Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Further if it were needed

Visiting the beautiful country of Croatia provides a misleading impression of its economic well-being.  The tourist-rich Adriatic coast is different from the rest of the country which is very poor by European standards. Unemployment and under-employment are extremely high.

In fact this article explains it pretty well, referring to the 'decades of poor demographic and economic policies....that have made Croatia the European country with the lowest percentage of labour active population, only 37 percent. Another consequence of this is an exceedingly negative ratio of employed persons to pensioners of 1:1.23, and if one were also to add to this the approximately 300 thousand unemployed, it could be concluded that Croatia has an ever-dropping level of the human resources potential required to launch a new cycle of economic development and an exit from the recession.'

And this is true. So what's the solution?  'If it wants to achieve stable economic growth over the coming two decades, Croatian Government will need, in the near future, to create the conditions necessary for the immigration of at least 100 thousand labour capable foreigners.'  It then helpfully provides a photo of the kind of immigrants they have in mind to perform this economic miracle. As far as I can judge it's a motley collection of Africans, Arabs, Filipinos and other worthy representatives of their home countries' stunning economic achievements.

Just what Croatia needs.  I mean, where would Europe be economically were we bereft of the tens of millions of similar people who've flooded in here?  Doesn't bear thinking about. But wait, it seems the Croats don't realise this. The article sternly warns that 'Croatians are numbered among the most intolerant Europeans when it comes to relations with members of other nations'. The horror!  The horror!

And the explanation?  'These figures can be considered the consequence of very infrequent contact Croatians have with people of other nationalities'.  So that's all right then.  Once this motley crew settles in and begins looking for welfare, mugging the locals and demanding church closures all will be sweetness and light.

Leaving facetiousness aside, does this insanity not underline once again the existence of an actual plan to flood White lands and debase the gene pool?  Even considering such a measure for Croatia, of all places, and in its present circumstances, is so bizarre, so perverse, and with such a predictably negative outcome that its proponents can only be driven by malign and ulterior motives.

But we knew that, didn't we.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

'I'm so proud of her..'

'I'm so proud of her..'   Any daughter will be pleased to earn such a gushing compliment from her father.  And what exactly had she done to make him so proud?  Well, she'd got pregnant at aged eleven and subsequently given birth to a baby boy.  And I imagine the girl's mother, now a grand-mother at the ripe old age of 27, basks equally in the reflected glory.

And what about Gay Pride?  You know, all those 'courageous' queers who come out to a wave of admiration from all and sundry, straight and gay alike.  We've now reached the stage where the man whose sole distinction is that he takes it up the ass from another man is deemed to be a paragon to be admired and, ideally, emulated.

O tempora o mores.  The Frankfurt School and the other apostles of degradation, from whichever Circle Of Hell they now reside in, must look up and gasp in amazement at the success of their handiwork. The sheer scale of the debasement must exceed their wildest expectations.  And here's another perspective on the same  syndrome.  One of the women (and they are both women, in case you're wondering) in this picture has been voted The Most Beautiful Woman In The World by People magazine. Check here to find out which one.  (But you already know, don't you?)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The truth is no defence

Of course the truth is no defence.  That is the whole basis of 'hate' legislation.  If you look into its origins, as I have done, you'll see that it was heavily driven by Jewish interests.  They may have been worried about blacks, gays and Muslims.   Maybe. But I have this uncanny feeling that, as with so much else, they were using these 'victims' as surrogates to head off criticism of themselves.  Oy vey, the sufferink!

Which leads me to UKIP's Zimbabwean-born decorator Andre Lampitt.  Andre is in deep deep dudu and has been suspended by his party for, well, for telling the truth.  George Orwell said something to the effect that in times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

He also said that 'at any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done"... Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals.

Now nobody will confuse the Daily Mail with a highbrow periodical but it has followed the prescribed point and splutter script to perfection. All the standard excerpts from The Outraged Liberal's Handbook are in evidence.  'Shocking comments', 'vile racist slurs', 'offensive' and so on.

And what did Andre say that provoked such foaming outrage?

'Described the Islam as ‘an evil organisation respecting a prophet who was a pedo’. CHECK.

