Friday, 30 October 2015

NY Slimes Jerusalem Chief strays off the reservation

Amazingly, despite its being Jewish-owned, the New York Slimes' reporting has been designated by some as "anti-Israeli". In fact any analysis of its coverage shows this to be absolutely not the case. The appellation probably arises from its occasional coverage of the destruction wrought on Palestine by the IDF.  And their appointments to the crucial post of Jerusalem Bureau Chief never deviate - they're always Chosenites. Jodi Rudoren, the current Chief, was preceded by Ethan Bronner, who was preceded by James Bennet, who was preceded by Deborah Sonntag.  All are Jewish. I wonder do they always appoint Catholics as Rome BC ? Or Orthodox Christians to Moscow?

But the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley. Because the current BC, possibly betraying her inexperience, inadvertently exposes the bottomless cynicism of Israeli machinations in the Syrian civil war. Also explains why prior to the Russian intervention the war seemed destined to go on forever. In her article entitled "Israel Backs Limited Strike Against Syria" she showed that the Israelis were instructing working with the US Government to, as per the Yinon Plan, prolong the carnage indefinitely. "For Jerusalem the status quo, horrific as it may be from a humanitarian perspective, seems preferable to either a victory for [Assad] or a strengthening of rebel groups."

She quotes Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli Consul General in New York as follows: "This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don't want one to win - we'll settle for a tie. Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that's the strategic thinking here. As long as it lingers there's no threat from Syria."

Lovely.  So if you've been wondering, as I have, why neither ISIS nor Assad have been able to land a decisive blow.....well now you know.


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

It's clear where we stand

"Wife Of Jogger Killed In Texas Machete Attack Dies Of Likely Suicide"

The headline said it all. Well it didn't actually. Not by a long shot. The story is one in which a White jogger was hacked to death with a machete by a black thug, following which his grief-stricken wife committed suicide. So what? you ask. This is the USA where - in common with all of 'the West' - Whites are under unremitting attack by the orcs. Nothing to see here, move along now.

The TV report on the incident is the reason I post. Check it out. The victims are given mere cursory mention with almost all of the report (despite the headline) taken up with the murderer's football talent, speculation on the reasons why he hasn't fully capitalised on this talent and on the reporter's interview with the murderer's "grief-stricken" mother. The usual 'he a good boy. Dindu nuffins'.

And this in the Great State of Texas. Where gun-totin' real men don't put up with this kind of thing.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Load, aim, shoot self in left foot.

A lot has been written on this blog about White awakening, most notably demonstrated in on-line reader comments. virtually the only free (semi-free actually) forum available to White nationalists today:  Straight away let me admit that we're a million miles from an adequate state of wakefulness, especially as our countries are being taken from us as we watch. But things are moving.  And sometimes the enemies of the White race, and I include traitorous White fellow-travellers in this category, shoot themselves in the foot in their eagerness to do us down.

An example is the Boycott Star Wars VII campaign which enjoins White to boycott said film due to its promotion of 'White Genocide' by shoehorning unlikely blacks into heroic leadership roles. No surprise given that its Jewish activist and Israeli-purist Director JJ Abrams specifically wanted the film to represent 'what the people of America look like'. But not of course the people of America that actually got the space program operational among whom the names Jamal and Quantavious were in short supply.

Anyway, cue an explosion of outrage from the perpetually outraged army of SJWs out there. And that's my point. Because the SJWs, by piling into the 'debate', are giving such initiatives prominence they'd otherwise never have achieved. It's possible that this Hashtag has been set up by trolls but that doesn't really matter. The White Genocide meme is getting out there and the fact of its being discussed at all represents major progress. It's getting people to think, even if only in a negative way initially.

There are many more out there and more appearing every day. Here's one of them getting lots of attention #I Salute White People. White racial awareness is growing, albeit from an almost standing start. Of this I can assure you. And as I mused here, Frau Merkel's tearing down our borders has lead to a furious reaction, not least within Germany itself where dozens of invader shelters have been burned down. The blanking of this development by the MSM and its exposure via the internet serve to only further undermine the former's dwindling credibility.

