Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Law, justice and vigilantism

"Young man, let me remind you that this is a court of law and not a court of justice."  Thus the legendary Oliver Wendell Holmes once admonished a passionate young lawyer who appeared before him at the US Supreme Court. Which raises the question as to what extent the law embodies justice. That requires a definition of justice and I'll try that without degenerating into sophomoric posturing. I suggest that justice derives from a people's experience, traditions, ethics, rationality, sense of fairness and the natural law (to the extent this can be understood). Put simply, most people know and understand what is right and just.

In assessing the extent to which the law embodies such a definition we need to distinguish between codified law and the administration of that codified law.  In general I'd say the codified law embodies the people's sense of justice reasonably well even though this is rapidly changing due to the ever-increasing power and intrusion of centralised and undemocratic higher courts such as the execrable European Court of Human Rights and the Federal Courts in America. Conforming with this trend are multiple examples of laws running counter to popular beliefs including repeal of the death penalty and the introduction of so-called 'hate' and 'anti-discrimination' laws.

But the real distinctions between law and justice relate to administration rather than codification. How often have we been sickened by the acquittal, on some semantic procedural basis, of those clearly guilty of serious crimes? How often do judges apply ridiculously short sentences which allow dangerous killers and rapists to quickly return to society and continue their depredations?  How often is the farcical concept of concurrent sentencing applied, resulting in the perpetrator of a string of crimes attracting a sentence for just one? How often do we rage at seeing 'minorities' of various hues get off scot free in White countries while Whites, the real citizens, are hunted down by politically motivated prosecutors and severely punished for trivial offences? 

Yes, the administration of justice leaves an awful lot to be desired and it's set to get worse as our societies become increasingly - and of course deliberately - balkanised.  Juries will increasingly base their verdicts on race and/or religion. Think of the OJ Simpson trial where a blatantly guilty dual murderer was acquitted by his fellow blacks in the face of all the evidence. How much probity will Muslim jurors and judges (who've taken their oath on the Koran) apply in assessing the guilt of accused fellow Muslims?  And don't forget that all it takes in many Western jurisdictions is a tiny number of jurors to forestall a guilty verdict. 

Now consider this possibility. After the OJ Simpson acquittal a group of 'concerned citizens' drags him from the court and strings him up from the nearest tree.  Or this. Mega-thief Jon Corzine, swanning his way to aperitifs in his swish Hamptons estate gets waylaid, beaten to a pulp, tarred and feathered and tied to a tree. Or the worst members of Limerick's notorious Dundon gang, used to serving short comfortable sentences for a vast array of brutal crimes, are found floating face down in the Shannon after each murder they commit.  What of the thousands of black 'youths' who currently terrorise law-abiding Whites throughout America and who, in the unlikely event of their being apprehended, are handed derisory sentences? What if another group of 'concerned citizens' were to hunt them down and administer on-the-spot frontier justice? 

Yes, yes, I know all the problems associated with such a course of action, but as to the narrowest question....justice would indeed be better served. And how bad would such a society be?  I know the image of the Old South in America is one where toothless inbreds blaze away at one another all day and then head off to lynch one of them colored folk for not doffing his hat to a White lady.  But in fact Southern society was a very polite one with a low murder rate.

Fact is, the administration of the law depends on a compact between the governors and the governed. If that compact breaks down, either through inability (e.g. lack of resources) and/or lack of will, other means must be found. Other means include the posse comitatus ("power of the community") whereby ordinary citizens can be drafted in to meet a pressing need, albeit under the control of a legally appointed officer. Not surprisingly such laws are now under major attack in America.

Even positing this alternative would give most people a fit of the vapours. We must respect The Law.  But I don't see anything particularly sacred about The Law. How could anything operated by lawyers elicit respect?  The question though is whether it's reached such a state of debasement that alternative enforcement methods are called for. For most Western countries the answer is probably no. For now.  But with ongoing mass fragmentation of our societies and the strong possibility of a major economic crash in the near future.....well, who can say? 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A pointless rant

Ok, I know this post is something of an indulgence, undergoing as we are societal collapse (or more accurately destruction). But it just gets so frustrating.  What does?   The staggering number and range of toiletries in our shower. If things ever get bad Lady Savant could surely open up a 50,000 sq. ft. personal care outlet that would keep us in clover until we shuffle off these mortal coils.