'Milliband is not a real Brit. He's Polish'.  CHECK

'Most Nigerians are generally bad people'  CHECK

It's deeply reassuring to observe once again the dichotomy between the boilerplate 'journalism' and the reaction of the readers, who are almost entirely on the side of Andre Lampitt. They also clearly recognise this story as yet another crude attempt to blacken UKIP. So it could be that the party will actually benefit from this in that Lampitt resonates with the electorate while the party retains, cough, the moral high ground by officially distancing itself from his 'outburst. Of course it would have been better had they had the courage of their convictions and openly supported him but let us be glad for small mercies.

And if any of you Brits are getting your houses decorated be sure to give Andre a call. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The "Ted Kennedy" Immigration Act. NOT!

How often have you heard America's Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 - the one that set the country on its subsequent path of destruction - described as 'Ted Kennedy's Immigration act'?  It's standard practice either by way of deliberate tendentiousness or else a cowardly avoidance of upsetting Those-Who-Cannot-Be-Upset by careerist pseudo-journalists.

In actual fact Teddy's role was peripheral.  He was a Junior Senator, one mainly interested in booze and chicks, who was sold the idea that the Act would find favour with his heavily Irish-American Boston constituency.  In practical terms the Act had the polar opposite effect in that it removed the hitherto favourable consideration of would-be immigrants from Northern Europe.  

Study the subject and you'll see that the bill was written by Norbert ('now let the floodgates open!') Schlei and pushed through the Senate by Emmanuel Celler and Jacob Javits.  Behind the scenes various presidential advisors and policy makers worked on the same project.  These included Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration and Max Rabb in Eisenhower's.

It was a Jewish project from start to finish.

In fact for half a century beforehand, and right up to the present day Jewish organisations have relentlessly - and by now quite openly -  pursued immigration "reform". In reality a plot to substitute European immigration with that from the Third World, while massively increasing the actual numbers.  The net effect being to reconstitute the ethnic makeup of the whole country whereby Whites would decline from a massive majority to that of a minority within a few generations.

This was (and still is) a carefully planned and deliberately implemented program of destruction.  Be clear: Ted Kennedy's unwitting role was that of goyishe window-dressing to divert attention from the real authors and their malign intentions. Correct this grotesque lie whenever and wherever you encounter it.

Friday, 18 April 2014

A textbook brainwashing case study

James and a few other sent me this link which shows an advertisement for Auckland's new electric rail system.  In one sense the ad is a work of genius in that it manages to encapsulate in about two minutes the full panoply of anti-White and in particular anti-While male subliminal brainwashing and propaganda.

Ad opens with a neatly dressed, happy and well-adjusted Asian family taking their place in the train.  They're followed by a reasonably attractive White woman, who, when encountering a well dressed mixed-race darkie bats her eyelashes and bestows a  come hither smile. But Darkie has other things in hand, in this instance some complex calculations on his advanced hand-held device. You know, just like all darkies on trains.  In any event another White female is waiting for Darkie and in due course he summons her (note, he summons her) to join him.

Now at this stage the ad makers obviously had a dilemma.  How to incorporate an Evil While Male?  After all they'd make up close to half the firm's target market, not to mention the fact that this species designed, developed and built the rail system in question.  Presumably they might have considered a White mugger, who robs the Asian family only to be foiled by cool confident Darkie, who then smilingly returns their stolen property with barely a gold cuff-link out of place.  But highlighting train muggings doth not a brilliant marketing strategy make.

So what does a traitorous nation-wrecking CM parasite do?

Bingo!  Make the White male a wheelchair-bound cripple! Perfect! A helpless wimp, dweeb, lousy mating material, and one whom the White female in due course contemptuously sweeps past as she disembarks.

Job done.  I just wonder to what extent, if any, the Aucklanders can see this for what it is?  On that point I note that comments on the video have been closed.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Shatter's battered, clattered, tattered, splattered but still hangs on. For now

Joyous tidings to relate. As everyone in Ireland knows "our" Minister for Justice and Defence (yes, for some reason he got two Ministries) has been gloriously hoisted on his own petard.  This 'brilliant' Minister's purview  has degenerated into a shamble, everyone turning on everyone else, the police outraged and demoralised, even his erstwhile political allies furious as he staggers from scandal to crisis.

