Friday, 29 January 2016

Malice or incompetence?

Even while acknowledging the tsunami of malice directed at White countries through the Third World immivasion project I nonetheless wonder if Napoleon's 'never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence' could have some relevance. Because how else can this be explained?

And how do you explain Gregor Gysy, Leader of Germany's Left Party. His surname does not sound German (even though it originates in Switzerland) and he looks quintessentially Jewish. Which is explained by his father being Jewish. Now you'd imagine as Germany descends into a virtual civil war - due to a Third World invasion sponsored in large part by his fellow Jews - Gysi would keep his head down and discreetly rejoice at the destruction of (cough) 'his' country.

But no. Instead, for whatever reason, he goes on German TV and openly celebrates the impending disappearance of the German people. Beaming with delight he tells the viewers that 'every year more Germans die than are born. That is very fortunate because the Nazis are not very good at having children'.  He goes on then to claim that Germany needs more refugees to offset this decline.

How perverse and counter-productive is this? Your average German citizen, reeling under an onslaught from an army of lawless barbarian parasites, turns on his TV and sees a 'German' Jew celebrating this army's replacement of the viewer's fading people. Can you imagine his reaction?

Beats me. Maybe Napoleon was right after all....

Monday, 25 January 2016

Another English Revolution?

My mother, despite coming from a staunch Republican family (as a small girl she was used by her brothers to smuggle guns) was a life-long lover of all things English. It's always been a source of comfort to me that in her later years I gave her the full tour of Buckingham Palace, the Tower and Windsor Castle. She loved the works of Kipling, in particular those which celebrated the doughty, loyal and indomitable spirit of the ordinary Englishman. One of her favourite poems was The Private Of The Buffs by Francis Hastings Doyle which told the true story of John Moyes, a humble Kentish infantryman who gave up his life rather than prostrate himself before his Chinese captors.

Ay, tear his body limb from limb,
  Bring cord or axe or flame,
He only knows that not through him        
  Shall England come to shame

Private Moyes often comes to mind when a fightback against the invaders currently engulfing Europe is considered. After all he epitomised the spirit of a medium-sized nation that not alone remained uninvaded for a thousand years but had sallied forth to ultimately rule a quarter of the globe. Yet the descendants of Private Moyes have sat back for the last half century and handed his country over to an army of swarthy ingrates, street by street, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, town by town. To the stage where the English now represent a minority in their former Empire's capital while the tentacles of this cancerous tumour even reach into one of real England's last redoubts, my beloved Cotswolds.

If the British had been told, say fifty years ago, that their country would, within a couple of decades, be overwhelmed by unassimible Third world immigrants, to whom they'd be forced to give preferential treatment in jobs, housing, education and welfare, that their freedom of speech would be drastically curtailed, that their taxes would go on welfare for the parasites, that they’d be bombarded day and night by demeaning anti-white hate speech – had they known this, what would have happened?  Would there have been riots in the streets and mass mobilisation against this destruction? 

Well actually they were told. By Enoch Powell. But as we know he was howled down and banished while the invasion gathered pace.

The traitors who now rule over Moyes' country understood only too well what Doyle referred to when enjoining "proud England to keep untamed the strong heart of her sons". The traitors have systematically tamed and emasculated the strong hearts of her sons. They've done it by marginalising, demonising and ridiculing them through their command of every key institution in the country.

I don't claim to know what's going to happen as this invasion gathers unprecedented force. But an insurrection by today's Privates Of The Buffs - 'bewildered and alone' - seems sadly unlikely. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Little Iceland whacks the banksters

Back in 2008 the Irish Government caved in to ECB pressure and agreed to bail out in full (including - incredibly - unsecured bondholders) the creditors of Ireland's troubled banks, putting the Irish taxpayer on the hook for potentially €65 billion. This was equivalent to nearly 40% of Irish GDP or €16,000 for every Irish man woman and child and represented, per capita, the single worst banking crisis in financial history.

It wasn't ECB pressure alone that induced our Government to accept such a catastrophic arrangement. It was partly due to a disastrously optimistic assessment of the banks' solvency. Everyone, top bankers, the ECB, the Irish banking regulators and statutory auditors emphasised that the problem was just a matter of short-term liquidity and with minimal ultimate exposure. Just to be sure the Dept. of Finance got top "independent" advisers Merrill Lynch (for a fee of several million dollars) to pop over to verify this rosy scenario. Which they duly did. And by the way we also had that NWO paragon, 'proud Irishman' Peter Sutherland, reassure us along similar lines.