Those simple days of a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo have long gone.  Now I'm faced with a dazzling array of choices. Totally baffling choices.  Because you see, the bottle or sachet never says what it contains. Oh yes, it will describe the qualities, but only in worthless advertorial form. So, standing drenched in the shower I reach for the first one.

Milk Of Morning Sunrise.  Sounds nice, but what the hell is it?

NOW CONTAINS HYDROHEXOCHRLOROFYL!  Will delight all chemists I'm sure, but not much use to me.

And so it goes.  They all seem to be 'gentle', contain 'natural ingredients' are 'infused with essential oils' and, most excitingly, offer 'a triple acting complex'. But what the fuck is it?  All I want is a shower gel.

Now you may ask whether all of this matters, my being a bloke and all that.  But yes it does. For example, what if, in my ignorance, I were to apply a defoliant (exfoliant?) to my dwindling wisps of greying hair?  Think about that.  And speaking of hair, once I excitedly arrived upon a shampoo that promise to 'restore your hair to its natural thick luxurious form'.  Brimming with anticipation I used it and rushed to the mirror the next morning, thinking I'd look like Kurt Cobain. But noooooo. Same old me.

So you can see that I have problems. Any tips for deciphering the baffling puzzle that faces me every morning would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

No Country For Old Women. Or young ones either

Just been reading a harrowing report from the UN Human Rights Committee on the plight of women in a terrible country whose representative was subjected to ‘a severe grilling’ by the shocked  Committee members. In fact the women’s plight was so bad that the Special Rapporteur cried out in anguish that he was ‘unable to sleep at night’ thinking of it.

And the name of this backward misogynistic dystopian hell-hole?  Somalia? Saudi Arabia?  Iran?  No, it’s none other than the Emerald Isle.
Now let me give you just a few representative facts about the unfortunate Irish woman.   If she decides to never work and instead  live a comfortable life at the taxpayers’ expense the process is simple. Find a willing sperm donor, get pregnant, demand a private house or apartment, fully fitted out, and for the rest of her life never have to incur medical, education or public transport costs while enjoying generous spending money for herself and her kids. Want more kids and thus a bigger house and in a location convenient to ‘me mam’?  No problem. Just let us know the details.
Were she instead to choose a working life she’ll find all kinds of opportunities open to her just because of her gender. Often totally unsuitable ones like the police or fire services. And it doesn’t end there. Diversity quotas ensure that promotions will come thick and fast  (especially if she is in fact thick and fast) largely independent of ability. If by some chance the promotions don’t materialise she can sue the company for  gender discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying. Or whatever. She will never lose.
And what if she were to do the unfashionable thing and actually get married? Well, it’s another win-win. Say the husband is out working his ass off to provide a home for her and her children but she gets bored and decides to leave him for another man.  Irrespective of the merits she’ll get half of his estate and, except in very rare circumstances, gain custody of their children. And if at any time she claimed rape against the new lover she’d win in court 90% of the time. What about the other 10%, like say where there's the presence of exculpatory DNA evidence?  Well ok, the court finds the man not guilty. But behave yourself in future as all this has upset the poor woman. The false accusation that cost the victim a fortune and permanently tarnished his reputation?  Ah well, poor girl must have been upset and confused.  Ask her to take some (free) counselling.
So to what could the Committee have been referring? Apart from some regrettable events that took place generations ago their main issue for Ireland relates to restrictions on abortion, which, the Committee Chairman sternly reminded us, was ‘an unconditional right’.  To which I'd respond ‘says who?   There is no black/white, right/wrong on this subject. Fanatics on both sides want either a zygote to be deemed a fully formed human, or on the other the toleration of what is virtually infanticide.  The Irish people, on two occasions, have been asked to vote on the subject and have adopted  a fairly restrictive framework…abortion on demand it most certainly is not. Although constantly droning on about  ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic rights’ the Committee, in the one instance where there’s been a clear democratic decision, decide that democracy isn’t such a good idea after all.
And where does the head of this Committee come from? Some bastion of women’s rights like Sweden or Norway? No, from Tunisia, that progressive paragon of gurrrrll power. Assisted by his neighbours from Algeria and Egypt.  Other  human rights luminaries who have adorned this committee in the past include Saudi Arabia and Libya. As expected the Irish delegation and media grovelled before these moral titans and promised to improve. If only the voters could be convinced….   What they should have done was tell these posturing hypocrites to stick their human rights where the sun don’t shine. Or better again to return to their own dystopian hell holes and stop women being stoned to death for adultery there.

