Saturday, 30 May 2015

A new series of posts

I'm planning to write  a number of posts on this whole  Holocau$t™  thing.  In each post I'll take some element of the fable, examine it, and demonstrate that the Canonical Narrative comes apart like a cheap suit once subjected to any form of rational inquiry. The label will be The Holocau$t and I've already re-labelled some of my existing posts with this tag.

So let's start at the beginning with a review of the Grand Extermination Plan itself.

That's right. There was no plan. Those silly Germans, who normally document everything to the nth degree, somehow decided to undertake the largest genocide in history without writing anything down.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Could it be....?

I celebrated on hearing the news as I was driving my car.  Six corrupt FIFA officials - redundant adjective there - had been arrested by Swiss police at the behest of the US Department Of Justice. What's not to like? I also observed, correctly as it turned out, that they'd all be Sepp Blatter's Third World foot soldiers. Sadly Blatter was not among those arrested even though he's corrupt enough to make former US Attorney General Holder look clean.

But wait a minute!  These arrests were instigated by Holder's replacement, another corrupt black AA appointee. What the hell are they doing prosecuting corruption? That'd be like prosecutions for speeding at the Indianapolis 500. And should the DoJ not already be busy chasing up the crooks of Wall Street? You know the ones robbing trillions from the unfortunate public. So what the hell is the American DoJ doing in this case at all? Corrupt foreigners, trivial amounts of money, and a game of little interest to the general American public?  And the arrests announced by the AG herself while the New York Slimes is ready and waiting in the hotel lobby at 6 a.m. to capture the arrests?

All very odd.  Very odd indeed. And then the penny dropped.  Could it really be? You see on Friday FIFA is due to vote on expelling Israel from the organisation, effectively isolating that country from football while opening up the same possibility for other sports. An unprecedented experience for FIFA and a  deeply humiliating one for Israel. Sporting pariah status.  Observers say the votes were there. But the arrests now blow everything up in the air and nobody knows what will be decided - about anything - at this week's meeting. So did the USA pull the equivalent of a 'United Nations veto'? You know where they always veto UN resolutions critical of Israel, regardless of the merits?

Well let's just say that strangers things have happened.

Maybe ZOG has struck again?

Monday, 25 May 2015

Celebrating Africa Day in Ireland

It's May 25, and today Ireland celebrates Africa Day. And why not celebrate all those industrious, independent, quietly-spoken and law-abiding scientists, doctors and technologists who have enriched the stagnant Irish gene pool?  Meanwhile neighbours celebrate their quiet and generous nature, dogged commitment to education and self-improvement, their can-do attitude, subtle parenting skills and the way their arrival immediately drives up property values.

And now, to help them feel even more at home I've put together a few phrases in Irish which I know they'll find useful.

"I have found this wallet full of cash and need to identify the owner"
"Me fuair sparan iomlan de argead irim agus is ga chun teacht ar an tuineir"

'It's ok, keep the change"
"Ta go maith, a choinneail ar an t-athru"

"This is my doctoral thesis on quantum physics"
"is e seo mo thrachtas dochtuireachta ar fhisic chandamach"

"Pardon me, but would you please keep your voices down. I cannot follow the movie plot"
"Loch don, ba mhaith leat a choimead do guthanna sios. Ni feider liom a leanuint ar an plota scannan'

Yes, I see a rosy future as we all celebrate the diversity which has been such a success everywhere it's been tried.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A non-PC PC

Oh dear Lord, what has the world come to? Now even computers and the algorithms that they run have - all on their own -  become (roll of drums) racist.  And 'offensive'. You probably know of Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by the ultra-PC Yahoo Corp. Well it's gone rogue. It's akin to the nightmare science fiction scenario  where the robots escape from the lab and head for town.

I'm referring here to Flickr's auto-tagging image-recognition system which automatically categorises photos into a number of broad groupings. For example a photo of a bridge could be tagged as 'architecture' or 'traffic' whereas that of a cartoon could be tagged as 'drawing' or 'sketch'.

Now you'd imagine that any self-respecting computer, had it possessed any sense of the zeitgeist, would have tagged the gentleman shown here as 'doctor', 'scientist' or 'engineer'.  But (and if you're of delicate constitution read no further) the tags were in fact 'ape' and 'animal'. To make matters worse a picture of Auschwitz  was not tagged with 'death camp' or 'jackpot' but instead as a 'jungle gym' and 'sports ground'.

