Thursday, 30 June 2016

Elites rise up against the people

Gene Kerrigan is a leading Irish journalist working for the Sunday Independent. Gene has carved out a lucrative career defending the Little Man against the Elites. He rails against the contempt held by the latter for the former, their arrogant dismissal of their real fears and interests. For Gene the Little Man is a hero, a decent law-abiding provider for his family. The backbone of the country. As indeed he is.

You can imagine my surprise therefore when I read the following in his most recent column. Referring to Brexit he tells us that 'the demographics of the vote tell their story.  The old, those least likely to have a passport, to know anything about anywhere beyond their own narrow borders, wanting their country back'.

By jingo, the most arrogant elitist plutocrat would be hard put to better that. Incidentally did you notice how 'wanting their country back' has now become a Bad Thing. Warming to his subject he continues: 'But the country many of them wanted back was the mythical [my emphasis] England of their youth, a town in Midsomer county where Princess Diana still lives and the marriage to Charles worked out, where Miss Marples investigates cutesy murders, Mrs. Dale still writes her diary, and there's no "political correctness"  to dissuade them from calling Idris Elba dirty names'.

Well Gene, apart Miss Marples that particular country was not mythical. It was real. And it was pleasant, orderly, quiet, wealthy and law-abiding. It was a land wherein a person saying rude things to Idris Elba would not lose his job, still less suffer incarceration. But then it was Aberfaned, engulfed in a toxic black/brown sludge which destroyed everything in its way. And its people did not give it away, it was taken from them by traitors purporting to represent their interests. As I wrote quite some time ago. 'that once green and pleasant land has now been deemed the worst place in the developed world for a child to grow up. Towns all over the country that were a joy to visit 30 years ago are now crime-ridden, racially segmented dumps. England has become a multicultural society, though it’s fair to say that few English people ever wanted it to be.' 

And yes, Gene, they want it back. May Providence grant them success, and your own personal Aberfan in that leafy suburb of yours.

Monday, 27 June 2016

BREXIT Reflections

How could the NWO globalists have got it so wrong? We've become accustomed to assigning almost supernatural powers to them for so long that the staggering scale of the BREXIT defeat has left me baffled. Because (and I realise I'm returning to an oft-repeated themes of mine) if there ever there was an own goal this was it. After all the frog was boiling nicely, notwithstanding an occasional twitch of alarm.

The destruction of the key Northern European demographic was only a matter of time, as anyone now looking at the UEFA Championships can see at a glance. Europeans were reproducing at well below replacement rate, our dusky invaders breeding like rabbits. Then they had to go and pour a gallon of scalding water on top of the frog by encouraging, and I emphasise encouraging, millions of "migrants" to suddenly swarm all over the Continent. Just in time for the BREXIT referendum. Any fool, let alone the Masters Of The Universe, could have foreseen that the invasion would be accompanied by an orgy of rape and violence, societal disruption and huge economic cost.

The reaction duly came. As I wrote a few weeks back "extreme right" parties surge and migrants' hostels go up in flames throughout the Continent. EU institutions in general are in disarray, especially the fundamental Schengen Accord. Member states at one another's throats, old animosities reignite, borders close while several countries talk of leaving the EU. And now of course one country, a very very important one, has confounded everyone and actually left. Now, as the stunning graphic from Bloomberg above illustrates, no fewer than eight more countries are looking at the possibility of holding their own IN/OUT referendums.

Let's be very clear here. The elephant in the room of EU resentment is immigration, especially that of dumb and violent parasites from Africa and the Muslim worlds. The commentariat, and even the leaders of the various anti-EU movements, careful to avoid being tarnished as racist or Islamophobic, tip-toed around this subject. But for sure the British people's main concern was never with Poles or Lithuanians. 

Yet EUSSR globalists could not have done more to stoke those fears in the run up to the referendum. The "migrants" poured in across the EU borders, welcomed by Merkel who in the process blatantly ignored a host of rules and regulations. European naval forces were deployed to the Mediterranean, not to deter illegals but to act as a virtual ferry service. European citizens, especially those at the front line, looked on with mounting horror. Then to crown it all negotiations began with Turkey, the result of which would potentially flood Europe with up to 80 millions impoverished Muslims from Anatolia.