Be aware of course that this whole exercise is just further evidence of the anti-White agenda in action. More specifically the anti-White male agenda.  Knowing what it is makes is easier to defeat.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Talented Mister Zakheim

Meet The Hon. Dov Zakheim, a man of many talents and accomplishments.  Talmudic rabbi, devoted public servant, defence expert, aviation technology entrepreneur, dual-citizen, controller of trillions of dollars in defence expenditures, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the United States Naval Institute. He is a three-time recipient of the Department of Defense's highest civilian award, the Distinguished Public Service Medal, as well as other awards for government and community service. 

What a pentagon...I mean paragon. Like, he could have stayed making millions with various Israeli-owned technology companies but instead left it all for selfless Government service.  Just like Dick Cheney, Robert Rubin and Donald Rumsfeldt. Devoted patriots one and all. Mind you, his times at the Pentagon were not without controversy, including the one in which no less than $3.2 trillion went missing. This is about the annual value of the total Federal Budget for the USA. Or to look at it another way, 200 times the annual Israeli Defence Budget of $16 billion.

I'm sure Dov was only itching to explain how it all went AWOL. And also the questions about his decision to flog off at knock-down prices a vast amount of 'surplus' military material to Israel, material which many believed in fact to be state of the art.  In due course a specialised team of investigators was established which began accumulating a lot of incriminating evidence. But then a terrible thing happened. The very office where the evidence was stored and where the audit team was working was hit by a missile, whoops, I mean a plane, on September 11, 2001. Investigators and evidence were blown to smithereens.

Dov must have been devastated.

Before his time as Financial Controller at the Pentagon (he has no financial, audit or accounting qualifications) he'd been busy on the Project For The New American Century (PNAC). helping to author  the policy paper Rebuilding America's Defenses.  Excerpt: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolunionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor. ... "  

If only he knew!

Interestingly, in between his stints of devoted public service at the Pentagon the Hon. Dov made a fortune as CEO of SPC International, the company which provides a “Flight Termination System” for the US military.  The company describes it as “a fully redundant turnkey range safety and test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles.”   If only they'd had that at the time of the 9/11 attacks...they could have wrested control from the hands of the Cessna pilots who had hijacked them, and flown the planes to safety. 

But wait!  I've just checked and it seems that the technology had in fact been developed and operationally tested by Dov's company well before the 9/11 attacks.  Imagine that!

Now some narrow-minded people have cast aspersions the Honourable Dov.  And not just about financial shenanigans and glaring conflicts-of-interest.  They point out the suspicious timing (the day before the 9/11 attacks) of the announcement of the missing $3.2 trillion, his being CEO of a company with flight interceptor capabilities, his knowledge of every nook and cranny in the Pentagon, the fact that the missile plane hit the very area of the Pentagon where the investigators and evidence were located, his call for 'a new Pearl Harbor', and that Rabbi Dov's beloved Talmud says some very naughty things about us gentiles.   They have asked why the diligent intrepid investigative journalists in the MSM haven't applied their forensic skills (fine tuned over many years in their legendary search for the truth) to those issues

But so far there's been nothing. Nada. A deathly silence reigns. And The Hon. Dov lives the high life, wealthy and content, recipient of the nation's highest honours. Just like his friend Lucky Larry Silverstein.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Germany celebrates

I was thrilled to see Germany win the World Cup.  Not just that they were IMHO the best team in the competition but that the victory reinforces the nation's growing national pride.  Never has a nation needed it more. For none has been so unjustly vilified, traduced, maligned, denigrated and slandered. We've been brought up to believe that this fine people represented some unique manifestation of evil. As I sought to demonstrate in this post, nothing could be further from the truth.