Oh my achin' sides!  Took me ten minutes to clean off my screen.

Naturally all the PC alarms went off together and the Thought Police technology division has now swung into action. The code of the offending algorithm will be carefully parsed by experts both in technology and micro aggressions to see whether the tagging outcomes were deliberate. Or whether they represented, how shall I put this, a natural mistake.

And now news has come to hand that  Koko, the famously intelligent Congolese gorilla, has been outraged at having been assigned the tag 'Serena Williams'.

Out of the mouths of computers and algorithms...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

South Africa's tribes

Have you ever wondered why so many South African Whites see Jews as the good guys? It derives I imagine from the support - totally self-interested support - that Israel afforded the apartheid regime for many years. Saffers could also identify with Israel's  'the whole world against us' laager mentality. Understandable. But hopelessly misguided. Because Jews have been South Africa's Monomorium santschii.

Their presence in significant numbers took place as late as the turn of the 19th/20th century, fleeing 'persecution' in Eastern Europe. Since then they have done as they've done in every White country. Amass economic and political power. And destroy the people that gave them refuge.

In South Africa they had an advantage unavailable elsewhere: A vast non-White majority. This provided priceless weapons, the fig leaf of 'democracy' (only really nasty people are against democracy) and a vast army of natives to provide the numbers and muscle for White disempowerment.  Naturally it took time to achieve this democracy. A lot of softening up was required along the way. And the position was complicated by the geopolitical requirement to support Israel. But once the demise of apartheid became inevitable Israel, South African Jews generally not only deserted the sinking ship but turned around to gnaw viciously at the doomed hull.

As George Galloway explains here, every safe house he stayed in while agitating for the end of White rule in South Africa was Jewish-owned.  The ANC/SACP composite mirrored the NAACP in that it was controlled by Jews with a few dumb blacks (a tautology?) pushed to the front for the optics. The media duly turned on a dime while Nadine Gordimer became an international celebrity and Nobel Laureate with her depictions of bad Whites and good blacks.

The Boers/Afrikaners came in for special treatment, portrayed as the dumb, brutal enforcers of apartheid, useless for anything other than farming, policing and soldiering. And it still goes on.  In fact it's gone into overdrive. There's now a whole array of Jewish on-line publications such as the Daily Maverick, the likes of which appear to focus their bile on Afrikaners and everything to do with their culture. This is not in the least surprising in that Afrikaners represent the quintessential bete noir - if you'll pardon the expression - for Jews. Because they're White, Christian, industrious, have their own language, culture, military tradition and a very strong 'tribal' identity.

Oy vey. Only Jews can have such things. Otherwise there'll be another Holocau$t™.

That's why Nadine Gordimer suggested Whites be blended out and everyone become Coloureds. I wonder does she have the same in mind for South African Jews?  What do you think? My friends now tell me that a new Jewish-Black Business Alliance has been formed with the inherent objective of  further marginalising Whites, especially Afrikaners. I imagine the new body will see blacks providing the brainpower, strategic thinking and pocketing the lion's share of any ensuing shekels, while Jews......oh wait.

The catastrophic state into which the country has fallen - or more accurately been pushed - is  a stark reminder of the fate awaiting Whites once Jews succeed in making us minorities in our own lands.

Be warned.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

"Here Comes The Groom"

Ireland goes to the polls this week to decide on what a former Labour Party Leader declared to be 'the most important civil rights issue of the generation'. Wow!  And what would the most important  civil rights issue of the generation be? Why it's same-sex marriage. Bet you didn't know that. Yes, the appeal of marital bliss has suddenly dawned on the notoriously promiscuous homosexual community. So be prepared for emotional renditions of Here Comes The Groom as Bruce and Selwyn vow till death (or the appearance of the first good-looking young man) do we part.

Many see the issue as a harmless extension of civil rights to another 'marginalised and vulnerable' grouping. Which doesn't explain the explosion of financial, media, political and even judicial support for the Yes side, whose campaign has been marked by a degree of viciousness and intolerance arguably unseen since the Civil War nearly 100 years ago. These "liberals" can be strange people.

