Sunday, 30 August 2015

Social engineering's Frankenstein

After Vester Lee Flanagan murdered those two White newscasters on air he was dismissed as a nut case motivated in part by irrational feeling of racial bias.  (By the way, did you notice how fast the story  has gone to the back pages?  Can you just imagine the outcry had the races been reversed?). Flanagan deemed racist a suggestion by his boss that he go 'out in the field' (which Vester deemed a sly reference to cotton-picken') and to a co-worker eating a water melon in front of him.

But, given the prevailing Cultural Marxist environment, how crazy in fact was his reaction? Remember, from the day he was spawned to the time of the murders he was fed an uninterrupted diet of victimhood, grievance and entitlement.  No sense of responsibility or accountability applied to this snowflake because his failures or transgressions were attributable to White racism.

Grievances based on 'overt'  racism have now been supplemented with theories on 'microaggressions', 'microinvalidations' and 'triggering events'. Many of these border on self-parody. For instance asking a coloured person where they're from represents a microaggression, correcting erroneous grammar or spelling is seen as a microinvalidation (exacerbated by forcing Whiteman's spelling on the victim, noamsane?) while mentioning 'plantation' would qualify as a triggering event providing justification for the victim going on a chimpout. A la Vester.

The nation-wrecking social engineers have produced a Frankenstein from their evil laboratory. Let us now join our hands in prayer and beg The Lord that this Frankenstein will also devour its creators.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indeed we live in interesting times.....

A longish post but bear with me as I'm going somewhere with it. To make my point I'll focus on the USA but the ramifications can be extended to all White countries.

First take a look at the current international stock market melt-down. Is this the Big One, where the spinning plates of the financial ponzi finally spiral to earth, or will mass money printing by the world's central banks stave off the evil day for a little longer? I don't know, but for sure this baby will blow sometime soon.  And the ensuing destruction will be epic. Add into the mix the ongoing hollowing out of America's real economy (a process to be rapidly accelerated by the introduction of the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)), the displacement of  skilled Americans by H1B visa holders, and the general war against Whites, White males in particular.

Despite the Fed's dollar-printing ponzi these developments have pushed the economic position of Americans, especially Whites, into long-term decline. This decline will become precipitous over the coming years. First it looks like the dollar will lose the preeminent reserve currency status (RCS) that has provided America with a standard of living vastly higher than its productive capacity entitles it. Not only would a sharp diminution of RCS reduce purchasing power it would lead to foreigners presenting a flood of IOUs for redemption. Assuming they no longer accept the Fed's confetti money the redemption will take the form of physical asset purchases. Typically real estate. This in turn will precipitate an inflationary spiral in the domestic economy in the context of stagnant salaries and wages.

Now let us turn to immigration. Europe and the USA have virtually given up control of their borders. Whole regions of the USA are being over-run with the dregs of the Third World, depriving Americans of jobs, driving up welfare and housing costs while atomising society. More fundamentally they're  changing the very make-up of the American population. The economic significance being the fatal weakening of the legendary American can-do attitude. There will be no traditional come-back from adversity this time simply because the traditional people have been substantially replaced.

The net effect is a drastic decline in the economic fortunes of Whites, arguably greater than that experienced during the Great Depression. But the malaise goes well beyond economic. Every aspect of traditional White Christian culture has been under relentless attack with White males in particular the subject of ritual humiliation in the courts, academia, media, 'entertainment' and employment. Hollywood and the likes of MTV disgorge an endless stream of degenerate filth, featuring every form of depravity and never miss an opportunity to extol the negro and demean Whites.

Despite all of this Whites have remained passive and accepting. So far. But the spring of resentment is being coiled to breaking point. Will the forthcoming squabble for rapidly reduced resources be the trigger that uncoils that spring? As Fred Reed has speculated 'it could explode. It really could. You might be surprised how many people out there think 'bring it on'. Not a good idea, but we go that way.'

And if it does blow the people will be looking for explanations. If not scapegoats. Now what does the following Cast Of Villains bring to mind? International financiers, speculators, globalists, the Federal Reserve, open border advocates, Hollywood moguls, the owners of  the newspapers and TV stations that celebrate White dispossession, and the agents of government subservience to the Israeli Lobby?

Get my drift?

And believe me, already that genie has one leg out of the bottle. People are making the connection. How do I know? Largely through a comprehensive analysis of reader comments on mainstream outlets, outlets that cross the political spectrum. As I said here, I spend long hours evaluating such comments because they represent the only reliable source of the ordinary person's views. And that's allowing for the frantic efforts of moderators to weed out unsanctified opinion.

Those views have undergone a seismic paradigm shift over the last five years or so. The numbers who have become wise to Jewish manipulations have increased by many orders of magnitude. Hitherto an 'anti-Semite' comment that managed to make it onto a mainstream outlet would have been buried in an avalanche of rebuke. Now such comments are commonplace and it seems that the hasbaras have actually given up the fight on many leading forums. What a turnaround! Now couple this rapidly growing awareness with the impending catastrophe I referred to and the Jewish position becomes seriously uncomfortable.

