Friday, 31 October 2014

Got to hand it to the Israelis

Israel and the Israelis clearly aren't everyone's cup of tea, and not only on this site.  But they sure know how to pursue their own national and ethnic interests without giving two hoots about 'international opinion' and in a way that's truly inspirational.

Here are a few of those things I admire.

They don't fall for the bull about illegal African  immigrants, calling them 'infiltrators'.  Which is what they are.  Not only that they then round them up, incarcerating them in concentration camps before shipping them back to Africa.  Their clear-headed recognition of how the world works is manifest in the problem associated with the infiltrators' countries of know of course how they dump their passports once they land in the the welfare state of choice.   In the West we agonise about this, poor dhimmified castrated dummies that we are. Usually for years at a time,  Meanwhile providing the infiltrators with free accommodation, food, healthcare, education and living expenses. The Israelis on the other hand simply provide a modest lodgement to some dictators Swiss bank account sum in "development aid" and hey presto, issues of national origin disappear and the welfare tourists are on their way back to the Dark Continent.

And presumably you've heard about the 'black Jews' from Ethiopia?  Having given them sanctuary the Israelis quickly realised that while they might call themselves Jews in reality they were African, Dumb, largely unemployable and prolific breeders. But again, being admirably clear-sighted they solved the problem by administering copious doses of Depo Provera to the unwitting birthing units.

Israelis also understand at the deepest level how to deal with the Religion Of Peace. They realise that the worst of all approaches is that of appeasement, that any concession will merely whet the appetite and lead to more and more demands until we kuffars begin to live as dhimmis. Their 'minorities' start blowing its citizens up?  Put up a wall and make them travel on special roads. Could you just see us in the West doing that? And they don't just react to provocations.....they take the fight to the enemy ,,,,,, the Mayor of Jerusalem plans to ban the ear-splitting howling of their muezzin  and now they've even blocked access to the Al-Aqsa mosque.

How cool is that?

Now of course everyone will jump in and point out that Jews in the West would fiercely oppose those very same measures being applied here while turning a Nelson eye towards Israel,  And that is true. But any Israelis I know, and I know a lot, think that we in the West are insane and suicidal in allowing our lands to be colonised.  They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do - and that includes letting Jews decide our destiny - then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

And maybe they're right.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

What drives the reptiles?

Let me cite a few facts and then ask a question: If you're a football fan you must have noticed the degree  of insanity associated with the issue of race. Serious drugs and match-fixing offenders, which strike at the sport's fundamentals - get off with the proverbial slap on the wrist. Yet should a player be accused - note accused - of a racist insult his world will collapse. Luis Suarez, then of Liverpool incurred a colossal and unprecedented eight match ban for the offence of addressing a little black guy as 'negrito', which in Spanish means........well,  'little black guy', There are simply scores of similar incidents,

All over Europe clubs have incurred devastating financial losses and had on-field performances impacted by the partial, or as in the case of CSKA Moscow, total closure of their grounds. Why? Because some fans hurled racist insults at opposing players. In fact there's a proposal in whereby a referee can abandon a game in the event of racial insults being heard. Can you just imagine the scope for corruption associated with that?

Then there's the horrendously costly PR measures. Vastly expensive advertising time at every top event is given over to 1984-style exhortations such as 'Say No To Racism'.  Major brands like Coke or Mercedes would kill for such exposure.  Then we see grown men, highly paid professionals, forced to shuffle around with pennants emblazoned with the 'RESPECT' rubric. The respect in question being reserved solely for players of the dusky variety. Of course.

In short, the foul anti-racist (i.e. anti-White) agenda has spread its slimy tentacles all over the sport, creating an atmosphere akin to that in Stalin's USSR. In trying to explain why, we must understand the nature of those who achieve high office in sport. If you're familiar with the scene you'll understand that they - for whatever reason - are among the worst of human beings. Just like politicians. Citing the heads of the two main football bodies, Platini  of UEFA and Blatter of FIFA I rest my case. It would be hard to find, especially in Blatter's case, a more corrupt, venal, unpincipled bagmen this side of a jail wall....Ok, maybe in Wall Street. And note, neither is Jewish!

