Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A flicker of light in the darkness.

These are times of storms and tribulations as we recognise the loss to our grandchildren of the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.  The blood-dimmed tide is indeed loosed while  the orcs who'll inherit our ancestors' creations will ask 'what powerful but unrecorded race once dwelt in that annihilated place' as they survey the desolation they created.

But even in the darkest hours an event occurs, trivial, perhaps, in a cosmic context, but which opens up a glimmer of how things could still be. I refer here to the premature and inglorious expulsion of the Williams brothers sisters from the French Open.  Like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl they have polluted the world of "ladies" tennis for what seems like an eternity. Shrieking, howling testosterone-fuelled monsters who charged around the court displaying all the elegance of rhinos mating. Who can forget the epic chimpout from Serena (pictured)  in the US Open semi-final against blonde hausfrau Kim Kleisters, one which had the court officials fleeing in terror?
Now  they've both been sent packing by Aryan striplings, slender talented girls. It may not be much, but we must be glad of anything that relieves the gloom these days.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A time for celebrations

'Tis the time for celebrating anniversaries, some whose origins go back a long way, others of more recent vintage.  As every schoolboy knows this year is the one thousandth anniversary of Ireland's defeat of the Vikings at the Battle Of Clontarf.  Although victorious, the Munstermen who made up the bulk of the Irish army (and particularly the O'Brien clan amongst them) suffered such enormous casualties that it took them centuries to recover.  If indeed they ever did fully recover.

But it freed us of foreigners, didn't it?

And today you can be damn sure that, whatever about Clontarf, every schoolboy certainly knows that we celebrate the Irish edition of Africa Day. Which I first deliriously celebrated here.....all of six years ago.  Things have moved on.  As the picture here of Dublin football team Insaka shows, our ability to repel foreigners ain't what it used to be.  And unlike the Vikings and Normans, who became 'more Irish than the Irish themselves', this collection of lovelies seem like staying among their own. Which, I suppose, is on balance a good thing.

So let us all head to the nearest Social Welfare office and join with the 'new Irish' in celebrating their......good luck in landing among a nation of gullible fools.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Debunking conspiracy sceptics

James, a regular (too regular, according to some) commentator on this blog has provided a very interesting link here on so-called conspiracy theorists.  This rang a bell with me because just the previous day I'd had a conversation with a guy I know on that very subject.  When talking about mass immigration into Ireland he came up with the boiler-plate response 'I'm not into conspiracy theories'.  This lead to a long and non-acrimonious discussion on this subject. Here I give you a prĂ©cis of the points I made in rebuttal.

First, the corollary of not being a conspiracy theorist is that you believe everything your government, the 'new media', the drug companies tell you.  This is so inherently ridiculous that it's strange anybody at all clings to it.

Second is the argument that the government is so incompetent that they couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery (long list of screw-ups triumphantly follows).  But this argument conflates the corrupt posturing imbeciles we see in our parliamentary chambers with the Real/Permanent government. It should be blindingly obvious that politicians come and go but national policies remain pretty much the same. The Real/Permanent government, comprised as it is of shadowy ruthless operators, is more than capable of organising a conspiracy, often with a staggering degree of brazenness (cf. 9/11).

Following on from the last is the rebuttal that a massive conspiracy could not be covered up. Government leak like sieves, that everything gets out.  The famous example used to gainsay this is the Manhattan Project.  This was a world-changing initiative involving massive expenditure and government commitment.  Yet the secrecy surrounding it was so great that Truman - the Vice-President - admitted he knew nothing about it until sworn in as President after Roosevelt's death. Now that is secrecy, and again the Real/Permanent government, not the public representatives, were the agents.

Finally a word on the Internet. This, possibly because of its power and the (for now) lack of control exercised over it has become a focus of derision for the conspiracy sceptics.  'Oh I suppose you got that on the Internet' is seen as a telling smugly delivered rebuttal. But the Internet is just a medium, pretty much like paper or radio.  In fact of course the Internet is - potentially - a far better source of information than any of the conventional outlets for the simple reason that it is uncontrolled and uncensored. Sure, you can get all sorts of nonsense up there and anybody can post anything. But the point is you can cross-verify in a way that's totally impossible under the prevailing conditions applying in the West today. Just try getting some contra information about the Holocau$t™  under official outlets on and you'll understand what I mean.

So there you have it.  The good news is that my friend bought into a lot of what I was saying so maybe we should build up a compendium of Conspiracy Sceptics debunking material.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ishag to shag no more

More from the Religion Of Peace. 

