Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lucifer summons a disciple home

I see that Maurice Strong has at last shuffled off these mortal coils and gone to meet Lucifer, his Lord and Master. Although not well known by the general public Strong was the mastermind behind the notorious Agenda 21, one of the UN's main planks for NWO World Government. He also played leading roles in the World Bank, the Commission On Global Governance, the Earth Council Alliance and literally dozens of other such subversive organisations. His list of close associates reads like a NWO rogues' gallery and included George Soros, Al Gore, Armand Hammer, Saul Alinsky, the Rothschids, Bill Gates, Paul Ehrlich, Jeffrey Sachs, Peter Sutherland and Larry Summers.

Although claiming to be 'a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology' he was in fact neither. His socialism, as with that of so many other charlatans, was a mere flag of convenience to mask globalist ambitions, while his capitalism was nothing more than the acquisition of vast wealth through crony capitalism at its most corrupt. An exemplar was the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which he set up with Al Gore to operate the cap and trade system for greenhouse gasses. Here Gore and Strong in effect bought their carbon off-sets from themselves and then traded them on, making vast fortunes in the process. He also made a corrupt fortune operating the notorious Iraqi oil for food program. In fact Strong became so mired in corruption that, despite his powerful connections, he was eventually forced to flee to China where he spent the last years of his life.

The following will give you a sense of his true objectives:
"The Earth Summit will play an important role in reforming and strengthening the UN as the centrepiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance"

"The concept of national sovereignty ......will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation"

"Further, since the world today is in the process of becoming one, and since the major aim of UNESCO must be to help in the speedy and satisfactory realization of this process"

Studying the activities of Strong and his ilk will confirm that Climate Change is a racket and remove any reservations you might have regarding the reality of plans for a globalist NWO. And enhances the suspicion that Mr. L. might indeed be somewhere in that mix.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The university death spiral gathers pace.

In an otherwise gloomy landscape the forthcoming demise of American universities, the rancid fountainhead of Cultural Marxism, represents a heart-warming spectacle. This post addresses it, the main reasons being the tsunami of student debt, collapsing academic standards due to affirmative action admission and staffing policies (Quintavious goes to Harvard), the ever-improving value proposition of Internet learning and the deteriorating jobs market.

But it gets even better as the CM Frankenstein now begins to devour its own crazed creators. With a bolt through forehead and sparks flying between its electrodes Frankie has now got "university" football teams (i.e. violent illiterate black thugs) determining academic policy and appointments. Yes, recent developments in Mizzou (where both the White Chancellor and President were forced out of their jobs) are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Low grade, entitled. perpetually-aggrieved under-achieving minorities of all hues and orientations seek out their own pet offences and demand instant solutions. And grow more brazen the more their demands are propitiated. Such propitiation being an increased share of the existing spoils. Even the East Asians are now in on the game claiming (correctly) that they're not getting their fair share.

As a result White and Jewish academics and administrators - especially males - are falling like flies to be replaced by I-feel-your-pain minorities. How sweet it is. And all the while academic standards plummet down, down, down. The stage has now been reached where contrary opinion is banned from campus lest it upset the snowflakes' self-esteem while everyone's a winner at Ivy League Brown University where they've dispensed with the racist pass/fail mechanism. It borders on self-parody.

And now in a delicious inversion of the standard narrative, fearless White Nationalist student groups are sprouting up like mushrooms and demanding their rights. The resultant ashen faces of the academic thought police are a sight to see.  With Whites and Asians now dipping their snouts in the entitlement trough the Cultural Marxist monster devours itself. Because everyone now feels entitled to preferential treatment, which as even a Sociology professor would know is self-evidently impossible.

So let us rejoice and not underestimate the value of millions of deeply indebted unemployable 'graduates' with worthless degrees from soon-to-be-bankrupt universities prowling the bare windswept streets, while back on campus faculty and administrators nervously check the mail for the inevitable arrival of their own pink slips. The larvae of the original Cultural Marxists, feeding like blowflies on the rotting carcass of academia, face a bleak future.

Which means there's still hope for the White male.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Why the big deal with Pollard?