Truly it can be said that they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. What the hell was going through their minds? Remember these are the people who succeeding in getting a death grip on a continent of 500 million people and whose string-pullers in turn are the real Masters Of The Universe, controlling the commanding heights of finance, media, politics, name it. How could such people have screwed up so spectacularly?

Or is it all part of some other fiendishly cunning plan they have in store  for us?

Friday, 24 June 2016

God bless you Britain and thank you!

Well, who'd have guessed? Certainly not me. My assumption had been that our globalist overlords simply would not allow a core country to escape their clutches. But the British have rediscovered that bulldog spirit and taken a decisive step towards throwing off the chains that bind. But caution is in order. Remember the separation details will be negotiated by the traitors in Westminster, many of whom who would love nothing more than to emasculate the democratically-expressed will of the people.

Still, it's time for celebrating. And gloating. Here's the HebeBC's Home Editor Mark Easton. "The maps of how people voted show that this was a victory for the countryside over the cities, particularly in England. London, Manchester, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds and Liverpool - for the most part, the metropolitan centres voted to remain. But the further from the big city centres one travels, the more emphatically people voted to leave. City dwellers are generally more comfortable with globalisation and diversity. Country dwellers are more traditional in their outlook.

Successful cities are places in flux, constantly evolving to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. A city without cranes is a city that is moribund. But in market towns and rural villages, it is the opposite, with a focus on protecting heritage and celebrating history. It is a more conservative outlook that can see modern life as a threat, often nostalgic for a simpler, bucolic order."

Get that? Sophisticated city dwellers vote to stay, backward rubes vote to leave. Well I have news for you, you fucking dipstick. The cities voted to remain because most of them have been over-run by minorities. White British (or British, to put it another way) are already a minority in London, Birmingham and Leicester and are heading for minority status in many more cities. The actual British people have been hounded into the countryside and small towns.  And that, Mr. HebeBC, explains the geographical voting patters.

Anyway, let us break out the popcorn and pray that this represents the beginning of the end for the Evil Empire.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The blessed carefree lives of Ireland's Moral Crusaders

Did you read the evisceration of newly anointed saint Jo Cox by Francis Carr Begbie at the Occidental Observer? If not please do. I was struck in particular by her grotesque hypocrisy in travelling all the way to Darfur to comfort rape victims there (to the accompaniment of whirring cameras) while studiously avoiding the epidemic of paedophile rape by Muslim voters in her own constituency.

Her case underlined the happy position of those on whom the sobriquet 'Moral Crusader' has been conferred. Being a Moral Crusader is a great gig in that you get the best of all worlds, public acclaim and a luxurious lifestyle simply for self-righteously calling on others to meet the moral standards that you have defined....for them. You travel extensively. And you travel expensively. Best of all you never have to get down and dirty, as in spending a year digging trenches in Africa, or - Heaven forfend! - dipping into your own pocket. No, forking out money is a task you 'call on' others to do. As Bono and St. Bob Geldoff will testify.

In fact Ireland seems to have a glut of such MCs. Ex-President (part human, part lizard, part nodding donkey) Mary Robinson has strutted and preened at the summit of the Moral High Ground since jumping on the bandwagon in her twenties.  And she's lived high on the hog since then, jetting First Class to the four corners of the earth to cajole others and collect one 'Human Rights' prize after another.

Mrs. Robinson has called on faith leaders to "speak out" on climate change and social justice. Her address at a recent conference on climate justice at the University of Maynooth was a virtual taxonomy of Moral Crusader platitudes.  “It would be good to have faith leaders of different denominations and religions speak out on climate and justice … We need more dialogue, more conversation … it is moral voices that are going to be needed a lot to achieve a human-centred approach, safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable and sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change equitably and fairly. It provides the moral imperative to act so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”

At which point her 
retinue of flunkies whisked her off in a chauffeur-driven limousine to her 5 Star luxury hotel. There to quaff the finest wines and gorge on whatever else took her fancy, irrespective of the cost.

