Saturday, 28 February 2015

"And the loudest cheer of the evening was reserved for........."

"And the loudest cheer of the evening was reserved for Dr. Ben Carson...."  Thus began RTE's description of the audience reaction to the candidates' names at a recent Republican Presidential candidate beauty contest. And the reason for such enthusiasm?  Because he black. That's it.  Just like the current occupant of the White House, and just like this guy, who claims to be Britain's Obama.

In White countries today the world is your oyster if you be black, wear a suit, don't speak in ghetto jive and haven't killed anyone. Admittedly those requirements rule out most of the black make population.  But not Dr. Ben, hence the adulation. But wait!  Just glancing through his autobiography I read the following:  "I happened to have a large camping knife. And you know, one of my friends angered me.  And I just lunged at his abdomen with the knife.  Probably would have seriously injured or killed him but he happened to have on a large metal belt buckle under his clothing upon which the blade broke."

Oh dear.

Now you'd imagine the Repubs might have reservations about such a person's finger on the nuclear button.  But I suppose nobody's perfect. And Ben is a neurosurgeon no less, which he emphasises by publicly appearing in his lab coat whenever possible. (Mind you, when I see a black in a lab coat my mind thinks of crystal meth rather than neurosurgery.) And I wonder is Ben someone you can actually let loose on a patient or is he like most of the other AA blacks rammed through medical school who end up as 'administrators' working for the gub'mint?

Seriously, how insane can the Republicans be to even consider a black nonentity as a candidate? Their motto seems to be "somehow we have found a presentable black man.  Let us make him our leader". And what would that leader achieve for them?  Blacks make up less than 13% of the population and will vote for their interests rather than for a black face. Those interests being plenty of free shit, EBT cards, affirmative action, quotas, Section 8 housing and all the other things that are supposed to be anathema to conservative Americans. So what's the point?  And  remind me again how the Obama  AA Presidency worked out.

Have they considered the millions of  conservative White Americans who'll stay at home on election day rather than voting for another token black placeman? And given Carson's already dodgy background who knows what else is going to emerge from the woodpile as has been the case with so many other vibrants?  Ok, the whores and luvvies in the MSM would like another black candidate but they'l still support the Dems.  No, even from this isolated rain-swept rock on the edge of the Atlantic it's blatantly obvious that the supposed representatives of conservative Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. Soon to be a minority in the new and wondrous multicultural America, their votes and influence will be diffused while the other ethnics ruthlessly pursue their own narrow interests.

In all likelihood Carson won't get the nomination, which will go instead to some verminous bought-and-paid-for careerist like Jeb Bush. But the very fact that a nobody like Carson can evoke such an enthusiastic response is deeply depressing.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Been to Florida lately?

I wonder if anybody on this blog has been to Florida recently. If so I'd be interested in learning of your experience. For example....

Have you tripped over a disembodied leg as you stepped out of your taxi?

Did you find a human finger in your Diet Coke?

Did your waiter's arm fall off as he handed you your meal?

I ask because it seems that, as part of the great tide of enrichment engulfing America, leprosy has made a stunning comeback.

All feedback gratefully acknowledged.

Monday, 23 February 2015

A lesson from history

Sweeping generalised interpretations of broad historical trends tend to be suspect especially when used to push a contemporary agenda.  As with the social "sciences" the desired outcome may first be identified and the historical interpretation then retrofitted to conform to Approved Narrative. Sir John Glubb can fairly be excluded from this charge. A former head of the Arab Legion he spent many years examining eleven empires and discovered an astonishing consistency in their trajectory from growth through decline to eventual disappearance. He embodied this in his 1978 book The Fate of Empires and the Search For Survival, a summary of which can be read (here).  It should be read given its uncanny relevance to our own decline today.

Just take these excerpts alone:

The people of the great nations of the past seem normally to have imagined that their pre-eminence would last forever. Rome appeared to its citizens to be destined for all time to be the mistress of the world. The Abbasid Khalifs of Baghdad declared that God had appointed them to rule mankind until the day of judgement. Seventy years ago, many people in Britain believed that the empire would endure for ever."

