Saturday, 27 May 2017

What should South Africa's Whites do? What CAN they do?

A close friend of mine is a regular visitor to South Africa. These are substantial visits, 10-14 days at a time, undertaken about four times a year and taking in the main metropolitan areas. Not having been there for a considerable time myself - and I have no plans to go there! - I've tasked him with keeping a close eye on the economy, infrastructure, societal changes and attitudes among the people. No surprise to learn that things have come to a sorry pass, despite the glowing reports from large sections of the Western media.

So much so that the normally quiescent business community have been driven to take out huge advertisement of the South African Sunday Times newspaper, claiming that the country is 'in crisis' that the state has been 'captured' and its 'natural and financial assets stolen'. It claims that the government is guilty of ‘propaganda, slogans, racism and lies’ to silence criticism. In other words heading towards your typical African failed state. Government bonds were recently downgraded to junk status and, a la Rhodesia, the country has gone from being the breadbasket of the region to importing necessary foodstuffs.

My friend tells me that compared to ten years ago the situation in every arena has deteriorated drastically. Essentially everything has got worse. A lot worse. But one thing is going well. The war against Whites. This takes many forms, from low-level thefts and assaults to mass murder on the country's farms. And hardly a week goes by that doesn't see another piece of legislation enacted with the objective of furthering dispossessing and marginalising Whites. My friend tells me that every visit reveals White professionals and executives replaced by incompetent and corrupt black buffoons. Whole swaths of business activity have been crippled as a result.

Despite this many Whites still hold onto the dream of the Rainbow Nation. But their numbers are falling. Fast. Not surprising when the country's President (seen on the left at a recent Cabinet Meeting) gives vent to that rollicking old ditty 'Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer', followed up by an impassioned version of 'Bring Me My Machine gun'. Julius Malema, who commands a huge following among the 'youth', openly talks about physically eliminating Whites. In a recent speech he said ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people' adding hastily on seeing the dismayed look of his followers 'at least for now.’ And as is common elsewhere, strenuous efforts are being made to separate Whites from their guns. Little wonder that Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton, himself a former anti-apartheid activist, has warned that white South African farmers are facing full-blown genocide.

So what are the options for the country's Whites?

Well they could leave, and huge numbers have already done that. But given the collapse of the Rand and the raft of expropriation measures in place almost all will have to accept a major drop in living standards. And bear in mind that their racial kin in Europe have been conditioned to see themselves as having more in common with Indonesian Muslims than with their apartheid-loving cousins from SA.

They could try to form a White homeland within South Africa, as they're already doing with the likes of Orania. There's also vague talk about a major one in the Western Cape. But in a doomsday scenario such a homeland would be overrun by waves of impoverished savages, aided and abetted by the 'international community'.

The third alternative is to establish a doomsday contingency plan, one which enables White to muster and defend themselves. A number of such contingency plans are being prepared, volunteers being trained and survival resources put in place by groups such as the Suidlanders, This organisation, which says it has around 6,000 active members, 12,000 associate members, and 70,000 family members, estimates that some 800,000 people will participate if and when the need arises to put its evacuation plans into effect. The general plan is to escape the cities and head for well-stocked farms in the countryside. There are hundreds of routes planned to get out of South Africa’s cities in the event of crisis, and hundreds of separate destinations depending on where in the country the members are located. The organisation also has a national headquarters, communications systems, refugee coordination, security, and medical preparations in place for if and when they are needed.

Maybe the 'final solution' will incorporate elements of all three. In any event be aware that the situation is dire and gets worse by the day. And lament the tragedy of a First World nation reduced to Third World status by primitives whose claim to the nation arose only from their ability to outbreed its creators.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Initial thoughts on the Manchester attack

Desperate attempts will be made to link Russia to the attack.

The main focus will immediately switch to avoiding Islamophobia and not 'stigmatising' Muslims

We'll learn that the attacker was being tracked by the police. Right up to the time he set off the bomb!