Part of his problem is that he's been too smart by far.  Example: He claimed two police whistle-blowers 'did not co-operate' with an official inquiry. True.  Except that they were not given the opportunity to co-operate by the inquiry team. Extend this kind of sophistry to several other areas of his domain and you can see why people are getting roundly pissed of with the slimy little toad. And of course everyone and anyone, colleague, subordinate and friend has been  thrown under the bus as he ducks and weaves to save his political skin.

It was a thing of joy to behold as the super-arrogant slimeball was forced to to apologise, twisting and turning, as he faced a parliamentary vote of No Confidence.  The sneering strutting demeanour is gone as he now, literally and metaphorically slips out the back door to be whisked away in his Ministerial car. All he's short is a blanket over the head. 

Before the confidence vote I said to Lady Savant that an 'anti-Semitic incident' could be expected.  And voila!  -  right on cue it came. A swastika-daubed envelope containing 'a suspicious looking white substance' (it turned out to be baking powder) was delivered to his address.  The horror!  The horror!  But his star has fallen so low that even this failed to elicit any sympathy, and much to his outrage attracted some cynical comments on local blogs. Imagine that.

He's now political poison, has alienated everyone (Oscar Wilde's 'even his friends hate him' comes to mind) and his claim during the vote that 'I'm not afraid to be unpopular' was greeted with howls of derision by the assembled legislators.  His time at 'Justice' is now limited but it seems he's anxious to get the centre-piece of his legislative program implemented before he goes.  Want to guess what that is?   Same sex marriage.   Now that's a surprise, isn't it?

I think it was Enoch Powell who claimed that all political careers end in failure. And while he'll definitely go out on a major low, having, inter alia, had a disastrous impact on the public perception of Jews in general, he can proudly look back at a nation far worse off now thanks to his handiwork.  Up to 50,000 new citizens from the dregs of the Third World plus countless others brought in on his farcical 'entrepreneurship' scheme, a Holocau$t memorial installed at Justice HQ (having banned the Army from taking part in Christian festivals) and the traditional family structure further undermined.

So I'd say he, and his handlers back home, will be reasonably happy with the overall outcome.

Friday, 11 April 2014

There's a right way and a wrong way

It's Camp Of The Saints redux.  "A novel written in the early 1970's Camp of the Saints is about France being deluged with an armada of slow moving boats containing millions of the worst that the third world has to offer."   This picture shows rescuers of the Italian Navy helping refugees to climb on their boat near the Italian port of Pozzallo, south of Sicily. Italy has rescued 4,000 migrants from boats trying to reach European shores in the past 48 hours in a deepening immigration crisis.   "This issue is serious and Europe must take it in hand, immediately, because this is not a Mediterranean border but a European border" the Interior Minister said today.

Meanwhile at the Spanish enclave of Melilla thousands more swarm over the fence at the Moroccan border, over-running helpless security forces and  descending into the welcoming arms of the Red Cross...... who berated the guards for firing rubber bullets at the interlopers.  (Relish the prospect of these people arriving at a town near you, especially the guy that appears between 00.17 and 00.20 seconds). And of course at the Greek-Turkish border it's pretty much a case of forming orderly queues to partake of European taxpayers' largesse

And as we know, the vast majority of such arrivals will not be returned, instead will in due course be released. At which point they'll head north, looking for - and finding - richer pickings.  Hands are thrown up by the European 'authorities' and  their shills in the MSM.  'What can we do?'

Well in fact half a world away we can see precisely what can - and should - be done.  An Afghan people smuggler spells it out, saying that people smugglers and their clients were being put off by the prospect of being turned back at sea by the Royal Australian Navy.

Asked if he believed the Abbott government's policy of turning back the boats would work he replied: "Of course it will work, it is working."

And there should be zero surprise at this.  If  "asylum seekers know, and know for certain, that they will be turned back then, they will not come".  Even a sociology professor should be able to see this. The corollary is that when the prospect  is rescue and ultimately European residency they will come. And in ever increasing numbers.  Which is what's happening.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Malice or incompetence?