I've spent a considerable part of my retirement trying to understand why Jews have been so unpopular throughout history. My going in explanation was envy at their intelligence and hard-won success compounded by the Christ-killer myth. But research showed in fact that Jews always over-reached themselves via ethnic favouritism, becoming increasingly arrogant until ultimately, immune to any sense of responsibility and blinded to others' perception of them they provoked an explosive backlash. My own exemplar for this was the appointment of Stanley Fischer, former Governor of the Central Bank Of Israel as Deputy Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. This appointment was so grotesque, arrogant and insensitive that for the first time I began to think that Jews really might not be that clever after all. Talk about hostages to fortune! Here's part of what I wrote about the appointment in this post:

"I'm just staggered at the chutzpah here, which borders on the reckless.  The Federal Reserve (of course it's not 'Federal' at all. It's privately owned by the major American banks and has been a Jewish preserve since God was a boy) has, over the last few decades, roundly screwed up the US economy and further enriched the infamous 1%.  Now were I a member of the tribe in question, especially when you consider that tribe's existing stranglehold on the MSM, Hollywierd, the law, politics and academia I'd be saying - I really would -  Jesus ladstake it easy will yez? We'll have everyone else down on top of us like a ton of bricks. This is totally over the top. Stop it, for the love of God or we're all fucked.

Who knows how things will play out?  But indeed we live in interesting times.....

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Alex Jones versus David Duke

The Alex Jones interview with David Duke has attracted major attention. Here's my assessment. I admit that in general AJ systematically diverts and disputes any criticism of Israel and Jews generally. He throws around the 'Nazi' slur with reckless abandon. In the Duke interview he did the same, unleashed his Jewish producer for the last ten minutes when he was clearly losing the debate and - damningly - showed only about ten minutes of the two hours on (The full  programme can be accessed here on Youtube, DD section starts around 44.00 minutes).

But as I pointed out before, he endlessly excoriates global elites, the Wall Street/Government revolving door, the Synagogue Of Satan, the Federal Reserve, international bankers, the NWO and the societal destruction wrought by Hollywood (which he hilariously claimed was run by Arabs). He's told us that 'every path leads to the House of Rothschild'. He even said this: Every key person in the Bush administration and now in this next administration just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people, and they’re openly not even US citizens, and they openly are at the head of the table in anti-gun operations in the US, and I’m sick of it.”

How much more explicit can he get?

He gave David Duke nearly one hour of uninterrupted time, allowed him make his points and in the process brought his views (we all know what they are!) immense and favourable publicity.

The fact that he doesn’t explicitly mention Jews is, in my opinion, a practical measure.  If he did he’d immediately be cast into exterior darkness and be labelled a cook and a Nazi.  He’d lose his advertising and become a fringe outlier. Even his radio slot might be closed down. Remember many of the leading White Interest forces such as American Renaissance and Pat Buchanan take the same approach. In fact Jones goes closer to identifying the man behind the curtain than most. 

So to my mind AJ has had - on balance -  a positive influence. His main achievement has been to get people thinking beyond the parameters deployed by the MSM and the other Lords Of Diversity. He has held up unsanctified ideas for inspection and shone a light on the cockroaches crawling under the stones. The value of this cannot be overstated.

So please continue Alex, even with all your faults.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

An interesting point

 Let me clarify something for the readers of this blog.  Just because B'nai B'rith, the Association of Reform Zionists, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Hebrew Immigration Aid, the Conference of American Rabbis, AIPAC, the ACLU, the Jewish National Fund, AMIT, the Jewish Federations Of North America, the Zionist Organization Of America, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Women International, the Union For Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council For Public Affairs, B'nai Zion, the National Council Of Jewish Women, Maccabi USA, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Funds For Justice, the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Socialist Verband, J Street, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, all Jewish Senators, Congresscritters and media moguls.........because all of these favour open borders DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL AMERICAN JEWS FEEL THE SAME WAY!

Got it?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pathological altruism on steroids

A reader sent me this link on the fiasco in Calais. In less than ten minutes it showed us pathological altruism on steroids as French libtards work their asses off preparing and delivering food for the 'victims' in the Calais Jungle.

What a lesson.

First observe the utter disrespect with which the donors are treated. The 'victims' barely acknowledge them, push past them to inspect the offerings, and then utter not one word of thanks for what they receive. Then the scams set in. The same people coming around for seconds, followed by their rushing the van and seizing everything they can get their paws on. And get this:  They then sell the excess product to other inmates in the camp.

Finally comes a vignette which really says it all. Sudanese inmates discover that the 'Best Before' date on some of the food has been exceeded. They are outraged!  The pathetic donors imbibe some of the food themselves to prove that it's ok. But no, these African Muslims fling the produce on the ground, an act which actually elicits some annoyance from the SJWs.