What's the big deal with Jonathan Pollard passing secret military intelligence to America's Closest Ally? Admittedly it seems there was some really serious stuff in there, including the deployment positions of American nuclear subs in the event of a war with the USSR. Details which the Israelis immediately traded with the Russkies in exchange for allowing more Jews emigrate to Israel. And at a stroke nullifying the whole American submarine-based ICBM capability. The Israelis also sold the most advanced AWACS system to Red China, thereby almost eliminating American first strike capabilities.

But hey, that's what friends are for.

What I don't understand is why such a fuss was made about Pollard given that the American Defense and Intelligence establishments are virtually run by Jewish-Israeli dual citizens (formal or informal), and have been for decades. Right off the top of my head I can name Michael Chertoff who headed Homeland "Security", Diane Feinstein who heads the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence, Joe Lieberman who heads the Senate Select Committee On Homeland Security, Carl Levin heading the Senate Armed Services Committee.  And as Victor Ostrovsky showed in copious detail in The Other Side Of Deception Jewish sayanim operate at every level of the American Defense and Intelligence establishments. So there are hundreds of Jonathan Pollards, and they're in every nook and cranny. And even if there's not one in the required position, well if the Senator in charge of Homeland Security wants information - no matter how classified - he gets it.

I'm not saying that all Jews working in intelligence would be complicit but in all honesty can you just imagine anything of significance being kept hidden from the Israelis under such circumstances? And that's my point. Maybe therefore there's some kind of crazed logic to the Israelis and his vociferous support groups in claiming that Pollard has actually been scapegoated. And that's maybe why they'll give him a hero's welcome in Israeli in due course .

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

'Paris False Flag' Post disappears!

What's going on?  My post Could Paris have been a false flag? has disappeared, complete with all the comments.

This is really odd. More anon....

Thanks Rob for locating a cached version on the Internet. Unfortunately all comments to date lost.

There have been many suggestions - and not just on the Alt-Right blogs - that the Paris attacks could have been a false flag. Maybe they were but I don't buy the theory. Always ask cui bono? And in this case it would appear that they've holed below the water-line everything the NWO globalists hold dear. Couldn't have come at a worse time for the Great Population Replacement Project as almost every European country was already in uproar at the multi-pronged immivasion by the Religion Of Peace.

Then along come the Paris attacks.

Now the Dutch are talking about going back to the Guilder, just about every EU country has closed its borders, Shengen has utterly collapsed, the UK EU Referendum balance has swung decisively in favour of the No option, nationalist parties have shot up in the opinion polls, Eastern European countries are in open anti-Islamic revolt, uncensored on-the-ground reports from Germany suggest a seismic change of attitudes, Austrians are arming themselves in record numbers, the Euro has declined even further while travel within the  EU has become a nightmare. In a more strategic sense the Paris attacks have enabled the public to recognise the central role of 'Brussels' (which has by now become shorthand for the hated EU leviathan) in the Muslim immivasion and its catastrophic consequences....underlined with stunning emphasis by Paris.

In fact just about everything the NWO globalists have been pushing for - the breakdown of ethnic, racial and religious cohesion, the destruction of borders and nationalism, and the attraction of an EU Super-State - has been seriously damaged by the Paris attacks.

So what possible reason could there be for a false flag? I see two possibilities only. First they could serve as a mini 9/11 in conditioning the public to accept even more constraints on their freedoms - a prime potential victim being the Internet. Second they could give the NATO countries - the NWO globalist enforcers - the excuse to get more actively involved in Syria. You know, to fight ISIS. And thereby edge the Russians out.

But I don't see that these two side benefits could possibly outweigh the enormous strategic dame of the attacks.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris: Some initial observations

First I'm amazed that something like this happened. I mean, you allow thousands of Misinterpreters Of Islam to cross your borders unchecked....what could possibly go wrong?

Hollande in a highly praised act of leadership closes the country's borders. Francois, this is what's known le fermeture de la porte de l'ecurie apres que le cheval a disparu (closing the stable door after the horse has gone). The time to close the borders - are you listening Francois? - was before the jihadis came in.

Then we have Obomber's statement in which he, or his teleprompter programmer, confused and combined the US Declaration Of Independence (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) with the French national motto (liberty, fraternity and equality). Which isn't too bad I suppose considering that he thinks he rules over 56 States. And Barak, for Chrissake, we know you couldn't give a fuck about the Froggies getting whacked. But really, could you not at least pretend to care?