“When the welfare state was introduced in Britain, it was hailed as a new high-water mark in the history of human development. History, however, seems to suggest that the age of decline of a great nation is often a period which shows a tendency to philanthropy and to sympathy for other races … The rights of citizenship are generously bestowed on every race, even those formerly subject, and the equality of mankind is proclaimed. The Roman Empire passed through this phase, when equal citizenship was thrown open to all peoples, such provincials even becoming Senators and emperors. [And Glubb never even heard of Obummer!]The Arab Empire of Baghdad was equally, perhaps even more, generous. During the Age of Conquests, pure-bred Arabs had constituted a ruling class, but in the ninth century the empire was completely cosmopolitan." [And on its way to self-destruction].

The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolized by men. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed. 
“When I first read these contemporary descriptions of tenth-century Baghdad, I could scarcely believe my eyes……The resemblance of all the details was breathtaking – the break-up of the empire, the abandonment of sexual morality, the ‘pop’ singers with their guitars, the entry of women into the professions, the five day week......In the second half of the tenth century, as a result, much obscene sexual language came increasingly into use, such as would not have been tolerated in an earlier age.” 
“Neither is decadence physical. The citizens of nations in decline are sometimes described as too physically emasculated to be able to bear hardship or make great efforts. This does not seem to be a true picture. Citizens of great nations in decadence are normally physically larger and stronger than those of their barbarian invaders.  In a wider national sphere, the survival of the nation depends basically on the loyalty and self-sacrifice of its citizens."  [But] "the citizens of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving." [Sweden, or indeed any advanced Western nation today?]
“As the nation declines in power and wealth, a universal pessimism gradually pervades the people, and itself hastens the decline … Frivolity is the frequent companion of pessimism … The resemblance between declining nations in this respect is truly surprising … The Roman mob, as we have seen, demanded free meals and public games … Gladiatorial shows, chariot races and athletic events were their passion. In the Byzantine Empire, the rivalries of the Greens and the Blues in the hippodrome attained the importance of a major crisis … The heroes of declining nations are always the same – the athlete, the singer or the actor.”

“We have not drawn from history the obvious conclusion that material success is the result of courage, endurance and hard work – a conclusion nevertheless obvious from the history of the meteoric rise of our own ancestors. This self-assurance of its own superiority seems to go hand-in-hand with the luxury resulting from wealth, in undermining the character of the dominant race.”

Hegel was correct  once again when he wrote "...what experience and history teach us is this - that people and governments never have learned from history, or acted on principles deduced from it."

Meanwhile, hastening the process of self-destruction along at merry pace is this guy, hiding in plain sight.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fans raise an interesting thought....

One of life's great joys is travelling to Glasgow to watch Celtic play on a European night.  And last night was no exception, a 3-3 thriller against Inter Milan. Wonderful.....apart from the unprecedented  and non-stop anti-racist brainwashing which utterly polluted the otherwise wonderful occasion.

Yes, non-stop brainwashing.  First the stadium was festooned with the Respect (read: one-directional respect for darkies) and Say No To Racism logos.  Priceless advertising space foregone in the anti-racist cause.  Then we had a pantheon of the world's top players take over the giant TV screens to solemnly lecture us on the evils  of  racism.  This lecture was repeated a number of times during breaks in the match.  Finally we were treated to an anguished report on the now internationally-notorious Paris Horror.  This was where a few Chelsea fans shouted racist abuse at a black passenger and refused him access to their train.  Had the 'victim' (now a media celebrity) been White and the perps black nobody, not even the passengers, would have given the incident a second thought.  But a black victim was guaranteed massive and ongoing international coverage.  Even eliciting an impromptu whingefest from the announcer at Celtic Park.who begged Celtic fans to never stoop to such depths.

A fan in a coma for the last thirty years suddenly presented with all of this would be struck dumb in bemusement. He'd ask why the hell a football club is getting involved with all of the - what do you call it again? - 'racism' nonsense.What's it got to do with football? And of course the answer is: nothing. Just about programming the serfs.

But surely this must be obvious to even the most obtuse? Not that I'm suggesting my Celtic fans conformed to this but the occasion did provide me with an ad hoc opportunity to check them out. And they did raise an interesting point in response to my prompting. They asked well who's doing all this then? Who has the power to make Celtic do all that stuff?  Who or what is wielding all of this power you speak of? And for what purpose?  Now the aftermath of a thrilling football match is an unpromising occasion on which to discuss such matters and the resultant interaction was predictably inconclusive.