Ireland's current President Michael D Higgins is yet another Moral Crusader. Le Monde published a glowing tribute to “Ireland’s poet-president”, praising his erudition and moral courage in challenging conventional thinking on social justice and climate change. And you have to laugh at the last bit because the one thing Moral Crusaders are not doing is challenging conventional thinking. No. They've jumped on the globalist multicultural bandwagon which they support by rigidly parroting the prevailing orthodoxies as per Robinson's speech above.  They're every bit as unquestioningly conventional in their own way as were the traditional Irish Catholics whom they mock today.

The blatant contradictions (or hypocrisy to be more accurate) of their views and actions never intrude on their happy lives. For instance Michael D and his entourage recently flew off in the Government jet (cost: €25,000 per day and trailing the CO2 equivalent of a medium-sized Africa country) to a massive international conference aimed at........ eliminating world hunger and global warming. He's now using the same transport to jet off to all of Ireland's matches in the Euro Championships.

All of which leaves me asking...why the hell didn't I get into this moral crusading business years ago?

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Scary stuff

I should not have been surprised but I was. There really is a project in place to dumb down American education, to achieve behavioural changes in students, parents and broader society which have nothing to do with commonly understood educational objectives. My source is the book by

Charlotte Thompson Iserbylt The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America. This book is meticulously annotated and researched with sources cited in the best academic traditions (remember them?). The author is in a sense a whistle-blower, having served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan and taken an active interest in education ever since.

She reveals the central role of the  Heritage, Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie "charitable" foundations in transforming Americans into the drones envisaged by Bertrand Russell nearly 100 years ago; “Education should aim at destroying free will so that pupils thus schooled, will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Influences of the home are obstructive. It is for a future scientist to make these maxims precise and to discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

She could have added another quote from Russell: "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

Using techniques developed by Pavlov to program dogs America's children are getting the full globalist/NWO/One-World Government treatment.  The  kids learn how race and gender are mere social constructs, their brains absorb the wonders of diversity and the borderless world while traditional ideas on morality, art, religion and the family are systematically undermined and belittled. And sorry, it's not just in America. Similar projects have been underway in just about every White country.  

Read up on it.  It's scary stuff. 

Addendum: This is from an earlier post on the impact of societal feminisation and identifies a corollary to the educational dumbing down project. Dysgenics: All of the previous characteristics combine to ensure that those least fit to procreate end up doing most of the procreating. If you're a stupid worthless lazy parasite the system works to ensure that the more you spawn the more you get courtesy of the productive class. Said class, having to pay for their houses, children's education, medical expenses etc. are driven to have small families in whom they invest heavily. Society thus becomes progressively more degraded, debased and impoverished, with a rapidly growing orc population facing off against their ever diminishing eloi prey.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Godammit - how many more massacres are needed?

I detect a strong note of exasperation in the reaction of US Homeland "Security" Secretary Jeh Johnson (yet another Magic Negro AA appointment) to the the Orlando opportunity massacre. 

In an interview with CBS he asserted that 'gun control is now a critical element of protecting the U.S. homeland and keeping Americans safe. We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country', peevishly adding “I thought frankly after Sandy Hook where you have schoolchildren murdered in a classroom that maybe finally this will be the tipping point and we were not able to move the needle in Congress, unfortunately,”

He could have added 'what else must we do to seize legally held guns from White citizens, for fuck sake?'

Yes, the campaign seems to be going into overdrive and the legislative initiatives now seem to be giving way to Presidential Edict since the Coronation of Emperor Obama and the sidelining of the Constitution. And, quelle surprise, the very same people who have flung open the borders have been behind the Disarm Whites Project.

To wit.

