Sunday, 28 September 2014

Universities are dying. Long live the universities

I’ve been close to the American academic scene for several decades and did a stint at UI Champaign which provided me with the opportunity to visit Africa a few hours up the road. To me the universities there were quite simply the best.  Due mostly to their vast financial resources but there was also a tremendous openness to new ideas and non-conformist thought. The whole purpose of a university, I guess.

The decline in the intervening years has been staggering and here’s why.

They’ve  downgraded real academic courses in science, engineering and IT  in favour of Black Studies, Womens' Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, all of which are  exercises in racial and/or gender grievance mongering masquerading as scholarship.

They’re corrupting and degrading course material in the interests of a socio-political agenda (Take a guess which agenda that is).

They pander to minorities by lowering standards, at admission initially, then, when said minorities can’t handle the coursework, seeing them through to ‘graduation’, come hell or high water.

There’s been an explosion in the proportion of resources allocated to bureaucracy, particularly to  ‘diversity’ and all its ghastly manifestations. Again at the expense of real learning.

White males,  especially those from modest socio-economic backgrounds, have been systematically excluded, to be replaced by poorer quality AA intakes

More  insidiously, the free and fearless exchange of ideas has become a thing of the past. Cultural Marxism and its running dog of political correctness now define what can and cannot be said. This has devastating consequences, much like under Stalin and it will have similar consequences.

But happily, it’s all about to come crashing down.  Education in the USA will be a bubble like those of dotcom and housing infamy.  You see millions of ‘graduates’ with these useless ‘degrees’ are unemployed, or working as waiters.  When the Federal Reserve's endless money printing inevitably 'tapers' the employment opportunities for Diversity Co-ordinators’ and Equality Officers will rapidly dry up.  Then in stark outline the real bubble will appear: Student debt.  Look at the figures. They are horrendous.

Finally there’s distance learning via the Internet. Why, assuming you’re a White male that is, borrow yourself into penury for an on-campus degree when you can get the equivalent for 10% of the price?

It’s a perfect storm.  If the Fed keeps the printing presses rolling at the current rate it’ll postpone the denouement for a while longer. But that’s all.  The configuration of the elements leaves room for only one outcome, the devastation of the university system as presently constituted and in particular the parasitical social "sciences".

Hopefully after the whole rotten structure comes crashing down the universities will rebuild into what they were before they were suborned.  This will lead to a stronger and better America, a merit-based education system focusing on things that matter, one where the Diversity Industry and the cosseting of grievance-fuelled minorities will be seen as just a temporary – if hugely costly – episode of insanity.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Germans as surrogate for Whites

After becoming awakened to what was being done to us, and by 'us' I mean the White race, I totally gave up watching films. But thanks to Lady savant I couldn't avoid watching the opening scene of one such Hollywood production recently called Murphy's War.  This scene, the only bit I could watch, showed a British merchant ship being sunk by a German submarine and the survivors then being machine-gunned while struggling in the water.

This is of course a gross calumny.  Survivors of such attacks were unanimous in crediting the Germans with not just saving their lives by allowing them to disembark into lifeboats but also providing them with directions to the nearest safe haven.  There are countless individual testimonies to this effect. In fact if we get into the issue of breaking wartime maritime law the main transgressors were the Allies. The British and Americans deployed Q Ships, which, though flying the merchant flag and appearing like merchantmen were actually disguised warships which blew the unsuspecting sub to pieces when it surfaced.

But all of this is by the way. The incident really made me wonder whether this endless demonisation of Germans could actually represent an attack on Whites with the Germans acting as a kind of surrogate or proxy. Think about it. The Germans are always shown or portrayed as blonde with merciless steely blue eyes as they bayonet babies and or undertake some other such favourite German pastime. The reverse psychology and subliminal programming are obvious: Blonde hair and blue eyes equal merciless ruthless killers or at its most basic very bad people.  And they don't have to come straight out and say it, just let the message sink in.

It's at least a strong possibility.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What gives with ISIS?