But beyond the simple and 'harmless' extension of human rights, the rubric under which the vote is peddled, lies an altogether more sinister piece of legislation railroaded through Parliament without opposition or even debate. The Children and Family Relationships (C&FR) Bill will fundamentally alter the nature of the family. It will for example enable a same-sex couple to adopt. And this, according to Fintan O'Toole, the High Priest of Irish "liberalism", has been the main driver for the Yes campaign. Thanks for your honesty Fintan, if for nothing else.The Bill will also sharply shift the balance from biological to 'psychological' parenting, and from first marriages to second and third relationships. With the state - as in the kind of people who did such a stellar job in the Rotherham sex abuse scandal - deciding which option is 'in the best interests of the child'. Yeah, right.

So yes, genetics are pretty much out of date and what matters now is the quality and quantity of the 'love' the child receives. Experts tell us so. So it must be right. They tell us that we're 'obsessed' with biological parenting and must be open to other forms. This way we'll be liberal, progressive, tolerant and enlightened as distinct from being HATERS!!! "Everyone Is Equal" the posters proclaim. Really?  So a child-murdering paedophile is equal to a brain surgeon? Ok, got it.  Glad we cleared that up.

Normally I'm not one for the 'slippery slope' argument but this extension of 'equal rights' to same-sex unions really does open up an appalling vista. Once the principle of marriage not necessarily being a biological heterosexual union is conceded why then should the definition not be extended in due course to cover various other forms? Why not  'marriage' between three or more partners, between brother and sister, between father and daughter? Well, why not? They're all equal, are they not? Incestuous unions would of course result in a proliferation of the retarded inbred mutants of Pakistani origins who now prowl the streets of  Britain. But the Project Team have an answer to that as well. "What, are you suggesting that such people don't have the right to life?  That they're (shudder) inferior?' You're a HATER!!

End of argument.

You can see how it goes. And have no doubt that in due course it will.  Because this project, financed massively from wealthy external sources (Soros, Chuck Feeney and other shadowy groups) is not about gay rights, and still less - Heaven forfend - about the rights of the unfortunate children caught up in the ensuing maelstrom. No, it's another step - and a major one - in the Long March Through The Institutions. The war against nature, the project to corrupt, subvert, debase and ultimately destroy the White Christian-derived social order and the unequalled civilisation that accompanied it.

So what's the likely outcome of the Referendum? As of now the polls suggest an overwhelmingly Yes vote. But the lead, though still huge, is rapidly narrowing as more and more voters realise, despite No campaigners not lifting their heads above the parapet, that maybe tinkering with nature and with an institution that has formed the basis of society for thousands of years may not be as great as it's been proclaimed.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hopeful signs in Britain?

Have we been too fast in dismissing the British General Election results as just more of the same? Probably not. But there have been a number of promising initiatives already from the new Government. For instance new laws to combat 'poisonous Islamist ideaology' (which infers there's also a non-poisonous version) are set to be included in the Queen's speech to Parliament.

And Britain has strongly rejected the EU's 'open the floodgates' initiative which forces European countries to accept quotas for the swarm of human locusts churning up the Med even as we speak. Writing for the London Times Home Secretary Theresa May in rejecting the proposals put her finger on the nub of the problem: That allowing the locusts in will only encourage the others waiting in Africa. All one billion of them. She added that 'some' of the migrants should be sent back. This should be stating the obvious but the Overton Window has now moved to the point whereby rejecting illegal immigrants is seen as outrageous.

Is all of this just posturing by oily Dave now that he's safely installed for another five years? Will he backtrack as is his wont?  Maybe. But the very fact that he is safe for another five years means that should he do that he's politically untouchable. And word is being leaked that the Lib Dems had spiked such moves during the previous Government's tenure. So maybe things might be looking up just a little bit. Also worth reading the interview with banished Ukip Parliamentary candidate Jack Sen. He confirms our worst fears, making clear that the Ukip leadership would unhesitatingly sell itself out to Jewish interests were critical mass to be achieved.

Ah well, plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose and all that..

The more things change the more they really do seem to stay the same.|

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The people have spoken. The bastards

So we now know the complete outcome of the British General Election which has given Cameron's Tories an absolute majority in Parliament, contrary to all expectations and poll predictions. The one bit of good news is the annihilation of Ed Millipede's Labour Party. Where will they find another Jew to replace him?  Much gloating in the MSM about the poor performance of Ukip and the fact that Leader Nigel Farage failed to get elected to Parliament where Ukip have but a single seat.