The Gun Control Act of 1968, the most encompassing gun control legislation in American history, was introduced by .Representative (((Emanuel Cellar)))

Senator (((Howard Metzenbaum))) introduced legislation which would render every violation of the Gun Control Act a Federal Offence in 1988

Senator (((Howard Metzenbaum))) sponsors a Bill banning bans certain semi-automatic rifles

The Brady Handgun Prevention Act sponsored by Congressman (((Charles Schumer))) and Senator  (((Howard Metzenbaum))).

Senators (((Arlen Specter, Dianne Feinstei and, Frank Lautenberg))), and others introduce the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1995.

Senator (((Barbara Boxer))) introduced the American Handgun Standards Act of 1999.

Senator (((Frank Lautenberg))) introduces the Stop Gun Trafficking Act of 1999. Same year Senator (((Diane Feinstein))) introduces the Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine Import Ban Act.

Between 2000 and 2007 (((certain Senators)) introduced a range of measures to track the ownership of legally-held (read White-owned) firearms

How can even the dumbest not see a pattern?

Monday, 13 June 2016

Random observations on another Misunderstander Of Islam

Initial reaction: Fifty carpet munchers bite the dust. But then I realised that carpet munchers must do that all the time. 

Presidential Election Impact: All the victims, being perverts of every hue, were probably going to vote for the corrupt, murdering, hairy-toed lesbian. And the shooter was a Registered Democrat. Net bonus for Donald.

Media spin: Shift focus from immigration and the Religion of Peace to gun control. Do what Reddit is now doing and close off comments. Try somehow to shift some of the blame onto Russia, cite Putin's anti-gay agenda and how it must have influenced the shooter. Commission yet another mockumentary on Emmet Till. 

Presidential response: A Kenyan Muslim, displaying all the emotion of a robot, will read from an autocue expressing his deep regret, that 'my prayers are with the families of the voctims' and most important of all, the need to avoid Islamophobia.

The Security State: Trillions spent on an alphabet soup of intelligence agencies, social media giants spying on citizens, an avalanche of liberty-destroying legislation - for our own protection, you understand - yet this 'state authorized armed security guar
d' can still do what he did.

The Anti-White Alliance: The inherent strains of this unholy alliance are coming to the fore. Now it's homos versus ragheads, a conflict which happily can only grow, Hispanics and blacks are already going at it, and as things worsen the spotlight is sure to flicker over to..... (((them))).

Finally.....So a Muslim walks into a gay bar. The bartender asks, “What’ll it be?”
“Shots for everyone.”

Saturday, 11 June 2016

The meme that has (((them))) in such a tizzy

Presumably you've all come across it by now. The internet echo meme which surreptitiously identifies Jews and institutions under heavy Jewish control. Its deployment has driven (((them))) and their acolytes into a tizzy of rage and concern. Here's the HebeBC BBC shaking its collective head in sorrow.

"Joogle Google has banned an extension of its Chrome browser which was being used to identify Jewish names on the internet by surrounding them with three sets of brackets, or parentheses. The symbol has been described as a secret signal because punctuation does not show up in ordinary web searches." 

"Google said that the extension was blocked from its store because it broke its hate speech rules."

Did you get that? Identifying Jews or Jewish institutions constitutes (roll of drums) HATE. Why should that be? Would a similar meme using double rather than triple parentheses to identify say Germans or Brits be classed as (roll of drums) HATE?  Nooooo. No problem with that.  Claim that Jews have too much power?  They'll demonstrate you're a liar by using that very same power to destroy you.  Remember Donald Trump referring to Jon Stewart as Jon Liebowitz?  This also was deemed - somehow - to be anti-Semitic.

If I didn't know better I'd think that the one thing Jews want to be known as is.....Jews!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Trump disappoints

I see that DT has yielded to the baying "liberal"/cuckservative mob and  backed off his accusation of bias against a Mexican-American judge. Oh God, this is a mistake on so many counts. A sad mistake. Not least because his charge of racial bias is fully supported by non other than his very accusers. Because time and again we've seen otherwise cast-iron cases against blacks or browns thrown out on appeal because the verdict and sentences were handed down by judges and juries that we "all white".   So yes, say the luvvies, race can make a big difference in the administration of justice.

