Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Burning Down the House

It was late 1943 and Churchill was pissed off. The Yanks had nixed his pet project Operation Thunderclap, the one that aimed to kill 275,000 Berliners in one single 2,000-plane raid. As a consolation he asked Roosevelt for a supply of anthrax bombs that would be used to wipe out the population of Germany's six biggest cities. Again Roosevelt demurred. But he offered a glittering alternative: The Dugway villages.

Excerpt: Dugway was a high-security testing facility for chemical and biological weapons. The purpose of the replicas of German homes, which were repeatedly rebuilt after being intentionally burned down, was to perfect tactics in the fire bombing of German residential areas. In order to build a facility that was an authentic reproduction, studies were conducted to determine which materials and furnishings available in the U.S would closely match those in use in Germany. A group of German-American architects including prominent Jewish architects Eric Mendelsohn and Konrad Wachsmann, were employed to design the facility. To ensure that the fires spread as realistically as possible, typical German home-interiors were included, and the wood was periodically doused to simulate conditions in the more humid German climate.

Churchill was delighted as was his Chief Scientific Adviser Frederick Lindemann. A German Jew described by Anthony Eden as 'bad, and quite possibly mad' his main purpose in life according to a colleague was 'to destroy every building in Germany, ideally burying his erstwhile fellow citizens under the rubble'. Lindeman insisted that "the bombing must be directed essentially against working-class houses. Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs."  Nice chap.

According to the official document no effort was spared. The "German" architects used their knowledge of their former country to design the buildings and contents in such detail that even children's toys were included.  The houses had to be built, burnt, built and burnt, again and again. Oy vey, the frustration! But it was vital that kids not escape lest they grow up to be Nazis. At last the happy day arrived and the go-ahead was given to drop the bombs on the by now virtually undefended cities. The net result was that within a year more than 40% of German housing stock had been destroyed and up to half a million defenceless men, women and children slaughtered.

Can you just imagine going to work in that facility? You asked yourself practical questions like 'how do we get the fire to spread spread quickly enough so that a mother doesn't have time to reach her baby in the cot?' Can such people be truly human or were they some form of demon from another universe? Either way they all went on to enjoy fame and fortune. And why not, were they not the Good Guys? Meanwhile the Bad Guys such as Julius Streicher was hanged after the war, essentially for saying nasty things about the Jews.

And people still say the truth always comes out....

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

A question for our British readers

Maybe some British readers could enlighten (whoops!) me on on an issue related to the recent fire tragedy (now now!) in Kensington, London. A very expensive part of London. A part of the city out of reach to ordinary Londoners, even those with very good jobs. Do such Brits wonder (discreetly wonder, given the constraints of Nice Thought) where they went wrong? Why they struggle to pay for a shoe-box house in some far-flung suburb while their taxes go to providing apartments in prime locations to people like those pictured here?

Do they see them and their various 'community organisers' as the human equivalent of mosquitoes, always buzzing in your ear while trying to suck your blood? Do they not reflect that Khaled The Camel Humper's swarms of children are unlikely to grow up to be cancer researchers; that they are in fact more likely to end up murdering cancer researchers. And as the parasites' demands multiply do they mutter under their breath 'well then find yourselves a nice brown country to fuck off to'.  Maybe they reflect on Larry Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society, which states: “The more troublesome, unassimilable, or dangerous a designated minority or non-Western group actually is, the more favourably it is treated.”

Enquiring minds want to know. So Brits, over to you, enlighten us.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

A suggestion for the Rabbi

Frank Galton, avid commentator on this blog and dedicated researcher has come up with an example of the breathtaking hypocrisy and duplicity that surround Jewish attitudes to refugees and asylum seekers. Britain's Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, and his wife Valerie, marked the opening of Refugee Week with a visit to a groundbreaking World Jewish Relief project in Yorkshire. One of the refugees thanked the Chief Rabbi for listening to the group’s stories and expressed appreciation for everything the Jewish community was doing to support them.

The Chief Rabbi said: “It is humbling to listen to the remarkable positivity of people who have endured such enormous upheaval, and yet refuse to allow this to define their future. I am tremendously proud of the generosity of our community, which is helping the refugees to meet their needs so impressively. The response of World Jewish Relief to the refugee crisis, a major challenge of our time, both far from our borders...and now in the UK, has been exemplary.”

I've done a bit of research myself on the Chief Rabbi and find that this is pretty much par for the course. He's big on open borders, freedom of movement, the joys and benefits of diversity, welcoming refugees irrespective of their numbers and origins, tolerance, multiculturalism, anti-racism and all that good stuff. And given that he's also a passionate supporter of Israel you'd imagine that country would embody everything that he espouses for White countries.