For decades Germans have kept their heads down, ashamed of their identity and afraid to demonstrate any semblance of national pride. Their job was to shut up and pay up. The rapidly declining population (I don't include Third World colonisers in this) is one manifestation of this syndrome. Now, national flags proudly wave among massive enthusiastic crowds in the traditional capital of a reunited country as the team brings home the trophy.

Well done lads and let us all hope it leads your country onto even greater achievements and more important, results in hiving off your albatross of unjustified guilt.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Cloward-Piven redux

For some time now I’ve been looking at developments in the West, and in particular the USA, in the context of the Cloward-Piven strategy.  (Note: Having spent ten years in post-grad school battling over citations I now plan to luxuriate in avoiding links and other references…… which are all readily available anyway.) Wikipedia (and what could be more reliable than that?) sums up the Cloward-Piven strategy as “a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of ‘a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty’.”

In their original article in The Nation Cloward and Piven defined crisis as “a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention.
  1. The offensive organizes previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.
  2. The offensive seeks to identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits.
  3. The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses on target systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing their collapse"
I find it breathtaking the speed and openness with which this very program is being implemented. An openly avowed national wrecking plan, whose intellectual forebears include luminaries such as Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers, is hiding in plain sight. The evidence is everywhere. Acceptance, nay, encouragement of mass immigration of welfare dependent Mestizos and other Third Worlders, often in flagrant violation of both Federal and State law, systematic efforts to enrol welfare recipients (to the extent that Dept. of Agriculture staff were offered a cash bonus for everyone they signed up), the destruction of American manufacturing, the high calibration of the work/welfare cut-off, Obamaphones, the list goes on. Far more strategic and insidious and thus more effective is the brainwashing that presents welfare dependency as nothing to be ashamed of. Playing into this nation-wrecking program are other Frankfurt School excrescences such as the destruction of traditional family structures and social cohesion.
Also blindingly obvious are the authorities’ preparations for the systemic collapse. American police forces are being militarised to a degree unimaginable just a short time ago, the TSA and DHS are becoming paramilitary forces in their own right and with an internal focus. There have been mass purges of top military officers, the IRS is used to persecute political opponents and as for the NSA, well, what do I need to say? It makes the Stasi or NKVD look rank amateurs. New legislation gives the President and other state officials unimaginable powers for a supposedly free democracy, down to the extent of seizing your own personal food if deemed 'in the national interest'. And speaking of food, every possible obstacle is now being placed in the way of growing your own or prepping generally.
The whole gun control mania feeds directly into this too of course, clearly being a cover for disarming the White population even as murder rates drop to historically low levels. This is by no means an exhaustive list but enough to show that the nation is caught between the Scylla of growing poverty plus welfare dependency and the Charybdis of internal security forces, backed by military grade weaponry and almost unlimited powers and trained to see the (White) public as hostile.
Now I, retired in a rural Irish backwater, look on in horror and astonishment at what’s going down. Yet is seems to me that most Americans have only the vaguest idea that something fundamental is wrong. Spoke to a senior Finance guy from EMC recently whom I know for a long time).  He’s no fan of Obama but essentially believes that things are pretty ok in America, nothing too bad that the forthcoming end of recession won’t fix. Similarly read the comments on the MSM (I know, I know, the Though Police are moderating them) but still, there seems to be a disturbing inability out there to join even some of the dots together. Jesus, it’s just so bloody obvious!
Have they proponents of this destruction thought through to the happy day when the country collapses according to plan?  It might work out according to that plan. But it might not. Not that a Brazil-like America would bother them, especially those with dual passports. But what if Whites were driven to open rebellion before it got too late, i.e. before they become a minority and their guns seized? What if their desperation drove them to unass themselves from the lobotomy tube and finally get to find out what’s being done to them?  And by whom?
They'll soon see that there are Jewish hands all over both the strategy itself and its implementation. The eponymous Cloward and Piven were both Jewish as was their acknowledged principal inspiration Saul Alinsky. As in so many other arenas they used blacks and other minorities for the rough and tumble organising and street work, a prime example being ACORN. This is where Obama comes in as the strategy has gone into overdrive on his watch. On the face of it he seemed a catastrophic choice as a candidate given that nothing was known about him and he carried a mountain of baggage (was he even a US citizen, gay, had bogus academic qualifications?). The media continues to give him a free pass.  But this pass can be withdrawn by his controllers at  any time should he begin to stray off the reservation. At least that’s the potential Penny Pritzker (Jewish) initially recognised and who then raised nearly $1 billion in campaign funding before managing his Presidential campaign.
So what’s going to happen?  Will Americans wake up in time and bring about the Great Reset?  Or is it all too late?  The answer’s blowin’ in the wind.