Then SCOTUS Justice Sonia Sotomayor - the 'wise Latina' - as part of her claim to the job, asserted that if appointed her ethnicity would indeed play a role in her decisions. By which we can infer that the USA would then become a beacon of Latino jurisprudence like Mexico or Guatemala. By the way she also admitted on another occasion that in effect Federal Courts make the law as well as administer it - a clear breach of the Constitution. (Remember that, the Constitution?).

El Juez Federale himself, Gonzalvo Curiel, directly provided Trump with a wide open goal. This guy belongs to the SD La Raza Lawyers Association. In case your Spanish is weak la raza means 'the race'. For good measure Curiel also refers to illegal immigrants as 'undocumented'. Legal note to this learned jurist: You're undocumented if you lose your passport in a foreign country. You're illegal if you failed to comply with that country's entry requirements. Comprende, Gonzalvo? (PS, your fellow countrymen south of the border understand this distinction only too well).

And here'a another way the anti-Trump luvvies and cuckservatives have shot themselves in the foot: Their assertion that Trump's 'demonising' of Mexicans has rendered them bitter and resentful. And of course "hurt". Must always drop in the hurt meme. So is Curiel the only Mexican-American not hurt and resentful? If so, why? And if he's like the rest how can we then expect him to act impartially?

The tragedy of all of this is that Trump has got where he is by thumbing his nose at Political Correctness and its enforcers. White Americans loved him for this and voted for him in record numbers. Each time he went out on a limb, and was "finally" written off by the cognescenti, he came roaring back, bullish and unapologetic. So why now, presented with a wide open goal of the most blatant "liberal" hypocrisy and self-contradictions has he become a quasi cuckservative?

I don't know. But here's something I do know. Such retractions will not alone fail to win over his "liberal" foes, but will merely whet their appetite for more blood. They will, for the first time, sense weakness in Trump. And like hyenas surrounding an injured deer will move in for the kill. He's played a blinder up to now so surely he must realise this reality. Maybe he has an ace up his sleeve that he'll produce with a flourish one of these days. But I'm not convinced. It seems he's taken on a few Establishment Republican 'expert advisors' and if he comes to rely on them he's doomed.

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Quickening

Well presumably you've all seen that ceremony by now, the one at the opening of the tunnel in Switzerland. God be with the days when a few local bigwigs made boring speeches, a cleric gave a blessing and bingo, everyone headed off for the free food and drink. This ceremony in contrast represented something truly evil, embodying just about every Luciferian symbol I could think of including the horned goat and the Owl of God-Like Knowledge (man can become God, you see).

The whole thing reeked of evil and degeneracy. We saw countless weird and disturbing demonic images, participants dressed and acting like stage harlots with highly suggestive movements and choreography, fallen angels torturing lost souls, zombie-like workers, cross-dressing, and  even that same huge-headed trans-gender baby that we saw at the London Olympics ceremony. And that "music"! Like something from Eyes Wide Shut, howling, screaming, atonal, the product of disturbed minds.

What the hell (!) is going on here?  Remember that this was not some obscure witchcraft lark, an opportunity to prance around naked in the woods. We're talking about one of the biggest European engineering projects in recent years, the event attended by the likes of Merkel, Hollande and Italian President Renzi. Assuming it was an overt representation of Luciferian/Illuminati/NWO/Masonic power (and if it was not, then what else was it?) why would they expose themselves like this? Is not secrecy the foundation of their power?

Or has the time for secrecy ended? Are the gloves coming off? Every development calculated to destroy our civilisation has been going into overdrive,....unprecedented levels of officially supported mass immigration, sexual degeneracy at levels unimaginable even twenty years ago, anti-White activism on every front, the Pope as Anti-Christ....I could go on. It seems to me  (am I becoming paranoid?) as if the remnants of White civilisation are being provoked into a reaction, fight back now or finally accept your fate. This is a question I've raised in one form or another recently.

The denouement is upon us.