But what it did underline for me though, and it's an important point, is the need for an 'elevator pitch' that explains what's happening and why.  And do it in a short, concise, accessible and convincing way that encourages people get a sense of the attack being waged upon them.

Maybe there's some material over at BUGS.

More anon.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Witchcraft update

Most of you will be familiar with that witch Barbara Lerner Spectre, she who has made it her business to transform Europe in general and Sweden in particular into a multicultural cesspool.  While at the same time jealously guarding the ethnic purity of Israel. "Europe must become multicultural if it is to survive" she informs us but fails to provide any evidence in support of that remarkable conclusion.  And that of course is because there is no such evidence.

Now it seems that this malevolent old hag has been in contact with a renowned American academic on Twitter. I speak of "Dr." Kamau Kambon, Professor of Molecular Biology - whoops sorry, make that African Studies - at North Carolina State University. In a lecture (covered in its entirety by the C-Span channel) he proposes a though-provoking solution to the manifold problems of black people: To wit "the extermination of white people from the face of the planet." A proposal which was roundly applauded by the university attendance.   Incidentally he doesn't go on to explain who'll pay for blacks' EBT cards when Whitey is gone, but then again long-term planning has never been a black forte.

But back to that witch Spectre. Reader Thor has sent me this extract of a Twitter exchange between her and "Professor" Tampon. It seems a Swedish blogger captured the screen shots which the malevolent hag deleted when he reported her to the Swedish authorities.  As such I cannot vouch for its authenticity but it looks genuine.

Now I'm sure you're all eagerly waiting for me to spell out the fate of this genocidal crone. Does she languish in prison, charged under Sweden's myriad of HATE laws such as those that saw artist Dan Park jailed for six months for 'hurtful' drawings of local enrichers.  Would not the legal principle of proportionality see Babs eating porridge in the slammer for at least ten years? No.  Fired from job as Destroyer Of The Swedish People then? No. Damn it, at least the Swedish Government stopped paying her organisation to exterminate the people they purportedly represent? Again no. Nothing. She continues on her merry destructive way, her salary and other costs payed by the very people she's destroying.

Some gig, isn't it?

And it's not as if she's averse to a bit of litigation herself should any White person stand up for himself.  As these Twitter extracts make clear.

And I'll bet the Swedish authorities will bend over backwards to do her bidding.

No wonder they call us goyim (cattle).

Saturday, 14 February 2015

The silent holocaust

Now that the Auschwitz Show() is winding to a close and the exhausted participants return to normality another holocaust from the same time passes off almost unnoticed. Over three days beginning February 13 1945 the beautiful historical city of Dresden  ('The Florence On The Elbe') packed with civilians, refugees from the East and Allied prisoners-of-war was systematically pulverised into rubble. Kurt Vonnegut, a well-treated POW incarcerated there during the fire-bombing, provides a chilling personal account of the atrocity in his novel Slaughterhouse 5, pointing out that "more people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame, than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined."

This atrocity ticked all the war crime boxes.  David Irving described Dresden as being "not endowed with any one great capital industry like those of Essen and Hamburg, even though Dresden was of comparable size, the city's economy had been sustained in peacetime by its theaters, museums, cultural institutions and home industries."  

So the city had no strategic value, was known to be packed with civilian refugees (it was called der Fleuchtlingsstadt, the 'refugee city'), the war was virtually over and there were no air defences.  It lay utterly prostrate and defenseless before the onslaught. Yet for three days and nights waves of bombers dropped thousands of tons of high explosive, incendiaries and (illegal) phosphorous bombs.  The bombers were followed by fighter planes who strafed the survivors and rescue crews. Wave after wave.

I don't blame the Allied bomber crews who had little choice when carrying out their grisly task.  The true criminals were Churchill and his 'scientific advisor' Frederick Alexander Lindeman, This German-born psychopath seemed obsessed, like so many of his Jewish co-ethnics, with the literal extermination of the German people. He also demonstrated that extraordinary Jewish capacity to appear from nowhere and miraculously land at the right hand side of the seat of power. And Lindeman had a cunning plan. He had calculated that that every 40 tons of bombs dropped on built-up areas would "make 4,000 to 8,000 people homeless." And, as historian Max Hastings drily observed "[h]oped to create a nation of refugees, and no doubt also a good many corpses under the rubble, although he was too genteel to say so."