No question that the performance was a disappointment but it was nowhere as bad as the Parliamentary arithmetic suggests. Britain's first-past-the-post system provides a huge advantage to regional parties and the larger ones generally. To get a sense of this realise that Ukip got more votes than the Scottish National Party (SNP) yet got but a single member elected to Parliament whereas the SNP got no fewer than 56.  Grossly unfair...but the British were offered the alternative system in a referendum a few years back and rejected it.  So it's not all bad for Ukip given that in five years the party has gone from 3% to nearly 12% of the Parliamentary vote, from less  than a million votes to 3 million and - tellingly - second place in no fewer than 118 constituencies.

Many nationalists are now wondering whether Cameron ('there is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen') will honour his pledge to have an In/Out referendum on EU membership.  Personally I think he'll hold one as even as slimy a hypocrite as he wouldn't have the brass neck to renege on all his public promises.  But be assured that Britain will not be leaving the EU. Either the referendum options will be vague and non-binding and/or a No vote will be followed -  as we've seen in several other countries - by repeated referendums until the right answer is given.

One interesting result was that of George Galloway, head of the Respect Party, losing his seat  to Labour's Naz Shah (daughter of a murderess) in heavily Muslim West Bradford. In case you're wondering, the 'respect' that George's party has in mind is for the Religion Of Peace and its violent inbred adherents, and for the millions of African welfare parasites that plague the country. In the light of this you'd have expected George to romp home, given the demographic profile of his constituency.  Especially given that Labour were decimated in the rest of the country. But no. Defeated by an embarrassingly wide margin.

George is said to be devastated and humiliated and unable to understand why the Pakis and Bangladeshis rejected him, given all he's done for them. But I can explain.  You see George, in the multicultural society that you espouse, people come to vote for their own ethnic interests. This has been well established over many years. And no matter what you've done you're still a White kuffar. So they'll reject you and vote for their own. An expensive and devastating lesson.  Let us hope you, and any other would-be useful idiots, learn from it.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

In passing....

It's funny what you come across when doing general research. Like this quotation from Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, published in MacLean's magazine (for which he was a regular writer) in September 1967.  He's also the guy who went to Vietnam to meet Ho Chi Minh during the war.

"The only way to a Final Solution to racial prejudice is to create a mélange of races so universal that no one can preen himself on his racial 'purity'. Deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the colored ~ we will never eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races."

The rabbi doesn't make clear whether he believes this strategy should apply to Jews as well. But I think we can all make a fair guess as to his views on that. The interesting this is that there's a cornucopia of such quotations accessible to anyone taking the time. Yet the vast majority of the Whites just float along, oblivious, as the devious plan for our destruction becomes manifest all around us.

Monday, 4 May 2015

WW 1's Pearl Harbor

Next Thursday the Co. Cork town where I live will commemorate the centenary of the Lusitania sinking. Everyone knows the story: In flagrant contravention of established maritime warfare principles the fiendish Germans, cackling with glee as only Germans can,  torpedoed and sank a huge defenceless passenger ship with the loss of over 1,200 men, women and children. Contrary to established precedent the attack took place without warning.  (Hitherto submariners allowed those on board non-military craft the opportunity to launch lifeboats before firing their torpedoes.) But not this time.

I can imagine the high-level German representatives at the ceremony shifting uncomfortably under the accusatory glares of the other attendees. But as with this case the blame lies not with the Germans but with their enemies.

The case must be seen in the broader context of  the World War into which Britain desperately sought to embroil America. What better way to outrage the general public than murder over 1,000 innocent civilians? Just days before the sinking Woodrow Wilson's eminence grise, rumoured Rothschild agent 'Colonel' Edward House, met the British Foreign Minister Edward Grey.  House later wrote: "We spoke of the probability of an ocean liner being sunk, and I told him that if this were done a flame of indignation would sweep across America, which would in itself probably carry us into the war." The pair then met King George V who also raised the subject, asking 'suppose they sink the Lusitania, with American passengers on board?"

At all times following the sinking German claims that the Lusitania carried military ordnance (making it a legitimate target) were indignantly denied by the British Government and its shills. But the Germans had sent warnings throughout the USA prior to the Lusitania's departure. Their agents had identified various forms of munitions being loaded under the guise of ordinary cargo.

TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk."