So take heart.  The  Spirit Of Odin is stirring.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Artistic developments

I see that the latest version of A Christmas Carol has Ebener Scrooge played by a classically trained Shakespearean thespian......Ice Cube. No it's not a joke although we can joke about it. Here's the new Scrooge confronting The Ghost Of Christmas Past.
"Who da fuck you is?"
"Yo muddafukka, I beez Da Ghost Of Kwanzaa Past, noamsane?"

But the laugh is on us because this rubbish further degrades and usurps traditional White art and with it ultimately White civilisation itself. All classical tactics from the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist Jewish-enabled playbook. Separate a people from their traditional art and you destroy their culture. They become less of a people. Rootless, atomised and lacking self-belief. Standards of law, morality and  goodness that evolved painfully over millennia atrophy and die. Such a society rots from within and eventually dies.

And that is their Plan for us

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tech industry: Reality dawns

Nothing elicits within me such a deep sense of joy as seeing SJWs become hoist to their own petard as their Victimhood Hierarchy founders on its inherent insane contradictions. Like this lady, the story of whose cultural enlightenment had me rolling on the floor for days on end. Thank you madam for the free entertainment.

The latest heartening development comes from an unlikely source: The tech industry, an industry which overwhelmingly financed and voted for Obama.  They took great pride in it. Their status whoring on the High Moral Ground was legendary and endless. But if you got tears prepare to shed 'em because now  it's all gone horribly wrong.  Deluded White guys who voted en masse for Bathhouse Barry are now tearing their ponytails to shreds as his measures destroy their livelihoods.

Here's the harrowing story from one White guy testifying (anonymously, due to fear of reprisal from his "liberal" Obama-financing ex-employers) to the Senate Judiciary Committee on his demise. A demise that afflicts millions more like him.   “I’ve paid my taxes, obeyed the laws and have been a good citizen supporting the community with donations,” the former SCE worker wrote. “I voted for President Obama and was appalled that he implemented a rule change, which allows work permits to H-1B spouses. My future votes will only go to candidates that support reforms to the H-1B visa program that preserve the American worker.”

Well buddy, you voted for Hope 'n' Change. You've got the change, but would I be right if I said you're a bit short on the hopey bit? Thought so. Am I sorry for you?  Not one little bit. Because had you been honest this is what you'd have told the Committee. "Hey, when I voted for The Redeemer I thought he'd screw over the racist White bigots in the South and Mid-West. He was not supposed to cost me my job! Oh Jeez, I hate that fucking nigger."

But take heart. Because the Community Organizer will do one thing for you: He'll protect your EBT card to the bitter end. But sadly this bitter end's not too far off as the financial Ponzi on which it's based will soon come crashing down.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Old comrades reunite

Frau Merkel has made  quite a few bad calls lately. Not just in hastening the destruction of her country but even in terms of her own toxic agenda. Because her opening the floodgate to the African/Muslim invasion has backfired, eliciting a bitter reaction from a hitherto comatose peasantry.

So what's an ex-Communist nation-wrecking apparatchik to do to impose some Ordnung on her restive subjects?  Why, seek out an ex-colleague from the notorious East German Stasi, a secret police force that honed spying on citizens to a fine art. And they didn't just gather information, they also ruthlessly eliminated 'enemies of the state', up to 25,00 according to some sources.

And who did she reach out to? Why our old friend the true German patriot Anetta Kahane. This hideous hag has been exposed as a Stasi informer (codenamed Victoria) who made a handsome living in the old DDR by spying and reporting on her fellow citizens, many of whom we can assume ended up as they say 'liquidated'. But Anetta, you'll be pleased to hear, suffered no sanction for her crimes and now works as a professional "anti-racist" in the New free and democratic Germany.

Yes, in this case at least Frau Merkel appears to have made an ideal choice for a programme that seeks to identify 'xenophobic' and 'hateful' comments on social media. And more important to track down the relevant commentators who'll face face up 120 days in prison if convicted.  So, as one reader on a German site put it "25 years after German reunification, the former DDR citizens, along with west German brothers and sisters, are to be monitored by former Stasi cadres".

Danke, Angela.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

When narratives colide

Many of you will be aware of the Hottentot Venus, a  Khoisan tribeswoman from the Kalahari famous for her gargantuan buttocks and other strange lady parts.. Her story was deployed by the White nation-wreckers to illustrate the diabolical nature of White colonialism and their practice of  dehumanising Africans. Because this unfortunate creature was a source of endless fascination for Europeans about 200 years ago. Transported back to London she was exhibited as a freak with her stupendous buttocks, large enough for many scientists of the day to declare her to be the much sought-after 'missing link'.