I have no other explanation.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A cri de coeur from a nation-wrecker

Before I get to the cri de coeur read this:

'If you occupied what was considered the ideological / moral centre ground in 1965, and went to sleep for 50 years and woke up in 2015 you'd find yourself occupying the ideological /moral 'far right'. You didn't have to budge one inch ideologically to find yourself there.  The whizzing sound you heard was the ideological / cultural centre ground zooming over to the Cultural Marxist hard left.

Everything that was considered mainstream, obvious, common sense, logical and moral in 1965 is now considered by our political, academic and media elite to be bigoted, ignorant, hateful, xenophobic, racist, extremist and some form of moral abnormality.

In other words, within the space of 50 years, morality, right, wrong, evil, good, normal, obvious, extreme, sanity, truth, beneficial, dangerous and the instinct for group preservation, has been inverted and stood upside down on its head.

Never before in the entire course of human history has an entire culture, race and civilisation decided to hand over its lands, social capital, heritage and identities to competing and intruding alien cultures without a fight, and even worse, to evolve an ideology that morally justifies and glorifies it as proof of their moral supremacy. 

European man is in a civilisational death dance.'

This brilliant exposition of the West's predicament appears as a comment by reader Dan O'Connor in The Spectator. Or at least  it did. It's since been consigned to the ether. The comment was in response to an article by Nick Cohen, plaintively entitled Why I've finally given up on the Left. The article and accompanying interview represent a summary of his earlier book What's Left.  It appears that that 'left-wing politics had turned rancid'.

Oh dear.

And how exactly have they turned rancid?

"The Labour party has just endorsed an apologist for Putin’s imperial aggression; a man who did not just appear on the propaganda channel of Russia, which invades its neighbours and persecutes gays, but also of Iran, whose hangmen actually execute gays. Labour’s new leader sees a moral equivalence between 9/11 and the assassination of bin Laden, and associates with every variety of women-hating, queer-bashing, Jew-baiting jihadi, holocaust denier and 9/11 truther."

Ah, now a clearer picture emerges. And there's more...

"The position of the Jews is grimmer still. To be blunt, the new leader of the opposition is ‘friends’ with men who want them dead. One Jewish Labour supporter told me, ‘I feel like a gay man in the Tory party just after they’ve passed Section 28.’ Another described his position as ‘incredibly exposed’. He had ‘come to understand in the last few weeks, quite how shallow the attachment of the left is to principles which I thought defined it.’"

So that's it..... the perennial question 'is it good for Jews?'.

Because Nick Cohen and his ilk were active participants in, and progenitors of, the malaise so eloquently described by Dan O'Connor whereby an entire culture, race and civilisation decided to hand over its lands, social capital, heritage and identities to competing and intruding alien cultures without a fight, and even worse, to evolve an ideology that morally justifies and glorifies it as proof of their moral supremacy. 

They loved the Left when it was at its nation-wrecking best, marginalising and diluting the traditional British stock. But that nation-wrecking infested Britain with millions of  left-voting Third Worlders who share the same ethnic outgroup mentality as Cohen's tribe. Which means that they don't give two figs about Jews or their alleged monopoly on suffering. In fact many of them see Jews as embodying the worst characteristics of Whites while lacking Whites' altruistic dimension.

So as they've done throughout history Jews have been too cunning for their own good. For instance Stephen Steinlight (here) has become an immigration control advocate in America. Why?  Because while the replacement and disempowerment of the stock that built the nation was to be celebrated it now unfortunately looks like 'our (Jews) present privilege, success and power do not inure us from the effect' of these developments. Same with the Neocons. Many have wondered why they've migrated from the far left to the far right. The answer is simple: Their policies mirrored Israeli interests and those of Jews generally.

Of course the Jewish ethnic self-interest underpinning this transition gets carefully concealed under a thick and unctuous layer of universal and timeless moral platitudes. But I have news for the Nick Cohens of this world. Your grand scheme is running out of road. Huge numbers of hitherto slumbering goyim are waking up, more and more every day. Maybe - once again - you've prodded the sleeping giant too much.

Be afraid.