Washington, D.C. 22nd April 1915

Were they right? Of course they were. Because, thanks to advanced diving technology the truth eventually emerged about thirty years ago with vast quantities of lethal ordnance found on the wreck and scattered about the adjacent ocean floor.

And what about the no-warning attack? More despicable lies. At the beginning of the U Boat campaign the Germans has adhered strictly to maritime convention, surfacing and allowing disembarkation to lifeboats. Even on occasion providing directions and sustenance. So what changed?   Enter war-mongering psychopath Churchill who, in flagrant contravention of every legal  and ethical norm had had commercial vessels secretly armed, the guns hidden under innocuous decking and/or cargo. This resulted in numerous U Boats being sunk with considerable loss of life. Naturally enough the warnings stopped after this.

In any event a very large boat like the Lusitania would under normal circumstances have taken about two hours to sink after being hit by a single torpedo.  But the Lusitania sank within 18 minutes.  Why? Because a massive second explosion - obviously caused by the on-board ordnance - blew away a large part of the hull, rendering any hope of rescue impossible. Several other deeply suspicious events are associated with the tragedy.  The British battle-cruiser Juno, patrolling the area for submarines, was inexplicably withdrawn shortly before the attack. Bear in mind that the Admiralty had cracked German codes and knew that subs were in the area. And to crown it all some of the rescue craft were recalled to Queenstown even when within sight of the struggling victims. After all, the more fatalities the better the propaganda.

One of the most disgusting aspects of the whole case was the deliberate scapegoating of the ship's Master, Captain William Turner.  The Admiralty's Richard Webb wrote to Lord Mersey, who oversaw the 'inquiry' "I am directed by the Board of Admiralty to inform you that it is considered politically expedient  that Captain Turner be prominently blamed for the disaster." How sick and cynical is that? And Churchill enthusiastically partook in the persecution of the unfortunate mariner who, though formally exonerated, never recovered and died a broken man.

We can thus say with confidence that the Lusitania can take its place with Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11 as false flags enabled by evil men to widen and prolong vicious wars. And have no doubt there are more on the way.

So on Thursday next the standard pantomime (here's another one) will take place. Even through the truth has been forced out it has not really permeated the public consciousness. So  expect another bash the evil Germans scenario. And maybe even some hitherto undiscovered survivors, of the kind who keep miraculously popping up for Holocau$t reparations, will be wheeled out for the occasion.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Serious problems, serious solutions

It's now become a standard playbook. Cops (mainly White) enter a black neighborhood, altercation with local criminal ensues, criminal gets offed. And every 'hood in the USA goes up in smoke. Cue outrage at the White cops who often end up charged with murder and/or running in fear of their lives. Now here's my proposal. When cops enter the 'hood just ignore crime and criminals. Don't do anything. Look away and continue driving. End of deaths in police custody, the ensuing riots and the new business opportunities for Rev'unds Jesse and Al. And normal business continues happily in the black 'communities'.

That's one critical issue solved. Now here's a solution for an even bigger challenge. In fact to one of the most expensive and disastrous projects in American history: The project to help black vibrants Bridge The Educational Achievement Gap. Quite literally trillions of dollars and unimaginable levels of human resources have been squandered on this futile exercise. Any suggestion of curtailing, let alone discontinuing the project would be blown out of the water by the ensuing explosion of outrage from the media and the Black Grievance Industry. My solution is  based on the following unquestionable facts about black 'education'.

() Almost everyone who stays the course 'graduates', even when virtually illiterate (like this guy)

() The degrees are totally useless, in that most of them are in subjects such as Slavery Reparation Studies, History of Racial Discrimination or such like.

() The few who do graduate in hard subjects such as medicine, engineering or science are also useless, fit only for make-up jobs as gub'mint administrators

So my suggestion is this: Given that such 'education' is totally useless, why not award the degrees without going to college at all? Think about it. As things stand, for 90% of them, even if they do learn something it's going to be useless in real life. And if they do get a job it'll be as diversity managers, equal opportunity co-coordinators or similar, where no knowledge, skills or ability are called for.

Under my  cunning plan the cost of 'educating' them is saved, and for those few blacks who are capable of and really want a productive job, well, they have all these additional resources now available to them.

As I said in an earlier post about cutbacks to the Detroit schools budget: "If these schools close, Detroit’s blacks will be uneducated, unable to speak proper English and they’ll have no future! And if these schools stay open? Same result."

Am I not correct again?