And we can shortly expect the victims to be pushed to one side and replaced with the main concern - 'the risk of an Islamophobia backlash'. Just wait. And said victims? Of course I'm sorry for them but, with few exceptions they've gone along with the destruction of their country. Same applies with most of the rest of Europe.

And expect more events like this. Regions all over Europe are primed just like Paris. And those regions not yet blessed with such cultural enrichment will right now be taking careful note.

Indeed we live in interesting times.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Poland revolts

A few weeks back I celebrated what I felt might be the unanticipated consequences (unanticipated that is by its globalist NWO progenitors) of the African and Muslim invasion of Europe. "That people's eyes have been opened to the true nature of the invaders can be seen in blog and forum comments everywhere, and in talking to the man in the street. But not in the MSM or in any Official Organs.  EU institutions, governance and solidarity are in disarray (I mean, how good is that?), the MSM's remaining credibility further undermined and the true nature of the Religion Of Peace graphically exposed". 

And since then these developments have acquired even greater speed, breadth and depth. Poland for instance is now in open revolt. Following on the heels of the landslide election victory of the anti-immigrant PiS up to 50,000 demonstrators marched in Warsaw chanting slogans and carrying banners like "Great Catholic Poland", "Stop Islamisation of Europe", "God, Honour and Homeland" and "Yesterday it was Moscow, today it's Brussels which takes away our freedom". Best of all the demonstrators shredded, stamped on and burned the EU flag. 

The public airing of such slogans would have been inconceivable even a year ago. Now they're commonplace all over "eastern" Europe and increasingly in Germany itself. It now comes down to a test of will as our overlords bring the full weight of their security and legislative apparatus down on the heads of the rebels. There's no certainty that good will triumph over the globalist evil. It hasn't up to now. And there's the risk that such expressions of nationalism and religion could spill over into intra-European animosities, even the stoking of old revanchist claims. But look, we can't be choosy while our demographic destruction looms over us like a thundercloud.

And the invasion raises a question I've asked a number of times as each new anti-White outrage surpasses the prior ones: Are the NWO globalists getting over-confident or desperate?

Monday, 9 November 2015

Have the globalists got the dirt on Frau Merkel?

While travelling to Scotland recently my wife - despite carefully divesting herself of potential terrorist weapons (you know, things like nail-clippers) activated the airport scanner. In her sixties, blond and blue-eyed a less likely terrorist would be hard to imagine. Yet she was forced repeatedly to pass through the device before finally being undergoing a humiliating body search. Which predictably revealed nothing.

Meanwhile a few hundred miles to the south hundreds of thousand of swarthy and angry young men with names like Mohammed and Khaled with enough baggage to accommodate a small arsenal swarm across the EU borders without so much as a cursory check from the authorities. This of course is just an extreme example to highlight the inexplicable nature of European politicians' support for the brown tsunami engulfing their countries. Because for the average politician such an influx represents unrelieved bad news. Pressure on social services, further limiting access to already crowded schools and hospitals, more taxes to pay for the parasites etc. And not least the inevitable ethnic strife to come.

The spider at the centre of the current web is of course Frau Merkel. Which in one sense is surprising in that five years ago she publicly admitted that multicultural 'had utterly failed', and that the whole concept whereby 'different cultures live side-by-side simply does not work'. The invasion has lead to most other European leaders realising the same thing. (Or admitting it openly anyway as the realisation must have dawned on them years ago.) So now she's battling bitter opposition on all fronts yet persists in her support.


My own belief - and that's all it is, a belief - is that the NWO globalists, especially those at the heart of the American Deep State, have the dirt on her. This would also explain her otherwise inexplicable support for America's deranged policies on Eastern Europe and Russia even in the face of outraged reaction from virtually the entire German business sector and much of the public. And she also allowed the country's Federal Intelligence Service collaborate with the N.S.A. in spying on and passing industrial secrets from German advanced technology companies such as EADS and Eurocopter.

