Friday, 26 February 2016


Today Ireland goes to the polls in a General Election. As can be imagined, every possible topic was exhaustively debated during the campaign. Except for one, the most important one. To wit, the mudslide Immivasion  of Europe. Woe betide the candidate who raises such an indelicate subject. Should - let our minds run riot for a moment here - a candidate suggest a race-based system of citizenship the ensuing explosion of outrage would be cosmic. As would the offender's punishment.

"What he suggests directly replicates the notorious Nuremberg Laws of the Nazis, laws used to render Germany's Jews non-citizens and virtually non-humans'.  Drag in  a Holocau$t™ survivor from central casting for added effect and the offender will be lead to his fate: permanent obscurity at best, jail time at worst. And I must concede the validity of the charge because those infamous Nuremberg Laws clearly state that "only those of our fellow countrymen can become citizens. Only those who have German blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no Jew can be a countryman."  The Laws also prohibited German Jews from marrying or having sexual relations with 'persons of German or related blood'.

These laws were inspired to a considerable degree by the writings of Julius Streicher, an old comrade of Hitler and publisher of Der Sturmer magazine. Even from an early age Streicher had an uncanny insight into the destructive Jewish 'state-within-a-state' machinations that took me a lifetime to stumble on. And he didn't hold back, producing a stream of vitriolic and inflammatory comment month after month. Despite the immense popularity of Der Sturmer (it had offices in many other European countries) he never served in the German Government and in fact for much of the war was under house arrest arising from internal political differences

Despite this he was convicted at the post-war Nuremberg kangaroo courts trials. Given that he had had no official power, nor had ever engaged in any personal violence against Jews, what could they nail him for? Well, Julius was condemned by his own words. 'My goal was not to harm Jews but to enlighten Gentiles - to put them on guard.'  (Could be the banner for this blog!). And given that he'd done such an effective job he was hanged - or more correctly strangled with a short rope - shortly after the Show Trials had ended. As you can imagine Jews played a central role in the whole charade - as they had previously done in the Soviet Union.  Their roles included that of Chief Prosecutor, judges, the director of the execution process and the hangman himself. The latter devising a gruesome variation whereby the condemned men were slowly strangled rather than being instantly killed.

I digressed a bit here because there's a really interesting sting in the tail regarding the Nazi Nuremberg Hate Laws. (oy vey, the sufferink!!). Here's Julius addressing the Kangaroo Court at his trial.  "I  have written that any further mixture of German blood with Jewish blood  must be avoided. I have written such articles again and again; and in my  articles I have repeatedly emphasised the fact that the Jews should  serve as an example to every race, for they created a racial law for  themselves "the law of Moses, which says, 'If you come into a foreign  land you shall not take unto yourself foreign women.' And that,  Gentlemen, is of tremendous importance in judging the Nuremberg Laws.  These laws of the Jews were taken as a model for these laws. When, after  centuries, the Jewish lawgiver Ezra discovered that notwithstanding many  Jews had married non-Jewish women, these marriages were dissolved. That  was the beginning of Jewry which, because it introduced these racial  laws, has survived throughout the centuries, while all other races and  civilisations have perished.

And there's living proof of that today in Israel. "The Prime Minister's Office confirmed that many Jews from the [USSR]....can be required to bring DNA confirmation of Jewish heritage in order to be allowed immigrate as a Jew." The Telegraph tells us that 'because they [the would-be immigrants] had only a Jewish father or married into the faith almost 350,000 of them are not recognised as Jewish in their adopted homeland."

No surprise that chutzpah is a Jewish word.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


You got to hand it to The Donald. He doesn't hold back, irrespective of the target. The latest recipient of a verbal smack in the gob is none other than Pope Francis himself. And God's Representative On Earth was only trying to gain some cost-free false compassion brownie points by decrying Trump's plan to build That Wall on the Mexican border. A wall that would keep the unfortunate Latino 'pilgrims' (that's what the Pope called them!) from reaching their spiritual Nirvana in the USA. Pilgrims like these guys.

In any event The Donald pointed out the inconvenient Hate Fact that the Pope's own pad is surrounded by walls. Very high walls as this image illustrates. He could have gone further and asked how many "pilgrims" the Vatican had taken in over the last year. Or in fact since the present invasion began. The answer would have been, in round numbers, zero. Not only that but the Vatican has cornered the market in religious artifacts (splinters from the True Cross, twigs from the Burning Bush) in and around the Vatican. Woe betide any "pilgrim" who tries to muscle in on that piece of spirituality.