In In Sudan a pregnant 27-year-old Christian has been convicted of apostasy and sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her faith.  The court also sentenced her to 100 lashes for marrying a Christian man. Mariam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag says she was born to a Sudanese Muslim father, who was absent, and raised by an Ethiopian Christian mother. But the judge' maintained she was a Muslim raised in an Islamic environment and said that her brother, who is also a Muslim, had filed the charges.
Gotta love a religion like that.
Naturally enough the paid mouthpieces in the West and various Islamic 'scholars' have designated the ruling an outrageous distortion of Islam.  But it's not. The judge's verdict is the authentic Islamic one. The Paedophile Prophet made the penalty for apostasy very clear. Death, same as it advocates for a whole host of other offences like adultery, mocking the Paedophile, blasphemy, piracy, homosexual behaviour...might be easier to list what offences do not attract the ultimate punishment..  Probably reflecting its barbaric desert origins the Religion of Peace seems to recognise only death and various forms of physical mutilation as appropriate forms of punishment.
But Allah, as the man said, can be merciful little devil too, although his mercy is strictly confined to 'good Muslims'.  Like this guy.  A Saudi Arabian cleric ('a popular Islamic preacher') told Saudi officials he used cables and a cane on his five-year-old daughter, leaving her with multiple ultimately fatal injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns. "In addition, one of Lama’s fingernails had been torn off. Hospital staff reports the child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed. Reports indicate the father had doubted his five-year old daughter's virginity."
Well if she'd lost her virginity at that age I can understand her father being annoyed.  Had she held her passions in check and waited another year she'd have been the same age as the youngest of The Paedophile's many wives. And if that was ok by him, it must be all right. Presumably. And this isn't out of line with Islam's attitude to youthful crime seeing that in Pakistan recently a nine-month-old baby was charged with attempted murder.
So what penalty was inflicted on this doting father?  Saudi media reports that the father paid 200,000 riyals ($50,000 US) in “blood money” for his crime, but will not be required to serve any time in prison.
Seriously, this 'religion' is truly Satanic.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Same as it ever was

“The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as ‘international bankers.’

This little coterie… run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen, seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

 John F. Hylan – Mayor of New York City 1918-1925

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rejoice! The rat departs

In this post I revealed the glad tidings that "Ireland's"  Minister for Justice and Defence was getting it from all sides.  Not for the main reason, in that he traitorously used is brief time in office to single-handedly alter the ethnic makeup of  "his" country. No, he finally was forced to resign as a result of an unending series of scandals all of his own making having clung to office like, let me think of a suitable analogy, like shit to a blanket.

If you read his valedictory address you'll find it hard to believe his brief was (cough) justice and defence. Because most of  the address is given over to his 'achievement' in granting Irish (and hence EU) citizenship to a motley collection of 68,000 Third Worlders (=1.5% of the Irish population) in the 28 months he's been in office. Prior to that the annual average was just a couple of hundred.

So even his attenuated period in office will enable him to look back with satisfaction at the scale of his nation-wrecking. But this is somewhat offset by the glorious own-goal he scored in relation to the public's perception of Jews generally.  Because it's fair to say he came to be universally loathed for, among other things, his over-weening arrogance and willingness to throw everybody and anybody under the bus to save his own skin. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, even his own friends hated him.

Anyway, let us savour our moment of joy......God knows we don't have many.

PS: I tried to comment on the article cited above to the effect that if all those immigrants are so wonderful for Ireland why is Shatter so opposed to such people immigrating to Israel. Got the 'waiting moderation' message and shortly afterwards it disappeared into the ether. Must keep the peasants in the dark.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A painful issue to confront

It's a terrible and heretical thought and one guaranteed to elicit a reaction from this blog's readers similar to that of poking a nest of angry hornets with a long stick. But we pride ourselves on facing unpalatable facts, do we not?  So.....onwards.

As The Bell Curve clearly demonstrates, IQ is probably the single most reliable predictor of life outcomes, determining what we tend to see as 'success'. This is one reason that no matter what's done, no matter how many trillions spent to 'bridge the achievement gap' it remains as intractably wide as it ever was.  It's why you see black geniuses only in MSM and Hollywood propaganda, never in real life.

As The Bell Curve proves, the average White IQ level is 100 while that of the average African-American is 85. (I'm confining this analysis to America because black Africans have borderline retard IQ levels).  Were it not for half a century of grotesque AA-derived distortions America's blacks would today still be doing what nature intended: Eking out a parlous existence by way of simple low level tasks, supplemented by crude and opportunistic criminality. Time and again all over the world tiny numbers of Whites have easily outmanoeuvred, subdued and controlled vast black populations and still would today were it not for suicidal out-group altruism. Even where outnumbered 25:1 like in Southern Rhodesia Whites' smarts could have retained control were it not for the whole world turning against them.

Which brings me to my hypothesis:  Are Ashkenazi Jews to Whites what Whites are to (American) blacks?  Ashkenazi Jews score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general White average, corresponding to an IQ 112-115. That's there or thereabouts the same differential between Whites and blacks in America. Now I hastily concede that far from that of the suicidal out-group mentality of Whites the focus of Jews is ruthlessly and relentlessly in-group.  They are also hard-working and tenacious. (They are!). And this differential again equates to that applying between Whites and blacks -  who are generally lazy and lacking in tenacity.

So yes, Jews are outmanoeuvring us, controlling us, using us.  But is this not nature's way?  Does not their control of the political, financial, academic and media arenas not equate to the control Whites exerted over their colonial subjects?  It's no good saying that were enough Whites to realise what's going on the Jews' game would be up.  The fact is only a tiny minority of Whites is in this category and that is our racial stupidity (yes!) and weakness. Our swallowing - hook, line and sinker - the bogus narrative they've cooked up for us equates to Rhodes buying the Kimberly diamond field for a handful of shiny beads.

A painful issue to confront, for sure.  But am I - sadly - not correct?