So my question is this: Why do such men and their equally corrupt and unprincipled organisations do what they do on the racism issue?  Remember that in a sense there's nothing in it for them. It's costing the crooks a lot of money, disruption, disputes and law suits, outrage from most players and fans. And what do they get in return? It's not obvious to me I must say.  Remember again the guys at the top of these organisations are bereft of a moral compass and will, as we saw with the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar, sell out to the highest bidder. Which of course raises the question as to whether there is some 'higher bidder' bank-rolling the Racism/Anti-White project.  Or is there something else?

It could just be that understanding what's going on here might shed some useful light on our broader struggle.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

America cracks down on corruption. In Hungary

The world reeled in shock yesterday as the Wall St. Journal reported a crackdown by America on corruption.  However panic was avoided and order restored when it emerged that the moral crusade applied only to Hungary, And presumably any other country without a Rothschild Central Bank, Or which objects to a takeover by the Tribe as apparently 'old scapegoats have come back to life in a nation that was flattened by globalization: foreigners, bankers, and Jews.'  Oh dear.

This from the WSJ.    "The State Department refused entry to the U.S. to several Hungarians because it said they had been involved in corruption, once more highlighting tensions between the U.S. administration and the feisty government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In a statement issued by Charge’d affairs M. Andre Goodfriend the embassy said the US canceled the visas on the basis of “credible information that those persons are either engaging in or benefiting from corruption.

Some more observations by TPTB.

President Obola. 'I've never heard of Hungary before but must ask myself why they cannot conduct their business affairs honestly. Like Jon Corzine, Jamie Diamond and LLoyd Blankfein.'

AG Eric Holder: 'If there's one thing I cannot stand it's corruption and accordingly strongly endorse this fearless and even-handed application of the law. If we let this kind of thing go unpunished you could find the Hungarians doing something like......supplying weapons to gangsters in neighbouring countries,'

Abe Foxman: 'An excellent move. Godammit what would happen if these goys, I mean guys get into financial racketeering as well? And those Magyars, will we ever forget the Arrow Cross in WW 2? Oy vey, the sufferink...the sufferink. Just as well we have one of our own in Amos Goodfreund, whoops I mean Andre Goodfriend fighting our corner.'

We'll have to keep an eye on this anti-corruption thingy from the Americans. Humanitarian bombing might be replaced by anti-corruption bombing.  We live in interesting times.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

American Renaissance's 'Savage' rejection

The members of that  fine organisation American Renaissance (Amren) have been described by Fred Reed as follows:  "As I remember they ran to middle-aged or older and, though certainly with exceptions, middle class, civil, and leaning toward dweebish. They seemed more worried than hostile. A society they valued was, at least as they saw it, being overrun by alien peoples." Indeed.  They are determined to reflect Amren's founder Jared Taylor in being reserved and gentlemanly. Most notably they go to extraordinary lengths to avoiding any negative mention of the Tribe. Articles, links (the primary Amren activity) and even comments are - or at least were - vigorously policed to avoid any hint of offence.

Sadly this respect is not reciprocated.  All the main Jewish organisations, ACLU, $PLC etc. never miss an opportunity to denounce Amren in the most vigorous terms. But news depths were plumbed in a recent piece in Salon colourfully entitled America's Virulent Racists: The Sick Ideas And Perverted  "Science" Of The American Renaissance Foundation. It is an excerpt from a book published by no less an institution than Harvard University. 
The piece itself was a scandalous libellous attack on Amren and JT himself, his work, and associates as “shockingly ugly”, “hateful, dangerous, ancient, and outdated,” “virulently racist”, “neo-Nazi” and “white supremacist.”  As 'liberals would say "Wow!!".