Obama, voice quivering with emotion (/s) will claim that 'the victims are in our thoughts and prayers'

The streets will be thronged with Muslims protesting this outrage (/s)

Firm action will be called for: Like having a candle-lit parade in which everyone holds hands, chanting Peace & Love while wearing Please Don't Kill Me bracelets

In conclusion I see that London Mayor Saddiq Khan says that 'terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city'.  Well that might be true from where you come from boy...

And apart from those directly affected, the crime will be largely forgotten within a few days, Muslims will continue to flood in and the police will resume focusing on purveyors of 'hate' speech. But look on the bright side: Think of what the world would be like if Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi hadn't been overthrown

Monday, 22 May 2017

The strange case of David Icke

The Orwellian closing down of unsanctified speech and thought is standard practice today as our overlords work to keep us in The Matrix, comatose and quiescent. In some of our 'liberal democracies' questioning the Narrative in even the most trivial way can land you in jail.  Which makes the case of David Icke all the more remarkable.

Icke doesn't just question the Narrative, he opens up on it with both barrels. He doesn't avoid the Third Rail, he enthusiastically leaps on it.

He writes and speaks on:

()  The globalist NWO agenda, expertly tying it in to the strategic events shaping our world such as mass immigration to White-only lands, cultural degeneracy, the EU, the UN, media control etc.

() The Rothschild/Zionist/globalist/NWO nexus

()  Israel as an illegal state which controls the USA

()  The 9/11 false flag

()  Holocaust Denial (which admittedly he subsequently rowed back on)

()  The Global Warming hoax

There's lots more of an equally offensive nature (Michelle Obama is a tranny) yet he not only survives, he thrives. His books and videos sell by the millions and he regularly speaks to monster packed-out audiences throughout the world. Sure, he gets ridiculed in the MSM and his FB was closed down. But contrast this with what happened to David Irving, Brendan O'Connell, 87 year-old Ursula Haverbeck and others too numerous to mention and the 'disappearing' of legendary author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Even middle-of-the-road organisations like American Renaissance find it difficult to book a hotel for a conference. Yet he not only survives, he thrives. 

Very strange, is it not?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Keyboard warriors

Don't know whether you picked up on a mini thread in the previous post on the issue of keyboard warriors. The thesis was to the effect that they had failed to prove their worth and should now join the street fighters. Now cracking enemy skulls is a worthy and noble exercise but in itself will not suffice. If we are to get our countries back we must first awaken Whites as to what's being done to them, by whom and why. In the absence of this we can whack libtards to our hearts' content but to little avail.

A reaction by an unenlightened minority can be easily controlled, misdirected and ultimately nullified. The media and police will come down like a ton of bricks. Maybe a few short-term scraps will be thrown but normal nation-wrecking business will soon resume. In any event such street action will be directed against the symptom (immigrants) while ignoring the real culprits. You don't succeed that way.

As Samuel Adams observed “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”. And that's where the keyboard warriors come in. Remember most revolutions of the 20th century are said to have started in coffee shops. The Internet today is the equivalent of these coffee shops. Blogs, comments on social media and MSM outlets (where permitted) if voluminous enough and on message can generate this critical mass. Remember the system survives only because White men permit it to stand. They permit it to stand only because they fail to appreciate the nature and scale of the war being waged on them.

That's where the keyboard warriors come in. And once we do reach that critical mass skull-cracking cn begin in earnest.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Diversity Wars

For many years now I've stopped going to the cinema and virtually given up watching TV (apart from sport). Occasionally Lady Savant tries to talk me into watching something but I almost invariably switch off after a few minutes. Such was the case with the Sky TV production Fortitude, a drama set in the Arctic Circle. "I'll give it a go. But if there's a brilliant black scientist with an adoring White wife I'm outta here." Took all of five minutes for the brilliant black scientist with the adoring White wife to appear.