It's surely the most over-used and hackneyed cliché, one which sees the speaker inevitably settle back with a smug smile having demonstrated, at least in his own feeble mind, erudition and insight.  But, reluctant  as I am to use it I believe in this instance nothing else suffices. It's this: Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.

Because what else could possibly explain the blowback from the Nulanding of Ukraine?  In the context of America's strategic goals it has been a succession of cataclysmic disasters, each one worse than the previous and the process continues apace. 

() Instead of Ukraine becoming an EU/NATO/American armed satellite right on Russia's border  it's now a dismembered and impoverished failed state with a highly uncertain future in which total absortion into a Greater Russia has become a live possibility.

() Far from being weakened Russia has emerged hugely strengthened while America looks old and feeble, numerous 'red lines' being crossed with impunity.

() These developments have revealed that flouting sanction policies ordained by the West is now a far less risky enterprise. Expect to see a lot more.

() Russia and China have drawn closer together, Saudi Arabia faces east

() Non dollar-denominated deals for oil are growing at an explosive rate, hastening the end of the petrodollar. Such trends are self-reinforcing and the net result will be - inter alia -  a drop of approximately 30% in the average American's standard of living.  (I see this as being of profound importance and will be posting very soon on the broader impact on White countries)

Let me say the foregoing in no way represents the full extent of the Nulandian blowback, but will suffice for the purposes of this post.

Now Napoleon reportedly claimed that one should never impute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. But can such a catastrophic series of setbacks really be attributed to mere incompetence?  I mean Nuland, and hubby Robert Kagan, you know they're supposed to be The Brightest Of The Bright.  They're usually ten moves ahead of the rest of us.  Or so we're told.

And maybe they are. After all it seems that Ukraine's gold has been shipped to (cough) safety in the US and the oligarchs have been installed to have another go at what's left of that unfortunate country's remaining wealth. That's a plus, but otherwise it's been an unmitigated strategic disaster.

Which begs the question: Can this be explained by mere incompetence?  Or is there a deeper and more strategic plan in place in which robbing the country's remaining wealth is just a side benefit?  There are persistent reports of plans to crash the dollar thus hastening the introduction of a World Currency, one of the most important remaining pieces on the NWO chessboard. Even without using the oil weapon it's no secret that Russia could, if sufficiently provoked, easily crash the dollar simply by cashing in its US Treasury Bills.

I guess time will tell.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Religion Of Peace: Baby charged with attempted murder

I remember reading a story from the Napoleonic Wars about a monkey who'd been captured on a ship in the port of Grimsby.  The locals were much puzzled by such a creature and, in the absence of any other explanation, put him on trial for spying. After a fair trial in which due process was fully observed the unfortunate creature was found guilty (I guess he didn't offer a very effective defence) and in accordance with the law duly hanged.

One would imagine that we'd moved on a lot since the 18th century but when it comes to the Religion Of Peace we haven't moved on even from the 8th Century. Hence you may not be surprised by this particular story from that magic land, that land wherein the angels sing, that home of the blessed where each morning gentle people wake to love another day.


"While many children his age are still learning how to crawl, a nine-month-old boy in Pakistan has been accused of attempted murder in a case observers say highlights endemic flaws in the country's legal system."  

I think we could all agree with that last bit. 

Sadly, knowing the Religion Of Peace I wouldn't rule out seeing said baby face the gallows in due course.  Having first provided amorous outlets for some of that ghastly country's 'spiritual' leaders.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

The dangers of bestiality

To what extent are White women who engage in inter-species sex to be blamed for the inevitable outcome? This question, an important one, has bothered me for some time. Sure, they ultimately make their own decisions, but remember they - and their parents - have been subjected throughout their lives to relentless 24x7 propaganda, rotting their minds and programming them to value those cool, clever, handsome and considerate black doctors, engineers and scientists we see all over the MSM.

But for the mudshark featured here I have little sympathy. Just take one look at the creature she took on as a mate and whose bastard spawn she now takes care taxpayer expense of course. I'm reminded of Gem Junior's brilliant analogy to 'shark's eyes'.  Anyone going within 20 feet of this primitive biped, let alone become a birthing unit for his degenerate seed, must have known what was coming.  And if she was too stupid or self-destructive to realise it, then Darwinian extinction of her genes beckons. 