At a lower level there was at least one other war criminal. Air Marshall Arthur "Bomber" Harris. He expressed his objectives for Dresden thus: "What we wanted to do in addition to the horrors of fire was to bring masonry crashing down on the Boche (Germans), to kill and terrify Boche".  Nice chap. And he never regretted the mass murder he unleashed. In an interview given thirty years after war's end he proudly admitted that he'd 'destroy Dresden all over again' in the same circumstances. You may well ask whether this monster was put on trial like the other war criminals and suffered the same fate. Well no. On the contrary they erected a statue to him, unveiled by no less a personage than HRH the Queen herself.

Now I'm not 100% correct in claiming the Dresden holocaust goes unrecorded. Over the last few years at this time the city has begun to quietly mark the occasion. But it does so within the severe constraints ordained by the Official Narrative. This in effect means that Germans can discreetly mourn their dead but only in the context of the ritual self-abasement that has been inculcated into their psyche over the last half century. Namely that any such mourning be contextualised by the acknowledgement of exclusive German guilt for the whole disaster and that German suffering was in no way comparable to the Official Holocau$t.

Oy vey, only Jews can suffer.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Question That Dares Not Speak Its Name

It seems the penny is dropping with many Irish people that this diversity thingy mightn't be all it's cracked up to be. That, heretical as it may seem, there could be some downsides to all of this cultural enrichment. Here's Dr. Catriona Henchion of the Irish Family Planning Association. "Up to 10 years ago the chances of anybody in Ireland seeing this [female genital mutilation] was extremely rare so it's not part of our medical education".

So the IFPA has opened a free (read: funded by the beleaguered Irish taxpayer) clinic devoted solely to the treatment of FGM. Under this arrangement patients 'are fast-tracked to a female specialist who performs the required surgery free of charge'. Now you must understand that in Ireland at present there are gigantic waiting lists for medical treatment, with many severely ill patients forced to lie for day after day on trolleys in hospital corridors. Even when they've paid for health insurance.  But hey, that might be ok for Irish patients but not for our Nigerian and Somali guests.

So why don't they try to stop FGM? Here's Dr. Catriona again."We have to be respectful and non-judgemental." But of course!  Can't upset their cultural sensitivities now can we as they hack away at young girls' rudey bits? "We tend to shy away from asking a patient directly where they come from because you'd be afraid you had views on their race which might discriminate against them." Adding, "yes, it takes longer but it's worth it." Of course it is. What could be better than having an army of non-offended Somalis in your neighbourhood?

Then we celebrate the Religion Of Peace, "Ireland's fastest growing death cult religion."  From the Independent we learn that a the police have "a dedicated unit which is quietly building close ties with the Irish (sic) Muslim community as fears of terror attacks by Muslim extremists spread across Europe."  Right so Ireland's police, already labouring under reduced numbers, have dedicated a whole unit to focus on our Mulsim enrichers.

And we learn from the same report that "it is hoped the unit will speak with disillusioned Jihadists who return to Ireland." And, in a comment sure to have you grinding your teeth in fury the unit head adds 'if someone did come back in the morning I'd love to talk to them about their experience."  Presumably he has some technical questions about the finer points of beheading prisoners and the fuel used to burn that pilot alive. "Yes, if they'd like to meet with us we'd like to talk to them, reassure them and talk about what happened."

And now they'll need to be reassured because some terrible news has emerged. Apparently 'the recent spate of terror attacks have (sic - typical semi-literate 'journalist') resulted in an increase in hate mail arriving at the country's mosques and Muslims are being targeted with insults and abuse'. How awful!  Forget about the bombings, beheadings and burnings. The poor dears are being insulted. Can't have that.

So back to the title of this post and the Question That Dares Not Speak Its Name. And that question is: What the hell are all of those genital mutilators and Jihadi terrorists doing in Ireland?  After all, they can't be legitimate refugees because Ireland has no direct links with any of the hell holes the enrichers emerged from.