Monday, 7 July 2014

The end of the world?

A long long time ago, when I was in my late teens/early twenties my best friends were a high-living couple who I claimed would sweep the board for Ireland were there an Olympics for Drinking And Shagging. An assessment with which they proudly concurred. Then they Got Religion....became Jehova's Witnesses and within a very short time became dull as dishwater, blanching at even the suggestion of a rude joke.  Needless to say our friendship could not survive this and we drifted apart, bumping into one another only occasionally over the ensuing years.

Naturally enough, before we drifted apart, they tried to convert Lady Savant and me to the path of righteousness. A hopeless task, as you can well imagine. Part of their pitch related to prophesy. They claimed the Bible made clear that the end-of-the-world (shudder) would occur when three things came to pass. First the Jews would return to Israel, then there would be World Government, headed up by Lucifer himself, at which point Jehova, rightly pissed off, would come back to earth and kick Lucifer's ass for one last time on the plain of Armageddon (there is actually such a place...bet you didn't know that!).

And how would this World Government manifest itself? They weakly suggested by way of the United Nations. How we laughed!  That UN, the one which couldn't be relied upon to bring peace to a Glasgow pub on a Saturday night, let alone form World Government?  But maybe the last laugh is on us.  Because the signs of impending World Government are all around us, as readers of this blog well know. And it's a lot more subtle and insidious than anything the UN could come up with.  There's no need to go into detail on the accompanying measures: Globalisation, transnational organisations of every sort, systematic destruction of traditional societies and mores, centralisation of powers, defilement of the White race and of Christianity in particular.

Throughout history nations, races and religions have fought their own corners, often blindly and often with disastrous consequences. They have done so because it is the 'natural' thing to do. Yet the most powerful and  successful civilisation in history has been induced to joyously self-destruct within a few decades.  This is so dramatic, illogical, unprecedented and unimaginable that you would have to ask whether there has indeed been supernatural agency in play. 

Could my old and long lost friends have been right after all? And is Jehova right now polishing His boots for a bit of deserved ass-kicking?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The burden of proof

I long ago came to the conclusion that Orwell, far from over-egging our dystopian future, actually understated it. Take the concept of Doublethink, whereby cognitive dissonance 'enables' the victim to hold beliefs utterly at variance with what everyday evidence tells him. Orwell intuitively realised that, far from being pointless and counter-productive the exercise actually contributed to the mind control of the masses. Subsequent empirical psychological studies revealed that cognitive dissonance actually weakens the subject's will and self-belief.

Which brings me to the all races are equal/race is a social construct meme.  How in God's name have our masters been able to pull that one off? And more to the point, why does the burden of proof lie with those of us who hold contrarian views given that the evidence is so extensive and so overwhelmingly in our face?  First there's the little matter of colour. It's not exactly a forensic triumph to identify pigmentation differences between say America's First Ho' and Michelle Pfeiffer.  But noooooo.......we must prove that they're different. The colours we see are a social construct.

And so it goes.  Blindingly obvious differences between Whites and blacks in intelligence, crime rates, and overall societal outcomes are social constructs.  Even in the face of increasingly clear empirical evidence from the physical sciences which reveal race-based differences in musculature, bone density (blacks can't swim) and susceptibility to diseases the burden of proving race is not a social construct lies with us. Science has now reached the stage where DNA testing can identify  race, as evidenced by the Baton Rouge rape murder case in which multiple victims died because police were searching for a white man whereas the actual perp was black.   (Worth a read, check it out here.)

Two questions:  How could they have got away with such a monstrous falsehood? And, how long can the edifice of lies hold up in the face of the tsunami of evidence to the contrary?