So Donald, in all probability if you're elected (assuming the Deep State allows you to be elected) you'll sell out or be compromised like the rest of them. If by some miracle you don't.....well, a JFK moment awaits you should you take on the Federal Reserve Board and/or hold an independent investigation into 9/11. But we'll enjoy you while we can and take consolation from the knowledge that if nothing else you've reawakened White Pride.

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Humza Yousaf of the "Scottish" National Party (stop laughing at the back please!) is a young man in a hurry. Barely 30, he's already the SNP's  Minister for Europe. Makes sense to have a Kenyan-Pakistani Muslim half-breed representing Scotland on matters European I suppose. What explains his meteoric rise? Well when barely into his twenties he was foisted on the local Glasgow constituency by the SNP leadership. Circumventing the stiff opposition from local Scottish SNP members required a massive vote-rigging exercise that would have done Pakistan or Kenya proud.

We learned of this scandal from the following statement published by the Scottish Herald: The SNP has firmly denied allegations of vote-rigging after hundreds of members, most with Asian [NewSpeak for Muslim] surnames, suddenly joined the local party prior to Yousaf's selection. So that's cleared that up then. Once ensconed in this safe seat he was catapulted straight to the top as Minister for Europe. As you can imagine when you put the words 'Muslim' and 'politican' together an orgy of corruption followed, including unanswered questions on expenses and the case of his mentor blazing away with a Kalashnikov during a trip back home to Pakistan.

As one does.

As you could imagine poor Humza, despite his selfless devotion to the Scottish cause, has suffered terribly at the hands of racist bigots. (Now if you're of sensitive disposition please read no further.) For example, according to The Record, a guy named McAuley called him a 'pr***'.  How terrible is that? Almost as bad as being called a prick. And then there was this Chisholm chappie who told Humza (who at the time was selling The Big Issue in a stunt to bolster his street cred) 'you're not from my country'. The horror!  The horror!

You'll be glad to know that thanks to diligent police work and investigative reporting both culprits were brought to justice. In a textbook example of Orwellian DoubleThink the police explained 'We value the cohesion of our communities and welcome Scotland's diversity'.  Which in its inherent absurdity rivels 'war is peace', 'ignorance is strength' and 'freedom is slavery'. But that's the way our feminised police forces - sorry. police services - are today.

Yousaf was in Ireland recently, putting his Afro-Pakistani-Muslim political heritage at our disposal as we consider Britain's forthcoming EU exit referendum. We learn from the IT report that 'his advice to those across Europe wanting the UK to remain was 'to say nothing at all'.   He also reassured the audience of admiring Irish kuffars that 'you are our friends, indeed our cousins'. No, my goat-fucking friend we are not your cousins. The Irish and Scots are indeed cousins (who enjoy a fractious relationship as do so many cousins) sharing a thousand years of two-way migration, intermarriage and a common root language.

On the other hand Yousaf your cousins live in Pakistan and Kenya and bear no relationship whatsoever to us Irish and Scots, racially, culturally or religiously. In fact right now two of them are getting married  - in a scene straight from Mills and Boone - as 78 year-old Tariq plights his troth to his 10 year-old first cousin Abeeda. Many inbred retarded cousins for Humza are sure to emerge before Tariq ascends to that Bordello In The Sky.

Meanwhile the experience underlines that the SNP are neither Scottish nor national. They're actually worse than the other main British parties in terms of tearing down the borders and foisting diversity and multiculturalism on those they claim to represent.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Adam Johnson contemplates his White Privilege

Continuing the theme from the previous post on injustice to White males I give you the case of Sunderland and  England footballer Adam Johnson. This talented athlete today finds himself facing the possibility of jail and the certainty of his career ending at the tender age of 28. And deservedly so when you learn that he has pleaded guilty to 'one count of sexual activity with a child'. Dirty paedophile bastard.

Except that this "child" was a strapping 15 year-old girl and the offences include "kissing and touching the girl".  Yes indeed, what a terrible experience it must have been for this "child" to be kissed and touched by a famous footballer in his luxury SUV. One of her friends told police that she met the "child" afterwards, telling the officers her friend was 'more excited - not excited for something, just excited - in a good mood really.  She seemed excited at first but then started to realise what she'd done because he had a girlfriend'.

No need to go into what 15 year-old girls are like today. Most could pass for their mid twenties and most - more's the pity - are sexually experienced by that age. In any event they're more mature emotionally and physically than their male contemporaries. Despite this were two 15 year-olds to have consensual sex the boy would be subject to criminal prosecution while the girl would face no sanction whatsoever. That's how far the (in) justice system has swung against males.