Don't forget that Merkel was a staunch Party member under the former Communist regime in East Germany before magically somersaulting into the united country's Chancellorship. Who knows what kind of dirt lies under this particular stone? In support of my theory the New York Times has reported that "the N.S.A., in a practice that dates back to the depths of the Cold War and that has never ended, was recording her conversations and those of other top German leaders. It continued to track Ms. Merkel as she ascended to the top of Germany's political apparatus."

Maybe I'm wrong but I fail to see any other logical reason for Merkel to enforce a policy that she herself admitted doesn't work.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Twilight in the desert

Flying over Saudi Arabia you see, unsurprisingly, mile after mile after mile of barren dun-coloured desert.  But then as you approach Riyadh a remarkable spectacle hoves into view. Hundreds of gigantic green circles, miles of them, surrounded by absolutely huge factory-style buildings. Behold the Saudi farming industry, a huge enterprise`extracting its water from ancient aquifers and using technology from the Irish Masstock company.

This industry produced such large quantities of wheat, cattle and goats that - and I bet you didn't know this - the value of the country's agricultural exports were second only to that of oil.  But no more. According to a Bloomberg report the aquifirs - reflecting the staggering  irresponsibility of the Saudi authorities - have been almost run dry, spelling the end of wheat production and the stock that depended on it. You see aquifer water, a legacy of the Ice Age, does nor replace itself. Net effect they've gone back to being major importers of wheat, while the cattle have all been eaten and the goats probably sent to ISIS for recreation purposes

This dramatic turnaround represents just one element of a perfect storm that's engulfing that vile country. Because trying to destroy Russia by driving down the price of oil, invading Yemen and fnanancing terrorists everywhere does not come cheap. Add in the huge parasitic "Royal" family and the need to buy off citizen discontent and you get record-breaking budget deficits.  Which at the present rate would burn through their foreign reserves and bankrupt the country within five years. Oh joy! And the impact on the dollar will be dramatic too, possibly fatal.  Because the Saudis would have to dump dollar denominated assets to the tune of about $700 billion. This turns the petro
dollar system on its head because rather than using petrodollars to finance American borrowings the Saudis will dumping the dollar assets that they have.

Will the American oligarchy provoke another World War to prevent this?

Monday, 2 November 2015

The IBC/05 scam that's transforming Ireland

Drive through Dublin today - in fact drive through any Irish town on any day - and you'll be staggered at the sheer scale of the non-White invasion. How Ireland has been racially transformed in less than a single generation. The genesis of this problem goes back to the time when Ireland - like the USA today - granted birthright citizenship.  Arrive here, give birth, and the offspring automatically gets Irish citizenship. An event which in turn entitled the mother and her extended family to the fruits of the Irish taxpayer for life.

And that's exactly what thousands of Africans, mainly Nigerians, did. Arrive here several months pregnant, claim asylum, and produce a new little welfare bum while the claim is being processed. Simple as that.  It got so bad that around the turn of the century more Nigerians were claiming asylum in Ireland than in Britain, which has a population fifteen times larger. Eventually in 2002 the Master of the Coombe Maternity Hospital declared the situation to be unsustainable with fully one third of births at the hospital being to non-nationals.

This, and the attendant national dissatisfaction with health services lead the Government to hold a Referendum on birthright citizenship. The one and only time the people of Ireland - or as far as I know those of any other White country - had a chance to vote on the demographic warfare being waged against them. The result was predictable: An overwhelming rejection of the birthright citizenship scam, a result which was enacted in legislation shortly afterwards.

But then a strange thing happened. Something that completely negated the will of the people as expressed in the Referendum. Something that was done in virtual secrecy. I'm talking of a scheme called IBC/05 which was tacked onto the Referendum legislation, allowing the Irish born child and its parents 'leave to remain'. And with complete access to the full range of social services, free health and education etc. The scheme did contain a facile requirement for renewal every two years. Which meant for all practical purposes everybody got to stay indefinitely. It still goes on in that leave to remain means that while waiting for your bogus asylum application to be processed you breed with some local mudshark and ergo, you and yours become 'Irish' citizens.

And that my friends is why Ireland gets more diverse by the day. The experience reinforces the realisation that the NWO globalists won't let a little matter like the will of the people stand in their way of blending us out of existence.