Totally pathetic. But maybe it will turn out to be a Learning Experience for other SJWs out there.  So please, forward the link to this post (or to the video) to as many people as you can.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

A ray of hope

Like most of us on this site I'm smitten by pessimism every so often.  It seems that White Civilisation is being relentlessly ground down by the thrust of history. Ultimately it comes down to our losing control of The Narrative, which in turn derives from our losing control of the media. Newspapers, radio, film and TV spew out an endless stream of mind-rotting poison, polluting our bloodstreams like a malignant virus, rendering us defenceless against the forces aiming for our destruction.

Everyone here fully understands this. But good news is at hand! Because for several years the mainstream media has been in headlong decline. Profits are collapsing as customers depart in droves. I was going to provide some links to this effect but simply entering the string 'media profits collapse' results in over 12 million hits. As an example both CNBC and CNN lost nearly half their views in less than a year. The reasons are many and varied, in the case of movies pirating (almost everything is available on Pirate Bay) is an obvious explanation.

But the flexibility provided by social media and in particular the heady experience of censor-free content on the Internet are playing havoc with the traditional providers. Also there's strong evidence of Morgan Freeman Fatigue.... the endless parade of numinous heroic negroes and white guilt-tripping. And probably just sheer disgust at the society-wrecking depravity - the sewer-pipe spewing its filth into our homes - and the increasingly blatant in-your-face social engineering. The Internet enables discerning viewers to obtain quality entertainment and information, at times of their own choosing.....and all for virtually nothing.

Here's a typical comment: "I think Hollywood and the networks are completely incapable of producing anything wholesome or worthwhile. You have rendered yourselves irrelevant and the markets have spoken. It is my sincere prayer that every last one of you are [sic] sleeping under a freeway overpass in the near future. This is Satan's domain for now but it has about run its course. May you all burn in he11 [sic] for what you have done to the United States and much of the Western World."

Of course our enemies won't take this lieing down. And Internet freedom is of course the primary target. Numerous attempts to gut Net Neutrality have occurred in many jurisdictions. Be assured they will continue. And as one avenue closes they'll open up another. And we can be assured that such attempts will come under some suitably Orwellian rubric such as Net Freedom. So let us be on our guard and take heart from the fact that the last attempt to gut the Internet was beaten back by the storm of public outrage.

In the meantime savour the slow death spiral of the traditional media.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

'There are none to blind.....'

Being a latter-day Savonarola has its tribulations. You see I have - I hope I still have - this life-long Jewish friend, a really good guy. Contrary to the stereotype, he worked his butt off in the heavy manufacturing sector, never afraid to literally get his hands dirty. And, he was a vigorous opponent of mass Third World immigration while I was still in my deluded liberal phase. But he has resolutely turned his head against any sense of systematic Jewish involvement in this project. And has taken major offence at this blog which he regards as anti-Semitic and indirectly presenting a danger to him and his family, in support citing a number of robust comments by local reader Corkonian. He asks, I hope rhetorically, how he and I can be friends in such circumstances.

I've had similar conversations with many of my other Jewish friends whose position essentially is that my exposing the centrality of Jewish involvement in our current demise (a centrality which they deny) turns people against Jews generally, potentially with disastrous consequences. This has lead to almost all of them fading away. The intriguing thing is that they simply refuse to countenance any evidence I adduce to support my position. And this seems to be a characteristic of Jews generally. They simply will accept no blame or responsibility for anything.  All of the expulsions going back thousands of years, all of the the pogroms, the enduring stereotypes of the grasping financier......all down to unjustifiable and irrational bigotry on the part of the host populations.

Now I highlight this because it has intriguing implications for the Jewish group evolutionary strategy, the field pioneered by Prof. Kevin MacDonald and to a lesser extent Steve Sailer and the other HBD heads. Because surely the inability/unwillingness to understand your 'enemy's' grievances and thus his motivations puts you at a disadvantage?

I've referred on numerous occasions to the drastic change in readers' comments on major electronic outlets. Even allowing for heavy and censorious moderation the increased level of 'Jew-awareness' is stunning. Yet apart from the routine revenue-enhancing claims of  'increasing anti-Semitism' Jewish groups seem largely oblivious to this trend. And should such a realisation dawn they'll dismiss it as goyim paranoia.

Sometimes you wonder how they managed to get control over us, wouldn't you?

Monday, 3 August 2015

Rethinking Cecil

Like most people I was outraged by the fate of Cecil the lion. I know on an Alt-Right blog like this my position wouldn't necessarily find unqualified favour but I make no excuses for claiming that only sickos kill animals for enjoyment. Especially galling was the fact that the poor creature lay wounded for nearly a whole day until the heroes eventually finished him off.

But the more I though about Cecil and his lifestyle the uneasier I felt.  And the more my sympathy began to fade. You see Cecil used to lie around all day and night, never doing anything productive, grabbing all the best food that his harem brought back, siring offspring by the dozen (offspring which he immediately abandoned), rousing himself only to see off any other lion that threatened his turf or harem.

You see, I started to think that instead of Cecil he should have been christened Quantavious or Le'shawn.........