admission)

Bernard Lazare

Ron Unz

Gilad Alzman

Sever Plocker

Kenneth Roth (Human Rights Watch)

Jay Hyatt (Jewamongyou blog)

Joseph Burg (Ginzburg)

Victor Ostrovsky

Laurence Auster

Mark Levin

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ukraine: The mist begins to clear

With the appointment by the new 'government' of oligarchs to key positions throughout the country, the motivation for the coup becomes a lot clearer. The oligarchs in Ukraine got their paws on the loot just like their comrades in Russia. With funds provided by 'international bankers' (nudge, wink), these vultures bought for buttons all major enterprises previously owned by the state. In fact they acquired entire sectors of the newly "privatised" national economy.

When reading the following bear in mind that, according to the 2001 Ukrainian census, there are only 103,000 Jews in Ukraine, which is 0.2% of the total population.

Now who are these "Ukrainian" oligarchs?

Ihor Kolomoyskyi, just appointed the new governor of Dnepropetrovsk  is a dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizen who controls his business empire from Switzerland. He's the third richest person in Ukraine and according to Forbes  the 377th richest in the world. His main assets are in banking and aviation, and, inevitably, he owns  a high profile football club....presumably to gain some street cred with the hoi polloi.  Interestingly, since 2010 rumors where circulating that Kolomoiskyi assets were coming under pressure from the authorities.

The new governor of Donetsk Region is Sergey Taruta, who is estimated to be worth around $2 billion, putting him among the top-10 wealthiest people in Ukraine. He heads ISD, one of the biggest mining and smelting companies in the world, and also own Donetsk-based Metallurg Football Club.   I'm unable to definitively determine his ethnicity but based on his looks, the way he got his money and the company he keeps I can make a reasonable guess.

Victor Pinchuk is the son-of-law of former President Leonid Kuchma (Kuchma gained office through the prodigious efforts of one George Soros.) Pinchuk is the owner of several oil, gas and energy import/export companies. He also owns the nation's largest steel mill and a chain of banks. His group has very strong ties with other Jewish organisations in Ukraine, as well as in the U.S. and Israel. He is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and one of the leaders of the Ukrainian Labour Party (sic).

Vadim Rabinovich is a citizen of Israel. In 1980 he was charged in Ukraine with stealing state property and spent 9 months in a jail. In 1984 he was arrested again and sentenced to 14 years in prison for his black market activities . He was released in 1990. In 1993 he became a representative of the Austrian company "Nordex" in Ukraine. The company somehow received exclusive rights to sell Russian oil from president Kuchma. In 1997 Rabinovich became president of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, and in 1999 he was elected head of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. That same year the Associated Press estimated his wealth as $1 billion. Rabinovich owns Central Europe Media Enterprises, which controls television stations in seven East European countries.

Victor Medvedchuk was formerly Leonid Kuchma's Chief of Staff. The Medvedchuk-Surkis cabal controls Ukraine's energy sector (8 regional energy companies), oil and gas market, alcohol and sugar production, shipbuilding, and athletic organizations. He is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, and a leader in the Social Democratic party of Ukraine (SDPU). I'm assuming he's Jewish based on his background and this hagiography in Jewish World Review.  

Gregory Surkis, also Jewish, is CEO of Slavutich, a company that controls several huge energy companies (KirovogradEnergo, PoltavEnergo, etc).  He also owns a soccer team, the prestigious Dynamo-Kiev, and is a president of the Professional Soccer League. He too is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

These appointments are hardly surprising given that the new Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is also one of the tribe.  Earlier Uzhgorod Mayor Sergey Ratushniak described him as the “Impudent Jew Yatsenyuk who was successfully serving thieves, who are at power in Ukraine, and using criminal money to plow ahead towards Ukraine’s presidency."

No wonder Victoria Nuland and hubby Robert Kagan were such enthusiastic supporters of the coup.

Professor Vasyl Yaremenko, director of the Institute of Culturological and Ethnopolitical research at Kiev State University reviewed the ownership of the country's TV and other media outlets and warned:
"Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…"
Comprehensive details of this ownership are provided here.

Professor Yaremenko points out that out of the 400+ members of the Ukrainian Parliament, 136 (possibly 158) are Jews. That is more than in the Israeli Knesset. Who voted for them, asks professor Yaremenko. Who paid for costly election campaigns? — 90% of Ukrainian banks, according to him, are owned by Jews.

The newspaper that published these findings was closed down for, you've guessed it, 'hate speech'.

I'm sure all of this brings back fond memories of the 1930s to older Ukrainians. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The apotheosis of the Project For The New American Century (PNAC)

You all know about the Project For The New American Century (PNAC). This was developed by 'conservative' (ha!) thinkers with the proclaimed objective of having America dominate the world for the duration of the 21st century. In fact given that the document's progenitors were mostly dual citizen Israeli-Firsters it was always obvious that the interests of Israel and the MIC were paramount, not those of America itself.

American global dominance was to be achieved by turbocharging "defence" expenditure and going to war with any country the Israelis didn't like that didn't embrace democracy and a Rothschild central bank with sufficient enthusiasm.  The plan's authors, realising that the American public was getting increasingly disillusioned with such wars of choice, foresaw the need for 'a new Pearl Harbour' to galvanise them into unthinking flag waving 'patriots'.  And thus the 9/11 false flag operation was born. (I note in passing that PNAC's official website has been taken down.)

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan duly followed, together with the stimulation of several  'movements for democracy', i.e. funding and training mercenaries and local war lords to wage war on the enemy du jour, Libya and Syria being prime examples. PNAC also took great delight in prodding the Russian bear, nostalgic for the good old days of the Cold War. A notable adventure here occurred in Georgia, where what was in effect a joint Georgian/Israeli government had their ass handed to them when they provoked the bear once too often.

And in fact that's been the trend with all PNAC's adventures.  Far from achieving American global hegemony their initiatives have bankrupted America's standing in the world, in moral, military and financial terms.  Apart from the dubious success in Libya (that country being torn apart by internecine warfare and set back a generation probably qualifies as success for these pyschos) all the adventures have been unmitigated disasters. America's standing has fallen so much that various 'Red Lines' and final warnings have been blithely ignored by, inter alia, Iran, Syria and Russia with the US reduced to bleating helplessly about 'serious consequences'.   Ukraine is the latest locus for their machinations and it's certain they'll get their ass handed to them again here. But at the risk of potentially provoking WW III.  Meanwhile the reserve currency status of the dollar is on life support and when that finally goes - and it will - the economic consequences will be just horrendous.

So well done PNAC.  You have weakened America beyond recovery, placed it on a trajectory towards Third World status, and strengthened the very 'enemies' you sought to weaken.  Meanwhile those unfortunate countries who attracted your attention have suffered massive civilian casualties and ruinous infrastructural and economic damage.

If there's such a thing as karma these monsters would be hog-tied and fed to a drift of starving swine.