Well no, actually. As Frank points out, Israel.....

+ Accepts only Jews as immigrants (to the point of enforcing DNA testing)

+ Bans mixed marriages

+ Has separate schools, separate housing, separate roads and separate buses for Jews and Palestinians.

+ Has built a 30-kilometer fence along the border with Jordan to keep migrants and asylum seekers ("wild beasts") from entering Israel

+ Imprisons then deports African asylum seekers

+ Administered the birth control drug Depo Provera to Ethiopian Jews without their knowledge or consent

+ Prohibits Ethiopian Jews from donating blood

+ Bans gay marriage.

So Rabbi here's a suggestion. If you're really interested in the welfare of refugees (and not just in destroying the ethnic homogeneity of White countries) focus your attention on the country that's your real home.

PS, here's where Jewish organisation stand on immigration and refugees. This Ribbi doesn't stand alone.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Some questions for those 'moderate' Muslims

We hear it after every atrocity - the vast majority of Muslims are peaceable and pose no threat. Well if you have a hornets' nest in your garden rest assured that the vast majority won't bother you. Although you might end up stung to death by the few that do. In any event I don't buy this moderate Muslim meme at all. Quite simply, if you're moderate you can't be a Muslim and if you're a Muslim you can't be moderate. 

This premise is easily validated by the following simple questions.

Was it ok for the 'perfect man' Mohammed to have sexual relations with a nine year-old child?

Was it ok for him to massacre thousands of prisoners?

Do you support the Koran when it says adulterers must be killed?

Do you support the Koran when it says apostates must be killed?

If he answers 'no' to any of these questions he isn't a Muslim. If he answers 'yes' then he is indeed a Muslim and should have no place - apart from a jail cell - in any Western country.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Meet the New London Bobby

If you read the second last post you'll know about Roy Larner, the supporter of the 'racist' Millwall football club. He, alone and unarmed, fought back against the three jihadis stabbing their way along that bridge in London while the rest of the public fled for their lives. And now we learn that leading the stampede were none other than the local guardians of the peace, wide-eyed with terror as they sprinted away from the crime scene, leaving Roy to fend for himself. 

A chef from the nearby Fish restaurant said: “I saw two guys with big knives downstairs outside Roast. They were stabbing people. The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away. “The guy with the knife was killing two people. We were shouting ‘stop, stop’ and people threw chairs at them. Police came and shot straight away.”

Despite the reputation of the British Bobby for firm, brave and impartial administration of justice this development should not come as a surprise. Because today's police force - sorry, police 'service' - bears little resemblance to its traditional form.  The policeman of yore was male, straight, White, Protestant and drawn from respectable lower middle-class yeoman stock. The exemplars of today's force service could hardly be more different, predominantly gay, female, transgender, black, brown, Muslim or Sikh. Sexual degenerates and Third World bottom feeders who've never known anything but corrupt totalitarian rule. It's a ghastly stew of  incompetence, ethnic/religious nepotism and corruption with little empathy for ordinary British people. 

And they also chickened out because they know that career advancement lies in capitalising on being female, transgender, black or Muslim - ideally some combination of the foregoing - and above all in enthusiastically clamping down on any sign of British nationalism. There are no brownie (whoops!) points in putting your life on the line for the British public.

Yes indeed, Britain's traitors have done their work well.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

"We'll fight them on the beaches! We'll fight them on the...... Actually we won't"

There's been some change since 1940 when Churchill uttered these famous words. And there's no doubt that had the Germans tried to occupy Britain the Brits would have defended their homeland with dogged determination. (The irony of course is that Hitler had no interest in occupying Britain with which he was anxiously seeking peace. But Churchill had fallen under the control of the (((international financiers))). And they wanted Germany destroyed utterly. So the slaughter went on until that objective was achieved.)

But now we have this. London's Metropolitan Police enjoining Londoners to run, hide and tell if they encounter a modern-day invader. Thus we measure the decline of Britain and what's become of the once indomitable British bulldog spirit.

But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. Because the Londoners who braved the Blitz were a different people to those now being instructed to run and hide in the face of their adversaries.  In fact White British (i.e. British) are now a minority in their own capital which is ruled over by a dusky Muslim coolie from the cruel impoverished and backward wilds of Pakistan. In fact it was hardly necessary for the Met to issue their guidance as fleeing and hiding is what today's 'Brits' have been doing anyway.