' Emma Hunt was gouged in the eyes, punched repeatedly in the face and had  ear almost bitten off by ex-boyfriend in horrific attack outside primary school while dropping off three-year-old daughter'. 

Such an outcome was predictable as day following night.

Our civilisation disappears before our very eyes.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

'Come back, the Rainbow Nation needs you (after all)'

It was only a matter of time.  Since some ANC luminary was taken at his word ("If you don't like crime, bugger off") Whites have been leaving SA in droves.  In true cargo cult fashion the Bantus then feasted on the First World country that Whites had created and are now amazed that the magic goodies seem to be running out.

Hence the establishment of The Homecoming Revolution and an impassioned appeal to expats to 'come home and make a better country'.  This is being headed by one Yusuf Abramjee who modestly describes himself in his bio as 'a pillar of his community, an activist and a leader that never rests in his pursuit of the truth and making a difference for South Africa and its people.   He was recently appointed the Second Vice President of Crime Stoppers International (CSI) and he also serves as the chairman of the South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT).'   (Aside:  That latter position, I have absolutely zero doubt, will be capitalised on diligently to in fact engage in every conceivable kind of copyright  theft.  Just like Jackie Selebi, the country's former leading law enforcement officer used his position as Vice President of Interpol to facilitate his running of the country's leading crime syndicate).

So what's Yusuf's pitch?  'We are celebrating 20 years of freedom. We have achieved much but a lot of work still lies ahead.'   That's masterly understatement.  'We have achieved much'?   Well,  the Rainbow Nation has certainly changed from its predecessor.  The economy has tanked and the once-mighty Rand with it....even the Zimbabweans are reluctant to accept it!  SA now stands proudly as an international centre of excellence for money laundering, international prostitution rings, drug-trafficking and child pornography services. 

Crime in general and violent crime in particular have reached stratospheric levels. Everyone has his own horror story (including Mr.  Abramjee, I'm happy to relate) and corruption has soared to, well, African levels.  Heart transplants have given way to muti. The country's President (pictured here, extreme left, chairing a Cabinet meeting) is borderline illiterate with an unknown number of offspring via an army of 'wives' but whose likely successor makes him a Gladstone by comparison.

If you pardon the metaphor, it was clearly a case of letting monkeys look after the bananas.

 'We have achieved much'.  He's probably thinking of BEE and AA which have been deployed, quite simply, as a means of transferring jobs and company ownership from Whites to incompetent and corrupt non-Whites (tautology), mainly ANC apparatchiks.  He undoubtedly sees the latter's ostentatious displays of wealth (many have become overnight dollar billionaires) as a commendable indicator of how 'things have changed'

The universities have suffered terribly, and for the same reasons. There's even a school boasting a 100% Matric failure rate!  One university President begins the day by smearing himself in foul-smelling lion fat to thwart his enemies.  In the best Oxbridge traditions. He has described whites (who make up about 90% of faculty staff - for now) as 'superannuated apes', and recommends that they eat, speak and dress like Africans.  Don't expect breakthrough technological research from that particular establishment.

And South African universities used to be superb institutions.

'You owe it to your country.'  Listen, you thieving incompetent fuck, they owe you and your ilk absolutely nothing.  In fact you owe them the country - or what's left of it - that their ancestors created and that you seized simply by way of your capacity to breed like flies.  And no, SA is not "losing" doctors and engineers. The White doctors and engineers were deliberately chased away and ethnically cleansed.  And now it's dawned on the less dim among you that you're incapable of maintaining a civilised society/economy of the kind capable of sustaining the standard of living your thieving has accustomed you to.

Which gives rise to Abramjee's final plea: 'come home where you belong'.  Now I have a suggestion.  Why don't you go home to where you belong (which I imagine to be some impoverished benighted hell hole in the Punjab)? And as you're at it send all the rest of the parasites back to where they belong, which, apart from the bushmen and Zulus, lies in the jungles further north.  If you do that I have no doubt that your earnest wish will be granted,  with the 1.5 million productive, law-abiding and tax-paying Whites falling over one another to get back. 

Am I right, Yusuf?