The piece, and thus presumably the full book is shockingly un-academic in the strict meaning of the term. It's characterised by a  pantheon of  misstatements so grotesque that one can only conclude that the author either never read any Amren material or else set out to write a defamatory propaganda piece where truth has no role.  If you want to understand proper academic work read where JT demolishes it on a point-by-point basis.

As Fred Reed said, were a cub reporter to present such a badly-researched fact-free diatribe to his editor he'd  probably be fired.   But the author of this monstrosity is one Robert Wald Sussman Professor of Physical Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis and as I said earlier the full abomination was published by Harvard. Which bears out my frequently expressed view that social 'sciences' are not science at all.  Here's what renowned theoretical physicist Richard Feynman had to say on the subject. "Social science is an example of a science which is not a science. They follow the forms. You gather data, you do so and so and so forth, but they don’t get any laws, they haven’t found out anything." Adding "and I can’t believe that they know when they haven’t done the work necessary, they haven’t done the checks necessary, they haven’t done the care necessary."

He could have added that these pseudo-scientists demonstrate the most unforgivable of all research offences: Starting with an assumption and manipulating the data to support that assumption
This episode once again underlines the not only bogus nature of social 'science' but its true nature as evidence-free malign propaganda, driven by a  full spectrum hatred of everything White and Christian.  It's coming demise should be welcomed by all of us.

Now Amren also tried to establish a relationship with Michael Savage, the popular and 'conservative' radio jock. Here was the so to speak savage response: “STOP YOUR LIES. OBAMA IS TOO GREEN NOT TOO BLACK. DROP MY NAME FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST OR I WILL TURN YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME OVER TO THE FBI FOR HARASSMENT.”

Now is that over the top or what? Bizarro.

The main lesson that should be learned from both incidents is that trying to appeal to the good sense and reason of the Jewish power elite, of which Sussman and Savage are representatives, is futile. The good boys at Amren were attacked with vile propaganda and with an emotive viciousness that borders on pathological and in a way worse than that endured by the likes of David Duke. 

Why would this be? Is it because they see 'respectable' WN groups like Amren as the real threat? Perhaps. And this suggests that Naming The Jew might after all not represent the most effective tactics. It would at least keep, as Uncle Nasty calls them, the Selwyns in the leather goods shop on board,  After all they must have concerns similar to those of espoused by Amren.  And that might just be Amren's objective. But they also need to see that grovelling and appeasing just seem to whet the appetite of the Jewish Commissars for more blood.

So how to manage the competing interests of the Selwyns and the Commissars?  Here I cite a great comment by Trainspotter which I used in an earlier post. I wish ..... that the Jewish-American elite didn’t in fact represent the broader Jewish tribe.   If so, then it is the responsibility of the broader Jewish tribe to rein in their destructive, anti-white Jewish cousins. Will it do this, or would it rather blame those who understand the nature of the game, and have the temerity to point out the prominent Jewish role in it? It should also be said that the Jewish poison being fed to whites (and other races, for that matter) doesn’t become any sweeter just because some Jews are idiotic enough to swallow some themselves.  

In any event, you might as well give up trying to bamboozle those whites who already understand the nature of the Jewish attack on our people. That game is up, the evidence is overwhelming, and awareness is only going to grow from here. The horse is already out of the barn. The Jews had a good thing going, but as usual allowed their hatred and arrogance to get the better of them.
However, what you can do, if you are Jewish and if you are actually sincere, is work within the Jewish community to call off the dogs. You can work with them in a way that we can’t. Next time you are tempted to chastise the goyim, chastise your own instead. Persuade THEM, those who are doing harm, as opposed to US, who are simply pointing out the reality of the situation in a bid to salvage what we can out of the increasing wreckage of our own tribe. I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere with them, but I’d love to be proven wrong, and the long term results would be far better for everyone concerned. Doubt they’ll see it that way, though. They are more than happy for us to disappear, and will attempt to block any efforts that we make to reverse our decline. Key word is “attempt.” They will fail, but they will try.