Apart from Roy Larner. A True Brit, alone he stood his ground and fought back despite being unarmed, getting seriously injured in the process. Interesting that his battle cry was 'Fuck you, I'm Millwall'. You see Millwall is the most despised football club in Britain. Why? Because they're supported by White racist low-life yobs. We are GoodWhites if we hate and despise them.

Roy Larner shows that the spirit that ruled an empire on which the sun never set still lives on, albeit ridiculed and marginalised by moral eunuchs not worthy to tie his bootlaces.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Trump's finest hour

The most important thing to know about global warming - whoops, I mean climate change - is that it's a racket from start to finish. That's the aspect to focus on if you're trying to justify Trump's glorious decision to give the Paris meeting a large middle finger. The 'science' purporting to support the anthropomorphic link has degenerated into a fraudulent and intolerant religious cultism while the experts' have ricocheted from forecasting an imminent ice age forty years ago to telling us the polar ice cap would have melted by now. Most important of all it's a giant fraud to extract $100 billion a year from White taxpayers and transfer it to crooks in the Third World. Carbon trading is so open to corruption it's as if the system were designed by crooks. Oh wait - it was!

In any event the whole narrative is laughably inconsistent. For instance with all the new-found wealth Third World peasants will become major polluters like their Western counterparts. Solar and wind power generators survive only by way of vast government (i.e. White taxpayer) supports, will never provide enough power for a modern society while their production and maintenance cycles are environmentally damaging. Clamouring shitlib eco-freaks transport food from all over the world, clock up millions of air miles attending climate change conferences (rather than use teleconferencing facilities) and oppose Third World population control as imperialistic.

And of course the climate change project ticks every single globalist button. No wonder we only ever get one side of the argument.

If you're still in doubt just consider those who have objected most strongly to Trump's withdrawal:

The UN
The EU
(((The MSM)))
(((International financiers)))
Obama and Hillary Rodent Clinton

It's a veritable rogues gallery.

So well done Donald. You have struck a serious blow against the globo-homo NWO.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Not with a bang but a whimper

I have (with the exception of sport, and I'm working on that) long ago given up watching TV.  It was surprisingly easy. But due to family circumstances I had to endure severe doses of it for most of last week. The scale, depth and overall pervasiveness of the indoctrination was breathtaking. It starts with infants. The cartoon characters are close to 50% non-White, blacks and browns are portrayed as clever and well-spoken leaders, families invariably mixed-race, often featuring same-sex 'parents', androgyny is everywhere with everything dumbed-down to the lowest degree. The aphorism 'give me the child and I'll give you the adult' - variously attributed to Lenin and the Jesuits - never seemed more valid. On Sky News the two coal black presenters (one male, one female of course) were at one stage joined by the network's Chief Political Correspondent...... one Feisal Islam.

There followed a panel discussion on what it means to be British. Panel was wall-to-wall black and brown with a few carefully-selected  British eunuchs thrown in for ballast. The general consensus was that they all felt British. But would prefer if being British was less associated with being White! The limp-wristed moderator clucked in sympathy. And that's the way it's going. The resultant stew will have no common sense of history, culture, race or religion....the things that made them British. (The same syndrome applies all over western Europe, from Ireland to Greece, from Finland to Portugal). In such circumstances the nation eventually becomes fractious and atomised. Sedated and stupefied by bread and circuses an enormous cohort of welfare parasites will  continue to elect politicians that actively work to destroy their nation-states and enmesh them ever deeper into the international globo-homo power structures. 

But surely the White middle and working class males will not just sit back while they get dispossessed of everything their ancestors left them? Well that's where my excerpt from T S Elliot's Hollow Man comes in. I think they'll do just that. Despite Brexit and the inescapable signs of a White awakening I fear this is the way their world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Already street-by-street vast swathes of their towns and cities have succumbed to the toxic black/brown sludge. And Whites retreat. Again and again. How long can this go on? Well, long enough for it to become an irreversible reality.

Before that happens the real nature of multiculturalism will of course have become clear. But this is where the carefully-constructed mind control programme comes in. Because as Orwell foresaw, when you constrain what can be said you eventually constrain what can be thought. My grandson's generation may well end up lying to themselves without knowing that they're doing it. Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote  Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others." I became aware of this in the old Communist countries, especially Roumania. The lies and cognitive dissonance were so outrageous it seemed to me the authorities were not trying to convince but to humiliate, to break the people's spirit and will to resist. By forcing them to acquiesce to the lies and to remain silent - or even worse to regurgitate them - rots the moral fibre, rendering them easily controllable and malleable.

Was this what Elliot had in mind when he wrote the final lines of The Hollow Man

In this last of meeting places
We grope together
And avoid speech

Gathered on this beach of the tumid river