The rest as they say is history. And Ireland now labours under an onerous burden and will do so for many years to come. And what of the criminally incompetent (at best) bankers, regulators, statutory auditors and advisers who walked the country into this disaster? Well apart from some senior officers of one bank (Anglo Irish) they all lived to fight another day or else retired with massive pay-offs and index-linked pensions. A bit like in the USA - indeed the rest of the "free" world - where the banksters just get fined for their crimes. With said fines getting paid out of shareholder funds. Jon Corzine, who five years ago literally ransacked his clients' accounts ('the money is just gone') and who now leads a free and wealthy lifestyle in New Jersey represents a fine example of the species I have in mind.

But they do things differently in Iceland, where Nordic standards of accountability still live on. (For now anyway). Recently the country jailed its 26th culprit for the crisis - similar to Ireland's - that engulfed the country in 2008. (One question: What's Mikhail Gorbachev doing behind bars in Iceland?). They also let their banks go bust and inflicted severe and fully justified haircuts on the irresponsible lenders to those banks. Cue squeals of outrage from their 'partners' in the EU, the IMF and the 'international community' who issued dire warnings of impending doom. But lo and behold, according to a new IMF report Iceland has done better than any other country in recovering from the 2008 crash. It will be the first such country to exceed pre-crash output levels while the Krona's exchange rate versus the Euro has improved from 290 (in 2008) to 142 now. Arguably they're better off now than they were pre-crash.

My main objective in this post is to pose the question: How did Iceland get away with it? They have told the 'international bankers' and their political lackeys to get stuffed, put their own people first, and refused to sell off national assets. And to round it off they've withdrawn their application for EU membership. Any one of these offences would normally be enough to ensure bombs for democracy or at a minimum Iran-style sanctions to bring them to heel.  Which prompts me to question whether we have over-estimated the powers and cohesion of the NWO globalist financiers. Because be in no doubt that Iceland has publicly poked them in the eye and gotten clean away with it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cheef Ejukator, where art thou?

I see that the 'teachers' at Detroit's public holding pens schools are on a sick-out, protesting the terrible conditions. The system's diligent scholars apparently have to put up with filthy classrooms, rubbish and mould in halls and stairways, ceiling plaster coming loose "an be fallen on da kids haids. Noamsane?"

If this strike continues Detroit's blacks will be uneducated, unable to speak proper English, unemployable and destined for a life of crime and poverty. And if the teachers go back and stay back? Well.....the same result actually.

It must be Whitey's fault so I think they need to get the Cheef Ejukator back on the job.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Germany stops the rapefugees

Well that's a  relief. After all those rapes and assaults over the New Year in Germany we were worried about their unfortunate women. But those efficient Germans have developed a stunningly effective solution. Henceforth a scantily clad Fraulein can on her own walk down any side street in any city at any time in complete safety.

Why? Because the rapefugees have been provided with the following compelling and decisive illustrated instructions.

Whereas I personally expect this initiative to be a roaring success there are always cynics and begrudgers. Those who say most of the illustrations are incomprehensible. Others ask why the explanatory text is in German, a language in which the rapefugees have little or no proficiency while one curmudgeon snidely suggested the recommendations resembled something for preschoolers or even the severely handicapped.

While I dismiss such negativity the initiative does bring to mind that of Sheffield Council of a few years ago as they prepared for enrichment by an army of Eastern European gypsies. You can tell the Council didn't exactly have high hopes given their following behavioural pointers:

'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'

A bit similar in Germany with the enrichers apparently being enjoined not to rape women, nor to dive on top of swimmers and to help someone who's drowning. Maybe all this multicultural thing isn't all it's cracked up to be? If so I offer the following sign, one worth more than all the others combined.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Donald strikes again

God, how much better can The Donald get? In the initial Fox "News" debate he mowed down man-jawed careerist Megyn Kelly who was totally at sea when he refused to grovel and retract after 'offending' her. Obviously not learning from that experience she warned she would not be 'wooed' by an apologetic Trump at the next debate.