Are you like me, totally confused about this whole ISIS thing?  Leave aside that the USA, Saudis and Qataris set up and funded the group.....and then went to war against them shortly after that.  No, what really confuses me is ISIL's military success. This motley collection of about 15,000 fanatics from all corners of the world can explode (!) on the scene and within months defeat the huge standing armies of Iraq and Syria, taking over and holding large cities and huge swathes of territory.

Right now hundreds of thousands of Kurds are fleeing ISIL's advance and have become refugees in Turkey. Yet we hear all the time about the Kurdish Peshmerga, 350,000 of them, well-trained and dedicated defenders of their region.  What the hell are they doing right now?

I sure don't know what it all means and I'd guess that only a really tiny group of insiders does. Irrespective of the confusion I can with certainty state that something really nasty and evil is going down and that it can and probably will lead to a disastrous outcome.  Wouldn't be surprised to hear some day that the Americans and their "allies" are re-invading Iraq and bombing Syria.

Oh wait......

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ireland's Muslims start to flex their muscles

I'm sure you're all aware of the 'progression' of Muslims' behaviour as their ratio of a country's population increases.  Essentially transitioning from quiet as a mouse, tolerant and respectful of the country's laws and customs - when their numbers are tiny - right across the spectrum to where non-Muslims live in terror of offending the Religion Of Peace. This is no exaggeration. In Pakistan, a ghastly country which I know well, non-Muslims can quite literally be executed on the uncorroborated accusation of  having 'offended the "Prophet"'.

Well Ireland's Muslims are starting to flex their muscles given that there are now 50,000 of them in our tiny country who represent 'the fastest-growing religion in Ireland'.  Their Head Wallah is the angelic-looking peace-loving "Dr." Ali Selim whose PhD apparently resolved the most intractable theological issue facing modern Muslims ....whether aggregate stone compounds can be used in stoning adulterers.  This 'Muslim academic' (surely an oxymoron?) pleads that 'in today's society we need to apply a more pluralistic approach when it comes to school uniforms'.

My prolonged and extensive exposure to Muslims has lead to my having a dim view of their analytical and logical capabilities.  And "Dr." Ali obliges by on the one hand demanding the freedom to send his many children (five....and counting) to school in bin liners as it's 'essential to their religious identity' and on the other that 'in order to provide children with an inclusive education these obstacles (in this case Christian symbol on uniforms) must be removed'.

Ten out of ten for brass neck. Zero out of ten for logic.

But this is far from his only demand. He wants special halal meals served wherever Muslims want them, kosher slaughter allowed, stronger 'hate laws' and schools closed on Islamic feast days.  We can expect this list of demands to grow as Muslim numbers continue to increase, helped by fast breeders like the good "Doctor". Meanwhile over in Saudi Arabia, the world's most Islamic state, religious police, in the finest traditions of Muslim tolerance, burst into a private house where a group of Christians were quietly holding a prayer meeting and hauled the unfortunate occupants off to jail.

There should be one clear and unambiguous message to every Muslim currently residing in the West (Dar-al-Harb....Land of War): 'If conditions here don't suit you please feel free to fuck off back to whatever violent poverty-stricken hell-hole you escaped from'. With the rider 'what the hell are you doing in our countries anyway?'

But "Dr." Sinedi was right about one thing. Explaining to a rapt audience of useful idiot kuffars that the murderous ISIS were un-Islamic he referred to the Prophet ordaining that 'anyone who kills even one soul kills all of mankind'.  And you know, as I thought about this I realised he was right.  I mean, when did you ever hear of a Muslim killing anyone? You haven't? Me neither. Why Dar-al-Islam (Land of Peace!!!!) from Libya to Pakistan, from Nigeria to Bosnia is like one giant Switzerland where everyone gets along in peaceful tolerance and where all disputes are resolved with a genial handshake.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A gripping tale of good and evil

Oft, when on my couch I lie, in vacant or in pensive mood I ponder how PC indoctrination can stray into the realm of self-parody. The cognitive dissonance so blatant that it can elicit only derision from anyone other than the most deluded.  Take for instance this advertisement from England's Crown Prosecution Service, an institution we spoke about quite recently and which England has in effect  handed over to Third World refugees.. Here they bring to us a gripping narrative which begins when Jerome, a dreadlocked half-breed 'yoof' witnesses a White man robbing a shop. Filled with the insatiable thirst for justice and righteousness which pulsates through the veins of every Nigerian he takes off in pursuit of the evil White man.