Just last night she tried it with another Sky production Lucky Man. Within five minutes the White hero/anti-hero had been given a stern talking to by no fewer than three persons of colour about his gambling addiction. His black secretary was straight from Central Casting. You know the type, the put-upon underling who quietly does all the work - but gets none of the credit. Pretty much like that Hollywood staple, the Aunt Jemima character, the one who really raises the White kids while their stupid, vacuous and selfish White mother worries only about her social scene. Jemima roles her eyes at the antics of the mother, exchanging meaningful glances with the neglected children. Same with the secretary in Lucky Man. Just in case the stupid goyim didn't get the message the anti-hero, having been roundly admonished, tells her 'you do realise you're my subordinate, don't you?'.

The London Independent tells us that such productions are the 'brainchild' of Anne Mensah who it seems was 'poached' from the HebeBC by Sky. "Born to a father from Ghana and a mother from Canada [presumably the 'father' did a runner when the child was about two] Mensah admits that a deficit in ethnic minority representation both on- and off-screen requires radical action. Sky has pledged that, by the end of this year, at least 20 per cent of the stars and writers of its UK-originated TV shows will come from a black, Asian or other minority ethnic background. “It can’t just be about paying lip-service and box-ticking; we have to say, ‘We’re just going to do it’.” The article adds that "Channel 4 has published a “diversity charter” which requires its dramas to feature one lead character from an ethnic minority background or another under-represented group, if the programme fails to meet other “diversity” criteria."

Notice its advocates never bother to explain how diversity - filling your country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from - is good, confident that the brainwashed plebs will happily fill in the blanks with their own version of the mantra. They don't want us to be like Japan which has virtually no diversity, and therefore no civil-rights acts, no forced busing, no governmental agencies counting how many of whom one hires, no voting-rights laws, no affirmative action and resulting anger. An employer simply hires the best qualified candidate. And the Japanese do not burn their cities in racial rioting.

Never forget the Diversity Project's real aim: Blend Whites out of existence.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Will the Saxon finally begin to hate?

The BBC will show the first of a three-part series ('Three Girls') on the Rochdale Muslim grooming scandal next Tuesday. The script of the actual Rochdale scandal played out exactly like dozens if not hundreds of others throughout Britain. In heavily Muslim-infested areas local Muslims groom and rape very young White girls. Nobody does anything to stop them. The police in fact threaten to prosecute the girls' families for 'disturbing the peace' while social services studiously ignore the problem for years on end, and as in the Rochdale case, fire employees who try to stop the abuse. The political establishment turns a blind eye.

The BBC (or should that be the HebeBC?) - the people who covered up for Jimmy Saville long after his guilt was known - coyly inform us that Three Girls is 'based on the true stories of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale'. Well no, it's not. Except in the very loosest sense. In fact it completely rewrites history to a degree that would have embarrassed Stalin and his propagandists. You see the rapists in the programme are White whereas the real ones (and the same applies all over the country) were Pakistani Muslims. And as the top picture underlines, a more repulsive gang of inbred monsters would be hard to find. Not content with this, one of the main detectives in the programme is a Muslim as is the Prosecuting Counsel.
England's Top Lawman

Now this is not as insane as it sounds as the British Police, Crown Prosecution Services and Child Protection Agencies are riddled at the highest levels with blacks and Muslims.  Nonetheless I think the HebeBC echo chamber might have 'done a Trump' in this instance. Because the story as they tell it is so blatantly at variance with the well known facts, in fact such a grotesque distortion, that the brainwashing must become apparent to even the most comatose viewer. There simply has to be an acceleration, maybe even a rapid one, in the growing distrust of the BBC and MSM outlets in general.

And, if God is good, maybe the Saxon will begin to understand the nature of the terrible crime committed against him, a crime that has seen his country swamped by inferior people, an invasion orchestrated at the highest levels of the globo-homo power structure, aided and abetted by British traitors. Should that happen maybe the Saxon will finally begin to hate..