Maybe King Rat Shatter could help them?

But no need. Because that question is never ever ever asked, not even indirectly, in the free press of which the West is so proud.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Whose Distopia: Orwell's or Huxley's?

The genius of George Orwell's predictions is simply breathtaking. Especially in the light of  today's highly remunerated 'experts', who, replete with information access unimaginable in Orwell's time were nonetheless as surprised as the man in the street by - for example -  the collapse of the Soviet Union. Orwell anticipated - with uncanny prescience - today's Cultural Marxist politically correct world and the weapons used to enforce it, while many of his aphorisms have become common linguistic currency. For example...

()  Newspeak

() Dooublespeak (2+2 =5), Ministry of Truth focused on lying propaganda and forcing the proles to swallow cognitive dissonance

() Thoughcrime

() Historical revisionism

() Re-education Room 101

()  Big Brother

()  Two Minutes Of Hate daily ritual

() And the Telescreen, which eerily foresaw the arrival of a two way device in ordinary households     by which Big Brother can exercise oversight and control. The Internet is now almost at that point.

Uncanny as his writing was it's fair to say that in many crucial ways his distopian future does not reflect the world we live in today. Most notably 'the boot stamping on the face' metaphor. Much and all as we may dislike the present system the fact is almost all of us can - still - go about our lives relatively untroubled by Authority provided we adhere to the (increasingly intrusive) law. And it's here that Aldous Huxley in Brave New Word and Brave New World Revisited may have developed a more realistic scenario.

For a start rather than the three permanently warring global empires envisaged by Orwell, Huxley anticipated a single unitary World State, pretty much the New World Order we now see unfolding before us. He foresaw national boundaries breaking down, racial blending and deliberate destruction of society's fundamental institutions.  Marriage and family  to be replaced by designer babies and recreational sex ('everyone belongs to everyone else') while religion gets replaced by the all-purpose feelgood Soma drug ('all the advantages of Christianity, none of the defects). Crucially Huxley differed from Orwell in that rather than the jackboot he envisaged control being exercised by providing bread and circuses for a deliberately dumbed-down stupefied populace.

Neil Postman summed the difference between Orwell and Huxley as follows:

"What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy".

So who was right? Maybe they both were. Maybe it's just a matter of timing.

Some observers believe that  Huxley saw the first stage of our enslavement while Orwell  foresaw the second.  It's clear that we have been gradually disempowered by a corporate state that, as Huxley foresaw, seduced and manipulated us through sensual gratification, cheap mass-produced goods, boundless credit, political theatre and amusement.  Civil liberties, including habeas corpus and protection from warrantless wiretapping, have been taken away. Basic services, including public education and health care, have been handed over to the corporations to exploit for profit. While we were entertained, the regulations that once kept predatory corporate power in check were dismantled and the laws that once protected us rewritten. Are we moving from a society where we are skillfully manipulated by lies and illusions to one where we are overtly controlled? Orwell saw us frightened into submission. Huxley saw us seduced into submission. 

But was Huxley's world merely the prelude to Orwell's?

Because the the facade is crumbling and Big Brother increasingly hoves into view.  It appears,  particularly in the USA, that the real and permanent power wielders have realised this. America is, with stunning rapidity, being transformed into a police state in the Orwell mold. Ordinary citizens are spied on at a level unparallelled in history, new internal 'security' forces like the TSA have sprung up and given vastly disproportionate powers, police have become weaponised to the point of resembling an occupying army, billions of high-lethality bullets have been acquired by internal 'security' services, body bags and coffins pre-stacked in vast numbers, FEMA  concentration camps throughout the country.  Anyone believing Europe to be immune from such developments is delusional. 

The public, at some point, will have to face some very unpleasant truths.  The largest deficits in human history will have to be addressed and endless  money printing is simply not a sustainable solution - despite the cheers from the whores in media and academia.  But as I always say, things will have to become much much worse before your Average Joe's problems can no longer be alleviated by the Soma of bread and circuses. Will they? I do not know the answer to that. But should they do so Joe will rebel, dumb and all as he has become.