Wise words...wise words.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

'Multicultural society' is an oxymoron

The term 'multicultural society' is an oxymoron for the simple reason that being multicultural prevents its being a society as commonly understood. Instead what you get is a range of 'cultures' incompatible with one another to a greater or lesser degree. The resultant societal pathologies, which should have been apparent to anyone with a functioning brain cell, have been identified in a number of research studies like this one.

One of the basic requirement of any functioning society, and one crippled by multiculturalism, is the impartial administration of justice under a system of laws. Under multiculturalism the system inevitably degenerates into an ethnic and/or religious zero sum game geared towards ensuring that 'our guy' gets, not justice, but the benefit of any verdicts. Things got so bad in the USA that the Supreme Court felt compelled to create special rules for jury selection (the Batson Challenge). This in turn was driven by the repeated failures of blacks to convict a brudda even when the prosecution's evidence was overwhelming. Think O.J. Simpson and Curtis Vance.

In Wales we had the extraordinary case in which two footballers had sex with an inebriated waitress. They said it was consensual, she said it was not. Whatever. The extraordinary thing was that both admitted doing exactly the same thing to/with the girl yet the White guy was convicted (got five years jail) and the black one acquitted.  You see all it takes is a couple of jurors to vote against conviction for the defendant to go free.

And it's going to get worse in Britain as the pathology extends from juries to the Crown Prosecution Service itself which is getting taken over by immigrants from Third World cultures.......where Traditional Justice rules. For example in Pakistan, whence many top CPS executives originate, a religious or tribal leader can, completely on his own initiative, order a woman to be punished by means of gang rape or have a Christian killed for 'insulting the Prophet'.  And now this guy's sons and cousins have taken over huge swathes of Britain's justice system.

Yes, The Long March Through The Institutions is proceeding at a brisk pace.

Monday, 13 October 2014

A genius of his time

Whenever I feel like beating up on myself for holding daft left/liberal ideas for so long I console myself with the thought of Malcolm Muggeridge. He too fell for that siren call but like Orwell before him came to see its true impact as a prime force for our existential destruction.  Muggeridge was one of those true geniuses which Britain has produced - well, used to produce - in such abundance.  In this deliberately dumbed down world he'd no longer be recognised as such and would furthermore be assiduously denied any platform for his vews.

Speaking of which, how prescient was the following quote, from all the way back in the seventies? He saw what was and is happening at a time when most of us were blithely dancing, blissfully unaware, into pre-extinction.

“So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. 

Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct."

Vintage Muggeridge: Religion And Society

Now here's another quotation from another genius who lived a couple of millenia earlier than dear Malcolm.  How could he have anticipated Alan Shatter and his ilk so long ago?

"For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC"

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Swaziland Appeal

Read yesterday in Ireland's Sunday Independent an account of  a visit by DWF Diana Bunici to Swaziland. Boilerplate 'journalism'. Wonderful people, friendly, warm, caring, generous to a fault.  Mind you, this generosity didn't extend to the edge of the village where Mandla, a 15 year-old cerebral palsy victim is having a hard time of it.

In fact according to Dopey Diana he's "experiencing a living hell, in the wilderness, competing with canines for food and water. His only possession is a blanket encrusted with his own feces".  She adds that "he is neglected, abandoned, forgotten."  And indeed he is, even though his "friendly, warm, caring and generous" family are whooping it up just a few yards away in the centre of the village. However, we must not judge them.  That would be Cultural Imperialism.

But in truth, the rest of the Swazis don't seem to be living much better. In fact the UN has claimed that if things continue as they are it will in due course cease to exist as a country. "It's written on their faces. Prematurely ageing skin, weathered hands, bloated malnourished tummies and their creased furrowed brows. Average life expectancy is a stunningly low 35 and starvation is prominent in the rural communities."  And "three in five children under age 16 are victims of sexual abuse". Naturally enough all of this is contrasted accusingly with the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by "those back home".  The article ends with an appeal for financial assistance from those same - overindulged - people 'back home'.