Well White males, to be more specific, as the case of Ched Evans graphically illustrates. In this instance Evans and a black team-mate had sex with some mudsharking slut (but I repeat myself). Evans (who is White) got jail and had his career terminated while the black guy walked away scot-free and still enjoys a thriving career.

So as Adam Johnson, contemplates the abrupt end of his career and the probability of jail time - all while Africans and Muslims freely rape and pillage their way across Europe - you could understand were he to be confused about the White Privilege with which he's been supposedly blessed.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A feminist's cry for help

In what country do you find the worst, the most repellent feminazis? The consensus in the manosphere says Denmark. And I agree. Sexless humourless harridans, coiled like rattlesnakes to strike at the first sign of ThoughtCrime or sexual innuendo. Little wonder that Danish men are amongst the world's biggest pussies, all touchy-feely and in tune with their feminine side. Almost as bad as Germans.

I can't speak for the lady in this video, whether she's genuine or else a lapsed feminist who's been hit hard by the reality of enrichment. Same with this one (whose video was taken down by Facebook after the Merkel-Zuckerberg Concordat). What both have in common is a belated recognition that Muslim and African invaders represent a mortal threat to Europe's women. And both now want Europe's men to protect them. To 'man up'. Unfortunately my darlings that is problematical. First because as I've mentioned earlier, Europe's men have been feminised to the point where most are no longer up for it or indeed capable of it.

And second, why should they? Because it's women who have made them like this. They've pathologised natural boyish behaviour, assigning to it some bogus mental disorder validated with a catchy acronym like ADHD. If the psychiatry doesn't work - which it won't - the boys and young men are pumped with Ritalin or some other libido-destroying drug with unknown long term consequences. It's not just men and boys per se.  The whole fabric of our societies (inter-personal relations, family, legislation, education, entertainment and the workplace environment) has been utterly transformed by feminisation over the last fifty years. As the woman in the video says ' we see the consequences that men here are brought up to be like women, to think like women, to be soft-minded'. But still not quite as soft-minded as women who overwhelmingly outnumber men in welcoming the invaders and in voting against "far right" parties.

These are the reasons I object to her assertion that 'men need to take responsibility and go back to the old male virtues'. (Presumably she has in mind the likes of these Russian men in Murmansk who beat the shite out of a gang of rapefugees up to their usual stunts in a local nightclub.) So having neutralised, marginalised, ridiculed ('none of that macho bullshit here') and emasculated us you belatedly realise that you need us to control the savages that you invited in. I just love your sense of entitlement. Which of course is understandable given that you've been living off it for half a century.  Note: Those Russian men were largely immune to such influences, hence their traditional method of sorting out the rapefugees you now cower before.

So ladies if you want White men to defend you in the traditional way then revert to the traditional male-female roles that nature ordained. Recognise that men and women are not the same. (After all, if we were why could you not defend yourselves?) Then drop this equalist (sex/race/religion) bullshit, affirmative action, anti-White male quotas, mudsharking, micro-aggressions, feminist indoctrination, the anti-male (in)justice system, systemic disrespect towards White men, your totalitarian contempt for facts and reality, and voting en masse for pro-immigration parties,

Otherwise ladies we White men - and you now understand why - will stand by and defer to Ahmed, just waiting to take you as one of his wives, dump you for a younger one when he's ready and stone you to death if he suspects adultery.

The choice is yours.

Go grrrlllll...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

More on the Hegelian Dialectic

Back here I wrote about the Hegelian Dialectic (I like to add a touch of class to the blog every so often) which refers to the eponymous philosopher's problem/reaction/solution analytical framework. I cited the 9/11 false flag attack as a classical example:

Problem: 'Terrorists' are attacking us

Reaction: Please protect us from the terrorists

Solution: Well as it so happens we have this wonderful set of repressive laws all drawn up which we can implement now if you want and we'll save you from the terr'sts..

I'm now wondering if the same thinking is behind the current immivasion of Europe. I ask why would the EU leadership promote something that quite obviously would undermine everything they sought to achieve. And so it has come to pass. Europe is in turmoil as Afro-Muslim hordes spread like a malignant tumour across the length and breadth of the Continent. Law and order are breaking down, "right-wing" militias (unarmed - for now) are taking to the streets while rapefugee centres go up in smoke in Germany, Sweden and Finland.