His response? "She's so average in every way who'd want to woo her?"

I'm falling in love with you Donald.

And again the luvvies fell into the same trap. "This  time Trump has finally blown it" they shrieked triumphantly.  Only to watch aghast as his poll numbers zoomed ever higher. Kelly has lambasted Trump for being 'anti-women' and for 'objectifying' them. On the first point I offer this response free of charge to Donald. "I say bad things about men as well. Does that mean I'm anti-man?'

If I may say so this is a good rejoinder.

On the objectifying bit, given this tough independent grrrrlll's feminist status-whoring can we assume she got where she is through work and talent alone? Well judge for yourself. Top pic from when she was in High School, lower one flaunting her sexuality (such as it is, to me she looks like a man in drag) on her rise to fame and fortune. A bottle of peroxide, one nose-job, a thousand blow-jobs and voila, she's gone from nonentity to the top of that rancid stinking pile of manure called Fox "News".

On hard work and talent alone.

So Donald, more of the same this time. Let this air-headed presstitute throw out the trick questions drawn up by her handlers. And treat them, and her, with the contempt they deserve. Do not back off, explain, or, Heaven forfend, apologise. That you do none of those things largely explains your success part so far.

May The Force be with you.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Ireland's Young Scientist Of The Year

Most of you here know my enthusiasm for our Muslim and/or African "New Irish" to be somewhat limited. But one annual event regularly works to counteract my misgivings: The Young Scientist Of The Year award, whose recipients (as this year's short-list picture above illustrates) repeatedly come from those very communities. Ireland's future is bright indeed with such budding geniuses to lead us forward.

Take this year's winner, Gbade Ukunwugu who used this genius as his inspiration. Here's his citation: "Gbade's project deployed advanced physics and robotics to channel kinetic forces towards practical everyday uses. Utilising cheap and readily-available materials (a length of wiring conduit) he researched, developed and designed an ergonomically advanced and environmentally friendly vector to channel the body's resources to productive use. No more the agony of getting up from your chair to turn on or off the light. Now using Gbade's innovative technology the user simply reaches out without moving from the comfort of her seat to effect the manoeuvre."

And what about the runner-up? "Second prize goes to Naeema Khan (pictured left) for her pioneering work on genetic determinism. Her project initially focused on the impact of  marriage age variances on  offspring. The case study featured an 85 year-old groom and an 11 year-old bride. Unfortunately the groom suffered a fatal stress-induced heart attack on the wedding night. Despite this crushing setback (from which no Old Irish researcher would have recovered) Naeema, undeterred, opened up a whole new line of  enquiry on the birth effects of consanguinary marriage among Ireland's rapidly-growing and thriving Pakistani community."

Delivering the prizes President Michael D Higgins, drawing himself up to his full 4' 9" declared, to thunderous applause, that the results 'conclusively and finally demolished the shibboleth which claims scientific ability varies by race". And concluded with this  poetic stanza of the kind for which he has become detested famous.

"Today we see that
No matter what hell-hole they come
Can win a prize for

Friday, 8 January 2016

Why did they do it?

A brief summary of Europe's immivasion so far:

()   Massive adverse reaction throughout the Continent

()   De facto and virtual de jure unions of anti-immivasion countries have formed. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary have established the Visegrad Group to pursue their own immigration-focused interests. Expect others to follow

()   The Shengen Zone is in total disarray

()   MSM credibility has taken a body blow. In Germany the term 'lying press' is now in common usage, even in the Lying Press itself!

()   "Right-wing" parties are growing everywhere

()   Local militias, the fountainhead of any future revolution, are springing up throughout the Continent

()   Islam has been exposed for what it is: A barbaric totalitarian death cult whose impact on Europe will be catastrophic

()   The Victimhood Hierarchy is disintegrating as Muslims (the luvvies' favourite victims) show what they have in mind for women and gays 

()  It's dawned on the general public that their future will be one of endless and unpredictable terrorist attacks

()  A British exit (or at least a vote in favour of exit) looks more likely by the day

In short the whole European project has taken a series of severe body blows from which it might never recover........despite its monopoly on wealth, power and the media. But what was to be expected from unleashing an invading army of inbred, violent unproductive parasites on a peaceful advanced Continent?