For many years the SJWs milked her treatment for all it was worth.  But then a ghastly realisation dawned on their fevered minds.  You see the more the ordinary man looked at her pictures the more he began to think that, well, maybe those old White male scientists might have been onto something after all. Because actually she was not human in the way Europeans understood. Which lead to her gradual withdrawal as a cause celebre for White demonisation.

The attack on Whites of course took many forms, the principle target being the White male who has been (and continues to be) denigrated and marginalised at every turn. The black dude is now cool, intelligent, successful. Masculine. Now it's the turn of White women, with an ongoing program to promote gigantic butts - the epitome of black women  - and denigrate the classical White female figure as anorexic. A whole troupe of deformed freaks like Serena Williams, Nicky Minaj, Kim Khardashian and Beyonce are trotted out as the new exemplars. It's got so bad that many White women are getting their butts surgically 'enhanced' despite its being a costly and potentially dangerous exercise. As Vogue, that canonical source of fashion trends informs us "we're in the age of big booty now'.

So job done then, White woman join their men in the dustbin of desirability. But wait. What about the Hottentot Venus? She was the exemplar supreme of the big butt. And she was deemed to be not alone hideously ugly but barely human.  So I have a suggestion.  The next time you see one of  these big-assed half-breeds trotted out for admiration send in a comment (should that option be available) expressing your admiration for the HV, ideally accompanied by pictorial evidence.  Or if  the subject arises in general conversation just suggest everyone check her out.  No need to say anything naughty, just let the evidence speak for itself.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Monday, 5 October 2015

The enemy within

The following (including emphasis) is taken directly from the Support The Refugees website.


"This website is designed to be a one-stop shop for those who want to get involved in supporting refugees and asylum seekers both in the UK and abroad.Special thanks to The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) and JLGB, who took the lead on this on behalf of the Jewish Social Action ForumIt is supported across the community by all of the following [all Jewish] organisations:
We are a collaboration of all the community groups who wish to be involved. We hope it helps you find a meaningful way to support refugees. We would like to thank the Jewish Social Action ForumThe Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE)Board of Deputies,JLGBMasorti Judaism, and West London Synagogue  who are all working behind the scenes to make this website project possible."
Don't you just love the 'working behind the scenes' bit?  Who could have imagined?  I'm reminded again of this guy.

Meanwhile we learn from the Times Of Israel that "work on a 30-kilometer (18.6 mile) fence along a southern stretch of Israel's border with Jordan has begun amid efforts to....keep migrants and asylum seekers from entering the country, PM Benjamin Netenyahu announced Sunday."

(Hat tip Frank Galton for the original link.)

Thursday, 1 October 2015


The historical and indeed still prevailing impression of an invasion is one in which one country's armed forces defeat those of another, driving out or greatly diminishing the number of existing inhabitants and replacing them with their own. And indeed that is probably the main determinant of ethnic profiles all over the globe today.

But there's also a form of invasion, more gradual and more insidious than its conventional equivalent, whose long term impact can be every bit as important. I'm talking about demographic invasion here. Those of you familiar with Gibbon will realise that whereas the Roman Empire was indeed invaded a number of times by military means, its ultimate destruction was arguably more a function of demographics. As Romans debased their currencies, stopped having children, hired foreigners to do their fighting and dirty work, increased taxes on the productive class (all this sound familiar?) foreigners increasingly came to move across porous borders and settle on Empire territory. Their populations increased geometrically while those of the native Romans remained stagnant, resulting ultimately in the Empire fading away. In more recent times - to give just two of many potential examples - Kosovo and Fiji have had their native populations 'peacefully' overwhelmed by Albanians and Indians respectively.

And, should current trends persist, a similar demographic doom now appears the destiny of the West, suffering as we do from all the pathologies I itemised above in relation to the Roman Empire. And we labour under a further affliction, being beset by a malevolent internal Fifth Column "rotting the soul of the nation".

It's a race against time. Will Whites wake up to the demographic war being waged against them (a war which has recently gone into overdrive) before the demographic balance reaches a tipping point?

Our futures and those of our children depend on the answer.