And it's set to get  even worse. A lot worse. The rapefugees are still pouring in and many of those already here are setting down roots in their respective communities. Just try rooting them out. And wait for the accursed European Court Of Human Rights to decide in favour of family reunification. Then Mohammed will have his four wives and twenty children on the next plane to Europe.  On the economic front the central banks might keep the bankster plates spinning for another while but what cannot last will not and economic Armageddon looms.

So will the globalist NWO agenda (of which the EU is a central component) become irrevocably derailed? Or is this whole thing a charade based on the Hegelian Dialectic, a charade which will in fact promote that very agenda?


Problem: European civilisation as we know it is collapsing, law and order breaking down

Reaction: What if anything can save us?

Solution:  An international approach, the only one that will work. And as it so happens we have.....

Consider: Already many prominent political, business and religious leaders have claimed that 'a country-by-country approach will not work'. An 'international effort' is required.  Proposals have already been mooted for an "EU naval force" and an "EU Border Protection army". See, if we have an EU Navy patrolling the Med and a large EU Army posted at all EU borders we can stop the migrants from ever setting foot on EU soil. And this unified force will end the problem of migrants playing off EU countries against one another. It's a win-win! 

Of course this will mean relinquishing some national resources and powers to a centralised coordinating body and sharing data hitherto regarded as private - but which we now need to outwit the traffickers. And maybe, in order to forestall inter-ethnic strife we'll have to seize privately-owned guns and clamp down - temporarily! - on any form of expression which would foment such strife. But it will all be worth it. Europe will be at peace again and the immigrants back in their home countries.

Fanciful? Maybe. But if the current imbroglio has come about by accident rather than design.....well should we be more worried or less worried?

Monday, 8 February 2016

"The Ghost Of Fascism stalks the land"

For once the media headlines represented the truth. Albeit inadvertently. Because all over Europe this weekend we saw citizens peacefully demonstrating against the Fascism taking over their countries. They marched for free speech, religious tolerance, women's and children's rights, freedom of association. And were set upon by violent Fascist thugs for whom those very ideas are repugnant.

Yes, the "far right" PEGIDA marched for these basic rights and freedoms and suffered violent assault from today's Fascists; this time comprised of Muslims (and other vibrants), ageing hippies and unemployed louts who had nothing in common other than bad body odour and a hatred of freedom. Naturally enough the Lying Media (liegend Presse) declined to identify the attackers, referring merely to 'clashes' and 'arrests' as 'rival marchers threw projectiles at one another'.


By the way it's worth remembering that the Sturm Abteilung (SA), the "Brownshirts", were established by Hitler to protect his rallies and marches from Communists attacks which were ubiquitous during the early days of the NSP. Soon the SA grew into a powerful force in its own right, taking on its enemies in a proactive way.

Any chance of history repeating itself?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Post lost

Goddam. The post I wrote on withdrawing women's right to vote has itself been withdrawn. Dang disappeared. Can't find it on a cache anywhere.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Of presstitutes and readers

The Times Of Israel makes interesting and surprising reading.  Actually the reader comments do, the staff reporting being boilerplate MSM bilge. Here are some genuinely representative ones from a recent article on the ongoing immivasion of Europe.

"If you want to look at the source of the problems, and the violence. look no further than a mirror. You let them in when history and common sence [sic]all say not to."

"Remember the good old days when crooks and tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak kept the hordes in check?"

"Why is it the whites communities are always being subjected to forced divercity [sic] or forced integration? Nobody is forcing white people into Africa or Brown people into Japan or China."

The Express promulgates views on Third World immigration, the EU and the NWO Agenda that wouldn't be out of place on our forum here.  It certainly is in a league of its own when it comes to English language MSM outlets. What's more no comment seems to be beyond the pale....I've never had one of my own rejected yet. And Richard Desmond, owner of the Express Group, is Jewish. The Forward, America's largest Jewish MSM outlet mirrors that of the Times Of Israel. Boilerplate anti-White "progressive" journalese with reader comments reflecting a very different set of views.

My point? No, I have not had a deathbed conversion and come around to thinking that "the Jews are our friends after all". I have no doubt that most harbour fear and resentment of White Christian civilisation and of course their leaders and representative bodies work tirelessly for its destruction. But it's also clear that huge numbers of  what Uncle Nasty calls Selwyn The Tailor share the same disgust towards the swamping of White countries by the dregs from the Middle and Near East, Africa and Latin America and with the prevailing degenerate culture.

My conclusion? Perhaps, while acknowledging the central and destructive Jewish role we should be more nuanced in condemning "the Jews", for direct practical reasons if nothing else.