We don't get to find out whether he caught him or not but either way, in the one and only indication that relations between black yoofs and the law may not be one of unqualified harmony we see Jerome faced with a dilemma: Should he rat out a fellow criminal to the Old Bill testify in the imperial Courts of Justice or not?  His White (of course) girlfriend is unable to help, which we can impute to Whites' moral underdeveloped and all that.

Fortunately for the cause of justice he has a Nigerian mother who - of course - knows the right thing to do. Here's the pulsating narrative.
"I don't know what is going to happen, mum. I'm worried about what will happen to me if I tell what I saw."
But still, Mum took Jerome to the police station to report the robbery.
"Let's see what they can do to help."
"OK, I'll tell the police what I saw."
Don't know about you but I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read that. And it made me realise once again what a blessing those intelligent and law-abiding Nigerians are to our countries. Surprisingly the CPS missed the opportunity to introduce your stereotypical African sperm donor father, you know, intelligent, monogamous, well-dressed and bespectacled, sporting a gentle and winning smile. But then that would have meant a same-race marriage, so I suppose they faced a bit of a quandary with that.

The rip-roaring tale continues with the appearance of  the prosecutor, female and of indeterminate ethnic origin. But look, I'm spoiling the story for you.  Read it yourself all the way through to its thrilling and unpredictable climax.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ian Paisley departs

Well it had to happen. Ian Paisley has finally gone to the great Orange Lodge in the sky.

Norman Tebbit says that 'although many accused him of sacrificing principles for office, I think that it was a genuine acceptance on his part that unless sacrifices were made on both sides, there could be no settlement and only enduring strife in Northern Ireland.'  Well Norman I think you're plain wrong. Paisley went back on everything he professed to believe in and only after he had spent his whole career setting both communities against one another and undermining any attempt at reconciliation.

The last minute conversion came about only because the British deployed the one decisive weapon they had hitherto carefully avoided: The money spigot.  The leadership of both communities could have and would have continued their endless and sterile arguments ad infinitum had not the British Government threatened to close down the Stormont Assembly, and of far greater importance, terminate the pay cheques of all its members.

Bingo!  A solution was found within weeks, angels supped with devils while Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley became known as the Chuckle Brothers. It seems that they did become genuine friends given that McGuinness  privately visited Big Ian right up till a few days before his death but my verdict on Ian Paisley is that he arguably did more than any single person to prolong Northern Ireland's inter-communal violence and that his late life turnaround was down to personal ambitions rather than any commitment to peace.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Naming the Jew. Good or bad tactics?

In the post preceding this a comment thread (I've copied over some comments to this post) has focused on an important issue currently active at Bob Whittaker's BUGS site.  I addressed this about a year ago myself in a post entitled Naming The Jew. Even if you've already done so I suggest you nip over and read it again because it is a really important tactical and strategic issue..

Here's an excerpt from that post.  "Even if  we accept that Jews are the masterminds behind our immigration woes it's counterproductive to emphasise it.....for the reason that it results in instantaneous banishment from 'respectable' society. And as a consequence the more immediate objective of stopping mass black and Muslim immigration gets lost in the storm."

Whereas I don't have a firm view either way they certainly do over at BUGS. They say referring to Jews as the source of our problems, or indeed in any negative light is simply 'bad for the cause' and as such should be abandoned.  ("I DEMAND that anyone using BUGS ammunition get OFF, totally OFF, the Jew Addiction.") Another: "If Joo talk really works than how come it never worked in the 60’s? how come it never worked before that? Is it going to work 20 years from now? We have been more effective in a 2-3 year span than the News and Joosers have been for the last 70 years".  