We do indeed live in interesting times.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

McDonald's: I'm lovin' it

A McDonald's dining experience is invariably an occasion to savour. Multi-course menus offering  choice seasonal delicacies, table settings resplendent with porcelain and sparkling crystal, strictly enforced dress codes, wholesome food served by smiling formally-trained staff..........all overseen at a discreet distance by a French-speaking  majordomo. But on occasions such high standards can slip, usually in vibrant neighbourhoods.

As this epic chimpout in New Jersey graphically illustrates.

Here a divergence of opinion among the clientele was resolved by the administration of multiple blows to the head by chair-wielding combatants. Interestingly this incident has now lead to a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's under new legal provisions introduced by AG Eric 'My People'  Holder. Drawn up by the fine legal mind of  his Deputy AG Joshua Feingold, the provisions of quia non potest esse aliquid nigrum populus ('blacks cannot be held accountable for anything') has lead to the following suit being lodged.

The defendant knowingly used, and allowed to be used, sitting devices that could be picked up and used as bludgeons.
Defendant was warned repeatedly that sitting devices not bolted to the floor could be used as battering rams and clubs.
Defendant's defence that sitting devices had to be mobile to accommodate various sizes of people according to the ADA, is not a valid excuse for not having the said sitting devices bolted to the floor.
Therefore, we, the plaintiff, ask for total damages be awarded in the amount of $40,000,000, and (6) iPhones with Beats headphones (carrying-cases too). We also ask that all sitting devices, at all McDonald's, be hereby bolted to the floor, so that we can sue McDonald's again in a year's time for violation(s) of the ADA and discrimination against the medically-obese.

I think the suit has every chance of success, now that the Rev'unds Jesse and Al have thrown their weight behind it and Joshua Feingold's brother Schlomo is leading the legal team.                

Monday, 2 February 2015

In case you were wondering about ZOG....

Everyone on this site must have heard of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day-War in 1967. Just to recap, the Liberty, which was focused on intelligence-gathering and thus lightly armed, was attacked by Israeli Mystere jets using machine guns and napalm, and by attack boats which hit the ship with several torpedoes. As survivors scrambled for safety the Israelis strafed the lifeboats with machine gun fire. All the evidence to hand makes it clear that the Israelis knew that the Liberty was American although the motives of Moshe Dayan, who ordered the attack, remain unclear to this day.

Nothing illustrated the validity of the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) charge than this incident and the American reaction to it. For a start while the two hour attack was in progress "Defense" Secretary Robert McNamara called back a US rescue mission, stating 'President Johnson is not going to war or embarrass a close ally for the sake of a few sailors'.  Leaving the callousness aside, and the fact that the same President used 'an attack on a few sailors' (Tonkin incident) to declare war on North Vietnam, the reluctance to 'embarrass' a country that was in the process of murdering your servicemen beggars belief.

But what really blew my mind was the story of the Grafton Memorial. This relates to the privately-funded memorial library to be established in the city of Grafton near Milwaukee twenty years after the attack. As was and still is required in the Land Of The Free, the Israeli connection was played down with the focus almost exclusively on commemorating those who had served and suffered.
Now you'd imagine that local Jews would have at worst kept their heads down, at best supported the project while apologising for the Israeli 'mistake'.  Not a bit of it!  Instead the attack dogs were unleashed, crying - you've guessed it - 'anti-Semitism'. Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz declared it 'insulting to Jews' while James Fromstein of the Milwaukee Jewish Council proclaimed the Liberty incident(!) to be a 'sensitive subject considered offencive to Jewish people everywhere'

I swear I'm not making this up.

But it gets better. The local press turned on the Outrage Button. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal thundered  'where is the outrage in Grafton?  Why is there no outcry?' Now let me be clear, because we're talking about an upside down world here. The requested outrage and outcry were against the idea of commemorating American servicemen who had given their lives for their country, because such commemoration might offend the sensitivities of the people who cost them their lives!

But it gets better still. The full machinery of the national and local government was brought to bear on the memorial organisers.  An $83,000 federal donation was withdrawn, an invitation to the White House to send a representative was ignored (as was a personal invitation to GHW Bush), the local high school refused to provide a band for the opening ceremony, denouncing the organisers as Nazis, while the Commander of a nearby Naval Training Centre was ordered not to attend by Naval brass.

Remind me of ZOG again....