The EU leaders are not stupid. Evil, undoubtedly. But not stupid. So why did they just not only shoot themselves in the foot but virtually blow that foot off? You see, things had been going just swimmingly by boiling the frog. We (i.e. the frog) were being brainwashed, marginalised and seemingly set for inevitable demographic extinction.

Why did they not just leave well enough alone? This really is an intriguing question. Was it arrogance and contempt for the ordinary people, no longer seeing them as a threat? Or is there some forthcoming event (e.g. economic collapse) that we don't know about, one which has forced their hand?

Or what?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Google's War On Whites

Just when you think the War On Whites can't become any more gross you discover....yes it can. Picked this up over at Chateau Heartiste. If you key in 'happy American couple' to Google - and then select Images - you'll get screen after screen of what you see below. Which borders on self-parody.
And there's more. If you search for 'white women' you'll go through multiple screens before you come across one of them in the company of  a White man. But you will come across multiple images of them in the company of black men, with the  women often in disgustingly submissive postures.

Be aware that this does not happen by accident. A neutral search would throw up a representative picture of American couples. Search algorithms and data tagging would have to undergo considerable work to produce such a grotesque misrepresentation of the truth.

Never forget. A war is being waged on Whites.

But let us leave on a positive note and realise that our enemies don't always get everything right!  (Mind you they pulled out all the stops to immediately remedy this particular problem)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked.

My my, doesn't time fly? It's been thirty years since Bob Geldoff launched Live Aid, and in the process transformed himself from impoverished one-hit-wonder has-been into a Moral Voice (capital M, capital V), one who Speaks Truth To Power (STTP). Such status is achieved by way of endlessly berating and cajoling others to do the right thing. While judiciously precluding yourself from any ensuing personal impact.  Think Al Gore making billions from the global warming racket as he jets around the world in his carbon-spewing private plane, Bono moving 'head office' to Holland in a dodge to avoid paying taxes in Ireland while indignantly demanding more money for 'the poor' from compliant Irish taxpayers.

But few have capitalised on their Moral Voice status like Saint Bob, including a Knighthood from HRH and the acquisition of a vast fortune. All from his ability to cajole millions of people to open their pockets.......while keeping his own carefully closed. And what did Live Aid achieve (apart from transforming Sir Bob's fortunes)?  Well we do know from this scathing investigative report that most of the money raised was funnelled through Mengistu Mariam, one of the  most corrupt and bloodthirsty despots Africa has ever seen. Which is some accolade.

Didn't seem to bother St. Bob though as he preened in front of the cameras hugging Mariam while handing over the loot. "Geldoff was warned repeatedly.....about Mengistu who was dismantling tribes, mercilessly conducting resettlement marched in which over 100,000 died, and butchering helpless people." Maybe St. Bob thought that a million or two fuzzy wuzzy corpses would enrich the  soil of the hither barren land. In any event money continued to pour into the country from the West and soon the Ethiopians had the biggest army in Africa. With which they later fought a bloody and prolonger border war with Eritrea.

Vast amounts of EU food aid were also supplied, leading to an unprecedented transformation of the country's demographics. Unbelievably, the population almost tripled in forty years, from 32 million in 1975 to 91 million today. And here’s what this population growth leads to

As the population increases, more and more land is deforested and over-farmed. Forest coverage has declined from 40 percent 75 years ago to only 3 percent today. People must travel farther and farther to find firewood, the principal fuel, which reduces time spent farming. Without firewood, many resort to burning animal dung, instead of using it to fertilise their depleted soil. Without trees to help hold it in place, the soil erodes from the steep highlands. As a result, many previously habitable areas have now been transformed into dry lands and deserts.

This vicious cycle exacerbates the effects of Ethiopia’s droughts, leading to severe and ever more frequent crises. But drought is not entirely to blame: Ethiopia “faces famine when we have a bumper harvest and when we have drought” since the amount of arable land per person is so low (1/2 hectare for 8 people).
And now set your faces to shocked. The country has another famine. The drearily familiar headline says it all.  Millions at risk as severe drought hits Ethiopia. According to the UN if the 'international community' (i.e. White countries) don't step up with donations 15 million could be at risk this year. (A comment by Adis Aba on the same report provides some additional detail if you're interested.)

Any chance of Sir Bob riding to the rescue again?  What do you think?