It was not suddently bred
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Libtard logic

It's a cliche by now that liberalism is a mental disease. By liberalism of course I'm not referring to the true meaning of the word, rather to the ghastly simulacrum with which it gets equated today. One of its key characteristics is to virtue signal irrespective of the consequences. Mass immigration to Europe is an example. The snowflakes quiver in horror whenever 'migrants' get rejected. But following this position to its 'logical' conclusion would mean that every African or Arab who shows up here gets accepted. If that were the case then tens if not hundreds of millions would immediately swarm in. Do they accept the utter impracticality of that? Or do they think there must in actual fact be some form of immigration controls? Which in turn of course means some would get rejected. Back to square one.

But 'liberals' don't bother themselves with such abstractions when there's status-whoring to be done.

Some of you may have heard of this black footballer who suffered 'racial abuse' (of the verbal kind of course) in Italy. He was so bothered that he walked off the pitch. Which got him in trouble with both his club and the football authorities. Cue an explosion of snowflake outrage. 'The match should have been abandoned' they quiver. The cry has been taken up by the myriad of anti-racist quangos and 'charities' which infest this arena. So stripped to its essence this would mean that any player from a designated victim group (i.e. anyone other than straight White Christians) can take it upon himself to get a match abandoned. So you're two goals down with ten minutes left when you hear (mind you nobody else heard it) a racial slur directed at you. Off the field you go and the match gets abandoned.

Can you just imagine trying to run a league in such circumstances? But status-whoring always comes first.

A major article on the inexplicable success of the Alt-Right has appeared in The Atlantic. If you're thinking of reading it....don't. Rubbish from start to finish. What I found remarkable about it was the utter inability to 'get' what's going on. You'd have to ask how these morons have managed to acquire and hold so much power. Example: The article claims that many on the Alt-Right are young unemployed or under-employed White men who blame Affirmative Action for their plight. The article expresses astonishment that they could believe this. But that's the whole point about AA. It is all about discrimination. It's about giving preference in job applications, promotions and university admissions to those who are not White, male, straight and of Christian stock. Yet the Atlantic libtards can't see this.

Yet in our society today they hold both the high moral ground and the power. A bit like these guys.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The pictures that should win Le Pen the Election. But probably won't...

These two pictures of the French national teams from today and the early sixties trace in stark detail the staggering scale of French population displacement over the last fifty years. And it's not just the visuals which underlie this development. As I wrote in an earlier post we should not be surprised at developments in France because it's now clear that the country and its people are effectively lost. A recent study into sickle cell disease (SCD) has revealed (despite attempts to mask the real significance) that for one third of 'French' babies at least one parent is from Africa or the near-East. CDC had been confined to those areas but 'due to Third World immigration it has become the most common genetic disorder in today's France'.

The country is well on the way to becoming a hybrid of Algeria and Senegal and is probably in irreversible decline. I often wonder what French crowds are thinking as they lustily sing La Marseillaise before sporting events while "their" team made up of Africans, Arabs and every other sort of mystery meat stand silently waiting for the match to start?

We might have a better idea after the forthcoming Presidential Election run-off. They can choose between a sick, 
worthless, globalist Rothschild lackey or a woman who claims to prioritise the interests of the French people by withdrawing from the Devil's Compact (EU/Euro) and sharply cutting down on mass immigration. If - as seems almost certain despite Obama's kiss-of-death endorsement - they choose Macron then they're choosing the path to ethnic oblivion. And we're talking about the simple act of voting here, not taking out the guns and pitchforks. If they can't bring themselves to do that then do they deserve to survive as a people?

A final thought - would Le Pen do a Trump if elected, jettisoning her campaign promises without the blink of an eye? She might not have a son-in-law called Kushner but she does have a long term 'partner' who's an Algerian of Jewish descent. And she did dump her father from the party because of his 'anti-Semitism' and opposition to Israeli land-grabbing. In addition she'd face a deeply divided Parliament.

So maybe it doesn't matter as much as we think after all......