The writer claims to have read "everything I could lay my hands on about Swaziland".  Which makes it a bit odd that she never mentions His Glorious Illustrious Omnipotent Majesty God-King Mswati III (Maswati The Turd), seen here (front) with his Council Of Scientific Advisers. Despite his country's travails he manages to live quite well.  Actually he lives very well.  Has his own huge private jet (pictured), a Royal Palace that stretches for more than half a mile, an uncounted fleet of luxury limousines (one of which is pictured), has no fewer than fourteen wives, the latest being a 19 year-old virgin (is there such a phenomenon in Africa?).  All of said wives have their own palaces and mini-fleet of luxury limousines.

Clearly this was omitted because it didn't adhere to the Cathedral's Doctrine.  Which is a pity because Swaziland is a case study in how even with - especially with - white Man's juju blacks destroy themselves and how their numbers return to naturally sustainable levels when they are simply left alone. They understand that the King takes what he wants - it's the African Way - and has been for thousands of years. Who are we to force our institutions on them?  When we do that, or build schools and hospitals it means we think they are not good enough to do it themselves, paradoxically making liberal do-gooders like Diana Bunici de facto racists.

Isn't life funny?

As you can imagine I won't be contributing to the Swaziland Appeal. Even if  King Maswati The Turd is taking a keen interest in its progress.  Doubtless he's earmarked the proceeds to some worthwhile development projects for the betterment his people.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Bottom feeders take over

Does the increasingly brazen encroachment on and displacement of Whites in our own countries and the ever-diminishing range of dissent tolerated mean our destroyers have become supremely confident in victory..... or is it a sign of desperation?  This latest salvo tends to support the former explanation. It seems Third World bottom feeders now take it as a sacred right to not only usurp the commanding heights of our societies but to lecture us on how they now intend to impose their world-view on us.

In a scene unthinkable even a few decades ago we see someone who rejoices in the name of Faisal Islam proudly announcing his appointment as Chief Political Editor of media giant Sky News.  That in itself is bad enough. But as part of his pitch he takes it on himself to deface the national flag and redraw it to his own liking. That's right. A guy named Islam from a backward, medieval poverty-stricken hell-hole where children are sold into marriage and apostates from Islam executed...this guy has become the political filter for what may be the nation's largest news channel.

And as I pointed out here and here, the control of institution after institution in Britain is being handed over to Pakistani Muslims. You know, those people who are running the paedophile sex gangs all over the country.  If you go to the above links you'll probably think it's just as well for paedophiles that their fellow ethnics and co-religionists have their hands on judicial, administrative and now political power.

All of which tends to support my contention that our enemies are confident that we are in fact defeated. The only compensating factor is the thought of all those White right-on lefty libtard journalists (but I repeat myself) who keep losing out to the enrichers in all the juicy appointments. Suck it up, bitchez!

By the way, you've seen the Union Jack that Mr. Islam has redrawn.  Maybe he'd actually prefer this one?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Every cloud has a silver (and virus proof) lining

I see that the ebola virus has come to the USA courtesy of a Liberian visitor, over to meet his friends among the 10,000 strong Liberian 'community' in Dallas. Given Ireland's similarly enriched demographics we can confidently expect its arrival here in due course.

But in the finest entrepreneurial traditions I'm turning a disaster into an opportunity.  How?  By providing my own line of hazmat suits.  I'm now offering an exciting product range with a suit for for everybody. A suit that suits!

() A range of attractive colours, including a lovely pink ensemble for the ladies

() No more agonising 'do those boots match my suit' thanks to our carefully formulated range of pre-matched combinations

() At a small additional cost we offer a zip fly-opener for the gentlemen

() And finally, for the flatulent, an extractor vent is offered as a pre-installed option.

Note: A number of previously-worn suits can also be had at a steep discount.

And now that Halloween is almost upon us what better way to surprise your friends and neighbours when you go for trick or treat than in one of our customised hazmats?

Yes, looks like everyone's a winner with this latest gift from the Dark Continent.