One comment I certainly agree with is this: "You have to understand, there are untold billions of dollars of social engineering at work telling the average person that talking-about-Jews=anti-Semite and anti-Semite=evil."

One thing we can say for sure though is that even if we don't name them they won't stop attacking us as long as we defend the White race and by extension western civilisation.

So I suggest you read the BUGS post and comment thread and maybe an outcome productive to our cause will emerge from your subsequent input.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Meet England's top law enforcement executives

English Common Law and Statute Law, whose origins date back nearly 1,000 years, underpin the legal systems of the whole English-speaking world and indeed many other countries as well.  You'd imagine that the people who accomplished this, and who built an Empire on which the sun never set, would be capable of actually administering the system.

Apparently not, given that its top administrators derive from such exemplars of equitable jurisprudence as Nigeria and Pakistan. In this post I highlighted the bizarre situation whereby proud Pakistani Muslims had been appointed to the key positions in the battle against child sexual abuse while the main perpetrators came from  that very same community.

Here's Michael Fuller, the guy who heads up the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for England, who in his previous job insisted on being chauffeur-driven to work at taxpayer expense.  Isn't it amazing that there wasn't a single candidate from the people who actually developed the system........not a single one better suited than he for this vital position?

Maybe the explanation lies with his predecessor, 'Baroness' Scotland.  In effect she put him in the top law enforcement job, her selection rubber-stamped by a supine Parliamentary Committee.  Just as Obummer did with Eric 'My People' Holder.

But wait, it gets even better.  The research by Frank Galton (comment 9 September 2014 06:33)  reveals in detail that the rot goes much deeper and wider.  The descendants of the people who created the legal system are now an actual minority of its senior enforcement officers, and a rapidly declining one at that.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Monkeys guarding the bananas

The Rotherham sex scandal continues to surprise.  You think the awful facts can't get any worse but they just keep coming.

Peter McLoughlin and Gavin Boby in their report Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery devoted a whole section of it to Barnardo's.  It  clearly demonstrates that Barnardo's knew for years what was going on. Not surprising given that they are in their own words  "the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK". It will have encountered hundreds, if not thousands, of girls who have fallen victim to Muslim rape gangs. Some of these victims' stories are told in the Barnardo's report. But with one key detail mysteriously excised: the religious or ethnic identity of the perpetrators.
 Now who have Barnardo's, "the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK", with more direct knowledge of child abuse problems than any other institution, who do they appoint as Chief Executive?  A fucking Pakistani Muslim.  A fucking Pakistani Muslim named Javed Kahn who goes out of his way, squirming, ducking, prevaricating and at times downright lying to deflect criticism of Pakistani Muslim child predators in this interview.

But it gets better. Who do you think the Crown Prosecution Service appoints as lead on child sexual abuse?  Another fucking Pakistani Muslim.  You could hardly make this stuff up.   And this guy, Nazir Asfal, who's been charged with prosecuting child abusers also goes out of his way to deflect attention away from the elephant in the room, the ethnic and religious connection. We learn that he is "unruffled by mounting media hysteria (sic) over the ethnicity of abusers in Rotherham.  He suggests stepping back and taking a wider view of the nationwide picture".  Oh, I believe him.  What should he be ruffled?  He'll deflect any questions by screaming 'racism' and 'Islamophobia' and he'll get away with it.  Yes he will.

How the hell have what are arguably the two most important positions for preventing child abuse been awarded to members of the ethno-religious 'community' that specialises in this very crime? (See this also). It goes without saying that there were many native British applicants for these posts.  But in each case they appointed those from a community notorious for its treatment of and attitude to child sex abuse as well as being a byword for corruption, extremism, filth and incompetence.

I wrote very recently here on the subject of vigilante justice.  I truly believe that this case and its broader implications demand exactly that.  The police, child 'protection' agencies, fact all relevant authorities not only failed to prosecute horrendous crimes but actually colluded in their cover up. In the absence of systemic root and branch reform - and there's no evidence of that - it's time that some of these sociopaths are found floating face down in the river Don.

Pour encourager les autres, you understand.